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Executive Vice President

17 Apr 2024 [Ruth Suehle]

 Sponsorships for CoC NA are still low, but improving. From
 conversations with our peers in other organizations, this seems to be
 normal this year. Others are also seeing lower renewals from corporate
 members, so we definitely should be nurturing those relationships.

 Also pleased with the progress on the new brand and looking forward to
 launching that this year!

 Have begun drafting a budget based on last year's spending for the
 president to complete.

20 Mar 2024 [Ruth Suehle]

 Good progress on the new logo project, as referenced in the M&P report. We have a couple of promising directions from the designer that maintain ties to our existing brand while moving us away from the feather imagery.

 Community Over Code NA -- Still very light on sponsors compared to past years, which seems comparable to what other events are experiencing this year. However, I'm still holding on booking anything beyond core necessities until we see more promise of financial support on that.

 Also starting to explore options for 2025 location.

21 Feb 2024 [Ruth Suehle]

 Sponsorship for Community Over Code is much lower than usual this
 year. This seems to be true of a lot of events, so I'm not concerned
 that it's just us. Currently holding off on booking evening events for
 North America until we have a clearer picture of those numbers. This
 may mean that this year is not as profitable (or potentially even not
 profitable) as it has been the last few years. Co-locating Cassandra
 Summit may help. Current numbers:

 North America
 ============== Gold 3

 ====== Gold 2 Bronze 1

17 Jan 2024 [Ruth Suehle]

 Nothing substantial to report.

20 Dec 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 Dates secured and contract signed for CoC NA. More info in VP
 Conferences report.

15 Nov 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 Per last month's board vote, we are now OSI Affiliate members:

 We submitted a response to the Open-Source Software Security: Areas of
 Long-Term Focus and Prioritization RFI
 ( As of this
 report submission, it hasn't been posted on the responses page, but
 confirmation was received. Thank you to everyone who helped with it!

 I recently visited Denver to visit potential sites for Community Over
 Code 2024 and expect to have dates and location within the next week
 or two. Have also been collaborating with the EU team on a combined
 prospectus for the two events.

18 Oct 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 I'm still sorting out final numbers from Community Over Code, but I
 expect we roughly broke exactly even. There may have been a small
 loss. Will report next month. Please see VP Conferences for further
 details on the event.

 I will be representing the ASF on a panel about open source and public
 policy interests at All Things Open this week in Raleigh, NC.

20 Sep 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 Budget is unusually tight this year for Community Over Code, mostly due to a tough year for sponsorships and tight budgets all around the industry. Hoping to come close to breaking even.

16 Aug 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 Nothing to add that isn't covered in other reports.

19 Jul 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 Though planning for Community Over Code proceeds well, we are coming
 up short on sponsors this year, and thus I'm planning spending rather
 more conservatively until/unless that changes. From talking to folks
 at other events, this is a common problem this year.

 David and I will be representing the ASF at the Open Source Congress
 next week. I will be on a keynote panel ("Impact of Policy for
 Decentralized Organizations: Challenges & Opportunities") and then
 moderating a breakout session about better inter-organizational

21 Jun 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 Planning for Community Over Code NA proceeds well.

 As mentioned last month, preparing to attend Open Source Congress with
 David on behalf of the ASF next month

17 May 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 Planning for Community Over Code in Halifax continues.

 As mentioned in the president’s report, I will be joining David at
 Open Source Congress in July.

19 Apr 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 Visited the Halifax site for Community Over Code this month and was
 incredibly impressed with the city, the venues, and everyone there.

 Overall ASF budget planning is in progress for FY24.

22 Mar 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 FY24 budget process has begun.

15 Feb 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 At last month's board meeting, the board approved a president's
 committee, led by the EVP, to discuss the concerns that have been
 raised around the Apache name and feather logo and to present the
 board with recommendations. I reached out to people who had
 volunteered previously on lists and formed a committee of folks
 interested in doing a lot of research on the matter. The committee
 recognizes that this is a topic with a lot of strong feelings as well
 as the fact that a large proportion of our membership is from outside
 the United States and may not have an understanding of the population
 potentially affected by the question.

 The board was given the committee's findings earlier this week to give
 them a chance to review it in advance of their discussion in today's
 meeting. The findings are now posted in the ASF members Confluence
 I and the other members of the committee are happy to offer further
 detail and answer questions about our research and the recommendations
 we arrived at.

18 Jan 2023 [Ruth Suehle]

 ApacheCon things covered in Conferences and Fundraising reports.

 Should the board conclude in the latter part of this agenda to support
 a committee to consider our naming concerns, I am happy to work on
 bringing together the folks who have volunteered in various
 discussions over the last week and others to create a set of
 recommended next steps (or to simply participate).

21 Dec 2022 [Ruth Suehle]

 Nothing to report this month

16 Nov 2022 [Ruth Suehle]

 No updates this month.

19 Oct 2022 [Ruth Suehle]

 ApacheCon was by most any measure a wild success. Details in VP
 Conferences report. On to planning 2023!

21 Sep 2022 [Ruth Suehle]

 ApacheCon approaches very quickly. We expect a very successful
 event--perhaps a little too successful, as we have hit (and exceeded)
 capacity in registrations.

17 Aug 2022 [Ruth Suehle]

 No significant updates. ApacheCon planning proceeds well.

20 Jul 2022 [Ruth Suehle]

 Much thanks to those who have been helping ApacheCon move along to a return to an in-person event.

 As noted in VP Conferences report, we sent a survey to the members list about future events. The results showed:

 - a strong preferences towards returning to two separate ApacheCon events in North America and Europe rather than any combination or alternating between the two
 - most people would not be interested in an event in South America or Africa; however, we should not discount the possibility of encouraging locally run events in those regions
 - almost 1/3 of respondents said the city where the event is located strongly affects the likelihood of them attending

15 Jun 2022 [Ruth Suehle]

 No significant updates outside of ApacheCon (see Conferences report).

 Apologies for missing this month's meeting!

18 May 2022 [Ruth Suehle]

 - ApacheCon CFP remains open
 - Hotel reservations link has arrived! Watch the website for that and registration soon.
 - Currently $167,500 in expected sponsorship funds

20 Apr 2022 [Ruth Suehle]

 Our current budget draft has a bit of a shortfall. We need to focus on fundraising and sponsor relationships this year.

 See 8A for budget details.

16 Mar 2022 [Ruth Suehle]

 ApacheCon--We are finishing up planning with the hotel and near
 signing the contract. Please keep an eye out for the prospectus
 and CFP!

16 Feb 2022 [Ruth]

 Highlights generally covered elsewhere.

 Before proceeding with ACNA plans, I checked in with all of last
 year's sponsors to see if they're budgeting and planning for in-person
 events, and all but one replied enthusiastically that they're ready to

 Budgets are coming together for FY23.

19 Jan 2022 [Ruth]

 Ops team meeting today discussed upcoming FY budget. There's still a
 lot of uncertainty around events, which also accounts for some
 significant chunk of the budget. We intend to plan for things to
 happen and adjust as necessary rather than coming up short.

 (Rather relevantly!) I would like the board to discuss whether it is
  comfortable with the risk of a return to in-person events. We had
  asked you to officially say no to any events until we return to an
  in-person ApacheCon in New Orleans (due to the terms of that
  contract). An in-person event in the fall is likely to be US-only, or
  at least largely US attendees. There is certainly a degree of
  financial risk in beginning to plan for such an event.

 After several discussion on various lists and private interactions
 over the last nearly two years, I have asked the Infra team to start
 including in their monthly report the status of replacing the term
 "slave." This is a new request, so I don't expect to see it until the
  February meeting.

15 Dec 2021 [Ruth]

 No additional updates.

17 Nov 2021 [Ruth]

 Nothing interesting to report this month. Waiting until January
 to decide whether it's time to plan ApacheCon in person next

 Apologies for missing meeting -- will be traveling.

20 Oct 2021 [Ruth]

 ApacheCon went pretty fantastically. (Many details in VP Conferences
 report.) Sponsors were generally pleased, and we were pleased to have
 them (again). There is clear exhaustion with virtual events, though,
 and many are eagerly hoping we'll be in person in 2022. Other
 conferences have started holding live events again, and so far it
 seems to be going pretty well. I'm optimistic, but we'll hold off a
 bit before trying to make a decision about next year's event. I do
 think there is value in hybrid, as we have had much higher attendance
 at virtual events and are able to reach a wider and more inclusive
 audience. However, hybrid is a lot more work and has a lot of
 questions to solve, so we'll be keeping an eye on how others are
 working it out and getting inspiration for how we might do ours.

15 Sep 2021 [Ruth]

 Very caught up in the end parts of shepherding our sponsors into
 ApacheCon. See VP Conferences report for more on the event and next
 month's meeting for how it went. And of course, we'll see you there!

18 Aug 2021 [Ruth]

 See VP Conferences report for details on ApacheCon Asia and more info
 about NA/Europe.

 Keynotes have been announced for the latter. Running test events this
 week and next for sponsors to get a feel for the platform.

 We have sold out of both Platinum and Gold level sponsorships. (Silver
 and Bronze are available in unlimited quantities.)

21 Jul 2021 [Ruth]

 Seconding the president on our thanks to Sally for her long service,
 as well as welcoming Joe into his new role and supporting him in the

 We've had a continuing desire for high-level sponsorships for
 ApacheCon, which is wonderful. The current count is:

 Strategic 1
 Platinum 5
 Gold 2
 Silver 1

 NA + Europe
 Strategic 1
 Platinum 4
 Gold 10
 Silver 5
 Bronze 1

 Total $132,550

16 Jun 2021 [Ruth]

 Latest ApacheCon(s) sponsor report:

 AC Asia
 Strategic (1)
 Platinum (5)
 Gold (1)

 Strategic (1)
 Platinum (4)
 Gold (7)
 Silver (2)
 Bronze (1)

19 May 2021 [Ruth]

 ApacheCon(s) planning still proceeding well, including sponsorships.
 Four companies have taken advantage of the option to sponsor both

 ApacheCon Asia
 Strategic (1)
 Platinum (5)
 Gold (1)

 ApacheCon NA+Europe
 Strategic (1)
 Platinum (4)
 Gold (5)
 Silver (1)
 Bronze (1)

 Other details in Fundraising and Conferences reports.

21 Apr 2021 [Ruth]

 ApacheCon planning continues... we have over 100k in sponsorships
 (mostly pending, but I have no expectation of them not going

17 Mar 2021 [Ruth]

 We're on track to have a semi-dual ApacheCon virtual ApacheCon event,
 with one in August for Asia time zones and one in September for North
 America/Europe time zones. Sponsors will have the option to sponsor
 only one or to create a custom sponsorship package of both at a
 discount. We already have some significant interest in each. For more
 ApacheCon details, see VP Conferences report.

17 Feb 2021 [Ruth]

 ApacheCon planning is underway. We are looking at a more coordinated
 effort between the North America/Europe event and the Asia event,
 especially in terms of sponsorship. CFP launching soon.

20 Jan 2021 [Ruth]

 [no additional updates]

16 Dec 2020 [Ruth]

 Nothing to add

18 Nov 2020 [Ruth]

 Nothing interesting to report that isn't noted in other reports.

21 Oct 2020 [Ruth]

 By all measures, the first virtual ApacheCon was a huge success. Many
 of our sponsors were arguably more involved than they are at in-person
 events! We also learned a lot, which is useful, as I anticipate next
 year's ApacheCon being virtual as well. The platform was a constantly
 moving target, as it's fairly new, and they're regularly adding new
 features. While sometimes frustrating, the up side is that we were
 able to provide sponsors with some event data that we didn't expect to
 be able to offer initially. Their feedback has been really positive,
 and I'm excited for all the first-time attendees we had as well.

 Details are in the VP Conferences report.

16 Sep 2020 [Ruth]

 Exceptionally pleased in the lead-up to ApacheCon@Home. Details in VP
 Conferences report.

 Apologies in advance for either being late to or missing this
 call--feel free to ping in Slack with any questions.

19 Aug 2020 [Ruth]

 The highlights of my month are pretty well covered in the fundraising
 and conferences reports. I'm pleased that ApacheCon@Home sponsors have
 more than covered our costs for holding the event, which means we
 should also have extra funding for future virtual events, which Rich
 refers to. In fact, the unexpected challenge was that we agreed with
 one platinum sponsor to offer the unlisted benefit of a 15-minute
 keynote (which we've done at live events in the past), and thus
 extended it to all of them. Except most of our sponsors are platinum,
 so we may run out of time slots if any more come on board!

15 Jul 2020 [Ruth]

 Main highlight: ApacheCon@Home is coming along quite swimmingly,
 especially financially, which is a huge relief compared to where we
 were a few months ago. I took over all the sponsor pursuing and
 relations for the event, and they are still rolling in and happy to
 participate, mostly at the platinum level. We have ~1,000

17 Jun 2020 [Ruth]

 It's been a long and eventful couple of months squaring away events,
 but we're about ready to launch ApacheCon@Home, which I'm excited

 We were also one of 10 organizations chosen to benefit from the FOSS
 Responders work
 (see, which was
 a welcome contribution towards the expenses we did have in canceling
 our live events.

20 May 2020 [Ruth]

 As I've spent the last month on-boarding (and subscribing to lists and
 leveling up in email filtering), I took on relationships with
 VP Conferences and VP Fundraising for roll-up. Still in the role of
 producing ApacheCon (in whatever form), I admit more of that time this
 month has been spent on conferences.

 I've also been working with David on assorted other issues, largely
 around budget and re-planning given new expectations for both income
 and expenses due to the pandemic.

