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28 Jul 2005

[Note: Derby is about to leave the Incubator, and enter the DB PMC]

Here is what Derby has been up to in Q2 (April-June).

Derby added Tomohito Nakayama as a new committer.
[Early Q3 note: two more committers were added and derby-dev is voting
on another.]

Plans were completed for a 10.1 incubator release and candidate jars
were made available for testing and review.  [Early Q3 note: the vote
passed for the candidate and Andrew McIntyre requested permission from to make it available as an incubator release.]

The Derby community is thriving. Today shows that the
derby-dev list is up to 225 subscribers and derby-user up to 322 (both
figures include digest subscribers).

There is heavy development activity on both the code front and the doc

Many code challenges are being worked on via the derby-dev list and the
number of Derby developers working on Jira issues has increased to 36
(the number in the derby-developers Jira group).

One doc challenge is how to make a DITA stylesheet, which is under the
CPL license, available on to improve the
format of the html documentation. A Derby mentor advised asking the
author if he would be willing to license that particular file to the ASF
under the Apache License. It turns out the DITA Toolkit team is
interested in releasing the Toolkit itself under the Apache license, and
hopefully all details will get worked out in Q3.

27 Apr 2005

- Recently, IBM posted a contribution of a JDBC network client driver.
The community voted to accept the submission, but there was some
question as to whether or not such a significant contribution is
covered by the original Derby CCLA or whether it will require a new
one.  This was resolved by IBM submitting an amendment to the original
CCLA/software grant listing the files in the new contribution.  The
amendment has been faxed to Noel and is being snailed to the ASF

[Update: On 27-April-2005, the ASF received an addendum to the Derby
CCLA and Software Grant via the Incubator PMC Chair]

- The Derby logo vote was temporarily shelved due to voting irregularities.

- Derby has satisifed all requirements necessary to graduate from
incubation except for diversity of committership. Recent discussions
on general@incubator seem to point to this being the only barrier to
graduation that needs to be overcome. Jeremy Boynes was added as a
committer earlier this year, but he remains the only non-IBM
committer. New developers are getting up to speed, however, as
evidenced by the acceptance of recent contributions by non-IBM
developers Tomohito Nakayama and Shreyas Kraushik.

- mailing list activity continues to grow steadily, both in number of
subscribers and in overall activity. Recent stats show about 1000
posts to derby-dev in the last 3 months, around 2700 total in the nine
months since inception, and about 500 posts to derby-user since