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This was extracted (@ 2024-05-27 23:10) from a list of minutes which have been approved by the Board.
Please Note The Board typically approves the minutes of the previous meeting at the beginning of every Board meeting; therefore, the list below does not normally contain details from the minutes of the most recent Board meeting.

WARNING: these pages may omit some original contents of the minutes.
This is due to changes in the layout of the source minutes over the years. Fixes are being worked on.

Meeting times vary, the exact schedule is available to ASF Members and Officers, search for "calendar" in the Foundation's private index page (svn:foundation/private-index.html).


16 Dec 2020 [Currently Vacant]

A report was expected, but not received

18 Nov 2020 [Tom Pappas]

A report was expected, but not received

21 Oct 2020 [Tom Pappas]

VP Finance Sept 2020 report. Continued to work with Fundraising and
attended weekly ACNA @ home calls

16 Sep 2020 [Tom Pappas]

VP of Finance Aug 2020 report Month was quiet. Attended and supported
both Fundraising and Conferences meetings during the month No issues
to report

19 Aug 2020 [Tom Pappas]

VP Finance July 2020 report A quiet month. Attended Conference calls
Attended Fundraising calls

15 Jul 2020 [Tom Pappas]

VP of Finance Report June was a quiet month Continued to assist and
support Fundraising Also attended the biweekly conference meetings

17 Jun 2020 [Tom Pappas]

VP Finance May 2020 report Continued to assist and support Conferences
Continued to assist and support Fundraising

20 May 2020 [Tom Pappas]

VP Finance continued to work and support Treasurers, Fundraising and
Conferences/Road Shows
- Identified a possible option for Investment/Endowment for the
 Foundation. More research is required before a proposal is warranted.

15 Apr 2020 [Tom Pappas]

Continued to attend the Conference committee and assist where
applicable. Assisted in the Board Vote monitoring. Continue to attend
weekly fundraising calls and assist where applicable.

18 Mar 2020 [Tom Pappas]

VP Finance Feb 2020 report Continue to work and assist Fundraising
Worked and assisted the DC Roadshow with logistics and insurance
Worked with the Seattle Roadshow on logistics Continued to work with
EVP on FY 21 Budget

19 Feb 2020 [Tom Pappas]

* Continued work with Fundraising committee
* Working on Roadshows operations, including Insurance
* Working with the President, EVP and Dept heads on FY21 Budget creation

15 Jan 2020 [Tom Pappas]

VP of Finance report.  With the Holidays not much to report though
have been continuing to work with the Fundraising dept, the DC
Roadshow as well as Seattle Road show.  Working on quotes Event
insurance for  ACNA20 as well as for the Foundation as a whole.

18 Dec 2019 [Tom Pappas]

VP Finance Report Nov 2019
Continued work with Fundraising,
specifically with Lease Web Working with Seattle and DC Roadshows for
operational issues such as insurance, Contracts and Sponsorship's
Continue to work on Foundation General Liability and Travel insurance

20 Nov 2019 [Tom Pappas]

* Continued work with Fundraising committee
* Assisted Seattle Roadshow team, with agreement and insurance
* Working on Travel and General Liability insurance for the Foundation
* Verified D&O insurance is current
* Renewed Foundation Registered Agent

16 Oct 2019 [Tom Pappas]

* Worked with broker to secure ACNA 19 Insurance
* Completed and filed Sales tax exemption with State of Nevada, for ACNA19
* Working with CPA on 990
* Attended ACNA19, and worked with Fundraising team while there

18 Sep 2019 [Tom Pappas]

VP Finance Aug 2019 report
D&O insurance renewed and paid for
Working on FY18 990
Continue working with Fundraising
Continue working on ACNA19

No major issues to report

21 Aug 2019 [Tom Pappas]

VP of Finance report July 2019 performed worked on the following:
- Renewing the ASF Director and Officers Insurance
- Obtaining a $2 million Event and Liquor insurance policy for ACNA19
 that includes a Terrorism clause
- Worked with the Fundraising team on a number of sponsors both
 Foundation and ACNA related

