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This was extracted (@ 2024-05-27 23:10) from a list of minutes which have been approved by the Board.
Please Note The Board typically approves the minutes of the previous meeting at the beginning of every Board meeting; therefore, the list below does not normally contain details from the minutes of the most recent Board meeting.

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Board Chair

17 Apr 2024 [Shane Curcuru]

 We are celebrating the ASF's twenty-fifth anniversary with our M&P
 team launching the #ASF25Years series of posts about our open and
 welcoming communities and the public good they bring.  It's truly
 inspiring to see our all-volunteer led organization continue to
 grow, and provide more software that the world relies on.  We send our
 heartfelt thanks to the countless volunteers on all Apache projects,
 and our own small staff behind the scenes who keeping our corporate
 being and online services healthy and running.

 With the advancement of the EU's Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) and
 the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act
 (CIRCIA) in the US, attention on software development processes is at
 an all time high.  Our VP of Public Affairs, Dirk-Willem van Gulik, is
 joining with counterparts at other major open source foundations to
 establish common specifications for secure software development based
 on open source best practices [1].

 This critical policy work starts with our organizations' existing
 open source processes and will improve them to meet future legislative
 requirements.  Many thanks to all the volunteers at the ASF and other
 foundations involved, and to the Eclipse Foundation AISBL for hosting
 this work that will help the open source ecosystem as a whole.

 I plan to continue the efforts our past chair Sander and other Members
 have been working on to improve our project-facing processes.
 Ensuring processes are simple for our projects to follow, and are
 scalable and transparent enough that our board can provide oversight
 is important for healthy growth.  I also will continue the drive to
 keep the board focused on organized communication, so we can
 efficiently make as many decisions asynchronously as practical.

 This effort will start with planning our annual Board face to face
 meeting, held this June along with our flagship Community Over Code
 event in Bratislava.  Agenda planning includes writing up detailed
 proposals and leading on-list discussions well before the face to face
 meeting, so in-person time is saved for truly difficult questions.

 I'm also very thankful to the rest of our directors who have entrusted
 me as Chair for the upcoming board term.  There are many big shoes to
 fill from past Chairs, so it's definitely a bit intimidating!  But I
 know we can get the board working even more effectively going forward,
 to have more time to tackle the larger issues facing us in the world


20 Mar 2024 [Sander Striker]

 Earlier this month we had our Annual Members Meeting.  I am happy to
 note that we could invite 60 new Members and welcome back 1 emeritus

 The members had a reasonable number of candidates to chose from this
 round and we ended up with a new board composed of two new directors
 and seven that already served as director in a prior term:

 I'd like to thank Bertrand Delacretaz for his for his commitment in
 serving on the board, and the contributions he has made during that
 time.  Similarly I would like to thank Sharan Foga for her dedication
 as well as the support she gave me as Vice Chair.

 And I'd like to welcome Jeff Jirsa and Jean-Baptiste Onofré.  They
 have already started to engage and put in effort into preparation for
 todays meeting.  I'm looking forward to hearing their views on items
 before the board.

 The process for the members meeting was the same as last year.  This
 time the messaging was clarified, and this helped with members getting
 attendence proxies and their votes in.  While I personally would call
 the meeting a success, I am still not happy with its synchronous
 nature, nor the platform we used.  When given the opportunity I will
 make further changes to solve these two aspects.

 Next month my focus is back on the board meetings.  I would like to
 resume our path of doing more asynchronously, and keep the Discussion
 Items section empty unless it is absolutely required to discuss
 something synchronously, e.g. because the topic requires executive

21 Feb 2024 [Sander Striker]

 I have sent the notifications for our annual Members Meeting on March
 7th.  Proxies are being registered, at this time we still require 70
 members to turn up at the start of the meeting.  Ideally we get more
 proxies over the line.  It is clear we can still make some
 improvements to our messaging around this yearly event.

 Nominations are happening for new members as well as for new directors
 for the board.  This is paired with civil discussions, which are all
 helpful in understanding different perspectives within the membership.

 For this month's meeting we saw automated reminders triggered by the
 board agenda creation, causing some projects to even report early. I'm
 sure more tweaks can be done to our processes, one step at a time.
 Like last month I will be using the new board agenda tool to drive the
 meeting as much as possible.

17 Jan 2024 [Sander Striker]

 Welcome to 2024.  The new year was off to an exciting start, with some
 of the tools used for our monthly board meeting were unavailable.  It
 once again shows how much the Whimsy project has moved the needle in
 reducing overhead for projects and ourselves, to the point that
 allowed us to scale with our existing methods.  At the same time it
 shows our reliance on these tools.

 The board agenda tool is progressing nicely, and I intend to use it to
 run today's board meeting.  Once we're happy that it supports that, we
 can look at other functionality that is in the critical path of the
 meeting, e.g. creation of the monthly agenda.

 From next month on, we should also see automated reminders be
 triggered by agenda creation.  There is a direct correlation between
 reminders having been sent and the amount of projects submitting
 reports on schedule.  I'm looking forward to this automation having a
 lasting impact.

 Lastly, I've begun preparation of our annual Members Meeting scheduled
 for March 7th.  Last years process triggered some desire for
 improvement, part of which should be addressed by updates to the tools
 and templates.  I expect that at least one more iteration beyond
 upcoming meeting is necessary to get it to the level that no major
 changes will be needed.

20 Dec 2023 [Sander Striker]

 First of all I'd like to thank Sharan for running last months' meeting
 in my absense.  We now have a date set for our annual members meeting,
 which I'll start preparations for over the holidays.

 I observe there is only 11 more days in 2023.  Between world events
 and personal challenges I don't mind to put this year behind us.  That
 said I am grateful for all of the great people in our community that
 contribute creating software for the public good.

 I would like to wish everyone a healthy 2024!

15 Nov 2023 [Sander Striker]

 No report was submitted.

18 Oct 2023 [Sander Striker]

 In October I attended Community Over Code in Halifax.  I am grateful
 for all the time spent with remarkable individuals.  Individuals that
 either I have known for years, but also that I had the pleasure of
 meeting for the first time.  As my travel frequency has gone down
 significantly after 2019, I cherish these moments and connections.  If
 you're able to attend a next Apache Software Foundation event, do so,
 and be sure to make lasting connections beyond purely the technical.

20 Sep 2023 [Sander Striker]

 Due to personal circumstances I regrettably have little to report this

 We are a volunteer led organization, and I remain extremely grateful
 for the time and energy everyone dedicates to the Foundation month
 over month.

16 Aug 2023 [Sander Striker]

 There is a lot of activity within the Foundation, as can be read in
 the reports.

 Currently I have no additional updates to report.  My current focus is
 following up on our June face to face meeting.

19 Jul 2023 [Sander Striker]

 On June 20-21st we had a board face to face meeting in Berlin.  I'd like
 to thank Sharan Foga for her persistence in making the event happen in
 the first place.  And I'd like to thank the participants for making the
 time in their schedules and to travel for the occasion.  I will also
 call out Willem Ning Jiang, who couldn't make it in person and
 participated through video call the entire meeting.

 I really appreciated the positive and constructive engagement of
 all present.  Having polled directors and observers, the perception
 was overwhelmingly positive.

 I still have notes and actions to process, and to update the
 membership on take aways.

21 Jun 2023 [Sander Striker]

 Most of this month has been spent on preparing on the Board face to
 face meeting, which is currently in progress.  There are learnings
 to be had from this meeting, which we'll look back on next month.

17 May 2023 [Sander Striker]

 Since the incorporation of the foundation a lot has changed.  Use of
 open source is not frowned upon anymore, but rather a given.  We keep
 adapting to the changing landscape.  At every point in time it is
 tempting to create (one set of) rules that set in stone how software
 is being created, maintained, consumed.  As rules are made I am always
 concerned about capturing the intent and whether the rule will still
 have the intended effect through time.  Especially given that our
 project communities are diverse. This sentiment also applies to the
 European Cyber Resilience Act that is under development, and similar
 developments in the US. The best intentions here to could result in
 having a negative effect on what has been achieved thusfar with open
 source when not carefully considered.

 Closer to home, the Apache Software Foundation, we've gotten by with a
 small, narrow set of rules at its core.  Aside from that, trust and
 empowerment have served us well for decades - and to this day helps
 our community develop software for the public good at an incredible
 scale.  As our community grows, and our foundation ages, we too need
 to remain conscious and careful with introducing new rules or
 codifying best practices too strictly.  We need to remind ourselves
 the foundation exists to enable its project communities to make great
 open source software available to the public.

19 Apr 2023 [Sander Striker]

 It's been a fairly calm month for me.  Or rather I've been
 reorganizing my calendar with sustainability in mind.

 The Vice Chair is kindly offered to take on tasks and is taking on the
 responsibility of sending out the meeting summaries after each board

 The EU's Cyber Resiliency Act required attention this month.

 The time for today's board meeting was cause for some confusion, as
 the time defaulted to last years schedule which shifted the meeting by
 9 hours.  We're setting a new time this month with predictability in

 On the note of timing, I believe we can time our members meeting and
 budget process to align better.  This year we had our meeting early
 March.  And while the March agenda was pretty full this year, we
 should aim to have that be the month in which we review draft budget.

 My observation is that the level of engagement of individual directors
 is high currently on the committee reports.  A number of useful
 discussions are happening with respect to what would be useful
 information in the committee reports.

 In closing I've admittedly focused more on reviewing reports,
 requesting reports and grooming the agenda than on submitting my own

22 Mar 2023 [Sander Striker]

 Earlier this month we had our Annual Members Meeting.  I am happy to
 note that we could invite 49 new Members and welcome back 1 emeritus

 While the members had a good number of candidates to chose from that
 hadn't served before we ended up with a new board composed of
 individuals that had already served as director in a prior term:

 I'd like to thank Sam Ruby for his commitment in serving on the board,
 and the contributions he has made during that time.  Similarly I would
 like to thank Roy Fielding for the structure he brought as Chair and
 continued to bring after.  Lastly I want to thank Roman for his
 contributions as director next to his role as VP, Legal Affairs.

 The process for the members meeting was different to prior years, and
 allowed for more time for voting.  Personally I call the meeting a
 success and would like to continue down the path of making it more
 asynchronous.  Several process improvements have been suggested after
 the meeting.  I will follow up on these while there is momentum.

 Next month my focus is back on the board meetings.

15 Feb 2023 [Sander Striker]

 Preparation for the the upcoming annual members meeting continues.  In
 March the membership will elect a new board and vote in additional

 This month we have more committee reports to review due to a larger
 number of missed reports in January.  I remain impressed with reports
 that contain self-reflection.  In particular when projects that
 recognize where they are in their lifecycle and decisions on whether
 to continue or not are in play. I believe this keeps our Foundation

18 Jan 2023 [Sander Striker]

 We're currently two weeks into the new year.  Every year tends to
 bring its own unique challenges and opportunities.  This year will be
 no different. I'm confident the ASF will continue to remain true and
 focused on its mission to deliver software for the public good, as it
 has for the past decades.

 Every year our members elect a new board of directors and nominate
 new members to the foundation.  I've started preparation for the
 annual members meeting in March.  This is the first annual meeting
 following a new process with different timings and steps.  I'm
 going to solicit some assistance to get the tools we use for the
 meeting to align.

 This being the first meeting of the year shows once more how reminders
 have become relied on in part of the reporting process.  I believe
 this to be a natural consequence of the reminders having been sent for
 quite a while on a quarterly basis to each project. As reminders
 didn't go out at the usual time due to errors on my part, I think we
 have a record number of reports not yet submitted less than a week
 before the meeting.  This may lead to some additional review load in
 February.  I've taken additional steps to prevent this for the
 remainder of the year.

21 Dec 2022 [Sander Striker]

 December has been a challenging month in terms of getting to my action
 items and to prepare for this month's meeting due to myself and family
 members having caught year end bugs.

 Reporting reminders went out late for the December meeting.  That in
 combination with end of year leaves us with a good number of reports
 missing this month.  No reason for concern as the majority has
 reported last quarter.

 We have an exceptionally large number of resolutions to establish new
 projects this month, six in total.  This is as many projects as we
 have retired the entire year.

 I'd like to thank everyone for their contributions and efforts in
 2022.  I'm looking forward to making 2023 another great year for the
 Foundation together.

16 Nov 2022 [Sander Striker]

 As daylight savings time ended, our meeting shifts by an hour.  For
 me personally it is a welcome change, as starting at midnight did
 not feel sustainable.

 I am strangely looking forward to the 2023 Members Meeting due to
 the change in logistics of the meeting.  While the preparations
 may be just as intense, the meeting itself should be simpler to
 manage and more efficient.

 This month we have 23 reports missing less than 6 hours before
 the meeting, which is significantly more than September (18) and
 October (13).  While not all project reports coming in on their
 schedule is not a direct concern, I prefer this number trending
 down or stable at a low number.

19 Oct 2022 [Sander Striker]

 I had the pleasure to attend ApacheCon NA in New Orleans.  Apart from
 having to get used to travel and shifting through timezones again, I
 am glad that I did make the trip over.  For the great content, for the
 opportunity to talk to people as well as to witness the very engaged
 attendants.  Next to familiar faces it was a pleasure to also see many
 new faces.

 I am always pleased to see the Infrastructure team at ApacheCon, with
 this year not being an exception.  I attended their Birds of a Feather
 session in Ask Me Anything style that was well attended.

 I was given the opportunity to sit down with an individual on our
 Infrastructure team, where I answered questions on the board agenda
 tool. I am definitely looking forward to trying it out once previews
 are available.

21 Sep 2022 [Sander Striker]

 The Secretary can not be with us today, I'd like to thank
 Craig L Russell, Assistant Secretary, for covering this meeting.

 This month I've added a resolution to the agenda so that we can reduce
 the time to add additional people to a Project Management Committee.

 I'm already looking forward to next months Conferences report with the
 anticipation that ApacheCon NA 2022 will be as much a success as
 ApacheCon Asia.

17 Aug 2022 [Sander Striker]

 I'd like to draw attention to the Conferences report, I'm really
 impressed.  Thanks for everyone putting in all the hard work to make
 these events happen.

 Once again the ratio of missing reports, reports requiring follow up
 and reports that are timely and receiving plenty of pre-approvals
 appears fairly stable.  Project reports are doing better than
 executive officer reports in that regard.

20 Jul 2022 [Sander Striker]

 I consider the Special Members Meeting of last month a success, both
 in terms of running the meeting as well as addressing quorum concerns
 for future meetings.  I intend to use the same process for next Annual
 Members Meeting.

 The ratio of missing reports, reports requiring follow up and reports
 that are timely and receiving plenty of pre-approvals appears fairly

 Due to some personal distractions I don't have a lot to report in
 addition this month.

15 Jun 2022 [Sander Striker]

 We have a Special Members Meeting just preceding this Board meeting
 which should address quorum concerns for future meetings.  We're also
 running the meeting in a slightly different way, which if proven
 successful I intend to use for next Annual Members Meeting.

 This month we see projects reporting more timely than executive
 officers.  I aim to have this addressed as one of my goals during this
 board period.

18 May 2022 [Sander Striker]

 May has taken me slightly by surprise.  I've had some unexpected
 travel last week; a first for me since the start of COVID-19.  Having
 had a reminder of what face-to-face contact is like again, I can only
 imagine that ApacheCon NA 2022 is going to be a great experience
 again.  It is also worth exploring having the board gather face to

 Regarding the board meeting, I'd like to express my thanks to the
 directors for their diligence.  The vast majority of reports is in,
 and has seen enough pre-approvals for swift coverage during the

 In March we agreed to have a special members meeting in June.  I'm in
 the process of preparing the notice.  My intent is to keep the meeting
 agenda simple and focused.  If this process works well, there is no
 reason to not have another meeting in say September, if so desired.

20 Apr 2022 [Sander Striker]

 Following the Members Meeting in March I am thankful for the many
 suggestions that have been raised to improve our meeting.  I am
 grateful for the few that are following through on their proposals.

 I would like to thank everyone that helped in preparing the budget
 that is on the agenda this month.  I am looking forward to the

 I lost some time this month that I anticipated to spend differently,
 which unfortunately has impacted my attention on timely reports.

16 Mar 2022 [Sander Striker]

 The past years COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on our lives.
 Things we once took for granted became a challenge.  We had to adapt.
 Since last month more that I took for granted no longer is.  The war
 in Ukraine will have its impact for a long time to come.

 Two weeks ago we had our annual ASF Members meeting.  As a result
 we’re in a position to welcome a significant number of new members.
 The members also elected a new board.  First of all I’d like to thank
 Craig Russell, Justin Mclean, Sheng Wu for their services on the board.
 I hereby welcome two new directors to their first board meeting:
 Christofer Dutz and Willem Jiang.  I also welcome back Rich Bowen. I’m
 looking forward to your perspectives this term.

 When taking on the role of Chair last year I was told that much of the
 effort in the Chair’s role lies in the Members meeting, I did
 experience that for the first time.  The meeting didn’t quite go as
 smooth and efficient as I would have liked.  We didn’t have enough
 proxies or attendance to reach quorum instantly.  I am open to and
 supportive of all efforts that have begun to ensure that we will not
 run into this issue next year.  Item 8C on the agenda, to schedule
 another meeting in June, is an example of that.

 I am definitely set on improving our board processes further.  To that
 end, I’ve refined some of the requirements on the board agenda tool.
 The board agenda tool, in combination with deliberate delegation, is
 what allows our board to scale.  Infrastructure is assuming
 responsibility for the board agenda tool this year, ensuring
 continuity of this crucial tool.

 This past term we have reduced the duration of our meetings further.
 This should make it easier to schedule the meeting, and even if it's
 not a the ideal time, keep it tolerable.  More importantly, the
 reduction of time on common tasks, gives us room to go a bit deeper on
 comments and questions on executive officer reports.  To that end I
 will resume my push for timely reports again, including my own, and to
 have these in by the second Wednesday, giving directors enough time to
 comment and ask questions.

16 Feb 2022 [Sander]

 This turns out to be a busy period of the month.  We are having
 our anual members meeting in 2 weeks, which I'm preparing for.

 I'd like to thank our President, David Nalley, for representing us
 at the US Senate Committee for Homeland Security & Governmental
 Affairs hearing "Responding to and Learning from the Log4Shell

19 Jan 2022 [Sander]

 As can be read from the officer reports, there have been several
 topics that needed attention since December.  The Log4j issue has
 triggered numerous conversations and engagements.  I want to express
 my gratitude to those who have been contributing their time and
 expertise, including over the holidays.

 I cannot stress enough that the ASF is full of competent and qualified
 individuals that one way or another donate their time to help deliver
 software for the public good.  This is an impressive reality for well
 over 20 years.  The ASF continues to scale, and enable collaboration.

 2022 will undoubtedly be one of more challenges, but I am confident
 the Foundation will grow because of it.

15 Dec 2021 [Sander]

 December is always one of those months.  At least my personal
 experience is that both too much and too little happens.  This year is
 no different.  COVID-19 is still with us, and keeps impacting daily

 In short, life remains interesting.  With that in mind I remain
 impressed with the ability of our community to keep providing software
 for the public good.

17 Nov 2021 [Sander]

 Daylight savings time - every year there are a few weeks in which
 clocks around the globe are further or closer apart than during
 the rest of the year.  Our meeting time will have shifted, I for
 one look forward to adjourning before midnight as opposed to
 starting at midnight.

 The board agenda tools have been instrumental in preparing and
 running our meetings efficiently.  I've recently had to correct
 some of the tool's output which emphasizes how much of a
 productivity booster it is when it functions, and at the same
 time can cause a bit of work if it is slightly off.  I'm going
 to explore how we can expedite ownership and support by our
 operations team, to ensure this critical tool continues to
 contribute to the scaling of the board.

20 Oct 2021 [Sander]

 I remain impressed with how we adapted to different circumstances,
 specifically when it comes to events.  I ask for some extra attention
 to the Conferences report this month, and would like to thanks all
 volunteers, speakers and sponsors for making this happen.

 While our meetings are now consistently short, thanks to all the
 pre-work by everyone leading up to the meeting, I am happy to say that
 this is our final meeting this year with Daylight Savings Time in

15 Sep 2021 [Sander]

 Reflecting back on the past six months, it has been reasonable calm in
 terms of items requiring board level attention and action.  Meetings
 are running smoothly, additional process tweaks are not urgent.

 With respect to timely reporting, one of my recurring topics,
 I admit that September snuck up on me.  Clearly the calendar told me
 that the first of the month is a Wednesday, but that didn't register
 as a need to take action and get reminders out early.  I'm pleased to
 see that a number of projects already submitted their report without

 Recently a point was raised about use of jargon in board reports.  As
 a organization welcoming contributions from all over the world I think
 it is good to be conscious about this, such that reports are as legible
 and accessible as possible by our entire community.

18 Aug 2021 [Sander]

 I have little to report beyond the agenda.

 I am going not going to bother with the process of settling on a new
 time with only three more board meetings until summer time ends.

 I am once again grateful for all the timely reports.  I observe that
 we are still seeing a relatively high number of missing reports.

21 Jul 2021 [Sander]

 Other than the agenda, I have very little to report.

 Meetings have been running smoothly, and I'm confident they will
 continue as such.  Pre-approvals are working well.  The amount of
 missing reports is roughly the same as last month, despite not
 receiving a second reminder this month.

 My push for timely submissions has not been strong this month.

16 Jun 2021 [Sander]

 Other than the agenda, I have very little to report in my role as
 Chair this month.  I notice that we are missing a higher number of
 reports than usual at the time of this writing.  I will continue to
 push for timely submissions, and may experiment with process tweaks
 during the remainder of the year.  Obviously part of getting timely
 submissions is to set the right example, which I unfortunately did not
 do this month.  I implore all executive officers to submit their
 reports on time for the July meeting - to help set that right example,
 and to allow maximum time for review.

 Due to a number of unforeseen life events, I haven’t been able to hit
 a goal I set for myself for this meeting with respect to the tool we
 use for board feedback on reports.

19 May 2021 [Sander]

 I have little to report outside of the agenda.

 My interest in making further tweaks to the board meeting process
 remains.  I will continue to push for timely reports, giving us
 more time to review and ask questions.  I am aiming to have some
 tweaks to the agenda tool to assist with this by next meeting.

21 Apr 2021 [Sander]

 The ASF has recently celebrated its 22nd anniversary.  I would
 like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to everyone who
 has contributed to the Foundation's continued success.

 The board meetings have been running smoothly and efficiently
 in the past year.  Roy T. Fielding has gotten us into a
 routine based on clear expectations.  The excellent Whimsy
 Board Agenda tool remains crucial in supporting our process.

 To ensure continuity on our tooling, I would like to explore
 having the functionality of the Board Agenda tool be provided
 and supported by our operations team in the long run.  Initial
 conversations between Sam Ruby, the primary author of the tool,
 and Infrastructure have started.

 In the upcoming year I will focus on ensuring our board defaults
 to asynchronous communication.  I intend to continue the efforts
 that were started in the past year to also support actions
 outside of the monthly meetings more easily.

17 Mar 2021 [Roy]

 I am happy to report that the Annual Members Meeting took place on
 schedule, 9-11 March, without a hitch. My thanks to Daniel Gruno for
 organizing the voting process using Apache STeVe, our vote monitors for
 their oversight, and to all of our officers and members for showing up
 on time (in person or by proxy) so that we could finish in 40 minutes.

 Thanks also to our outgoing directors Shane Curcuru, Niclas Hedhman,
 and Patricia Shanahan for their effectiveness over the past year in
 helping the ASF get through crazy times.

 Congratulations to our new directors, Sharan Foga and Sheng Wu,
 and also to our returning director Roman Shaposhnik. I am looking
 forward to the new perspectives you will bring to our deliberations.

 As mentioned previously, this will be my final meeting as Board Chair.
 I have to say that this is "just in time", since the combination of
 dealing with repercussions from the last board meeting while organizing
 a members meeting immediately followed by the first board meeting are
 just a little too much for me to handle. I am exhausted. I suggest
 that next year's annual meeting be planned for 1-3 March instead,
 just to give the new Board two weeks (instead of one) to get started.

17 Feb 2021 [Roy]

 I have set up and sent notice for the annual members meeting, to be
 held on IRC on 9 March 2021, with votes concluding on 11 March.
 In spite of the wild year 2020-21 has been, it doesn't seem like it has
 been a full year, partly because moving the date earlier has reduced
 us to 11 meetings. Please be sure to send in nominations before they
 close on February 28.

 I am happy to report that I finally managed to update our Bylaws page
 with Amendment II, as we approved in September, and sent the required
 notification to the members-notify list. Thanks to everyone who proposed
 or reviewed the changes on members-info. I set the bylaws change to
 take effect on 11 March 2021 so that it overlaps with the annual
 members meeting (maximizing implied consensus).

20 Jan 2021 [Roy]

 I had a nice discussion with Ian Buck, VP at NVIDIA, and we
 resolved the longstanding issue impacting MXNet regarding our
 distribution of binaries compiled by NVIDIA's CUDA SDK.