15 Apr 2020 [David]


 See the current draft of the budget here
 If this were a normal year, we'd likely move forward
 with the current state of the budget. Due to the
 pandemic, I plan on one more iteration to plan on
 slightly tighter budget before I present it the Board
 for consideration.


 Infra has canceled it's F2F Event - work is almost
 don on clawing remaining expenditures back from
 Backfill the open sysadmin position is currently
 on hold as we figure out the fallout from the

 CI stats are here:

 Infra has enabled BuildKite for Apache


 ACNA is still on track for end of September, beginning of October,
 Plenty of time remains if that decision needs to be revisited in
 light of the current situation.

 Travel Assistance

 TAC is not currently entertaining travel funding but are working
 on a more sustainable application for intake and evaluation.
 Requirements are currently been scoped.

 Diversity & Inclusion

 Movement on the analysis from survey, initial results have been
 reviewed from the vendor. Expect more on this next month.

 Five Outreachy-funded interns are expected for the next term.
 This is a substantial increase from the last term.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Work continues here largely as expected, though seemingly quieter than


 This work continues at the expected pace, which is good news.

 Brand Management

 Work continues at a steady pace. Please see the private section of the
 Brand Management report

18 Mar 2020 [David]

 This month has been a busy one for the Operations side of the ASF. The
 COVID-19 pandemic has generated a lot of work for Conferences,
 Marketing & Publicity, Fundraising, Travel Assistance, and

 FY21 Budget

 A good deal of work has been done by those officers with budgets, both
 in vetting the items charged against them, as well as preparing plans
 for the coming year. The current proposed budget shows a loss of
 roughly 176k. Just to begin preparing folks and start the discussion
 you can view my budget worksheet here:

 We still have some account rejiggering to do, but I suspect we're
 close to final form. I am still missing a few smaller numbers and I've
 highlighted those cells in yellow, and that will change as we move


 Despite all of the extra work from the pandemic, and the normal good
 work; I do want to call out what I see as an incredible victory from
 the Fundraising team in a multi-year commitment from one our Platinum

 Marketing and Publicity

 Working smoothly despite the increased workload.

 Travel Assistance

 TAC was ramping up to support roadshows, but that's no longer needed.
 TAC has also realized that they keep standing up web apps for
 collection of information about applicants. With the need to support
 ever more of these, they are looking for something that demands less
 volunteer time. They're working on creating a requirements list as
 well as discussing what others who do similar work in our space are


 Survey hasn't materially moved but should have progress to report by
 next month.

 I highly recommend that all Directors read the friction logs from the
 first Outreachy session. There's very valuable insight there. Because
 of the small number and privacy concerns, members and Directors can
 read those on the D&I private list.

 The upcoming Outreachy term has three projects teed up.


 A GDPR request has been handled.

 Work remains to be done on a repeatable process and governance.


 Conferences has cancelled or postponed 3 Roadshows thus far.

 Work continues forward with ApacheCon.

19 Feb 2020 [David]

 Things are largely working as intended. One new thing to the lineup
 this past month is that we held an operations call. The call went


 Budget process is underway with most operational functions having
 submitted a proposed budget. In the process,​ we've identified some
 problems and misallocation of some expenses that may change things.
 We've additionally begun discussions around treating Conferences and
 Fundraising as their own distinct lines of business from an accounting
 perspective so that we have a more clear picture of the efficacy of
 money spent in those areas.


 Conferences currently has 5 events in process and things appear to be
 well managed.

 Most exciting though is the Event Playbook - which should help
 mitigate Single Points of Failure as well as making it easier for
 folks to participate and help.

 Travel Assistance

 TAC successfully concluded a small committer-focused travel
 sponsorship at FOSDEM. Additionally, they are working on a calendar
 for future event support as part of the FY21 budget planning process.


 Infrastructure suffered an outage to a critical service (LDAP) but
 quickly resolved it.

 Data Privacy

 Privacy seems to have reached critical mass to make progress. There
 are several requests pending that are being worked.


 Diversity has made good progress on a number of fronts. The most
 interesting bit is that our first Outreachy participant has been
 adding info into the friction log. I hope that in the coming months
 this is something that we can take time to review and learn from.
 Survey is in analysis mode and is on track for publication in coming

15 Jan 2020 [David]

 I've begun the conversation around FY21 Budget Planning. My current
 plan is to have the first draft ready by the February Board Meeting,
 and refine from there.


 Infrastructure has onboarded a part-time tech writer/editor Andrew

 Please take note of comments around the mirror system in the
 Infrastructure report.

 Travel Assistance

 Travel Assistance is ramping up for their first Committer-focused
 event travel sponsorship for FOSDEM.

 Data Privacy

 Forward progress is being made, largely focused on scaffolding at the

18 Dec 2019 [David]

 As Sam noted in his report, I've agreed to start FY21 budget planning.
 My current plan is to start this just after the new year.

 Travel Assistance

 Travel Assistance is working on funding committers to attend FOSDEM as
 part of their new-for-FY20 line item for committers.


 Infrastructure appears close to filling the open req for a tech

20 Nov 2019 [David]

 I attended ACEU and gave the SoTF.

 ACEU was well produced and attended.

 Travel Assistance

 TAC had a few last minute challenges around payment, but executed
 well. Kudos to Christopher Dutz for leading the TAC efforts in Europe.
 The TAC folks took advantage of being co-located at ACEU and spent
 some time planning for the rest of the Fiscal Year. See the Travel
 Assistance report for more details.


 Infrastructure is largely operating normally. Of note, infrastructure
 has re-enabled per-project web statistics and is evaluating a new l10n

16 Oct 2019 [David]

 I've instructed Greg to perform a review of the services that we
 offer, in particular paying attention to whether or not our offered
 services are at least on par with the market offerings, and if not,
 what the gap is and how we might close that gap.

 I've asked Tom to prepare a P&L for ACNA, and plan to do so for ACEU.

 Largely, Infrastructure is working as expected. There's
 a large one-time expense that was approved related to
 prior FY accrued but heretofore unpaid charges that
 will be realized this year.

 Travel Assistance
 Last minute flight rebooking had to be performed due
 to some airline bankruptcies.

 We're working to make sure that hotel fees are prepaid
 before the event begins. The TAC hotel is reporting that
 they haven't received payment, so some last minute
 scrambling has been performed.

 Otherwise, things are as expected and in progress for ACEU.

18 Sep 2019 [David]

 I attended ApacheCon NA and found the conference to be well produced.
 ApacheCon NA allowed me to have a number of good conversations with
 members, committers, contributors, and sponsors.

 As promised in last month's Board report, Tom and I spent time talking
 about a call list and service level expectations for Virtual at
 ApacheCon. We think we have a workable path forward with his key
 deputies identified and a plan for how to cascade down the list. More
 to come on this front, but I am substantially less worried now about
 Tom as a SPoF for our connection to Virtual.

 I've also asked Tom to look into travel insurance to cover employees
 and officers who are traveling on behalf of the Foundation. The
 current situation is that we are covering the employees provided to us
 via Virtual's PEO, but not the contractors or officers. Tom's
 researching this, expect it to land on operations@ after he has a few


 TAC executed well at ACNA. ACEU is already lined up and appears to
 be progressing well.


 Infra is overall running well. Infra had a presence at ACNA and had a
 number of conversations with users and moved a number of projects
 forward while in-person.

 Git.a.o suffered an outage which is ongoing. This service translates
 svn to git, and then mirrors that to Github. The outage was caused by
 a service provider catastrophically losing storage that we consumed.
 This was a widespread outage that affected a number of users other
 than us. This service dates back to our earliest experimentation with
 git. With our advent of writable git repos and gitbox/github
 integration a good chunk of the functionality this service provided
 has been obviated. Projects have been asked to tell us if they are
 still making use of the service, and restoring just the portions that
 remained needed and utilized.

21 Aug 2019 [David]

 During some of the activities of the month we discovered some fragile
 bits of the Foundation operations that have a single or tenuous links
 to external service providers. In particular, most of our liaison with
 Virtual happens via Tom, making him a single point of failure. In the
 course of our relationship with Virtual it's grown considerably in
 scope from accounting work to providing significant finance
 capabilities, handling our PEO duties, event planning, and more. At
 the same time, Tom's responsibilities at Virtual have also grown
 considerably, and a lot of our operations now have a component that
 Virtual is involved in. Accordingly, Tom and I are discussing how we
 might best increase the connective tissue between Ops at the ASF and
 Virtual. More to come on this in coming months.


 Infrastructure completed a datacenter exit in a very short timeframe,
 which will result in a large cost savings for the Foundation.

 There was additionally a mail issue with Virtual, where no mail from was being delivered. This situation happened twice, with no
 obvious blips in monitoring. While this affected destinations other
 than Virtual as well, none of them were as painful. There is now in
 place a temporary workaround, and some robust monitoring that looks
 for any queue of messages sent to Virtual that sit around for more a
 short period of time.

 Travel Assistance

 This month also saw significant progress in documenting tribal
 knowledge around the process and tools for running TAC, which also
 eliminates some single points of failure.

 Flights for EU are booked. Significant delays and problems securing
 ACNA tickets from our travel agency has been an issue. Those are
 mostly resolved, but I expect it will result in some changes in the

17 Jul 2019 [David]

 I've spent some time working on the Annual Report with Sally.

 Travel Assistance Committee

 TAC has finished selections for ACNA and the application process is
 closing for ACEU.


 Infrastructure has dealt with a number of security issues as well as
 spending the bulk of available time on a datacenter relocate.

19 Jun 2019 [David]

 A good portion of the month has been spent figuring out the additional
 places inside the Foundation that I need to be plugged into and
 discussions with Sam.



 Infrastructure is running well. Most notably, work on CDN evaluation
 continues moving forward with very promising results.



 Travel assistance for both ACNA and ACEU are open - and due to the
 closeness on the calendar, each event has a lead running it.
 (Christopher Dutz is running ACEU and Gavin is managing ACNA)

15 May 2019 [Ross]

 For personal reasons I have tendered my resignation.

17 Apr 2019 [Ross]


 Team had an offsite which was very productive from a "getting things
 done" and a team building excercise (particular important with two new
 hires). Team will focus on having separate offsites from ApacheCon as
 there are less distractions.

 The host running our email service failed. Recovery was rapid
 (especially compared to the May 2014 outage). Congrats to the team on
 fighting this fire.

 Marketing and Publicity

 As usual lots of cross-team collaboration and coordination across
 fundraising, conferences, trademarks and infrastrcuture. Perhaps the
 most visible of which was the delivery of an updated site for the 20th

 A fairly standard level of PR, AR and Marketing activity outside of
 the mountains of anniversary work which was the culmination of months
 of preparation. A summary of highlights is available in the M&P

 Our thanks go to Sally and all those who helped bring the 20th
 Anniversary together. Of course there is more to come at our
 conferences this year.


 Three events currently in flight, and a handful of other under

 ApacheCon North America 2019:
 - 14 project communities curating their own tracks.
 - David Brin, well-known science fiction author and futurist, is our
   first keynote.
 - CFP is openuntil May 13th.
 - Confernce site

 ApacheCon Europe 2019
 - ApacheCon EU site is up including sponsorships, CfP, and
 - Sponsorships are not selling as well as forApacheCon NA, work is

 Chicago Roadshow 2019
 - CFP has ended
 - Website has posted the schedule of speakers
 - We have one Platinum sponsor secured

 Travel Assistance Committee

 Preparing for ApacheCon TAC activities.

 TAC has agreed to accept and administer additional funds from a
 sponsor to target a specific underrepresented group ("Female Latin
 American"). As noted in February report a process has been defined
 that allows the team to use this money without it negatively impacting
 the chances for other participants being the benificiaries of TAC.

20 Mar 2019 [Ross]


 Two new Sys Admins started on March 18th. Welcome to Drew Foulks and
 John Andrunas

 MoinMoin Wiki will be deprecated in favour of either Confluence or
 GitHub Wiki

 Assisting M&PR to stage the 20th Anniversary website design.

 Eclipse IDE caused a problem with a rapid rise in requests for a
 plugin that had been removed from This resulted in a
 large scale repeated fetch operations from across the globe. That had
 a knock on effect that led the team to revamp Blocky, our tool for
 automated ban/blocking. We are now better equipped to handle such

 Marketing and PR

 Lots of work for the 20th Anniversary.

 The Quarterly Report for Q3 FY2019 is live at

 Fundraising re-alignment of responsibilities continues to bring


 4 events "in flight" so the team are very busy. Of note is that we
 have a lengthy report with contributions from each of the event leads.
 This is very encouraging to see. Real teamwork but also with real
 leadership to keep things moving. Rich appears to finally have reached
 his goal - congrats to all.

 ApacheCon North America 2019 - CFP is open. There are a number of
 community led tracks (details in full report).

 ApacheCon Europe 2019 progressing well.

 DC Roadshow - in the black financially. Focus is on attracting
 attendees at this time.

 Chicago Roadshow is putting the schedule together.

 Travel Assistance Committee

 No report at time of writing. What I know is...

 Accepted sponsorship to assist attendance for specific minority
 groups. This is being administered within the existing process.

 Ramping up to run TAC for the multiple events on the horizon.

20 Feb 2019 [Ross]


 Everything is healthy in Infrastructure.

 Hiring has reached the offer stage.

 All projects have been migrated to gitbox. Congrats to the team.

 Improved On-Call process with "yellow" alerts that don't create
 unnecessary late night pages.

 Marketing and Publicity

 The role of VP Marketing and Publicity is becoming a central role for
 many operational activities, including but not limited to, Fundraising
 and Conferences. Sally has created a "Central Services" sub-group of
 volunteers to help manage selected cross-foundational projects. This
 group is intended to help spread the load with respect to ensuring
 things get done, thereby freeing Sally to concentrate on the more time
 dependent activities related to the expanded role.

