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Formal board meeting minutes from 2010 through present. Please Note: The board typically approves minutes from one meeting during the next board meeting, so minutes will be published roughly one month later than the scheduled date. Other corporate records are published, as is an alternate categorized view of all board meeting minutes.

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17 Jan 2007

Agila was retired this quarter with only the retirement of the mailing lists
outstanding (http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-1056).


19 Jul 2006

The interest around the BPEL implementation in Agila has mostly moved to Ode
and the workflow part isn't evolving so declaring the project as dormant
sounds fair enough.

18 Jan 2006

Project is moving along with an interested core continuing to work on the
software. Progress is still slow in terms of community building. Recent
additions to the incubator in areas of SOA such as Tuscany, ServiceMix,
Celtix etc offer an opportunity for Agila's workflow and BPEL

26 Oct 2005

 * Moving very slowly, I hope to inject some activity in the upcoming
 * No new recent committers

28 Jul 2005

Agila has been moving slowly, but there is clear interest with the
addition of the Twister project, a pure BPEL engine, and the addition
of a new Agila committer, Chris Lim.  There are other individuals we
are looking at.

At ApacheCon EU, we were approached by another workflow engine that
would consider coming to the project.  As our goal is to build a
strong workflow/BPM community, this was welcomed and I look forward
to some follow-up

It's clear I need to dedicate some additional time to Agila, both in
code and community.

27 Apr 2005

Agila is going slower than hoped for various reasons, but recent
addition of the BPEL engine Twister should help.

Matthieu Riou is bringing Twister, and we hope this can rekindle spark
and interest in the combined project.