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ASF Director and Corporate Officer Code of Conduct

19 Jun 2019

 In this document, "Corporate Officers" refers to:

 * Board-appointed corporate officers of the ASF, and
 * President-appointed corporate officers of the ASF, and
 * V.P., Fundraising-appointed corporate officers of the ASF

as specified at the URL:

The current Directors and Corporate Officers of the Apache Software
Foundation agree to:

 * Work hard to represent the broader interest of the Apache Software
   Foundation in producing software for the public good.

 * Rigorously follow the general ASF Code of Conduct, [1] with the effect
   of setting a good example for communications both inside and outside
   the Foundation.

 * Rigorously follow the Speaking Guidelines for ASF Directors and
   Officers. [2]

 * Seek to balance their contributions as both an advisor and a learner.

 * Be honest with others and true to themselves, but with the
   utmost respect for other individuals.

 * Refrain from trying to influence other Board member or Officers
   outside of board meetings and off of official mailing lists in ways
   that might have the effect of creating factions or limiting free and
   open discussion.

 * Be willing to be a dissenting voice, while working to build on other
   director’s and officer's ideas; offer alternative points of view as
   options to be considered, and invite others to do so too.

 * Be balanced in one’s effort to understand other board members and
   corporate officers, and to make oneself understood.

 * Once a board decision is made, support the decision even if one’s own
   view is a minority one: if necessary, disagree, and commit.

 * Fundamentally focus on transparency, yet respect the importance of
   confidentiality on sensitive issues, especially those relating to
   personnel and volunteers, security, or legal matters.

 * Limit use of the Director or Corporate Officer role to occasions when
   it is strictly required.