 Fundraising handover is going well. The current focus is on reviewing,
 documenting and renewing targeted sponsorships, renewals are, for the
 most part, proving to be relatively easy to secure.

 Preparations for the 20th Anniversary are well underway - with lots of
 work to do, including an refresh. The central services team
 are helping drive this forward.

 The full report includes the usual details of key activities during
 the month.


 DC Roadshow is now only a few weeks out.

 12 different projects/communities/topics have claimed a track at
 ApacheCon North America. A full CFP is expected to open soon.

 ACEU19 planning is also progressing. See discussion item 8A

 There was a slight venue hiccup with Chicago roadshow but planning is
 on track.

 Travel Assistance Committee

 No significant activity. No event currently in planning.

16 Jan 2019 [Ross]


 Infrastructure is operating as expected.

 Hiring remains an ongoing activity.

 Preparations continue for a long range plan to upgrade Puppet to V6
 and OS to Ubuntu LTS 18.04.

 65 projects/325 repositories have voluntarily migrated from git-wip-us
 to gitbox since Nov 2018. gitbox now has 172 projects/1300
 repositories. As of Jan 15th 50 projects/175 repositories remain on
 git-wip-us. Voluntary migrations to minimize disruption are ongoing.
 Forced migrations will take place on Feb 7th.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Work has begun on restructuring and refining the strategy for ASF

 Via ComDev a proposal has been submitted for recognizing non-technical
 contributions to Apache communities.

 Planning is underway for our 20th anniversary celebrations. A
 community-wide survey (closing Feb 15th) has been published - “The
 Apache Way To Me…”


 ApacheConNA discussions with a potential producer continue.

 Chicago roadshow has been announced, CFP is open.

 Travel Assistance Committee

 TAC are exploring ways that they can better help ASF attendance at
 other, such as FOSSDEM. Interested folks should look out for proposals
 from TAC in the coming month or so.

 No events in process at present.

19 Dec 2018 [Ross]


 Infrastructure is operating as expected.

 Hiring remains a focus - there are many resumes to review.

 GitBox migration is now active. Migration is currently voluntary, but
 the expectation that it will become mandatory has been set. There is
 currently no date upon which migration becomes mandatory.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Sally continues to handle sponsor outreach and renewal activities.
 $593K secured in annual renewals thus far (excludes multi-year

 Individual Giving campaign launched
 ( during the Giving Tuesday global movement.
  745 individuals donated nearly $80K since the program's launch last

 Q2 FY2019  quarterly report has also been published .


 Planning to open ACNA19 CFP in January.

 Projects are invited to run their own
 mini-conference/track/summit/other as we continue our march towards
 ApacheCon being a convention of project conferences. 6 projects or
 topic communities have responded so far.

 ACEU19 planning has resumed, Myrle Krantz is leading the effort. The
 event will be held in Berlin at the Kulturbrauerei.

 The DC Roadshow (lead Kevin McGrail) has been rescheduled for Monday,
 March 25th, 2019. We hope to re-launch promotion for this event soon.

 Chicago Roadshow (lead Trevor Grant) on schedule for May 13-14 2019,
 in Logan Square.

 Travel Assistance Committee

 No report submitted at the time of writing. However, I am aware of a
 conversation regarding the provision of funds for a specific minority
 group. Initially the TAC rejected this on the grounds that the
 committee and process is not setup to allow such targeting. However, a
 proposal has been made that would appear to add no significant
 overhead on the TAC community and preserves the existing evaluation
 criteria. This is still under consideration.

21 Nov 2018 [Ross]


 Infrastructure is operating as expected, and has no current issues to
 bring to the attention of the President or the Board.

 Possible financial impact from level of Slack usage. Team are

 Reviewing resumes to fill two open headcount.

 Cloud credits from one provide have been renewed, with a commitment to
 three years. This allows for an expansion of GitBox. It's good to see
 cloud providers willing to provide stability to the foundation through
 three year commitments.

 There was a security issue with our Sonarcube analysis server, this
 has been resolved without any known impact.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Marketing and Publicity is operating as expected, and has no current
 issues to bring to the attention of the President or the Board.

 Some Q1 FY2019 reports are now overdue, please submit at your earliest


 Signed contracts for Virtual to produce ApacheCon North America 2019
 at the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas, September 9th through 12th, 2019.

 DC road show has been postponed, due to difficulties with sponsors,
 and \the venue.

 Chicago Road Show, 2019 proposal submitted by, and championed by,
 Trevor Grant.

 Discussion around ApacheCon EU 2019 has stalled. Assistance is both
 forthcoming and requested (more needed).

 Travel Assistance Committee

 No report submitted. I'm unaware of any issues requiring attention and
 no event requires attention at present.

17 Oct 2018 [Ross]

 No report was submitted.

19 Sep 2018 [Ross]


 Infrastructure team have posted their open position, please help

 There was an extended downtown of around 60 hours due to a hardware
 failure in our Jenkins master.

 Marketing and Publicity

 A number of F2F sponsor meetings at ApacheCon are being coordinated by
 Sally, along with the on-boarding of two new Sponsor Ambassadors
 (Craig Russell and Ted Liu).

 Media and Analyst training will be available, for the 12th consecutive
 year, at ApacheCon. All are encouraged to participate in this
 excellent course.

 Otherwise, business as usual.


 The 20th anniversary edition of ApacheCon is almost upon us. This is a
 "small one" by design (to keep the cadence going, and fill the gap
  between two producers). Current registrations stand at 300 and
  finances are healthy.

 Special thanks to:
  * Rich Bowen for coordinating
  * Ruth Suehle, for "everything" (Ruth is bridging the gap between
  * Kevin McGrail, for fundraising
  * Sally Khudairi, for marketing assistance
  * Sharan Foga, for organizing the ASF booth presence
  * Trevor Grant, for being our on-site person for the booth
  * Daniel Gruno, for printing, design, and other logistics
  * Daniel Ruggeri, for booth assistance and other planning help
  * Chris Dutz, who is hosting and maintaining our event schedule

 DC Road Show, 2018 is confirmed for Dec 4, 2018. See CFP is open.

 Proposed events (status in full report):
  * JBCNConf, Barcelona, Spain
  * ApacheCOn EU, 2019, Berlin, Germany
  * Apache Roadshow Chicago, 2019
  * ApacheCon North America 2019

 Travel Assistance Committee

 We have 10 (ten) TAC folks coming to ApacheCon - we ended up with 3
 Visa rejections and so had to cancel 3 flights. Coordination with
 planners around supporting roles for these people is underway.

15 Aug 2018 [Ross]

 I have received three separate keynote invitations for events in
 China. Two of them fall in the same week (late Oct). I have yet to
 confirm my availability, but I do plan to accept these two and reject
 the first. I'll reach out to others should the first conference ask
 for other ASF representatives. The topic of both keynotes are the
 Apache Way with a request to explore how Chinese developers should get


 Running under budget due to open headcount. Hiring process is in

 Team will be present at ACNA18.

 Evaluating alternatives to HipChat - primary goal is to satisfy infra
 needs but the team are also considering wider foundational

 Marketing and Publicity

 Some vendor payments were missed and this may need to be made out of
 band. However, these are all budgeted items.

 Onboarding of two new Fundraising Ambassadors will take place at

 Created two media partnerships for promotion of ApacheCon.

 PR and AR proceeds as normal.


 ApacheCon NA is in Montreal, Canada, September 24th - 27th.
 Registration currently stands at approx 200, but most registrations
 come in the last month.

 Planning for ACNA19 is progressing well with venue and date selection
 almost complete. A preliminary conference management proposal is
 expected very soon.

 DC Roadshow event is likely to be delayed until Nov.

 Other events are progressing slowly.


 No report from TAC at time of writing.

 VP TAC has requested an relatively high limit to their credit card to
 assist in flight and hotel bookings. In the past this was handled by
 our EA who worked through various avenues to secure necessary funds.
 President is working with VP TAC to ensure an appropriate limit and
 safeguards are put in place.

18 Jul 2018 [Ross]


 Mostly business as usual - some significant upgrades recently (Jenkins
 and Buildbot) and the migration of 1.1 million docs pages (Maven) off
 the deprecated CMS.

 GitHub integration has started to hit API rate limits. This will
 require some new mechanisms to reduce our calls.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Annual report published. Thank you all who contributed but special
 thanks to Sally for "herding the cats".

 Publication of promotional best practices to align with established
 ASF publicity, outreach, and branding guidelines is coming soon.

 Otherwise business as usual.


 Currently 8 events in various stages of planning. This is testament to
 the hard work of VP Conferences and a small team of volunteers.
 However, such a volume only increases the need for volunteers to
 sustain it.

 The team have sought to define the names "Apache Road Show" and
 "ApacheCon" in an attempt to clarify why we're doing different things
 around events, and to help planners, attendees, and sponsors to
 understand what we're doing. See

 Details in the full report, but the events currently in the pipeline

 Apache Roadshow Europe 2018, Berlin - wrapping up ApacheCon North
 America 2018 - early bird pricing closes July 20th Apache Road Show,
 DC, 2018 - CFP due immenintetly Apache Road Show, Chicago, 2019 - Date
 and Venue to be confirmed ApacheCon EU 2019, Berlin - New Thinking
 proposal being finalized ApacheCon NA 2019 - site search is ongoing
 Seoul Event - discussions have dried up, may be shelved. BCN 2019
 Colocation/Road Show - proposal


 Ramping up for ApacheCon NA. Currently processing paperwork for the 13

20 Jun 2018 [Ross]


 The earliest cloud service credits donations are coming up for
 renewal. No concerns about lack of renewal at this time.

 Thanks to the long running work to Puppetize workloads Infra is now
 able to move services to take advantage of cost structures (e.g. low
 bandwidth charges in EU)

 Marketing and Publicity

 Annual Report is being prepared.

 Sponsor engagement / support continues to reap benefits.

 Mostly "business as usual".


 Apache EU Roadshow was a success. There are ongoing conversations
 about further collaborations with NewThinking producers.

 ACNA18 now becomes the focus with respect to promotional work. Please
 help amplify. There is a call for volunteers open for help with items
 not covered by paid staff.

 On going discussions relating to Chicago and DC Roadshow proposals and
 early stage conversations about potential for ApacheCon in Seoul in


 Of the 28 that applied, 13 were accepted for ACNA.

16 May 2018 [Ross]


 Congratulations on bringing the ASFs largest cost centre in on budget
 (actually a slight 0.3% overage on our $800K+)

 A key new, long term, focus is to upgrade all infrastructure
 management from Puppet v3 to Puppet v5. While the existing long term
 focus of decommissioning aging hardware continues. page has been moved to - a number of
 benefits are identified in the Infrastructure report. A key one is a
 better mechanism for managing and notifying of scheduled maintenance.

 There have been some difficulties around the Jenkins masters. This is
 being managed in preparation for installation of a new dedicated piece
 of hardware.

 Marketing and Publicity

 VP Marketing reports the completion of counselling "a Big Data vendor
 on correcting their promotional practices to align with established
 ASF publicity, outreach, and branding guidelines." Thank you to Sally
 and the impacted PMCs, as well as the company themselves for working
 in the best interests of the broader community.

 Otherwise business as usual, including assistance with fundraising


 Apache RoadShow Europe - Berlin, June 11-14 2018 -

 ApacheCon North America - Montreal, CA, 24-27 Sept - schedule is now

 Venue search is ongoing for 2019 EU event.

 Proposals received for 2019 events in Japan and South Korea, though
 there is no direct action to facilitate those events at this time.


 28 completed applications received for ACNA Montreal. Judges in
 process of evaluating.

18 Apr 2018 [Ross]


 Over budget by 0.5%, FY19 budget request reflects this.

 A few outages and a DDOS to address, but nothing too complex.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Produced 19th Anniversary blog and
 promotional video

 Q3 FY2018 report published

 Otherwise business as usual.


 Apache RoadShow Europe - Berlin, June 11-14 2018 - Scheduled posted:

 ApacheCon North America - Montreal, CA, 24-27 Sept - CFP closed, 249
 proposals are being evaluated. Cloudstack Collaboration Conference is
 to be co-located, GeoSpatial community are running a complete track.
 Call for volunteers is open -

 Apache DC RoadShow - DC, October - Date and Venue confirmed, more
 details once website is updated.

 2019 will see the 20th anniversary of ApacheCon. Venue search is
 underway in the SF area.

 Smaller events are being considered on a case by case basis. Please
 join to help.


 Applications are open until May 1st. Everything is under control.

21 Mar 2018 [Ross]


 No issues to report. For the most part it's business as usually, two
 items of particular interest are:

 Progress being made on a self service infrastructure (Apache
 Infrastructure Management, AIM). This will free infra team members to
 focus on non-standard requests and issues.

 Some analysis of our usage of Travis is providing valuable data to
 help with capacity planning in the future.

 Marketing and Publicity

 VP M&P is actively engaging with a company engaged with one of our
 high profile projects that is having some difficulties working within
 our trademark policy. The main focus of her work is to educate the
 company on what is and is not acceptable use of our marks.

 Otherwise business as usual.


 Apache EU Roadshow program is published -

 Apache North America CFP is open and going well. Two keynotes have
 been announced. Details at


 Applications for ApacheCon NA applications are open (closing May 1st).
 Judges have started reviewing. It's great to see TAC being on track
 again. Well done team.

21 Feb 2018 [Ross]


 Request for board feedback: Does the board want to allow additional
 spend for specific projects, specifically using Infrastructure costs
 beyond its budget? Full details in the Infrastructure report, in
 summary the question is raised because "Historically, the Board has
 generally stated that projects and their communities should be
 self-sufficient and receive no additional Foundation funds to support
 them beyond their internal ability" and a situation has been
 identified in which a single project is consuming resources beyond the
 normal provision of support.

