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25 Apr 2007

iPMC Reviewers: rdonkin

Graffito is a framework for content-based applications, especially in
portlet environments. Graffito entered incubation on September 20, 2004.

Despite recent efforts the level of activity within the Graffito project
remains low. The only part of the project that enjoys continued interest and
commit activity is the JCR Mapping component, whose transfer into a
subproject of Apache Jackrabbit is being prepared.

There is little indication that the level of activity within other parts of
the Graffito project would increase in future, so we will most likely
request termination of the project as dormant as soon as the JCR Mapping
component has been moved to Apache Jackrabbit.

21 Feb 2007

iPMC Reviewers: jerenkrantz, yoavs, twl, noel

(This is the extra followup report requested by the board last month.)

Graffito is a framework for content-based applications, especially in
portlet environments. Graffito entered incubation on September 20, 2004.

The recent discussion on the status of the Graffito project has concluded
with some concrete action items (see The plan
is to realign Graffito to be more a content management framework instead of
a complete CMS product and to better leverage the features of JCR content

The effect of these plans on commit activity remains to be seen, but as of
now the general feeling around the project is positive. Hopefully we'll have
some concrete results to show by the time of the next report.


17 Jan 2007

Graffito is a framework for content-based applications, especially in
portlet environments. Graffito entered incubation on September 20, 2004.

Top three items to resolve before graduation:

 1. Build a self-sustaining community
 2. Create an incubating Graffito release
 3. Move the JCR mapping component to the Jackrabbit project

There hasn't been much activity in the Graffito project since the last
report. A discussion on what to do with the project that still hasn't
reached "critical mass" after over two years of incubation is currently
taking place. The perceived complexity of the project is seen by many as a
barrier to start using or contributing to Graffito. Splitting the project
into more manageable component projects was raised as one potential approach
to reviving the codebase and project community.


19 Jul 2006

Raphael Luta is currently the only mentor for the Graffito project
that has been under incubation for nearly 2 years now.

Graffito is a CMS system now built on top of Jackrabbit and providing
a portlet based user interface. As such it is mostly suited to integrate
with portal containers like Jetspeed but some of the services provided
(like JCR mapping) can be useful outside of portal context.

While we've managed to slowly build a community around the initial
2 men codebase, we're still very far from having a sustainable
independant community around Graffito.

Due to his numerous other activities, Raphael feels he cannot provide alone
the adequate mentoring required by this project and so we are looking for
additionnal mentors to help grow the Graffito community and graduate it.

18 Jan 2006

Graffito has nicely grown recently with activity encouraged by the final
release of Jetspeed 2.0 and good progress made on the JCR support though

We've just added a new committer :

Alexandru Popescu

and some existing Portals committers also actively contributing to the
integration of Graffito with Portals.

26 Oct 2005

 Lot of work underway :
 * working on JCR mapping for Graffito objects
 * port under way for using Graffito for storing Jetspeed page descriptions
in a Graffito managed repository (effort lead by Jetspeed team)
 * several new names have appeared on mailing-list and start contributing
patches and join the design discussions

We plan to have a Graffito binary bundled with upcoming Jetspeed 2 M4
release (required if PSML integration is complete for M4).  If
community development continues its progress as expected, I think
we'll add couple of new committers this quarter and probably ask for
exiting Incubator early next year.

28 Jul 2005

* The main news in this quarter is that we have expanded the committer
 base beyond the original contributors with the addition of Oliver
 Kiessler and Sandro Boehme.

* Both are busily working on building support for JCR (through

* Work is also underway to use Graffito as a native CMS engine
 in Jetspeed 2.

27 Apr 2005

1) Any legal, cross-project or personal issues that still need to be


2) What has been done for incubation since the last report?

* The most important work was made on the Jetspeed 2 integration &
 building some JSR-168 portlets. There is a content tree view, a
 document viewer and an admin browser portlet. Futhermore, we have
 integrate an HTML editor (Kupu).
* Some work has been done for the security management (fine grain
 access control, permission management, JAAS support, ...).
* We have started raising awareness and promoting the project on
 some other Apache and non-Apache lists in order build further
 the community.
* New developers have started collaborating with the core team
 on Graffito work, especially JCR mapping tools.

3) Plans and expectations for the next period?

* Implementing our JCR mapping framework with Jackrabbit.
* XML editor integration.
* A Graffito implementation for the Jetspeed 2 page manager.
* Continue our work on the JSR-168 portlets (search & version management).
* Start a site demo with a Jetspeed integration
* We expect the committer base to expand during next period given the
 current developer participation on the dev mailing-lists.

4) Any recommendations for how incubation could run more smoothly for

None so far.