 Other than that, my free time has been consumed by the HTTP
 specifications which are now in working group last call at
 the IETF. I hope to get more Apache work done this month.

16 Dec 2020 [Roy]

 Everything seems to be going fine, which is also amazing given all that
 is going on in the world. I had a second brush fire rip through the
 hills near my house and once again barely missed having to evacuate, so
 it seems only yesterday that we had the last meeting.

 It has now been several months since I stopped doing the consent agenda
 and there has been little difference in terms of how long our meetings
 run. I think we can safely do without it until we have a much larger
 slate of things on the agenda.

18 Nov 2020 [Roy]

 Well, this has been an interesting month. I've had an 80mph
 wildfire blow by my house, voted in the longest election day
 of my lifetime, babbled through endless consternation, and
 haven't quite prepared for the coming pandemic winter.

 In spite of all that, we seem to be doing fine. Thanks to
 everyone who has been helping the ASF run smoothly throughout
 these turbulent times.

 I still have a number of action items on my list, as indicated
 in my last report, but at least the backlog hasn't increased.

 Somewhat related, the QUIC and HTTP/3 protocols [1] are
 currently in last call within the IETF. I am also long
 overdue for completing the core HTTP specifications [2],
 which are supposed to be published at the same time,
 so that is going to absorb most of my free time until
 we get it done.

   [1] ""
   [2] ""

21 Oct 2020 [Roy]

 Congratulations to the Conferences team for an incredibly
 successful first run of ApacheCon @Home! Please see Rich Bowen's
 report under Conferences (Attachment 5) for the details.

 I have nothing new to report. I do have a number of action items
 (actual and implied) that are beginning to pile up:

   1) prepare a notice for the members regarding the bylaws
      amendment approved last month so that the formal approval
      clock can commence;

   2) work on the binary release policy;

   3) find a way to make use of our github repo to assist with
      collaborative writing of ASF documentation and provide a
      place for meaningful tracking of board issues that is better
      than my officer's report.

16 Sep 2020 [Roy]

 After technical difficulties last month (and lack of sleep),
 I am going back to the normal agenda (without a consent agenda)
 to see if it makes any difference for a light meeting.

19 Aug 2020 [Roy]

 I don't have anything to report this month aside from the meeting
 agenda. If we have enough preapprovals, I will skip ahead to the
 consent agenda (7A) after the roll call to confirm those items that
 already have consensus, and then we can spend the bulk of the meeting
 on the remaining discussion items. I expect this to be another 30
 minute meeting, but try to reserve the full hour just in case.

 I hope to start experimenting with a private GitHub repository over
 the next month to see if a more familiar authoring and issue tracking
 tool can improve our development and tracking of foundation policy,
 possibly leading to another data source for the agenda tool.

15 Jul 2020 [Roy]

 In a bizarre twist of fate, the past month has seemed almost "normal"
 for the ASF, at least in contrast to the previous few months. The
 world has bigger concerns than open source software, and our project
 communities continue to do their part (and more) in reaching out and
 helping where it is needed most.

 Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic looks to be getting worse for
 everyone because of the few who ignored public health warnings. We are
 all in this together, whether we all agree or not, so stay safe, stay
 home, and prepare for the long haul.

 Speaking of which, the new ApacheCon @Home finally has a green light,
 thanks to the perseverance and hard work of Rich Bowen and our
 conference volunteers. It will be exciting to see how well we can
 expand the scope and breadth of ApacheCon when we don't have to worry
 about parallel sessions and room limitations.

 Although there has been quite a bit of work summarizing the current
 status of binary builds and releases, we have yet to take any action
 that would clarify or remove restrictions on our projects. Hopefully,
 that can be discussed further (see item 10A) and accomplished over the
 next month.

 Our agenda remains light for this month's meeting. If we have enough
 preapprovals, I will skip ahead to the consent agenda (7A) after the
 roll call to confirm those items that already have consensus, and then
 we can spend the bulk of the meeting on the remaining discussion
 items. I expect this to be another 30 minute meeting, but try to
 reserve the full hour just in case we need it.

17 Jun 2020 [Roy]

 This has been a tumultuous month, in so many ways. Our foundation's
 normal challenges and concerns seem tiny by comparison. Fortunately,
 we accomplished the bulk of the board's annual business at the last
 meeting, and only have a short list of items to discuss for this one.

 Since the agenda is light and our projects need forgiveness more than
 rules, I haven't been moving late reports off of our agenda. Instead,
 I will skip the Consent Agenda this month and we'll run through the
 normal agenda as in the past. However, we still won't be summarizing
 reports or performing roll call votes, unless either is requested by a

20 May 2020 [Roy]

 I have been pursuing multiple initiatives this month to make
 it easier for our geographically diverse board to agree on a
 time to hold our monthly meetings. Part of that is finding a
 fair time to meet when all of us can attend, and the rest is
 reducing the time spent on the teleconference to only those
 discussions that require our synchronous attendance.

 Bertrand deserves credit for putting together a Javascript
 page for visual scheduling across time zones, and thanks go
 to the entire board and executive officers for participating
 through manual data entry. It all became a nice team exercise,
 without much falling backwards.

 For this meeting, the board will attempt to preapprove most of
 the items on our agenda during the week prior to the meeting.

 Technically, what that means is that we will open discussion
 on the board list and within the agenda tool for all of the
 items for which we have information supplied in the agenda.

 As usual, directors will review the reports, make comments,
 mark them for approval, and/or flag them for discussion.
 Similarly, if we haven't already discussed a resolution on list,
 a formal discuss thread will be started for that item.

 If we have comments on a report that are intended for the
 reporting officer, we should forward them during the review
 and attempt to complete any associated action items as well.
 This will give them an opportunity to expand on their report
 if additional details are requested prior to the meeting.

 Over the course of the week, I will construct a "consent agenda"
 within a special item (or in parallel to avoid breaking the tools)
 consisting of pointers to those agenda items which:

   1) have not been flagged for discussion by any director; and,
   2) either:
      a) have been explicitly marked as approved by all directors; or,
      b) appear to have general consent of the board AND
         all relevant materials have been available in the agenda
         for at least five days prior to the start of the meeting
         (i.e., Friday at 21:30 UTC for this meeting).

 When the meeting starts (after roll call), directors will be
 given an opportunity to "remove items from the consent agenda",
 which essentially means flagging them for normal discussion.
 A director that wants to vote "no" on a resolution should flag it.

 I will then ask for any objections to approving the remaining items
 by general consent and, assuming that passes, the Secretary will
 minute all of those remaining items as having been approved by
 general consent, as if we had discussed them during the meeting.
 For our own sanity, I think we will do that by reference rather
 than attempt to move items around in the agenda/minutes.

 We will then work our way through whatever is left in the agenda,
 and hopefully finish just in time for a short executive session.
 Yay! If not, we will reconvene after the executive session to
 continue the remaining discussion items.

 Eventually, much of this will be automated, similar to how the
 reports are approved/commented/flagged already. Sam has made a
 lot of progress on migrating Whimsy's agenda tool to a Node.js
 version that will hopefully attract more developers. I will
 commit myself to learning that over the next month.

 Likewise, I think a proper issue management system will be
 necessary to allow both directors and non-directors to create
 trackable issues for the board, with or without the formalities
 of a meeting, as well as more consistent tracking of action
 items after a meeting. That means we use something like Jira
 or Github for our issues, or we find new volunteers for the
 Whimsy project who don't mind reinventing a custom wheel.

 Bertrand has been opening Jira issues and Sander has been
 experimenting with Jira workflows for managing and recording
 director votes within those issues. It is a bit too messy
 right now for real board work, but it looks like Jira can be
 extensively customized by someone with the right auth
 permissions and knowledge of Velocity/Java. However,
 I haven't had time to pursue it further.

15 Apr 2020 [Craig]

 We held the 2020 Annual Members Meeting at the end of March and
 elected a new board and voted to invite 34 new members to join us.
 Congratulations to the new board and thanks to all members who helped
 with the pre-, during-, and post-meeting technology that helped make
 the meeting run smoothly.

 The IRS-inspired Conflict of Interest policy was approved by the
 board, and board members and executive officers will need to confirm
 annually that they have read and understood it.

 The pandemic has not yet directly affected the operations of the
 Foundation except for postponement or cancellation of some
 face-to-face events and the possible postponement or cancellation of
 this year's ApacheCon that is currently scheduled for late September.
 But we also recognize that our sponsors may be less able to
 contribute, and we may need to adjust our expectations.

18 Mar 2020 [Craig]

 The COVID-19 pandemic has had several effects on the operation of the
 Foundation. Many face-to-face conferences and meetings have been
 postponed or canceled, including Apache conferences and other open
 source and vendor conferences. More cancellations are expected before
 the situation is resolved.

 Considering that most of Apache's work communication happens via
 email, the functioning of the individual projects seems to continue
 with minimum disruption. If any member of the Apache community needs
 help dealing with the pandemic, they should let us know.

 The annual Members Meeting is on track and is expected to be conducted
 as normal. A reminder will be sent for everyone to submit a proxy if
 they are not sure they can attend the first part of the meeting via
 IRC. The membership will be asked to vote on recommending that the
 board update the Bylaws to change gender-specific terms to
 gender-neutral terms.

 Thanks to Patricia Shanahan for leading the effort to adopt a formal
 Conflict of Interest policy, which will be voted on shortly.

19 Feb 2020 [Craig]

 The Foundation continues to operate financially conservatively. A new
 budget proposal is being developed for the next fiscal year.

 We understand that Sam Ruby intends to step down as President, and is
 working with David Nalley on a transition plan.

 The coronavirus has significantly affected all Chinese people, and we
 hope that they can resolve the issue quickly and resume normal

 We are working on developing a policy for Conflict of Interest. While
 we have no current issues, it is expected that foundations like the
 ASF will enforce a CoI policy.

15 Jan 2020 [Craig]

 The foundation continues to run financially conservatively and we
 foresee no significant issues.

 I have accepted a speaking engagement at the Huawei Developer
 Conference in Shenzhen in February.

18 Dec 2019 [Craig]

 Work continues to better understand how Apache can be more welcoming
 to underrepresented communities. The 2019 Apache Diversity Survey has
 been released. All committers should have received a personal
 invitation to take the survey. If you have not done so already, please
 help by taking the survey.

 This has been a milestone year in many ways. I would like to thank our
 sponsors, members, officers, contractors, contributors, and all our
 volunteers for making Apache The Best Software Foundation. Raise a
 glass for freedom; something they can never take away!

20 Nov 2019 [Craig]

 Kudos to the conference organizers for another excellent ApacheCon EU
 in Berlin.

 I had the honor of giving a keynote speech at the first Tencent Tech
 Echo (Techo) conference in Beijing. I also gave a presentation at
 Tsinghua University to an audience consisting mostly of undergraduate
 students. Special thanks to Sally Khudairi for her invaluable help in
 preparing these presentations.

 While in Beijing, I met with several people about how to make Apache
 projects more accessible to Chinese community members, including
 users, contributors, and committers. One result of these meetings is
 continuation of dialog to implement a bot to facilitate communications
 among e.g. mail lists, WeChat groups, Slack, Dingding, and issue
 tracking systems like GitHub and JIRA. The group is currently deciding
 on next steps.

16 Oct 2019 [Craig]

 We are all looking forward to ApacheCon EU 2019 in Berlin next week
 for the 20th Anniversary celebration.

 We accepted with regret Joan Touzet's resignation from the board of
 directors. We really appreciate her contributions to the board and
 hope to see her in future. We elected Dave Fisher to the board as
 Joan's replacement.

 I'm pleased to see that Diversity and Inclusion is making good
 progress, with approval of budgeted contracts with Bitergia.

 As board chair, I accepted an invitation to speak at the keynote
 session of Tencent Cloud Techo developer conference in Beijing in

18 Sep 2019 [Craig]

 Kudos to the ApacheCon NA 2019 planning and execution team for a
 well-organized event in Las Vegas.

 A number of board members were able to attend the celebration and had
 many informal chats about how to work better together. No official
 meeting was held.

 Several of the IPMC members met with some of the podlings with a large
 Chinese membership and we discussed some of the challenges of
 integrating The Apache Way into the Chinese culture. Social barriers
 include the preference for synchronous social media communications and
 technical barriers include the sad performance of web sites
 in China mainland.

 The incubator DISCLAIMER-WIP was informally approved by the board to
 make it easier for podlings to make early releases that are not in
 accordance with a standard Apache release while making it clear to
 downstream users that there are unresolved issues.

 We're looking forward to another great ApacheCon EU next month in

21 Aug 2019 [Craig]

 Several board members plan to attend the 20th anniversary celebration
 at ApacheCon NA in Las Vegas. Timing does not work for a regular board
 meeting during the conference but there will be ample opportunity for
 individual directors to meet informally.

 Work continues to better understand how Apache can be more welcoming
 to underrepresented communities. A call from the Diversity and
 Inclusion VP was issued to solicit volunteer mentors to work with
 Outreachy to engage mentees. All Apache communities are encouraged to

 The incubator has made progress on a new DISCLAIMER-WIP for
 non-compliant podling releases. See discussion topic 8A.

 Discussion continues on how to make a productive
 environment to conduct the board's work.

 Discussion continues on socializing the concept of non-code
 contributions being a factor in moving contributors along the path to
 become committers.

17 Jul 2019 [Craig]

 Planning is well underway for our 20 year celebrations at ApacheCon
 NA in Las Vegas and ApacheCon EU in Berlin. Kudos to all the
 volunteers who are making this happen.

 We are on solid financial footing thanks to our generous sponsors and
 prudent spending. The FY2020 budget was approved and we are once again
 tracking actuals to budget.

 This month saw good progress on Apache's new initiative for equity,
 diversity, and inclusion, including the start of a partnership with
 Outreachy to help us understand better the barriers to contribution to
 our projects. Thanks to IBM who chose to sponsor up to three interns
 at Outreachy to work on Apache projects.

 We will shortly open a call to participation for all PMCs to nominate
 mentors for the Outreachy program. I encourage all PMCs to consider

 With this on track, there are still obstacles to the smooth operation
 of this initiative. I'd like to thank Gris Cuevas for her leadership
 and look forward to her continuing to drive progress here.

 Apache was contacted by the European Commission Directorate-General
 for Competition and asked to comment on the proposed acquisition of
 Red Hat by IBM. Both companies are Apache sponsors. After deliberating
 openly on the board list, we decided to let the invitation lapse
 without responding.

19 Jun 2019 [Craig]

 At the May board meeting, we accepted the resignations of two board
 members and one executive officer. All had served with distinction and
 their resignations were accepted with regret. All positions were
 filled according to past practice and we are now at full staffing.
 Regular order business continues.

 During the transition of the Chairman to Craig Russell, a Request for
 Information from the EU was dropped and the June 4 deadline was
 missed. Corrective action is being taken.

 We entered the fiscal year with a substantial surplus. The budget
 proposes to spend down part of the surplus (run a deficit for the
 year). We will carefully review the proposed budget and expect to
 update/approve it shortly.

15 May 2019 [Shane]

 The board and executive officers are gathered this week for our F2F
 meeting to plan strategy and improve our decision-making and
 communications for internal operations.  Along with our 20th
 anniversary, growth in our projects, and many ApacheCon and Roadshow
 events planned for the year, we have a lot of positive things going

 The board extends an *immense* thank you to Phil Steitz (who recently
 stepped down as Chairman) and Ross Gardler (recently stepped down as
 EVP), and recognize the years of thoughtful service they have
 performed in those and prior roles.  Shane Curcuru, as Vice Chairman,
 will Chair this week's meetings as per our bylaws #6.2.

17 Apr 2019 [Phil]

 This month, we welcomed four first-time directors to the board and one
 returning director. We held an orientation session and finalized the
 date and location of a face-to-face meeting to be held next month. We
 also continued discussion of budget priorities, which we will need to
 complete in the coming months.

20 Mar 2019 [Phil]

 This month, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary on the same date as
 the annual members meeting.  We also published an important blog post
 this month [1], elucidating the core concepts underlying the Apache
 Way.  This statement represents the collaborative work of quite a few
 ASF members and represents a big step forward in getting better
 clarity for ASF volunteers and others interested in understanding the
 Foundation.  Many thanks to those who contributed and for the overall
 positive and productive discussion around the post.


20 Feb 2019 [Phil]

 This month, we began preparation for the annual membership meeting to
 be held next month, March 26, with reconvene on March 28. We are still
 seeking vote monitors and proxies to help with the meeting.

 We continued discussion this on how, if at all, the ASF should engage
 in the external dialog on open source licensing and business models.
 We do have consensus that any statement we make should confirm our
 commitment to the Apache License, possibly explaining how it supports
 and enables our mission. I would like to thank the members who
 participated for the constructive discussion started this month about
 how the mission statement might be slightly improved and the
 connection between the license, the mission and our core principles.

16 Jan 2019 [Phil]

 Progress continued slowly last month on updating the 5-year plan. I am
 hoping we can get drafts for all sections and the updated financials
 to review next month.

 I have also started planning for the 2019 Members meeting, which will
 coincide with our 20th anniversary.

 The Treasurer's report indicates that the ASF is in very good shape
 financially, 8 months into this fiscal year.  We are approximately
 $400k ahead on revenue and $300k under in expense.  Some of this is
 timing, but we are on track to grow our reserve significantly this
 year.  I plan to spend some time this month working with Tom (as VP,
 Finance) on options for reserve management (e.g. endowment).

19 Dec 2018 [Phil]

 This month, we continued some important discussions on where we are
 going as a foundation, how we are going to operate and how Officers
 and Directors should represent the foundation externally.  We
 continued slow progress on the 5-year plan update.  My hope is that in
 the coming month, we will make enough progress that as we enter budget
 planning for the next fiscal year, we will have consensus views on
 what our priorities are and we can use the draft plan update as a
 guide in making budget decisions.

 This month we received very good reports from Beam, Incubator, Olingo
 and Pulsar.  PMC chairs and other interested community members are
 encouraged to look at these reports as examples of the kinds of things
 we like to see in project reports. Comments this month focused on the
 usual topics, reminding PMCs to discuss issues that we had seen on
 private or dev lists, keeping things that can be public public, and
 making sure that synchronous meetings get reported back to public

 Best wishes to all for a joyous holiday season and many, many thanks
 to all whose volunteer efforts have made this a great year for the

21 Nov 2018 [Phil]

 We continued to make slow but steady progress last month on strategic
 topics.  Research into endowment options is nearing completion with an
 initial  recommendation to be posted for discussion on the finance
 list.  I incorporated feedback from the kickoff meeting on the 5-year
 plan into a revised set of objectives and set up the wiki site [1].
 Some good discussions around ASF vision, assuring that contributors
 understand their obligations under the ICLA and the status of binary
 releases began this month.  I am happy to report that the tone of
 these discussions has been positive.  Thanks in advance to all who
 participate to keep it that way as we work through these and other
 important issues in the coming months.

 Three reports were complemented for their thoughtfulness and / or
 comprehension this month:  Flume, Ant and Incubator.  In a few cases,
 issues like those handled thoughtfully in those reports were observed
 by Directors reviewing list activity in other projects and they were
 encouraged to cover them in their reports.  Constructive feedback
 related to ensuring oversight, moving toward release and keeping
 discussion public whenever possible.


17 Oct 2018 [Phil]

 This month saw a lot of growth and some great steps forward for the
 ASF.  Apachecon, North America was a great success, thanks to hard
 planning and execution work by quite a few ASF volunteers.  Special
 thanks to Ruth Suehle for her leadership on this event. We also made
 good progress evaluating options for long-term financing of the ASF.
 The plans here are in early stages, but strong progress was made over
 the last month due to great collaborative effort by ASF Fundraising
 and Finance. Finally, we held a kickoff meeting to start work on the
 update to the 5-year strategic plan for the ASF.

 Project reports this month showed growth in quite a few projects and
 some success reinvigorating communities that had previously been
 struggling. Reports from Avro, Incubator, Jclouds, Nutch and Streams
 were all complimented by Directors.  Several communities were
 encouraged to share best practices and / or success stories on
 dev@community or in a success@apache blog post. There was not much
 critical feedback this month - mostly just encouragement to continue
 community growth or to help people move along from contributor to
 committer to PMC member.

19 Sep 2018 [Phil]

 This month's reports show a huge amount of activity, some of the usual
 challenges and some solid progress addressing community challenges.
 The following reports were acknowledged to include good examples /
 strategies that other communities could learn from: Beam, Mynewt,
 Incubator and Storm. Constructive feedback included the following
 * Reminder to always use links to for mail archive
 * Reminder to enclose sensitive items in <private> markers (since
   board reports become public when minutes are published)
 * Reminder to always include the date of the last release and last
   committer and PMC additions

 My personal focus last month was on getting started on the 5-year plan
 refresh and continuing research into nonprofit finance best practices.
 Watch members@ for updates.

15 Aug 2018 [Phil]

 This month, we had a lot of good discussion on some core issues facing
 the foundation, including contributions from quite a few members.  I
 would like to thank those who are participating constructively and
 encourage all to, as Rich reminded us, consistently assume positive
 intent and encourage others to express their views and develop
 policies and plans in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support.
 Let's try to stay focused on the issues in context today rather than
 "who gets to decide" or "how things have always been" or explicit or
 implicit ad hominems.  We are all often individually wrong.  The
 strength of our software and our foundation rests on our ability to
 get things right when we work together.

 This month we had some very good reports.  Geode, Sycope and HTTP
 Server all received positive comments.  In several cases, Directors
 encouraged PMCs to share solutions to problems more broadly.  All are
 encouraged to participate in comdev and to consider "Success at
 Apache" blog posts to share ideas on what works.  The usual comments
 about keeping things public, adding committers and ensuring sufficient
 PMC oversight were made on a few reports this month, as well as some
 comments on omitting statistics unless they support a point being
 made.  A good example of digging into the stats to really assess
 community health and future trajectory can be found in this month's
 HTTP Server report.

18 Jul 2018 [Phil]

 Feedback on project reports this month was generally very positive.
 All of the following reports were complimented for their completeness
 and/or concision:  Calcite, Carbon Data, Hbase, Mina, Nifi and Nutch.
 Constructive feedback from Directors followed some familiar themes,
 along with promoting some ideas developed in the Beam community.
 * Helping people progress along the path from contributor to committer
   to PMC member eases the pressure on committers and PMC members to
   review PRs and manage releases.
 * Beam suggestions on community development:
 * Making sure that private discussions are moved to public lists
   unless they really have to be private.

 My personal focus this month was to continue studying non-profit
 finance, to begin planning for the update of the 5-year plan and
 continued work on organizing ASF policy documents.  I did not make the
 progess on the last two items that I had hoped.  Over the next month,
 I will put some materials in the Wiki for review and collaboration.

20 Jun 2018 [Phil]

 This month, I worked on educating myself on non-profit finance and
 worked with Sam and others on the idea for a VP, Finance to establish
 a financial analysis and planning function at the ASF.  This is
 necessary now that we are considering long-term finance strategies
 such as an endowment.  I expect to spend a significant amount of time
 over the next several months helping develop and support the finance
 function at the ASF.  I will also continue to work on educating myself
 and helping interested members come up to speed and participate in
 financial analysis and planning.

 I did not make the progress that I hoped to make last month on
 progressing the policy roadmap.  I hope to get back to this in the
 current month.

 This month’s reports included some very good ones: Bean, Bloodhound,
 DeltaSpike and Felix were all complimented for their comprehension and
 thoughtfulness.  In addition to the usual comments about long lapses
 since new committer / PMC member additions and reminder that jira /
 commit / mail volume stats are not useful unless supporting a specific
 point, there were a few less common comments this month:
 * Reminder to copy trademarks@ when dealing with potential
   infringement issues
 * Reminder that individuals contribute to ASF projects, not companies
 * Observation that some important discussions on dev or private lists
   were missing from project reports.

16 May 2018 [Phil]

 This month, we had several very good reports.  Brooklyn, Geode, HTTP
 Server and Phoenix all submitted exemplary reports.  Several PMCs were
 thanked for responding to feedback and dealing with issues that they
 or the board called out in prior reports and / or improving the
 quality of their reports. Thanks to all who contributed to developing
 project reports this month.

 Other than general thanks and praise for good reporting, comments this
 month were all in one of the following categories:
 * Requests to ensure that projects with low activity have effective
   PMC oversight
 * Reminders to keep everything that can be public, public
 * Request to include in board reports description of how projects
   managed problems
 * Reminder to include basic information on committer / PMC roster

 After getting general agreement on the concept and initial list of
 policies to work on, I started work this month on the policy roadmap.
 Working with Bertrand, my goal is to get started on discussing the
 first one (release) this month and also agree on how the review and
 approval process will work and where approved policies will be hosted.

18 Apr 2018 [Phil]

 This month, we welcome Roman Shaposhnik and Isabel Drost-Fromm as new
 board members (though Isabel has served in the past) and we, once
 again, thank departing members, Jim Jagielski and Chris Mattmann for
 their service.  We had a brief meeting of the new board on April 11,
 where we agreed on officer appointments and had an informal discussion
 of what each of us thought were important topics for the board in the
 coming year. Each board member provided one or more items for
 consideration. We did not make any decisions or discuss any of these
 items in detail. We agreed that substantive discussion and
 decision-making should happen on ASF lists and/or regularly scheduled
 ASF Board meetings.  The full list of items is in the minutes, linked
 in this month's agenda.

 We agreed to ask all current officers to continue in their roles and I
 am happy to report that all have agreed.  To fill the Vice Chair
 vacancy created by Jim's departure, we appointed Shane Curcuru as Vice
 Chair. Thank you, Shane, for agreeing to take on this role.

 This month's reports included some very good ones: Fineract, Hbase and
 Nifi among them.  Each of these provided thoughtful insight into
 project state, problems and plans. Comments on individual reports
 continued to hit the following common themes:

 * Responding to the "long tail" contribution / committer bottleneck by
   making it faster / easier to earn commit
 * Same as above regarding PMC membership
 * Request to provide a more thoughtful project health summary
 * Reminder to follow IP clearance process for substantial
   contributions not developed inside the project
 * Reminder to be careful with synchronous meetings, always summarizing
   on list, etc.
 * Reminder to include date last committer and PMC member were added to
   the project

21 Mar 2018 [Phil]

 This month, we prepared and are in process of running the Annual
 Mambers Meeting.  We are also preparing the 2019 budget.  The timing
 of the decisions that we have to make, coincident with the election of
 a new board and new members has created some stress among the
 officers, directors and membership.  That stress manifested in
 behaviours on members@ and board@ that were not what we expect of
 ourselves. I expect that we will do better moving forward.

 The usual themes were repeated in some of the report comments this
 month - remember to always include dates of most recent commmitter /
 PMC additions and releases, keep discussions that can be on the public
 dev list public, focus on helping new contributors earn merit so that
 they can be voted in as committers and committers to PMC members. This
 month, several projects were commmended and / or advised on handling
 of security issues.  A great resource for this is

 The Storm project submitted a very good report this month.  In the
 Activity and Health sections, there is good discussion of community
 health, practical problems that the community is dealing with, and
 actions taken.  The Axis report was also very good this month, showing
 continued progress restoring that community to a healthy and active

21 Feb 2018 [Phil]

 Over the last month, I began preparations for the Members Meeting
 (date to be confirmed at today's meeting) and worked with the other
 Officers and Directors preparing the 5-year strategic plan which we
 will review at today's meeting. Many thanks to all who contributed and
 commented on drafts of the document.

 Here is a summary of comments made on this month's project reports.

 The Http Server project report was, once again, a great example of
 what we like to see in project reports.  The community health section
 uses data to thoughtfully assess the state of the community.  Instead
 of just presenting statistics, the report includes discussion of the
 pattern of contributions and inferences made by the PMC about what
 they might do to encourage more people to contribute.

 One PMC was commended for keeping discussion that can be public on the
 public dev list.  Specifically, we saw and appreciated some instances
 of moving a discussion that starts on private@ but can be public moved
 to dev@.

 Two PMCs were encouraged to limit discussion of or influence by
 commercial vendors in their reports.  What vendors do with our
 products is their business. We certainly encourage all manner of use
 and onward distribution; but project reports (and decisions) should
 focus on project communities and their activities.

 The usual question about activity level was asked of a couple of PMCs.
 This usually takes the form of "Are there 3 active PMC members in the
 community?"  We ask this question because it takes 3 binding +1 votes
 to make a release.

 In two cases, we noted the long time since the last release from a
 project and asked how the community could remain engaged without
 release activity.

17 Jan 2018 [Phil]

 At last month's meeting, we continued discussion of the 5-year plan.
 This has frankly been difficult for us to complete.  Bertrand
 suggested that we might do better to focus first on the high-level
 vision and objectives before debating specific decision points.
 Bertrand drafted a vision statement that we were able to agree on and
 which I hope will be formally approved at today's meeting.  I proposed
 the following objectives for the 5-year plan.  We have not reached
 consensus yet on these, so they should be viewed as draft at this

 1. Ensure that the services that the ASF offers to project communities
 are clearly defined and can be reliably delivered in a manner that
 meets their expectations.

 2  Improve our success for identifying, attracting, welcoming and
 developing “like-minded communities” that will be successful at the

 3. Effectively scale our operations and governance processes in such a
 way that the ASF continues to be a light-process, light-governance,
 largely decentralized organization whose central operations serve
 projects in a manner consistent with the way PMCs are expected to
 serve their communities

 4. Ensure the financial soundness of the ASF over the term of the plan
 and establish the foundation for long-term stability

 We need to start planning the 2019 budget soon, so my hope is that we
 can complete the 5-year plan, including the financial projections, by
 next month's meeting.

 The quality of the project reports this month was overall very good.
 Many thanks to the PMC chairs and PMC members who contributed.  There
 were quite a few very good reports this month.  I will call out two as
 as exemplary: CarbonData and Fineract. In each case, challenges as
 well as progress are called out and a complete picture of the state of
 the project is presented.

 One thing that we often mention is that just presenting mailing list
 stats is not necessary and should be omitted unless they add something
 to the report.  This month's Hbase report provides an example of using
 ML stats to support the ideas in a report.

 Several projects discussed their challenges with imbalance between
 contributors and committers - i.e., large numbers of PRs and not
 enough committers to keep up with them.  In each case, the feedback
 from the board was to try to find ways to get contributors on a faster
 path to committership.

 In some cases, commenters asked for a more complete picture of project
 activity and community health. PMCs were reminded that project reports
 are public and are the public record of the state of the project, so
 its best to include more than just the basic facts about releases,
 committer / PMC changes, etc.

 As part of review of projects, we often look at project mailing lists.
 This month, some comments were made about topics from dev or private
 lists that would have been good to include in reports.  For example,
 one project dealt with a LGPL dependency issue. Including a summary of
 the issue and how it was dealt with in the report would have been

 One comment asked that a PMC be careful with how its private repo is
 used.  Like private mailing lists, private repos should be used only
 for things that really have to be private.

 Finally, we had to repeat the reminder that reports should always
 include the dates of the last committer addition, the last PMC member
 addition and the last release.

 Thanks again to all PMC chairs for taking the time to develop reports
 this month and to my fellow board members for doing such a complete
 and thoughtful review of the reports submitted.

20 Dec 2017 [Phil]

 This month, I created a draft 5-year plan document. The document is
 under review, along with the budget projection that Sam and the
 Officers produced. I also posted a draft document retention and access
 policy. Time permitting, we will begin discussion of the 5-year plan
 at this meeting.  The draft plan and policy documents are posted in
 the Board team drive in ASF GSuite.  Any interested member can request
 access to this space.

 Many thanks to the members preparing and submitting reports this
 month. There were some very good ones, including descriptions of
 challenges and how PMCs are handling them.  We encourage and
 appreciate focus on problems like volunteers leaving, decisions about
 backward compatibility / legacy support, chair rotation and community
 conflicts.  The Beam report, for example, does a great job calling out
 both challenges and achievements.  The TomEE report includes a great
 example of a PMC addressing conflict directly and practically.

 Director comments this month repeated the themes from last month: use
 private lists only for things that need to be private, consider a
 lower bar to increase the flow of new committers into a project, and
 reminders to always include the date of last committer and PMC
 additions.  Two PMCs were reminded that in general company names don't
 belong in reports (unless there is something specific to them) and it
 was recommended to use durable message links from
 (Ponymail) when these are used in reports.

15 Nov 2017 [Phil]

 I had calls with Sam and Greg this past month, discussing a range of
 topics relating to the two things that I am working on at the
 foundation level now: 1) the 5-year strategic plan and 2) ASF document
 retention and access policy. I received some great feedback on the
 members list on the strategic plan components and I have started work
 on a plan draft, which I will make available in the ASF GoogleDocs
 space.  I would like to reserve time at next month’s board meeting to
 discuss the plan.

 There has been some discussion recently on how to streamline
 communications between the Board and PMCs, or more specifically how to
 make the PMC Chair’s job more manageable by reducing the number of
 email messages that Chairs need to read.  One item that was suggested
 for suppression is Board comments on project reports.  Thinking about
 that, and discussing with Sam, I have decided to start including a
 summary of recent Board feedback in this report.  Feedback on my
 feedback summary is of course welcome.  If this turns out to be
 effective, I will propose that we suppress copying on
 report comments.

 There were quite a few positive comments over the last month thanking
 PMCs for producing informative and thoughtful reports.  In general,
 the positive comments were in response to reports that gave a clear
 picture of the state of a project, interpreting data rather than just
 presenting it.  An excellent example is this month’s HTTP Server
 report.  Critical comments centered on a few recurring themes:

 1. Reminders to always include the dates when the last committer and
 PMC member were added to the project.

 2. Reminders that mailing list and / or JIRA statistics presented by
 themselves (i.e. not in support of a statement related to project
 health or issues faced by the project) can be omitted.

 3. Requests to affirm that there is sufficient PMC oversight for the

 4. Reminders that no response has been received to a comment that
 requires a response (comments that require response are flagged in
 Whimsy.  I am happy to personally respond to questions regarding
 whether or not a specific comment requires a response of if a proposed
 response is adequate).

 Constructive feedback also followed some common themes:

 1. Projects considering formal criteria for committership are
 encouraged to be careful setting the bar too high or making the
 criteria too complex.

 2. Projects organizing meetings, meet-ups or other in-person events
 need to make sure that either the events do not have any specific
 bearing on the project or a) they are open to all interested parties
 and b) discussions and any proposed decisions are brought back to the
 project dev list.

 3. Private mailing lists should be used sparingly, only for issues
 that can’t be discussed on the public dev list.

 4. Votes for PMC Chair rotations and / or committer / PMC nominations
 should always be closed and actioned.

18 Oct 2017 [Phil]

 This month, we continued discussion of ASF document retention and
 review policies.  Over the course of the discussion, it became clear
 that what we needed to start with was a set of principles on retention
 and review.  I have started work on a policy draft.  I hope to
 complete that draft in the coming month.

 I also had discussions with Sam and Tom on developing the five-year
 operating plan for the ASF.  I subsequently proposed that we break the
 planning process into an analysis phase where we focus on how we
 expect the needs (and goals) of the ASF to change over the next 5
 years and then a development phase where we build an operational and
 financial plan based on this.  Sam and I hope to complete the plan by
 year-end.  I posted a proposed analysis framework to the ASF members
 list.  Thanks to all who have provided feedback and thanks in advance
 for help and input in the plan development process.

 Sam requests that the Chair (and other interested parties)
 have a phone conversation with Greg (and others) early in the
 document retention process draft.

20 Sep 2017 [Phil]

 First, I would like to thank Brett for his 4+ years of service
 as ASF Chairman. I am both inspired and challenged by the
 example that he set.  I am also very grateful to him and Sam
 for automating a lot of administrative tasks, making that
 aspect of the role a lot easier.  Despite careful instruction
 from Brett, I nonetheless made a few administrative errors this
 month, which were resolved thanks to help from Sam, Craig and
 Brett.  Thanks to all for your help and patience as I learn the

 On September 11, I spoke at the Linux Foundation’s OSS Summit
 in Los Angeles, CA. The title of my talk was “Scaling OSS,
 Lessons Learned at the Apache Software Foundation."  I talked
 about historical social, financial and operational challenges
 and how we had met them.  I ended with some personal thoughts
 about the future - basically a statement of confidence in the
 resiliency of the ASF.  Many thanks to Sally for her help and
 counsel preparing the talk.

 More thanks go to Sally, Chris, Rene Gielen and other members
 of the Struts PMC for marshaling a clear and effective response
 to press inquiries associated with the Equifax breach.

16 Aug 2017 [Brett]

 I spent some time this month writing up some details about scripts and
 running meetings that the Chairman needs, and spoke with Phil about
 transitioning over to him. I'll be working with him over the next
 couple of weeks to ensure everything is handed over, as I'll be
 travelling for two weeks at the beginning of September.

 I still need to send some follow up material from our face to face in
 that time as well.

 I'll be speaking at DataWorks Summit in Sydney on the Apache Way in

 Thanks for having me as chair for the last 4 years, it's been great!

19 Jul 2017 [Brett]

 I've had an unusually busy month personally, which means I'm well
 behind on follow through from the minutes and actions from the face to
 face.  This will be a priority for me next week.

 I have completed a basic run book for board meetings, annual meetings
 and other Chairman's duties, and intend to commit these and walk Phil
 through them over the next month.

21 Jun 2017 [Brett]

 We had a productive face to face meeting in McLean last week, covering
 topics about the next 5 years of the Foundation, how we might best
 support the growth of healthy project communities and our own
 membership in line with the mission of the Foundation, and some key
 operational considerations.

 I will work with Craig over the next week to publish the formal
 minutes and a summary of the work done, as well as starting to track
 the action items that resulted from the meeting.

 I'd like to thank the board, officers and members who took the time
 out of their schedules to attend, including the support many received
 from their employers.

 In particular, our thanks to Capital One for hosting us at their
 McLean facilities and for sponsoring our pre-meeting dinner.

 Thank you to Craig also for driving the changes in the board list
 discussed at the previous meeting. I hope these will serve to allow
 more focused discussion on board-level items among the board, officers
 and interested members.

 I have indicated to the board that I intend to step down from the role
 as Chairman, and at the face to face we discussed a succession plan. I
 will transition the role over the following months. It has been fun,
 and I'm privileged to have had the opportunity over the last 4 years.

17 May 2017 [Brett]

 As announced on the ASF Blog, welcome to the 64 new members elected at
 the Annual Members Meeting!

   Taher Alkhateeb                    Jorge Luis Betancourt Gonzalez
   Ryan Blue                          Davor Bonaci
   Michael Brohl                      Cedric Champeau
   Byung-Gon Chun                     Radu Cotescu
   Jaroslaw Cwiklik                   William Colen
   Dániel Dékány                      Mike Drob
   Eric Evans                         Lars Francke
   Roberto Galoppini                  Robbie Gemmell
   Thamme Gowda N                     Scott Gray
   Stefan Hett                        Jonathan Hsieh
   Bilgin Ibryam                      Claus Ibsen
   Jeff Jirsa                         Evgeny Kotkov
   Andy Kurth                         Chris Lambertus
   Nicolas Malin                      Karl Heinz Marbaise
   Lee Moon Soo                       T. Jake Luciani
   Stephen Mallette                   Nate McCall
   Larry McCay                        Sidney Markowitz
   Gary Martin                        Robert Munteanu
   Kay Ousterhout                     Anil Patel
   Christine Poerschke                Matt Post
   Stian Soiland Reyes                Chris Riccomini
   Carlos Rovira                      Daniel Ruggeri
   Guergana K. Savova                 Felix Schumacher
   Anthony Shaw                       Karanjeet Singh
   Michael Starch                     Daniel Takamori
   Josh Tynjala                       Ashish Vijaywargiya
   Andrew Wang                        Claude Warren Jr
   Michael Semb Wever                 Piotr Zarzycki
   Jordan Zimmerman                   Matt Sicker
   Jan Materne                        Dominik Psenner
   Evans Ye                           Jay Vyas
   Olaf Flebbe                        Jianfeng Zhang

 I look forward to seeing the board in McLean next month. The agenda for
 the face to face meeting has been posted, and comments or additional
 items are welcome.

 There was discussion about creating a separate board list for traffic
 on discussions compared to the day-to-day notices, meeting preparation
 and follow up. I intend to follow through on this over the next month.

19 Apr 2017 [Brett]

 Welcome to Ted Dunning and Phil Steitz, our new Directors elected at
 last month's annual meeting. Thanks go again to Isabel and Marvin for
 their efforts on the board over the last year, after they opted to
 stand down at this election.

 The new board met informally over a video chat recently to
 (re-)introduce each other, raise their main thoughts for the year
 ahead. Thanks to Rich for organising the video conference.

 We are currently planning a face to face meeting, which will be held
 in McLean, VA on  June 15, 2017. The agenda and attendee list should
 be finalised shortly.

 At Sam's recommendation, I'm going to try and set up some time to
 informally catch up with a few officers over video chat before that

 The annual meeting proceeded as usual. There was again some brief
 difficulty ensuring we had quorum for the meeting, which has led to
 further discussion on the members list about our quorum requirements
 and the activity of the membership in the meeting and voting process.
 There was also a good amount of feedback on how to better communicate
 the procedures for the meeting. I have created some scripts and
 runbooks to help with setting up future meetings, and will update them
 with some of the feedback received.

 We currently await the final membership applications before confirming
 those that were elected at the meeting.

 The following is the report I provided to the annual meeting:


 This week, we’ve celebrated 18 years of the incorporation of the
 Apache Software Foundation! Apache projects and their communities are
 the heroes of our continued success and the longevity of the

 Since the last Annual Members Meeting, we have added 13 new top-level
 projects: Sentry, TinkerPop, Apex, Johnzon, AsterixDB, Bahir,
 Zeppelin, Twill, Kudu, Geode, Eagle, Beam, and Ranger; which is close
 to the same pace as prior years. The Foundation has been slightly more
 proactive in retiring projects where the community is no longer
 active, with Wookie, MRUnit, Tuscany, Continuum, Etch, DeviceMap,
 Stratos and Abdera all retired to the Attic. We have also elected 58
 new members into the Foundation.

 It has been a somewhat more tumultuous year for the Foundation’s
 governance and operations, including a number of mid-term changes to
 the Board and Executive Officer roles. However, these circumstances
 have highlighted the strength of the Foundation’s structure in that
 projects were able to continue unimpeded by the needs of our

 In 2016, we welcomed three new directors - Isabel Drost-Fromm, Marvin
 Humphrey and Mark Thomas - the most significant number of additions in
 several years. We also welcomed Ulrich Stärk as Treasurer, and thanked
 Chris Mattmann for his service to the Foundation in that role over the
 years prior.

 Later in 2016, we saw Greg Stein step down after 15 continuous years
 as a Director, to take up the role of Infrastructure Administrator,
 and we remain incredibly grateful for the work Greg has done and
 continues to do for the Foundation.

 Sam Ruby filled the vacant directors seat, only to step down a month
 later as he took on the role of President following Ross Gardler’s
 resignation. Ross then moved into the EVP role, with us gladly
 welcoming Rich back to the board after a brief hiatus. We are thankful
 for the willingness each of these members has to serve in whichever
 capacities are needed. All of these roles have required a significant
 commitment of volunteer time over the last year.

 As we approach the upcoming meeting, we thank Isabel and Marvin for
 their time as Directors, having chosen not to stand this year, and so
 look forward to more first-time Directors for the 2017-18 term.

 The changes throughout 2016 have given the Foundation a path forward
 through a difficult stage of its growth, though certainly many
 challenges lay ahead as we seek to grow to meet the needs of the
 projects that call Apache home and to sustain the Foundation for many
 years to come.

 And we do continue to grow! Not only have we increased the number of
 top-level projects, but we have now hit the milestone of 6000
 committers to Apache projects, illustrating the reach that Apache
 software has throughout the worldwide developer community.

 Throughout, we continue to hold fast to the Apache Way, even in the
 face of difficult circumstances that face some projects from time to
 time. This remains key to maintaining the unique value of the Apache
 Software Foundation.

 Sadly, we had to bid farewell to Greg Reddin of the Apache Tiles
 project, who passed away in October last year. We express our
 condolences to his wife and children, and to his colleagues among the
 Apache community.

 I now look forward to the coming year, with great anticipation for
 what the ASF might achieve, building on the many contributions that
 have come in the past 18 years and earlier. I am incredibly humbled to
 have the opportunity to have served as Chairman for some of that time
 and thank the Board for the opportunity.

15 Mar 2017 [Brett]

 A verbal report was given:

   Significant discussion occurred around fundraising in the lead up to
   the face to face referenced in the President's report.

   Discussion also occurred around the implementation of brand policy
   as covered in earlier months. This was distilled down to 5 points to
   clarify the board's position.

   Concerns were raised over whether the board held a singular vision
   for the foundation, and that this at times posed difficulty in
   working together. Several directors voiced a need for the board to
   meet face to face early in the new term to ensure these concerns
   were addressed.

   I have observed times when individual directors are interpreted as
   speaking for the board whenever they give feedback or raise an
   issue. I've reiterated that board actions occur in the context of a

   Aside from these discussions, the focus has been on the upcoming
   annual meeting. I'd like to take a moment to thank the board for
   their service to the Foundation over the past year!

27 Feb 2017 [Brett]

 Thanks for everyone's patience due to my low availability over the
 last 3 weeks. I'm catching up.

 While there have been a number of directors traveling, the focus of
 the board list was on a fairly short burst of activity around the
 budget and fundraising, as noted in the President's report and
 discussion items. We have some work to do to bring this together in
 the next month.

 Following the last meeting, I sought to clarify the understanding of
 board voting in the case of abstentions, given the current wording of
 the bylaws. It has been the consistent understanding of the board that
 abstentions are not considered "present" at the meeting and do not
 contribute to the majority requirement.

 I'd like to thank the directors that started capturing some central
 pointers to ASF policy.

 I propose that we hold the Annual Members Meeting on March 28-30,
 2017, however welcome input from any directors or officers -
 particularly President, Secretary, Treasurer and vote monitors - as to
 whether later dates in April would be more suitable. I will start
 preparations immediately this week.

18 Jan 2017 [Brett]

 The item from the December meeting regarding the Role of Brand
 Management as it relates to PMCs has continued to generate vigorous
 discussion over the last month. The agenda this month draws several
 conclusions from that discussion.

 During the meeting, a question was raised regarding the ability of a
 director, who serves as an officer, to participate in a discussion or
 vote pertaining to their role. As a result of this discussion, I’ve
 added an agenda item for the board to confirm that this in itself poses
 no conflict of interest.

 This led to a separate perceived conflict of interest being raised,
 which unfortunately became heated and singled out an individual,
 appearing to question their integrity. The concern was found to be
 without merit and withdrawn, and there is no outstanding concern over
 the individual's actions in any capacity.

 The incident highlighted the need for Directors, and officers
 participating in board discussions, to maintain a respectful attitude
 toward each other during difficult conversations.

 I have not yet proposed a date for the Annual Meeting, but will do so on
 the board mailing list in the next couple of weeks. It is to be held no
 later than 22 April, however I expect to maintain the timing we’ve used
 in March if practical.

21 Dec 2016 [Brett]

 The majority of discussion over the last month has been around the way
 in which project's enforce their brand, as covered in the President's

 In the next month, I'll start preparing for the Annual Members Meeting
 again, looking to set a date in March again.

16 Nov 2016 [Brett]

 Having been on holidays most of the month, I have nothing to report
 other than being a long way behind on email.

19 Oct 2016 [Brett]

 The board continues to discuss the possible appointments for officer
 roles, particularly in light of Ross' resignation as President as he
 conveys in the following report.

 On behalf of the board, many thanks to Ross for his service in the
 role over the last 3 years, committing significant time as a volunteer
 to the smooth operation of the Foundation.

21 Sep 2016 [Brett]

 This month saw the continued discussion of officer roles as noted in
 the August minutes. While further discussion continues around these
 roles, one clear outcome has emerged, with Ross informing the board of
 the appointment of Greg Stein as an Infrastructure Administrator.

 As a result, Greg has notified the board and membership of his intent
 to resign his post as Director, Vice Chairman and VP Subversion.

 Greg has served on the board continuously for more than 15 years,
 including several years as Chairman and later as Vice Chairman. We are
 incredibly thankful for his service to the Foundation in these roles.
 While we will miss his presence as a member of the board, we look
 forward to his new role within the Foundation. Thanks Greg!

17 Aug 2016 [Brett]

 The focus of the board over August have been the issues Ross
 highlights in the President's report, and covered in the discussion

 Other than that, several directors have been assisting a small number
 of projects working through community issues.

20 Jul 2016 [Brett]

 Nothing to report.

15 Jun 2016 [Brett]

 The main topic of discussion for the board this month has been the
 possible need for additional staffing, and what that role should look
 like.  This has considered everything from an infrastructure lead to a
 "general manager" role, and continues from the topics raised in Ross'
 report last month, as well as the Infrastructure Lead discussion item
 in February. At this point, no action has been taken.

 Thanks to everyone involved in publishing our second annual report
 earlier in the month. It looks great, and did pick up some positive

18 May 2016 [Brett]

 I'm glad to report that we received the paperwork from all 58 new
 members elected at the Annual Members Meeting in March. Welcome!