 As an observation I will remind the board that there is existing
 provision for experimentation to allow projects to seek directed
 sponsorship to cover such expenses.

 Separately, two new initiatives to lower overheads are underway: 1)
 identify high usage of shared services within projects so that such
 usage can be investigated and reduced if appropriate 2) migration of
 Top Level Project web hosting to public cloud thanks to a long term
 donation of resources (significantly bandwidth requirements in
 existing hosting).

 Marketing and Publicity

 Business as usual - noting increased impact from sponsor engagement,
 e.g. healthy cross promotion of "Success at Apache: A Newbie's
 Narrative" Such activities help deliver
 sponsor value while, at the same time, amplifying the foundations


 ApacheCon NA 2018 is confirmed and CFP and registration is open and planning is progressing well.

 Apache Roadshow (EU) is also confirmed. Co-located with FOSS Backstage
 in Berlin.

 A NA Apache Roadshow is also in planning.

 Our Thanks to Rich Bowen and Sharan Foga for driving this difficult


 TAC have rallied quickly to enable applications for TAC support for
 ApacheCon NA. Applications are open.

 @Jim: work with Greg on resourcing infra resources for

17 Jan 2018 [Ross]


 Everything progressing well. Upgrades to both Jira and Jenkins being
 highlights. Good progress on GitBox tooling to perform "mass
 migration" of projects from git-wip over to gitbox, with the goal of
 deprecating the Foundation's operation and management of git

 Marketing and Publicity

 A milestone was reaching - we raised more than $20K and communicated
 with 363 individual donors via Hopsie since launching on 28 March
 2017. While this number is small when compared to our overall
 fundraising activities it is notable that we have been exploring ways
 to empower individual donors for many years. This progress is very

 At the request of the Presidents office, Halo have worked with VP
 Trademarks to draw up a proposal to provide support for our trademarks
 activities. This is designed to address the growing workload on our
 volunteers. I would note that this proposal is about ensuring prompt
 and appropriate attention to trademark issues where the foundation
 deems them important. It is independent of any discussion about where
 Trademark management should sit in the org structure.

 In order to set context I will remind the board of why investing in
 supporting our volunteers is important in this area, firstly I'll
 quote Phil's proposal [1]:

   1.  The ASF should provide support for some PMCs to register their

   2.  The ASF should provide support for some PMCs to help ensure that
   their brands are used appropriately.

 Assuming that we have consensus on these two statements I'll go on to
 explain my own justification for providing support to our volunteers
 (shared and refined with others including VP Trademarks, VP Marketing
  and President):

   * Open source used to be mostly about sharing expertise around
     internally used software
   * Over time open source has increasingly become a part of products
     for sale
   * Open source brands have therefore become valuable as a result,
     e.g. Apache is about quality and independence, Kubernetes is about
     infrastructure standardization
   * As direct revenue is increasingly generated from software built on
     OSS, so has marketing pressure to use OSS brands to attract sales
   * The rise of “consortium led” OSS means that trademark use for this
     purpose is often seen as acceptable
   * Consequently the ASF is seeing increasing pressure to allow use of
     its marks in ways that would undermine our meritocratic model of
     independent governance
   * Therefore, the ASF needs to step up it’s protection of our marks
     so that we maintain independence within our communities

 It is my hope that the board will consider Halo's proposal and work
 through the Presidents office as we seek to build a model that is both
 cost efficient and gentle on our volunteer efforts.


 Continued investigations with respect to co-location of an event with
 Berlin Buzzwords.


 No events planned at present.


20 Dec 2017 [Ross]


 No significant items to report this month. The team have re-confirmed
 that despite forecasting errors for current budget year they expect to
 come in on budget.

 Marketing and Publicity

 An individual "giving campaign" in November raised $2k.  Published the
 FY2018 Operations Summary for Q2

 The usual PR, AR and event support activities feature in this months


 Discussion are underway about co-locating ApacheConEU 2018 with an
 existing event.

 There are also discussions about an event in NA later in 2018, though
 details are still emerging.


 Nothing to report (no events planned)

15 Nov 2017 [Ross]


 The team have investigated an oddity in our staffing expenditures as
 identified last month. It seems that Infra incorrectly foretasted FY18
 costs from the FY17 actuals. This means there is no budget for the
 open headcount. However, other areas of the infra budget are in a good
 state and with ongoing and predicted savings in other areas it is
 expected that the team will come within its total budget.

 In other news there was an outage on mail-archives.a.o that took a
 while to correct. It highlighted our ongoing issues with services on
 old hardware, old operating systems, and non-puppetized services. This
 has been mitigated and work to improve aging services continues,

 Marketing and Publicity

 Sponsor Ambassador program work continues, along with general
 awareness raising around what the foundation does (e.g. published
 "Success at Apache: Scratch Your Own Itch" ,
  which was also published as a cover feature in JAX Magazine's special
  issue on Open Source).

 The recent turmoil around high profile security breaches has died down
 and PR and Marketing activity is mostly back to normal.


 VP Conferences continues to explore options for ApacheCon events after
 having confirmed with the broader community that such a thing is still
 needed. Input welcome on mailing list, which is
 open to members.


 Nothing to report (no events planned)

18 Oct 2017 [Ross]


 Ross undertook a Board Service Training provided by
 and funded by his employer. This was a very useful undertaking, I
 would encourage all Officers to spend some time reviewing materials on
 this site.


 No issues requiring attention this month.

 The team still an open headcount.

 Budget anomalies identified last month have been resolved and we can
 now confirm that Infra a currently in good shape. This will be
 reviewed again once the open headcount has been filled and the
 associated expense is known.

 Marketing and Publicity

 As can be expected there has been significant interest in the Equifax
 data breach and the role Apache software had in this breach.
 Consequently it has been a busy month, otherwise mostly business as

 VP M&P led the drafting of the ASF’s response, in coordination with
 ASF Legal counsel and Board, to the US House Committee’s panel hearing
 on the Equifax data breach.

 Also published an "Apache is Open" educational blog highlighting how
 the foundation works and the responsibilities users of our software


 Nothing to report


 Nothing to report

20 Sep 2017 [Ross]


 No major items requiring board attention. No significant downtime
 during the last month.

 Some unexpected numbers in this infra related financials this month.
 Most likely misapplied cost centers. The team are investigating and
 will fix the errors and / or report next month as necessary.

 Good progress with respect to moving away from ASF owned hardware,
 though it has become necessary to replace some disks which were
 reporting a predictive failure ahead of the scheduled decommission

 Marketing and Publicity

 An Apache project was associated with a recent data breach at Equifax.
 Thanks to prompt action from the PMC and our VP Marketing and
 Publicity the foundation was able to respond constructively and to
 help identify the cause of the problem (failure to install patches
 addressing a previously identified exploit). We thank those involved
 for their prompt and efficient handling of the situation, the guidance
 provided to the Apache user community as a result should be considered
 good practice.

 Other than this item it's business as usual, where "usual" now
 includes sponsor communications.


 Nothing to report.


 Nothing to report.

16 Aug 2017 [Ross]


 In process of renewing our binary signing service with Symantec,
 requires a new "authentication" of the business. This has highlighted
 that while our D&B records reflect our new Wakefield postal address,
 but many other third-party records are out of date. If anyone sees an
 incorrect listing please notify our EA to have them corrected.

 Gitbox usage is being expanded to more users. Edge cases still being
 discovered so mass migration is still a long term, rather than short
 term, goal.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Starting to see immediate results from having VP Marketing tasked with
 assisting in sponsorship activities.

 Business as usual with respect to press and analyst engagements.


 We have a booth at All Things Open. Conversations are ongoing with
 respect to involvement in other events / meetups. Conversations also
 ongoing with respect to alternative conference producer arrangements.


 Nothing to report

19 Jul 2017 [Ross]


 Confirms that after evaluation of workload it is indeed necessary to
 employ a sixth team member (this is not additional headcount, rather
 the filling of an open position).

 Good progress on reducing dependency on OSU/OSL with the replacement
 and puppetization of Jenkins.


 Exploring options for future events.


 ACNA’17 was $9,200 under budget. Evaluation surveys and interviews are

21 Jun 2017 [Ross]

 No report was submitted.

17 May 2017 [Ross]

 Marketing and Publicity

 Business as usual this month.

 Media training returns this month at ApacheCon - our thanks go to
 Sally for offering this excellent course again.


 No significant issues this month.

 There is one open position within the team, recruiting is underway.

 There has been early progress on exploring ways to reduce the cost per
 project, this starts with a better understanding of the distribution
 of our costs across projects and services - see (note this is draft data).


 There are over 500 people in attendance at ApacheCon which is
 currently underway.

 Interested parties will meet to discuss the future of Apache branded

19 Apr 2017 [Ross]

 Marketing and Publicity

 There have been some discussion between President/EVP and VP PR and
 Marketing in order to clarify the role as we move forwards. For the
 most part we are looking at ensuring adequate support is provided to
 outward facing parts of the foundation while not distracting Sally
 with core internal functions. At this time Sally continues work with
 Fundraising, Brand Management, Apache Incubator,
 Conferences/ApacheCon, and ComDev, and plans to increase Fundraising
 activities, and ramp down efforts with the rest during FY2018.

 In addition to the routine "business as usual" items please note the

 Sally launched the new individual giving fundraising platform in
 conjunction with announcing the ASF’s 18th Anniversary.

 Sally is exploring possible underwriters for a future event in Europe.


 Mostly business as usual. One catastrophic failure on the Jenkins
 master, but this has been addressed and a longer term solution is
 being explored.

 The team is currently understaffed by one FTE. Recruiting is underway.


 ApacheCon US is showing lower than expected registration numbers,
 though we are still a month out.

 Options for an event in the EU are being explored.

 Travel Assistance

 Applications opened on January 25th and closed on March 8th. We have
 approved 10 TACers.

15 Mar 2017 [Ross]

 No report was submitted.

27 Feb 2017 [Ross]


 Infra team have had to rescind an offer to maintain a VM, CPU and
 storage for a private copy of Maven Central as a precaution. Storage
 growth rate indicates that the offer is not sustainable. Maven PMC
 have been encouraged to seek specific budget support from the Board
 for their needs.

 The team are conducting an experiment with a small ($525) unbudgeted
 expense on unlimited online coursework for three months. If successful
 the next budget will include staff training as a budget item.

 There is an effort to accelerate the decommissioning of ASF-owned
 hardware and the adoption of the Gitbox service
 (Git as a canonical ASF code repository,

 Some progress on a new web area for the Directors to create an
 authoritative set of pages for Board-approved policies and commentary.


 232 sessions submitted for ApacheCon Miami, with 193 for Apache: Big
 Data. Selection process is now underway.

 Marketing and Publicity

 A recent focus on the ASF LinkedIn page results in expanded reach for
 our news announcements,

 Exploring plans for professional editing of ApacheCon recordings as
 volunteer efforts, though very much appreciated, are not producing
 timely results due to the volume of recordings available.

18 Jan 2017 [Ross]

 I took the whole of December off in unexpected (personal) ways. Due to a mail reconfiguration (on my end) prior to the holidays I appear to have lost access to much of the ASF mail. This went unnoticed until the last couple of days when I resurfaced from an unexpected off the grid experience on the account supposed to be receiving ASF mail. Consequently I am doubly out of touch, though priority ASF mail is still routed to my day job account and thus has been processed.My apologies for the absenteeism.


 The big news is that it is now a priority to move a few test projects to Gitbox. This is (hopefully) the last stage before the full roll out of an improved experience for projects wishing to use Git as their primary source control repository.

 For the long range the infra team have set a goal of moving "all services off ASF-owned hardware". Though I note some apparent contradictions between this goal and some short term activity, e.g. "Finalizing launching Fisheye services locally at the  ASF to replace the third-party service run by Atlassian". After checking with the infra team I confirmed that this item means moving to an ASF owned service but not moving to ASF owned hardware.

 The infra team also provide some community engagement numbers. This is a new practice and one that should be encouraged given concerns that Infra has become divorced from the broader community wishing to contribute to our infrastructure efforts. The headline here is that there are non-infra patches being applied to areas such as the puppet work.

 There is no progress as yet for the "cost per project" analysis.


 Closing out the last event and preparing for the next. Applications will open January 19th and close on March 8th.


 Business as usual :-)

21 Dec 2016 [Ross]

 As previously agreed, my focus is to be on the areas of the foundation
 that are running well. For the most part, therefore, my reports are
 expected to be uneventful.

 That being said, I have not done a good job of as I might in staying
 abreast of the activities in these areas. Fortunately, we have full

 For infrastructure all open positions have now been backfilled and new
 hires are being onboarded. Exploring GitHub as a master continues to
 be a focus, along with finding ways to reduce the infrastructure costs
 per project.

 For conferences the dates for ApacheCon North America
 2017 in Miami were released (May 15-19, 2017), at the Intercontinental

 Marketing proceeds as expected. Thank you to Sally and all
 contributors to the FY17 Q2 report which was published on 12/15
 ( A new monthly blog series "Success at
 Apache" has also been launched to share success stories from the
 foundation. Sally is seeking content for this blog.

 TAC has reported final numbers and budget for ApacheCon EU (13
 recipients, budget $26,190.04). Two of the TAC recipients have been
 invited to join the TAC committee. This presents some complication in
 that only foundation members can participate in some aspects of TAC,
 specifically where private information is shared by applicants.
 However, there are many ways in which non-members can assist that do
 not require access to private information. The TAC report includes
 some details about how many recent TAC recipients go on to participate
 more deeply with one or more foundation project.

