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Executive Director (ED)

28 Aug 2012

 Roy: We need to manage contractors (infra, press, apachecon); we
 might consider hiring an ED.

 Many, possibly most, foundations delegate running the foundation
 to an ED. The ED sets policy and implements the policy with minimal
 direction from the board. Apache is on the other end of the
 continuum, with the board very involved in setting policy, and
 volunteers taking responsibility for running operations.

 Jim, as President, would like to take more responsibility, such
 as: manage books to pass an audit; manage contractors; manage
 fundraising; manage contractors in different countries.

 Greg would want ED to be a member to avoid not understanding how
 Apache works. Consider growth; once we have a 6th contractor, we
 should consider an ED. Basically the foundation runs smoothly
 day-to-day, but what happens with unusual situations that come up?

 Greg suggests we cannot delegate more to Jim because he isn't paid.
 Perhaps an ED could be better at managing people as a paid employee.

 Bertrand offers that looking at what we envision the ED doing,
 it seems like a COO or Director of Operations title would be more

 Sam doesn't see the problem; we have plenty of member/volunteers
 to cover the tasks that need to be done. In future, if we run out
 of bandwidth, we can reconsider.

 If the board agrees to create an ED position in future, we would
 probably look at someone who executes the strategy set by the board
 and members, not at someone who sets the direction of the foundation,
 as an ED might be expected to do.

 Meanwhile, we will create an operations@ mail list to discuss
 non-project items needing President attention or coordination,
 and make President responsible for concom, press, infra,
 fundraising, bookkeeping, trademark, travel assistance board reports.

 This brings the President's role closer to an ED/COO role, and
 should help delegate some or all of our operations management tasks
 to a hired ED should the need arise.