17 Jul 2019 [Tom Pappas]

VP Finance June 2019 report Continue to work with and support
Fundraising committee Continue to Work with and Support Conference
committee on ACNA 19 Worked and completed the FY20 budget that was
approved with accounting team for the June 2019 financial close

19 Jun 2019 [Tom Pappas]

VP of Finance report May 2019 Attended the Board F2F in Chicago Worked
with the Roadshow Chicago team Continue to assist in the FY20 budget
process Work with the Fundraising team Assist the ACNA and ACEU teams
as needed

15 May 2019 [Tom Pappas]

VP of Finance April 2019 report Assisted Conferences with Insurance
resolutions for Chi Road Show Assisted Fundraising with work on event
sponsorships Assisting Treasurer with research and review of possible
new Expense reporting platform

17 Apr 2019 [Tom Pappas]

Worked with Fundraising to assist with issues Assisted the DC Roadshow
by resolving the Insurance issue and purchasing it for the event.
Attended the DC Road show to add assistance to the event. Reviewing
FY20 budget submissions work with events and conference team.

20 Mar 2019 [Tom Pappas]

VP Finance activities for Feb 2019:

1) Coordinated and made sure submission of the ASF 990 and Annual
report were filed on time to meet the March 2019 deadlines

2) Worked closely with Fundraising with regards to the DC Roadshow
(procuring Insurance for the event), Chicago Road show (working on
event insurance) and ACNA19

3) Participated in a phone call with the Event organizer's for ACEU19
to help coordinate finances

4) Met with a bank that also participates in the CDARs program that
has better rates than the current CDARs bank Boston Private offers,
exploring possible move due to better rates

5) Had further conversations with possible Wealth management firm, to
address ASF cash position

20 Feb 2019 [Tom Pappas]

For the Month of January , continued conversations with possible
Wealth Management option for foundation's excess funds. Also reviewed
a possible CDARS option that has better rates than the current Boston
Private option. Will continue to research and review.

16 Jan 2019 [Tom Pappas]

Nov 2018 VP Finance report. Not much activity for the month. Have
spent time assisting Fundraising and Sponsorship for event

19 Dec 2018 [Tom Pappas]

For the month of November, not much activity on the Finance front,
though have been working with Fundraising on a few items with regard
to Sponsors

21 Nov 2018 [Tom Pappas]

VP of Finance 2018 Report,

The major activity that occurred this month was my meeting with a
partner from one of the largest CPA firms in Massachusetts mainly to
discuss his experience with his clients Endowments and some other
topics.  A note will be coming out on the Finance@ list, in the near

I was also able to attend the monthly Fundraising call in October and
have been working on assisting and adding Guidance where I can.

17 Oct 2018 [Tom Pappas]

Hello everyone, while it was again a relatively quiet month, with
regard to the endowment inquiry as was discussed at the Sept 2018
board meetings, some carefully selected meetings with Sponsors have
been set up and will happen in Oct. Other items of note is there has
been an increased level of discussion around the "Targeted
Sponsorship" opportunity which has led to some good discussions around
how when they occur, need to be tracked and accounted for. Take care

19 Sep 2018 [Tom Pappas]

Aug 2018 Report for VP Finance.  As was the case in July there was not
much activity, though the Document from the AAFCPA's Wealth Management
firm arrived and I will be sharing it with the Board on the Board list
before the Board meeting.

15 Aug 2018 [Tom Pappas]

VP of Finance, July 2018 Report As with the June Report there has not
been a lot of Activity, though Kevin McGrail and I did have a phone
conversation with the JCF and I am finishing my notes for that meeting
which I will share.  Also I met again with the AAF Wealth management
firm and they are preparing a proposal which I hope to have before the
Sept Board meeting.  I will be on the call on Wed Aug 15th

18 Jul 2018 [Tom Pappas]

Hello everyone,  sorry for the delay in my report this month as it is
my first month as VP.  That said along with Kevin McGrail, will be
attending a call on Monday July 23rd, with the JCF to get more
familiar with their Endowment services.  I also had a call with the
AAF Wealth management group as I had noted on the previous board call
and they are preparing a proposal as the JCF has for review.  I have
also provided as noted on the lists a template of an Expense policy,
which people have made suggestions to. Other than that nothing else to