16 Nov 2016 [Ross]

 Truth is I've been enjoying the total freedom from day to day
 activities. I've assisted a little in the transition to Sam as the new
 President, but for the most part Sam has simply moved forwards.

 As agreed with Sam I will pick up the areas that are "just working"
 and provide oversight there so that Sam can focus on the areas that
 need attention. Given Sam's indication that he feels the areas needing
 focus are Brand and Fundraising this means I will be "on call" for
 Marketing and Publicity, Infrastructure, Conferences and TAC. Each of
 these areas has paid support and thus the overhead here is expected to
 be manageable.

 I will monitor those lists and be available to our officers in those
 roles should the need arise.

19 Oct 2016 [Rich]

 Since the last meeting, we have published the schedule for our
 ApacheCon Europe events (see and are in
 the process of promoting that event, and doing last minute

 We will once again have a Media and Analyst Training. See Sally
 for details.

 Please continue to promote the event to your project
 communities. I hope to see you in Seville.

21 Sep 2016 [Rich]

 The CFP for ApacheCon Seville has now closed, and we are in
 the review period. We are scheduled to send speaker
 notifications on the 26th of this month.

 There have been 173 talks submitted for Apache Big Data, and
 175 for ApacheCon Europe.

 We are using a new system for reviewing talks. Rather than
 asking reviewers to assign a numerical value to each talk, we
 are using a tool called "Papers Please", which asks the
 reviewer to choose between talks based on which talk they
 believe a target audience would attend. Whereas the old the
 old method tended to give us ratings of 4 out of 5 on almost
 everything, this method appears to give a better understanding
 of what talks people actually want to see. Additionally,
 reviewers are given the talk abstract and title, but not
 information about the speaker. This has been shown, in other
 conferences, to increase diversity of speakers, introduce more
 new speakers, and reduce the "popularity contest" nature of
 talk selection.

 We have one keynote lined up, and are looking for others. If
 you have one in mind, please speak up.

 ApacheCon North America is scheduled for May 15-19 at the
 Intercontinental in Miami.

 There has been some discussion on the
 list regarding crafting policy about when third party events
 can (and can not) be scheduled, in order to prevent
 conflicting with ApacheCon and other Apache project's events.
 While we have a contract that states that we can't hold other
 events called 'ApacheCon' within a particular geographic and
 time window around existing events named 'ApacheCon', we do
 not have a written policy around other events that use Apache

17 Aug 2016 [Rich]

 We are entering the last month of the CFP for ApacheCon Europe, so
 this is when we expect to see some talks actually coming in. Once
 we have a schedule, we will start promoting the event more.
 However, we have already seem significantly more
 Twitter/Facebook/G+ activity around the event than we have seen
 around the last few events, which is a good early sign.

 ApacheCon Europe        14
 Apache: Big Data Europe 15

 ApacheCon Europe        48
 Apache: Big Data Europe 51

 Please watch the mailing list for ways
 that you can help get the word out about this event, as we get

20 Jul 2016 [Rich]

 ApacheCon Europe will be held in Seville, November 14th through
 18th, 2016.

 We have started to more actively promote the CFP internally.
 With a great deal of help from Melissa we have contacted the
 user and dev list for every project and encouraged them to
 submit talks about their project. I'm sure you've seen at least
 one of these messages.

 Registration for ApacheCon Europe is still moving very slowly:

  Apache: Big Data    6
  ApacheCon       7

 Meanwhile, the paper proposals are starting to come in:

  Apache: Big Data    42
  ApacheCon       35

 Still to do is more promotion outside of the ASF, to related
 projects, and continued promotion of registration for the

 Soon we'll start promoting ApacheCon North America as
 well, as soon as the website is up.

15 Jun 2016 [Rich]

 Registration and CFPs are up for ApacheCon Seville, and Apache
 Big Data Seville, at but this hasn't been
 widely announced. We'll be starting to promote that in the
 coming week or two, as soon I have some time. Meanwhile, LF is
 promoting the events via their websites.

 Audio from ApacheCon Vancouver is slowly making it up to I think at this point all of the audio has
 been processed and uploaded. I just need to do the actual
 podcast posts via Wordpress to publish them.

18 May 2016 [Rich]

 Last week we held ApacheCon North America in Vancouver, BC,
 Canada. The attendance numbers are as follows:

 ABD - 428 total - (398 for just ABD + 30 add-ons from ApacheCon

 ApacheCon - 326 total - (277 just for ApacheCon + 49 add-ons from
 the ABD attendees)

 (That's a total overlap of 79 that attended both events, so the
 audience is largely disjoint.)

 Combined total attendees - 675(!) versus 447 in Austin

 This is a 51% increase from last year!

 Among other highlights of this event:

 * Sally held her Media/Analyst training again, to a full house.
   This was very valuable to all who attended.
 * Keynotes included a very astute analysis by Stephen O'Grady, of
   RedMonk, of the need for our projects to work with one another,
   rather than operating as islands within a loosely-knit
   federation. This presentation is well worth watching. It is on
   the Linux Foundation YouTube channel. I welcome further
   discussion of his ideas on the members@ and dev@community lists.
 * There was a 2-day track of GeoSpatial content, which we will try
   to do again in Spain and more aggressively market as a
   track/subconference/something to the scientific community.
 * ODPi had a keynote in which they spoke about the purpose of
   their organization. Jim Jagielski had a one-on-one panel
   discussion with John Mertic, Director of Program Management for
   ODPi, in which they discussed the concerns of the Foundation
   about ODPi. This recording will be on within the
   coming days.
 * All keynotes/plenaries are published to the Linux Foundation
   YouTube channel at
 * is publishing all of the audio from every
   non-plenary session. This will take considerable time, but we
   have a number of volunteers working on this effort. Many thanks
   to those people. This recording was done entirely by volunteer
   effort, using digital recorders owned by the Foundation. The
   full list may be found at
   The volunteer effort is being coordinated on the comdev mailing
 * was announced in the State of the Feather
   address, as well as being mentioned in other talks, and people
   are starting to use that service.

 At the event, we announced ApacheCon EU 2016, to be held November
 14-18 in Seville (Sevilla) Spain. The websites for that event are
 at and
 Registration and CFP coming very soon. A number
 of people have already stepped forward offering local expertise and
 on-the-ground support. Please save the date, and mention it if you
 happen to be in conversation with potential sponsors. While it is
 not our job to promote and market the events, anything we can do
 with our contacts is greatly appreciated. There's a recording at
 in which a number of our sponsors talk about why they sponsored
 the event, and why everyone else should, too.

 We are considering several locations for ApacheCon NA 2017, which
 will probably be held somewhere in the Eastern United States. I
 expect to have further details on this within the next 2 months.

 It is worth remembering that our contract states a period of 5
 years, with the option to cancel at 3 years if either party is
 dissatisfied. That 3 year period ends with the event in Seville.
 Speaking for myself and the President, and expressing the opinions
 of the majority of conference attendees and sponsors, I recommend
 that we continue with this relationship.

    Ross and others complimented Rich on an ApacheCon well done

20 Apr 2016 [Rich]

 With ApacheCon 3 weeks out, I have been spending all of my ASF
 time promoting that event. This has included a series of podcasts
 on promoting our speakers, their talks, their
 projects, and ApacheCon itself.

 Registration numbers follow (as of Monday, April 18):

 Apache: Big Data  336
 ApacheCon 2016: 265
 BarCampApache: 40

 Last month I promised an update on ApacheCon Europe. The update is
 that we're going to have one, but that it will be as lean as
 possible. This means things like not providing an on-site lunch,
 not having an off-site reception, and not doing recordings of
 talks. This is a great opportunity for sponsors to step up to
 cover these things, if desired. However, I have opted to have an
 event under these conditions rather than to not have an event at
 all. We should have some idea of venue soon, and will hopefully be
 able to announce this at ApacheCon in Vancouver.

16 Mar 2016 [Rich]

 The schedule has been announced for ApacheCon Core - - and for Apache Big Data - - and registration is open for both
 events. We would like to encourage all projects that have
 content in the events (as well as those that don't) to promote
 the event to their various communities.

 ApacheCon North America will be held in Vancouver, Canada, May
 9-14, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency, Vancouver.

 Projects wishing to have ancillary events (summits, hackathons,
 etc.) at the conference are encouraged to contact me as soon as

 Meanwhile, the Linux Foundation have promised a decision
 regarding ApacheCon Europe by some time this month, so expect
 to hear about that in next month's report.

17 Feb 2016 [Rich]

 The CFP for ApacheCon closed on the 12th, and we have begun
 the process of reviewing these submissions and forming the
 schedule. Anyone wishing to participate in this process should
 contact me, or the mailing list.

 Our current submission totals are:

 For ApacheCon North America: 152
 For Apache Big Data: 206

 We are also looking for suggestions (and contacts) for
 keynotes for the event. We currently have 2 suggestions, and
 have room for 4 - 5. These, also, should to go to me, or to
 the dev@community mailing list.

 Relevant dates:

 CFP Close: February 12, 2016
 CFP Notifications: February 29, 2016
 Schedule Announced: March 3, 2016

 We do not yet have dates for ApacheCon Europe, but we should
 know within the next 2 months whether we will be doing that
 event this year.

 Huge thanks to Daniel Gruno, as well as to a number of
 volunteers, for their presence at FOSDEM 2016. They gave away
 hundreds of stickers, as well as other swag, and showcased the
 new feather logo. They had many conversations with open source
 enthusiasts, and it was a good time for reengaing with that

 Apache OpenOffice also shared the table with us, as they have
 a long history of being present at FOSDEM.

 As always, a huge thank you to Melissa for her support of this

 One conversation at FOSDEM was our difficulty with connecting
 new volunteers with concrete tasks that they can do to get
 involved. Several times a month, people come to the
 dev@community mailing list and ask "How can I get involved?"
 and are generally given vague answers that amount to "Go look
 at the projects and see what they need." From this discussion
 has arisen a new service, Help Wanted - (Thanks to Daniel Gruno, once
 again) that attempts to bridge this gap. The goal is to
 promote beginner tasks that are a good place for entry into
 our communities. Projects are encouraged to put tasks on there
 that reflect this goal. (ie, please don't just dump your Jira
 ticket list here.) It's also a place for community-level
 tasks, such as our desire to create per-project brochures that
 can be produced on demand for events, meetups, elevator chats,
 and so on.

 I expect to be completely focused on ApacheCon for the coming
 few months.

20 Jan 2016 [Rich]

 We are one month out from the close of the CFPs for ApacheCon North
 America. We expect, as usual, to get a flood of submissions in the
 last 2 weeks. (Submit now! Avoid the rush!) Thus, it is anticipated
 that the coming month will be busier, as we try to promote the CFP,
 and then begin working on the event in earnest.

16 Dec 2015 [Rich]

 On November 25th, we sent a CFP announcement to all dev@ and users@
 lists, and the submissions are trickling in.

 We are in the quiet period before the storm. We expect to see talk
 submissions ramp up in January, leading up to the February deadline,
 and we will, accordingly, start pushing the CFP particularly hard at
 the beginning of the year.

18 Nov 2015 [Rich]

 We expect a CFP for ApacheCon North America to be published any day
 now, at which point we will start actively promoting it to our

21 Oct 2015 [Rich]


 We just completed ApacheCon Europe in Budapest 2 weeks ago. Attendance
 was disappointing, but Angela speculates that was a combination of
 being up against Strata, and the Syrian refugee situation, that
 contributed to this, and estimates that we would have had up to
 another 50% attendance were it not for these influences. As it was, we
 had 432 in attendance for Big Data, and about 200 for Core.

 We heard a number of people say that the split into two events was
 confusing and poorly explained. This was primarily at the CFP time -
 ie, which event to submit talks to, and how the talks were selected.
 But it was also confusing for attendees, who may have signed up for
 one event and then been unable to attend the other.

 In the future, we plan to have a single CFP and a single event, but do
 marketing for the various content tracks, such as 'ApacheCon Big
 Data', 'ApacheCon Search', or 'ApacheCon Web'. Sponsors report that
 this makes it a lot easier to support an event when it is clear what
 the content is, and thus who the audience will be, which is validation
 of what we've been saying for years. We will also have content
 category based CFP selection committees, which will work with Angela
 and Craig to select the content for the next event. Talks will be
 tagged as belonging to various major categories, and selection will be
 divided up in that manner to produce these

 TAC is another area that suffered considerable confusion, as may be
 reported elsewhere. In future events, we are going to try to have
 Angela work much more closely with TAC, and with Melissa, to eliminate
 the confusion caused by having two separate sources of travel

 The CFP for ApacheCon North America will be announced soon, once
 changes have been made to the CFP to reflect the above decisions.

 ApacheCon Europe 2016 is still in limbo. Given the poor attendance in
 Budapest, there are financial considerations. We are, however,
 reaching out to a number of sponsors, and if we can obtain promises of
 a certain level of sponsorship, we will move forward with planning
 that event. Several locations are being investigated at this time.


 FOSDEM has been announced, and Apache has submitted a proposal for a
 table to promote the ASF. We have requested two tables, one of which
 will be dedicated to the ASF, and the other which will rotate among
 projects which wish to show up to promote their specific community.
 Apache OpenOffice has committed to being present, and we have interest
 expressed by other projects.

 Apache Retreats

 There has been the beginning of a discussion of reviving the Apache
 Retreat concept. A venue was suggested in conversations at ApacheCon,
 and that is being further investigated. No firm plans have been made
 at this point. Discussion is ongoing on the ComDev mailing list.


 We have received initial contact from Joshua Simmons, a representative
 of OSCON regarding what changes would need to happen to secure the
 ASF's participation in OSCON next year. This conversation is still
 just beginning, but Ross provided considerable feedback regarding our
 experience at this year's event.

16 Sep 2015 [Rich]

 We are less than a month away from ApacheCon EU. The attendance
 numbers are very disappointing, and surely not helped by the refugee
 situation. Angela is requesting that we do all we can to promote
 attendance on our end, and we're doing what we can.

 ApacheCon North America is already being promoted at
 and at
 but we have not yet done any promotion of the event(s). The CFP, also,
 has not yet been promoted. We will start doing that in earnest in
 October, and attempt to get more coverage of this event than we
 managed to do for EU.

 Discussion has started about having a presence at FOSDEM to promote
 the ASF, and encourage a new generation of university students to
 participate in ASF projects. Details have yet to be determined, as the
 call for participation in FOSDEM has not yet gone out. Daniel Gruno
 has volunteered to head up that effort, and will be supported by
 Melissa and myself in making that happen. OpenOffice has long had a
 presence there, but we wish to expand that to a larger ASF presence.

 We (President, EA, VP Marketing, and myself) have also discussed our
 presence at OSCon, and determined that it's 1) not really the audience
 we want to be reaching and 2) was in particular not worth the
 considerable cost and effort this year. We will therefore not be
 participating in OSCon Europe, and unless someone steps up with a
 strong case and volunteer effort to make it happen, we'll not be
 participating in OSCon in Austin next year.

19 Aug 2015 [Rich]

 Very uneventful month. I expect to meet with Angela today or tomorrow
 and get Apachecon Vancouver rolling.

15 Jul 2015 [Rich]

 The CFP for ApacheCon Europe has closed and the talk selection process
 has begun. We hope to announce a schedule soon so that event promotion
 can begin in earnest. Shortly after that, we will announce the CFP for
 ApacheCon North America. We continue to be very pleased with our
 relationship with the Linux Foundation.

 We will have a presence at OSCon again this year, and the booth will
 be staffed by a number of volunteers while the expo hall is open. I
 will be in attendance, and hope to have time to work the booth myself.

 FOSDEM dates have been announced - 30 & 31 January 2016  - and there
 has been some talk about Apache having a presence at the event,
 building on OpenOffice's presence in past years.

17 Jun 2015 [Rich]

 The ApacheCon CFP for Europe is open for a little while longer (July

 ApacheCon dates for Vancouver have been published to the website, so
 that we can mark our territory in terms of dates. This was done due to
 the Strata conflict with EU. We've also attempted to establish closer
 communication with major conference organizations to prevent that
 happening again.

20 May 2015 [Rich]

 Not much to report this month. ApacheCon EU is about to start into
 the CFP and promotion phase, and ApacheCon NA hasn't started at all.

22 Apr 2015 [Rich]

 We held ApacheCon North America in Austin last week, April
 13-16, and had 449 registrations, up by 50 from Denver. We
 had the honor of hosting several of the founding members of
 the httpd project at the event[1], and had a birthday celebration
 for the 20th birthday of the httpd project. We also received a
 proclamation from the City of Austin declaring April 13-16 to
 be Apache Days.[2]

 There was also a lively BarCamp on Thursday, with a good
 number of people in attendance. Several projects (Spark,
 Traffic Server, Cassandra) held project summits.

 On the whole, we appear to have had a successful event by most
 measures, although the size of the attendance is still a
 source of frustration for many.

 There was an incident at ApacheCon where a keynote speaker
 was subject to a verbal barrage while in the refreshment line
 in the exhibit area, and felt intimidated and threatened. A
 great deal of discussion has happened on the members list,
 as well as numerous other places, about what action should be
 taken. The conference producer has been made aware of the
 incident, but is still traveling and doing events, so I haven't
 had a chance to discuss this at length with her. Meanwhile,
 the individual in question has apologized to the speaker
 (cc'ing myself and the conference producer), and I am also
 awaiting communication from her regarding whether she wishes
 to pursue this further with the conference producer, pursuant
 to enforcing the conference Code of Conduct and blacklisting
 this individual from future events. I ask for the continued
 patience of the membership as we work through this. I've also
 discussed this incident directly with the individual in
 question, explaining our stance that this kind of thing won't
 be tolerated in our community.

 We had very productive meetings with the LF producers
 regarding how future events will be run. As reported before,
 LF is stepping up to provide more leadership in upcoming
 events, and have proposed that ApacheCon EU (September) have a
 much narrower content focus, with three days primarily
 focusing on our Big Data projects, and then a fourth day
 populated by community talks, and project-specific tracks. The
 goal is to make the conference easier to market, because we
 will be able to state what the conference is about in terms
 that the market understands. The secondary goal is to have the
 main part of the event fund the community portion of the
 event, which has, in a sense, been a goal of ApacheCon from
 the beginning.

 Projects are welcome to propose content in the CFP[3], as per
 earlier events, but LF will make the final content determination,
 rather than a committee of ASF people. This is a significant
 change from earlier events. It is anticipated that it will
 result in some tensions in the community, but given that we
 are asking LF to take 100% of the financial risk, it is
 reasonable that they also have the majority of the decision
 power also. We remind the board that our mandate was to
 license our brands to a producer, and get out of their way as
 much as possible, and this is the goal towards which we have
 been working for the last year.

 Jan Iversen will be our primary contact for ApacheCon Europe,
 while I (Rich) will focus primarily on the North America

 ApacheCon Europe will be held in Budapest [4], September 28 -
 October 1, 2015. The CFP is open, but has not been announced
 yet, as there is discussion about running two separate CFPs,
 one for the Big Data event, and a second of the
 yet-to-be-named community event.

 ApacheCon North America will be held in Vancouver, BC, May 9 -
 12, 2016. The CFP will open soon, but a date has not yet been
 determined. I will be visiting the venue [5] while I am at the
 OpenStack Summit in 3 weeks.

 See also





18 Mar 2015 [Rich]

 Not much to report this month. Doing last minute promotion for
 ApacheCon and filling slots as speakers cancel for one reason
 or another.

 Early bird pricing ends on the 21st.

 I can now confirm that about 6 of the original Apache Group
 will be in attendance, and leading a nostalgic panel to
 celebrate httpd's 20th birthday.

 The CFP for ApacheCon Europe will be opening very soon,
 probably before ApacheCon North America.

18 Feb 2015 [Rich]

 I will be late to the meeting by about 30 minutes. I will be there to answer
 questions, if any, by the end of the meeting.

 I am scrambling to get the schedule for ApacheCon NA put together, and while
 I've received a LOT of help from various people, the current CFP tools are
 woefully inadequate for the task. However, we should have a schedule, and
 keynotes, announced early next week.

 Meanwhile, I have delegated most of the work for ApacheCon EU to Jan Iversen,
 so that I'm not trying to do manage two events, and I am looking around for
 someone that might be interested in stepping up to rotate ApacheCon NA events
 with me.

 Rich needs help with ApacheCon planning; Sam volunteered to

21 Jan 2015 [Rich]

 This month I've been working on finding keynotes for
 ApacheCon, and trying to get various project communities to
 promote the CFP and seek speakers. Thus far, we have less than
 50 talks proposed, however, we've traditionally seen half to
 two thirds of proposals come in during the last week.

 The CFP closes on Feb 1, so the coming month will be spent in
 the selection process and other logistics around planning the

 I've also been working with the people at (as
 has Sally) to identify people within the Apache community to
 write for the 'Apache Quill' series that they'll be running
 for as long as we cam provide content.

17 Dec 2014 [Rich]

 We are in the ramp-up phase for ApacheCon North America, and
 I'm trying to gather a group of track chairs to shepherd
 content based on topic rather than specific project, as this
 makes it a lot easier to get people to attend. We are also
 trying to identify possible keynote speakers. Brian Behlendorf
 has confirmed that he will be keynoting. I'm also trying to
 contact as many of the early httpd crowd as possible to come
 celebrate httpd's 20th birthday. Brian is being very helpful
 with this.

 There has been discussion (as you will see in other reports)
 on the Trademarks list about event MOUs and blackout windows,
 and, for my part, I've been working with LF to encourage
 earlier planning, so that the blackout window becomes less of
 a big deal. Specifically, we're going to do our best to
 announce 2016 locations and dates at ApacheCon Austin. I don't
 yet know if this is actually feasible.

19 Nov 2014 [Rich]

 ApacheCon Europe ended a short time ago. The attendee reception
 is going on while this meeting is occurring. We had just shy of
 300 in attendance. People seem very pleased with the event so
 far (as of this writing).

 On Monday evening, we had a birthday cake for the 15th
 anniversary of the Foundation. On a personal note, I was sorry
 that more of you were not present for that.

 It's now time to start working on ApacheCon Austin. Discussions
 in Budapest have identified some things that we might try to
 increase PMC participation in that event. We're also trying to
 reach out to the earliest participants in the httpd project,
 since ApacheCon Austin will be held on the 20th anniversary of
 the first release of httpd. Brian Behlendorf has agreed to do a
 keynote with his thoughts about the past, but more about the
 future, of the Foundation. We are now looking for additional

15 Oct 2014 [Rich]

 Most of my time this month has been spent on ApacheCon EU.

 ApacheCon EU is one month away. We currently have about 170
 registrations, which is somewhat below what we wanted at this
 point, but we do tend to get a surge towards the end.

 We are working with numerous Meetup groups in Budapest to get
 the word out about the event, and are providing space to some of
 these groups to hold meetings during the event.

 Cassandra and Spark have both stepped up to fill some of the
 open slots in the schedule, and are working hard to bring an
 audience for those talks. Many other projects, particularly in
 the Big Data space, are working hard to get the word out about
 the event.

 One of our keynotes has been withdrawn, and we will be replacing
 it Bror Salmelin, the adviser for Innovation Systems at the
 European Commission. We also have keynotes from Hugh Howey,
 bestselling author of Wool, and David Nalley, VP Infrastructure
 at the ASF.

 ApacheCon North America is moving along. The LucidWorks people
 have agreed to colocate their event with ApacheCon this year,
 and Cloudstack will be running their event at ApacheCon again.
 we're talking with other projects about doing the same, and I'll
 be focusing more on this event as soon as we're done with

17 Sep 2014 [Rich]

 * ApacheCon
     * Europe

         We continue to move towards ApacheCon Europe. Now that
         we are just 2 months out, we will be pushing harder on
         projects and speakers to promote their content and bring
         the registration numbers up. As of the 15th,
         registration numbers are:

             Attendees: 44
             Committer: 26
             Student: 1
             Speaker: 72
             Sponsor: 4
             Total: 147

         With much assistance from the Cassandra community, we
         have added a Cassandra mini-summit, with a full track of
         content. The Cassandra project, as well as our friends
         at DataStax, will be promoting this as though it were a
         stand-alone event. This is an experiment to see if
         having conference promotions under several different
         banners is effective in bringing a larger audience.

     * Austin

         We have "soft announced" ApacheCon Austin as of the
         15th. See
         for the website and CFP. We will start shouting about it
         over the next few days, and if you want to leak the news,
         please feel free to do so.

 * BitCoin donations

    On August 26th, a query to the Fundraising list about whether
    we accept Bitcoin donations prompted us to create a Bitcoin
    account. This was mentioned on Reddit and several news sites,
    including and within the
    first 24 hours we had pulled in over US$2000 in Bitcoin
    donations. The rate has slowed down considerably since then,
    and our balance now is just under 7 Bitcoins, or US$3,300.

    In addition to the monetary benefit, this event got us quite
    a bit of very positive press on a wide range of news sites.

20 Aug 2014 [Rich]

 We have announced the schedule for ApacheCon Europe (Budapest,
 November 17-21, 2014) and registration is open. We currently
 have 118 people registered.

 We have also announced our keynotes, including Douglas Carswell,
 Member of Parliament (Great Britain), Hugh Howey, bestselling
 science fiction author, and David Nalley, VP of Infrastructure
 of the ASF.

 We are in the process of planning the less formal aspects of
 ApacheCon EU, including evening events, the ApacheCon Jam
 Sessions, Lightning Talks, Fast Feather Track, and so on.

 We have tentatively agreed to do ApacheCon North America in
 Austin, Texas, on the week starting April 12th. In the coming
 weeks we expect to sign contracts for that, and the CFP should
 be sent out in the next 30 days.

 This evening (August 20th) David Nalley and I are leading an
 evening session at LinuxCon North America, in Chicago, where
 CIOs and CTOs of local businesses will be attending to learn
 about the Apache Software Foundation, with an emphasis on
 sponsorship opportunities. This event is being covered out of
 the President's discretionary budget, in the absence of a
 fundraising budget at this time.

16 Jul 2014 [Rich]

 My time has been consumed by ApacheCon for the last month.

 ApacheCon EU will be held in Budapest, November 17-21 of this
 year, and will be produced by The Linux Foundation event team.

 The CFP for ApacheCon EU closed on June 25, and speaker
 notifications were scheduled to be sent out on July 15th. We did
 not meet this deadline, but expect to have the schedule settled,
 and notifications sent out, this weekend at the latest. The
 talks have mostly been selected, with enormous help from
 various people, most notably Jan Iversen, and a few details
 remain to be confirmed with potential speakers. What remains is
 to finalize the schedule - talk order, which days things appear
 on, and so on - and identify an adequate number of fallback

 At this point, we expect that the schedule will consist of 8
 tracks of talks for three days, followed by one day of tutorials
 (Thursday). ApacheCon will be immediately followed by the
 CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe.

 We are scheduled to announce the schedule on July 28th, but I
 hope to have this completed earlier than this, as I will be in
 vacation for the week of July 28th through August 1st.

 We are in the process of selecting a venue for ApacheCon North
 America 2015, and several locations are being pursued. We hope
 to have a final venue selection in August so that we can start
 the CFP process before ApacheCon EU.