    Michael Armbrust        Paul Benedict          David Bosschaert
    Mihai Chira             Tom Chiverton          Richard Downer
    Stephan Ewen            Sharan Foga            Uma Gangumalla
    Lars George             Mark Giaconia          Steven Gill
    Adrien Grand            Konstantin Gribov      Dennis E. Hamilton
    Luke Han                Gavriel Harbater       Sterling Hughes
    Julian Hyde             Damjan Jovanovic       Flavio Junqueira
    Georg Kallidis          Mark Kessler           Paul King
    Peter Klügl             Guillaume Laforge      Julien Le Dem
    Jacques Leroux          Jesse MacFadyen        Val Mallder
    Suneel Marthi           Colin McCabe           Xiangrui Meng
    Robert Metzger          Jacques Nadeau         Pepijn Noltes
    Rohini Palaniswamy      Tom Pappas             Bob Paulin
    James Peach             Bryan Pendleton        Remko Popma
    Andriy Redko            Josh Rosen             Kay Schenk
    Christopher Schultz     Venkatesh Seetharam    Sujen Shah
    Konstantin Shvachko     Srikanth Sundarrajan   Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
    James Taylor            Jochen Theodorou       Giuseppe Totaro
    Shivaram Venkataraman   Markus Weimer          Chathuri Wimalasena
    Joe Witt                Allen Wittenauer

 We again thank Chris Mattmann for his service as Treasurer for close
 to the last 4 years, as he steps down from the role.

20 Apr 2016 [Brett]

 Welcome to the new board, elected by the members last month! I’d like
 to particularly welcome Isabel, Marvin and Mark, each serving as a
 director for the first time.

 Our gratitude goes to the outgoing directors Rich, David and Sam for
 all that they did during their term.

 Everything went well during the meeting. We elected 58 new members,
 and will announce them next month after the final paperwork has been
 received. We also passed a resolution to convert a number of inactive
 members to emeritus status, but would certainly welcome them back again
 in the future! Thanks to the STeVe project for their work on a new
 voting front-end that was used at the meeting.

 I’ve included my report from the Annual Members Meeting below.


 It has been another outstanding year for the Apache Software
 Foundation, marked by continued growth and success of our top-level
 project communities, and the steady addition of new top-level

 Since the 2015 Annual Members Meeting, we have added 15 new projects:
 Parquet, Orc, Whimsy, NiFi, Lens, Ignite, Usergrid, Serf, Yetus,
 Brooklyn, Calcite, Kylin, Groovy, REEF and Arrow; while 6 existing
 projects have retired to the Attic: Lenya, DirectMemory, Deltacloud,
 Shindig, Onami and Rave. Overall we find ourselves with 171 top-level
 projects, with 45 additional projects under incubation.

 At the last meeting, we easily met quorum after the challenges the
 prior year. This is something we will continue to monitor and address
 through encouraging proxies, and reaching out to inactive members who
 may be considering emeritus status. Nevertheless, with over 200
 members joining it is extremely encouraging to to have such a large
 number of our members participating in the governance of the

 In 2015, we elected 108 new Members, expanding our representation
 across the various project communities to a total of 603 members as of
 February 20. We also elected a new board, with Shane Curcuru returning
 to the board, and David Nalley joining for the first time. I thank all
 the directors for their service to the Foundation over the last 12

 The board has functioned well, bringing diverse opinions but making
 clear decisions. The board has balanced discussion of Foundation
 issues with a focus on projects and their reports. We’ve continued to
 improve tooling in several areas, and formed the Whimsy PMC, in
 addition to the existing Steve PMC, to build tools that help the
 Foundation run smoothly.

 We have seen continued success from our operations, as detailed in the
 President’s report, and inline with budget. We have made a transition
 to new staffing arrangements that have increased costs, which will
 need to be addressed in the budget over the next couple of years.

 For the first time, the ASF released an Annual Report, a significant
 effort that helped share specific details of the ASF’s impact with our
 sponsors and the public.

 Thank you to the President, EVP, VPs and the committees they work
 with, many of which expended significant time as volunteers, to keep
 the Foundation ticking day to day. We also thank Chris Mattmann for
 his service as Treasurer, as he prepares to transition the role to a
 new volunteer in the next board year.

 Through these Foundation-level developments, we support the
 communities that make up our top-level projects. I can report that the
 Apache Way continues to show the benefit of community-led development
 throughout our existing projects, and an attractive reason for other
 projects to join through the Incubator.

 I’m pleased that in the last year we have managed to initiate some
 changes that have a potentially significant cultural impact, while
 carefully ensuring that we retain the unique Apache DNA. We have had
 additional projects take advantage of proposing TLPs directly to the
 board where incubation was not deemed necessary. We have also expanded
 support for GitHub use by ASF projects, and began experiments through
 the Whimsy project to assess some of the technical (and later
 cultural) impact.

 One of the Foundation’s strengths is that by building communities, we
 not only build software but also build relationships that extend
 beyond that development. Therefore, we acutely feel the loss of valued
 members of the community. It is with great sadness that we saw the
 passing of Ian Lynch, Nóirín Plunkett, and Adrian Crum in the last
 year. Their memory, and their contributions, will carry on through our
 communities, and our thoughts remain with their families and friends.

 Thank you to the entire ASF community for making it such a wonderful
 place to contribute, and for the privilege it has been to serve as

16 Mar 2016 [Brett]

 The focus over the last month has been on preparations for the Annual
 Members Meeting. I'm pleased to report that we have a healthy number
 of nominations for new members, as well as candidates for the board.
 Thanks to those who have helped with the agenda resolutions, and the
 preparation of the new voting tool!

 I am currently working with Sally on a write up for the upcoming
 anniversary of the ASF.

 As this is the last meeting of this particular board, I'd like to
 express much gratitude to all of the directors for the time and
 service they've dedicated to the ASF over the last year.

17 Feb 2016 [Brett]

 Preparation is nearly complete for the Annual Meeting, with notices to
 go out shortly. This year, I've spent some more time writing down the
 process as I go and created a tool to generate the meeting from
 templates to make it easier for future boards.

 I've accepted an offer to join the advisor board for the China OSS
 Promotion Union (COPU), which came after attending the Apache Roadshow
 in Beijing last year. This doesn't entail any relationship with the
 ASF, however I'll certainly share anything relevant that comes from
 it, particularly if we look to participate in future events in the

20 Jan 2016 [Brett]

 A Happy New Year to everyone at the ASF.

 On the board list, we agreed on an Annual Meeting date of 22 March
 2016 (concluding 24 March). I plan to formally announce that in the
 next couple of weeks once we are within the 60 day window. There's
 some preparation to do to ensure the quorum and voting tools are all
 set, as well as the usual record preparation.

16 Dec 2015 [Brett]

 First up, apologies to those I've missed emails from recently - I've
 been running quite behind for the last few weeks.

 Aside from that, nothing specific to report from the last month.

 In January, I'll propose a date for the next Annual Members Meeting,
 so that we can aim to hold it in March again. I intend to run this
 past the board list shortly.

18 Nov 2015 [Brett]

 Last month I attended Apache Roadshow - China in Beijing and spoke
 about the Apache Way. The event was well executed, and it was helpful
 to meet a number of Apache contributors, and other individuals
 interested in understanding more about how the ASF operates. I hope
 the success of the event will provide an opportunity for it to
 continue in future years, particularly with an increasing number of
 local Apache committers that can present and collaborate. My thanks to
 the organisers, and to David, Aaron, Niclas, and other Apache
 committers that gave keynote presentations or spoke about projects at
 the event.

 Earlier this month I had a call with some large organisations seeking
 to open source a new project and looking for information about the
 various foundations. I walked them through the principles of the
 Apache Way, incubation process, and foundation structure; I'll guide
 them towards the Incubator list and proposal process if anything
 further arises.

 A relatively busy month for the board with some discussion around
 source code control policy, which is listed later in the agenda.

21 Oct 2015 [Brett]

 The main discussions during the last month have been related to the
 Incubator. After a lengthy thread, which is now closed, the conclusion
 seemed to be that there was no immediate board-level issue to be
 addressed, and concrete proposals have been appropriately raised on
 the Incubator lists.

 As Ross mentions, I'll be in Beijing tomorrow for the Apache Roadshow
 event, giving an Apache Way presentation (combined with some amount of
 the State of the Feather).

16 Sep 2015 [Brett]

 Encouragingly this month we have received the most reports that we
 have in recent months, with just a handful not submitted. This helps
 reduce the effort of shepherds and the knock on effect of extra
 reports in the next month.

19 Aug 2015 [Brett]

 I have nothing additional to report this month, other than what is
 already covered throughout the agenda.

15 Jul 2015 [Brett]

 It has been a relatively quiet month.

 We still have a few missing project reports. There has been good
 progress on resolving some outstanding action items. We also have a
 good number of resolutions to consider in this meeting.

17 Jun 2015 [Brett]

 A discussion has started over the last month about potential updates
 to the bylaws, related to quorum requirements and the requirements for
 transition to and return from emeritus membership. This may develop
 into a concrete proposal in future months.

 As others detail in their reports, we have produced an annual report,
 which is great to see! Many thanks to all involved.

20 May 2015 [Brett]

 We welcome to the ASF the 106 new members that have accepted their
 invitation after being elected at the March Annual Members Meeting:

     Shazron Abdullah              Sharad Agarwal                Tim Allison
     John D. Ament                 Kiran Ayyagari                Andreas Beeker
     Andrea Del Bene               Ignasi Barrera                Konstantin Boudnik
     Maziyar Boustani              Francis De Brabandere         Alexander Broekhuis
     Annie Bryant Burgess          Sean Busbey                   Ioannis Canellos
     Richard Eckart de Castilho    Jarek Jarcec Cecho            Jerome Charron
     Avery Ching                   Christofer Dutz               Johan Edstrom
     Josh Elser                    Peter Ent                     Robert Evans
     Freeman(Yue) Fang             Sergio Fernández              Thiago H. de Paula Figueiredo
     Peter Firmstone               Ray Gauss II                  Brian Geffon
     Violeta Georgieva Georgieva   Johannes Geppert              P. Taylor Goetz
     Issac Goldstand               Thomas Graves                 Andrew Grieve
     Hasan Hasan                   Steve Hay                     Les Hazlewood
     Lars Hofhansl                 Michael James Joyce           Giridharan Kesavan
     Shakeh Khudikyan              Aaron Kimball                 Marcel Kinard
     Kishore G                     Robert Kowalski               Nick Kwaitkowski
     Marcus Lange                  Dave Lester                   Jason Lowe
     Myrna van Lunteren            Renato Marroquin              Nathan Marz
     Milamber                      Kevin Minder                  Omprakash Muppirala
     Aaron Twining Myers           Prescott Nasser               Chris Nauroth
     Tyler Palsulich               Jitendra Nath Pandey          Milinda Pathirage
     Travis Pinney                 Pinaki Poddar                 Werner Punz
     Jun Rao                       Benedikt Ritter               Steven Rowe
     Bikas Saha                    Antonio Sanso                 Uwe Schindler
     Udo Schnurpfeil               Robert Scholte                Siddharth Seth
     Hitesh Shah                   Patricia Shanahan             Daryn Sharp
     Zhijie Shen                   Alexander Shorin              Gordon Sim
     Sami Siren                    Krzysztof Sobkowiak           Maxim Solodovnik
     Phil Sorber                   Kasper Sørensen               Amareshwari Sriramadasu
     Dominik Stadler               Carl Steinbach                Oleg Tikhonov
     Joan Touzet                   Greg Trasuk                   Keith Turner
     Leonardo Uribe                Martin Veith                  Rob Vesse
     Melissa Warnkin               Volker Weber                  Patrick Wendell
     Rupert Westenthaler           Till Westmann                 Kim Whitehall
     Reynold Xin                   Eric Yang                     Edward Yoon
     Xuefu Zhang

 This month we are trialling some new processes in the meeting to better
 keep track of reports needing attention, and action items. Thanks
 again to Sam and those that have tweaked Whimsy to help make that
 seamless, and Greg for taking on responsibility for following up stale
 action items.

 It looks like we had a hiccup with the report reminders later in the
 month, which may have contributed to a higher than usual number of
 missing reports. I will follow up to make sure the next reminder goes
 out successfully.

 I'm planning to submit a report later this week as part of the Annual
 Report that is being prepared.

 James Carman has indicated that he plans to step down as Assistant
 Secretary. On behalf of the board, I'd like to thank him for his

22 Apr 2015 [Brett]

 On March 24, we held the Annual Members Meeting. There are still a
 couple of days for the remaining applications to come in, so we'll
 hold off the formal announcement of who the new members are, but I'm
 pleased to say that we added more than 100 new members this year! Our
 gratitude goes to the Secretary & assistant for processing all of the
 applications in addition to their regular workload.

 We had no concerns reaching quorum this year, in part due to the
 easier method of requesting a proxy.  This will still remain a topic
 of some interest as the Foundation continues to grow.

 This is the first meeting of the newly elected board, and we welcome
 back Shane Curcuru, and for the first time David Nalley. I'd like to
 again thank Doug and Ross for their service to the ASF on the board
 after they stood down at the meeting.

 Below is the report that I shared with the members for the Annual


 I'd like to welcome all of our Members to our Annual Members Meeting
 for 2015. Thanks for taking some time out to participate in the
 governance of the ASF, including electing new Members, and electing
 the new Board of Directors. A special welcome again to the 40 new
 members elected during 2014.

 This year the meeting is being held slightly earlier than it has been
 in recent years. This allows the new board to be in place before the
 end of our fiscal year, and to review and approve the budget for the
 next year - a pattern I hope will be continued in the future.

 Even with a shorter period of time since the last meeting, there has
 been a lot happening within the ASF! We have added 13 new top-level
 projects: Tez, Celix, VXQuery, Storm, DeviceMap, Drill, MetaModel,
 BookKeeper, Falcon, Flink, Samza, Aurora and Zest. We retired just one
 project, with Whirr moving to the Apache Attic. Finally, we wound up
 our second oldest committee - Conference Planning - with
 responsibility moving to the President/EVP and our event and community
 partners. We now have 162 Project Management Committees, with a
 further 37 podlings in the Incubator. This means that within the next
 month we should expect to cross the milestone of having 200 projects
 under management at the ASF. Further to that, we've appointed
 replacement PMC chairs 29 times, showing that PMCs continue to rotate
 important positions, share the load and avoid volunteer burnout.

 We have grown at this steady rate while continuing to ensure that our
 projects operate under the pattern of open, collaborative and
 independent development known as "The Apache Way".

 Over the last year we have streamlined some processes to support this
 growth - adding to and expanding the tools that help manage PMC
 membership, monthly project reports, and management of the monthly
 board agenda. I expect this to continue, and thank the volunteers
 who have initiated and contributed to those efforts.

 The operations team are building a stable base for future growth. Our
 income and reserves have to date kept pace with growth, and we have
 gradually seen a transition from a day-to-day mode of operation
 towards a mode of planning and execution as we move forward each year.
 This helps ensure that these areas are able to provide the support
 that the Foundation and projects need, with a minimum number of
 distractions from producing software and building communities.
 Communication between the operations team and the board has been
 effective, and the board has adequate oversight and input into the
 work without needing to get more directly involved. Many thanks go to
 the President, EVP, and the VPs and committees that work with them for
 their significant efforts. We thank the sponsors and individual donors
 that contribute financially to the success of the ASF and its

 Our thanks also go to the Treasurer, Secretary and their assistants
 who as volunteers put significant amounts of time into those roles and
 have kept them running extremely smoothly.

 As we looked back in 2014 at the 15 years of incorporation of the ASF,
 we recognised the massive impact that the Foundation has had on both
 the open source landscape, and computing in general. Every committer,
 PMC member, and contributor to our projects should be proud of what
 we've achieved and the part they have played in it.

 While many aspects of hosting and developing an open source project
 have become easier to do independently over the years, the benefits of
 being backed by a Foundation are routinely recognised within the open
 source development community. The ASF will certainly play a valuable
 role for many, many years to come.

 Finally, I'd like to thank the directors who served in 2014-15 for
 their dedication to the ASF and their regular contributions to its
 success both inside and outside of the board's activities. Particular
 thanks go to Ross Gardler (who will continue to serve as President)
 and Doug Cutting, who have opted not to stand at the coming election.
 Their presence among the board will be missed.

 We are therefore assured of welcoming new directors to the board this
 year, and the members have once again put forward a wonderful group of
 nominees. I wish the new board all the best for the coming year!

18 Mar 2015 [Brett]

 The availability of a new tool to help projects prepare their reports
 has been very successful, with several projects making use of it and
 including a note of thanks. Hopefully this will help take care of the
 regular comments about release/committer/PMC change dates. However,
 the board will need to continue to monitor reports that seem to become
 driven by the template and don't offer insight into project or the
 health of the community based on those data points.

 Preparations are in full swing for the Annual Members Meeting next
 week, being held earlier this year as discussed in previous reports.
 Despite a slightly shorter period of time for nominations, we have
 received a solid number for both the board and for new members.

 I'd like to thank the board for all their hard work over the last 10
 months, and for enjoying a productive working relationship together.
 I wish all the same to the incoming board. It has again been a joy to
 serve you as Chairman and I thank you for the opportunity.

18 Feb 2015 [Brett]

 I've started to pull together the resources for the Annual meeting in
 late March (after the next and final meeting of the current board).
 I plan to set the record date and send out formal notices in the
 next week.

 I hope to encourage people unable to attend the meeting to submit
 non-voting proxies well in advance of the meeting, and will see what
 we can do to make that process easier. I also expect to perform the
 Omnibus resolution using the voter tool again, so that we do not need
 to pass any resolutions during the meeting itself.

21 Jan 2015 [Brett]

 Happy New Year!

 Following on from the discussion about budget timing, an early Annual
 Members Meeting has been suggested. This would require starting the
 process in the next week or two. We will also need to work through the
 questions about quorum raised at the 2014 meeting.

 Several other discussions have started among the board this month, but
 have been pushed out to committees such as Community Development and
 the Incubator.

 We have a higher than normal number of reports missing this month,
 likely due to the missing reminder emails and the holiday period.

17 Dec 2014 [Brett]

 Nothing specific to report this month.

19 Nov 2014 [Brett]

 Over the last few weeks, there has been quite a bit of activity
 celebrating the 15 year anniversary of the ASF. With such a long list
 of achievements, there is much that every contributor to the ASF can
 be proud of! We look to the future with excitement about what is still
 to come.

15 Oct 2014 [Brett]

 Last month, I asked all PMCs to review their committee records, and
 highlighted some known issues. Overall, I believe the records are in
 good shape. Thanks to the PMCs that responded quickly to the request.
 I was also encouraged that some took the opportunity to think about
 inviting new members they'd noticed were not listed.

 I updated the reporting guidelines for PMCs to include more detail
 about how the reporting process works, and to address some regular
 comments made []. I intend to send them
 with a reminder to the PMCs this month.

 Opportunistically, I was able to meet with Ross and David Nalley while
 in San Francisco last month, which is described in the President's
 report. I also attended a meeting of the TODO Group while there,
 though have nothing to report from it.

 I was contacted by a project looking to join the ASF, and directed
 them to the Incubator proposal process. I've not received any further

 As Sally reports, I've been writing an introductory blog post for the
 series she is planning - a draft is on the press list for anyone that
 wants to provide input.

17 Sep 2014 [Brett]

 There has been some discussion about the maintenance of PMC records,
 with a couple of people interested in streamlining the process to
 reduce duplication and chances for human error.

 Other than that, another quiet month with nothing else to report.

20 Aug 2014 [Brett]

 The last month has been on the quiet side, possibly owing to summer
 vacations. Nothing new to report from my end.

 While I didn't complete it in time for this meeting, I've picked up
 on working to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the board list, as
 discussed in June and July.

16 Jul 2014 [Brett]

 We have now received all membership applications resulting from the
 May Annual Members Meeting, and I'm pleased to announce the following
 new members of the Apache Software Foundation:

    Rajith Attapattu      Tom Barber            Jeremy Boynes
    Joe Brockmeier        David Brondsema       Bryan Call
    Hyunsik Choi          Adam Estrada          Jake Farrell
    Sebastien Goasguen    Jamie Goodyear        Thilina Gunarathne
    Lahiru Gunathilake    Chathura Herath       Benjamin Hindman
    Jan Iversen           Jan Willem Janssen    Markus Jelsma
    Jay Kreps             Ross Laidlaw          Brian LeRoux
    Romain Manni-Bucau    David Meikle          Kevin McGrail
    Justin Mclean         Jean-Louis Monteiro   Sebastian Nagel
    Thejas Nair           Achim Nierbeck        Brock Noland
    Andrew Purtell        Ben Reser             Gilles Sadowski
    Christian Schneider   Roman Shaposhnik      Christoper Tubbs
    Rob Weir              Andy Wenk             Aki Yoshida
    Matei Alexandru Zaharia

 Over the last month there has been some discussion about the authority
 of project VPs to enter into binding agreements with third parties on
 behalf of the ASF. While the need for this is extremely rare, we
 reiterated that this can occur as long as it is contained to the scope
 of their project, the agreement has been reviewed by the Legal Affairs
 Committee and any other relevant officers, and that prior approval has
 been given for any associated expenses. A suggestion has been made
 that this be formalised through policy.

 I've started a discussion about streamlining the monthly report
 process in a way that may reduce the amount of traffic going through
 the board's mailing list. I plan to tie that up and make any changes
 to the reporting guidelines by the end of the month, before reports
 start appearing for the August meeting.

18 Jun 2014 [Brett]

 The last month has been one of high activity, largely centred around
 the annual members meeting held on May 27. At the meeting we elected
 40 new members of the Foundation, and will be able to announce them as
 soon as the last acceptance comes in. It has been encouraging to see a
 number of the new Members introducing themselves, and I hope it is a
 practice that continues!

 We also elected a new Board of Directors, welcoming back Rich Bowen
 and Ross Gardler for another term. Thanks go to Shane Curcuru and Roy
 Fielding for their service in the last year.

 The meeting resulted in a number of discussions being kicked off,
 particularly in relation to the difficulty we had in achieving quorum.
 There was also a lower voter turnout than the last few years (probably
 being the first time it was under 50%). There have been several
 suggestions made including simpler proxies, following up inactive
 members, and changes to the bylaws. These are all still open to
 pursue over the coming months, and I suggest we think about having a
 half-yearly meeting again this November to elect new members and try
 some incremental improvements.

 Other discussions this month included clarification of the release
 policy, and policies regarding the canonical source repository
 requirements for projects. Those are ongoing, with no need for
 further board intervention at this point.

 Below is the report I shared with the Members at the annual meeting.


 The ASF recently marked its 15th year of incorporation, and I'm
 pleased to report that the Foundation remains strong and continues
 growing. Not only do ASF projects impact almost every area of
 computing, but the Apache License, our CLAs, and our pattern of open,
 collaborative development continue to influence and see adoption
 within the wider open source community.

 Over the last year, we've added 16 new top level projects and retired
 4, bringing the total to 146 active projects. In addition to that,
 there are now 34 podlings in the incubator. From those projects,
 we've seen a number of major releases in the last year, as well as the
 usual steady stream of improvements, and the addition of new
 committers and Project Management Committee members to our expanding

 We again have a healthy slate of new member nominations, and
 nominations for the Board of Directors, which are promising for the
 future of the Foundation.

 The board has functioned well and been well represented in the last
 year, with directors from a number of different backgrounds within the
 ASF. Despite often holding quite different opinions, they have
 consistently worked well together and made forward progress on the
 things that matter to the Foundation.

 We have continued to focus on delegating operational responsibilities
 to the President and associated officers and committees. We have seen
 the expansion of the Executive Assistant role, started a new
 relationship with The Linux Foundation to produce ApacheCon, and begun
 working with Virtual for accounting and other needs. We are now well
 poised to complete a long-awaited Audit, and to ensure the smooth
 operation of each aspect of the Foundation going forward.

 We have also seen a number of changes in executive roles this year,
 with a new President Ross Gardler, Executive Vice President Rich
 Bowen, Assistant Secretary James Carman, VP Infrastructure David
 Nalley and myself in my first term as Chairman. Our particular thanks
 go to Jim Jagielski, Sam Ruby and Doug Cutting for their prior service
 in these roles which ensured that the transition was seamless, as well
 as their long standing and ongoing contributions to the ASF. Our
 thanks also to Roy Fielding, who is standing down as a director at
 this meeting. I'd like to thank all of our executive officers and
 directors for their service over the last year, which they do as

 Finally, our thanks go to all of our sponsors, and to all of the
 committee members and committers that contribute their time to
 building great open source software, furthering the ASF's mission.

21 May 2014 [Brett]

 While some discussion about directed sponsorship and expanding project
 resources continued this month, the recent focus has been on immediate
 needs and the budget, as covered in the President's report.

 We have also been busy with preparations for the Annual Members
 Meeting, which will be held next week. We have a very healthy number
 of nominations for both new Members, and for the Board of Directors.

 This being the last meeting of the current board, I'd like to thank
 you all for your time, effort, and service to the Foundation, and for
 the privilege of being able to serve you as Chairman. It has been an

16 Apr 2014 [Brett]

 I sent a notice to members, advising them that the Annual Members
 Meeting will be on May 27, and calling for nominations of new members
 and nominations for the 2014-15 board. This was sent via the members
 mailing list, with a separate notice sent to those members who are not
 subscribed to it.

 At the time of writing, we don't have a 2014-15 budget to approve for
 this meeting, so I've requested an update from Ross.

