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This was extracted (@ 2022-04-20 15:10) from a list of minutes which have been approved by the Board.
Please Note The Board typically approves the minutes of the previous meeting at the beginning of every Board meeting; therefore, the list below does not normally contain details from the minutes of the most recent Board meeting.

Meeting times vary, the exact schedule is available to ASF Members and Officers, search for "calendar" in the Foundation's private index page (svn:foundation/private-index.html).


16 Mar 2022

 A. gstein finishes 55 laps around the Sun, on this day.

 A. gstein finishes 55 laps around the Sun, on this day. 🎉

17 Mar 2021

 Multiple communities within the ASF have all concurred to thank
 sebb, Apache Member, for his extensive and considerate ongoing
 volunteer activities across the foundation.

17 Jul 2019

We note with great sorrow the passing of long-term volunteer and Apache
Member Henk Penning.

20 Feb 2019

 Bertrand has decided to not run for the board next term.

 Ted has decided to not run for the board next term.

21 Mar 2018

 Thanks to the outgoing board, especially to the members who will not
 be returning: Jim Jagielski and Chris Mattmann.

16 Aug 2017

 Shane will be starting a consulting gig, which will is not expected
 to affect his commitment to Apache.

18 Jan 2017

 A number of Members plan to attend FOSDEM in Brussels in February.
 Discussion on

20 Jan 2016

 Shane Curcuru has decided to leave IBM and is looking for another

18 Nov 2015

 Jim Jagielski announced that he has left Red Hat and will be joining
 Capital One to help build open source inside the company.

19 Aug 2015

 We, the foundation and its members, were deeply saddened to learn of the
 death of Nóirín Plunkett on July 29th 2015.  Nóirín was a friend to many
 of us, and Nóirín's passing will be a great loss.  Not just for us but
 Nóirín's friends and family too.

 A memorial page has been created, in Nóirín's memory.

 Our condolences are with those who were close to Nóirín.

 Nóirín - we hope you are now at peace.  Your ASF family.

18 Mar 2015

 Thank you, Ross, for your service on the board. You're not off the
 hook for President!

18 Feb 2015

 Jim: The corporate sponsor of Groovy have dropped support, so the
 Groovy project might be interested in moving to Apache.

21 May 2014

 Roy has decided not to accept the nomination for a board position
 this year. Special thanks for his service over the years.

28 Aug 2012

On behalf of the Board, Doug thanked Adobe for hosting this meeting.

16 May 2012

Shane made an "Apache Way" presentation to the CamelOne conference.

21 Mar 2012

Jim was elected to be a director of OSI.

24 Jan 2012

Props to Sam on whimsy tools.

21 Dec 2011

 Doug will be unable to attend January 2012 board meeting.
 Greg will conduct the meeting in Doug's absence.

16 Mar 2011

 A. Today (March 16) is Greg's birthday! He'll be calling in from his
 bday vacation in Portugal :-)

15 Dec 2010

Welcome to our new Executive Assistant, Melissa Warnkin!

20 Oct 2010

Jim announced that he has taken a position in Red Hat's CTO office.

22 Sep 2010

 Roy will be unable to attend next month's board meeting; he will have
 limited availability in general over the next five weeks

11 Sep 2010

 Noirin has been appointed to the Open Cloud Initiative
 Congratulations Noirin!

21 Jul 2010
 Greg received an award for his contributions to Python, ASF and

21 Apr 2010

 William James Fielding was born at or shortly after the last ASF
 board meeting.

17 Mar 2010

 Jim was asked to join the BoD of the CodePlex Foundation and accepted
 the offer.

01 Nov 2009


23 Sep 2009

           o Justin: For the curious, my dissertation materials are up at:

 Congrats to Justin on his PhD.

19 Aug 2009

 Jim indicated that VMWare is acquiring SpringSource. Might help out
 infra, as we are a user of VMWare.

 Greg mentioned that he is moving back to the US next week, and will
 land in Virginia in the middle of September.

17 Jun 2009

 Aaron will be moving and his wife is expecting. Congrats!