18 Jun 2014 [Rich]

 Now that we're one week out from the end of the CFP, talk
 proposals are starting to come in. We contacted all PMC chairs
 to encourage them to get the word out to their dev@ and users@
 lists to send in their proposals. It is not yet known how many
 tracks we'll have at this event - it depends on the submissions
 we receive.

 I have been working on preparations for OSCon, so that we might
 make the most of our time there to speak with existing and
 potential sponsors.

21 May 2014 [Rich]

 Planning for ApacheCon Europe is moving along, with several keynotes
 selected and 25 papers in the CFP system. The CFP ends in a little
 more than a month, so the time to start pushing hard to get papers
 in is upon us and we should start seeing a lot more planning
 activity in the next few weeks.

16 Apr 2014 [Rich]

 ApacheCon North America 2014 was held April 7-9 in Denver,
 Colorado, USA. Despite the very late start, we had higher
 attendance than last year, and almost everyone that I have spoken
 with has declared it an enormous success. Attendees, speakers and
 sponsors have all expressed approval of the job that Angela and
 the Linux Foundation did in the production of the event. Speaking
 personally, it was the most stress-free ApacheCon I have ever

 Although I hope to have more detailed statistics prior to the
 board meeting, at the moment the attendee numbers are:

 Registered: 419
 No-shows: 36
 Speakers: 100ish
 Committers: 100ish

 We're still gathering feedback from speakers and attendees, and
 should have the results of that survey by the next board meeting.
 This feedback will inform any changes we make for future events.

 On the first day of the event, we announced
 ApacheCon Europe, which will be held November 17-21 2014 in Budapest.
 The website for that is up at and the CFP is
 open, and will close June 25, 2014. We plan to announce the schedule
 on July 28, 2014, giving us nearly 4 months lead time before the
 conference. We have already received talk submissions, and a few
 conference registrations. I will try to provide statistics each
 month between now and the conference.

 As with ApacheCon NA, there will be a CloudStack Collaboration
 Conference co-located with ApacheCon. We are also discussing the
 possibility of a co-located Apache OpenOffice user-focused event
 on the 20th and 21st, or possibly just one day.

 We eagerly welcome proposals from other projects which wish to
 have similar co-located events, or other more developer- or
 PMC-focused events like the Traffic Server Summit, which was held
 in Denver. I will begin pursuing project-specific and
 topic-specific tracks in a few weeks once I've gotten caught up
 on everything else.

 Discussion has begun regarding a venue for ApacheCon North
 America 2015, with Austin and Las Vegas early favorites, but
 several other cities being considered. We hope to have an
 announcement by early summer, so that this can get into the
 planning budgets of possible attendees.

19 Mar 2014 [Rich]

 With ApacheCon now less than a month away, registrations are
 progressing well, but rather behind my hopes. We were coming up
 on 300 registrations when the Early Bird price expired. (I'll
 hopefully update numbers prior to the meeting.) This is ahead
 of where we were at this point last year, but still
 disappointing given the expanded scope of the event. More
 importantly, however, the producer is happy with the numbers,
 and I view this event as an investment in the next event, so if
 they're happy, I'm happy.

 Everyone has been very helpful, with everyone I've asked for
 assistance immediately stepping up and helping out. I'm looking
 forward to doing this again, but with more lead time.

 Meanwhile, we're still looking at venues in Europe, the
 difficulty being that the OpenStack Summit in Paris hasn't
 announced dates yet, and so we have to avoid both options that
 they have announced, which greatly reduces our available venues.
 Dates we are currently looking at are December 7 in Prague or
 November 16 in Rome. Each of these have drawbacks, and we hope
 to have something decided by the end of this month.

19 Feb 2014 [Rich]

 ApacheCon North America 2014 will be held in Denver Colorado,
 April 7-9, with tutorials and a co-located Cloudstack event to
 follow on the 10th and 11th.

 Since the last meeting, the ApacheCon call for papers has come
 and gone, and we have, as of Monday, February 17th, selected a
 schedule of talks for the event, and notified the selected
 speakers. We are still receiving answers back from those
 speakers and adjusting the schedule for the people who have
 declined, or want their talks moved to avoid other conflicts.

 Members of the Apache community were amazingly helpful in the
 process of selecting the content, and I think we have a really
 solid schedule for this event.

 As compared to years past, the conference will have much more
 content, with 10 tracks on Monday and Tuesday, and 9 on
 Wednesday, and the Cloudstack Collaboration Conference on
 Thursday and Friday. Additionally we have a day and a half
 of tutorials, and numerous evening events.

 It is now LF's responsibility to market the event and draw in
 the registrations. I expect to have a report on registrations
 for the next board meeting. The lead time is very short, and
 they have their work cut out for them. Any way that we can help
 promote the event will be important to augment their effort.

 Meanwhile, we are looking at venues in Europe for November, with
 Budapest and Rome being considered. And we are also very
 tentatively looking at the possibility of doing an event in
 Brazil, although that is unlikely to be in this calendar year.

15 Jan 2014 [Rich]

 ApacheCon has been announced and the CFP is open. The event will
 be April 7-9 in Denver, with tutorials following April 10-11.
 Hackathon and BarCamp will happen as usual. Sally is helping me
 field questions regarding sponsorship and marketing, but LF is
 handling these things. Melissa has been very helpful in all of
 this, and she is getting the ball rolling for TAC for the event.

 The CFP closes February 1, and numerous people have stepped up to
 help review the proposed talks to help select the schedule.

18 Dec 2013 [Rich]

 We have a draft contract for ApacheCon 2014, and would very much
 like to get it signed prior to the Christmas break, so that we
 can start promotion the first of the year. Jim made some comments
 which, I believe, have been addressed in the latest draft. We
 also await the approval of the VP Brand on the trademark portion
 of the contract.

 Directors with comments about the draft contract
 (in $SVN/foundation/ApacheCon/2014) are asked to make those
 comments as soon as possible so that we can expedite the contract

 A number of people have stepped forward from various PMCs to
 participate in the content review portion of the RFP process, but
 we still have a large number of PMCs that are not represented.
 This will be something that I'll need to address as soon as the
 contract is signed.

20 Nov 2013 [Rich]

  I'd like to give a verbal report on the progress of ApacheCon,
  as I should be receiving some information on Monday or Tuesday,
  making it difficult to get a report in on time.

 Draft agreement for ApacheCon run by the Linux Foundation is
 not yet available. Could not find a venue in Las Vegas; a
 venue is on hold for Denver for the 2014 conference.

16 Oct 2013 [Rich]

 Over the last several weeks we (primarily Melissa and myself) have
 been in discussion with the Linux Foundation about producing an
 ApacheCon in the May/June timeframe, in the United States. There's
 been some back-and-forth regarding some items that we're concerned
 about (most importantly, content selection, sponsorship, co-location
 with related events), and we are content that we're seeing eye to eye
 on these issues, with some details remaining to be worked out.

 The summary, however, is that we intend to let them run the show in a
 way that they feel is most likely to lead to success - that we will
 pitch in where required, but not volunteer to do any of the tasks
 that they offer as part of their service. This leaves us with content
 as our only real task.

 The notes from our meeting on Thursday the 10th may be found in SVN,
 in $SVN/foundation/ApacheCon/2014 and questions should be directed to
 me and Melissa.

 We hope to have a contract signed in the early November time frame,
 so that we can get a CFP out at the end of 2013, or very early 2014,
 and so that we can be on the Linux Foundation event sponsorship
 prospectus for 2014.

 A concern that still remains to be worked out is that the Linux
 Foundation will not be underwriting the event, so, if the event is
 unsuccessful, we will be on the line for losses. This is a point
 which we are still discussing with Angela.

 Details will be send to the mailing list
 when they are worked out, but at the moment Melissa and I are
 handling this with the Linux Foundation, and expect to have more to
 report very soon.

18 Sep 2013 [Rich]

 No report was submitted.

21 Aug 2013 [Rich]

 Rich had nothing to report

17 Jul 2013 [Rich]

 No report was submitted.

19 Jun 2013 [Ross]

 Our EA and I have been discussing the state of the accounting for
 ACNA13.  We have some concerns over the reported numbers (see EA report
 Attachment 1). These concerns are preventing us from starting to plan
 the next ApacheCon. I have not fully reviewed the
 accounts at this point, but agree that the issues our EA has identified
 need to be explored.

 Finally, I've made a small start on updating the ComDev site to provide
 useful information for organisers of small events. I will continue work
 on this as time permits and will shortly be seeking assistance from the
 broader community.

15 May 2013 [Ross]

 I made all officers and PMCs of the plans to restructure ConCom
 to reflect the available resources and capabilities (See
 special order D). This will see the responsibilities of
 Conference Planning move to the President, Brand Management,
 Marketing and Publicity, and Community Development Project. Two
 points of concern were raised. The first by VP Community
 Development. This concern was that the small Community
 Development Project might not be able to cope with the new
 responsibilities, especially given that other PMCs are
 considering asking ComDev to assist them. See the ComDev board
 report for more information. The second concern was raised by
 VP Marketing and Publicity who felt there was the potential
 for new roles and responsibilities not to be clear and thus
 important responsibilities might go unaddressed. This is
 something that we must remain aware.

 In my opinion neither of these concerns should prevent us
 moving forward with the proposed change.

 I contacted The Open Bastion on behalf of the President in
 order to evaluate their interest in producing an ApacheCon
 North America and Europe. They are working on a new contract
 for our consideration and have asked me to build a list of
 conferences that should be avoided. Our EA will begin handling
 the contract negotiations going forward and will work with the
 President as appropriate.

 Greg notes that responsibilities falling through the cracks is
 what we are trying to address with this change. Ross continues
 to acknowledge the concern. Doug is concerned about handing a
 volunteer committee responsibilities that they are not
 enthusiastically accepting. Greg points out that people who
 are interested in small events are the volunteers and they
 will simply show up a that new list. Ross agrees and indicates
 that comdev will be less of a 'gatekeeper' than concom was.

17 Apr 2013 [Ross]

 A little work helping VP ComDev evaluate a mentoring programme proposal
 referred by Sam. Luciano quickly took over discussions and recently
 indicated they are nearing completion.

 I was scheduled to participate in a panel at OSCON discussing
 the various foundation models. However, Noirin Plunkett had
 also signed up to represent the ASF. I therefore stepped down
 in order to make way for Noirin.

20 Mar 2013 [Ross]

 The SGA for Ripple was finally signed-off, with none of the
 changes that had been originally requested by lawyers.

 ApacheCon went reasonably well. Attendance was lower in overall
 numbers but discussions with the producer led to the assumption
 that past ApacheCons had reported higher numbers because single
 day tickets were available.

 The producer did a good job without burning out our volunteers,
 my own feedback was to request they inject more of their own
 ideas into the event if they produce another. It would seem
 that they had chosen to stay aligned with the old model in
 order to understand the community before injecting more ideas.

20 Feb 2013 [Ross]

 A mostly uneventful month. There was a request from The Open
 Bastion to assist in generating more community interest in
 ApacheCon. The main concern was that VP ConCom appeared to be
 very busy elsewhere and was therefore unresponsive for a
 period. I did my best to fill the gap until VP ConCom was again

 One of the items that needed to be addressed was the collection
 of some sponsorship money from two sponsors who were unwilling
 or unable to pay The Open Bastion directly. This was addressed
 by VP Fundraising and the Treasurer but The Open Bastion felt
 this was a breakdown with respect to the single point of
 contact within the ASF.  Furthermore at least one of the two
 sponsors involved felt the delays this caused were somewhat

 These sponsorship payment issues have come up with both
 ApacheCon EU and ApacheCon NA. It is recommended that for
 future events we make provision for such sponsorships as part
 of our contract with the producer.

16 Jan 2013 [Ross]

 Things seem to be smoother this month. OpenBastion contacted me
 about contacting our sponsors about ACNA. I bounced this
 straight to Fundraising where it is being addressed. The issues
 concerns RIM have with their SGA remain but we are taking steps
 forwards. Thanks to both trademarks and legal for their help
 here. Other than that nothing to report.

19 Dec 2012 [Ross]

 Very quiet month which meant I was able to get a draft of the
 travel approval policy to the President for feedback. Will
 circulate to board once Jim has had time to feedback.

 VP ConCom approached myself and the President asking us to be
 Conference Chair, which is predominantly a figurehead role as
 defined by our contract with ACNA producer. Jim has been able
 to take on this role as it is currently uncertain whether I
 will be able to attend.

 I had a brief exchange with ACNA producer in response to some
 feedback on the board list about lack of appropriate ConCom
 support. The concern appears to be that ConCom were not pushing
 forwards as expected and, possibly even contracted, and as a
 result the producer is allowing things to get behind
 schedule. However, the producer indicated that whilst getting
 session reviews done has been difficult they have no
 significant issues now that a conference chair has been
 identified. In my opinion this is a symptom of ConCom trying to
 find the right balance between an ASF controlled event and a
 producer led event. Media Relations (Sally) are keeping a
 careful eye on things.

21 Nov 2012 [Ross]

 After ApacheCon EU it's been a quiet month for me. The ConCom
 report contains most of the feedback I provided to ConCom on
 ACEU and addresses some of the issues raised. I have nothing
 more to add, but those interested in more detail from me can
 read my feedback on the ConCom list.

 I managed to have a number of conversations with various people
 about how to get the most out of our volunteer efforts at the
 externally produced ApacheCon North America. Some of the ideas
 being discussed seemed to be heading in the right direction and
 were fed back to VP ConCom. See the ConCom report for more

 I've been working with RIM to coordinate their donation of
 Ripple to the incubator. It's presenting a few legal and
 trademark issues. The appropriate committees are providing
 necessary support.