 ApacheCon recently completed, and while I wasn't able to attend, it
 sounds as if the event went well and was of great benefit. Many thanks
 to those who volunteered time to make it happen, and all the members
 of our community that participated!

 Jim volunteered to set up the voting tool for the Members'

19 Mar 2014 [Brett]

 At the last board meeting, we agreed on May 27 and 29 as the dates for
 the Annual Members Meeting. I will send out the formal notice to
 members and call for nominations of new members and the board in the
 next couple of weeks, once we're inside the required 60 day period.

 ApacheCon is coming up soon. Unfortunately, I'm not able to attend
 this year, though I'm interested to hear which other directors will be
 present. Given the timing, I don't expect there's a need for the board
 to formally meet face to face.

19 Feb 2014 [Brett]

 The main topic of discussion on the board list over the last month has
 been release practices. As it progressed, it was good to see that
 ongoing operational concerns were handled separately from discussion
 about how to do more frequent releases within the bounds of current
 ASF policy. Releasing open source software to the public is one of the
 most fundamental things we do, so it is important that it is handled

 We're getting closer to the time where we need to prepare for the
 Annual Members Meeting, so I've started to canvas dates. Currently the
 first week of June seems the most feasible, but I've included a
 discussion item in the agenda to decide.

 The ASF received an invitation to participate in the "2014 Future of
 Open Source Survey", which Sally has taken forward with the PMCs.

15 Jan 2014 [Brett]

 Nothing additional to report this month.

18 Dec 2013 [Brett]

 As the Secretary reports, there are some PMCs that have not kept their
 records up to date after making PMC changes. Many of these have been
 followed through, but I intend to pick up an action to remind all PMCs
 to check their records, and to follow up any that may find

 There didn't appear to be a great demand for a mid-year members
 meeting when it was put forward in October, so I haven't pursued it
 any further. I expect we would hold the annual meeting in May again,
 and will start to canvas dates in the new year.

20 Nov 2013 [Brett]

 Over the last month, we've seen a number of threads spill over to the
 board mailing list, which were at times quite heated. These all appear
 to have been resolved, with the relevant committees able to take the
 next action where necessary. One encouragement I took from the
 threads was seeing a few new faces among our members and officers
 contributing helpfully.

 The status of the audit, which we discussed last month, remains a
 prominent topic. It appears positioned well to move forward.

 Overall, projects at the ASF are going well and the reports list no
 major issues. Information on community health in the reports is
 steadily improving.

16 Oct 2013 [Brett]

 The last month has been rather quiet at the board level, with no
 particular issues needing our attention. In contrast, there is plenty
 happening on the operations end of the Foundation, and of course
 within our projects. That is a good thing.

 We do have some long standing items on the agenda for the meeting,
 which I hope we can bring some closure to.

 I've also raised the question of whether we should hold a special
 members meeting this year as we are at about the time where that
 process would need to start.

 I will be on holidays during the first week of November.

18 Sep 2013 [Brett]

 Last month's experiment to reach out to PMCs with comments on their
 reports the day before the meeting had moderately successful results.
 Many responded or amended their reports before the meeting, or soon
 after. It seems worthwhile pursuing more tools to ensure PMC chairs
 are aware of comments as they come in.

 We seem to have a higher than usual number of PMCs missing reports
 this month, which hopefully is an anomaly.

 Marvin Humphrey has edited the PMC documentation related to adding a
 new member to the PMC, allowing the chair to optionally run the
 notice and vote period simultaneously.

 Thanks to Doug and Cloudera for organising continued access to a
 conference bridge for the board calls.

21 Aug 2013 [Brett]

 Overall it has been a quiet month. The board received some requests to
 assist with PR, which various Directors responded to.

 The Attic has taken responsibility for the transition of two projects
 that were terminated in the July meeting.

 As agreed previously, there will be no face to face meeting of the
 board like we have had at around this time for the last few years. The
 next board may revisit that option again in 2014.

 Thanks go to Sam for adding web-based tools to manage the meeting
 agenda, which a number of directors and officers have been able to
 make use of.

17 Jul 2013 [Brett]

 At the June meeting, the Board appointed a new slate of Officers for
 the coming year:

   Chairman - Brett Porter
   Vice Chairman - Greg Stein
   President - Ross Gardler
   Execute Vice President - Rich Bowen
   Treasurer - Chris Mattmann
   Asst Treasurer - Sam Ruby
   Secretary - Craig Russell
   Asst Secretary - James Carman

 Our thanks go to Jim for his tireless efforts as the President, and
 his service in the many executive officer appointments he has held in
 the years since the Foundation was established!

 Thanks also to Doug for serving as the Chairman for the last 3 years,
 who leaves big shoes to fill. I'm honoured to be able to serve as the
 current Chairman, and thank the Board for the opportunity.

 Congratulations to Ross and Rich in their new roles as President and
 EVP, and James as the new Assistant Secretary.

 The new process for notifying the Board of PMC changes seems to have
 transitioned smoothly. Thanks to Greg for communicating and
 documenting the change. One PMC addition was pushed back in the last
 month. The handling of inactive PMC members continues to come up from
 time to time, but the documentation we have seems sufficient. We
 haven't yet been asked to approve a removal under the revised process.

 Overall, the Board is operating effectively.

19 Jun 2013 [Doug]

 We held our annual members meeting last month.  36 new members
 were added to the foundation.  A new board was elected, adding
 Chris Mattmann and Shane Curcuru.  Thanks again to Rich Bowen
 and Ross Gardler for their service on the board.

 My report from the annual meeting follows.


 It's been another great year for Apache.  We've graduated about
 25 new projects from the Incubator and now up to 139 projects.
 Folks in these projects successfully collaborated to produce
 hundreds of software releases.  Hundreds of new committers have
 also been added, demonstrating the vitality and openness of our

 Things look rosy looking forward too.  We are fortunate to have
 sufficient sponsors to fund operations.  Our organizational
 structures seem to mostly still be scaling well and not in need
 of major revision.  The board has worked well together and has
 proven capable of making evolutionary changes as needed.

 Thanks to everyone who helps out here: the infrastructure team,
 officers, and every committer.  As a primarily volunteer
 organization, we accomplish amazing things.

 Thanks especially to the membership for being the heart of
 Apache.  We depend on you to ensure that we stay true to our

15 May 2013 [Doug]

 Our annual members meeting is next week.  Nominations have now
 closed.  We have a strong slate of nominees for both membership
 and next year's board.

 Today is the final meeting of the current board.  Thanks to
 those who served this past year.  You effectively guided Apache
 on its mission.  Thanks also for having me as your chair.  It's
 been an honor.

17 Apr 2013 [Doug]

 I announced this year's members meeting, which will be held on
 IRC this May 21st and 23rd at 10:30am Pacific.

20 Mar 2013 [Doug]

 We intend to hold our annual members meeting this May 21 and
 23, to elect a new board and add new members.  We're now
 entering the 60-day advance notice window and should hence
 start publicising the meeting, soliciting nominations, etc.

20 Feb 2013 [Doug]

 There was a brief board discussion of the chain of command
 within the ASF.  We agreed that our infrastructure contractors
 report to the VP of Infrastructure, who in turn reports to the
 President.  While we try to keep things informal, it's still
 best to know where everyone stands formally.  When the
 authority of our words are different depending on which hat
 hat we wear, whether officer, contractor, PMC member or ASF
 member, then we are wise to clarify.

16 Jan 2013 [Doug]

 Nothing to report.

19 Dec 2012 [Doug]

 At last month's meeting we decided not to hold a mid-year
 members meeting this year.  We didn't hold one last year
 either.  There doesn't seem to be much demand these days to add
 new members more than once a year.

 We intend to hold our next annual Members meeting this May.  My
 preference is for the week of the 20th, unless I hear objections.

21 Nov 2012 [Doug]

 Thanks to Greg for running the meeting in my place last month
 when I could not make it.

17 Oct 2012 [Doug]

 No report was submitted.

19 Sep 2012 [Doug]

 We held our annual face-to-face board meeting last month, this
 year in the Washington DC area.  We rapidly reached consensus
 in several areas that might have taken considerably longer to
 discuss over email, demonstrating the effectiveness of this
 annual tradition.

 Many thanks to Adobe for hosting the meeting.

 My summary of that meeting follows.


 We appointed the following new officers:
   Executive Vice President - Ross Gardler
   Treasurer - Chris Mattmann
   Assistant Treasurer - Sam Ruby

 Many thanks to exiting EVP Noirin Plunkett.

 We currently engage six paid contractors.  Over time this
 number will likely increase, and long-term we may need to hire
 an Executive Director.  In anticipation of this we decided to
 slightly re-organize the Foundation to better permit such a
 role.  We now place all operational components of the
 Foundation under the President, rather than having some report
 directly to the Board.

 The groups that report through the President now include:

   Travel Assistance

 In particular, these groups will now submit their monthly
 reports to the President who will compile them into a single
 report to the Board.  The President is now responsible for
 answering questions to the these groups from the Board.

15 Aug 2012 [Doug]

 The Board will hold its annual face-to-face meeting on the 28th
 of this month in the Washington DC area.  The morning will be a
 closed, executive session with the afternoon open to visitors.
 At this meeting we'll discuss changes to our executive officer
 assignments.  Folks who are interested in getting more involved
 in the Foundation's executive functions are encouraged to
 contact the Board.

 Greg has initiated the convention of listing expected travel
 expenses in a file (foundation/board/travel-data.txt).  My
 expectation is that, going forward, Foundation-funded travel
 (except that funded by the Travel Assistance Committee) should
 be first listed there so that others have a chance to review
 such expenses before they're incurred.

 The Board has tasked Hadrian Zbarcea to develop a plan for an
 audit of our finances.  With his advice, we hope to hire an
 accountant to perform either a review or a full audit before
 the end of the year.

 ConCom seems to be struggling to arrange a successful ApacheCon
 EU.  The Board is concerned that such events expose the
 Foundation to excessive financial and legal risks.  The Board
 and ConCom should establish event guidelines to limit these
 risks in the future.

25 Jul 2012 [Doug]

 Nothing to report this month.

20 Jun 2012 [Doug]

 The board's annual face-to-face meeting this will be held on
 August 28th this year in Washington DC, hosted by Adobe.

 We elected a new board last month at our annual members
 meeting.  Rich Bowen and Ross Gardler were added to the board.
 Thanks again to Shane Curcuru and Daniel Kulp for their service
 on the board.

 My report from the annual meeting follows.


 It has been an outstanding year for the foundation.  Our
 communities continue to release great software.  The incubator
 has hatched a raft of new projects.  Lots more are incubating
 and will soon join the ranks of TLPs.  Our position as the
 leading community-based open source foundation has grown even
 stronger.  We must be doing something right!  We should
 congratulate ourselves for all our success.

 As we grow we require more resources.  We've slowly increased
 the size of our infrastructure.  Various other expenses have
 increased as well.  But income from sponsors has thus far kept
 pace and our path seems sustainable.

 My thanks to everyone involved here.  A special thanks to the
 directors, officers and project chairs for going the extra mile
 to keep our foundation running so well.

16 May 2012 [Doug]

 The annual members meeting will be held next week.  Nominations
 are complete for both new members and for the new board.  This is
 the last meeting of the current board.  Thanks to all of you for
 your service!

18 Apr 2012 [Doug]

 I spoke about the ASF at an Open Source Think Tank meeting.
 Several groups there are using the Apache license but have
 created their own foundations, usually some form of
 pay-to-play.  I argued that one of keys to Apache's success is
 a meritocratic, level playing field, and that a pay-to-play
 consortium works against this.

 Folks from Citrix contacted me about bringing their CloudStack
 project to the ASF.  I outlined the incubation process to them.
 They also had some questions around publicity and sponsorship
 so I introduced them to the responsible ASF officers.  The
 Incubator has since accepted their proposal for incubation.

 I announced the May 22 members meeting to the membership and
 sent out the calls for board and member nominations.

21 Mar 2012 [Doug]

 The board recently accepted the resignation of director Larry
 Rosen.  In resigning Larry cited differences in the appropriate
 strategy and tactics for the foundation with the majority of
 the board.  We thank Larry for his service to the foundation
 serving on the board and wish him well.

15 Feb 2012 [Doug]

 I remind folks that our annual members meeting will be held on
 IRC Tuesday 22 May from 10-noon Pacific, and resume on Thursday
 24 May from 10-noon Pacific.  Please start thinking about board
 and member nominations now.

24 Jan 2012 [Doug]

 No report was submitted.

21 Dec 2011 [Doug]

 There were a few protracted discussions on ASF internal mailing
 lists this month involving foundation members.  Not all dialog
 was constructive.  In general, I encourage everyone in the
 foundation to think before posting both whether they are making
 (1) a positive contribution to the conversation; and (2) good
 use of everyone on the list's time.  I also encourage officers
 that manage lists to step in promptly when a thread goes out of

 More specifically, a question about how the foundation operates
 emerged from these discussions.  I remind folks that board
 members do not individually set foundation policy.  The board
 as a whole either directly votes to create policies or
 delegates the setting of policy in an area to an officer.  Once
 an area (legal, fundraising, branding, etc.) is delegated, then
 all decisions for that area belong to the officer, not to the
 board, unless or until the board revisits that delegation.

16 Nov 2011 [Doug]

 We had a great face-to-face board meeting in Vancouver.  Thanks
 to Microsoft and Gianugo Rabellino for hosting this.

 After a full days discussion and dinner we better understand
 one another's views about the foundation.  This understanding
 improves our ability to work together on a day-to-day basis and
 is not easy to gain during our monthly conference calls and
 through our mailing list discussions.

 We agreed that we should continue to hold such annual
 face-to-face board meetings, but that it would be better to
 hold them sooner after board elections each year.  We felt that
 OSCON is a good conference to hold these near, as many board
 members already attend.  This is held in Portland, Oregon
 during July.  Thus we decided that board elections should be
 held in April to better give newly elected board members time
 to plan their travel.  We also decided not to hold a "special"
 mid-year meeting to elect members this year, as the board and
 member elections will take place soon enough in April.

26 Oct 2011 [Doug]

 The ASF has operated smoothly without major events this month.
 CouchDB and infrastructure are experimenting with git, to help
 determine out how this popular tool can reasonably be used at
 the ASF.  The Board will hold its annual face-to-face meeting
 early next month at ApacheCon in Vancouver.

21 Sep 2011 [Doug]

 I travelled to Japan to speak at IDG's "Next Generation Data
 Center" conference.  While there I gave five interviews to
 journalists.  The primary topic of interest was Apache's Hadoop
 ecosystem, but I also tried to promote the ASF more generally
 whenever reasonable.

 Other than that, a quiet month.

17 Aug 2011 [Doug]

 In the past month I've done some ASF outreach.  I gave a talk
 at Visa about open source and the ASF.  I also met with folks
 from Huawei to answer their questions about how they might get
 more involved in ASF projects.

 I have scheduled a face-to-face board meeting for 7 November in
 Vancouver, BC.

20 Jul 2011 [Doug]

 We conducted our annual members meeting last week, electing a
 new board and 21 new members.  The omnibus resolution easily
 passed, approving the board's actions over the past year.

 For the record, here is my annual report to the members:

   The ASF is the leading community-based software foundation.  We
   provide legal, social and technical structure to nearly a hundred
   project communities.  Our unifying theme is not any particular kind
   of software, but rather our way of collaborating.

   The past year has had its landmark events: in September we counted
   our millionth commit; in December we left the JCP; in February our
   software helped play Jeopardy; and in June we accepted into the incubator.

   We've taken positive steps in clarifying the Apache way.
   Thanks to Shane and others, our trademark policy is now better
   documented, understood and practiced.  This has not been
   uncontroversial or painless, but as our projects become
   sucessful we must defend their identity.

   But let's not permit these highlights to blind us to our
   substantial everyday accomplishments: the myriad bugs fixed,
   features developed, releases cut, and committers added.  Today
   we have ten more top-level projects and 21 more incubating than
   we did a year ago.  We are a well-functioning foundation: we
   nurture communities that create great software.

 I'd like to welcome Larry and Brett to the board and thank
 Noirin and Geir for their service last year.

15 Jun 2011 [Doug]

 I have been travelling for the past month and have not been
 involved with much Apache business.

19 May 2011 [Doug]

 After months without measurable progress towards getting
 Sonatype to publicly acknowledge our Maven trademark, I gave
 the Maven PMC a deadline.  Late last month I told the PMC that,
 if Sonatype does not publicly acknowledge the mark by the time
 of this board meeting then the board will find a way to resolve
 the issue itself.

20 Apr 2011 [Doug]

 A quiet month with few significant board-level events.

16 Mar 2011 [Doug]

 Little has happened at the board level since our last meeting
 outside of the normal business of the foundation.

16 Feb 2011 [Doug]

 I met with Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse
 Foundation.  We had a wide-ranging, friendly discussion of our
 commonalities and differences.  Our trademark policies are very
 similar while our licenses and governance have some fundamental

19 Jan 2011 [Doug]

 A special members meeting to elect new members is currently in
 recess.  We had no trouble reaching quorum and have a good
 number of nominees, so I expect this to be a fruitful meeting.

 Beyond that, little of note has happened since the last board meeting.

 Question: should minutes of members's meetings be publicly published?
 AI Craig: publish minutes for the January 2011 meeting.
 Up for grabs: publish minutes for previous meetings.

15 Dec 2010 [Doug]

 The most notable action of the foundation since our last
 meeting was to leave the JCP EC.  Jim and Geir discuss this
 more below.

 We plan to hold a Members meeting January 18-20.  The primary
 purpose of the meeting will be to elect new members.

17 Nov 2010 [Doug]

 Thanks to all who helped put on another successful ApacheCon.
 I talked to a number of folks there who very much appreciated
 ApacheCon as a place for them to meet.

 The board has published several Java-related statements in the
 past month.  We restated our support for the Harmony project in
 the light of IBM's reduced involvement.  We expressed our
 pleasure at being re-elected to the Java Community Process
 (JCP) Executive Committee, but also our concern that we might
 be forced to soon leave the JCP if Oracle does not start
 honoring its agreements there.

20 Oct 2010 [Doug]

 Overall, a quiet month for the board.

 The board is considering making a public statement on the
 impact of IBM's departure from the Harmony project.  Related,
 we're contemplating the ASF's ongoing role in the JCP EC.  No
 final decision has yet been made in either regard.

22 Sep 2010 [Doug]

 Thanks again to Sally for helping to arrange our annual
 face-to-face meeting earlier this month!  This tradition pays
 throughout the year.  With the opportunity to better know other
 directors, we reduce our chances of wasteful flamewars and
 increase the likelihood of teamwork.  Also, dedicating a full
 day meant we could take the time required to discuss some
 difficult issues in depth.

 Last weekend, the Board's mailing list saw another airing of a
 project's desire to switch from Subversion to Git for source
 code management (SCM).  The Board declined to address this
 beyond remarking that SCM for ASF projects should continue to
 run on hosts that the ASF controls and that further details
 should be worked out directly with the infrastructure team.  In
 particular it seems that infrastructure volunteers are needed
 to resolve various issues before read/write Git can be fully

18 Aug 2010 [Jim]

 Congratulations to the following newly elected members, voted in
 during last month's ASF members meeting:

   Bill Barker            Andrzej Bialecki         Max Bowsher
   Paul Burba             Stephen Butler           Branko Cibej
   Ben Collins-Sussman    Chris Custine            Chris Douglas
   Karl Fogel             Simone Gianni            David Glasser
   Lieven Govaerts        Jonathan Gray            Christian Grobmeier
   Leif Hedstrom          Mark Hindess             Greg Hudson
   Simon Laws             Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot   Philip Martin
   Michael McCandless     Simon Nash               C. Michael Pilato
   Peter Samuelson        Stefan Seelmann          Daniel Shahaf
   Jeremy Thomerson       Hyrum Wright             Blair Zajac
   Ivan Zhakov

 The foundation is currently coordinating the appointment of the
 Exec-Officers of the ASF; nominations have been submitted and
 discussions are proceeding. We expect the appointments to be
 performed at next month's board meeting.

 Before then, we will be having a semi-formal f2f meeting in
 Boston the weekend of Sept 10th, coordinated by Sally. Thanks
 to Sally, for setting all this up (and the various polls,
 surveys, etc...).

 Finally, we are sorry to see Henri tender his resignation from
 the board. He would be truly a valuable asset to the board but
 we do hope he continues to attend board meetings when he

 Approved by general consent.

21 Jul 2010 [Jim]

 The big news regarding the foundation over the last month is, of
 course, the members meeting which was held last week (via IRC).
 Of 34 new member nominees, 31 were elected in. They are currently
 being contacted in order to offer them membership to the ASF.
 Also at the meeting, the 9 slots for directors were filled.
 We have 5 returning directors from last year (Shane, Doug, Roy,
 Jim and Greg), 3 returning directors from previous years (Bertrand,
 Sam and Henri) and one "totally" new director, Noirin. Noirin
 is also noteworthy for being our first female director.

 Welcome to the new board and the new members. And a note of great
 appreciation for our outgoing directors and officers.

 Attendance at last weeks meeting was quite high, making attendance
 quorum with quite some room to spare. The percentage of members
 who voted was also high, averaging around 50%, with the board
 election garnering 63% participation. No doubt, the creation of
 the web front end GUI to the voting tool was a significant factor
 in this. Thanks again to JoeS and infra.

 I spoke yesterday (Tuesday) at the US Library of Congress in a
 panel discussion regarding Open Source and Open Source Communities.
 The community aspect of the ASF, and how we build and maintain
 highly dispersed but also highly functional communities was a
 specific item of interest at the event.

 The foundation is healthy and active.

 Re: Executive Officer appointments. I am more that willing to remain
 on-board as Chairman. Last year, there was also some interest in
 me taking on the task of President instead of Chairman, and I'm
 more than willing to do that as well... whatever spot the board
 would like to fill.

16 Jun 2010 [Jim]

 After last month's Chairman report, and the resulting discussion
 at the board meeting, I sent an Email to the membership and
 the PMCs with the main point of:

   I encourage all members and all PMCs to really, really
   review what it means to be an ASF member and what it means
   to be an ASF project. After that, be honest with yourself
   and ask whether or not the ASF is the place for you and/or
   for the project. And for projects, that decision should be
   discussed in the open, with the entire community. They
   deserve that much.

 This resulted in quite a bit of discussion and debate, some good
 and useful, some less so (imo). After maybe a week or so of
 intense email postings, the issue has died down. One good result
 of the discussion was a blog post [1] spearheaded by Bertrand
 Delacretaz regarding some "basic, invariant" guidelines and rules
 for/of Apache projects. As far as how many members and PMCs actually
 performed the requested "naval gazing", no one knows.

 I'll be speaking at the US Library of Congress July 2010 NDIIPP
 Partners meeting next month as part of a panel discussion. My
 focus will be on the history and "lessons learned" behind the
 creation, growth and continuance of the ASF.

 I scheduled the next Annual ASF Members meeting for July 13-15;
 as with most of the previous ones, this will be held via irc.
 As a reminder, it is at the annual meetings that we elect not only
 new members but also new directors for the board. My own personal
 opinion is that this board and officers have done quite a good job
 and my thanks and appreciation goes out to them.


19 May 2010 [Jim]

 Over the last month, there have been some questions, issues and
 topics discussed on the various mailing lists that have caused me to
 reach an unacceptable level of concern and, dare I say it, even
 alarm. Some may object to the tone of what I say, but it is due to
 the continued and growing "disconnect" between some projects and the
 ASF, and the huge amount of turmoil, resources and personal energy
 that it sucks out of the foundation to respond to and handle.

 The ASF is more than just a project-hosting location. It is, or
 should be, a place where like-minded people share a vision on
 how Open Source should be done. Certainly we are not so vain
 to suggest that our way is the only way, but we do feel that it results
 in long term, sustainable projects with code with as few restrictions
 as possible and with IP governance that provides a level of assurance
 that others can use it with minimal risk.

 And yet it is surprising to me how many projects within the ASF
 either don't understand, or follow or even appreciate some of these
 core ideas. It is also upsetting that when the Chairman or any
 director makes a comment about the situation, the content of the
 comment is ignored (or seems to be).

 We don't have process or procedures for the "fun" of it, but for
 clearly defined and logical reasons. And yet that is not understood
 and a small minority chaff at it, or blow it all out of proportion.
 Logos and marks are important assets to the foundation and our
 developer and user community, and yet again, a small minority don't
 appreciate that and feel no need for even minimal protection.

 For this small (but vocal) minority, I wonder where we went wrong.
 Why join an organization to just ignore or disregard the very aspects
 of it which made it useful and prosperous? Or why join an organization
 but be totally ignorant of who they are and what they do?

 And for us, the foundation, what can we do about it... and what
 *should* we do about it, if we really want the ASF to continue
 to live long and prosper?

