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15 Feb 2012

A vote to retire HISE is currently in progress.

Signed off by mentor:

21 Dec 2011


16 Nov 2011


17 Aug 2011

Failed to report.

19 May 2011

Did not report.  Appears largely inactive, and perhaps should be retired.

16 Feb 2011

* A brief description of your project, which assumes no knowledge of the
  project or necessarily of its field

Apache HISE (Human Interactions Service Engine) is an open source
implementation of WS-Human-Task specification (Web Services Human
Task). It reads Human Tasks definitions provided in XML format and
handles requests for task creation from external system. It also
exposes TaskOperations Web Service, which is invoked by task clients,
such as AJAX web applications in order to fetch and manage task lifecycle.

After successful completion of a given task by task operator, HISE
sends response back to external system in order to notify completion.

 * A list of the three most important issues to address in the move towards

1) release version 1.0, most of the WS-Human-Task specification is implemented
2) attract developers
3) create vision and use ceses of product usage

 * Any issues that the Incubator PMC or ASF Board might wish/need to be aware of

It seems that leading developer of the product is no longer contributing to it.
Project activity is very low - last in November 2010.

HISE has commercial deployments, so it will be in some degree supported.

 * How has the community developed since the last report

Leading developer of the product is no longer contributing to it.

 * How has the project developed since the last report.

Implementation of the 1.0 specification is almost completed. Product has
commercial deployments.

Signed off by mentor:

gdaniels (commentary - clearly this is not an ideal situation. We should
discuss how to either get this project back on track with a functional
community, or consider other options.)

17 Nov 2010


18 Aug 2010


19 May 2010

The goal of HISE is to provide support for the WS-Human-Task 1.0
Specification.  HISE started Incubation in November 2009.

HISE did not file a report.  Checking the mailing lists shows that there
have been 5 messages in the past 2 1/2 months, a marked drop off from the
first quarter of 2010.  Likewise there has been a single commit since the
end of March.  The project will be pinged to find out what is going on

17 Feb 2010


Human Interactions Service Engine - an implementation of WS-Human-Task

The project is new, reported last month, and perhaps was unaware that they
also needed to report this month.  There have been 16 commits in February
and 47 in January.  Likewise, there has been some light e-mail traffic on
the mailing lists.

20 Jan 2010

HISE is Human Interactions Service Engine - an implementation of
WS-Human-Task specification.
It is in incubation since 2009-11-06.

For graduation, it needs:
* remaining task operations implementation - currently it's about a half
* building community of users and diversifying community of developers -
currently all committers are from a single company.

Currently project has a basic WAR distro, which enables to do some basic
WS-Human-Task operations, like:

* basic path for Task lifecycle: receiving a claim via Web Services,
claiming ownership, forwarding, completing a task and sending response via
Web Services,

* it has authentication support via WSS4J and holds an internal persistent
structure of user logins, passwords and their group memberships; potential
owners for tasks can be looked up by user's group attributes.

16 Dec 2009

HISE has entered incubation on November 6, 2009. HISE provides a deployable
component ready to interpret human interactions defined in xml files, as
specified in WS-Human-Task 1.0 Spec. It also exposes a taskOperations Web
Service for tasks management.

HISE is still in the setup phase, although that's almost done. All initial
committers now have an account, the repository and issues manager has been
setup. The only missing piece left are mailing-lasts, for now we're using
ODE's development list when necessary.