17 Oct 2012 [Ross]

 ACEU is still requiring close attention. Mostly I'm operating
 as a member of ConCom but I did make a request, copied to
 board@, for more clarity in the budget control processes. I
 finally have a contract from The Open Bastion, yet to be
 signed. Since the event is now closing in on being sold out I'm
 looking into providing additional on-site support for the
 volunteers as the "bare bones" plan of self-organisation will
 not work with the numbers that will be present. There should be
 plenty of budget available to cover this, but first we need
 clarity on the current budget position.

 There was one request (from VP Concom) for travel expenses with
 only a couple of hours notice. In the Presidents absence I
 approved the request as it was a small amount and would clearly
 benefit ACEU. I still have not drafted the policy for travel

19 Sep 2012 [Ross]

 Budget to support ApacheConEU has been agreed with ConCom,
 waiting for any final objections before setting up discount
 codes. Steve of OpenBastion has still not submitted a contract for
 consideration. I've chased him a number of times. It looks like he
 has been putting his energy into making sure speaker
 acceptances/rejections went out.

 ConCom volunteers seems to be progressing more now that the
 pressure to produce a large event has subsided. The event has been
 rebranded as ApacheConEU (Community Edition).

15 Aug 2012 [Noirin]

 No report was submitted.

25 Jul 2012 [Noirin]

 No report was submitted.

20 Jun 2012 [Noirin]

 No report was submitted.

16 May 2012 [Noirin]

 No report was submitted.

18 Apr 2012 [Noirin]

 No report was submitted.

21 Mar 2012 [Noirin]

 No report was submitted.

15 Feb 2012 [Noirin]

 My apologies for last month--but I'm delighted to see our
 meetings in the calendar, and thanks to Melissa for her help
 with that!

 I look forward to helping Jim with the budget process, but have
 nothing else to report at present.

24 Jan 2012 [Noirin]

 No report was submitted.

21 Dec 2011 [Noirin]

 no report was submitted.

16 Nov 2011 [Noirin]

 [oral report]

 Spent time smoothing feathers for infra--people found out but
 didn't feel they'd been *told* at ApacheCon about the change
 in hats. Also spent time on the phone with Paschal, trying to
 get the credit cards reassigned and give Wells Fargo the info
 they need. That seems to have turned into a big mess, but I
 gather Sam's on it.

26 Oct 2011 [Noirin]

 At Jim's request, I've started to take over the tasks and
 responsibilities of VP Infra. The first challenge is to clearly
 define what those tasks are, which is in progress.

 I look forward to the opportunity to discuss this further at the f2f,
 and hope that we can effect a smooth transfer of whatever is

21 Sep 2011 [Noirin]

A report was expected, but not received

17 Aug 2011 [Noirin]

A report was expected, but not received

20 Jul 2011 [Noirin]

 Verbal report: nothing to report.

15 Jun 2011 [Noirin]

 Nothing of note to report.

19 May 2011 [Noirin]

 Nothing to report.

20 Apr 2011 [Noirin]

 A brief verbal report was given.

16 Mar 2011 [Noirin]

 Nothing to report.

16 Feb 2011 [Noirin]

 Quiet month. Spoke at about the community dev work
 at Apache, and attended KiwiFoo. Invited to speak about the ASF at
 Open Source Days in Copenhagen next month.

19 Jan 2011 [Noirin]

 Happy New Year! A quiet month, nothing to report.

15 Dec 2010 [Noirin]

 My keynote about our the Apache Way and community development was received
 with interest at OSDC - it was a refreshing reminder amidst some of the
 chaos we see internally that externally, we're still seen as a model to be
 emulated!  I also joined several panel-style discussions at the Sydney
 BarCamp, and the audience seemed to appreciate hearing more about the
 background to us leaving the JCP EC - again, a reminder that although we
 all know the whys and wherefores, it's worth repeating them for those who
 haven't heard yet :-)

17 Nov 2010 [Noirin]

A report was expected, but not received

20 Oct 2010 [Noirin]

 I spoke to several groups at the Open World Forum, about the Apache Way,
 including a video-cast with Intell'N TV. I will be presenting a keynote
 about our community development processes at OSDC in Melbourne next
 month. I will also be speaking about mentoring and incubation at Apache,
 at in January.

22 Sep 2010 [Noirin]

 Nothing to report for the 11 days of holding this role. :-P

18 Aug 2010 [Sander Striker]

 No report was submitted.

21 Jul 2010 [Sander Striker]

 No report received.

16 Jun 2010 [Sander Striker]

 Last month I have been mostly keeping track of the discussions
 in the membership after last board meeting.  That discussion has
 died down and has been replaced by nominations for members and
 board.  I'll reiterate to the membership that members are free
 to attend board meetings.

 I've assisted in booking travel for David Woollard, partly due to
 the President's replacement credit card not having arrived yet.  As
 with this experience I appreciate the TAC's request for a travel agent
 when it comes to booking multiple trips.

 I failed to follow up on my task of posting our RFP for EA, contrary
 to my previous reports statement of having it up on the 24th of last
 month.  The intent was there, the execution lacked.

19 May 2010 [Sander Striker]

 I'd like to take the opportunity to echo Jim's concern.  I'm not
 yet at the same stage of alarm, but that may be personal optimism.

 During Justin's absence no immediate action was required from the
 office of President.

 With respect to the executive assistant, I'm pushing the RFP to
 the site Mon, May 24.  The mailing list of the search committee
 will be listed as the address for applications.  I'll coordinate
 with PR to get some attention to the RFP.

 Shane: do we have clear consensus that we have budget for

 Sander: yes, we did that last month.

21 Apr 2010 [Sander Striker]

 Friday Apr 9th through Sunday Apr 11th I spent at the Apache Retreat.
 It was situated in a remote location, in Wicklow near Eniskerry.
 Thirty two people showed up to enjoy the incredible and unexpected
 weather conditions.  Transportation was partly arranged and partly
 taken care of by participants, which covered the needs.

 I personally found the remote location combined the limited amount of
 people to help interactions across all participants.  Being able to
 spend sessions outside sitting on the grass most certainly contributed.
 Committers, PMC members and ASF members were all represented.  There
 was a, to me, surprising interest in "The Apache Way".  Resulting in
 talking with individuals about history and umbrella projects.

 The organization fell to a single person due to circumstances, which
 wasn't noticeable.  Everything that needed to be taken care of was.
 Location and venue left no complaints.  Fifty people is probably what
 to shoot for, considering the no-show rate.  In my opinion the Ireland
 retreat is well worth a repeat; including the weather of course.

 The Hadoop project caught my attention during the event from an
 organizational perspective.  I have sent a subscription request to the
 Hadoop PMC list, to gather more awareness for myself about the state of

 An updated RFP is available in admin-search/rfp.txt, which I believe is
 good enough to get the search for candidates started.  The recent issues
 our VP of Infrastructure had making payments makes me think we should
 post the RFP sooner rather than later.

17 Mar 2010 [Sander Striker]

 Another quiet month, thanks to Justin doing a good job keeping up.

 The discussion with respect to the EA has flared up again, which
 reminded me of the ball I dropped there.  I'll reconnect with Greg
 Stein and will collect our previous thoughts on the matter, after
 which I'll construct an RFP for review.

17 Feb 2010 [Sander Striker]

 No report was provided this month.

20 Jan 2010 [Sander Striker]

 It's yet another short report for the EVP office. It's been a rather
 uneventful month. Press inquiries have all been handled by others. No
 speaking opportunities this month. No tasks to be handled requested by
 the President.  Not even hard drives to order for Infra. In other
 words: "Nothing of significance to report to the Board".

 That said, I should have mentioned my vacation, especially given the
 lack of connectivity. Last year I was close to an open network, I
 naively assumed the same this year. To cut this short, I'll be back
 on Jan 31. Should you need me in this timeframe, please do call my

16 Dec 2009 [Sander Striker]

 No report submitted.

18 Nov 2009 [Sander Striker]

 Verbal report: echoed Justin's report, highlight being

21 Oct 2009 [Sander Striker]

 No report submitted by Sander.  The following was submitted by Greg:


 Greg has been culling the mailing lists to get a handle on
 where and how the discussion got derailed several months
 ago. The intent is to fold the concerns into a final proposal
 to bring to the Board Offsite in two weeks. The proposal will
 be developed in svn for feedback/review, and will contain the
 job description, and our search/interview/hire process.

23 Sep 2009 [Sander Striker]

 As stated last month, I planned on this being a slow month for me.
 The only thing currently on the roster is speaking in Paris at Open
 World Forum.

 Greg and I failed to catch up on the EA effort, will set a time
 directly after the meeting.

19 Aug 2009 [Sander Striker]

 The main event last month was OSCON.  We had a booth there, which has been
 primarily been manned by Paul Querna and Alan Cabrera, assisted by
 Craig Russell, Justin Erenkrantz and myself.  We had a good number of
 people stop by the booth, though it hasn't been crazy busy.
 ASF/ApacheCon promo cards that were left over were taken by Alan, for

 In the days leading up to OSCON, Henri Yandell, Larry Rosen, Paul, Justin,
 and myself have participated in the FLOSS Foundations meetings.

 Justin and I spent a good two days in talking to various people from the
 press.  We also participated in a video shoot for the 10th
 anniversary of the Foundation.

 Lastly I briefly met with organisers of the Open World Forum, about a
 speaking opportunity in October in Paris.  They had a booth at OSCON too.

 Unfortunately, due to personal and work circumstances I didn't get around
 to updating the admin search documentation.  If Greg has the time, I'd
 like to ask him to pull the cart for a bit.

 There were two hard drives needed for the Netherlands; I have now finally
 ordered two.  Unfortunately the US credit card failed to work, so the
 amount will be expensed.

 Greg agreed to help out with the Admin Search documentation.
 Sander believes that a month will be more than enough time.

15 Jul 2009 [Sander Striker]

 As per Justin, we're going to be at OSCON, manning the booth,
 getting in touch with Sponsors, and meeting up with folks from
 other foundations.

 In the September and October timeframe there are some speaking
 opportunities in Europe; need to finalize my calendar and travel

   Roy: what is the current status of the EA search?

   Sander: want to get an impression of the new board before

   Roy: preference is to assume the mandate of the previous board

   Sander: the previous board was divided

   Roy: my guess is the current board is too

   Jim: we should restart it, and rehashing everything would not
   be a good use of our time

   Sander: I have time on Friday

   Jim: great!

17 Jun 2009 [Sander Striker]

 Verbal report provided.

 Admin search is on hold until member elections.

 There will be some speaking opportunities in October, may
 conflict with ApacheCon.

20 May 2009 [Sander Striker]

 Apart from having digested a large quantity of email on the budget
 and related topics, there is not a lot to report.  There has been
 no movement in the Admin Search Committee this past month.

15 Apr 2009 [Sander Striker]

 Most of my material was already covered by the Chairman.  But in addition I
 finally started with writing up a more condensed job description based on
 the input we gathered.

18 Mar 2009 [Sander Striker]

 [no report submitted]

18 Feb 2009 [Sander Striker]

 I've returned last week from a two week vacation.  Catching up on
 email has taken some time, to use an understatement.
 During my absense the Admin Search Committee, as created by the
 President last Board meeting, has received input from Jim, Bill,
 Sam and others.

21 Jan 2009 [Sander Striker]

 The search for administrative support has taken my interest.  Finding
 a suitable person as well as setting the expectations is going to be
 crucial moving forward in my opinion.  I'm foreseeing most of my time
 going into this.

 Identifying EU based events to attend has and will receive my attention
 next month as well.

17 Dec 2008 [Sander Striker]

 During the President's absense nothing came up that needed direct

 An ASF credit card was received.

 I participated in a PRC strategy call, which was to determine focus
 for upcoming period.  Outcome will be reflected in the PRC report
 next month.

19 Nov 2008 [Sander Striker]

 The highlight of last month was attending ApacheCon New Orleans.  I've
 remained mostly in the background during the event; it's been primarily
 informal interaction on my part.

 I've submitted accumulated expenses with our Treasurer, for flowers,
 the Paris and Milan trip.

15 Oct 2008 [Sander Striker / Justin]

 Last month, September 24th, I've been on a panel in Paris,
 during Capitale du Libre, on the topic of current state of
 Open Source in Europe, though it shifted to impact of the
 financial markets on Open Source.

17 Sep 2008 [Sander Striker / Justin]

 No report submitted.

20 Aug 2008 [Sander Striker / Justin]

Last month I've spent some time synchronizing with Justin
on ASF presence.  Events he can't make, and I potentially
can.  One is the International Workshop on Public Data
about Software Development.  The second is a speaking
oportunity at Paris Capitale du Libre.

In closing, one of our fellow committers, Maurice Marrink,
passed away.  To show our respect we've sent flowers to
the family.

Jim also notes that he is available for speaking opportunities, much in the same way that Greg was as the previous chair. General consensus is that this discussion should continue on the PRC list.

Jim agreed to move this report into section 4.

16 Jul 2008 [Sander]

 On behalf of Infrastructure I've reached out to some of our Dutch
 Members to see if they were willing to volunteer to go to our colo
 in Amsterdam when needed.  The feedback has been positive, and I've
 managed to show two people around at the Colo.  Pending update of
 the access list we should be in better shape there.

 After talking to Justin, I've started to look at getting up to speed
 with PRC, to be able to take over his role as backup there.  I've
 reached out to Sally to get her set up so that she can perform site
 updates without having to depend on others.  Over the course of
 next month I will increase time spent on PRC.

 As Justin mentions, for European events where we should have a
 presence, I'm going to try and attend.

 It was noted that Justin's role as backup is distinct from his
 role as president, Sander indicated his desire to become more
 involved with the PRC due as he views it as a key operational
 area.  Jim called for a vote on the PRC list.