 In happier news, Welcome to the newest ASF members, elected
 during March's member meeting:

    Ian Boston                   Isabel Drost        Brian Dube
    Jonathan Ellis               Gurkan Erdogdu      Senaka Fernando
    Otis Gospodnetic             Niklas Gustavsson   Andreas Lehmkuehler
    Aristedes Maniatis           Kathey Marsden      Chris Mattmann
    Fred Moyer                   Marcel Offermans    Christopher Rhodes
    Bob Schellink                Vincent Siveton     Michael Stack
    Mark Struberg                Tim Williams        Donald Woods
    Selvaratnam Uthaiyashankar   Tony Wu

 Shane: I share Jim's concerns, and we need to figure out how
 to address it. We need to make it clear what is expected, as
 it is not as clear as it could be.

 Geir: I am concerned about the way this is being described:
 "us" vs "them".

 Brian: I second what Geir is saying. There clearly is a

 Doug: This is a result of growth. I agree with Shane.

 Henri: we had people leaving Commons for similar reasons:
 requiring consensus of people who aren't contributing the
 work. The expectation outside of the ASF is changing, in
 particular 72 hours is a being perceived as a signficant

 Sander: when do we require 72 hours? When does -1 block a

 Henri: in commons, we previously treated -1 as a release
 blocker. We need more education. 72 hours is a meme that
 allows everybody to participate.

 Justin: I'm concerned that this never surfaced in any board

 Jim: we need more F2F get together to share the knowledge.
 Documentation does help, but is not sufficient.

 Sam: From
 "Releases may not be vetoed" <== in bold

 Jim: we were blind-sided. We take IP and IP tracking very
 seriously. We want to avoid any kind of risks.

 Sander: my suggestion is to require PMC chairs to dial in to
 board meetings at least once.

 Brian, Philip: people who report should dial in

 Geir: adding more people would change the call (duration,

 Brian: it also adds more (perceptions) of overhead

 Doug: one call every three months is not that much

 Jim: it is all perception. It can be perceived as a chore or
 an opportunity.

 Geir: what is missing is a chair with an affinity to the

 Shane: we need to set the expectation that the chair is
 associated with the ASF

 Sander: we should ask new chairs to attend the first call

 Sam: I think that the terms used in this board report sets the
 wrong tone.

 Jim: I agree, but I also see the need to be the bad guy to
 communicate the need that we are serious

 Doug: I think a less confrontational tone would be productive

 Justin: It is Jim's sometimes you need to not be oblique,
 sometimes you need a stick

 Henri: if there is a carrot and a stick, I suggest that the
 carrot goes first

 Jim: While I share Sam's and Doug's concern, I would prefer to
 keep my report largely as it is, but will change the wording.
 [these minutes reflect the updated wording]

21 Apr 2010 [Jim]

 Of significant note for the last month is, of course, the (special)
 ASF Members Meeting, that was held via irc between the dates of April
 23 thru the 29th. The reason for the long recess was due to some
 issues with the minotaur server, which hosts, and
 is the server used for voting via the ssh voter-tool. Infrastructure
 quickly brought minotaur back up, but I decided to allow some extra
 days for people to confirm their votes, as well as give infra some
 breathing room, just in case the server started acting up again.

 We had about 120 members (out of 277) counted towards the attendance
 quorum and 156 members voting. Although, historically, this is a
 "good" showing, the large number of members who didn't attend or
 vote is somewhat concerning. The requirements of being a member are
 not the least bit onerous, and yet many members cannot even achieve
 the bare minimum.

 The main task of the meeting was to allow for the nomination and
 election of new members. Due to the fact that a few of the newly
 elected members have not yet returned their signed member application,
 I am holding off announcing any specifics regarding the outcome.

 There was spirited discussion on the lists regarding ApacheCon
 and membership (what it is, what it means, etc...). Regarding
 ApacheCon, the board's position on ApacheCon was re-iterated and
 some misconceptions regarding the board position were (hopefully)
 cleared up; Concom is now taking all the input under advisement.
 Some suggestions regarding membership included a "new member Mentor"
 possibility, as well as trying to get some agreement and alignment
 among members on "what do you look for in a new member." This
 discussion has, unfortunately, died down without any clear consensus.

 The current status of our taxes and our CSC corporate status is
 still unknown.

 The number of missing reports this month is quite concerning...

17 Mar 2010 [Jim]

 A relatively quiet month, but with a few important items to report.
 First, of course, is the coming members meeting, to be held via
 irc next week. We look to have a nice set of nominated members.
 Secondly, our Delaware Annual Report was due March 1st, but, last
 I checked, despite numerous reminders and Emails starting from
 December of last year, had not been prepared or submitted. A
 status update would be appreciated.

 I echo Justin's thanks to the committees for their efforts in
 submitting their budgets. The hope and expectation that this
 years budgeting process will be much smoother than last years
 (no doubt it will be; last years was our first successful and
 completed effort and so some "difficulties" was to be expected).

 The foundation appears to be on solid ground.

17 Feb 2010 [Jim]

 From a board and foundation point of view, things have been relatively
 quiet. It looks as though most projects are running smoothly, with
 an even flow of activity, although that activity seems kinda quiet
 itself (note the number of reports that sum up as "not that much
 going on"). I don't consider that a concern.

 Kudos to infra for the LDAP migration. I've updated my script
 that generates the projects.html and committers.html page to be
 LDAP aware and have placed it in the foundation:board/scripts repo.

 Will be sending out notice of the ASF (Special) Members meeting
 after this meeting.

 Although this could become a somewhat "charged" topic, I feel the need
 to bring up a growing concern that I've been having. No doubt, some
 will see this as just a grumpy-old-man rant about the "good old days",
 but I hope not. I've observed that even though a number of projects
 "get" the ASF way of managing and overseeing projects, their
 affiliation to or "loyalty" to the ASF itself seems quite limited.
 The closest analogy I can come up with is the difference between
 people who, after graduation from University, stay in touch with the
 school, join the Alumni association, etc and those who say "I did
 my time, I have my degree and it has their name on it, which is all
 I wanted.". As more and more ASF projects become cornerstones of IT
 and web infrastructure, and as more and more companies continue to
 leverage ASF projects, this has the potential, I think, to disrupt
 the whole community structure of the ASF. It's just something I want
 the board to maybe consider and keep in the back of their minds. Is
 this something the Incubator can help with?

 I continue to be contacted regarding speaking at events, which I have
 had to refer to other ASFers due to some limited time availability
 these last few months. (If they are online interviews, I accept.)
 Come March, I should be able to accept a lot more of these in-person

 General agreement on Jim's concern; splitting umbrella
 projects is a good first step; beyond that no action taken.

 23-25th March proposed for members meeting; Sam is unavailable
 for the 23rd (W3C AC meeting), Craig will be the acting
 Secretary for that meeting.

20 Jan 2010 [Jim]

 After the last board meeting there was quite a rigorous discussion
 thread regarding the board's modification of the submitted Axis TLP
 resolution before voting on it. It was noted as a reminder that the
 board has ultimate responsibility and authority over the content of
 resolutions, but it was also suggested that what the board "should
 have" done was table the resolution and bounce it back requesting the
 changes be made and re-submitted. It was noted that the former is
 actually an indication of a "well-running" board and that a
 dysfunctional board would have taken the former action.

 A legal issue was brought to the board's attention and was referred
 to the legal cmmt for follow-through.

 I sent a reminder to the board that our Delaware Annual Report, for
 our corporate status, is due by March 1.

 A member's meeting still needs to be scheduled.

 Big uproar on the mailing lists over the board taking initiative, but
 the general consensus of the board is that the board did what it should
 have done. Waiting wouldn't have served any purpose.

16 Dec 2009 [Jim]

 Not a lot to report. I've been watching the results of the disbanding
 of the PRC (and the subsequent creation of the separate offices) and
 have been pleased with the progress so far. I am concerned about
 the impacts of the sponsorship transition, but that is just the
 paranoid in me coming out.

 We are due for our "special" ASF members meeting, and have pinged the
 membership regarding the feasibility of it being held in mid/late
 January of 2010.

 board@ and members@ have been relatively quiet.

 At the start of the year, I'd like restart discussion regarding an
 EA, a formal audit of our books and a review of our current budgeting

18 Nov 2009 [Jim]

 The last month has been spent pretty much on board-related and
 ApacheCon (and our 10th anniversary/birthday) events. There's been
 a lot of very good discussion, both f2f as well as on-lists and
 we are making headway into some very hairy issues, as seen by the
 PRC re-org as well as our feedback to Concom. But there is more
 to be done, witness allowing the new post-PRC cmmts to work and
 flourish as well as EA issue.

 At ApacheCon (as well as the weeks heading into it), I spent some
 time providing interviews and the like, related to the ASF and
 our 10th birthday. This is winding down now.

 At ApacheCon, Greg, Sander, Justin and I met with most of our
 sponsors to get feedback as well as provide some insight into
 what has been going on. As a result, Greg will be/has requested
 a sponsors@ mailing list that we can use to streamline communications
 between ourselves and our sponsors.

 I am starting to draft our "year in review" letter.

 We will be appointing new officers this meeting. No matter how
 it shapes up, I have enjoyed my time as Chairman and feel that I
 have been quite successful in its duties and under my Chairmanship,
 the board has achieved some goals which had been on our plates for
 quite some time. I have appreciated your trust.

21 Oct 2009 [Jim]

 Over the last month, quite a few interesting items popped up. First,
 we had a committer who was "abusing" their committer perks (mostly
 use of their Email address and their association with
 the ASF) for some questionable MLM promotions. After numerous
 discussions, I considered it prudent to temporarily suspend the
 committer's privileges (this is the item noted in the Infra report).
 Discussions are ongoing and I anticipate a smooth closure, and
 reinstatement of said privileges.

 There has also been discussion on the members@ list about the
 "should directors also be allowed to be officers" thread, of a
 couple of months ago. This discussion was just rebooted but the
 debate looks healthy.

 Our board get-together is imminent, to be held at Ovid Vineyards
 on November 1st. Current consensus is that all non-PMC chairs
 are also invited and encouraged to attend. We still need a status
 update regarding transportation to and fro.

 Quite a number of resolutions are in the agenda regarding changes
 in PMC chairs. I don't recall any other meeting with so many. Quite

 I worked with CSC and the State Of Delaware after it was discovered
 that our corporate status had been suspended. I am still working on
 finding out where the communication breakdown occurred, but at least,
 in the meantime, all has been resolved.

 The board seems to be working quite well and quite smoothly, as
 does the foundation itself. That is not to say that we don't have
 some significant issues that need to be handled. Ongoing Sponsor-
 ship, calendar-and-contract-tracking, and standard office support,
 still are open issues that have yet to be worked, much less resolved.
 Again, we seem to do quite well reactively, yet still leave something
 to be desired for proactive work. We need to knuckle under and drive
 some of these things, and that's something I intend to start working
 on immediately.

 Discussion: Brian will arrange transportation.

 Jim clarified that the board meeting is open to all officers except
 for PMC chairs per board direction.

23 Sep 2009 [Jim]

 We are in the process of finalizing plans for our board "get-
 together", set for November 1st. There are 2 candidate locations for
 the event: one in Napa Valley and another closer to to the Oakland
 area. You will see that this is a discussion item for later on.

 I have renewed our D&O Insurance; we remain with the same broker and
 same coverage but the price is a little less than last year.

 Kudos to Infra for handling the security incident with speed,
 professionalism and openness.

 The board list has been mostly quiet this month, but there is a lot
 of foundation work being done at the PMC and committee level, and the
 level of activity is quite nice. This is especially true in TAC, PRC
 and even Incubator (as related to foundation-issue). Even so, the main
 concern at present still seems to be documentation of all existing
 policies, since there are still some that lack a single definitive
 "write-up" of such, resulting in the mistaken conclusion that either
 non-exists or there is no consensus. This has been obvious within PRC
 but also within Incubator as well. Again, kudos to both entities for
 closing this loop.

 Two interviews with myself were published within the last month, one
 with and another with eWeek. Also, Justin, Sally and I had
 a general talk with Microsoft (Sam Ramji and Robert Duffner) about
 several topics, including ASF sponsorship renewal, their sponsorship
 of ApacheCon and their hopes for feedback and insight regarding their
 CodePlex foundation.

 My email summary of the board meeting will now go to committers@
 instead of members@.

 At the risk of (re)opening a can-of-worms, I'd like reboot the EA
 effort. You will also see that PRC is discussing a re-organization,
 and we should discuss if there are any reorgs which we would find

 We had delayed officer appointments until this month, but I have not
 seen any requests to follow up with this; my hope is that it is because
 the current set of officers are doing well enough and not because of
 apathy. Whatever the case, I am certainly willing to remain Chairman
 and, should we decide to schedule appointments, would be willing to
 accept any nomination to remain so. In any case, we should decide
 whether we want to schedule appointments and when.

19 Aug 2009 [Jim]

 The big news since last month is that we've received all the
 accepted and signed member application from all candidates
 elected in at the last members' meeting. Therefore, we officially
 would like to welcome the following new members to the ASF:

   Cezar Andrei       David Bertoni       James Carman
   Maria Odea Ching   Brian Fox           Janne Jalkanen
   Damien Katz        Luc Maisonobe       Benson Margulies
   Kevin Menard       Simon Pepping       Asankha Perera
   Gareth Reakes      Greg Reddin         Julian Reschke
   Peter Rossbach     Carlos Sanchez      Dain Sundstrom
   Carl Trieloff      Julien Vermillard   Hadrian Zbarcea

  I renewed the foundation's D&O Insurance for another year, with
  similar terms and pricing as last years. The renewal process was
  a bit more involved, due to insurance companies being much more
  circumspect in their renewals.

  We are hoping to have a director's get-together, with the most
  likely "venue" being located on the east coast sometime early-to-mid
  October. We should discuss this and try to finalize a date and
  location. See Infra's report regarding possibly also having a
  softball game at the same time. There's been a request to have the
  get together in the Boston area.

  We're seeing quite a bit of "leakage" between the prc@ and the
  members@ mailing lists. Topics related to this leakage are mostly
  regarding trademark policy and branding. I have attempted to
  describe the policy that the ASF has been operating under for the
  last ~15years with some success. Also regarding members@, there
  was an interesting thread regarding the Incubator as well.

  I was interview by regarding a wide-range of topics,
  from the ASF 10 Year Anniversary, to the Apache License, to the
  growth of Linux. This was facilitated through PRC.

  We now have a new ASF concall account. All PMC chairs have been
  made aware of the new account info, and they have been asked to
  contact directors if they need the "host" account info.

  All in all, a relatively quiet and well running month.

15 Jul 2009 [Jim]

 The big news of the month is that we had our annual ASF members
 meeting, held via IRC, on July 7th ("thru" July 9th). Although
 official numbers aren't posted yet, we had an extremely large
 turnout, both in attendance as well as in the poll, casting votes.

 We voted in 21 new members; the names are not yet public until all
 new members have been contacted and we receive their signed member
 applications. By next months meeting, however, we'll be able to
 note their names for the record.

 We also saw a large turnover in the board as well, with 5 new
 directors joining 4 returning directors. I would like to take this
 opportunity to thank all the previous directors (Bertrand Delacretaz,
 J Aaron Farr, William Rowe Jr, Sam Ruby and Henning Schmiedehausen)
 and to welcome in the "new guys" (Shane Curcuru, Doug Cutting,
 Roy T. Fielding, Brian McCallister and Brett Porter). Because of
 the large turnover, the board has decided to postpone Executive
 Officer appointments until September. Still an open topic is the
 question regarding directors also being officers. The general
 consensus seems to be that having a formal rule in place pre-
 venting it seems overkill, but that it should be strongly
 discouraged. The overall responsibility for the decision rests
 on the board (and the individual as well).

 As per our policy, raw board ballots have been committed to SVN.

 Good, healthy discussion is continuing on members@ regarding
 topics such as additional fundraising techniques (eg:
 and others. Work is also continuing regarding our presence at OSCON.

 The old conference-call account is going away the end of this month. We
 are getting a new service, also donated by SpringSource. I will forward
 account info to directors and officers later on this week. As with the old,
 this is an ASF-specific account for foundation use.

 Without a doubt, this year will be an interesting one.

17 Jun 2009 [Jim]

 Since the last board meeting, there has been continued discussion
 and debate regarding the budget and the budget process. It would
 be a mistake to call these smooth. However, the hope and the
 goal is that we have learned from this process and that the
 next go-round with be more smooth and more reserved.

 With the upcoming members meeting (and board election), there
 has also been ongoing discussions regarding more general aspects
 of the ASF, mostly related to marketing and PR and its alignment
 (if any) with our mission. Also under discussion has been the
 sponsorship program and its influence and impact (if any) on
 our mission. I created an Email thread specifically about
 this to try to gauge what the specific issues are and what
 specific, actionable remedies may exist (if required).

 It is, btw, somewhat ironic, that 2 major action items that
 the foundation have been trying to accomplish for years
 (the budget and the sponsorship program), once they have been
 realized, have created so much conflict.

 Regarding the board elections, we will see another large
 turn-over in directors; at the very least, 3 current directors
 have chosen not to rerun.

 A reminder that the ASF members meeting is scheduled for July
 7th (and 9th) and that time remains for new member and new
 director nominations.

 With the conflict of the last several weeks, it is easy for that
 to influence the perception of the board and the effectiveness of
 the board over the last 12 months. That is, imo, a darn shame,
 because we have successfully made some major changes and major
 strides in getting the ASF on auto-pilot. Back when we were much
 smaller, it was easy for volunteers to do all the "foundation
 infrastructure" work, since there wasn't much. As we have grown
 significantly larger, that is no longer the case and getting us
 to a place where we can continue to allow and empower volunteers
 to do that, while ensuring continuity and closure of issues is
 a difficult task, which this board has been very crucial in
 handling. My personal thanks go to each and every director
 and officer.

20 May 2009 [Jim]

 On April 28th, we held a board special meeting, via concall and irc.
 The topic of this meeting was discussion regarding the draft and
 proposed 2009-2010 budget. The concall was held because it appeared
 to me that we were not making much progress at all trying to
 handle this via Email. Most line items of the budget solicited no
 negative feedback, and the only areas which seem to be a point of
 discussion are: (1) The EA position's full-time/part-time status;
 (2) The requested additional amount for focused sponsorship
 handling and (3) the connection between #2 and the external PR
 Agency contract handled by PRC.

 To further clarify the expected time-requirement for the EA position,
 I again queried various committees to obtain their "usage stats" on
 such a position, should it exist ("how much could/would you offload
 to the EA?"). Responses clearly seem to indicate that, as expected,
 a full-time EA (though with a varying cyclic load) would be required.

 The options regarding the dedicated (or focused) Sponsorship liasion
 task included officially adding this, at the required level, to
 the current contract with HALO or "outsourcing" this to another
 person/agency. If bundled with HALO, then the scope of the contract
 was also discussed, and whether the required "normal" PR/marketing
 aspects would be reduced due to budgetary reasons.

 Although there appears to be consensus that typical PR/marketing
 for the ASF is expected, required and allowed, there does not seem
 to be complete consensus on the levels, budget-wise, this should
 be held at.

 Nevertheless, I feel that we can no longer continue to operate with-
 out an approved budget. We have a fiduciary responsibility to this
 foundation and, therefore, am calling on a vote for the proposed
 budget. It would be nice for it to be unanimous, but I feel that
 instead it will be one of our very rare "split" votes.

 In addition to the budget (and related) debates, there has been
 continued discussion regarding git, as related to our infrastructure
 as well as our culture. So far, the discussion has been measured.

 The past month has been incredibly busy with board and foundation
 related activities, in support of various tasks. Additionally, I
 will be presenting a "Tux Talk" for HP, one of our Sponsors, next
 month regarding the ASF and Open Source in general.

 Finally, we are due for our annual ASF members meeting with an
 election of new members and a new board. I have proposed a date of
 June 30th for this meeting.

 Bertrand indicated that he is unavailable the week of June 30th.

 Sam questions whether the feedback indicated a full time EA
 was needed.

 Geir asked what the ramifications are for not having an
 approved budget. Jim simply responded that it reflects very
 badly on us. Legally we could proceed as we had been. There
 would be no operational ramifications.

15 Apr 2009 [Jim]

 Over the last month, we have seen quite a bit of activity,
 interest and discussion; some good, some not so good.

 On the good side, the treasurer transition appears to be
 going well, with the only remaining action item being the
 actual taxes themselves (admittedly, a major item). Also,
 other action items, such as the budget and EA search are
 progressing, although maybe not at the speed that some would
 like. Regarding the budget, there was an informal meeting at
 ApacheCon with JAaron, Sander, Sally, Justin, Bill and myself
 (also in attendance was Leo) to try to scrub some of the numbers
 in the current draft budget, mostly from a PRC, Infra and Concom
 point of view. These were committed back to the draft version.

 Regarding the EA search cmmt, a draft "task list" is, and has
 been, available in SVN for quite some time. Some updates and
 changes have been made, mostly by myself, with additional
 updates by Bill and Sam. The general consensus is that all
 directors are under close agreement, although there are differing
 "semantics" on how we are phrasing some tasks. The biggest
 discussion point was regarding the "accounting/bookkeeping"
 aspects of the position, especially since we just tagged a new
 treasurer. Sander is working on drafting a true Job Description
 based on the task list.

 As mentioned in the PRC report, there was a lot of activity
 and interest centered around the ASF's 10th Anniversary,
 primarily at ApacheCon EU but also elsewhere. This is expected
 to continue and to culminate at the ApacheCon US show in
 Oakland. In support of ApacheCon and the ASF, I did quite a number
 of f2f and online chats and interviews.

 Speaking of ApacheCon, from my own point of view, the conference
 was quite successful; it was especially interesting to see the
 huge success of the various Meetups, and to see so many of the
 sessions and informal presentations with packed rooms. I was
 also pleasantly surprised with how well the Chat and Chew
 sessions went, including my own (regarding the ASF Sponsorship

 I am currently working with HP to organize and schedule a
 "Tux Talk" session with them, regarding the ASF and Open Source.
 These sessions are online based.

 On the 'not-so-good' side (depending on one's point of view,
 this may not be an accurate adjective... some may consider it
 "healthy", others as "very bad") there was quite a heated
 thread on board@ regarding personality conflicts between some
 members of the board. In my opinion, unless such conflicts
 hinder the operation of the board, this is not a major board
 concern. After all, although it would be great if all directors
 were BFFs, the reality is that such an ideal viewpoint would be
 almost impossible to achieve in reality, and would not necessarily
 result in a "better running" or more efficient board.

 In any case, we are due for our annual members meeting and for
 the election of a new board. I anticipate scheduling this for
 June and will float some candidate dates past the membership for
 feedback. I expect, of course, it to be held via IRC and using the
 ssh-based voter tool.

 The SecAssist postion was renewed for another 3 month period. At
 last month's report, it was just noted that it was "received." It
 has, in fact, been accepted, signed and filed.

18 Mar 2009 [Jim]

 We are less than a week away from ApacheCon EU 2009, which is note-
 worthy because it kicks off our decade of the ASF media push. Sally
 is coordinating interviews and other media-related engagements to
 promote this very cool event.

 The membership application for us to "join" W3C is still, at last
 check, still "in process." It feels good for us to be better at
 handling paperwork than other organizations!

 Both the board and member mailing lists have been relatively quiet.
 The foundation and the board are ticking along.

 I have sent a contract renewal to our current secretarial assistant
 for a duration of 3 months. It is expected that we will have our
 EA on board before the contract expires, and we can let the EA
 provide feedback on whether to continue the contract as well as
 what changes may be required. At present, I have not yet seen the
 contract filed, but there were issues with the faxing to the eFax
 line; If the SA has not rec'd it after I refaxed it on 3/17/09, I
 will scan and Email.

 I will be presenting and attending ACEU09, and have a number of
 interviews and meetings already setup. Sally will be coordinating
 my schedule for these events.

18 Feb 2009 [Jim]

 This month saw a lot of discussion regarding a number of issues.
 At times the discussions were relatively heated.

 The main discussion was regarding the EA role, which the board
 created a President's cmmt last month to review, define and search
 for. Unfortunately, the majority of the discussion was during the
 time when Sander was offline, so he was unable to weigh in and
 provide his comments. Nevertheless, the discussion was helpful and
 did bootstrap the cmmt's task. I created a draft EA position
 description which Bill and others have updated.

 There was also discussion regarding the CouchDB project. There was
 some concern, based on posts from the dev@ and user@ mailing lists,
 that some aspects of the project may be deviating from ASF norms.
 Since part of the concern was based on the interaction between the
 VP and the community, and since the VP is the "eyes and ears" of the
 board, I brought this up on the board list. The CouchDB report
 refers to this and brings the matter to current closure.

 The non-availability of the Treasurer continues to be a problem and
 is a major input to the current description of what an EA should be.
 The board thanks Geir for stepping in and stepping up and helping
 close some of the major holes and open issues regarding invoicing
 and payments. It should be noted that it is the board's
 understanding that the tax filing have still not occured and that we
 are late in the filing and incuring penalties. Justin has informed
 us that we are able to file for yet another extension, which is
 currently in process.

 I have signed the Member Agreement with the W3C on behalf of the
 ASF with myself the ASF representative. Due to the legalities of
 the W3C, this agreement can only be postal mailed. We have, as of
 this date, not received confirmation.

