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Executive VP responsibilities

17 Aug 2016

 Can we increase responsibilities of EVP role?

 Jim: seems Rich’s heart is in ApacheCon so it makes more sense to
 have someone to take more of Ross’s responsibilities and have Rich
 focus on conferences

 Ross: While Rich is focused on conferences, he has been very
 involved in other issues. Biggest concern is workload, and need
 people who can step up.

 Chris: Maybe it’s time to create a VP, Conferences role

 Ross: But we want to move away from the ApacheCon model to
 project-focused conferences

 Rich: One concern is the relationship between conferences and brands

 Marvin: Is there an issue with reporting relationships for

 Ross: There should not be confusion. The buck stops at the VP; the
 President (or EVP) is only there to unblock issues

 Jim: Foresees EVP getting more involved in sponsors and fundraising,
 hiring infra

 @Ross: Prepare a proposal for VP, Conferences

 @Jim: Prepare a proposal for EVP role