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Apache in 5 years

15 Jun 2017

 Ross: Expect to see growth greater than now. e.g. Microsoft sees
 the importance of open source. The Linux Foundation, the Eclipse
 Foundation, and Apache all face challenges.

 Phil: Demand for Apache products will continue. We need to
 maintain what we are doing. The bigger problem is managing
 what we are doing. We still need to absorb the growth we have
 already seen.

 Rich: The challenge is to find the next generation of people
 to keep the organization running as it has been.

 Ross: We see today the github generation. Young people think
 Apache is old-fashioned.

 Jim: The Linux Foundation is driving what people think of as
 open source. We need to teach our members and outsiders who
 we are. We need to take our leadership position seriously.

 Phil: We need to start thinking about the context of what
 we accept into Apache. The industry cannot survive on instant
 gratification. Apache strength is in collaboration. We should
 not try to attract people based on immediate gratification.
 Rather, we should try to attract engineers who "get it".

 Ross: We should change expectations of new members. For example,
 don't just vote +1 if you're not willing to help. And members
 should vote or leave.

 Kevin: Should we consider charging a membership fee to discourage

 Ted: The incubator is where we should instill values. It takes
 three or so releases before most projects "get it". Incubation
 should be six months to a year.

 Shane: How do we get projects to understand what Apache is?
 We need both members and podlings to understand.

 Phil: Should we consider dividing the membership? Roy's advice
 is to include everyone in membership who "has a stake" in the
 foundation by contributing. But not all members contribute to
 the ongoing foundation operations, just to their own projects.
 So we now have a big growth in membership.

 Chris: The symptom is a lot of inactive members.

 Ross: One problem is that members are not expected to do anything.
 They show up at the incubator and mentor projects without
 understanding themselves what Apache is. At this point we
 probably don't even know most of the proposed members.

 Tom: How do we get new members to successfully onboard? Should
 we make new members attend a webinar?

 Shane: We do need to set expectations for new members. It's
 obviously not enough just to send them email with links.

 Jim: We are failing to instill our values into people during
 the incubation process.

 Bertrand: We could ask members to actively mentor existing
 projects, not just wait until there is some crisis.

 Brett: We cannot make expectations equal requirements.

 Ted: Perhaps we should charge the IPMC with after-graduation

 Rich: We tried to have Community Development take that task and
 got pushback.

 Jim: The incubator is an experiment that has failed to produce
 projects that really get "The Apache Way".

 Possible Action Items:

 Develop a new member onboarding process with expectations
 Provide active mentoring for new projects