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Informal discussion of priorities

11 Apr 2018

 The goal of this session was to make sure that issues important to
 different members of the board get our collective attention in the near
 term.  Each board member provided one or more items for consideration.
 We did not make any decisions or discuss any of these items in detail.
 We agreed that substantive discussion and decision-making should happen
 on ASF lists and/or regularly scheduled ASF Board meetings.  Here is a
 summary of items mentioned by individuals.  All items were agreed to be
 important and in many cases, board members referred back to items
 already raised.

 Ted:      Fundraising strategy, direction and operations

 Rich:     Providing better support for volunteers involved in community
           development. We keep repeating that we want things to be
           volunteer-led, volunteer-driven, but more enablement support is
           needed.  Running small events and attending others requires some
           financial support that we should consider providing from the

 Shane:    Keeping communication focused, getting to decisions and documenting
           what the decisions are.

 Betrand:  Finding the right balance between paid and volunteer resources.
           Refining and settling on the model for how volunteer officers are
           going to manage paid resources.

 Phil:     Getting a clear delineation of what is policy, what is best practice,
           what is required at the ASF.
           Information transparency - balancing privacy and confidentiality
           needs with the need to provide members access to foundation data,
           decision-making and agreements

 Brett:    Focus on volunteer and PMC enablement.
           Long-term plan for executive leadership.
           Need to get to consensus on where the need is for paid assistance and
           what the options are in each case.
           Keeping and enhancing our culture.
           Getting out of negativity.

 Isabel:   Finding out earlier and preparing better for changes in volunteer roles.
           Enablement and community involvment
           Getting the right messages out, the right stories told, to improve
           acculturation of new volunteers and communities at the ASF

 Roman:    Agree with all points above, esp. policy definition, paid vs unpaid
           roles, enablement.

 Mark:     Agree with all points above.  On acculturation, consider ways to get
           "Success at Apache" or similar material disseminated to podlings in

 We concluded with a brief discussion on how / when to run votes at
 Board meetings and how to make sure that all decisions and outcomes of
 discussion items get either captured direcly in the minutes or people
 take actions to publish or update relevant documents.