 Work on a budget has continued. I created and updated an initial
 budget and Justin provided substantial edits to it. This budget is
 being verified with the representative cmmts (eg: PRC, ...). Also
 I have been working on the position description for the EA as
 part of the Admin Search cmmt.

 The one membership application noted in last months report as
 being "in transit" as been received and recorded by the

21 Jan 2009 [Jim]

 This year marks an important point for the ASF and for the FOSS
 community in general: In 2009 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of
 the incorporation of the ASF. Little did we realize at that point
 just how viable and valuable the ASF would be and continue to be.
 The PRC is working to ensure that this important event receives the
 notice it is due.

 During 2008 we saw continued agressive growth within the ASF, with
 new members and new PMCs and new podlings. We have kept pace with
 this growth via outsourcing some basic functions as needed, and
 keeping our infrastructure up to date and being pro-active. The
 board, and I personally, wish to thank every volunteer, committer,
 PMC member and ASF member who helped make 2008 a great year.

 Last month we held an ASF Members Meeting and we voted in 17 new
 members. All elected members have accepted the nomination and have
 provided their signed member applications (one is still in transit).
 It is my pleasure to announce the following new members of the ASF:

    Assaf Arkin        Afkham Azeez          Nathan Beyer
    Alex Boisvert      Eric Covener          Nigel Daley
    Thomas Fischer     Michael Glavassevich  Paul Hammant
    Andreas Hartmann   Oleg Kalnichevski     Xiao-Feng Li
    Karl Paul          Luciano Resende       Lawrence Rosen
    Thorsten Scherler  Bojan Smojver

 I have agreed to serve as the ASF's Advisory Committee
 Representative to the W3C. This finally creates a bridge between
 these two organizations, hopefully to the betterment of the Internet
 community at large.

 On a somewhat uncomfortable note, I am somewhat concerned about
 balls being dropped at the board and officer level. We are starting
 to see a drop, imo, in the level of responsibility towards tasks and
 roles (for example, see some of the various PMC reports which appear
 to be whipped together at the last minute). Accepting a board and/or
 officer position requires an honest assessment that one can fullfill
 those duties. Of course, we are all volunteers who do these tasks
 when we can, and things (personal, work or otherwise) pop up which
 can affect our ability to do them in a timely manner. There is (and
 should be) no shame in saying this and asking for help if needed.
 For the most part, we are all people who have a hard time doing that
 however. We need to get past that. I certainly do not claim being
 immune from this phenomena.

 We agreed to accept membership applications based on the
 postmark date

17 Dec 2008 [Jim]

 Repeating what was submitted at the Members Meeting on
 December 16th. Oh yeah... We're holding a members meeting.

 Credit cards for Sander and Paul were received and FedExed out
 to them. Both Sander and Paul reported getting them.

 An invoice for CSC was received via postal mail and it was
 FAXed to the secretary for processing. The invoice was recorded
 and approved for payment.

 Since we are in December already, this will be an "almost end-of-
 year" report for the ASF. Over the last 12 months, including last
 December, we've seen an addition of 48 new members: 32 in Dec. 2007
 and 16 in June of this year. Unfortunately, we have also tragically
 lost a valued and dear member, Dion Gillard, and a noteworthy
 Wicket member, Maurice Marrink. We miss them both.

 The ASF has also seen a large growth in the number of TLPs.
 New over the last 12 months are 12 projects: Synapse, Hadoop,
 Continuum, Archiva, CXF, Tuscany, TAC, CouchDB, Buildr, Attic,
 Qpid and Abdera, most of which graduated from the Incubator.

 At the members meeting in June, the new board was voted in.
 All previous directors were re-elected except for Henri Yandell,
 who chose not to run. Bertrand Delacretaz was elected to fill the
 open position. Thus, the board is:

    Bertrand Delacretaz   Justin Erenkrantz        J Aaron Farr
    Jim Jagielski         Geir Magnusson Jr        William Rowe Jr
    Sam Ruby              Henning Schmiedehausen   Greg Stein

 Also new this year was the separation of the Executive Vice
 President (EVP) and Secretary roles. The board appointed
 Sander Striker as EVP. Paul Querna was also appointed as Chair
 of the Infrastructure team.

 The ASF Sponsorship Program has been a great success. All previous
 Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors are renewing and we welcomed
 many new sponsors (*) as well:



      SpringSource (Covalent)  /  Progress (IONA)

      AirPlus International.  /  BlueNog*  /  Intuit*
      Matt Mullenweg  /  Tetsuya Kitahata  /  Two Sigma Investments

 We wish to officially thank all of our Sponsors.

 Continuing our pattern, we held ApacheCon Europe earlier in the
 year (April actually, in Amsterdam) and ApacheCon US later on
 (in November in New Orleans). Both shows were very successful.
 Additionally, after the US show, many members and attendees stayed
 in New Orleans to help with additional community service by rebuilding
 a fence that was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. The Travel
 Assistance Committee (TAC) also finally obtained the right mix of
 people and were able to help provide financial assistance to some
 worthy attendees.

 The ASF Infrastructure continues to grow, both as the number of
 projects and people increase, but also due to the deligent oversight
 of the Infra team itself, being proactive in obtaining additional
 resources and hardware to meet our requirements.

 Members may have noticed an increase in the public relations
 activity related to the foundation over the last 12 months as
 well. Some of this is, of course, related to the Sponsorship
 Program, as encouragement for organizations to sponsor us.
 That is not the whole story however. It is also due to the
 fact that we realize that we have a compelling story to tell
 and that people and other organization are honestly interested
 in us, our history, our philosophy and how we do what we do.
 Many thanks to HALO Worldwide for helping us define and
 implement this PR strategy.

 Finally, 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of The Apache Software
 Foundation. Little did we realize, when we created the ASF, just
 how important, crucial and respected the ASF would be a decade
 later. But maybe all of us should not be surprised at all.

19 Nov 2008 [Jim]

 Foundation-wise it was a busy month. Of course, there was the ApacheCon
 conference in NOLA which was very well received. During the event,
 we took the opportunity to connect with many of our Sponsors,
 specifically Progress/IONA, Springsource/Covalent, HP, Yahoo!
 and Microsoft. The intent was to get some feedback from them
 regarding their impressions of the Sponsorship program, what
 has worked and what could be better. HALO helped coordinate these
 meetings. Full feedback will provided as available, both to
 the board and to the PRC. In general, there were 3 main points
 from the Sponsors: (1) A desire for more direct and frequent
 communication with the ASF; (2) a better understanding of how we
 are utilizing our funds; and (3) how Sponsors and the ASF can work
 together to increase the "brand" and overall use of ASF technologies.
 More information is in the PRC report.

 There were a number of interviews held at the event as well,
 most notably with Michael Cote and with Pam Derringer. The
 former was foundation general whereas the latter was mostly
 around the httpd server project.

 We also had a meeting with Ted Guild of the W3C regarding
 better ways for the 2 organizations to "work" together. As you know,
 the actual mechanics on how to do this had been a sticking point
 for years. At the meeting, however, we came to a very easy and
 simple agreement: that the ASF would be a participant in W3C in
 a very similar manner to how we are in the JCP; we would not be
 required to pay any sort of "membership" fee. Alternatively,
 interested individuals within W3C would be encouraged to get more
 involved in the various ASF projects which interest them and
 their groups. I will be the main point of contact/liason in the
 ASF/W3C relationship for the time being.

 As with previous ApacheCons, I presented the State of the Feather
 and ASF Sponsorship talks at ACUS. The SotF talk will form the basis
 for our end-of-year release as well as content for our Sponsorship
 communications. On a personal note, due to the time constraints with
 the SotF talk is always under, the format of this talk should be
 changed. The Sponsorship talk was held during lunchtime. This is,
 to be charitable, an extremely bad time for that talk to have been

 In keeping with that topic, the (special) ASF members meeting is
 scheduled for December 16th and 18th, 2008 at 16:00 UTC. As with
 previous meetings, it will be held via IRC. The main topics expected
 for this meeting will be the election of new members.

 I was invited to present at a "Tux Talk" at HP. This is basically
 an opportunity for outside experts to speak to teams within HP
 to increase awareness and usage of Open Source, and Apache technologies
 specifically, within HP. This is still being scheduled.

 I am encouraged to see such a large number of TLP resolutions this
 month. The last 6 months had been somewhat dry in that regards. It
 is great to see the continued growth within the foundation.

 Because of our continued growth, as well as due to feedback from our
 Sponsors (as noted above) and because of possible large expenditures
 in the near future (and also, quite frankly, because it is our
 fiduciary duty), I feel that it is very important that we actually
 work towards crafting a real, honest to goodness budget. We have
 subcontractors, real expenses and financial committments. We
 have operated without a budget for too long.

 I am also happy to see that Concom did such a good job at ACUS. The
 event venue especially was a great fit for the crowd. Also, the
 sessions themselves were, from all accounts, for the most part very
 successful as well. Kudos also to the TAC.

 Finally, it's also good that we are starting a mechanism to handle
 "stale" projects, which, no doubt, will be an issue as we continue
 along. It is great when people just step up, see a need, and
 work towards it.

 Discussion: Perhaps the audit committee could help with the budget?

15 Oct 2008 [Jim]

 Just recently, there was (and is still somewhat ongoing)
 an interesting discussion on members@ concerning the use of
 git at the ASF. Leaving aside this exact issue for the
 time being, this does bring to mind a topic which has been
 on my mind for quite awhile. Specifically, what are the
 major challenges that the ASF will meet in the future.

 There is a PoV that scaling and growth is likely the biggest
 thing to affect us in the short term, but I don't agree.
 History has shown that we've been able to handle this
 and, even assuming a sudden large increase, I just don't
 see how it would result in such a cultural or infrastructural
 shift as to significantly change who or what we are.

 No, IMO, the biggest hurdle for us with be in encouraging
 and fostering innovation, and remaining relevant in the
 community. We see quite a number of projects just "ticking
 along" which, in and of itself, is not a bad sign, but when
 we also see a decrease in energy and innovation within that
 project, then obviously, we should have some concern.

 So the question is how to encourage innovation? Obviously
 this is at one level a cultural issue; it must be clear
 that this sort of innovative, "flash of genius" development
 (such as Roy described in his "Apache 3.0" keynote) is not
 only allowed but welcomed. But also, we should have the tools
 available to make this easier. In other words, if our current
 (approved) developer toolset is a limiting factor, we should
 drop them in favor of more "innovative" tools.

 Of course, this all implies that innovation and relevance is
 something that, as a foundation, we value and want to foster.
 I am sure that there are members who really couldn't care
 at all if we are "relevant", as long as we are able to create
 the kind of s/w we currently are. And this is a valid point.
 My main question is whether we are, right now, at the end of
 our evolutionary development, or if we are still allowing
 change. After all, this is really under our control.

 There has been continuing but somewhat reduced discussion
 on the the PMC-member ACK policy. It appears that there is
 no clear consensus that this needs to be changed.

 We are coming up due for a members meeting, most likely
 in December. I will query the membership regarding potential

 There will likely be a town hall meeting at ApacheCon New
 Orleans. We will coordinate this on board@.

17 Sep 2008 [Jim]

 Foundation-wise, the last month has been relatively quiet. However,
 there are some outstanding issues related to board and board-level
 activities, such as contract renewals (past due and soon-due) and
 invoicing and payments. Note that an extension for filing our tax
 return was requested and handled by Aaron and Sam.

 It also worthwhile to note that many reports from PMC indicate
 projects which are simply "ticking along" with no real active
 development, but no real issues either. Is this an issue of
 stagnation, or simply the result of software which does what it
 is supposed to do, and that's good enough?

 The board list has mostly been quiet, with just a surge of
 activity recently regarding the "ACK policy" with PMC changes.

 I gave 2 small interviews over the last month, one regarding Open
 Source in general and the other about the ASF specifically.
 I am also currently working on the State Of The Feather talk
 scheduled for ApacheCon US.

20 Aug 2008 [Jim]

 Since the last board meeting, the major foundation-wise news was the
 announcement of Microsoft as a new Platinum Sponsor (as noted in
 the PRC report). The significance of this should not be minimized:
 The ASF is seen, by Microsoft as well as others, as the pragmatic
 yet steadfast voice (and organization) in the FOSS space. Our
 committment to FOSS, our charter and our (for lack of a better term)
 "moral compass" is never in question, yet we are also considered
 as reasonable and realistic people. In addition to creating an
 organization which allows us to develop code and grow communities,
 we are also in a unique position to help other entities understand
 more about open source (and open source collaboration and methods)
 as they make their transitions towards embracing FOSS. We should be

 Our D&O Insurance was renewed but with a higher liability coverage
 this cycle as compared with last year. We are also looking at
 extending coverage for other items as well. Thanks goes to the EA
 for handling this effort.

 As noted in the Action Items section, I worked with the EA to
 get the Parallels partition (which contains our QB installation)
 up and running on his Windows machine (via WMWare). It's good to
 know, for future information, that the Parallels->VMWare partition
 converter works just fine, since I know that Aaron has expressed
 some interest in migrating to VMWare.

 There was some (healthy) discussion regarding the level of detail
 we "want" included in the board minutes. This is noted as a
 discussion item for this meeting.

 There were no other board related issues/discussions during this
 time, nor any TLP graduations. There were a handful of PMC change
 requests, which have been acked as normal.

 Justin was concerned that no officer had approved the renewal;
 Jim confirmed that he had done so. All agreed that this
 constituted adequate oversight. Jim expressed that overlap
 between assigned tasks is normal and expected, the only area
 where improvement could be made is on communication.

16 Jul 2008 [Jim]

 Sam has reported that we have received signed Membership applications
 from all newly elected members (from the June '08 meeting). The
 new members of the ASF are:

    John Casey          Ugo Cei                Bernd Fondermann
    Jarek Gawor         Rick Hillegas          Rainer Jung
    Guenter Knauf       Grzegorz Kossakowski   J. Daniel Kulp
    Martin Marinschek   Norman Maurer          Gavin McDonald
    Tony Stevenson      Emmanuel Venisse       Roland Weber
    Tom White

 I have tasked the Exec Assistant to coordinate with our
 insurance broker to ensure that all is ready for the D&O
 renewal, as well as to look into the viability (and costs)
 of insuring our increasing h/w assets.

 I have also been busy speaking with representatives of
 external organizations (both FOSS and non-FOSS) regarding
 the ASF. From all appearances, it looks like both Justin and
 I are sharing the community outreach and contact tasks; within
 previous boards, either the President (eg: Brian) or the Chairman
 (eg: Greg) was the main "representative"; within this board this
 is being somewhat evenly "shared". I would appreciate some board
 feedback on this.

 This is the first board meeting in a *long* time in which we
 did not have a scheduled vote on a new TLP or changing a
 PMC chair or changing the roster of a board committee. Interesting.

 There have been a few discussion threads on members@ and board@
 but nothing of serious note. All in all, the ASF is doing well
 and ticking along.

25 Jun 2008 [Jim]

 The big news is, of course, the annual members meeting from
 earlier this week. We added in over a dozen new members, and are
 awaiting word of acceptance from just the last one or two people.
 Once we've heard back from all new members, we can officially
 announce their names. One way or another, this will be done at
 the July board meeting.

 Also at the meeting the new board was elected. All directors from
 the 2007-2008 year, except for Henri, were up for re-election and,
 in fact, all were re-elected (the new director filling the open
 slot vacated by Henri is Bertrand Delacretaz). I find this quite
 noteworthy. Despite the obvious (as well as exaggerated) "difficulties"
 the board had in finding its groove, the membership still considered
 the board doing a well enough job to be re-elected. This "outside
 view" is a good thing to keep in mind; when too close, sometimes
 perceptions are distorted (this does not imply, of course, that
 there are not problems that need further fixing).

 It is quite likely that at this meeting we will take another
 growth step, by separating out the role of EVP to help better
 distribute workload for directors and officers. IMO, we have
 always been better served with evolutionary rather than
 revolutionary changes and enhancements, so this is a Good Thing.
 It is anticipated that this will result in better utilization
 of the EA, through no fault or inadequacy of his own.

 Without a doubt, 2008-2009 will be an interesting, yet fun and
 exciting, year for the ASF.

21 May 2008 [Jim]

 On May 5th I speak at the Centers for Disease Control and
 Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta regarding "What is Open Source"
 and "How the ASF Does Open Source". I will make the slides
 available for others to view, use, expand, etc...

 Final preparations are underway for the annual ASF members
 meeting, set for June 3rd. Yesteday I sent out a generic
 reminder but later on this week I will send out a more
 specific reminder about ensuring that member and board
 nominations are noted in their respective files and pinging
 board candidates regarding their acceptance.

 Attendance records for the 2 meetings in 2007 have been updated.

 This has been one of our quietest months, with the ASF just
 ticking along. This will also be our last board meeting with
 the current roster (no matter who are re-elected) and so I'd
 like to personally thank all the directors for their hard work
 and dedication this last year.

16 Apr 2008 [Jim]

 The last month has seen vigorous discussion and debate on the
 members and board mailing lists, regarding a variety of
 topics. It is nice to see in most of these, voices and
 opinions from other people than just the usual group.

 ApacheCon was held last week and from all reports was a
 success. The ASF itself sponsored the hackathon.

 We are due for the annual members meeting, with June 3-5
 as the leading date. Upon final confirmation, I will start
 the process of organizing the meeting.

19 Mar 2008 [Jim]

 Over the last month, the most obvious activity has been the ongoing
 discussion regarding the 3rd party licensing policy, including
 comments and debates regarding the current "draft" policy. One thing
 that all parties agree to, however, is that this needs to reach

 I am looking at candidate dates for the next ASF members meeting.
 The possible dates are:
     May 27-29
     June 3-5
     June 10-12
     June 24-26

 Preliminary checking indicates that all of these dates are
 acceptable to the current board, and so I will be pinging the
 membership regarding which are the most viable. As with
 previous meetings, this will also be held by irc with all
 elections/voting done by the voter tool. I anticipate that
 this will result in another round of "discussions" on the
 members list *grin*.

 The contract for the new secretarial assistant was signed on
 Feb. 26, 2008, with a start date of March 1, 2008.

 I did a small podcast for ebizQ with Dennis Byron concerning
 the ASF. Additionally, I was invited to speak at a seminar
 for The National Center for Public Health Informatics at the
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta on May
 5th, regarding "Open Source 101".

20 Feb 2008 [Jim]

 From a PMC and project point of view, the ASF appears
 quite healthy. There is a wide range of efforts underway,
 with PMCs varying from very quiet to very active. I do not
 consider that a Bad Thing. As long as PMCs are still able
 to provide oversight, respond to the developer and user
 community and are able to "kick-start" themselves if a
 release is required (able to get the required 3 +1s for
 a release), then non-activity (measured as time between
 releases) is not troublesome.

 From a community point of view, things don't look so
 rosy. We seem to be in yet another phase of navel gazing,
 prompted by various Emails on the board and member mailing
 lists (eg: 3rd party licensing and release guidelines).
 What is particularly "unsettling" about some of these is
 how quickly they degrade into personal attacks, or extremely
 bitter and antagonistic tirades. Debate, of course, is
 good, as long as it results in either re-validation of
 beliefs and/or guidelines, or in changes to address the
 shortcomings or problems that caused the debate to commence
 in the first place. It is, of course, quite possible that
 we have accepted as rule some aspects which are really
 more valuable guidelines than anything else, but that does
 not diminish their usefulness. If they were learned by experience,
 then there is a rationale behind them. After all, you don't
 just change a section of code that does something a specific
 way without looking over the mailing list archives and
 learning why it's coded the way it is first.

 In any case, we are in an interesting situation. We are
 always accepting into the Incubator new projects, and
 a key aspect of the Incubator process is to indoctrinate
 those projects into the various ASF processes, procedures,
 rules and guidelines. Yet we have a very vocal subset of
 members who feel that many of those very rules that are key
 to podlings graduating from the Incubator should be removed
 or redfined. Personally, I feel that the more we grow, and
 the more varied the membership, we will need to basically
 refine what our core tenets are. This is not a concern...
 my only concern is that we do so as adults and as peers.

16 Jan 2008 [Jim]

 2007 saw pretty impressive growth within the ASF, both in membership
 as well as projects and committers. Resulting from the 2 members
 meetings held last year, we increased our membership ranks by 56
 new members. 32 were from the November elections alone, and they

     Andrei Adamchik      Rahul Akolkar        Matt Benson
     Tobias Bocanegra     Nick Burch           Alan Cabrera
     Arjé Cahn            Jacopo Cappellato    Hiram Chirino
     Martijn Dashorst     Tim Ellison          Manfred Geiler
     Gary Gregory         Stefan Guggisberg    Grant Ingersoll
     Kevin Jackson        David E. Jones       David Jencks
     Dennis Lundberg      Felix Meschberger    Kevan Miller
     Guillaume Nodet      Daryl C. W. O'Shea   Owen O'Malley
     Ajith Ranabahu       Marcel Reutegger     Matthieu Riou
     Martin Sebor         Angela Schreiber     Bruce Snyder
     Thomas Vandahl       Matthias Wessendorf

 We also graduated 15 TLPs:

     Apache ActiveMQ (Incubator) - January 2007
     Apache Roller (Incubator) - February 2007
     Apache Felix (Incubator) - March 2007
     Apache OpenEJB (Incubator) - May 2007
     Apache OpenJPA (Incubator) - May 2007
     Apache Turbine (Jakarta) - May 2007
     Apache POI (Jakarta) - May 2007
     Apache Quetzalcoatl (HTTP Server) - June 2007
     Apache Wicket (Incubator) - June 2007
     Apache Commons (Jakarta) - June 2007
     Apache ODE (Incubator) - July 2007
     Apache ServiceMix (Incubator) - September 2007
     Apache HttpComponents (Jakarta) - November 2007
     Apache C++ Standard Library Project (Incubator) - November 2007
     Apache Synapse Project (WS) - December 2007

 2007 was also significant because we saw the Sponsorship program
 really kick in gear. Currently we have 2 Platinum Sponsors (Google and
 Yahoo!), 1 Gold (HP), 1 Silver (Covalent) and 3 Bronze (AirPlus
 International, Tetsuya Kitahata, and Two Sigma Investments).
 Infrastructure also did very noteworthy upgrades and improvements
 over the past year.

 As mentioned in previous minutes, the board elections (and
 subsequent officer nominations) saw the larger turnover in
 directors and officers in the history of the ASF. Even with all this,
 from an oversight point-of-view, I see no potential problems
 with us scaling to handle this growth or ensuring that 2008 is
 easily as "successful" as 2007 was.

19 Dec 2007 [Jim]

 The month since the last board meeting has been a busy one for
 the ASF. First, of course, was the success (both critical and
 financial) of the ApacheCon US 2007 show in Atlanta. Secondly,
 an ASF special members meeting was held, via irc, on December 11th
 through the 13th. The main item of business was the election
 of new members into the ASF ranks. There were 40 candidates
 nominated, 32 of which were elected in. Invitation letters to
 those elected in have been sent, and we have received acceptance
 from a large number already. Turn out on the meeting was
 acceptable, with over 85 members attending the meeting (as
 applied to quorum requirements) and with around 99 members
 casting ballots. Due to scheduling mistakes, 2 executive
 officers were not present during the 1st half of the meeting
 but attended and reported during the 2nd half.

 As expected, the meeting and election process re-kicked off
 discussion regarding what makes a good member, what are the
 responsibilities of membership, whether there should be some
 sort of automatic emeritus status mechanism in place and the pros
 and cons of the ssh-based voter tool. Whether these discussions
 will actually lead to any concrete and actionable proposals
 remains to be seen.

 A more formal Year In Review report will be presented at the
 January 2008 meeting, but in general, we have seen healthly
 activity at the PMC level with good progress within the
 Incubator and good graduation-to-TLP with the Incubator and
 Jakarta projects, with initial efforts of the WS project to
 also promote subprojects to TLP status. Even with all this,
 from an oversight point-of-view, I see no potential problems
 with us scaling to handle this growth.

 Discussion: a request was made that the chair posts meeting
 attendance information from previous members meetings.  Jim
 agreed to pursue.

14 Nov 2007 [Jim]

 Over the last month we've managed to set and announce the
 dates for the Members Meeting (Dec. 11 - 13); as with previous
 years it will be held via IRC. In general, PMCs seem to be doing
 well; I'm pretty impressed that PMCs and the chairs were able to
 coordinate their reports as quickly as they did, due to the
 issue with Marvin forgetting to send out the reminders (itself
 due to a missing library from the server
 upgrade). This is a good sign.

17 Oct 2007 [Jim]

 The ASF has seen continued energy over the last month, both
 internally, with PMC efforts and releases, as well as external,
 with another Platinum sponsor. Infrastructure also continues
 to grow and expand. The board itself is gelling into a more
 smoothly running group.

