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17 Mar 2010

Log4PHP is a logging framework similar to Log4J, but in PHP. The project
entered incubation in 2004, retired and restarted again on 2007-07-04. After
the first release, community feedback has increased.

The Log4PHP Community and the Logging PMC voted in favour of leaving the
Incubator and moving to the sponsoring Logging project. This has just been
confirmed with a vote by the IPMC, so Log4PHP has graduated!

There are still some resource moves etc that need to happen, but expect that
future Log4PHP reports will now come as part of the Logging report. Congrats
Log4PHP devs.

 * Bugfixes on 2.0.0 has been done
 * Several new ideas of improvements have been collected in the issue
 * Apache Log4PHP 2.0.0 (Incubating) has been released on 12.12.2009

= Lucene Connector Framework =

Lucene Connector Framework is an incremental crawler framework and set of
connectors designed to pull documents from various kinds of repositories
into search engine indexes or other targets.  The current bevy of connectors
includes Documentum (EMC), FileNet (IBM), LiveLink (OpenText), Patriarch
(Memex), Meridio (Autonomy), SharePoint (Microsoft), RSS feeds, and web
content.  Lucene Connector Framework also provides components for individual
document security within a target search engine, so that repository security
access conventions can be enforced in the search results.

Lucene Connector Framework has been in incubation since January, 2010.

A list of the three most important issues to address in the move towards
1. End-user documentation needs to be converted into a usable form
1. Strategy is needed for developing an Active Directory authority service,
for mapping Kerberos principals to AD SIDs
1. Testing strategy under Apache needs development

Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be aware
1. We'd like to know whether there is any official Apache position on
inclusion of NTLM implementations in ASF projects, since we've gotten mixed
signals on this from other developers.  This represents a crucial piece of
functionality needed to support LiveLink, Meridio, SharePoint, RSS, and Web
connectors properly.

How has the community developed since the last report?
So far, most of the activity has been from the mentors and the committers,
but given the nascent state of the project this is not surprising, and we
expect interest to continue growing.

How has the project developed since the last report?

Lucene Connector Framework was voted into the Incubator in January 11, 2010.
The following has been done since then:

* Mailing lists set up
* Site created
* SVN area set up
* Code grant from MetaCarta accepted in early February, including Apache
2.0 headers on all pertinent files, and was committed to SVN at that time
* An ant build system for the Java code was created and tested
* Code was MetaCarta de-branded
* Code was formatted in accordance with Apache standards
* Issues related to upstream propagation of features into other Apache
projects were opened
* Documentation for building and hand setup was committed

At this point the project is buildable and usable.

16 Dec 2009

Log4PHP is a logging framework similar to Log4J, but in PHP. The project
entered incubation in 2004, retired and restarted again on 2007-07-04. The
project got some community feedback, which is good, but not enough for

* Christian Hammers has been elected as new Committer
* The Log4PHP team created 3 release candidates. We are currently voting on
them and will bring the proposed release on the incubator list soon
* Update 13-12-09 - Today Log4PHP made its first release since being in the
Incubator for over 4 years!! A truly great effort to get this far, well done

23 Sep 2009

Log4PHP is a logging framework similar to Log4J, but in PHP. The project
entered incubation in 2004, retired and restarted again on 2007-07-04.

Since the last report there has been much activity. Slightly more activity
from community could be recognized. Several patches from contributors came


* Website has been updated. We plan to do this on a regular basis now via
* Blog has been activated (
* Christian Grobmeier has been elected as new PPMC-Member


* Maven has been established as build tool
* PHP5 port has been finished
* buildbot has been established
* Lots of code upgrades, fixes etc.

Next steps:

* Stabilizing/Cleaning up code for the first release
* Try to attract more developers for Log4PHP
* Looking at getting an incubating release done.

Issues before graduation:

* Still less community interaction

17 Jun 2009

Log4PHP is a logging framework similar to Log4J, but in PHP. The project
entered incubation in 2004, retired and restarted again on 2007-07-04.

After some discussions beginning 2009 about lack of committer and community
interest, several people showed up their interest in continuing this
project. The following people joined the project:

* 2009-04-28 - New Committer: Christian Grobmeier
* 2009-04-28 - New Committer: Gavin McDonald
* 2009-04-28 - New Mentor: Niclas Hedhman
* 2009-04-28 - New Mentor: Gavin McDonald

Log4PHP now has a PPMC private list - log4php-private at incubator.
Current Mentors and existing committers have been emailed asking them to
join this list.

Several code changes has been done in the following weeks:

* Activity on porting log4php to PHP5
* Increased the number of test cases
* Cleaned up code and codestyle

Next steps:

* Finishing php5 port
* Cleaning up code
* Updating documentation + Website
* Try to attract more developers for Log4PHP
* Bringing Continuus Integration to a Apache Host (currently hosted on
private servers bei Knut Urdalen)
* Looking at getting an incubating release done.

Issues before graduation:

* Still less community interaction

18 Mar 2009

Log4php failed to report.

Log4php has been in the Incubator since 2004, and was retired once already,
then reviewed by new interest appeared. Reviewing the mailing list, Log4php
appears to still be very much a one person project, with Christian Grobmeier
as the sole participant. I see no sign of a user community, nor a developer
community. Is there any thought on what should be the discposition of the
project? Apache Labs? Something else?

17 Dec 2008

Failed to report.  Checking the mailing lists, there is minimal, but present
traffic on both the developer and user lists.  The last commit was two
months ago by Jim.

17 Sep 2008

log4php is a port of the log4j package for PHP.

Very limited activity over the last 3 months. 3 external patches, provided
via JIRA were submitted in September, and these are in the process of being
vetted and will likely be committed. There are external users but almost no
activity on the mailing lists.

Incubating since 07/2007

25 Jun 2008


19 Sep 2007

log4php incubation was restarted in July.  Three new committers have been
added and a JIRA project has been set up for bug tracking.  A maven 2
generated web site has been published to The source tree was reorganized and an
initial pass at migration to PHP 5 was committed in July, but there has been
little recent activity (possibly due to vacations) and no published
development plan.  In the next period, the development team needs to
establish development plan for an initial snapshot.

25 Oct 2006

No important news to report. Mailing lists still maintain low

18 Jan 2006

Some minor bug fixes committed.

Added new php5 classes to start coding log4php using the new php5 object

26 Oct 2005

 * All reported bugs have been fixed so it's time to prepare the first
    stable release.
 * The new php5 version of log4php is ready for the initial import into svn
    repository. At first, it will support only a minimal set of

28 Jul 2005

A report was expected, but not received