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This was extracted (@ 2021-06-16 22:10) from a list of minutes which have been approved by the Board.

Please Note The Board typically approves the minutes of the previous meeting at the beginning of every Board meeting; therefore, the list below does not normally contain details from the minutes of the most recent Board meeting.

Meeting times vary, the exact schedule is available to ASF Members and Officers, search for "calendar" in the Foundation's private index page (svn:foundation/private-index.html).


19 May 2021

1) ASF Sponsors: we are happy to close out FY2021 having exceeded our revenue
goals. We are renewing a Platinum Sponsor and are pursuing 7 Sponsor renewals
(2 Silver and 5 Bronze). We are awaiting payment from 6 Sponsors (1 Platinum,
 2 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1 Bronze). We are discussing Sponsorship with two
 candidate organizations.

2) Targeted Sponsors: we onboarded a new Targeted Sponsor at the Platinum
level and are awaiting input to onboard a second new Targeted Sponsor, also at
the Platinum level.

3) Sponsor Relations: standing Sponsor outreach continues. We are working with
a small handful of organizations with promotional opportunities included with
their sponsorship. We published the first “Sponsor Success at Apache” post
with Leaseweb (Targeted Platinum Sponsor).

4) Event Sponsorship: sponsorships for ApacheCon Asia and ApacheCon@Home are
underway. A small handful of agreements for ApacheCon Asia were delayed in
execution, which has been rectified. We are awaiting payments from three event
sponsors as of the end of April.

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we earned $2.5K in April over 50

6) Administrivia: day-to-day operations are running smoothly, and we are
enjoying additional participation from some members of the Fundraising team.

21 Apr 2021

1) ASF Sponsors: we are happy to be closing out FY2021, having exceeded our
revenue goals. We are renewing a Platinum Sponsor and are pursuing 10 renewals
(three Silver, and seven Bronze Sponsors). We signed on three new Sponsors
(one Gold and two Bronze), and are discussing Sponsorship with two candidate
organizations. We are awaiting renewal payments from two Gold and one Bronze

2) Targeted Sponsors: we are awaiting input to onboard a new Targeted Sponsor
at the Platinum level, and are upgrading a Bronze Targeted Sponsor to the
Platinum level.

3) Sponsor Relations: ongoing Sponsor outreach continues. We are continuing to
work with a small handful of organizations with promotional opportunities
included with their sponsorship.

4) Event Sponsorship: sponsorships for ApacheCon Asia and ApacheCon@Home have
kicked off. Combined packages for both events have proven particularly
attractive to sponsors, with Platinum level sponsorships already sold out. The
event sponsorship process, from the prospectus to sales to contracting to
invoicing, has been a smooth process, under the direction of VP Fundraising,
ApacheCon event leads, select Sponsor Ambassadors, and Accounting.

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we earned $10,566 during March
through Hopsie (, which includes a Bronze Sponsorship
payment as well as a corporate contribution from an Open Source advocacy group
in Europe.

6) Administrivia: our workflow processes, including invoicing, payment
processing, and reconciliation, are operating efficiently.

17 Mar 2021 [Roman Shaposhnik / Sander]

1) ASF Sponsors: we are working on $237K in renewals (one Platinum, two Gold,
and two Bronze Sponsors), $56K of which is remaining in renewals for FY2021.
We signed on three new Sponsors (one Gold and two Bronze), are discussing
Sponsorship with two candidate organizations, and have $287K invoiced
outstanding (new Sponsorships or confirmed renewals from one Platinum, three
Gold, and one Bronze sponsor). We received $626K in Sponsor payments (three
Platinum, three Gold, three Silver, three Bronze, and one Corporate Charitable
Contribution valued in excess of a Platinum Sponsorship).

2) Targeted Sponsors: we are onboarding a new Targeted Sponsor at the Platinum
level, and are in the process of upgrading a Bronze Targeted Sponsor to the
Platinum level.

3) Sponsor Relations: ongoing Sponsor outreach continues. We are working with
four organizations with various promotional offerings as part of their

4) Event Sponsorship: this year's ApacheCon@Home was just announced. Event
Sponsorship will be announced in the coming weeks.

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we earned $8,453 during February
through Hopsie (, which includes a Bronze Sponsorship
payment. We continue to receive charitable contributions on our online
donation platform.

6) Administrivia: we continue to fine-tune our workflow processes, including
payment reporting with ASF Accounting.

No report was submitted.

17 Feb 2021

1) ASF Sponsors: we are working on $237K in renewals (one Platinum, two Gold,
and two Bronze Sponsors). We signed on three new Sponsors (one Gold and two
Bronze), are discussing Sponsorship with two candidate organizations, and have
$581K invoiced (new Sponsorships or confirmed renewals from three Platinum,
four Gold, and one Bronze sponsor). We received $626K in Sponsor payments
(three Platinum, three Gold, three Silver, three Bronze, and one Corporate
Charitable Contribution).

2) Targeted Sponsors: we onboarded a new Targeted Sponsor at the Gold level.

3) Sponsor Relations: ongoing Sponsor outreach continues. We are working with
three organizations on promotional offerings as part of their sponsorship.

4) Event Sponsorship: no Apache events are in-flight at this time.

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we earned $11,842 during January
through Hopsie (, which now also accepts payments from Apple
Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay. Select Sponsors continue to use our online
donation platform to process payment of their Sponsorship fees. We also use
the platform for select charitable contributions.

6) Administrivia: we continue to streamline, automate, and optimize our
workflow processes and record-keeping.

20 Jan 2021 [Roman Shaposhnik / Patricia]

1) ASF Sponsors: we are working on $68K in renewals (one Gold, and three
Bronze Sponsors). We have $537K in invoicing (new Sponsorships or renewals in
place, with monies due to the ASF: this is for three Platinum; three Gold; two
Bronze Sponsors). We received $420K in Sponsor payments (two Platinum, two
Gold, three Silver, and two Corporate Charitable Contributions). We welcomed
(signed on) one new Platinum, one Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze Sponsor. We
are now administering/maintaining all Sponsor accounting records.

2) Targeted Sponsors: we are working on securing Targeted renewals for the New
Year, and completed end-of-year outreach with existing Targeted Sponsors.

3) Sponsor Relations: we have completed our end-of-year outreach to all
Sponsors. We are working with three organizations considering ASF Sponsor
promotional offerings as part of their sponsorship.

4) Event Sponsorship: no activity (there are no Apache events being planned at
this time).

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we successfully closed our
end-of-year Individual and Corporate Giving campaigns. We earned $7,602 during
December over 103 donations through Select Sponsors also
use our online donation platform to process payment of their Sponsorship

6) The work of ensuring our sponsor recognition (thanks page) matches our
internal records is receiving a boost thanks to automation. Tooling now exists
that identifies deltas between the two locations and will continue to be
enhanced with the goal of full, automated synchronization.

No report was submitted.

16 Dec 2020

1) ASF Sponsors: we are working on renewals for two Platinum Sponsors, two
Gold Sponsors, and three Bronze Sponsors. One Platinum, two Gold, one Silver,
and one Bronze Sponsors have confirmed renewals. One Platinum Sponsor has
given verbal confirmation to renew but needs to secure budget in order to
officially proceed. We are in the invoicing process with one Platinum, four
Gold, one Silver, and two Bronze Sponsors. We have received payment from a
Silver Sponsor, and one Bronze Sponsor is in arrears. One Bronze sponsor is
unable to renew for the 2021 Sponsorship year.

2) Targeted Sponsors: we finalized the renewal of a Platinum Targeted
Sponsorship, which was actively reworked over the past year. We are awaiting
confirmation from an organization that committed resources with ASF
Infrastructure, and will be onboarding them as a new Targeted Sponsor. We will
soon be conducting end-of-year outreach with existing Targeted Sponsors.

3) Sponsor Relations: we have begun our end-of-year Sponsor outreach and are
working with three organizations considering ASF Sponsor promotional offerings
as part of their sponsorship. We held calls with three sponsors (one each
Platinum, Gold, and Silver), and coordinated queries with ASF Legal Affairs,
Brand Management, and the Apache Incubator.

4) Event Sponsorship: no activity (there are no Apache events being planned at
this time).

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we earned $2,891 during November
over 47 donations. We started the end-of-year campaigns, including Giving
Tuesday and corporate giving programs, and have begun to receive several
donations. We have been notified of an incoming corporate gift that would
qualify the donor recognition as an ASF Sponsor.

18 Nov 2020

1) ASF Sponsors: we are working on renewals for two Platinum Sponsors, three
Gold Sponsors, two Silver Sponsors, and three Bronze Sponsors. One Gold, three
Silver, and one Bronze Sponsors have confirmed renewals. We have also received
renewal confirmation from two Platinum and one Gold Sponsors but are holding
on invoicing until they give us the go-ahead. We are in the invoicing process
with two Gold, four Silver, and four Bronze Sponsors. One Bronze Sponsor is
unable to renew for the upcoming year.

2) Targeted Sponsors: we are fine-tuning a Platinum Targeted Sponsorship,
which has been supporting ASF Infrastructure over the past several years, in
preparation of the upcoming year.

3) Sponsor Relations: Sponsor outreach, engagement, and communication continue
per usual. We have had three calls with Platinum Sponsors, all of whom are
seeking additional visibility for their contributions; one of which is
considering the Sponsor “Case Study” opportunity.

4) Event Sponsorship: all Event Sponsor payments have now been received for
ApacheCon@Home, and also received a corporate donation from the event.

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we have earned $3,907 total
during October over 45 donations. We worked with Central Services for this
year’s Giving Tuesday event, as well as end-of-year giving campaigns. We are
also working with Marketing & Publicity regarding launching a possible ad
program to benefit our giving campaigns.

21 Oct 2020

1) ASF Sponsor status: we are working on renewals for three Platinum
Sponsors, four Gold Sponsors, two Silver Sponsors, and five Bronze Sponsors.
We have approached a corporate donor (one-time cash donation, valued above
the Gold Sponsorship level) for possible repeat donation. We have signed on
two new Bronze Sponsors, and have confirmed renewal of one Bronze Sponsor. We
have received payment for a Platinum renewal, and are processing payment for
one Silver Sponsor.

2) Targeted sponsor status: a Silver Targeted Sponsor upgraded to Platinum,
which supports ASF Infrastructure. We are considering approaching a Targeted
Bronze Sponsorship that was donated in support of an Apache Project for
possible renewal.

3) Sponsor Relations: Sponsor outreach, engagement, and communication
continue. We promoted ApacheCon@Home sponsorship opportunities and other ASF
activities. We had discussions with two Sponsors, one of which requested our
assistance with a request from a PMC. One of our official points-of-contact
is on leave, and we have been in semi-regular contact with them. Another
point-of-contact has left their organization and we’re on-boarding their

4) Event Sponsorship: we have successfully processed all 11 ApacheCon@Home
sponsorships. Payments for all are nearly complete.

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we have earned $6,200 total
during September over 45 donations, which includes a Platinum Sponsor for
ApacheCon@Home. We have resolved an issue pertaining to a fraudulent charge
that took place in August. We are also preparing for this year’s Giving
Tuesday event, which is taking place 1 December 2020.

16 Sep 2020

1) ASF Sponsor status: we are pursuing renewals for one Platinum, one Gold,
and two Silver Sponsors; we have a dozen additional sponsors up for renewal in
Q4 of 2020. One Platinum sponsor has renewed one quarter prior to their
anniversary. Payments have been received from one Platinum and two Bronze
Sponsors. One Gold and one Silver sponsor have renewed, and one Platinum has
downgraded to Silver. We are in the invoicing process with two Platinum, one
Gold, one Silver, and three Bronze Sponsors, one of which is a new sponsor. We
are discussing possible sponsorship with four organizations (sponsorship
levels not yet confirmed).

2) Targeted sponsor status: discussions continue with two candidate Targeted
Sponsors interested in providing support to ASF Infrastructure.

3) Sponsor Relations: Sponsor outreach, development, and communication
continues. We have issued a sponsor update focusing on the August
month-in-review, ApacheCon@Home, and project interviews on Feathercast.

4) Event Sponsorship: we have successfully processed this year’s
ApacheCon@Home sponsors that include Apple, AWS, Codethink, DataStax, IBM,
Imply, Instaclustr, OpenLogic, PostgreSQL Association, Red Hat, and VMware. A
few additional sponsors are in-flight.

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we have earned $22,535+ total
during August. This includes sponsors using Hopsie for online payment
processing that includes ASF Sponsors (one Bronze renewal); ApacheCon@Home
(one Platinum payment); ASF Conferences partner (payment for use of the
ApacheCon Hopin account), as well as 40 individual donations, including one
donation for $7,200. We have also received a contribution from FOSS
Responders’ UPLIFT! program.

19 Aug 2020

1) ASF Sponsor status: we are pursuing renewals for one Platinum, one Gold,
three Silver, and one Bronze sponsors. We continue to pursue new
points-of-contact for one Silver sponsor, whose primary point-of-contact has
left the organization. One Platinum sponsor that was in arrears from FY2020 is
no longer being pursued for renewal. Payments have been received from one
Platinum Sponsor and one Gold Sponsor has renewed. Due to pandemic impacts on
their business, one Platinum Sponsor has renewed at a lower level and one
Bronze Sponsor was unable to renew. We are in the invoicing process with one
Gold and five Bronze Sponsors (two of whom are new Sponsors). We are
discussing a crypto-to-fiat contribution, reviewing Sponsorship options with
one candidate organization, and continue to explore options for future sponsor

2) Targeted sponsor status: discussions with two candidate Targeted Sponsors
interested in providing support to ASF Infrastructure have quieted, but we are
continuing to follow up.

3) Sponsor Relations: Ongoing Sponsor outreach, development, and communication
continues. We have issued a sponsor update focusing on the July
month-in-review, the FY2020 Annual Report, ApacheCon@Home, and Feathercast.

4) Event Sponsorship: Four Platinum sponsors have --DataStax, Instaclustr, Red
Hat, and VMware-- signed on for ApacheCon@Home. Three additional sponsors are

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we have earned $1,190 over the
past month. We have received a corporate matching gift from AOL. We had an
incident with a bot that was attempting fraudulent credit card payments via and slammed us with more than 600 messages in ~90 minutes.
The Hopsie team responded within the hour, stopped the attempts, and also
implemented a captcha challenge for all donations.

15 Jul 2020

1) ASF Sponsor status: we are pursuing renewals for two Platinum, one Gold,
three Silver, and two Bronze sponsors. We await purchase orders to invoice
renewals for one Platinum sponsor. We are still seeking new points-of-contact
for one Silver sponsor, and have been trying various contacts within this
organization. One Platinum sponsor remains in arrears. Payments have been
received from one Gold Sponsor. Two Bronze Sponsors have renewed. We are in
the invoicing process with one Platinum, one Gold, and three Bronze Sponsors.
We are discussing Sponsorship options with two candidate organizations, and
continue to explore options for future sponsor prospecting.

2) Targeted sponsor status: We are in discussions with two candidate Targeted
Sponsors interested in providing support to ASF Infrastructure.

3) Sponsor Relations: We’ve connected with those Sponsors interested in
ApacheCon and have guided them to the ApacheCon@Home site and prospectus.
Ongoing Sponsor outreach, development, and communication continues.

4) Events: Sales for ASF Conferences launched 10 days ago with immediate
interest. Thus far, we have secured three sponsorship agreements and two in

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we have earned $2,670 over the
past month. We have registered as a recipient of the American Express
Corporate Matching Gifts program for contributions and volunteer hours made by
their employees. The ASF was one of ten organizations awarded a distribution
from the UPLIFT! initiative by FOSS Responders.

17 Jun 2020

1) ASF Sponsor status: we are pursuing renewals for one Platinum, one Gold,
and two Bronze sponsors. We continue to wait for purchase orders to invoice
renewals for one Platinum sponsor. We signed a 5-year agreement with a
Platinum Sponsor, and confirmed one Sponsor upgrade from Silver to Gold. We
are seeking new points-of-contact for one Silver and one Bronze sponsor. One
Platinum sponsor is in arrears. Two Silver Sponsors have chosen not to renew,
whilst one Gold and one Silver Sponsor have asked to delay their renewals to
Q3. We signed on one new Bronze Sponsor this month. Payments have been
received from one Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze Sponsor. We await payment
on renewals from one Platinum and one Gold.

We Performed an audit of Sponsors with multi-year commitments, specifically
those who had locked in their rates prior to our first-ever increase in 2017,
as well as Bronze Sponsors who secured a linked listing with through a
multi-year commitment. We also changed all the Sponsor links at to rel="sponsored" per our updated policy
set last month.

We had a misfire with an appeal email from a service provider that was sent to
an improperly vetted list, and worked with Marketing and Publicity to craft
statements and address any backlash. We are also exploring options for future
sponsor prospecting.

2) Targeted sponsor status: we continue to confirm Targeted Sponsor
commitments. Our efforts towards developing a new Targeted fund specifically
earmarked for TAC recipients to ASF Conferences are on hold until face-to-face
events resume.  One Sponsor who committed support for ASF Infra have
apparently terminated support with no notice; we are seeking clarity on this
action. We are also exploring options with a candidate Targeted Sponsor
interested in providing support to ASF Infrastructure.

3) Sponsor Relations: Sponsor queries regarding opportunities to support
ApacheCon have subsided as those interested are still awaiting information,
and we await information from ASF Conferences. It has been a somewhat quiet
month otherwise, as the coronavirus continues to impact budgets and headcount
at some sponsor organizations.

4) Events: we are ready to begin sales for ASF Conferences once the planning
team finalizes the prospectuses and plans for the remaining events in 2020.

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we have earned $1,100 over the
past month. We participated in #GivingTuesdayNOW, a COVID-focused campaign
earlier in the month. Individual giving continues to slow down in light on the

20 May 2020

1) ASF Sponsor status: we are pursuing renewals for one Platinum, one Gold,
one Silver, and three Bronze sponsors. One Silver has been acquired and their
renewal status remains unknown. We continue to wait for purchase orders to
invoice renewals for one Platinum sponsor. One Gold sponsor has upgraded to
Platinum, and one Platinum has downgraded to Gold. We are seeking new
points-of-contact for one Silver and one Bronze sponsor. One Platinum sponsor
is in arrears, and one Silver sponsor has chosen not to renew. An incoming
crypto-to-fiat donation has been postponed to Q2 FY2021 due to market
fluctuations. We received two queries regarding Bronze sponsorship and have
signed on one new Bronze Sponsor this month.

2) Targeted sponsor status: we continue to confirm Targeted Sponsor
commitments. Our efforts towards developing a new Targeted fund specifically
earmarked for TAC recipients to ASF Conferences continue, but will hold the
program until face-to-face events resume. We have been approached by a
candidate Targeted Sponsor interested in providing support to ASF

3) Sponsor Relations: we are responding to Sponsor queries regarding
opportunities to support ApacheCon.

4) Events: we are ready to reconfigure prospectuses and begin sales for ASF
Conferences once the planning team finalizes next steps for the remaining
events in 2020.

5) Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we have earned $925 over the
past month. Individual giving, in general, has slowed down due to COVID-19

15 Apr 2020

ASF Sponsor status: we are pursuing renewals for one Platinum, one Gold, five
Silver, and three Bronze sponsors, of which one Gold and one Silver have been
acquired and their renewal status remains unknown. We continue to wait for
purchase orders to invoice renewals for one Platinum and one Gold sponsor. We
are seeking a new point-of-contact for one Silver and three Bronze sponsors.
One Gold sponsor remains in arrears. We have had no new Sponsors this month.

Targeted sponsor status: we continue to confirm Targeted Sponsor commitments.
We are developing a new Targeted fund specifically earmarked for TAC
recipients to ASF Conferences. We have a new Targeted Sponsor that will mostly
focus on promoting ASF Conferences as a media partner for all events.

Sponsor Relations: we have been following up with Sponsors on the ASF 21st
Anniversary and other Foundation updates.

Events: we have suspended sales for ASF Conferences that were cancelled or
postponed due to the coronavirus.

Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we have earned $790 over the past
month. Worldwide donations have been generally directed towards efforts
supporting the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past quarter we experienced a high
volume of ongoing fraudulent donation attempts that are now easily blocked
through the Hopsie dashboard.

18 Mar 2020

Fundraising continues operating smoothly with renewals and business-as-usual
work. We are pursuing renewals for one Gold, two Silver, and two Bronze
sponsors. One sponsor has deepened their commitment to The ASF by upgrading
to Platinum and signing a multi-year sponsorship agreement. We are waiting
for purchase orders to invoice renewals for one Platinum and one Gold
sponsor. One Gold and one Silver sponsor have been acquired and are sorting
out their future budgets/strategy. We have been seeking a new
point-of-contact for one Silver and one Bronze sponsors. One Gold sponsor is
in arrears. We had no new Sponsors this month.

We are finalizing our outreach to our Targeted Sponsors to confirm their
commitment to renew their benefits to The ASF through 2020. We will continue
to work on developing a new Targeted fund specifically earmarked for TAC
recipients to ASF events in collaboration with the TAC team, but will hold
off on its launch until travel bans and coronavirus-related issues ease. We
also received a new Targeted donation to benefit Apache Tomcat.

We have reached out to all Sponsors regarding their renewals, per their usual
sponsorship cycle. We also pre-pitched sponsorship opportunities for ASF
Conferences in 2020. We will be following up to share the Q3 Operations
Summary as well as the ASF Statement on the COVID-19 coronavirus Outbreak and
an update on ASF conferences.

Support for ASF Conferences in 2020 continues as usual, comprising 3
Roadshows in North America and 1 in Europe, as well as ApacheCon North
America. We have ceased sales for those Roadshows that were cancelled or
postponed due to the coronavirus.

We earned $2,215 over the past month from individual donations and corporate
giving. We have been experiencing a high volume of repeat fraudulent donation
attempts over the past few months, and have successfully worked with Hopsie
and ASF Infrastructure to resolve the issue.

19 Feb 2020

We continue operating nominally with regular renewals. Of note is that one
Gold and one Silver sponsor have been acquired and are sorting out their
future strategy. We have been seeking a new point-of-contact for one of our
Bronze sponsors. We have three sponsors that are in arrears. We welcomed one
new Bronze Sponsor, Xplenty, this month.

Our outreach to our Targeted Sponsors to confirm their commitment for the 2020
year continues. The majority of existing Targeted Sponsors have confirmed to
renew donated products and services.

We have also reached out to all Sponsors regarding their renewals, per their
usual sponsorship cycle. We have also pre-pitched sponsorship opportunities
for ASF Conferences in 2020.

We're continuing to engage with ASF Conferences team to provide support and
process documentation. With 3 Roadshows in North America and 1 in Europe, as
well as ApacheCon North America, we want to be sure the procedures we work up
are commonly understood and useful for all teams involved. Of note, we've
finalized our process for sponsorship sales and documented the procedure for
future events.

Individual Donations and Corporate Giving: we have earned $1,950 over the past
month. Some sponsors are also using the donation interface to pay for their
sponsorship renewals using a credit card; we received a Silver Sponsorship
renewal payment this month. We experienced a high volume of repeat fraudulent
donation attempts, and are working with Hopsie  and ASF Infrastructure to
resolve the issue.

We are also working to socialize and improve understanding of the link policy
modification communicated in November. The sponsorship page has been updated
to indicate that all links are rel="sponsored" and we're planning an email
communication for all existing sponsors to let them know about the upcoming
change upon their renewal.

15 Jan 2020

As with prior months, we continue processing renewals smoothly through
business-as-usual activities. Of note, we've recently had a sponsor upgrade
from Bronze to Silver. Additionally, two Bronze sponsors will not be renewing:
one is no longer in business, and the other has chosen to not renew their
sponsorship. We continue pursuing overdue sponsorship fees as well as working
through email connectivity issues with a prospective Silver sponsor.

We are supporting sponsorship for ASF Conferences in 2020, comprising 3
Roadshows in North America and 1 in Europe, as well as ApacheCon North
America. All outstanding sponsor payments for 2019 ApacheCons are now closed,
with thanks to Virtual. Additionally, we had a great touchbase with EVP and
TAC (+M&P) in late December during our weekly Fundraising call that should
lead to improved awareness among our "departments".

We are delighted to share that the Individual and Corporate Giving campaign,
which launched on 27 November and ended on 31 December, grossed $14,240 over
112 individual donations and 3 corporate gifts. This reflects a 222% increase
over last 2018's yield. We are pleased that several past donors participated
again in this year’s campaign, and provided some heartening feedback. One
donor wrote: "Your expressions in your email is exactly why the global
community owes Apache full support. Years ago when I needed an office suite
and could not afford Microsoft Word, Apache was there for me. You make
computer literacy and online fluency possible for billions around the world.
Thank you for being there."

We have reached out to all Sponsors regarding their renewals, per their usual
sponsorship cycle. Our Ambassadors Ted Lieu, Bob Paulin, and Craig Russell
have been bringing forth new candidate Sponsors this year. Part of our program
is to actively engage with sponsors throughout the year to alert them of
upcoming events, activities, and opportunities, and are dovetailing with
Marketing & Publicity outreach in select instances as appropriate. Sponsor
reception has been positive --recent feedback includes: "Loving all the
sponsor / marketing / publicity activity. Professional, positive, crisp, and
awesome" and "thanks also for your are very generous".

18 Dec 2019

Our typical Fundraising operations continue as usual. Several renewals have
been processed and several are in flight. We saw a pleasant change in
sponsorship level with one sponsor upgrading from Bronze to Silver. Two bronze
sponsors have rolled off (on has gone out of business and the second is not
renewing). We continue working with a new Silver sponsor, but progress is slow
due to email deliverability challenges

We are excited to have completed onboarding for two new Targeted Sponsorships.
The Apache Cordova project received an anonymous donation and Cloudbees is
providing benefits to ASF Infrastructure

Although we've only just closed all remaining ApacheCon 2019 payments, work
for ApacheCon and the various roadshows in 2020 has begun.

In November we received $8,686 from individual and corporate donors via Hopsie
with THREE QUARTERS ($6,519) being raised during the Individual and Corporate
Giving campaign, which launched on 27 November and will continue to run
through the end of 2019.

20 Nov 2019

Fundraising continues operating smoothly. We are in the process of renewing
additional sponsors --3 Platinum, 3 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze-level
Sponsors. Payment has been received by 1x Platinum, 1x Gold, and 1x Silver.
We look forward to announcing a new Sponsor at the Silver level after
identifying some issues with email (China firewall?) that caused a few weeks'

We continue working on two new Targeted Sponsorships: one to benefit the
Apache Cordova project, and the other for ASF Infrastructure. The
Infrastructure-supporting sponsor is being onboarded and is working with ASF
Marketing & Publicity on messaging and related communications.

We are beginning to support sponsorship planning for ASF Conferences in 2020,
including Roadshows in North America and Europe, as well as ApacheCon North
America. We are continuing to help Virtual/Accounting on remaining sponsor
payments for 2019 ApacheCons in North America and Europe

Campaign preparations for Individual Giving season, which includes Corporate
Giving, has begun. These will launch in the next few weeks.

We received about $1,185 from individual donors via Hopsie.

We have modified our link policy for the "thanks page". Going forward, all
new Sponsor links will be added with the rel="sponsored" tag. See Existing links will
be converted upon renewal or opt-in by the Sponsor. Site, policy, form, and
agreement documentation has been updated.

We were delighted to say hello to and thank several of our sponsors in person
at COSCon in Shanghai Nov 2 and 3. Attending the event from the Fundraising
team was Daniel Ruggeri (VP Fundraising) and Ted Liu (Sponsor Ambassador,
COSCon organizer).

16 Oct 2019

Fundraising continues firing on all cylinders with efficient and effective
work. We are in the process of renewing 3 Platinum, 2 Gold, and 2 Silver-level
Sponsors. 2 Bronze sponsors have renewed, with payment received by one of
them. We are also in conversations with a NEW Silver sponsor.

The previously reported consolidation of an ASF and Targeted Platinum
sponsorship has been finalized. Big thanks to the extended team's work over
the past year+ to make it happen.

A targeted sponsorship for D&I was received and processed per our BAU
procedure. This was the first exercise of the procedure and worked well. We
are also in conversation for a potential targeted cash sponsorship for a
project as well as for Infra. We're also continuing conversations around a
potential crypto-to-fiat donation, and are awaiting next steps from the donor.

We continue to support ApacheCon Europe, having recently completed all
outstanding signatures and agreements. Preliminary discussions have begun
regarding the Seattle Roadshow.

Day-to-day operations are optimized: weekly status calls are ongoing, and
longer-term projects are underway (including fine-tuning Bronze Sponsorships;
promoting Targeted Sponsorships; streamlining Fundraising-related online
assets; and preparing campaigns for Individual Giving season)

We have received ~$1,280 individual donors via Hopsie.

18 Sep 2019

Fundraising continues operating smoothly. We secured 3 new Bronze Sponsors
this past month. We are working on two Bronze and one Platinum renewals. We
are also finalizing consolidation of a combined (ASF + Targeted) Platinum

After another successful ApacheCon North America, we are responding to final
event-closing inquiries and are preparing for 2020 events. We continue
supporting ApacheCon Europe.

During ApacheCon North America, we held a great Sponsor luncheon to spend time
with our ASF family. 22 Sponsor representatives and 13 ASF team members
(Board, Executive, and Sponsor Ambassadors) participated.

An article that scrutinized the ASF Sponsorship program at the Bronze level
was published,
causing some confusion and distress with a small handful of sponsors whose
links may be affected. We are discussing any potential changes needed.

After publishing the ASF FY2019 Annual Report Sally, along with ASF Sponsor
Ambassadors Ted Liu, Bob Paulin, and Craig Russell, connected with all
Sponsors to share news of this milestone and extend assistance during

We received ~$1,930 from individual donors via Hopsie, with an additional
$2,000 ACH payment pending. $1,105 of the above total donations was raised as
 part of the ”Trillions” documentary campaign

21 Aug 2019

Fundraising business is operating smoothly. We are pleased to welcome 1 new
Silver and 2 new Bronze foundation sponsors this month. We also renewed 1
Platinum,  2 Silver, and 3 Bronze sponsors. Work continues consolidating terms
of a combined (ASF + Targeted) Platinum sponsorship.

The previously reported email issues with a sponsor in China have been
resolved. They have renewed their sponsorship and are also becoming an
ApacheCon sponsor, and are in the final stages of  document signature.

Restructuring continues, with updated records, new forms, and online account
maintenance. The online form-based onboarding is working well and new sponsor
agreements and renewals are successfully being processed using DocuSign.

We are continuing to work with Virtual to sign on new sponsors for
ApacheCon/Las Vegas, and continue working with new thinking/Plain Schwarz on
bolstering their sponsor activities.

~$900 received from individual donors via Hopsie, which is not uncommon during
 the holiday period.

We are using the publishing of the annual report as a prompt to engage
sponsors through our ambassadors.

17 Jul 2019

Fundraising continues to go well thanks to our wonderful sponsors. This month
we secured two new Bronze sponsorships and have processed four renewals (2
Silver, 2 Bronze).

We continue the efforts around consolidating terms of an ASF + Targeted
Platinum sponsorship. This has been an ongoing effort with the sponsor, Infra
and Fundraising for several months. Conversation has picked up recently and a
path forward has been identified.

We also continue our relentless pursuit of improved operations by driving
focus on updating record keeping, securing, and maintaining online accounts.
New sponsor agreements and renewals are successfully being processed using
Docusign through Virtual ensuring these activities continue to run smoothly.
Sponsor onboarding is now also done via online form which directly feeds the
central data tracker for sponsors. This unlocks significant automation
capabilities down the road!

Support for events remains on track and doing well. We are continuing to sign
on new sponsors for ApacheCon US and ApacheCon EU as well as working with both
sponsorship lead teams to improve sponsorship sales.

We received $3,135 from individual donors via Hopsie. An ApacheCon Bronze
sponsor also paid their sponsorship fee via Hopsie during this period as well.

19 Jun 2019

A report was expected, but not received

15 May 2019

Fundraising continues securing sponsorship renewals and are working with
Virtual closely on invoicing and following through with sponsor payment. We
were also able to renew AND upgrade a Sponsor whose account was in arrears for
6 months. As with our prior report, our Sponsor Ambassadors are
"current" on communications and check-ins.

We continue working to consolidate terms of combined (ASF + Targeted) Platinum
sponsorship; steady progress has been made over the past quarter.

As with the prior report, onboarding of a Targeted Platinum Sponsor remains on
hold pending legal clearance.

A potentially worrisome situation continues to present itself where we have
problems with email deliverability when reaching a sponsor in China. We have
had to resort to using our private emails to send messages (copying lists) until the issue is resolved. Infra is aware of the

We have closed 22 event sponsor opportunities (with 12 organizations) and 2
media partnerships across Apache Roadshow/Chicago (1), ApacheCon/Las Vegas
(19), and ApacheCon/Berlin (2). Sponsor agreements have successfully been
 signed using our new Docusign account; we are waiting for final confirmation
 from 5 additional companies to enter contracts.

To that end, the digital sponsorship agreement process investment has helped
simplify the acts of creating/sending/signing/gathering completed event
agreements. Through this process change, we've witnessed a decrease in
volunteer time spent doing such clerical work.

Although we've had a slow start, we are working closely with Virtual’s
business development/growth team on targeting, qualifying, and pitching
candidate sponsors for both events and the foundation.

We're pleased to report that we received $4,927+ from individual donors via
Hopsie (PLUS additional payments received from PayPal and Amazon
independently) this past month.

17 Apr 2019

Fundraising continues securing sponsorship renewals and are working with
Virtual closely on invoicing and following through with sponsor payment. We
were also able to recover payment and reinstate a Sponsor whose account was in
arrears for 11 months. As with our prior report, our Sponsor Ambassadors are
"current" on communications and check-ins. This has allowed us to catch and
 correct Sponsor personnel/contact/email quickly.

We have been unable to onboard a Targeted Platinum Sponsor, and are awaiting
clearance from ASF Legal in order to proceed.

We continue engaging with the Conferences team in support of our three events:
Apache Roadshow/Chicago, ApacheCon/Las Vegas, and ApacheCon/Berlin. We have
finalized the base sponsorship agreement for event (ApacheCon, Roadshow and
multi-event) sponsorships. We have onboarded with DocuSign to streamline and
improve the discoverability of documents via a templatized, digital signing
process. We're happy to have supported the efforts around The ASF's 20th
Anniversary, responding to the Apache Events CFPs and Event Sponsorships.

We're pleased to report that we've received $5,620 from individual donors
through our Hopsie page.

We're also pleased to receive ~$1,800 from proceeds of the InnerSource Commons
Summit, which is a recurring donation from that community.

20 Mar 2019

Fundraising is doing well with timely renewals, invoicing and sponsor
contacts. Our Sponsor Ambassadors have completed outreach/check-in with ASF
Sponsors and Targeted Sponsors. Big thanks to our Sponsor Ambassadors for
their effort. We are also in the process of welcoming two new sponsors and are
happy to report this month that more than $500 USD has been donated by
individual donors.

We also continue working with Platinum and Gold sponsors for promotional
opportunities. Three Platinum sponsors have recently taken advantage of the
benefit and we will soon be releasing a Sponsor case study. We're also working
with sponsors for our 20th Anniversary.

Work with ASF events has continued picking up. We've partnered with the
Conferences team to help finalize event prospectuses for Apache Roadshow
Chicago, ApacheCon NA Las Vegas and ApacheCon EU Berlin. Sponsorship support
for the events is going well. We are also engaged with the event producers to
establish processes.

We continue our ongoing records maintenance and accounts reconciliation on the
backend of our processes and published our FY2019 Q3 report.

20 Feb 2019

As always: we can't do what we do without our sponsors so we are delighted to
welcome AWS (Platinum) and Workday (Gold) to the ASF family as sponsors this
past month. We also renewed four sponsorships and received $3,414.55 from 42
donors via our individual giving platform. We thank everyone for keeping the
family strong!

As the Fundraising committee continues the "back office" work, we are pleased
to report that outreach to all ASF Sponsors and Targeted Sponsors has been
initiated as planned. Through these activities, we have confirmed renewal from
most Targeted Sponsors and increases in support for several Targeted Sponsors
going forward. These conversations even resulted in a new Apache Incubator
project proposal from a Platinum Sponsor! We also continue conversations with
top tier sponsors for promotional opportunities such as the recently posted
case study from Gold Sponsor, Bloomberg ( Last but
not least, we greatly enjoyed shaking hands and exchanging smiles at FOSDEM
with our ASF family members that could make it.

The Fundraising committee is also gearing up for 2019 event support under a
new model and has engaged with the various event planning teams. Our own Bob
Paulin (Sponsor Ambassador) will serve as Event Sponsor Ambassador for the
Apache Roadshow Chicago event. Sharan Foga (VP ComDev) will serve as Event
Sponsor Ambassador for the ApacheConEU event in 2019 and Daniel Ruggeri (VP
Fundraising) will handle ApacheCon NA 2019. Early engagement and clear
documentation of roles/responsibilities with the various event planning teams
will ensure another round of awesome events for 2019!

We continue driving internal efficiencies in the committee to ensure our
Sponsors know how much we love them. A few notable activities:
 - Restructuring of team activities including regular reporting schedule from
   Sponsor Ambassadors
 - Formalized process and documentation for ASF Conference (ApacheCon and
   Roadshows) support
 - Documentation of roles/responsibilities/workflow for the new Event Sponsor
   Ambassador role and overall event planning support
 - Streamlining record keeping processes including reconciliation with
 - Continued auditing/cleanup of mailing lists and notification channels

The team also thanks Kevin A McGrail for his hard work and dedication (VP and
Co-VP Fundraising) over the past two years as he steps away from Fundraising.
We have successfully completed transition of notes, ongoing action items and
plans as of early Feb and wish Kevin luck in all his future endeavors.

16 Jan 2019

Fundraising continues to support and add value to the foundation and KAM is
executing on the tasks for a graceful exit. His work will be divided up among
a combination of increased hours for HALO, new work for Virtual and a
freelancer is being sought for event fundraising.

Our monthly committee meetings continue with our last meeting on Jan 10th. New
meetings will be standing meetings on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  The time
of day is being discussed by the committee.

There is no major change in event fundraising to report beyond talks continue
and final prospectuses are needed for the ACNA, ACEU and Chicago Roadshow

Financially, we continue to add more sponsors and fundraising goals are being
met or exceeded.  With the ASF running under budget, gaining more sponsors and
some early sponsor payments, we are now $708K ahead of budget based on Net
Income for the Fiscal Year to Date.

With the current budget and reserves, we have jumped from 10.5 to 15.5 months
of operational monies in our operating accounts.  Adding the additional monies
from Pineapple and the restricted donation earmarked for the endowment we
could consider that an additional 9.3 months in reserve by our calculations.

Finally, total cash as of Dec 31st, 2018 is $3,720.7K as compared to
$1,663.1K on Dec 31st 2017 representing a $2,057.6K increase in one year.

19 Dec 2018

Fundraising continues well financially.

Our monthly committee meetings continue and our next meeting is on the 10th of
January and guests are welcome.

Financially, we continue to add more sponsors and fundraising goals are being
met or exceeded.  With being under budget, gaining more sponsors and some
early sponsor payments, we are now $600K ahead of budget based on Net Income
for the Fiscal Year to Date with 10.5 months of reserves in our operating
accounts plus additional monies from Pineapple and the restricted donation
earmarked for the endowment.

An initial prospectus for ApacheCon EU 2019 was sent and we are currently
working on verbals for 4 platinum sponsors.  Fundraising for ApacheCon EU 2019
and a Roadshow Event in Chicago as well as a combined event in Spain is also
under way.  The DC Event has a new date of March 25th.

We encourage you to visit and
thank our sponsors any time the opportunity arises.  As a charity, we rely
completely on their altruism.

21 Nov 2018

Fundraising continues well with no issues to report.  Our monthly committee
meetings continue and our next meeting is on the 28th and guests are welcome.

Financially, we continue to add more sponsors and fundraising goals are being
met or exceeded.  The foundation is currently running in the black and
is significantly ahead of budget.

The endowment is now being driven by VP Finance.

A draft prospectus and fundraising input were given for ApacheCon 2019 and a
Roadshow Event in Chicago.  The DC Event is postponed and a new date will be

A new statement of work has been implemented for KAM through the FY.

We have stopped taking car donations.

17 Oct 2018

Fundraising continues steaming along and our monthly committee meetings
continue.  Our next meeting is on the 24th.  As of this month’s financials,
we are 40K in the black for the FY and 364K ahead of budget with revenue
ahead of targets.

Event sponsorship for 2018 has topped $195K with two more sponsors for the DC
Roadshow likely and a few more in discussions.

The Sponsor Lunch during ApacheCon in Montreal was very successful.
Sponsorship for ACNA 2019 is being ducked in a row and a draft prospectus was
produced for the planning committee. Happy to say that 3 people took the
ambassador training with Sally at ApacheCon (Ted Liu, Craig Russell & Bob

We've also been exploring how Fundraising might use OfBiz

Sally, Daniel Ruggeri and KAM have been meeting with platinum sponsors to
discuss the endowment collecting answers in a spreadsheet.  The introduction
letter is at We
hope to present results from 6 meetings with sponsors during the
board meeting.*

We are working on a revised Targeted Sponsorship policy to handle
targeting just a particular project.  Several dozen comments were received on
the matter so it will take some time to properly respond.

Finally, Kevin is exploring a way to support udemy, pluralsight and udacity's
requests to work with the ASF to provide content to their subscribers.

* Endowment Preliminary Research Report

The support for the endowment is overwhelmingly positive[1].  Daniel, Sally &
KAM spoke[2] to 5 platinum & 1 gold sponsors and, in general, they view an
endowment as a good idea and as a sign of maturity for the foundation.

Beyond that, the fundraising committee is in a catch-22 where endowment
funders definitely want “something” in return for their contribution and
“something” needs to be defined.

There were some interesting concerns such as not wanting to contribute too
little leading to negative press for being cheap as well as not allowing
investment vehicles that are pro-tobacco or pro-gun.  But overall, the
framework of only ceding the control of the corpus seems to be a viable
method to gain their trust and provide a benefit that is within the Apache
Way.  (See "What are the consortium members promised?" in

Another tenable idea from the discussions was setting up an advisory board
from the endowment funders proving non-binding input to the board on matters
to be decided.

The people we spoke to were the contacts for the budgets for normal
sponsorship.  Overall, there will be concerns that they would be able to fund
either the endowment or the normal sponsorship.  A few stated that they would
not be the right contact for such a sponsorship but all offered to be the
conduit to the right people when we are ready.

[1] Responses:

[2] Questions Asked:

For the platinum sponsors, we mentioned verbally that the minimum would
likely be ~$500k

We also discussed the voting idea which might have prejudiced their answer.
The same with the advisory boards though this was brought up by some
sponsors.  In general though, the vote and the advisory board will likely
give the sponsor evangelists something they can “sell” internally to justify
the endowment.

Introductory document:

Recommended Next Steps:
- Send the Google Form to All Sponsors for their Input
- Report to the board next meeting on the results
- Discuss what the board is willing to provide as a benefit, if anything, in
 exchange for the endowment (e.g., voting, advisory board).
- Setup a Finance Committee to review chaired by the VP Finance and recommend
 a scenario to the board for the Nov board meeting

19 Sep 2018

Fundraising is going well and our monthly committee meetings continue.

Event sponsorship for 2018 has topped $192K and ApacheCon and the DC Roadshow
are both expected to be in the black.

As of this month’s financials, we are within $1K of being break even and
$453K ahead of budget.

As promised, the Targeted Sponsorship Policy is completed

We have a Sponsor Lunch planned during ApacheCon in Montreal

Daniel Ruggeri is working with Infra to automate access to G Suite.

Minor note: Open Graph Protocol has been implemented for  You
can see this if you post something on LinkedIn mentioning vs vs Potentially
useful to look at the meta tags for this for other needs in the future.

15 Aug 2018

Fundraising continues to go well.

KAM is firewalling the ASF while doing work with other hats using Ross'
approach about "can we talk about this later" if it comes up.

Work for additional bronze ambassador support from Tom is still delayed

Committee meetings continue to occur monthly.  Last was held on August 2nd.

Work helping fundraise sponsors for Apache Events is going well and to-date
tallies about $174K.  No more fundraising to be done for AC2018.

Work with Hopsie on issues in the donation receipts and fraud prevention

Donation for Microsoft O365 back on track.

Visited SF with a visit to Twitter as a potential event space going well.
Too small for AC2019 but will make a fabulous roadshow.  Anyone in SF want to
lead a roadshow?

Congrats to Sally for landing Tencent as a Platinum sponsor.

And Congrats to Ted Liu for renewing Alibaba as a Silver.

SK is providing Ambassador Training a mandatory requirement for Sponsorship
Ambassadors.  Ted Liu and Craig Russell are queued to take this training
during AC18.

Targeted Sponsorship policy revised in light of the concern over the trusted
by logo given to a minor sponsor.  The policy grandfathered the past items
and restricts them going forward.  “The ASF does not allow endorsements,
official quotes, blogs, press releases, and similar public statements
regarding sponsorship in any manner except as specified as official benefits
of the sponsorship program.  While existing blogs and endorsement are hereby
grandfathered as of August 2018, going forward, there are no sponsor benefits
for any sponsorship, targeted or normal, for values below bronze sponsorship
including in-kind donations for Infrastructure.  All statements for
sponsorship shall continue to be vetted and approved by VP Press & Media
before publication.”

We have a concerted bad actor trying to get access to the ASF who has been
impersonating Phil Steitz.  Please be careful.

The committee is looking at using CRM software for fundraising communications
with sponsors.

Corporate Items:

Certificate of Status from Delaware received
COR from IRS requested for Emerio sponsorship
D&O Insurance renewed

18 Jul 2018

Fundraising continues to go well.

We have shared with sponsors that Daniel and Kevin will be traveling for various events and are happy to meet and engage with them.
- Daniel - OSCON, Portland, Jul 16-19
- Kevin - Google NEXT, San Francisco, Jul 24-26
- Daniel - Open Source Summit NA, Vancouver, Aug 29-31
- Lots of folks - ApacheCon NA, Montreal, Sep 24-27

Work for additional bronze ambassador support from Tom is still delayed
Committee meetings continue to occur monthly.  Last was held on June 19th continued to June 27th.
Work helping fundraise sponsors for Apache Events is going well and to-date tallies about $164K.  AC2018 is effectively sold out for sponsors.
Planners meetings weekly and have a number of sponsors highly interested in AC2019 NA as well as AC2019 EU
Continue groundwork on fundraising for an OSS event in Africa
Sally is working with Hopsie on some issues in the donation receipts.
Donation for Microsoft O365 was sidelined because Microsoft got the opinion we were in Vatican City and started sending us everything in Italian.  They have approved us on an alternate domain and they are working with their technical support to delete the Italian one and swap the alternate into place.
We have a new Platinum sponsor onboarding thanks especially to SK.
Attended the TechExpo Cyber Security Job Fair & Cyber Security Summit.
Work helping NetBeans with a sponsorship
Drafted Goals for FY 2019
- Sponsors+Events
- Endowment (paused until Fall)
- Targeted sponsorship
- Look at using Zoho or Salesforce more formally
- Work on additional sectors: Wall Street & Insurance.  Tom suggests Healthcare as well.
- Automate the Thanks page additions/removals/notifications of about to expire
- Create a signature block that includes links for funding the ASF and ask members to include it in their sigs
- Continue the now monthly fundraising committee meetings
- Work on an OSS event in 2019 (or 2020 if that's too aggressive) in Africa

Repeats Kept From FY2018:
- Setup Sponsor Soiree
- Capture foundation/Fundraising/sponsor-contact.yaml to ??? master spreadsheet

20 Jun 2018

Daniel Ruggeri:
A successful month in terms of day-to-day fundraising
activities as well as thoughtful conversations around expanding fundraising
and solidifying our future.

Endowment Conversations
* We have broached the topic of "Should we pursue an endowment?" with the
  membership at large. Lots of feedback and conversation ensued resulting in
  the gathering of data into a starting point document.
* Several folks have engaged to lend their expertise and help shape the
  potential plan on the fundraising@ list.
* A proposal has been drafted to re-purpose a portion of the fundraising
  budget to focus specifically on examining the idea of and potential planning
  for establishing an endowment.
* Conversations are beginning on what this might mean to our outreach (Sponsor
  Relations) activities

Other day to day:
* Confusion around "Sponsor+" and "Platinum+" terminology was held resulting
  in a finalized name of "Sponsor + Events". Key takeaway: This is not a new
  level of sponsorship or new fundraising program - just a way to bundle and
  recognize sponsors for the expanded support.
* "Sponsor + Events" conversations with VP Marketing & Publicity as well as VP
   Conferences have been held to ensure alignment.
* Ideas of running a yearly, more visible campaign (colloquially referred to
  as "Super Thermometer Campaign") as well as using a formal IT system for
  sponsor tracking and handling were initially discussed, but tabled due to
  the endowment conversations.
* Strong fundraising work this month. We have some excitement due to new,
  returning and renewing sponsors.


Overall, fundraising continues to go well.  Some small points: Work for
additional bronze ambassador support from Tom is delayed pending both a
contract vehicle from Virtual as well as discussions around a pivot to use
the budget for a VP, Finance role. Committee meetings continue to occur
monthly. Continue improving our fundraising procedures and working on our
playbook website. Daniel Ruggeri now has access to my private notes and task
tracking system. The ASF Sponsor Benefits is now cleaned up and consistent
with the slide deck.

And now bigger points:

- is now fixed.  Thanks Infra!

- The minimum for Hopsie donations is now working at $5.  Otherwise, donating a
dollar nets us a few cents.

- Submitted annual report for Fundraising to SK:

2018 FUNDRAISING REPORT by Kevin A. McGrail aka KAM

As always, we would like to start our fundraising report by thanking our
sponsors for their continued support.  As a 501(c)(3) charity, our sponsors
are our sole source of funding.  We could not do it without them!

For fiscal year 2018, thanks to our generous sponsors, we finished with a
positive net income and raised 150% of our goals.  We also benefited from an
additional large donation that netted just under $900K from the Pineapple
Fund which opened up the ability to explore endowments for the long-term
viability of the Apache Software Foundation.

In fact, this year has been all about bringing new ideas to the sponsorship

In the first quarter, the ASF Fundraising team welcomed Kevin A. McGrail to
the role of VP Fundraising after he worked to launch our individual sponsor
program with Hopsie in his role as Assistant Treasurer.  After brainstorming
ideas at two face to face meetings, we identified a lot of points where we
could improve things and set ambitious goals for the year.

In the second quarter, we worked to refine our Targeted Sponsorship program
that recognizes sponsors who support us in ways beyond normal sponsorship.
Donated software, credits for cloud servers, graphical work, travel
assistance, legal support and more!

We also looked at creating a closely related company to help the Apache
Software Foundation do things outside of our 501(c)(3) and support the
foundation.  We decided against doing so but it was a valuable exercise.

In the third quarter, we launched our new thanks page including Targeted
Sponsorship.  We also began heavily working on three Apache events for 2018:
ApacheCon 2018 North America in Montreal in September, the Apache 2018 EU
Roadshow in Berlin in June and the Apache 2018 US Roadshow in Washington, DC
in October.

The DC Roadshow is one of the first, if not the first event that we are
looking to provide a career fair at the same time as we have a day long track
on open source!

Visit for more information. We hope to see you at one
if not all of the events.

Finally, we increased our sponsorship rates for the first time in our 18 year

In the fourth quarter, we began working on the concept of an endowment in
earnest which continues with lots of debate.  Looking back over the whole
year, we had a lot of small but important news: We added routine committee

We were chosen by Amazon for early access to Alexa Donations with Amazon Pay
("Make a donation to the Apache Software Foundation").

We began asking for multi-year commitments to bring more stability to

We grew the ambassador program to make sure our sponsors each have a contact
to improve two-way communications.

We expanded our work with Virtual to continue improving our operations,
fundraising & accounting.  This has been a wonderful partnership that we are
working to expand again further.

We completed our first ever audit with an unqualified status and brought our
Guidestar profile up to Gold status.

And finally, to recognize our “Apache Family”, we want to recognize the
support of the following sponsors:

8 Platinum Sponsors: Cloudera, Comcast, Facebook, Google, LeaseWeb,
Microsoft, Oath & the Pineapple Fund.

9 Gold Sponsors: Anonymous (we know who you are!), ARM, Bloomberg,
Hortonworks, Huawei, IBM, Indeed, ODPI & Pivotal.

8 Silver Sponsors: Aetna, Budget Direct, Capital One, Cerner, Inspur, Private
Internet Access, Red Hat, Target & Union Investment.

14 Bronze Sponsors: Airport Rentals, The Blog Starter, Casino Bonus,
Bookmakers, Casino2k, Emerio,,, HostPapa Web
Hosting, The Linux Foundation, Mobile Slots,, Site Builder Report,
Twitter & Web Hosting Secret Revealed


4 Platinum Targeted Sponsors: Microsoft, Oath, OSU Open Source Labs &

5 Gold Targeted Sponsors: Atlassian, The CrytpoFund, Datadog, PhoenixNAP &

3 Silver Targeted Sponsors: Amazon Web Services, Hotwax Systems & Rackspace.

11 Bronze Targeted Sponsors: Assembla, Bintray, Education Networks of
America, Google, Hopsie, No-IP, PagerDuty, Peregrine Computer Consultants
Corporation,, SURFnet & Virtru.

And last but not least, our 2018 event sponsors: Amazon, CloudOps, Comcast,
GridGain, IBM, Linode, Red Hat, ShapeBlue & Talener.  Thank you!

As we head towards our 20th anniversary, we welcome Daniel Ruggeri as a co-VP
of Fundraising.  Together we want to express our thanks to our very generous
Sponsors who are crucial to the Apache Software Foundation’s success!  Thank
you, thank you, thank you.


Attended BBW & FOSS Backstage for ASF to speak on How to be an Effective
Board Member:

The show was a great success in my opinion.  NewThinking is a wonderful
organization and the venue was great.  Also had a number of meetings and will
have an after report done in the next few days.

After report at

- Work continues on our remaining two 2018 Apache events including sponsor
agreements and pitches.  NOTE: We are almost sold out for the sponsorship
for ApacheCon.

- Attended breakfast for GMU Cyber. Key benefit was support for JP who is our
sponsor for the DC Roadshow.  A meeting is being coordinated to plan the
roadshow further now that the Berlin show is out of the way.

- (Repeat from last report): Planning to attend AC2018 to speak on Inclusion,
 Meritocracy and the Apache Way

- Framework for Sponsor + Events (previously Sponsor+) updated and approved
by Rich.  See

- Coordination for Huawei annual conference: From Chris Xie: “Huawei Connect
2018 conference has allocated one exhibition booth (about 6 square meters) to
showcase Apache Software Foundation during the conference. This is just to
give you a heads-up notice so that you can think about how you would like to
utilize this booth for ASF. Zhanghaitao(Hector) in the cc list is helping
organize this event. If you have further questions, please feel free to let
him know.”

- The endowment project is effectively on hold for anyone outside the
foundation.  Additional Key points:

Copied Sam & Roman’s notes into the overview doc. Spoke to Myrle’s mother
about the endowment.  She has recommended we talk to John H. Taylor
Consulting. Sam’s goal is to create a new role, VP Finance with a goal of
having an endowment ready for a board consideration in the Fall. Roman
obtained a proposal from the Jewish Community Foundation that he’s having
vetted to share further.

- Discussions with Dito continue about bringing GAM under the ASF Umbrella

- Two Recommendations for the Board from our events discussion:

#1 - For next year, the budget should include the max risk exposure assuming
 worst case scenarios: There is a concern that events are beyond the level of
 risk exposure that the budget was intended to allow for due to unclear
 processes at the ASF for signatory privileges:

Clarify if budgets are based on the Net or Gross and if Net, then also
include a maximum risk exposure.  Real World Recommendation: The ASF CY 2019
Event Budget should be revised for a Net Loss of 100K with a max signature
authority of 250K.

#2 - We need to spend money from sponsors.
 We cannot simply grow a hoard of cash.  Losing money on events around the
 world with a variety of roadshows and apachecon is a good implementation of
 our mission for OSS by educating people.

Based on past performance, ApacheCon is not a money maker and should not be
considered to be one.  However, it is an amazing event that should be
considered a success based on attendance not profit.

As such, we recommend the board align the CY 2019 budget for a $100K loss on
conferences as an excellent and appropriate use of our sponsor funds.  We do
not need to break even on our events as we raise funds elsewhere.

The Sponsor + Events and Fundraising improvements allow Conferences to have
financial freedom to run worthwhile events with less concern about the
financial impact and lower cost of entry for attendees.

NOTE: Only subsidize, do not give away free attendance.

- We continue working to get targeted sponsors for Infra and Legal

16 May 2018

Fundraising continues to go well.  As proposed, KAM has taken a paid role of
VP Fundraising.  Daniel Ruggeri serves as volunteer VP Fundraising.  KAM
reports to him and he will report to the President.  Additional work for HALO
to contact Platinum sponsors is also going.  Work for additional levels
delayed pending contract vehicle from Virtual expected soon.

DRuggeri Notes:
* Added Sally Khudairi and Tom Pappas as VP Sponsor Relations effective
* is being built out and is mostly stabilized -
 eyes welcome
* Executed PCCC PSA for paid VP Fundraising (KAM) 2018-05-14
* Amended process for nominating VP Sponsor relations per [VOTE]

KAM Notes:
* We are working on the annual report due May 18 to SK.
* KAM believes that the idea of automatically embedding and maintaining ASF
 space on * resources is not tenable and is closing the ticket.
* Committee meetings continue to occur monthly.
* Work continues on our three 2018 Apache events including sponsor agreements
 and pitches
* KAM CFP selected for FOSS Backstage.  Planning to attend BBW & FOSS
 Backstage for ASF to speak on How to be an Effective Board Member:
* KAM CFP selected for ApacheCon.  Planning to attend AC2018 to speak on
 Inclusion, Meritocracy and the Apache Way.
* We are working to increase targeted sponsorship and move Leaseweb to
 Platinum level with annual billing so we don’t have this criss cross like
 now.  Tom may have a more recent update as of the board meeting as this is
 ongoing as I write the report.
* KAM also repeated our ask for Apache for Amazon for Infra on 5/4.  No
 response received as of this report..
* Continue improving our fundraising procedures and working on our playbook
 website (
* Attended CANON Cyber security event hosted by Rick Howard of Palo Alto where
 we discussed the concept of an ASF endowment.
 Follow-up meeting planned for the 18th.
* Some notes: pitched Accenture, talked with Twitter, talked with Bloomberg,
 pitched pivotal, asked DLA piper about targeted sponsorship.
* Discussed a possible targeted sponsorship for mentorship with Andrew
* Coordinated ASF representation for Huawei annual conference.
* Working to gel the Sponsor+ program for website and event recognition for
 sponsors for an entire year.  Pitched to three sponsors
* Twitter is 99% back on board as a bronze level but working on a higher level
 for 2019.
* Quenda has been increased in status as a targeted sponsor.
* Attending breakfast this week for GMU and will continue planning on DC
* ApacheCon in Turkey was vetted and declined.

18 Apr 2018

Fundraising continues to go well.

In the first 11 months of FY18, *excluding the ~$900K net from the Pineapple
donation*, we have received $1574.1K, (up $263,3K from Feb 18 and up $599.3
from Mar 17) which has the ASF at 157.3% for YTD.  The budgeted Sponsor
revenue goal was $1,084K for FY18.  As such, concerns that we would be
fiscally insolvent in 5 years should be largely put to rest.

BOARD ITEM: I'd like the board to bless "1 - to set aside space on their
website for an automatically embedded and centrally maintained ASF space." as
a requirement for each project by approving adding it to the branding policy
that exists today at

Committee meetings continue monthly.

Work on Fundraising for our 2018 events continues well.

On behalf of ASF, I gave an Open Source Governance speech at GMU on 4/11.

Attended the CIT/Mach37 United Women in Cyber event on the 29th on behalf of
the ASF as well as the WIT job fair where I met with a number of potential

Paper selected for FOSS Backstage.  Planning to attend BBW & FOSS Backstage
for ASF to speak on How to be an Effective Board Member:

Alexa Donations with Amazon Pay is now live.

If accepted, as of May 1, 2018 PCCC has placed a proposal for a paid role of
VP Fundraising.  Daniel Ruggeri has volunteered to also serve as volunteer VP
Fundraising where I will report to him and he will report to the President.

Work continues on improving our procedures and our playbook website.

Welcome to Ted Liu & Daniel Ruggeri to our Committee

Work continues on our three 2018 Apache events including sponsor agreements
and pitches

A Hopsie security issue was ethically disclosed and resolved.

*Recap of my Goals for the Year*

As I finish this term in Fundraising, this is a look at the goals set at last
year's face to face and their status.

DONE VIA THE AMC PROPOSAL - Look at certification and training content

DONE AND EXPANDED TO ENTIRE COMMITTEE - Setup a standing meeting w/Lynsey

DONE AND HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL - Pursue Multi-year commitments from more

DECIDED NOT TO DO - Setup Sponsor Soiree before the end of CY'17

IN PLANNING STAGES - Wikipedia-like fundraising drive, with stated goals.  At
end of Year.

DONE - Document all our sponsors and contacts for billing and renewing with
notes about how we got the sponsor

DONE - Setup the Ambassador program

DONE - Contact the sponsors about invoicing, renewal dates, likelihood to
renew, PO Necessity and document their Fiscal Year.

DONE - Formalize Fundraising as a Committee

DONE - Finish the Benefits of Sponsors work that started in March F2F

DONE - Confirm we are invoicing all sponsors properly

STILL UNDER DISCUSSION - Fix the implementation of
sponsor/apachecon/thanks/etc. via something automated like

DONE - Review Proposal from Virtual to expand their role as discussed at the
F2F for Fundraising in Mar at CapitalOne.

IN PROGRESS - Make a playbook website for fundraising

DONE - Create recommendation to improve what HALO and Virtual do as well as
look at the big picture to improve things.

DONE - EXCEEDED - What is the big picture for fundraising for the next year?
FY18 Goal: $1,074K for sponsorships (vs $968K in FY17)

NOT DONE - Capture foundation/Fundraising/sponsor-contact.yaml

NOT DONE - Get ideas for sponsors that Hadrian was working but not landed.

DONE - Figure out the plan with nofollow links

DONE - Bring Guidestar profile status up to Gold.

21 Mar 2018

- Overall fundraising continues well with sponsorship exceeding targets for
 the entire year without considering the additional $892K from Pineapple.

- The Sponsor Thanks Page with targeted sponsors is now launched

- Switched the BTC Donation wallet to a Coinbase wallet on  No
 longer using the old wallet.

- As the ability for me to volunteer as VP Fundraising comes to an end, I
 have submitted a proposal to the board to continue in a paid role while at
 the same time working to make sure the G Suite team drive is highly
 organized and things are well documented.  Additionally, moderation for the
 fundraising & fundraising-private are now moderated by a group (thanks to
 Mark Thomas).

- Apache Roadshow DC is shaping up nicely:  eadsheets/d/1tzHt55CUEMs-r-PDdCEk0-N7mqyTe9Ty5W2jy_YnLfs/edit#gid=979328350
 Fundraising for our events is off to a nice start with an event contract
 created based on our sponsorship agreement and 4 sponsors with contracts in
 their inbox representing $52K if inked with many many more in the pipeline.

- targeted sponsorship for one sponsor is now $5k annual renewable + $60 per year for 3
 years, renewable after 24 months.

- On behalf of ASF, I attended a GMU NSF / Smartcities event to identify
 potential sponsors and review the space for the DC Rodshow.  Total costs: 55.97.

- Also attended OSLS & Google UC Berkeley Tech Talk to talk with the Linux
 Foundation, identify potential sponsors, and talk to current sponsors.
 Costs $2,343.73
The next event was a Tech Talk at Google.  Overall a good event.  I spoke to
quite a number of people about sponsoring the AC

At Berkeley and OSLS, was able to support the International Women's Day.  No more
bracelets left and I think they were a big hit.

- I am now out of all of the red do IT like a girl bracelets with the last 50
 shipped to support the United Women in Cyber which I will attend on the
 29th as well on behalf of the ASF

- Attended ISSA-NoVA Monthly meeting to ask them to advertise our events,
 identify possible sponsors and discuss the CFP.  Will be pitching two
 recruiters to sponsor and ISSA-NOVA will share our event with their
 members. Costs: 49.13.

- Filed 3rd quarter report for Fundraising and working on the annual members
 meeting report

- Minimum donation implemented (I think it’s $5 or $10) with Hopsie to slow
 down the abuse and small charges with exorbitant fees.

21 Feb 2018

* Board Issue #1: Sponsorship of controversial sponsor as 3 year, paid in advance
bronze sponsor going to landing page. Please ask for a vote as KAM’s view is:
It's legal, they are willing to do a landing page, and it's nothing Amazon
doesn't sell.

* Overall Sponsorship continues to move along well. We’ve also hit $25K in
personal donations with Hopsie.

* Fundraising phone call on Jan 24 for Fundraising Committee.  Meetings now
quite routine and will occur monthly

* A corporate contributor has CCLA questions

They would like a schedule A for the CCLA that allows them to
designate a person or email address to update things like how we use a PSA &

Also, Can we web enable the schedule A for the CCLA?

And more CCLA Questions:
Part 1: The CCLA only has names.  Can we have it by email addresses?

Part 2: IP Provenance enforcement concerns.  Will find specific examples.

* Planning to attend FOSS Backstage/Berlin Buzzwords -
potential sponsor wants to meet there.
Working on pitching more wall street firms
for potential sponsorship The targeted sponsorship aka thanks2.html file is
almost ready to launch.  I’ve completed my audit of the records which was
needed for the overall Foundation Audit.

* Planning to attend the OSLS event but waiting to get work to approve the time

* Anyone attending OSCON?  We have a sponsor looking to meetup.

* Lunch with potential sponsor is being coordinated

* Working to get sponsors for our ApacheCon and Roadshow events.  Sent draft
prospectus to 5 sponsors for ApacheCon Montreal as well as the Apache
Roadshow in Berlin and Washington DC.

* GMU will host the Washington DC Roadshow:

* Fundraising issue with sites like Zazzle/Redbubble/Cafepress considered not
under Fundraising but let me know if you want me to hit them up for a
targeted sponsorship as a way to “repay” for the misuse.

* FOSDEM VP Fundraising attendance after report

Successful, well attended event.  Kudos to Sharan for spearheading things.
In addition to talking to dozens of people, in my official capacity as VP
Fundraising, I did the following:
 - Attended Floss Dinner
 - Met with corporate contributor
 - Met with Google (3x's)
 - Attended GSOC Dinner on behalf of the ASF
 - Setup AWS Meeting for ApacheCon Sponsorship
 - Follow-up on potential
   sponsorship (thanks to Rich Bowen)
 - Met with Eclipse CEO briefly.

Total expenses: 2541.93 USD

* No update on the Sponsor thank you / fundraising event

17 Jan 2018

Board Discussion Item #1: Can the board please discuss / vote adding the
phrase “at no charge” to our mission?

Board Discussion Item #2: Thoughts on licensing ASF commercially if people so
desire?  Daniel Shahaf pointed out  If
people will pay for it and we give them nothing extra, any concerns?

Board Discussion Item #3: Resolution to establish VP, Sponsor Relations is on
a back burner due to the holidays and other priorities.  Expect to raise it
again soon, certainly before the end of the FY.

ASF eligibility for Benevity renewed for a year.

We closed out 2017 with $21,743.24 raised through 259 payments processed via
Hopsie. Fundraising committee meetings with Virtual continue and are
productive.  Will move to monthly now that Sponsor Audit is complete and
things are more routine.

KAM will attend FOSDEM on behalf of the ASF.  Will notify sponsors and
potential sponsors.

KAM planning to attend Buzzwords and FOSS backstage as well.

Completed the pitch deck update that was in progress.

No update about the Fundraising / MiniApacheCon Idea at GMU.  College re-opens
on the 16th of January and hope to have more movement after that.

Sent a Happy New Year's note out to Sponsors.

Had a multi-day outage on Hopsie caused by an IP block.  Looking at changing
how we proxy Hopsie as the fraud block ended up blocking our proxy.

New sponsors continue to be added and thanks version 2.0 with targeted
sponsors continues to be moved towards launch.  A few more logos to add.

Cloudera, Hortonworks also renewed. IBM is currently invoiced for 1 year and
working on the future years.  Working with Indeed as a platinum and cloudsoft
renewing.  Oath also still moving along and Bookmakers now a 3-year bronze

Reiterating from Virtual report: “Regarding Sponsor revenue, we have received
in the first eight months of FY18, $899.6K, which has us 82.9% of the way to
our budgeted Sponsor revenue goal of $1,084K for FY18.”

No update on the Sponsor thank you / fundraising event

20 Dec 2017

TL;DR, things are going well and planned mapped out at beginning of my
tenure for FY18 is being executed well.

Board Discussion: Thoughts on licensing ASF commercially if people so
desire?  Daniel Shahaf pointed out
If people will pay for it and we give them nothing extra, any

Resolution to establish VP, Sponsor Relations [TABLED and currently
pending JimJ input, please table until Jan or Feb]

New Silver Sponsor: Union Investment w/interest in Silver or Gold
renewal next year.

3 Year Purchase order CY2018 to 2020 from CapitalOne for Silver

Baidu is working with John D Ament to bring echarts to the ASF as a
project.  echarts is a Top 3 project in github data visualization

New Silver Sponsor: Aetna

MSDN aka Visual Studio targeted sponsorship is working again thanks to
Ross and Microsoft.

FY23 Projected Budget Submitted -

Audit of Sponsors considered complete.  Largely reflected at

Fundraising Quarterly Report Submitted -

Heavily Revised 2nd Draft of the Targeted Sponsorship Program was sent
out for comments
NOTE: This program is already in use for non-controversial

Reminder that the ASF G Suite instance is up and running available for
use on request.

Huwawei is also working to incubate one, possibly two projects now.

Hopsie is now over $17K in individual donations.

Have removed Yahoo! & HP from thanks page as we have not been able to
pin down a renewal for many months (that’s a platinum and a gold
sponsor)  BUT we just confirmed Oath as a platinum for 2018 at 2018
rates (125K) so just about a wash.

Some other notes: Hortonworks locked in for another year.  ARM is
renewing.  HPE is unable to renew. Facebook also sent a PO for another
year.  Google is invoiced for another year and working with Sam on IBM
for a 3 year agreement.

Applied for Pineapple Fund.  Told them if they gave us $500K in
bitcoin, we’d name a future TLP Apache Pineapple.  If it happens,
we’ll cross that bridge but feel free to flame me on that one :-)

15 Nov 2017

* Resolution to establish VP, Sponsor Relations

* We continue to discuss new sponsorships and renewing existing.  Nothing
unusual to report but multi-year commits are helping both with less stressful
large sponsors relations and putting Infra concerns to rest.  The no-follow
policy also appears to be getting rid of the SEO-focused tiny sponsors.

* Raising Hopsie minimum donation to $10 due to high overhead with Stripe is
pending Sally’s input.

* Meetings semi-monthly with Virtual continue between KAM and Lynsey.  Sally
will also be joining them as well.

* Directed sponsorship process continues to go well.  Met with Infra and started
the audit of all inkind sponsors and their levels.

* Started creating the new Directed Sponsor levels at

* Sponsor Agreement is now written and was Used to sign Union Investment as a
Silver Sponsor!

* I am using this agreement with all new sponsors as they onboard.  Should we
send a copy to existing sponsors with no requirement to sign but so they know
the details.  And then require signing on renewal?

* Future or Items with no Progress to Report: Attending FOSDEM on ASF Behalf
Likely to attend Berlin Buzzwords & FOSS Backstage on ASF Behalf Sponsor thank
you / fundraising event

18 Oct 2017

1 - Resolution to establish VP, Sponsor Relations

As a result of discussions in the prior board meeting, a resolution has
been drafted and placed in this month's agenda.

2 - Fundraising Policy: Who Can Sponsor the ASF?
is now considered policy.

3 - Discovering more about the SEO / NoFollow issue and I believe it is now
headed off.  Have spoken to Google Web Spam via John Mueller about the issue,
codified our no-follow policy, audited all sponsors, and updated the thanks
page. as well as finalized our who can sponsor the ASF.  In discussions with
the more SEO interested sponsors, it seems to be an appropriate response that
is working well.

4 - Hopsie Captcha is working well to stop fraud attempts.  They are lowering
it from 3 bad attempts to 2 and I’m considering the matter closed.

5 - Fundraising Levels as of 1/1/18 will be: Bronze: 6K / Silver: 25K / Gold:
50K / Platinum: 125K

6 - Meetings semi-monthly with Virtual continue between KAM and Lynsey.  Next
on 10/26 and thanks for Sally and Tom joining the last one to complete our
sponsor audit.

7 - Directed sponsorship is moving along well.  Assembla has agreed to be a
Bronze Directed Sponsor for the SVN hackathon.  Still working on policy and
meeting with Infra to identify all their sponsors and their levels.

8 - Attending All Things Open on ASF Behalf (I have a work conflict and
haven’t been able to pow-wow with Rich since August.  Is anyone else going?)

9 - Future or Items with no Progress to Report: Attending FOSDEM on ASF Behalf
Likely to attend Berlin Buzzwords & FOSS Backstage on ASF Behalf Sponsor thank
you / fundraising event

20 Sep 2017

Meetings semi-monthly with Virtual continue between KAM and Lynsey

Good progress continues on cleaning up the sponsor records.  Before the next
board meeting, we’re planning to remove unpaid sponsors off the thanks page.

G Suite instance is up and running -  If there are
concerns about where fundraising is storing data, who needs access, etc.
please let me know.
wristbands very successful and very well received.

Also posted re: Equifax with official hat on at

Shipments to people who requested bracelets is complete with two exceptions
and my firm is donating the labor to process everything.

Slide deck at the 99% good to go mark. Many thanks to Sally.

Received the ASF Credit Card for KAM.

Directed sponsorship to unify with inkind sponsors is coming along with
discussions ongoing with numerous players.  I expect to unify this and have a
policy before the November board meeting.

Attending All Things Open on ASF Behalf

Attending FOSDEM on ASF Behalf

Likely to attend Berlin Buzzwords & FOSS Backstage on ASF Behalf

Thanks again to Sally and Hadrian for helping pin down sponsors as well as
continued work from Virtual.  We’ve got renewals coming, invoices going and
some bronze sponsors adding as well.  We lost some sponsors, gained some and
renewed some we thought we had lost.

Sponsor onboarding process is getting smoother with notes about sponsor
agreement and automating the process more in the works

Huawei talking to John D Ament re:incubation and potentially bringing some
projects under our umbrella.

Multi-year commit from sponsors is being well received and helping with
getting Bronze sponsors who are committed to the foundation’s long-term

Passed the $10K mark in donations from Hopsie (started in March)

Would like to give Ambassadors a VP Titles like VP Sponsor Relations

Draft of Who can Sponsor the ASF? policy in Google Docs for comments:

16 Aug 2017

-Meetings with Virtual continue semi-monthly while we sort out foundational
issues and continue the transition to KAM as the VP.  As reported previously,
we have identified large sponsors that have not been billed.  If those
sponsors had renewed and paid, we are easily in excess of ½ million missed
potential revenue.  It should be easily defendable that the expense of having
Virtual onboard solely based on these missed sponsorships.

- Launching a fundraising website similar to treasurer to help things be more

- Launched a fundraising-private committee mailing list so sensitive
information can be discussed with appropriately accessible archives.

- Have gone through the data in SVN foundation/Fundraising and archived old
stuff and created a plan for other items

- Have audited with Virtual the list of sponsors that they have vs what we
have on the sponsors page.  As noted anecdotally, we’ve missed a LOT of
sponsorship over the years by simply failing to invoice.  But we’ve been doing
a good job of recapturing sponsors and in some case even getting some back

- Using Google Apps NPO edition for Apache for Fundraising work but will
implement so any project or initiative can use it.  Planning for for flexibility for things like
or to be added down the road.

- Working on identifying inkind sponsors

- Revised Slide deck is coming along.  Sally has been instrumental as always.
Targeting 8/21 for Ready to Send.

- Support inclusion in tech in concert with Media -

- Monitoring the spam messages for fundraising continues to identify potential
sponsors being blocked.

- I'll be attending All Things Open on ASF behalf

- I’ll be merging Infra Sponsors into a Directed Sponsors tier as the start of
the directed sponsorship idea and to more fairly and equitably recognize
different in-kind sponsors.  Infra is looped in.

- Requested ASF Credit Card with 5K limit in process.

- For directed sponsorship, Sam, please ask the board to individually give
ideas to me of:

Things that shouldn't/should be done and a sentence of why/why not
Things that shouldn't/should be done and a sentence of why/why not

Examples: case studies, coding, bug bounties, speeches, sysadmin work, legal,
trademarks, infra NOTE: Please do not assume historical knowledge such as "the
ASF doesn't pay for programming".  It'll be codified in this policy so mention

With this feedback, I'll prepare a proposal for the board for directed
sponsorship to then discuss from there.

- I'm gelling that the sponsor thank you event will be good in new york.  I
was thinking about asking Google to host because I know them and they might
cater as well.  And I can use the opp to leverage Justin's offer to help meet
/ invite with some wall street sponsor candidates.  As discussed on
fundraising, I think the thank you will be for sustaining benefactors who have
given more than 500K to the foundation over the years.

19 Jul 2017

Continue working to document and improve fundraising processes but I think
things are moving in a good direction thanks to a lot of people’s efforts.

Much of the groundwork in the past few months is working well without too much
help.  Specifically, Hopsie, Benevity and monitoring fundraising has helped
with a number of fundraising items that would have been previously missed.

Some new bronze sponsors are in the works.

Some potential sponsors to reach out to it seems mentioned by a Gartner

Continue to uncover additional sponsors where invoicing was missed.  Continue
making strides in fixing this with better procedures as well.  Big thanks to
Lynsey, Tom and Sally for lots of help on this matter.

Sally has spearheaded using mailchimp to notify individual sponsors of our
annual report and similar items The Sponsor Ambassadorship program continues.

Working to get access to TechSoup for ASF.  Ross Gardler is on Vacay so expect
that to be solved soon.

