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Formal board meeting minutes from 2010 through present. Please Note: The board typically approves minutes from one meeting during the next board meeting, so minutes will be published roughly one month later than the scheduled date. Other corporate records are published, as is an alternate categorized view of all board meeting minutes.

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15 Apr 2009

Ki (previously JSecurity) is a powerful and flexible open-source Java
security framework that cleanly handles authentication, authorization,
enterprise session management and cryptography.

Ki has been incubating since June 2008.

The project team voted at the end of February to change the project name
from JSecurity (its previous name prior to entry into the ASF Incubator) to
'Apache Ki' for a number of reasons, which are documented in full detail


Project infrastructure is being changed to match this name change, but is
not yet fully complete.  Mailing lists are pending still.

There was a post on the old jsecurity.org website by an individual stating
that they would appreciate if we used a different name other than Ki, posted
One of our project members responded and have not received any responses
further.  The project team is now internally debating whether we need to
change the project name yet again.

The old jsecurity.org project website has entered an archival state, clearly
pointing that all users should be redirected to the new Incubator ki
site.  A crontab entry has been created to auto-export the cwiki to here:

We're happy to report that development and user list activity has steadily
increased since we started incubation last year, with March (last month)
being the most active month to date.

The project team is not considering graduation at this point,
as the code is not ready for an Apache release. Once IP clearance is
complete, we'll attempt our first incubator release.

One mentor, Emmanuel Lecharny, decided to step down from the project. The
number of mentors is now down to three, which is the quorum. Finding a few
more mentors should be a good idea at this point.

The status is being maintained at