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26 Oct 2005

Project is doing very well.  There is ample activity and I expect that JDO
will be able to graduate from the Incubator in the upcoming quarter.

 * Project has active committers from 4 different companies, and 2 with
    unknown affiliation.
 * Project has an active contributor from an unknown affiliation.
 * Project status information is up to date.
 * Project is discussing near-term release of code.

28 Jul 2005

New committers were added to the project: Matthew Adams, Xcalia; Erik
Bengtson, JPOX. We might have a quorum of independent committers: Sun,
Xcalia, JPOX, tech@spree although I'd like to see more commit action
from everyone.

JIRA accounts have been set up for everyone who needs them.

The API sub-project has been synchronized with the latest version of
the specification. The TCK sub-project is about 80% complete. Still
lacks full testing for O/R mapping and detached objects.

The Apache JDO web site is now active at

27 Apr 2005

The Apache JDO project is chugging along. The 1.X reference
implementation, API spec (javax.jdo interfaces), and TCK have been
migrated to the ASF subversion repository, and the 2.0 API spec and
TCK are under development. Expert Group communication is being
migrated or mirrored to the ASF mailing lists as much as possible,
including the regular conference call minutes.

Two additional committers, Matthew Adams and Erik Bengtson, have been
added to the project this quarter, in addition to the initial project
committers. Both Matthew and Erik are members of the JSR 243 expert
group, as well.