21 Jun 2017 did not renew as a bronze sponsor and has been removed from the
sponsorship thank you page upon expiration.

New Bronze Sponsors: HostPapa and Emirio have agreed to come on board.

We are working on small but high fraud issues where the consensus is that bad
actors are using our site to pre-test stolen creditcards and the billing

Using a new Sponsor Onboard Questionnaire:
k/edit  Well liked by Virtual and it’s had minor revisions.  Will continue
refining and move towards likely something like an automa form.

I have implemented this as our Official Bronze NoFollow Policy:
The thank you link for Bronze level sponsors will contain a “NoFollow” tag.
However, to reward sponsors committed to the long-term success of the ASF and
free, open source software, we remove this attribute on links for repeat
Bronze sponsors or for sponsors who pay for a three year Bronze sponsorship in

With this new policy, I’ve shelved the Bronze+ concept as OBE (Overcome by
Events, no longer needed)

Ambassador program has been going well.  Thanks to Sally for leading the

Working to get foundational issues done like contracts, audits of sponsors,
etc.  Making headway.

Executed contract with Virtual to increase their assistance with sponsorship
at a cost increase of $750/mo as of May 1.  This was already planned and
encompassed in the budget.

Will be listing Hopsie and Atlassian as in-kind sponsors.

ApacheCon NorthAmerica was advertised on ~15 project sites.  It was missing
from our own as well as people.a.o, reporter.a.o, whimsical.a.o
(not sure whimsy.a.o counts as it's more of an app) & reference.a.o

The whimsy team coded up a quick script to check

Therefore, I request board approval to Update the Navigation links to make it a
requirement to include an Apache overlay div to avoid design or dependency
concerns on all ASF web properties include www.apache.rg that is centrally

The update of this data will fall to VP Fundraising, VP Conferences & VP
Marketing jointly.

17 May 2017


#1 - Confirm that Fundraising is a President's Committee.  As of this
meeting, the official members are Tom Pappas, Kevin A. McGrail & Sally
Khudairi as well as possibly Jim Jagielski & Hadrian Zbarcea.  We are looking
for more people to help give a face to sponsors with the foundation.

#2 - The ASF could benefit greatly from performing work such as
certification, training, bug bounties, etc.  However, I understand the
reticence to doing so.  Therefore, I'd like to put forth this basic framework
that I feel could meet the Apache Way and explore these opportunities.

There are numerous opportunities that have arisen concerning providing
services, training and certification.  These opportunities are not consistent
with the foundation's mission and structure.

Specifically, right now, we are evaluating a request "to A) create highly
credible course content by branding it and B) working with Apache to promote
that content."  This is difficult to do under the ASF for a variety of good
and credible reasons.

As such, I propose a related but 3rd party corporation is started with the
following minimal framework that is needed to take things further.  I would
ask the board to vote on this concept because even if it is a no vote, it
will be nice to document it at the highest level and agree to disagree!

- The creation of a new entity tentatively named Apache Media Corp (AMC).
 The naming is primarily for the purpose of this proposal.

- The new entity, AMC, will be founded by X & Y & Z.

- AMC will be seeking private equity investors.

- The President & Chair of the ASF will be automatically 2 of the 5 initial
 AMC Board of Director members to ensure that it follows The Apache Way.

Further, the ASF Board shall have the right to appoint an additional AMC
board of director member for every 3 additional board members added.  This is
done for flexibility since investors may want a board seat as well and we
want investors not to be able to hijack things either!

- The ASF will license the rights to the ASF logo design and feather along
 with the exclusive right to AMC to certify products, training and
 certification for 2 years in the US and Europe in exchange for 15% of all
 income with a minimum of $20k / year for 2 years (silver sponsors)

NOTE: I ask for 2 years so we can gain commitments to do this.  I ask the
board consider that we are committed to the Apache Way and give us time to
explore what works or doesn't work.  If it does work, there is guaranteed
donations AND the ability to expand outside of thee territories.

- The AMC will exist to provide services, training, training material,
 documentation, and certify said materials.  It is anticipated we will be
 hiring existing committers to further their work and the foundation.

- The close relationship ensures that the ASF is not providing any warranty
 or guarantee, maintains the 501(c)(3) status without concern and the AMC is
 solely responsible for materials and consideration are adequate to the Apache

- In keeping with the Apache Way, materials generated will AT A MINIMUM be
 open sourced after a vault period not to exceed 2 years.

- The AMC will be responsible for all contractual obligations in these

- Contracts and the existence of contracts with the AMC shall be considered
 confidential.  But the existence will always be available to board-private
 upon request to maintain transparency and that there is no illusion of
 backdoor deals regarding any projects.

- A strict COID policy will be enacted at the AMC and any employees,
 consultants, contractors, etc. so if there is a conflict, it is fully
 required to disclose the conflict in dealings with the ASF.  NOTE: This will
 not REQUIRE abstention.  It will require disclosure.

- Please consult the ASF attorney.  A reputable, skilled attorney with highly
 relevant experience has reviewed this proposal and various ASF charter
 documentation and stated that there is nothing in the ASF charter that
 prevents this as well as nothing that stops a third party from doing most
 everything here.  The decision to set this up is completely political and not

19 Apr 2017

Fundraising activities continue normally.

Sam provided quite a bit of details in the President report, inclulding the
fact that I decided to step down from the VP Funddraising role.

The last thing to note is the increase in collection this month that brought
us closer to our goal.

15 Mar 2017

Fundraising activities continue normally.

Renewal invoices are sent by Lynsey on time. Besides the issue with the SLA
mentioned in the President report we have an issue with our two contact people
leaving a sponsoring company. I got a call with somebody else in the
organization and hope to be put in contact with the new person in charge.

A small group of members is currently testing a new donation channel. Thanks
Sally for taking the lead on that.

I am looking forward to the F2F meeting regarding fundraising. Thanks to
Capital One for providing the venue.

27 Feb 2017

Fundraising activities continue normally.

Hadrian and Lynsey got into a good working pattern. We have weekly status
meetings to follow up on outstanding tasks. One of the main focuses is getting
in touch with sponsors to ensure that we meet the targets.

Last month we got a request from one European sponsor to sign a statement that
we comply with European data privacy laws. The request implied that continued
sponsorship is contingent on the ASF signing said document. There was a thread
on fundraising@ to that effect, I had a phone conversation with one of our
lawyers where we agreed that it is ok for us to sign. VP Legal stated that
he's against us signing so I did not. I asked the sponsor for clarifications
regarding the relevace of that document for us but didn't get a reply yet.

This cycle we experienced intense debates about the future of fundraising.
There were a number of opinions, nothing conclusive yet but the convesation

One task in progress was updating the ASF profile on guidestar [1]. Guidestar
has a ranking algorithm and after my updates it went to 'bronze', then
'silver'. One goal we have is to bump it up to 'gold' before the end of April
(fiscal year). Lynsey engaged the guidestar staff and is trying to organize a
meeting to see how we could better use guidestar to reach out to potential


18 Jan 2017

Fundraising activities continue normally.

Tom's reports provides more details about the financials.

Hadrian and Lynsey, probably Tom too have a call scheduled for this week to
sync up on the work. Once the details of how the tasks are devide are agreed
they will be documented.

The guidestar data is out of date and Hadrian is updating it, expected to be
completed by the time of the board meeting.

Sam asked about a proposal for increasing the ASF revenue and Hadrian is
preparing it.

21 Dec 2016

Fundraising activities continue normally.

After a few conversation with Tom Pappas and Virtual we agreed to request a
fundraising budget. There are a few more details in the President report.
Assuming the request gets approved the following months reports will provide
details about how the funds are spent.

As in previous years we created a Holidays greeting card and we are in the
process of sending them to all our sponsors. I expect this to be completed by
the time of the board meeting.

16 Nov 2016

Fundraising activities are getting back to normal. No issues require the board

We continued to get new sponsors at bronze and silver level. On the bronze
sponsor topic, I started contacting all current bronze sponsors and inform
them of the change in policy. I expect the whole process being completed
before the end of November and all links restored to 'nofollow'.

As Sam mentioned in his report, with the growth of the Fundation as a whole,
there is more work in all operational areas, including Fundraising. While it
is way below the levels required by, say, Trademarks, it's still significant
and I anticipate the need for some budget to be set aside for Fundraising as

19 Oct 2016

Sorry for late posting.

I'll start with thanking Ross for his service and a wonderful mentor.

This month was marked by a thread in an SEO forum that, as Ross indicated,
claimed that the ASF is selling links. After a long debate on the fundraising@
list, the consensus is to revert back to 'nofollow' links. The plan is for VP
Fundraising to first update the Sponsorship page, and then work with all
Bronze sponsor to let them know that the link will convert very soon to a
'follow' link. For sponsors that will choose to withdraw the sponsorship, and
I anticipate getting into that situation, will have their sponsorship funds
returned. VP Fundraising will first work out a process with Tom (Virtual).
After that the Thanks page will also be reverted to 'nofollow' links.

We do have a few pending request for Bronze sponsorship to which we answered
that we are analysing the situation and a response will be provided later.

Due to the distraction triggered by the thread mentioned above, there was no
progress on the initiatives mentioned in the previous report.

21 Sep 2016

Fundraising activities continue normally.

This past cycle was a more eventful one.

There were a number of discussions regarding the future of Fundraising. I did
not provide feedback yet, but I plan to do so.

We continue to get requests for Bronze sponsorship which raised concerns in
the past. As I mentioned in previous reports we continue to monitor the
situation. The President asked for clarification regarding what exactly this
means, what kind of changes we envision and what would trigger them. There are
a number of changes we did implement and others we could implement such as
reverting to 'nofollow' links for Bronze. What we did was starting to ask
potential Bronze sponsors in a nice way about their story and the motivation
to sponsor the ASF. In all the cases we accepted the sponsors seemed aware of
what the ASF is doing and didn't seem a decision based on SEO stats. Another
change was delaying the response to figure out, again, what motivates the
potential bronze sponsor. For the trigger part of the question, the trigger
would be a disproportionate amount of, say, questionable Bronze sponsors
relative to the total number of Bronze sponsors. It is indeed subjective, but
one objective metric is the number of concerns raised by the board and members
who monitor the fundraising activities. As I mentioned in the past, it is my
strong belief that sponsors should receive equal treatment and the ASF is
also, if not more importantly, for the 'small guys' and by that in no way do I
mean endorsing any commercial activities, but as we like being associated to
the Microsoft, Google, IBMs of the world (list not meant to be discriminatory
to other sponsors), we are considered by some 'small guys' as rock starts and
they want to be associated with us and our values. I think it is only natural
that we see more online services, but in time I hope to see hospitals, grocery
stores and a range of other business supporting us. We actually had non techie
(kinda) sponsors like Accor and Budget Direct for a long time. For more
questions and clarifications I assume more of the discussion will continue on
the mailing list and we'll include summaries in the monthly reports.

One of the main focuses is outstanding renewals. On one renewal [1] an ASF
member promised to get me in touch with the responsible person in his
organization. Tom Pappas and I scheduled a chat next Fri to walk through the
outstanding renewals and come up with a plan.

I had a few conversations with Sally during the past month, which was a great
thing and I believe we should coordinate more between Fundraising and

One initiative suggested by Sally who introduced me to the CEO of Hopsie was
to use the Hopsie platform to follow up with sponsors and donors (probably of
larger amounts, exact amount tbd). After a few chats, Hopsie created a free
account for the ASF for 6 months, enough time for us to determine if the
platform benefits us or not. This initiative is related to the document Bill
Rowe sent, which contains a few valuable ideas.

The second initiative discussed with Sally is to start a series of articles
that promote ASF projects and briefly touch on success stories from the
industry. The initiative would be sponsored by the VP Fundraising who would
take the role of liaising with PMCs and sponsors to create and curate content,
while Marketing would be in charge of editing, approving and publishing the
content. The idea was well received by a few ASF members I spoke with and a
couple of sponsors. If no objection we intend to start executing this in the
next cycle. We intend this to be bi-monthly and we want to prepare some
content in advance.

17 Aug 2016

Fundraising activities continue normally.

The main focus this month was closing two sponsor renewals [1].

Jim resigned as VP fundraising and that led to discussions about the role of
VP Fundraising. I suspect the discussions will continue as there were a few
proposals in the past about how to structure the fundraising work.

Another discussion thread was triggeres by a new sponsor. After an initial
offer to sponsor he came back with a comment regarding concerns of their board
of being associated with questionable businesses via our Thanks page, due to a
few, let's say atypical, new bronze sponsors. After answering his concerns he
decided to move forward and become an ASF sponsor. I am convinced such
discussions will continue to pop up, as I said in previous reports, we
continue to monitor the situation. Like Jim mentioned, it is a frustrating
situation that was completely avoidable. For now it's not getting worse so
there is no decision or recommendation for change yet.

Hadrian is in vacation with spotty access to email and won't attend this
month's board meeting.

20 Jul 2016

Fundraising activities continue normally.

The main challenge and focus these weeks is the renewals for Google and
Hortonworks. Jim already sent an email to Google and I reached out to
Hortonworks to find out who replaced our contact, David (ex-VP Marketing) who
left the company. Hopefully by the time of the board meeting we would have
made more progress.

On the issue of questionable bronze sponsorship we did receive more requests
for sponsorship. Two seemed valid and well aligned with our values and were
accepted. A third one was clearly just a desire to 'buy' a link referral from
the ASF site and was declined. We continue to keep an eye on incoming
requests, but I see no need for a change at this point.

15 Jun 2016

Fundraising activities continue normally.

During the past few weeks we got a number of Bronze sponsors that, while I am
sure rely on ASF technologies for their operations, seem to be not very well
aligned with ASF's mission (this is not an allegation, just my personal
opinion). The concern, expressed on the mailing list is that such sponsors
seem more interested in marketing related benefits.

Another item that generated a bit of a debate on the Fundraising@ mailing list
is related to a discussion I had with a cloud provider to offer an in-kind
sponsorship that seems to be not very well received by infra@. While I will
have to clarify with infra@ and its VP what exactly is we do and do not need,
I started a more general thread on Fundraising@ to gather ideas and opinions
about the type of services we would need as in-kind sponsorship.

18 May 2016

Fundraising continues to operate normally.

This month we got a new Gold sponsor [1], thanks to Greg who made the liaison.
We also got a few Bronze sponsors [2]. The Sponsorship page was update to
reflect a change we implemented last summer. More details were provided on the
mailing list.

Jim and Hadrian attended ApacheCon. I got a few leads that I believe will
result in a few more sponsors joining soon. I know that Rich talked to a few
of the same ones as well, thanks Rich.

I didn't see the Treasurer report, but given this month activity we should be
doing well.

20 Apr 2016

Fundraising continues with no significant issues or challenges.

As I mentioned in the past reports and shown in Tom's (Virtual) report, most
of the sponsorships get renewed in the spring. As of now we beat the street
estimates and are ahead of the plan in the last month of the fiscal year.

This is due as mentioned in the other report to one payment ahead of a
Platinum sponsor, but is also in spite of loosing a few sponsors this year. I
am now working on being more persistent with companies that indicated that are
considering becoming sponsors so that we avoid loosing some ground next year.
For that Melissa planned to meet with me and Jim in Vancouver next month. I
hope to have a few conversations with Ross as well.

I also have a call scheduled with Tom and Lynsey (Virtual) for Wednesday
(after the Board meeting) to go over the process and see what works well and
what would need improvement.

All in all, this was a good fiscal year for Fundraising and I would like to
thank the many ASF members who helped out.

16 Mar 2016

This was a relatively slow month for Fundraising, not much to report.

The only notable events are us getting a new Bronze Sponsor, ChameleonJohn and
interest expressed by another foundation to become a Bronze sponsor as well.

17 Feb 2016

Fundraising activities are continuing normally.

We are up to date with sending all invoices. After a few conversations with
Virtual we setup a reporting system that I believe gives the feedback needed
to fundraising. Based on it we can keep the fundraising@ records up to date
with the authoritative financial records from accounting@. I am in the process
of updating the records and by the board meeting they should be almost, if not
completely, in sync. If other tweaks will be necessary, we'll address them

No new sponsors this month.

20 Jan 2016

Fundraising is continuing normally.

The bulk of the renewals happen to be in the first part of the (calendar) year
and we are in the process of talking about renewals and submitting invoices.
The revenues increased as expected, we are doing better than in the previous
months and I expect that by summer we'll be at or above the previous peak.

We also continue communication to new sponsors and there are signs that we'll
be signing on a few new sponsors in the coming months.

16 Dec 2015

This would have been a good quarter, we acquired a new (gold) sponsor [1]. We
do have a few promising leads and I am reasonably confident that we will get
new sponsors in the coming months.

Unfortunately, we lost another sponsor [2] and I have concerns that we may
lose another one. For the year, we do have new sponsors: one platinum, two
gold and two silver, so there are no reasons for concerns. We do have ongoing
conversations with other potential sponsors as well, however seeing sponsors
leave is a personal frustration for me.

The bulk of the renewals is from Dec to May and I hope we won't have any

Last year we sent a Thank You (mass) email to our sponsors. Jim (I think)
indicated that we did have problems with our sending of mass email (in the
sense that a few recipients did not receive it). The free edition of the CRM
tool does not have support for direct email campaigns, so I will find a
different way to do it this year. I will put together the draft in a next days
and send it early next week. I was also on the fence if to ask the board to
provide the budget to upgrade to a paid version, but this conversation needs
to take place in a different context. Such a request may pop up in a future

18 Nov 2015 [Mark J. Cox / Chris]

This was an intense month for Fundraising. After a long
negotiation we closed one platinum [1], and two silver [2]

We also made some progress in catching up on outstanding
invoices. There is one platinum sponsor who indicated that
he wants to continue the sponsorship [3].

There are two other companies that indicated strong
interest in becoming sponsors.

After last months report, there were a few threads on the
mailing lists, a couple of them even constructive but no
concrete actions yet. There were a few very valuable
facts mentioned that I am using in my talks to potential
sponsors that seem to make a difference (for instance
the legal activities projects are shielded from). I hope
something more concrete will be fleshed out in the coming
weeks in the area of community building (non ApacheCon
events, etc) which is ASF's sweet spot.

While the outreach part is going very well, I am not
very happy with the CRM part. After a talk reated to the
way we sent bulk mail (for the annual report), I
discovered that the zoho notifications are not reliable
and at this point I do not trust them. I will need Melissa's
and accounting@'s help for the rest of the month to
reconcile our records [4]. I will also need Melissa and
possibly Ross (advice) on how to handle the talks with
sponsors prior to their budget planning [5].

No report was submitted.

Additional officer reports approved as submitted by General Consent.

21 Oct 2015

The fundraising activities continue. We have conversations with 3 potential
sponsors and we expect one to close very soon.

Due to the concerns expressed last month we identified a few gaps in the
execution and we are taking the following steps:

* we are still behind on our receivables; if our execution would be flawless,
we'd be on target, as Tom indicated. That is not the case yet.
* we identified a communication issue as we do not know the payment status of
outstanding invoices and as such we do not know if/when to send reminders.
With KAM and accounting@'s help we made the convention to send bi-weekly
reports to vp-fundraising@.
* there is a lack of clarity on who and how to send reminders. I had a
conversation with Tom where we agreed on how to coordinate it.
* we identified a gap in the information about renewals and as a result, one
platinum renewal fell through the cracks. The reminder is now sent, but we
are taking steps to close the gap.
* following on a recommendation from Ross, we started to update our process to
consider end of fiscal year and the budgeting process of ours sponsors. Tom
will provide the information in the following weeks (update: Tom just sent the
list, didn't have time to review yet).

16 Sep 2015

Fundraising activities are continuing normally. Google is in the process of
renewing and we got a new Silver sponsor (PrivateInternetAcess).

The accounting@ team provided a report of sponsorship records from an
accounting perspective and we are reconciling them with our CRM records. We
also agreed with accounting@ to get a semimonthly report out outstanding

I think it will be useful to include the report the number of sponsors that
renewed in the past cycles and those due to renew in the next. I will start
adding them with the next report, to make things easier to track.

19 Aug 2015

This was a slower quarter reflected in a much lower income than usual. There
are a few reasons for that, including a very good previous quarter and the
summer. I don't think there are any reasons for concern at this point, nor a
need to reevaluate our budget or direction.

RedHat is now a sponsor (again) and I did not receive a notification about the
payment.  For the reason the logo is not yet up the thanks page (but it will
be before the board meeting). I was close to sending a reminder, but I asked
Lynsey first. We need to make sure communication works the way we planned.

Last month I had a proposal to remove the 'nofollow' restriction for links for
all sponsors (including bronze). In the absence of any feedback, I will assume
there are no objections and will update the site accordingly.

Another important topic is that we had numerous discussions with a potential
sponsor, who is interested in a very large contribution, but they also need
help that falls beyond what the ASF usually does (and in some cases beyond
what the ASF can do). While the discussions will continue, and I have high
hopes of being able to get them on board, we need to continue the discussion
about our pitch to the sponsors. I heard the same questions from at least half
a dozen potential sponsors in the past couple of months and they are not easy
to answer.

15 Jul 2015

Due to unfortunate personal issues I am a behind in sending
the reports and reminders. I plan to finish it this week,
hopefully before the board meeting.

There are actually 3 potential new sponsors we are talking to,
one referred by Ross, the other by David and one by myself.
Things look very promising at this point.

I need to provide some feedback to trademarks@ on the use of
'nofollow' links. I intend to propose relax the requirement to use
'nofollow' links for sponsors (only!). That means that allowing follow
links for silver sponsors as well (others already use follow links).
I am not sure if such a decision should be made by the
President or the Board and whom else (trademarks@ maybe?)
should be involved.

17 Jun 2015

This was a slower and uneventful month. We are waiting for payments from a
couple of sponsors.

I started to work on a list of potential new sponsors and finally doing some
outreach work, starting with a couple of organizations in the financial space.

Pending tasks:
* send letters to sponsors after the ASF's annual report
* research what happened with a couple of unpaid invoices from last year

20 May 2015

See Melissa's report for more details.

I am not tracking renewals (or anything else) for infrastructure sponsors.
During the past month we realized that this is could be a problem as invoicing
for one sponsor in particular got discontinued. I am looking into changes in
the process that would address that.

22 Apr 2015

Fundraising progresses very well (see Melissa's report
for more details).

Most notable event was Pivotal's upgrade to platinum
(announced at acna).

The "Thanks" page has been updated and looks much better.
Many thanks to Daniel Gruno for making it happen and for
his attention to details (a few follow up fixes). This happened
before the site update and although a bit eclipsed by the
whole site update it is still great.

Information about all accounts is now in Zoho. Hadrian is
in the process of adding data to all the accounts and potentials
and uploading all the existing documents (invoices and
payments) in zoho for reference and accuracy of reports. We
will go back and upload docs starting with 01/01/2015, but not
before that. While doing that we need to add tasks and
renewal reminders. The desire and expectation is to fully
finish this for all sponsors this cycle (i.e. until the next board
meeting). For the next couple of cycles the plan is to
iron out and document our process.

There are still very few outstanding items that should be taken
care this week, hopefully before the board meeting.

18 Mar 2015

See Melissa's report for more details.

Since last board meeting:
* made formal proposal to use zoho for our crm needs.
* proposal was accepted, all interested parties got user accounts.
* we expect to have all data moved from google before the end
 of the week
* another proposal was made in collaboration with Virtual to
 align the sponsorship year with our fiscal quarters. The goal
 is to simplify both accounting and subscription management.
* the collaboration with Virtual works very well and we're getting
 very efficient with the execution. Thanks Lynsey and Tom!

* we will next focus on the process and iron out the details
 in Apr, at ACNA; most of us will attend; this is the major focus
 for next month
* second is updating the "thanks" page to use Daniel's template;
 there are some (minor) technical hurdles in mixing mdtext and
 html. Ideally the page should be generated, but that's a longer

18 Feb 2015

Fundraising continues steadily. There are a number of sponsors who indicated
that will renew, but are late to respond. I hope that more communication will
improve things in time.  We did receive payments from Bloomberg, Hortonworks,
Winwork, and Samsung.

We are putting more effort in deciding on the CRM tool to manage the process.
Hadrian got actively involved had a couple of chats with HotWax Media. It is
very hard to find a solution that will make everybody happy. Hadrian did
research open source alternatives and is now researching commercial, hosted
alternatives. Hadrian is close to making a formal proposal, very likely using
a hosted solution. The proposal and hopefully a decision should be done before
the next board meeting.

We made a recommendation to update the Thanks page and Daniel Gruno provided a
concrete layout proposal. The proposal was accepted and Hadrian is working
with Daniel to update the Thanks page.

Hadrian had a couple of phone calls with sponsors. The goal is to improve the
dialogue with the sponsors and find out what sponsors see as valuable and
expect from the foundation.  We anticipate this to lead to ideas and proposals
for improvements, discuss on the fundraising@ lists and report back to the

Cloudera upgraded its sponsorship to Platinum level. Yay, thanks Cloudera!

21 Jan 2015

Much of what happened in the Fundraising realm is captured on Melissa's report.

* We had a few discussions about the CRM issue with Melissa and Rob. I am
 waiting on the HotWax Media response, but it's very likely that I will
 reach out to the Ofbiz community for a pilot project.
* We started a conversation about improving the Thanks page. Daniel came up
 with a nice proposal. Looks like we'll soon declare lazy consensus and go
 with his rendering.
* We are continuing the renewal process normally.
* We identified new potential sponsors (a CRM, again, would help)
* We are looking into ways to conduct fundraising campaigns in ways
 compatible with ASF's values.
* Hadrian asked to be associated with the ASF on GuideStar (don't know yet if
 their GS Exchange is an appropriate avenue).

17 Dec 2014

The transition from Upayavira to Hadrian and Jim is progressing. Already
we have reached out to present (and potential) sponsors about the change.
There were some hiccups during the transition, but nothing of importance.

Hadrian is looking at ways to attract new sponsors and how we could run
fundraising campaigns. Hadrian reviewed the fundraising@ threads for the
past year and there are some good proposals we need to act on. Cleaning
up our "Thanks" page is an example. Sally and Hadrian worked on a
Holiday Thanks card project. We expect to send a digital Thank You cards
to all sponsors this week.

19 Nov 2014

Fundraising activities continued normally. See Melissa's report for more details.

We are on track with the renewal reminders. Hadrian and Melissa had a couple of
brainstorming chats on the tools and processes to use. They will continue in the
coming weeks after ACEU. Records show a $75k income from the Sponsorship
Program since the last board meeting.

15 Oct 2014

A report was expected, but not received

17 Sep 2014 [Mark Cox / Jim]

See Melissa's report for much of the Fundraising activity.

A week or so ago I mentioned to Ross and Rich that I believe it is time for
me to stand down as VP Fundraising. The role has always included an element
of sponsor liaison that I have generally neglected. Having established the
basic mechanisms of sponsor tracking and renewal, which is now functioning
effectively in Melissa's capable hands, I believe it is now time for me
to hand over the reigns to someone who can better fulfill the sponsor
relationship management aspect of the role. This is both in relation to
our existing sponsors, along with pursuing contacts that have been made at
various conferences, for example at OSCON by David, Rich and myself.

I have no specific timescale for standing down. My concern however is more
that the work that isn't being done is started, and that I cease to be an
impediment to it.

No report was submitted.

Additional officer reports approved as submitted by General Consent.

20 Aug 2014

 == Metrics == An impromptu discussion was held between myself, Rich,
 David, Roman and Jesus and Manrique from Bitergia about possibilities for
 using their metrics technology. After consideration and discussion with a
 sponsor, my conclusion is that that data is far more detailed than we
 need, and that the system already built by Daniel Gruno is very close to
 what we need, and is based upon the same data as I had considered using
 before I saw the details of what Daniel has produced.

 Hopefully, we can extract data from Daniel's system to produce an annual
 report, perhaps with quarterly or half-yearly intermediate reports. The
 aim here needs to be to identify the impact of the Foundation on the
 world, and thus the benefit that a sponsor's contribution is bringing
 about. The data should be used to show trends of decrease or increase that
 can be used as the basis of some commentary.

 The idea of a 'health of the community' report was suggested by a
 sponsor. It was recognised though that whilst this could be incredibly
 valuable, it could be quite challenging to put together in a useful way.

 It would be good, also, to find an appropriate way to send this annual
 report to prospects, as it might help them with their decision making.

 == Small Donations == Whilst not directly discussed much here at OSCON, I
 have considered further our possible use of Hopsie, and I am inclined to
 make use of their service.

 It does involve spending foundation money that could be used elsewhere.
 However, the amounts are small, and we will easily recoup it. More
 importantly, this could give us a relatively straight-forward means to
 provide greater opportunities for individuals to contribute to the ASF. In
 time, it could give us the ability to to launch campaigns with fixed
 budgets targeting individuals.  In a way that might sound
 counter-intuitive, I do believe it important that we give individuals the
 opportunity to give to us should they choose to - we could do much better
 in this area.

 == Concalls and Sponsor communication == I discussed my quarterly concall
 idea with a sponsor. Her opinion was that every six months, and
 keeping it short, to 30 minutes, was likely to suit the target audience.

 She also suggested a 'sponsor' mailing list that we could use to push
 updates to sponsors. I have considered this previously. With a 'reply to
 sender' set, this could work well.

 == LinuxCon Dusseldorf == The idea arose in one of our conversations
 that we attempt to put on a "CIO Forum" at LinuxCon in
 Dusseldorf. We would invite CIO types to a presentation that explains the
 benefit of the ASF to the world and the benefits of sponsoring us. Rich
 will be there, and for me to get to Dusseldorf wouldn't be too
 expensive. Rich will talk with Angela to see if this is possible.

 [Rich: Joe Brockmeier and David Nalley think that we could still pull this
 off for Chicago. The conversation was with Leslie Hawthorne from
 Elasticsearch. I have passed this conversation to them for now, because
 I'm out of the office this week and can't really make much progress on
 that, as it would take valuable time away from drinking homebrew on the
 front porch.

 However, I will resume the conversation with Angela regarding Dusseldorf
 as soon as I'm back from vacation.]

 == Immediate Actions ==
  [ ] Rich to discuss CIO Forum with Angela

16 Jul 2014

An active month so far, with preparations for OSCON, for which we emailed
every sponsor to see if they wished to meet with us. Melissa has been
collating the responses and arranging a diary.

Google asked for help with presentations at OSCON regarding GSoC, which
has been arranged.

We have a 'pitch deck' prepared by Chip that we can use for potential
sponsors at ApacheCon.

I shall be collating some financial details to make our fundraising
story at OSCON clearer.

I had a call with a Fundraising website vendor that Sally introduced me
to. Their app is very interesting, and seems very cheap. It could allow
us to build up workflows for receiving individual donations across our
projects, tracking the donations against source projects, and thanking
donors, and potentially making requests to them for additional funds
for future projects. Given the price, I think this could be worth
considering for some point in the medium term future.

I had a good conversation with a new contact at a Gold sponsor who has
agreed to renew.

18 Jun 2014 [Mark Cox / Greg]

Fundraising has been very active this month. As well as a large set of sponsors
who renewed, preparations have started for OSCON.

Upayavira will be attending OSCON with the sole purpose of meeting existing and
prospective sponsors. Mails have already been sent out to all of our sponsors
to see whether meetings can be arranged with those that will be present.

Given that, for the first time to our knowledge, the ASF needs to raise more
income than it is being offered, Upayavira has prepared a fundraising strategy
document that details how he is proposing fundraising be approached. Put simply,
this involves identifying a clear story to tell to our existing and prospective
sponsors, and then identifying potential 'advocates' who can help is identify
prospective sponsors, and help us make the right contacts with them.

No report was submitted.

Additional officer reports approved as submitted by General Consent.

21 May 2014

Melissa continues to hold the task of managing renewals, either
contacting sponsors directly, or asking myself or Sally for assistance
where necessary.

Given expected increase in financial demands from Infrastructure,
fundraising effort is expected, in a manner that the ASF has not,
certainly in the last few years, attempted.

16 Apr 2014

Fundraising continues to move along. We are on top of sponsorship
renewals, with one platinum still up for discussion, but others in
reaching the PO stage.

Useful discussions were had at ApacheCon, both with those sponsors that
were present, and with the Linux Foundation. Ross has been asking "what
do we offer our high value sponsors?" The idea arose, that I propose to
follow through on, to offer quarterly conference calls with gold and
platinum sponsors. At these calls we will present some basic metrics on
how the foundation is doing, raise any highlights, and ask whether our
sponsors have any questions they wish to raise, either in public or in
private. Other than renewals, this will be the mainstay of our
relationship management.

There were significant discussions at ApacheCon about targeted
donations, which have been mentioned elsewhere. I continue to follow
these discussions, but have yet to form a clear opinion.

19 Mar 2014

As noted by Ross in his President report, I am glad to report that the
VP Fundraising role has become an oversight one. Melissa is handling most
of the renewal work, and Sally is handling the higher value sponsors.
Phil is handling thanking our PayPal/Amazon donors.

The work required for the VP Fundraising appears to have dropped to a
much more manageable level for a volunteer, thanks to the work of the
above named.

19 Feb 2014

At the request of Upayavira, this month’s report is being written by Melissa.

Melissa has been continuing to follow-up on the renewals that have been sent
out.  As a result of her persistence, some that we thought were “dead”, she
has revived.

We have received a Bronze payment from Cerner.

As of the writing of this, we’re awaiting an update from the Treasurer’s
office on any new payments.

Melissa has reached out to Sam to request the Tax#/EIN# be added to the quotes
and invoices.

Facebook has sent a Supplier ACH Enrollment Form, which Melissa has completed
and sent off to them.

In the process of adding “thank yous” to individual donors on the “Thanks”
page of the website.

The renewals for Yahoo! and Citrix will be going out soon, as they are up for
renewal the first week of April.

Although we’ve been making great progress, it’s clear that we still have a lot
of work ahead of us.   I’ve (me, Melissa) actually been contemplating a better
invoicing/accounting system to keep track of this.  I think it would be in our
best interest if we purchase an invoicing/accounting system.  We might have to
pay for a program, but it would be totally worth it in the long run.

15 Jan 2014

Firstly, I would like to thank Melissa for her sterling work on Fundraising.
She now has a good grasp of our day-to-day fundraising work, which is
a great relief for me.

We have received a Bronze payment from Basis Technology.

We have also received a Gold payment from IBM. Thanks to Sam Ruby for his
help pushing this through.

Our next major task is renewals on some of our platinum sponsors.

18 Dec 2013 [Mark Cox / Shane]

Fundraising has been quiet. The EA is working with the VP Fundraising
on day-to-day business. We have had a report of an incoming sizeable
check which we cannot track. We are in communication with the vendor to
locate the payment.

No report was submitted.

Additional officer reports approved as submitted by General Consent.

20 Nov 2013

The main thing to report this month is that Melissa has got a handle on
contacting our outstanding bronze/silver sponsors. This is excellent,
as we can now be sure that things will progress as they need to with the
necessary follow through.

We shall contact sponsors three times, and if we hear nothing, we shall
be removing people from the thanks page.

As noted in the treasurer's report, we also managed to resolve the
issue at PayPal, meaning funds are flowing into paypal once more. Thanks
to Chris for his help providing the information required.

We also established, with the help of Phil Steitz, the ability to
receive donations via Amazon's payment service. We hope to extend our
donation services to send immediate thank you letters, with the
intention that this will meet US tax payer's need for proof of a
tax-efficient donation.

16 Oct 2013

Fundraising has been progressing, with Melissa's help. We have received
a platinum payment from Citrix, and welcomed a new Silver sponsor,

We are still battling to resurrect PayPal, and have a concurrent effort
to build an equivalent using Amazon as the payment processor. We have
managed to get past a major vendor invoicing system problem with the
vendor finally accepting a PDF invoice

We are still behind on seeing renewals, which needs to be our next task.

Melissa has been extremely helpful in getting fundraising moving again.
I have asked to have as much of her time as possible over the next month
or so in order to work through the backlog. My intention is that after
that, it can be maintained as more of a background activity, with
Melissa handling a reasonable amount of the day to day fundraising

18 Sep 2013

Fundraising continues to be very slow (too slow), but we have started the
process of transferring some tasks to Melissa. This will continue over the
coming month.

21 Aug 2013

Fundraising work has been slow again this month, running below the rate it
needs to.

I have been in contact with the EA, and we are going to work together to see
if we can speed things up.

17 Jul 2013

This month has been very quiet, after the activity of the previous month.

19 Jun 2013

This last month has been productive. The updated system, a simple
spreadsheet recording next actions, has facilitated a lot of activity
with contacts, resulting in substantial progress.

Matt Mullenweg has upgraded from Gold to Platinum. InMotion Hosting
have renewed their silver sponsorship.

We have submitted  two other platinum invoices, and another is ready
to be invoiced. We have submitted three gold invoices, and identified
one where the vendor system failed to pay, which they are rectifying.
We have received an unsolicited offer of a Silver sponsorship, and
have submitted a bronze invoice to another existing sponsor.

Many thanks to Sally, who has been an absolute star in following
through with many of these sponsorship renewals. I couldn't have got
close to this result without her efforts.

15 May 2013


This month has been a bumper crop. We have:
 * Silver payment from VMWare
 * Renewal from Yahoo
 * New silver sponsorship from Budget Direct in Australia
 * Bronze renewal from Talend
 * Gold payment from ComCast
 * Bronze renewal from Liip

Last month I suggested a division of labour so that I can focus on the
admin side of fundraising. Since then, I have resolved the admin side
to my satisfaction meaning I can now focus more directly on sponsor
liaison. There are automation ideas floating around, but those can be
handled at a later date.

17 Apr 2013

We have been approached by two companies offering us new sponsorships,
one gold, one silver.

I have been considering the operation of ASF fundraising, and some of
the issues that I see with it. I wish to address them here.

The most significant issue in fundraising is the lack of visibility into
incoming payments. As VP Fundraising, I need to have real-time access to
payment information. Without such real-time access of some kind, I am
coming to the conclusion that it is not viable for me to continue in
this role.

Also, whilst we have some basic tools for tracking sponsors, they
require quite a bit of attention, and the information we keep needs a
lot of updating. I am finding it very hard to both keep the information
up-to-date, and follow up sponsor renewals. I am therefore going to
suggest that I focus on keeping info up-to-date, whilst soliciting
volunteers to actually chase sponsors for renewal. I will happily
undertake the invoicing and payment tracking part of the process, and
will aim to keep complexity for volunteers to a minimum. I will seek
volunteers for each sponsor as their renewal becomes needed. If you are
prepared to take on contacting a single sponsor on occasion, please let
me know.

20 Mar 2013 [Sam Ruby]

It has been a quiet month for fundraising.

A discussion about privacy of sponsor's details led to the creation of a
private archived alias for vp-fundraising, which is accessible only to
the VP Fundraising and a select few others. If this alias is CC'd on
correspondence to/from sponsors, future VPs will have access to
conversations that otherwise only make it into private mailboxes.

There has been activity with two platinum sponsors, one accepting a PO,
the other having sent a wire. A third platinum is lined up.

No report was submitted.

There is a new agreement for TCK access. Under review.

20 Feb 2013

Fundraising has been a bit more active this last month. We have sent out
four platinum invoices plus are following up one more. Hadrian has
offered to help contact some sponsors, and Bertrand has offered to
contact another. We were approached cold by a company wanting to become
a bronze sponsor. I sent an invoice, but have not yet seen note of

I attempted, but failed to send out thank you letters to PayPal
contributors. I believe I have the technology to do it, it just requires
a concerted input of time (in short supply). Given the January deadline
has passed, I would appreciate guidance as to whether I should still
persist in sending these letters. I would also appreciate knowing
whether a daily/monthly cron job could send out letters, rather than a
manual task undertaken from scratch each year.

16 Jan 2013

A quiet month. We have started the process of contacting sponsors for
renewal, however we have a lot more work to do, as we have 15 sponsors
up for renewal. So far, two are in hand.

Sally has offered to do much of the legwork contacting sponsors, if I
can provide her with the necessary backup information. This strikes me
as a very workable division of labour.

19 Dec 2012

In the last month, we have had two sponsors approach us requesting a
renewal at the $20k level. Invoices have been sent.

Having finally reviewed our complete sponsor list, I am surprised to see
that we have 15 sponsors, which includes four platinums, that need
approaching about renewals with immediate effect.

There is no way I would be able to handle that workload on my own, so I
expect I will look for help in January in approaching these companies.
Suggestions welcome about how we tackle this large scale renewals.

I appear to have lost the ability to see incoming payments. I will work
further with the treasurer to resolve this, as being able to see that
payments have been made is a necessary part of sponsorship tracking.

21 Nov 2012 [Upayavira / Sam]

I have been reasonably inactive of late. However, I attended
ApacheConEU, and did have a few discussions with folks who could turn
out to be sponsors (some at higher levels). While at ApacheCon, I met
with Melissa, who is now up-to-speed on helping us track what actions
need to be carried out, and when. I also met Steve Holden - there is
scope there for collaborating on sponsorships relating to the ASF itself
and ApacheCons.

The majority of fundraising activity in the last period has been
supporting the ApacheCon sponsorships, which this time were able to
travel through the ASF.

I have started the process of discussing renewal with one of our
platinum sponsors.

17 Oct 2012 [Upayavira / Greg]

This month has been quiet. We have had a few enquiries that require response
in the last few days. I have been lax, and have nothing much more to report.

I shall be at ApacheConEU - hopefully this'll be a chance to kick-start
some fundraising activity.

19 Sep 2012 [Upayavira / Jim]

Most fundraising activity during the last month has been around the
Calxeda donation of ARM based servers to ASF infrastructure. While
we have watched this, it has not needed much of our input, as Sally
has been handling their PR wishes.

Other than this, August was a quiet month for fundraising, with a
few enquiries that have not led to anything.

We now have a reasonable understanding of the payment patterns for
our platinum and gold sponsors. We still have a number of bronze
sponsors that still need to be approached.

I believe it is now time to start setting fundraising targets, to
ensure we continue to meet our financial expectations. These
targets will be set so as to maintain our current income levels,
and won't account for growth.

15 Aug 2012 [Upayavira / Sam]

We have had a successful month. Google and Citrix have paid, as has WANdisco.

There was some confusion (on my part) regarding the WANdisco payment - I didn't
realise the check scan was a sign of payment. I need to better understand the
route that checks take in the US to prevent such events recurring.

We have had a call with HP and clarified their payment pattern. We have also
chatted with Google. Cat acknowledged that we are free to invoice much earlier.

I will provide a fuller, more comprehensive, report next month.

25 Jul 2012 [Upayavira / Sam]

I have resolved payment dates/cycles for each of our non-platinum sponsors.
Three platinum sponsors and one gold sponsor have as yet uncertain payment
dates. I hope to clarify these shortly. We are awaiting payment for two
platinum sponsorships.

RedHat has purchased FuseSource, and has agreed to upgrade their sponsorship,
although we are still awaiting to hear to what level.

Wandisco has agreed to upgrade to silver, they have been invoiced.

We have a new bronze sponsor, Object Engineering GmbH - payment received and
website updated.

There have been various discussions around Packt Publishing, and the
royalties they pay to the ASF on books covering ASF projects. We are in the
process of clarifying exactly what has been paid for what title, however,
we have recognised that payments have been arriving.

20 Jun 2012 [Upayavira / Greg]

As of 9 June we have a new Silver sponsor, InMotion Hosting, who
approached us a couple of weeks ago. As of 13 June, Matt Mullenweg
has upgraded his sponsorship from Silver to Gold. The website has
been updated to account for both.

We now have a basic system for tracking both sponsorship records and
prospects and the next actions required for them.

Next on the Fundraising crew's plate is populating the remaining sponsor
records (contact details, sponsorship date, etc), chasing the few folks
who have offered sponsorship but not yet followed through, and following
up on the few sponsors who are due for renewal, or due to make a payment

Hopefully the Whimsy based systems we now have will make that tracking
relatively straight-forward.

16 May 2012 [Upayavira / Shane]

This is my first report as VP Fundraising. Since the last board meeting,
I have been familiarising myself with the data that we hold about our
sponsorship programme, and creating records for each of our sponsors
that should allow us to easily track relevant events during the
sponsorship lifecycle (invoice due, payment due, payment received,
logo removal). With all this data in place, we should be able to
establish definitive Sponsorship Renewal dates for all of our
sponsors, and use those as the basis for alerts.

This month I believe we received a payment from Go Daddy (silver). This
is not confirmed, as we have a payment to the lockbox, that matches an
expected payment, but do not have records to confirm its source.

SPI have some money that was collected on behalf of the OpenOffice
project pre-incubation. As I understand it, the OpenOffice PPMC is
asking that this be donated to the ASF, and that some way be found
that it can be used to benefit the OpenOffice project, in line with
the purpose of the original donations.

Daniel has helped with tracking potential sponsorship renewals in lieu
of the above information. Greg is going to chase those three sponsors.

Google is asking for a year-in-review, and a brief "what you are funding"
executive summary. This is a resource we should have available for
all of our sponsors, and will take some effort over the coming month.

18 Apr 2012

Appoint a new Vice President, Fundraising

 WHEREAS, the Board of Directors heretofore appointed Serge
 Knystautas to the office of Vice President, Fundraising, and

 WHEREAS, the Board of Directors is in receipt of the resignation
 of Serge Knystautas from the office of Vice President,
 Fundraising, and

 WHEREAS, Upayavira has submitted an application for this position
 with positive feedback from the Fundraising Committee, and

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Serge Knystautas is relieved
 and discharged from the duties and responsibilities of the office
 of Vice President, Fundraising, and

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Upayavira be and hereby is appointed
 to the office of Vice President, Fundraising, to serve in
 accordance with and subject to the direction of the Board of
 Directors and the Bylaws of the Foundation until death,
 resignation, retirement, removal or disqualification, or until a
 successor is appointed.

 Special Order 7B, Appoint a new Vice President, Fundraising,
 was approved by Unanimous Vote of the directors present.

18 Apr 2012 [Serge Knystautas / Dan]

No report was submitted.

Discussion: Greg's Vice Chairman report is effectively a Fundraising report. Changing the Fundraising VP will be voted as item 7B.

21 Mar 2012 [Serge Knystautas / Brett]

The fundraising@ group has received a resignation request from Serge,
who has found his available time is insufficient for continuing with
the VP Fundraising role. The mailing list is discussing potential
replacements and hope to provide the Board with a candidate for its
April meeting.

Inquiries from sponsors continue to get handling by the volunteers on
fundraising@, and we have signed up two new (bronze-level) sponsors.
The group is working to establish some better management of our set of
sponsors and their renewal date. We expect the new VP to help plan
and execute on that, with a comprehensive report to the Board in the
May or June timeframe.

15 Feb 2012 [Serge Knystautas / Greg]

No report was submitted.

AI: Greg to pursue a report for Fundraising

24 Jan 2012 [Serge Knystautas / Sam]

A report was expected, but not received

21 Dec 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Sam]

Huawei Technologies will start as a silver sponsor effective January 1st.

Prepared and submitted invoice for 2nd half of Microsoft's platinum

Worked on a presentation for C-levels not familiar with open source who
need to understand how the ASF's purpose aligns with their interests.  IBM
will be specific target, but we have shared an old version for now that
Jim had.

Gav got the VMWare sponsorship pushed forward, we got the invoice made,
the PO was issued, and payment is on the way.

AMD's renewal invoice was prepared and a quote to support it.  Payment is
on the way.

Gav and Daniel have been great pushing forward and taking some initiative.
I still owe a review on the status file data to make sure we're all on the
same page and they can run with certain tasks.

We were shared an issue with Open Office fragments try to claim that they
would accept fundraising, but Trademarks and Press and the PMC are
handling this issue and I do not see it significantly impacting

I offered to prepare the invoice for the GSOC money in the future since we
have our own invoice process for sponsorships.

In a couple of weeks, it'll be time to prepare the donation letters. This
should be straight forward as I've tested that I still valid paypal
account credentials and the Word doc that I merge to create these letters.

16 Nov 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Larry]


Prepared invoice for 2nd half of 2011 payment for Microsoft.

There was a big uptick in people interested in contributing.  Certainly
ApacheCon helped trigger some of this, but was a confluence of many factors.
 Here are some of the highlights from these activities:

Daniel Shahaf, Phil Steitz, and Gavin McDonald have each discussed and begun
contributing on the list.  This is prompting a re-org of my tasks to make
them more distributed.  So we've got...

All my 2011 invoices (PDF and Word) committed to financial/Invoices svn.

Fundraising invoice was improved and made into a template in foundation svn,
which will let others help generate these.

Daniel updated sponsors status file.  Still need to double check some dates
and add some contact info, but this will allow us to track.

Spoke with Melissa (EA) about using her to remind fundraising@ when
sponsorships were coming time to renew.

We've discussed a new status2.txt file that will centralize the fundraising
task lists I've discussed on the list.  That will be put in place this week
to allow Daniel and Gav to reach out to some renewing sponsors and test the

Spoke on list and with Phil and Sally about a sponsorship prospectus.  This
will be about a 5-6 page PDF that can be put the sponsorship value to top
corporate officers.

Generally there's a fundamental shift in the workflow on fundraising@ to get
more people involved.

26 Oct 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Doug]

A report was expected, but not received

21 Sep 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Brett]

Added Hortonworks as a gold sponsor.

Worked with PSW to process an invoice payment now that the international
wire transfer issues were solved by Geir/Sam.

Same with Liip as their payment had the same issues.

Spoke with HP about how their server donation had gone.

Working with Yahoo on invoice payment for sponsorship.

Discussed other ways Cloudera could help the ASF, steering away from more
hardware donations.

Met new points of contacts for sponsorship at Intuit and VMWare.

Declined an advertising program with AfterDownload.

My work life is starting to slow down, so starting to get back to my
sponsorship duties.

17 Aug 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Greg]

No report was submitted for this month; requested for next month.

20 Jul 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Shane]

Added Liip as a new bronze sponsor!

Processed half-year payment for Microsoft's platinum sponsorship.

Processed Google sponsorship payment.

Commented on the draft by Shane of corporate recognition branding policy
and will be following up to discuss this.

Still trying to find time to fly out next week, but hope to be at OSCON to
staff the booth.

15 Jun 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Doug]

My time was very limited this month, so not too much new.  I processed
paperwork for Yahoo and Talend's payments.  Also communicating with Google
to sort out the paperwork for their renewal;  I expect we'll be getting
payment for that renewal this month.  I'm still trying to figure out why a
wire transfer from PSW bounced.  I started reaching out to AMD and Intuit
about renewals.

A question on the list came up about donating to a specific project, and
someone stepped in answered that donations are general. (Thanks!)

I had follow-up emails from someone looking to build relationships with
OfBiz and directed them to that project's mailing lists.

And I discussed possible get together with Sally and Shane at either OSCON
or sometime in Maryland or Boston.  I plan to get to OSCON this summer and
meet up with sponsors when possible.

19 May 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Sam]

We have a new sponsorship invoice template.  I'm going to be committing
the files in SVN to financials/Invoices/<year>/<datestamp>-<sponsor>
naming conventions.  I've got two to commit shortly.

Yahoo! is officially renewing as a platinum sponsor.  Calls and emails
have it all worked out, invoice was sent and accepted.

Talend is a new bronze sponsor.  Marketing and PR reviewed Talend's press
release.  Talend made the announcement last week, we got the invoice out
this week, and we're all set.

The wire payment from PSW group bounced back to them.  I have contacted
our Treasurer, and we're looking into which bank had a problem or if
there was an account number transcription error.

Renewals this month: Google and AMD.

We had one donor ask for confirmation that they'll get a letter, and was
satisfied with the response.

20 Apr 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Greg]

We have a new silver sponsor... PSW group is a silver sponsor and has been
invoiced.  I need to get a logo from them to post it to the thank you page
and then make the announcement broader.  I hope to get the logo up before
the board meets.

We had an inquiry from a third party wanting a sponsorship spot on an Apache
project.  They were not looking for a foundation-wide sponsorship as much as
a project specific relationship, if possible.  I'm going to write the PMC
to see what options there is to put a "vendors who are compatible with us"
or something like that.

We discussed the status of the HP hardware donation with the infra team

Greg Stein visited several platinum sponsors in San Francisco... Google,
Microsoft, and Facebook are all happy, if anything they would like to figure
out how to help us more.

Google and AMD need to talk renewals for next month.

16 Mar 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Greg]

I was very busy this month and did not get much of anything done, but have a
few things to note.

HP's server equipment arrived at OSUOSL.  Some hard drives need to be
replaced and infra@ is taking care of setting them up and addressing any

We discussed and clarified the number of platinum sponsors in our program,
which is that there is no restriction and the sponsors at that level are
comfortable with this.

Helped coordinate a donation (not sponsorship) from AOL.

I still need to reach out to the fundraising list as indicated in last
month's report to get contacts with some bronze sponsors who are due to

16 Feb 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Shane]

There is not a lot of public activity this report with several pending and
renewals that I hope I can announce in next month's report.

WANDisco is now a bronze sponsor.

Helped push forward some trademark clarifications from Cloudera.

I still need to reach out to the fundraising list as indicated in last
month's report to get contacts with some bronze sponsors who are due to

19 Jan 2011 [Serge Knystautas / Doug]

I realize this is tardy, but wanted to still send in a note.

We set up new vendor registration info with Microsoft and got the first half
of the sponsorship payment.  Due to touch base with them this month to talk
more about how to work together.

We setup ACH with Google and received the extra $75k before the year's end.
Seems like we're in good shape there.

Greg had good face-to-face talks with sponsors in a trip to San Francisco.

Cloudera needed a W-9 sent along which was done.

I got yelled at by IBM corporate because of they don't want us using their
logo unless we want to spend months working out a logo-use contract with
their corporate counsel.  Their official "blue lines" logo is now off the
thanks page.

HP is sending infra@ two servers at OSU.  The budget is approved and my
understanding is that the hardware is currently being built, but I haven't
received the shipping tracking codes yet.

Lucid's sponsorship check arrived.

VMWare's virtualization licenses have arrived.

Facebook's gold sponsorship and most all of the bronze sponsorships are due
to be renewed and are in various states of being approached.  Hope to renew
or remove from the sponsors list by next month.

59 thank you letters were sent out tonight.  There was a 60th donation, but
I couldn't get Firefox to Excel to Word to Acrobat to handle the Chinese
characters. :(

Again, sorry for the late notice.

15 Dec 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Geir]

Cloudera is officially a silver sponsor.  They were invoiced and were
placed on our thanks page.

FuseSource is officially a bronze sponsor.  They were invoiced and were
placed on our thanks page.

IBM requested a change to the image used for their logo to a simple text
version that does not use their trademarked logo.  That change will be
made this week.

Greg Stein is making a trip to San Francisco and plans to have
face-to-face meetings with both Google and Yahoo sponsorship contacts.

AMD's server donation was setup by ApacheCon as planned.

The time for 2010 donations is almost over, and plans are set to send out
the thank you letters early in the New Year.

There's still a lot I want to get back into subversion as mentioned in the
previous report, but this month became very busy with sponsorship relations
and responding to invoice requests, which was great to see.  Hoping to get
more written down over the holidays.

17 Nov 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Bertrand]


IBM is officially a new gold sponsor.  We are working to process the invoice
on their end by having us setup us up as a vendor and answer legal questions
around the sponsorship.

FuseSource is a new bronze level sponsor.  We are generating an invoice for
this as well so that they can move forward.

I did not send updates to sponsors as I mentioned in the last report. The
activity around ApacheCon consumed a lot of time and want to move forward on
updating sponsors on what is going on.  I expect to move on this in the
coming month, and have begun identifying sources of information to send
sponsors.  I also plan to create an unstructured text file in subversion.

We have about 1.5 months left for individual donations for this year...
the thank you letters are good, but we aren't positioned to really push this.

The new website launched, and I made a few updates to the thanks and other
pages after this transition.  I like that updates happen quickly, though I
feel like there is a bigger need to work through some of the structural and
content changes to the fundraising pages since the site is less

Writing out documentation in SVN of the fundraising tasks including W-9
forms, non-profit status, process for thank yous, list of contacts, etc....

20 Oct 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Doug]

This was a good month for fundraising.  No issues for the board to address.

This winter, it'll be a year that I've been in this role, so I wanted to
give a brief recap.  A lot of time was spent coming up to speed and
understanding what was involves, and here are the highlights of what's been
accomplished so far:

- thank you letters were sent to 2009 individual donors
- corrected and organized book royalty payments from Packt
- new sponsors: Facebook (gold), AMD (gold), Basis (silver),
 Matt Mullenweg (silver), Lucid Imagination (bronze).

I feel good about involving Sally and Greg and others to help develop and
maintain sponsor relationships.  I have an update for sponsors that I will
be sending to them this week... I'm rather excited about this and have more
info below.

Lucid Imagination is officially a new bronze sponsor as of October 1st.

Yahoo should have been invoiced last month, but I have a call scheduled with
their new point of contact this week to discuss.  I've heard that we are a
line item in their budget.

AMD's new machine should be purchased by ApacheCon as part of their gold

At the f2f in Boston, I talked to Sally about having her help with sponsors,
and she has been extremely helpful!  I plan to talk to her and Greg and
others at ApacheCon about how we can build the sponsorship program.

I answered some book donation royalty questions from a committer who is
directing payments from Packt to us.

Shane introduced me to people at Lulu, and I am talking to them about the
option for committers to direct their royalties to the ASF.

Thank you letters are 3 months away!  They should go out quickly in January
to those who donated via PayPal, with some addition letters sent later once
we identify the checks and wire donations.

I have been struggling to determine what to send to sponsors as a regular
update, as all of them want to hear more about us and where their money is

While there are a wide range of news sources on what is going on at the ASF,
I recently came to the conclusion that the update to sponsors should focus
on the foundation, not the projects.  It is impossible for me to know about
each release and which projects matter to which sponsors.

So I will focus on the foundation-level news.  For this first update, this
will include:
- A new board was elected (I'll include a few sentence bio on each member)
- New trademark policy put in place
- Infrastructure hardware refresh

In future updates, I'll cull the members meeting notes and will look for
other foundation-level news that would be relevant to sponsors.

22 Sep 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Shane]

Yahoo is due to be invoiced.  I need to coordinate with Greg to confirm
where the invoice needs to be sent.

My biggest concern right now is sponsor maintenance.  I feel like I'm
handling most other fundraising duties well that are mostly unglorious paper
pushing, such as thank you letters, book deals, processing new sponsors,

However when I first became the fundraising VP in late 2009, the overriding
concern I heard from sponsors and other involved ASF'ers was that sponsors
needed more attention.  That remains the case as I'm not communicating to
them enough.

In Boston, I spoke with Sally about how she could help, and how we can
coordinate to reach sponsors ahead of the game.  I'm going to be sending
them notes about ApacheCon to hopefully meet some, as well as letting them
know about PR opportunities that Sally has as part of her tasks.  We'll work
to stay ahead of upcoming events.

Greg, Sally, and I have been moving towards looking for more smaller
sponsors.  We think there would be small-medium corporations that would find
the bronze and maybe even silver sponsorship attractive.  This would lessen
dependence on individual large sponsors, and we think this could scale,
though we have yet to determine how to best market that sponsorship.

18 Aug 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Noirin]

Sorry for the lateness of the report.

AMD is officially a new gold sponsor (check came).  Some tasks to work
through to finish this off that are in progress.

Matt Mullenweg upgraded from a bronze to silver sponsor. (I hadn't realized
until the check came in as he had only mentioned he was renewing, not

Had a f2f with Greg about getting Yahoo! renewed as a platinum sponsor.  We
also talked about some other ideas of pursuing more bronze sponsors, with
discussion to be started on fundraising@.

We have a face-to-face planned with Sally and Shane in September 10/11 in
Boston.  Few key items: - Figure out what we can do to announce sponsorships
below the a formal press release. - Discuss conferences that I should be
attending or at least aware of ahead of time so I can prepare for when
sponsors will be expecting us. - Discuss licensing merchandise.

I'll be around during the board meeting if there are any questions for me.

Approved by general consent.

21 Jul 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Greg]

I've had another month where I did not accomplish much for a variety of
reasons.  I will thank Sally and Greg, who have been jumping in with
sponsors when urgent issues come up, and Geir for helping out with oddball
requests as I figure out process.  I also appreciate the sponsor highlight
at the end of the member's meeting.  That was great.

Things should get more productive going forward.


AMD is processing paperwork as a new gold sponsor, which took longer on
their end than expected.  They have blogged about it and I plan to announce
internally once we're close.  Have discussed buying some hardware with
infrastructure, but asked them to hold off until the check arrives.

Matt Mullenweg and HP paid as renewing sponsors.

I have not done needed work on invoicing... of the non-bronze sponsors, Iona
(I believe) is overdue for an invoice, and I need to understand the
situation with Covalent.  MSFT has been discussed, Google/HP/FB/Basis have
paid, Yahoo to be invoiced in September.  The bronze sponsors have not been

I'm still not doing enough to engage the sponsors, and OSCON put that into
focus.  I was late realizing this as an opportunity to meet up with sponsors
and couldn't catch up.  Going forward, Sally laid out which conventions are
key to meet sponsors and possibly down the road, other conventions to
solicit new sponsors.


Still done nothing here, though at least we're in good shape for thank you
letters.  I still want to engage the community to get ideas on how we could
encourage more donors.


Geir has been great, I still owe another trip to Boston to meet up with
Sally and Shane again, Philip and infrastructure are waiting on me to push
on the AMD hardware, and I'm due for a lunch again with Greg.

Greg to update Serge on corporate purchases, merges, acquisitions and leads for new contacts.

16 Jun 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Brian]

This report is over the past two months.  This is a sparse report as I
haven't done as much as I would have liked, partly due to the health
emergency but also just due to being busy at work.


HP renewed as a gold sponsor.

Basis Technology is a new silver sponsor.  I sent an announcement to
announce@a.o on the Basis Tech sponsorship and am looking for any feedback
on how this was received.  I think some internal promotion of our sponsors
will be helpful to sponsors and am working for a formula for how to do this.

AMD is also a new gold sponsor, but they want to make a news splash in late
June or early July.  As part of this gold sponsorship, we will be purchasing
an AMD Dell box in infrastructure.  Originally this was going to be done as
an in-kind donation, but to keep the support contracts simple, AMD will give
us a check for the full sponsorship, and we'll make the purchase on our end.
I have to finish coordinating this with the infrastructure team.


I've done nothing to engage fundraising@ to think about small donors or a
donation program in general.


Shane, Sally, and Serge we're hoping to get together in May but that did not
happen.  We're hoping to meet later in the summer and build on the planning
we did in February.

Infrastructure was helpful in spec'ing out a machine for Dell and I need to
follow up with them now that the deal structure changed.  Treasurer and I
have are working well together.  Everything's good.

19 May 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Greg]

Greg to pursue a report for Fundraising

21 Apr 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Geir]

There are no issues that require board action at this time.

I am working to close another gold sponsor.  They have internally
allocated funding and want to donate one server.  I'm coordinating with
infrastructure to have them say what type of server they'd like in the
$5k-$10k range, and then this sponsor will be invoiced for the balance.

Looking at the sponsor spreadsheet, there are several sponsors that will be
invoiced in May.  I'll be coordinating this with the Treasurer and will
look to update our spreadsheets and review the process to make sure these
invoices are sent and collected in a timely manner.

The thank yous for 2009 were sent.  I learned a bit about donor patterns
through this process that will be shared with fundraising@.  I feel I have
the mechanics now under control to get thank yous out regularly and on
time, and I want to now look to push for volunteers who want to strategize
and implement a "donor program."

I had a good trip to Boston to meet with Shane and Sally, though honestly
haven't taken the next steps that I had gotten excited about while there.
It's been an unusually busy spring for me, but it's on the list to do.

17 Mar 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Jim]

Fundraising made progress this past month and will update the board
with respect to sponsors, donors, projections, and coordination.  No
issues for the board at this point.

No additions or removals of sponsors this past month.

I feel that Greg and I are doing a reasonably good job handling
incoming sponsorship leads and are doing ok responding to existing
sponsors.  I need to make more of an effort to reach out and talk with
all of our existing sponsors to make sure they're happy.

The next step for sponsorship is to audit what we have.  We offer 25%
value in kind donation, and I need to confirm when each sponsor
actually paid, compare that amount to the amount expected, and try to
track down the value in kind portion when appropriate.

Progress on thank yous, but not complete.  The letter has been
written, it was sent to one donor who was specifically asking for it,
I've reviewed the PayPal history and have those thank yous ready to go
out. I'm also discussing with Geir how to extra the donations via
wires and anything else coming in as donations that need thank yous.

While I was originally planning to, I ended up not involving
fundraising@ in the thank you letter process.  I saw the two benefits
of involving them was spreading the workload and creating personalized
thank yous.  For the first point, I didn't want to share paypal data,
so that left only trivial tasks that would take longer and more effort
to delegate.  For the second point, we were so behind for 2009
donations that I decided I just wanted to get valid tax record letters
out and will focus on personal thank yous going forward.

I'd like to use fundraising@ more.  While fundraising@ is not a
committee, I do want to share more of my work on this list to provide
transparency and keep a record of what is being done.  I have sent a
few questions to the list without much response.  I think by
outlining specific tasks that I can get more involvement as I believe
people's interest (beyond monitoring what is going on) is in specific
areas.  I think everyone would like to see more emails on
fundraising@, but I haven't had a lot to say yet.

The Board/Justin asked for budget, and we basically have none now that
the work is largely done by volunteers.

Similarly I was asked for projections for the upcoming year.  I'm
reviewing this and will discuss on fundraising@ to see if people have
other opinions, but I'm expecting we do not see much change for this

Finally, I'm flying to Boston on the 23rd for an all-day meeting with
Shane and Sally to work out ASF-wide marketing questions.

17 Feb 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Doug]

Fundraising did not get a lot done with the 4+ feet of snow over the past
few weeks.  My part of the country is not used to that.

The existing sponsors Excel chart was put into google docs but we
have not updated it to make it current or have the other fields that
we want to track.

I took my first call with a potential silver foundation sponsor and
am due to follow up with them this week.

I still have plans to document the sponsorship process as outlined
in the January report and to introduce myself to the sponsors.  This
should be done in the next month.

I continue to think that sponsors will warrant regular outbound
news-ish communication to keep them up to date on Foundation
activities.  This is still a few months out as well as logistically

I got access to PayPal, and discussed some with Geir about how to
cull this data for the necessary information.  The thank you's for
2009 have not been started, and that is at the top of my list.  I've
outlined the 4 steps to the project as follows:

1. Define criteria for who gets a thank you
2. Write the thank you (form or otherwise)
3. Extract the donor information from svn and PayPal
4. Mail the thank you's.

I will be emailing fundraising@ soon to outline the project and
coordinate with volunteers so as to get this done in the next couple
of weeks.

There are a few other areas that fall into the fundraising area.

Car donations checks are in svn but I don't have an audit process to
tie the checks back to the donors yet.

Book deals is the hot topic for fundraising.  Geir and I were able to
save a non-trivial royalty payment from a book publisher (Packt),
which would have gotten bounced in the past.  We are not clear how
many past payments were bounced back.  We may launch an audit to find
out how many past royalty payments if Packt is open to resending

There is a discussion on fundraising@ about how these deals are
treated.   Who publicizes them, what is allowed, who decides, etc...

Related to this is a text messaging donation offer, which we are
generally skeptical of, but I haven't yet come up with a good reason
to say no.

Three areas to touch on...

Marketing trio's get together in Boston was canceled because of snow
storms.  Still trying to reschedule it.

Fundraising and events could potentially compete for sponsors.  There
was a quick discussion to share concerns.  Fundraising will look for
alerts on negative reactions from sponsors and will look to learn
which sponsors /would/ react negatively so as to prevent donor

The LDAP migration unexpectedly removed my access to financials in
svn, but the infrastructure team restored it today.  I have access
because I'm in the "audit" committee... would it be possible to get
a more straight-forward and accurate permission rather than via a
defunct committee?

And I got a new sig thanks to some prodding. :)

General agreement on the need to realign svn permissions.

20 Jan 2010 [Serge Knystautas / Doug]

Fundraising remains largely in an assessment and planning phase.  I
prioritized the areas I would work through as:
 1) sponsors,
 2) donations, and
 3) other areas.
I'll go through those three areas and then discuss coordinating with
other areas at the ASF in this board report.

This is going pretty well.

Sally handed off all sponsor relationships to Greg Stein and myself.  I
had a face to face meeting with Greg, and he is interested in serving as
the primary liaison to all existing sponsors and to help with closing new
sponsors.  Greg successfully helped close Facebook as a new gold sponsor.

Greg and I will be using a google docs to track sponsors.  We are
looking to track key administrative tasks such as primary points of
contacts, date of renewal, and last invoice number.  It is on Greg's
plate to put together the first revision and share with me.  We will
grant access to the google docs upon request to any foundation or board

I prompted some discussion of sponsorship on fundraising@ with limited
feedback.  I will be emailing all sponsors individually to provide a
second point of contact at the ASF, and also to solicit any feedback on
the sponsorship program.

I feel we will need to create some form of a proactive push of updates
to sponsors, though the shape, frequency, and targeting of these updates
has yet to be defined.

I'll be gradually documenting the sponsorship process over the coming
months, including:
 1) sponsor coming aboard (coordinating with press@ and treasurer@,
updating spreadsheet, updating thanks page, etc..)
 2) sponsors leaving, and
 3) sponsor maintenance activities.

I have put the task of finding new sponsors on the back burner until
I've gotten more of what's under the fundraising umbrella understood and
under control.

I define this as all the cash donations coming in.

This is my next task now that sponsorship is getting under control.
I've been trying to get the list of 2009 donors, without success.
5 emails to Geir over the past 5 weeks, and I only have received a
partial list of transactions from mid-Dec 2009 thru early January 2010.
I have not been able to get answers to questions on where this money
is going and how I can get access to it, but this was over the holidays
and I expect to push much more actively on this in the coming month.

So next month, I get a clue of where money is going and put in place
what I need to reliably track and report on this.  Without this in
place, I will not be able to effectively measure the impact of any
changes to the donation program.

I will look to review how we could improve the donation program later
this spring.  Some people have volunteered in spot areas, and there have
been some suggestions on fundraising@ already and emails to me
expressing interest before fundraising@ was re-launched.  I will likely
expect to reach out to members@ as this gets going.

This includes book revenue sharing deals, car donations, and whatever
else that was setup by temp volunteers in the past or just handed to the
ASF.  My sense is that right now this information is the most fragmented
and unknown.  As I get data on the donations program, I expect some of
these activities will be illuminated.  I expect this to be largely a
trickle of money, and the debate to be had is whether the resources
needed to track and manage these programs is worth the revenue they are

I'm flying to Boston in February to meet with Shane and Sally as the
first official face-to-face of the ASF marketing team.  I'm looking to
understand areas of responsibility and build camaraderie to make our
jobs easier.

I'd like to ask the board for more access to the foundations financials.
Access to the PayPal account would be very helpful and I expect
facilitate some of the reporting I need for donations (and sponsors).

I also do not know what else I need access to.  I'd like to discuss
where else money is arriving and how I could get access to that, this
would be great.  Slaps on the head accompanied by a path in SVN are
certainly appreciated too.

Also I have access to the Quickbooks files, but it would be easier for
me if the ASF could move to the online hosted variety so we're not
checking out and opening a static binary file.  I may not have a recent
enough version of Quickbooks, assuming the ASF QBW file is getting
upgraded regularly.  So if we're not going to move to the hosted
version, I will likely request budget to buy a copy of Quickbooks for

As always please feel free to send me or fundraising@ any questions you
have, and I appreciate everyone's assistance getting this going.  Thanks!

Geir sent Serge the list of checks that came in to the lockbox, and the >= $100 amounts in PayPal.

Brief discussion on the use of Google Docs vs SVN.

16 Dec 2009 [Serge Knystautas / Brian]

The past month has largely been coming to realize the areas under
fundraising, figure out who knows what, figure out who is doing what,
and just try to make sure I have all the puzzle pieces on the table
before I start fitting them together.  My sense is that in the next 2-3
months, I will be creating a vision and plan for ASF fundraising.  My
work for fundraising is in an early assessment and planning stage.

The sponsorship program will be transitioned from HALO to myself and
Greg Stein in Q1 2010.  Greg has expressed interest in managing and/or
closing sponsorship relationships.  Greg lives near me, so I'm looking
to meet up to better understand how he sees himself helping.

I want to give is a lot of thought that will go into what it means to be
an ASF sponsor.  Key questions include what levels are there, what we
have to do to service foundation sponsors, and how is it differentiated
with an ApacheCon sponsorship.  I'm reviewing how other groups have
designed sponsorship programs (defining "groups" very broadly to mean
everything from opera companies to industry non-profit groups to schools
to NGOs).

The donation program needs to get in gear to write thank you letters
both to show sincere appreciation and to give people the tax exempt
letter some require.  Phil Steitz has offered to help.  I need to figure
out how to get the list of who gets a letter soon.  Any pointers

fundraising@ is now moderated by me, which has lead to some initial
inquiries that were getting bounced.  I plan to use this as a place for
discussion but have held back until I have some agenda of what to talk
to others about.

I've talked to Sally and need to touch base with Shane about meeting
face-to-face to talk more about our related areas of responsibility.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Geir and Serge to coordinate thank-you letters.

18 Nov 2009

Appoint a Vice President of Fundraising

 WHEREAS, the Board of Directors deems it to be in the best
 interests of the Foundation and consistent with the
 Foundation's purpose to appoint an officer responsible
 for Fundraising, including but not limited to ensuring that
 income from Sponsorships and donations from the public
 are sufficient to sustain the ASF.

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the office of
 "Vice President, Fundraising" be and hereby created,
 the person holding such office to serve at the direction
 of the Board of Directors, and to have primary responsibility
 of raising funds to sustain the ASF; and be it further

 RESOLVED, that Serge Knystautas be and hereby is appointed to
 the office of Vice President, Fundraising, to serve in
 accordance with and subject to the direction of the Board
 of Directors and the Bylaws of the Foundation until death,
 resignation, retirement, removal or disqualification, or
 until a successor is appointed.

 Special Order 7G, Appoint a Vice President of Fundraising, passes with
 eight yes votes, and one abstention.

 The board further acknowledges that officer's committee was established
 to assist in this work, initially consisting of: Greg Stein, Justin
 Erenkrantz, Upayavira, Nóirín Shirley, Phil Steitz, Sally Khudairi and
 Gianugo Rabellino.

23 Jun 2004

The last quarter saw the donation of a sizeable amount of new
hardware: 4 servers "loaned indefinitely" to us from IBM, spearheaded
by Sam Ruby.  HP donated a server in Europe by means of Gianugo
Rabellino, and Cliff Skolnick donated of a server to be setup by Ben
Laurie in the U.K as a CA.

The placement of Jinx's link and logo is still under discussion, with
efforts being made to improve communication on both sides.

Susan Wu has joined the committee on the press side and has already
sent out one press release, with a plan for regular releases in the

This will be the last board report for the fund-raising committee as
there has been a proposal to merge fund-raising and press activities
under a Public Relations committee.

26 May 2004 [Chuck Murcko]

The last quarter saw the donation of a sizeable amount of new
hardware: 4 servers "loaned indefinitely" to us from IBM, spearheaded
by Sam Ruby.  HP donated a server in Europe by means of Gianugo
Rabellino, and Cliff Skolnick donated of a server to be setup by Ben
Laurie in the U.K as a CA.

The placement of Jinx's link and logo is still under discussion, with
efforts being made to improve communication on both sides.

Susan Wu has joined the committee on the press side and has already
sent out one press release, with a plan for regular releases in the

This will be the last board report for the fund-raising committee as
there has been a proposal to merge fund-raising and press activities
under a Public Relations committee.

Discussion and Approval tabled due to time constraints.

18 Feb 2004 [Chuck Murcko]

There has been healthy activity on the fundraising committee. Prospects
being explored include contribution of UPS units from APC, registration
for contributions from donated old cars (via several salvage companies),
a new web site design submission for ASF (for which Nicola has
volunteered the Forrest site as test bed), and exploration of a donation
from HP.

We have advised Intradot (French Linux distributor) to add a link to our
contributions page as part of their documentation.

The idea of a corporate sponsorship, similar to that used by the Python Software Foundation, was re-opened. Greg noted that since he had a large part in that effort for the PSF, he would look into it for the ASF.

Approved via General Consent.

21 May 2003

[from Chuck Murcko]

Fundraising committee has not been very active in the last several months,
on its mailing list. We have received a total of 1746.15 to our PayPal account
since it opened, the majority of which is a contribution from USC.

19 Feb 2003 [Chuck Murcko]

The Fundraising Committee has decided to begin accepting donations to the
Foundation via PayPal. An email alias and PayPal account are set up, and a
revised contributions page is available for review at

Once review is complete the page will be deployed and we can start accepting
PayPal donations.

Jinx artwork has also been received and added to the contributions page. We
have not yet reached the threshold of receiving funds from Jinx sales; that
point should be reached in the next 30-45 days.

Next stage ideas for fundraising will be solicited over the next few weeks.

18 Nov 2002

  Members of the fund raising committee:

  Ken Coar <>
  Justin Erenkrantz <>
  Lars Eilebrecht <>
  Roy Fielding <>
  Jim Jagielski <>
  Sally Khudairi <>
  Chuck Murcko <>

Fundraising methods to be explored:

1) Jinx deal and further deals with other vendors
 we need to get more professional with vendors in general

2) Approaching companies - Sun, IBM, etc. via contacts
 getting on 501c3 donation budgets

3) Charel - suggests training opportunities with BlackHat

4) Merchant bank account, Paypal - Jim to look into these

4a)Online donations - hosting our own secure donations page

5) Federal/State/Local grants

6) Resale of bronze feathers at bsdaemon? Australian outfit

7) Conferences

8) Additional ideas - talk to the Python guys, Barb Helmkamp, and other groups

Self-sustaining income/infrastructure - easily $250-300k/year

We should target a $100k/year *minimum* goal in the first year

IRS homework on tax-exempt orgs needs to be done - Chuck

General rules for 501(c)3:

80/20 rules for small/large contributors' donations

Companies are free to donate equipment, etc.

accounting counsel - primary contacts - Hanigan Bjorkman Ecklund LLP
legal counsel - Duane Morris, Cooley, etc.

CopyLeft is dead, nonexclusive deal