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IPMC members removal

19 Feb 2020

 WHEREAS, the Board of Directors requires Project Management Committee
 Members subscribe to their Project’s Private Mailing List, and

 WHEREAS, the Board of Directors is in receipt of a list of Incubator
 PMC Members who are not subscribed to said mailing list, and

 WHEREAS, the Project Management Committee of the Apache Incubator
 project has chosen by consensus to remove not subscribed members from
 the PMC.

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the following people are removed
 from the Apache Incubator Project Management Committee.

 Adam Estrada
 Afkham Azeez
 Aleksander Slominski
 Andrew Hart
 Andrus Adamchik
 Anne Kathrine Petteroe
 Arun Murthy
 Arvind Prabhakar
 Ashutosh Chauhan
 Ben Laurie
 Benjamin Hindman
 Berin Loritsch
 Bill Stoddard
 Brock Noland
 Bruce Snyder
 Carl Johan Erik Edstrom
 Chris Mattmann
 Chris Nauroth
 Christopher Douglas
 Craig McClanahan
 Curt Arnold
 Daniel John Debrunner
 Daniel Takamori
 Dave Johnson
 Dirk-Willem van Gulik
 Eran Chinthaka
 Florian Müller
 Garrett Rooney
 Ioannis Canellos
 Jacques Le Roux
 James Strachan
 Jan Piotrowski
 Jarek Gawor
 Jean-Louis Monteiro
 Justin Erenkrantz
 Kanchana Pradeepika Welagedara
 Karl Wright
 Kasper Sørensen
 Kathey Marsden
 Kim Whitehall
 Larry McCay
 Marcel Offermans
 Marlon Pierce
 Michael James Joyce
 Mladen Turk
 Morgan Delegrange
 Niklas Gustavsson
 Norman Maurer
 Patrick Wendell
 Paul Hammant
 Paul Ramirez
 Phil Sorber
 Philip M. Gollucci
 Reinhard Pötz
 Richard Hirsch
 Rick Hillegas
 Robert Burrell Donkin
 Romain Manni-Bucau
 Sanjiva Weerawarana
 Senaka Fernando
 Srinath Perera
 Stephen D Blackmon
 Suresh Srinivas
 Susan Wu
 Sylvain Wallez
 Thomas Dudziak
 Tomaž Muraus
 Tony Stevenson
 Vincent Siveton
 Xiangrui Meng
 Yegor Kozlov
 Zhaohui Feng

 Special Order 7B, IPMC members removal, was approved by
 Unanimous Vote of the directors present.