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21 Apr 2021

EventMesh is a dynamic cloud-native basic service runtime used to decouple
the application and middleware layer.

EventMesh has been incubating since 2021-02-18.

### Three most important unfinished issues to address before graduating:

 1. Make more releases in ASF policy regularly.
 2. Building community.

### Are there any issues that the IPMC or ASF Board need to be aware of?

### How has the community developed since the last report?
 Preparing for some open talks, such as EDASubbmit and ApacheCon Asia.

### How has the project developed since the last report?
 Waiting for code migration to apache, and ready for first release of 1.2.2.

### How would you assess the podling's maturity?
 Please feel free to add your own commentary.

 - [X] Initial setup
 - [ ] Working towards first release
 - [ ] Community building
 - [ ] Nearing graduation
 - [ ] Other:

### Date of last release:

### When were the last committers or PPMC members elected?


### Have your mentors been helpful and responsive?
 Yes, Our mentors are very helpful and responsive.

### Is the PPMC managing the podling's brand / trademarks?
 The VP, Brand has approved the project name.

### Signed-off-by:

 - [ ] (eventmesh) Francois Papon
 - [ ] (eventmesh) Junping Du
 - [X] (eventmesh) Jean-Baptiste Onofre
 - [X] (eventmesh) Justin Mclean
    Comments: Already working towards first release, well done!
 - [ ] (eventmesh) Von Gosling

### IPMC/Shepherd notes: