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Fundraising plans

15 Jun 2017

 Including review re: Proposal to License Assets of the Foundation

 Kevin: You have all seen the proposal to license assets of the
 foundation to a for-profit corporation which would give us
 income for continued operations. We are prepared to update it
 based on feedback from the board and outside counsel. The proposal
 is a compromise between charity and business.

 Brett: One issue is that vendor neutrality is key to how Apache
 operates, and we don't want to compete with businesses. Rather,
 we create opportunities for businesses to exist.

 Kevin: Competitors can all work on the same Apache projects.
 Apache is vendor-neutral but we think the new corporation could
 compete with others.

 Ted: If there is money to be made, this implies that a third
 party cannot compete with Apache. We are concerned about Apache
 competing with our supporters.

 Phil: Apache's core principle is non-compete. We provide an open
 platform for developing projects.

 Ross: This proposal will negatively affect our current sponsors.

 Jim: We have tried to avoid blessing any third party with the
 Apache brand.

 Phil: Transparency is a showstopper. Using the Apache brand while
 Apache did not produce the product violates transparency.

 Ted: If the proposed corporation really only takes marginal
 business (that others don't want) then is there really a business
 opportunity for the proposed corporation?

 Kevin: Is there anything in the proposal that can be changed
 in order to make it more acceptable?

 Ross/Phil/Jim/Brett: Probably not.

 Ross: A PMC could develop training materials using "directed
 sponsorship" funding, and the resulting materials would be
 available to anyone.