 Regarding transition, it appears that the secretarial
 transition is finally getting back on an even keel. Mis-
 communication and unverified assumptions seem to be at
 the core of the issues seen over the last few months.
 To expedite this, I met with the sec-assist directly
 to get to the root causes. Since this is no longer required,
 I will be removing myself from this issue.

 The big events for next month are the two ApacheCon events:
 ApacheCon US 2007 in Atlanta, GA and the OS Summit Asia 2007
 in Hong Kong. The membership itself was pinged regarding
 a possible IRC-held members meeting in December. A discussion
 item regarding this is scheduled for this meeting.

19 Sep 2007 [Jim]

 Not too much to report this month. The biggest item of notice
 is the board's continuing effort to get into a groove and
 the officers getting settled into their roles. Thankfully,
 this has not affected the ASF itself, which is still ticking
 along nicely. The Incubator is still seeing proposals for
 new projects and podlings are graduating periodically. The various
 projects themselves run the range of high-activity/many releases
 to low-activity/almost-hibernation.

29 Aug 2007 [Jim]

 The new board, and officers, are starting to gell and find
 their own way. This is most clearly indicated by the reduced
 direct activity regarding the JCP (and the jcp-open list), and
 allowing others to express their points of views and opinions.
 There was a slight issue during the renewal of the D&O insurance
 where, due to the officer changeover, the invoicing and payment
 was not as streamlined as it could have been, but this was
 quickly resolved and the policy was renewed on time.

 There has been, as one would have expected, much discussion within
 the foundation regarding the events of the last month regarding
 Java, the JCP and the ASF's involvement. Even so, the membership
 and the PMCs are not being distracted and activity seems very
 good and healthy.

 On a more personal note, the board, as well as the membership and,
 indeed, countless others outside of the foundation, wish Greg
 Stein a speedy recovery from the injuries received when he was
 mugged. This is on top of the broken leg he already had from
 an accident earlier in the summer. Kevin Burton has setup a
 fund to help Greg out. This fund is not affiliated with the ASF.

01 Aug 2007 [Jim]

 Tabled until next regular meeting

18 Jul 2007 [Jim]

 The board is currently making the expected adjustments required
 to get back "into the grove" and smoothly operate after the
 changeover of almost half of its directors. Also in transition
 is the full roster of executive officers themselves, something
 unique in the history of the ASF. Activities on the board@ and
 jcp-open@ list indicate that we still have some ways to go,
 but are making these transitions surprisingly well.

 A special board meeting was called for July 09, 2007 to focus
 on the current ASF/JCP issues being discussed on the board@ and
 jcp-open@ lists. A general consensus was achieved and some
 action items were created to write-up that consensus and
 share that with the membership and, eventually, the JCP itself.
 More information can be obtained from the minutes of that
 meeting. Status updates of those action items will be discussed

 In general, the ASF is handling the transition well, and continues
 to grow and prosper.

09 Jul 2007 [Jim]

 Tabled until next regular meeting

20 Jun 2007 [Greg]

 Greg reported that there was no new information to report
 since what was reported at the members meeting.

16 May 2007 [Greg]

 Greg had nothing to report.

25 Apr 2007 [Greg]

 Greg had nothing to report this month.

28 Mar 2007 [Greg]

 Greg presented at a conference in Beijing with his Apache hat
 on, and with great interest and questions from Chinese
 attendees. His presentation covered the role of Apache in the
 rise of the web, open source, and its eventual impact on the
 software industry in general. Greg is scheduled to attend
 and/or speak at several more conferences over the next few
 months, answering similar questions.

 He has nothing to report on the Foundation at this time... we
 appear to continue running on all cylinders with rapid growth
 and interest, and the various committees appear to be operating
 properly and covering their areas of responsibility.

21 Feb 2007 [Greg]

 Greg noted that he's been speaking at a few conferences lately,
 talking about the ASF (and other things). He suggested that when
 people give talks about the ASF, that they contact the PRC so the
 word can get spread.

17 Jan 2007 [Greg]

 Greg had nothing to report at this time.

20 Dec 2006 [Greg]

 Greg had nothing too much to report. He remains happy with the
 progress of the foundation.

15 Nov 2006 [Greg]

 Nothing to report for the short time since our last meeting.

25 Oct 2006 [Greg]

 Over the past month, the Foundation has seen a couple
 challenges related to the Incubator and to our position around
 patent grants in our CLAs. The Incubator has been getting a lot
 of projects, and some of them seem quite static or even nearly
 unwilling to leave. In an informal Board meeting at ApacheCon,
 the Board came up with a slight change in reporting for the
 Incubator which will hopefully focus the podlings on their
 goal. Regarding the patents, discussion continues on the legal
 minutae and interpretation of the language in our CLAs. It is a
 very difficult problem, especially in terms of getting some of
 the legal folks to contribute solid opinion in writing.

 It was further reported that a main concern is the amount
 of legal discussions being held offlist. Efforts will be
 made to strongly encourage our legal counsel to use the
 mailing lists more often.

20 Sep 2006 [Greg]

 Greg said that there was very little to report. He asked if
 anyone had questions about any issues or topics, and no
 one did.

16 Aug 2006 [Greg]

 The organization continues to move forward with its business.
 There have been no significant discussions at the Board level,
 and only a bit at the Members level. The attention of a number
 of Directors has been focused on the Geronimo project and the
 PRC, but the Vice Presidents have been handling the situations
 responsibly and appropriately.

19 Jul 2006 [Greg]

 Greg reports that he has been offline or otherwise swamped at
 work during the few weeks since the last board meeting. He has
 nothing to report.

27 Jun 2006 [Greg]

 Greg had very little to report on, other than he had
 had spoken at a conference about the ASF.

24 May 2006 [Greg]

 Greg reported that the board expressed its support for
 Ken's position regarding the changes and actions taken
 by Ken regarding the Geronimo PMC (change to RTC and
 suspension of PMC member status for many people). Greg also
 reported that it appears that there are 27 Google Summer Of
 Code projects for the ASF.

26 Apr 2006 [Greg]

 Greg reported that all has been pretty quiet. He did note
 his keynote at EclipseCon, in which we talked about the
 ASF and Open Source in general.

15 Mar 2006 [Greg]

 As with the past few months, much of the activity of the
 Directors has been advising our PMCs (such as Geronimo,
 Incubator, and others). I believe this is the right place for
 us to be. A number of PMCs have been asking for legal opinions
 and policy, which our VP of Legal Affairs has been working
 through. A discussion about security disclosure policy
 generated a long thread on the board list, but that list has
 been relatively quiet the past month. In a broader sense, the
 ASF appears healthy, and given this month's Treasurer's report,
 we're in good financial shape.

15 Feb 2006 [Greg]

 Greg reported that in general the board has been quiet,
 as have any ASF issues which may require board attention.
 It was noted that some issues, such as the mandate of
 the PRC, as well as the operation and health of the
 Geronimo and Incubator PMCs have been "pushed down" to
 the PMC and member level, since they do not, as yet,
 require direct board action.

18 Jan 2006 [Greg]

 Over the past month, the Foundation has performed its annual
 navel-gazing. This time, triggered by a multitude of donations
 arriving within the Incubator. Discussion moved from there to
 the Members list and even some bits on the PRC list. The net
 result is some further thoughts on growth, relationships with
 corporations, and new policies/procedures within the Incubator
 and the PRC. While these can take a lot of time and energy, we
 usually come out ahead. Step by step, we're continuing to move
 the Foundation in directions that will enable us to provide
 great products to our ever-increasing user community.

21 Dec 2005 [Greg]

 Greg reported that since the members meeting, there was
 no other additional information to report.

16 Nov 2005 [Greg]

 Greg reported that he had nothing to report.

26 Oct 2005 [Greg]

 Apache activities and processes appear to be operating as we
 would expect and hope. Most items are being handled by the PMCs
 and other committees as appropriate. The Board has a couple
 major outstanding items to take care of (working with the
 Geronimo PMC and the Treasurer transition).

21 Sep 2005 [Greg]

 This past month, I attended the FOSSSL conference where I was
 invited to give a keynote about the Foundation. This is about
 the third time that I've given such a talk, and I've been
 finding that there is a lot of interest in how we operate, what
 we do, where Apache, and Open Source in general, are heading,
 and what sort of role we play in the larger community. I have
 found these types of talks are very good for the Foundation in
 spreading awareness and in helping to fulfill our missions
 around outreach and education.

 There are some high-level issues around licensing, intellectual
 property, and community. Each of these are being handled at the
 appropriate level, with the right stakeholders.

17 Aug 2005 [Greg]

 Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the "size" of the
 ASF. Many aspects of size can be (and are) handled just
 fine. Things like code size, a high traffic site, lots of
 email, and hardware capacity are all managed fine. However, we
 are now seeing issues around communication and project growth.

 As communities grow, consensus can be harder to reach. As a
 consensus-driven organization, growth can severely hamper what
 we are trying to accomplish. The number of stakeholders
 increases and/or the number of people willing to "pitch in"
 serve to slow down or derail effective consensus gathering. The
 typical response is to appoint an authority who can attempt to
 gather consenus, but can decide by fiat when needed. This runs
 counter to our culture, so another solution may be needed (with
 a requisite amount of navel-gazing to reach that point).

 Project growth places a transient burden on our infrastructure
 team, but it places a continuous, non-terminating burden on the
 Board to review those projects' quarterly reports. This burden
 is already quite noticable during Board meetings, and it will
 simply continue to grow. New structure may be required to
 handle the growth, and we have talked about possibilities. As
 an experiment to increase efficiency of review during Board
 meetings, this month we will assign Directors to shepherd
 reports during the meeting. All Directors are responsible for
 all reports, but this extra focus should ensure Directors are
 truly involved, and it will ensure that all reports get
 specific, detailed attention.

28 Jul 2005 [Greg]

A report was expected, but not received

22 Jun 2005 [Greg]

 The Board held an IRC conference to talk about many issues that
 are confronting the ASF at this time. No decisions were made in
 private -- the ideas from the meeting have been incorporated
 into this agenda. A large part of the discussion, and a concern
 for the ASF, is better management of legal issues.

 During the past month, we have also been welcoming our new
 members into the ASF.

18 May 2005 [Greg]

 The Membership has been very active over the past few weeks, in
 preparation for the upcoming Members meeting. A lot of
 discussion has gone into what the Members would like to see
 from the people elected to the Board, particularly in terms of
 their views on hiring an Executive Director (and/or other staff
 positions at the ASF). This also led into a long discussion of
 an ED role, its impact on the ASF, and what Members would like
 to do about it. This involvement and discussion among the
 Members is refereshing, as the mailing list is usually quite

 A lot of discussion also occurred around licensing for the new
 Apache Harmony project, particularly with respect to the GNU
 Classpath project. The topics varied, but a lot of it came down
 to a couple questions: what do we want from Harmony [in terms
 of licensing], and how does Classpath satisfy (or not) those
 needs? The Harmony team has moved those discussions to the
 development list to refine the answers before seeking further
 input on licensing from the Board and our legal team.

27 Apr 2005 [Greg]

 Greg reported that the foundation was moving along "fine"
 with a good separation of concerns.

30 Mar 2005 [Greg]

 Greg reported that there was nothing really to report.

23 Feb 2005 [Greg]

 It has been a relatively quiet month since our last Board
 meeting. Much of the "ASF as an entity" work has focused around
 licensing discussions with the FSF, and PRC interactions with
 other organizations (e.g. Jinx). The general ASF activity level
 continues apace, with several projects applying for top-level
 status this month.

19 Jan 2005 [Greg]

 Greg reported that there was really very little to report.  Robyn
 had created the required paperwork to inform the US Patent and
 Trademark Office of the change of Lawyer of Record for the
 SPAMASSASSIN trademark application;  Greg signed this and
 the paperwork was submitted.

15 Dec 2004 [Greg]

 Greg reported that, in general, things were "quiet" regarding the
 ASF with no problems or issues.  He did note that there has been
 discussions regarding LGPL, and how it interacts and affects
 ASF projects, the Apache License and how it is interpreted within
 Java usage.

14 Nov 2004 [Greg]

 Greg stated that there was really nothing to report,
 over and beyond what was reported at the ASF Members
 Meeting.  In general, the ASF was meeting some
 challenges, and operating well.

20 Oct 2004 [Greg]

 The ASF appears to be moving along, producing code and
 resolving other issues, as we would hope and expect.

22 Sep 2004 [Greg]

 The past month seems to be characterized by continuing
 legal-related and policy issues. From determining whether we're
 okay with Playboy being a mirror, to taking positions against
 patent-encumbered standards, to handling of CLAs, author tags,
 copyright lines, patents, and the list goes on.

 I find it very disappointing just how much time is going into
 legal stuff nowadays. My personal feeling is that we are
 falling too far into the "cover our ass" territory. I believe
 that part of this is an effort to protect a limited few of our
 downstream consumers rather than the public at large; thus, I
 feel that our time tradeoffs are not being as publicly-minded
 as we could be.

 My preference would be to see us back up and reassess the
 extent and the limits of what we are attempting to accomplish
 with our legal arrangements; that we should review them with an
 eye towards maximizing efficiency for ourselves and the public;
 that we should set a looser regime and get back to coding.

18 Aug 2004 [Greg]

 The ASF has been busy over the past month with a number of
 legal issues. We're getting bigger and broader and running into
 more of these issues. Thankfully, many of them are cumulative
 and contribute towards a long-term solution rather than many
 interruptive point-by-point issues.

 We have also spent a good amount of time looking at where we
 want the ASf to go, what kinds of interactions we want to have
 with corporations, and what kind of information flow (or
 limitations) we want to have. The discussion has been very
 good, and is ongoing. An interesting point is that a good
 number of Members have been getting involved in the discussion
 about the broader goals of the ASF.

 The ASF seems to be on a good track although it appears that
 we're bulging a bit at the seams. If we get some better tools,
 then we'll probably be able to scale a bit better, but it is
 certainly interesting to deal with "too big" issues.

21 Jul 2004 [Greg]

 Greg reported that most recent activity had been in Avalon,
 Incubator, Infrastructure and JCP-related, with the biggest
 being Avalon and JCP. Avalon appears to be correcting itself
 due to a committer voluntarily resigning from PMC and
 relinquishing commit rights.  Therefore,  Avalon seems to be
 moving forward, working on next steps, and he feels that no
 board action is required at this time.  The JCP activity was
 noted to be specific to the ASFs J2EE SATCK license, and
 deferred comment to later as it was a discussion point for
 the board meeting.

 Sam noted that there was extensive discussion about the role
 of the board in proposing new projects.  Agreement by Greg
 with Dirk suggesting and taking as action item making this
 a discussion point for the next members meeting.  Jim noted
 we need to find a balance between dividing between members and

23 Jun 2004 [Greg]

 Prefacing his comments with the observation that there was nothing
 of significant interest to report, Greg reported that the agreement
 with Robin Wagner for pro-bono legal services has been concluded.
 She will be providing 10 hours per month pro-bono, and then bill at
 a rate of $150 per hour for work beyond the 10 hours.  Greg will be
 committing the final agreement to the Foundation CVS.  Also, there
 are three official contacts, currently Greg, Brian and Geir.

 Brian suggested that we ensure transparency by posting copies of
 traffic between the ASF and Robin to the legal mailing list.  There
 was general agreement, and Dirk agreed to provide help in decrypting
 all CC-ed messages to plaintext for list distribution automatically.

 Greg is going to take further discussion of this offline to work out
 the mechanics of this process with Dirk, Robin and the three official

 There were no further questions for comments for Greg.

26 May 2004 [Greg]

 Greg reported that, as the directors know, the ASF held a members
 meeting on May 18th in order to bring the members up to speed
 on any ASF related news, elect new members and elect a new board.
 The directors in attendance constitute the new board. Greg noted
 that, all in all, the meeting went well. There was some discussion
 over the actual mechanics of the meeting, and such topics as
 proxies when using the online voting tool (eg: Why even designate
 a proxy). This would be brought up and discussed on the members
 mailing list.

 Greg also reported that he was pleased to see the Avalon project
 working to address the problems and issues that it had
 suffered from in the past. He did note that it will be interesting
 to see how the formation of the ASF Excaliber PMC, if approved,
 would affect Avalon.

 Greg's final topic was concerning the generation of a marketing
 plan for the ASF, in anticipation of the formation of the Public
 Relations committee. A rough draft will be written and review and
 feedback will be requested of the board and, eventually, the

21 Apr 2004 [Greg]

 Greg reported that the ASF is "moving along" and his resources
 have been directed at our relationship with lawyer Robin
 Wagner.  Robin is still happy to formalise a pro-bono
 relationship with the ASF and increase the number of hours she
 is able to spend.  There was some discussion about the creation
 of a new list for the legal discussions.

17 Mar 2004 [Greg]

 A lot of progress has been made on the legal front. We have
 switched over to the new 2.0 license, and we've greatly
 increased our CLA coverage. There has also been a lot of
 discussion over the past month regarding copyrights, author
 tags, and licensing (and incorporating non-ASF code). With all
 of this, it might be time to sit back and take a breath.

18 Feb 2004 [Greg]

 Greg reported that he has been pleased with the current
 status of the foundation.  He noted the number of PMCs
 being started (either via the Incubator or moving up
 to TLPs), which indicates a healthy and growing

21 Jan 2004 [Greg]

 Activity has been relatively low over the past month, mostly
 due to the holidays. Things have started to pick up again.
 Looking back to our September meeting, we noted the Incubator
 had a "low energy level". Today, the Incubator is one of the
 most active projects at the ASF.

 From a legal standpoint, things have been relatively quiet.
 Organizationally, we have a couple PMCs who wish to change
 their Chairs, but otherwise things seem to be quiet.

17 Dec 2003 [Greg]

 Greg reported that the PMCs seem more active than they
 were 6-12 months ago and appear to be on track and moving
 in the right direction.  The Jakarta PMC has been especially
 busy in the last month working on increasing their oversight.

16 Nov 2003 [Greg]

 Defaulted to presentation given at the Members' meeting earlier
 that night.

22 Oct 2003 [Greg]

 Greg reported that he was quite busy of the last
 month on non-ASF related items. As such, he experienced
 some delay in getting in touch with Jason van Zyl and
 Doug MacEachern regarding the Maven and Perl projects,
 respectively.  Other than that, things had been

17 Sep 2003 [Greg]

 Things keep marching along quite well. The infrastructure team
 has lately "come into their own" and is doing a fantastic job.

 The new Geronimo podling is struggling with process questions,
 mostly based on the "httpd vs Jakarta" question, but also
 because their Incubation shepherds are not providing adequate
 guidance. This raises two questions to the Board:

   1) should we be concerned about unifying some/all aspects of
      PMCs' operations, charters, and governance?
   2) is there anything the Board can do to increase the
      productivity/operation of the Incubation process?

 There has also been some unsettling confusion around the WSRP4J
 and Pluto projects and their incubation, along with some
 questions relating to the existing Jetspeed project.

 The DB Project has finally started seeing some real traction
 which is great, given their long period of low-level activity.
 Commons is suffering some of the same issues, although a
 project (serf) has finally moved into the project. It will be
 interesting to see if the presence of code can stimulate
 Commons into some activity (which could be a learning point for
 the future).

20 Aug 2003 [Greg]

 Greg reported that the big news was the launch of the
 J2EE/Geronomi project under the Incubator.  There was
 significant interest in the project and a lot of good
 work had already been done.  Greg reported that there
 was also some good discussion regarding members' roles
 in the foundation.

16 Jul 2003 [Greg]

 Greg reported that, organizationally, things are quiet within
 the ASF.  Not to say that there is not continued healthy
 discussion within the ASF, notably on members@ and licensing@,
 but that there are no items of concern.

 Greg was reminded that the PHP group was awaiting some sort
 of "write-up" on what needs to occur for the PHP project to
 become more inline with other ASF projects.  This was mentioned
 during some offline discussions at LinuxTag.

25 Jun 2003 [Greg]

 Greg reported that we now have 110 members, and that he was
 pleased with the way the IRC members meeting went. He observed
 that as membership increases, IRC meetings are the way
 forward. Ken noted that the Avalon PMC appeared to be running
 more smoothly.

21 May 2003 [Greg]

 Greg reported that he was pleased with the state of the ASF.
 The PMCs have been taking a very active role in managing
 their respective projects, while at the same time
 fostering a healthy development environment.

16 Apr 2003 [Greg]

 Greg reported that he was quite pleased with the amount
 of activity, especially under Avalon.  The code base was
 being significantly cleaned up to avoid non-ASF code as
 well as "single person" code.

 Greg also expressed some concern that the board received no
 PMC reports.  He had hoped that PMC chairs would have remembered
 the schedule for reports.  Greg indicated that he would
 continue to send out reminders in the future.

19 Mar 2003 [Greg]

 Greg reported that, in general, the individual PMCs were continuing
 to work well, requiring no board intervention.  Greg brought the
 board up-to-date regarding the status of Peter Donald; the Avalon
 PMC is considering whether to accept Mr. Donald back into the

 Greg also reported that a growing question among some PMCs is an
 "old" one: what is a member and what exactly constitutes
 participation specifically *as* a member.

19 Feb 2003 [Greg]

 Greg reported that he mostly worked with Jakarta issues, in
 particular, Maven.

22 Jan 2003 [Greg]

 Greg reported on the refactoring of the XML Project and was mostly
 pleased with the current status of most of the ASF projects.

18 Dec 2002 [Greg]

 Greg reported that current ASF status was OK. He was pleased with
 the start of Ant and the "restart" of Avalon.  He expressed some
 concern over the status of the Incubator project.  Jim noted that
 he had sent out an email to Incubator that the general consensus of
 the PMC was that they were at a stage where they could start
 accepting new products, with Tapestry likely being the first one.

18 Nov 2002 [Greg]

 Greg noted the discussion over the ASF reorganization, and the
 possible impacts in organization, infrastructure and community.
 Greg also noted a concern over the potential of the ASF hosting
 "rogue" code and that all PMCs should be vigilent.

16 Oct 2002 [Greg]

 The Foundation is quite healthy overall, with a continuing
 interest and growth in our projects and contributors. There
 have been some challenges recently, however, in that our growth
 seems to have exceeded our current capacity for managing the
 social aspects of the communities. Some committers don't really
 understand what the ASF is all about, and even worse, some do
 not seem to understand our basic ideals of community and
 collaborative development ("the Apache Way" to use an
 oft-bandied-about term). Over the past couple months, this has
 sparked an interest in two new top-level projects (Commons and
 Incubator) as ways to improve our ability to manage projects
 and to create healthy communitys. Meanwhile, a large number of
 people have come together to look hard at our organization and
 several reorganization proposals are being formed and
 discussed. This is a great process, and has brought together a
 number of people who don't normally work together. However, it
 has also hilited some of the misunderstandings and demonstrated
 that some amount of reorg is needed for the ASF to continue on
 its mission of building and supporting development communities.

17 Jul 2002 [Roy]

 Roy noted that the Annual Meeting of the ASF Membership was held
 on May 21, 2002 via irc.  Details of the meeting can be found in
 the 'foundation' CVS tree under Meetings/20020521.

 Roy noted that he was not aware of any litigation against the

27 Feb 2002 [Roy]

 Roy has no news to report

28 Nov 2001 [Roy]

 Roy reported that he is continuing his investigation into a "virtual
 office" setup for the ASF. Regarding the Oracle Small Business
 solution, it is actually NetLedger which provides the service.
 Further investigation is being performed. Roy also reported that
 he will follow-up with the Contributor Logo email of last meeting.

18 Jul 2001 [Roy]

 Roy reported on the new CVS repository 'board'. His expectation
 is that it be used as a "scratch space" for board related items,
 that don't entail significant amounts of email. The STATUS file
 will be kept up to date, and all board members are urged to use
 the repository and STATUS file as needed.

22 Oct 2000 [Roy]

 Roy reported that he had more time available to focus on
 the ASF. First on his agenda was to update the ASF site
 to reflect reality.

24 Jul 2000 [Roy]

 There have been no legal challenges to the Foundation's actions or
 activities.  Board meetings have slowed down due to the difficulty
 of scheduling a synchronous meeting with our busy schedules, and
 due to our inability to accomplish things asynchronously on the
 board list without a hard deadline.  We need to find a solution
 that works on a reliable basis, such as a shorter bi-weekly meeting.

 I have been attempting to build a secure website and voting forum
 for use by the board, projects, and members of the Foundation, but
 have been hampered by the lack of a non-firewalled network connection
 and the need for a dedicated machine only accessible by ASF members.
 Suggestions are welcome.

 The next two months will be very busy for me due to my deadline
 for finishing the dissertation [final defense August 10, final
 signed copy by September 13].

 In discussion, Brian suggested that we use as the
 secure website and simply use group assignment to control access.
 Further discussion of this will take place on the board mail list.

28 Feb 2000 [Roy]

 Roy reported that he was preparing for the member's meeting scheduled
 for the Saturday after ApacheCon.  He was formulating the agenda
 and the new member list and ballot.  Roy also reported that hoped
 that the member's meeting would provide an opportunity to
 discuss budgeting.  Roy also reported his new role as Chief Scientist
 at eBuilt.