 Justin is on leave from Joost, and focusing on his Ph.D.

18 Feb 2009

 A. Greg changed time zones to Brussels, to live with his (new) fiancé

 Jim, Aaron, Greg, Henning, Justin, Bill with be at ApacheCon EU; Geir and
 Sam will not be there.

16 Apr 2008

 Bill appreciates the flowers sent
 All expressed appreciation to the Concom on an excellent conference.

20 Jun 2007

 Greg announced that he had broken his leg several days before the

27 Jun 2006

Tabled due to time constraints.

15 Mar 2006

 Stefano announced that Ben Hyde has accepted a position with

17 Aug 2005

No Announcements.

27 Apr 2005

None (Dirk's ECN/CCN discussion omitted)

30 Mar 2005

 There was an announcement that 2 well-known Open Source projects
 have expressed an interest in joining the ASF.

19 Jan 2005

 Sam reported that he was chairing the Apache Track for OSCON.

 Sander reported that the "InfrastructureCon" was scheduled for
 March 19th.

14 Nov 2004

No announcements.

18 Aug 2004

 A. Hormel was sent a letter that basically said "thanks for your
 letter." We'll stay in a holding pattern unless/until they do
 something else, or until the SpamArrest trademark case is
 resolved (which will define the resolution of our pending

18 Feb 2004

 A. Subversion 1.0 will be released Monday, February 23rd.
 Infrastructure is going to start assisting PMCs with
 conversions from CVS.

21 Jan 2004

No announcements.

17 Dec 2003

No announcements.

21 May 2003

There were no announcements.

26 Feb 2003

   The following new members were elected to the Jakarta PMC:

   Danny Angus
   Peter Carlson
   Morgan Delagrange
   Ted Husted
   Ceki Gülcü
   Dmitri Plotnikov
   James Strachan
   Rod Waldhoff
   Jason van Zyl

 Furthermore, the Jakarta PMC would like to request that Stephen
 Colebourne be removed from the PMC list by his own request.

19 Feb 2003

Brian requested feedback on the colo proposal sent to the board.

22 Jan 2003

 The following new members were elected to the Jakarta PMC:

 Nicola Ken Barozzi
 Robert Burrel Donkin
 Stephen Colebourne
 Martin Cooper
 Henri Gomez
 John Keyes
 Larry Isaacs
 Otis Gospodnetic
 Thomas Mahler
 Remy Maucherat
 Glenn Nielsen
 Andrew C Oliver
 Rob Oxspring
 Martin Poeschl
 Scott Sanders
 David Sean Taylor
 Glen Stampoultzis
 Mladen Turk
 James Turner
 Henri Yandell

18 Nov 2002

 Brian noted that bandwidth costs are continually decreasing.  He
 ask the board to consider whether having the ASF web infrastructure
 under Collab.Net still makes sense.  Brian noted that he has been
 in discussion and preliminary negotiations with other bandwidth
 providers regarding a possible co-location move.

21 Aug 2002

There were no announcements.

20 Mar 2002

 Ken reported that he was in the process of changing the scriptbase for
 the ApacheCon site to PHP 4.

27 Feb 2002

 Roy announced that he had taken a position as Chief Scientist at
 Day Software.

28 Nov 2001

There were no Announcements.

17 Oct 2001

 Brian reported that he has assumed the role of V.P. of Engineering
 at CollabNet.

18 Jul 2001

 Ken announced that an RFP for a new conference company, to replace
 Camelot, has been created and sent out.

21 Mar 2001

There were no announcements.

15 Nov 2000

 Ken announced that we had received the first request for a targeted
 donation.  The donor wants the ASF to have 501(c)(3) status.

24 Jul 2000

 Brian reported that an Apache boating firm had requested the right to
 use the domain name.  That name is currently owned by
 Gordon Irlam, and that his original intention was to reserve it
 against misuse by other companies.  The board's consensus was that
 Brian should ask Gordon if he wants to transfer ownership of the
 domain to the ASF, and if so to complete the transfer and not allow
 the boating firm to use the domain.  Otherwise, it is up to Gordon.