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This was extracted (@ 2022-01-14 01:10) from a list of minutes which have been approved by the Board.
Please Note The Board typically approves the minutes of the previous meeting at the beginning of every Board meeting; therefore, the list below does not normally contain details from the minutes of the most recent Board meeting.

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17 Oct 2007

Description - Ivy is a dependencies management tool mostly used in
combination with Apache Ant

Date of entry - October 23rd, 2006
Date of exit - October 11th, 2007

Item resolved:
 1. We have made research for Ivy trademark

Community aspects:
  * We have defined some plan for for the 2.0 release
  * We have seen new contributors on our dev mailing list (some ant
commiters, and some others)
  * Gilles Scokart has join the PPMC
  * We have voted to join ant as subproject
  * Ant TLP has voted to accept ivy as subproject

Code aspects:
  * Second release done
  * The coding activities has been been more limited, but our development
efforts still focus on the integration with maven repository, bug fixing,
and tutorials enhancements.

18 Jul 2007

Description - Ivy is a dependencies management tool mostly used in
combination with Apache Ant

Date of entry - October 23rd, 2006

Remaining item to resolve:
 1. Trademark checking - it's still difficult to know if Apache Ivy is a
good name according to trademark rules

The top three items to resolve in last report have seen very good progress:
 1. Growth of commiters - We are now 3 commiters from 3 different
companies and background
 2. Release - We have made our first release approved by the incubator
PMC, and are currently preparing a second one
 3. Growth of community - The Ivy community is growing, we see more and
more contributions in many forms: feedback on the mailing lists,
documentation and code patches, articles, ...

Community aspects:
  * Gilles Scokart has join the team of commiters
  * Xavier gave talk at ApacheConEU, which was a good opportunity to
discuss with several Apache commiters and members, including especially
people from Ant and Maven
  * Ivy is seen in the press more often (see
  * We have had discussion on our dev mailing list about our road map for
upcoming releases
  * Discussion about remaining steps before graduation, one of the last
remaining points seems to be trademark checking, which we have started
investigating, including by asking questions to the general@i.a.o and
legal-discuss@a.o lists.
  * We have agreed on targetting Ant subproject for graduation
  * We have reviewed our site to make it indexable by google (our previous
version was making use of a lot of javascript preventing web crawlers to
work as expected), checked and fixed all broken links, and isolated site
from documentation to be able to provide online documentation history

Code aspects:
  * First release done, a second one is currently in preparation
  * Our development efforts focus on the integration with maven
repository, and bug fixing
  * We have agreed to use Sun standard Java coding style, and have started
to clean the code base to adhere to this coding style consistent with other
Apache projects like Apache Ant

25 Apr 2007

iPMC Reviewers: rdonkin, jukka

Project name - Ivy

Description - Ivy is a dependencies management tool mostly used in
combination with Apache Ant

Date of entry - October 23rd, 2006

Top three items to resolve:
 1. Growth of commiters - We are still only two commiters, which is not
enough to ensure the future of Ivy
 2. Release - We haven't made any release in the incubator yet, so we still
don't know if we are able to release.
 3. Growth of community - We have a pretty active user community, seeing
more with more involvement in the project would help.

Community aspects:
 * We have had contributions in patches from 7 contributors since our entry
in the Incubator.
 * Some contributors are actively discussing design discussions in the dev
mailing list, and replying to other users questions
 * We have setup our build in Gump
 * Xavier will give a talk at ApacheCon EU

Code aspects:
 * The refactoring to help new developers to catch up with the code base is
mostly finished.
 * We are currently preparing a first release, the release process is
documented, and we are almost ready to submit the release to the vote of the
 * We have greatly improved our compatibility with Apache Maven 2 metadata
 * Some changes to make Ivy more simple to use and more flexible are still
in development

21 Feb 2007

iPMC Reviewers: jerenkrantz, yoavs, jukka, twl, noel

Ivy is a dependencies management tool mostly used in combination with Apache

Incubating since: 2006-10-23

Items to resolve before graduation

* to be detailed


XH: update on 02/15, hope it isn't too late:
Since the last report, the svn repository has been imported to Apache
Incubator from its previous location.
The JIRA issues have been imported too, the web site has been migrated to
Ivy is now built by gump, but there are still problems with some tests
failure in gump environment which should be resolved soon.

People get familiar with the mailing lists, we see more and more people
interested both on the ivy-user and ivy-dev mailing lists.
Development is proceeding. The package names have been changed to
org.apache.ivy from fr.jayasoft.ivy, and a refactoring to help new
developers better understand the source code is currently under development.


* to be detailed

iPMC questions / comments:
* JE: Please follow the report template next time.
* noel: "to be detailed" should *be* detailed.  Are you saying that the
 project doesn't know what to say?


15 Nov 2006

Ivy is a new incubator podling.

Functionally, Ivy is a tool for managing (recording, tracking,
resolving and reporting) project dependencies.  It is characterized by
the following:

  1. flexibility and configurability

  2. tight integration with Apache Ant

Xavier Hanin, the main author of Ivy, sent the proposal to join the
incubator on October 23d 2006.

The proposal is sponsored by the Ant PMC which voted to sponsor the
entry of Ivy at the Apache Incubator.

Since the proposal, the main actions which have been achieved have

 * creation of the web page
 * creation of ivy specific mailing lists
 * the CLA of Xavier Hanin has been received by the ASF
 * the CLA of Maarten Coene and the License Grant have not been received
   or processed yet.

The receipt and processing of the License Grant is now the limiting
factor for the next steps, which are the import of the codebase in
Subversion and the import of the bug reports in JIRA.

The people involved with Ivy at present are :

== Mentors==

 * Antoine Levy-Lambert
 * Stephane Bailliez
 * Steve Loughran
 * Stefan Bodewig

== Committers==

 * Xavier Hanin
 * Maarten Coene