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19 Feb 2020

Report was filed, but display is awaiting the approval of the Board minutes.

15 Jan 2020

NuttX is a mature, real-time embedded operating system (RTOS) with
emphasis on standards compliance and small footprint.

NuttX has been incubating since 2019-12-09.

### Three most important unfinished issues to address before graduating:

  1. Clear any potential infringing use of the NuttX trademark
  2. Grow the community outside the old project and around Apache
  3. Make the first release under the Apache umbrella.

### Are there any issues that the IPMC or ASF Board need to be aware of?

  Even though the project is in its early incubation stages, its maturity
  allowed us to elect 3 new members:
  Ken and Masayuki are both long time contributors to NuttX. They were
  interested in becoming Committers/PPMC members and supposed to be in the
  initial committers list but missed the window by few hours (the voting
  had  already started).
  Brennan is also a long time contributor, and recently has put in some
  crazy hours to convert our old DokuWiki to Confluence.

  The project consists of two main repositories, _nuttx_ and _apps_.
  These two repositories are hosted by Apache in
  and https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf?p=incubator-nuttx-apps.git
  There are also 3 supporting repositories that have GPL licenses
  and hence can't be released under the Apache license.
  Nothing in these GPL repositories is ever delivered with NuttX releases.
  There are only references in the documentation to aid in building and
  installing the operating system.
  It is unclear where these repositories should reside.

### How has the community developed since the last report?

  The project used to have a google group where questions, patches and
  technical issues were discussed.

  Now, three mailing lists are in place: _dev_, _commit_ and _private_.
  _dev_ has 100 subscribers and is getting quite heavy traffic as the
  community is debating the next steps of the project.
  In the meantime, some contributors have already submitted a few patches
  and PRs.

  However, as it was expected, user activity has dropped down a little
  compared to the google group.
  First, not all google group subscribers are subscribed to the _dev_
  mailing list.
  Additionally, moving to Apache required reviewing the previous workflow
  and developing new requirements. This is currently the center of almost
  all discussions in the mailing list.
  Things are anticipated to settle down and get back to normal once
  our new way of working is sorted out.

  Regarding the project committee, it started with 12 members
  (4 mentors and 8 initial committers).
  Since incubation, 2 committers and 1 PPMC member have been added.

### How has the project developed since the last report?

  The project is only in its early days of incubation.
  The necessary resources are set up. The repositories have moved from
  Bitbucket to GitHub/GitBox and the Wiki from DokuWiki to Confluence.
  As noted above, the workflow requirements are still under development,
  it is expected that the project will see more contributions once this
  has been taken care of.

  First version of the website is available in github.io
  (https://apache-nuttx-website.github.io/).  It will be moved to Apache

### How would you assess the podling's maturity?
Please feel free to add your own commentary.

  - [X] Initial setup. Repositories, accounts and mailing lists are in
  - [ ] Working towards first release
  - [ ] Community building
  - [ ] Nearing graduation
  - [ ] Other:

### Date of last release:

  This is the date of the last NuttX release.
  There is yet to be a release for Apache NuttX.

### When were the last committers or PPMC members elected?

  Last elected committers:
  - Brennan Ashton: 2019-12-19
  - Kenneth Pettit: 2019-12-22

Last elected PPMC:
  - Masayuki Ishikawa: 2019-12-23

### Have your mentors been helpful and responsive?

  Mentors are helpful and responsive.

### Is the PPMC managing the podling's brand / trademarks?

 * Gregory Nutt registered the NuttX trademark in the US.
 * Some projects are distributing modified versions of NuttX under the
   name NuttX. These issues need to be addressed before graduation.

### Signed-off-by:

  - [ ] (nuttx) Junping Du
  - [X] (nuttx) Justin Mclean
  - [ ] (nuttx) Mohammad Asif Siddiqui
  - [X] (nuttx) Flavio Paiva Junqueira

### IPMC/Shepherd notes:
  Justin Mclean: While off to a good start the podling has run into several
  issues, and seems to need a bit more focus before it has a functioning
  Some of these issues are due to ignoring mentors/incubator advice. I'd
  suggest the project focus on more immediate needs rather than hypothetical
  issues that may or may not occur in the future.

  Flavio Junqueira: NuttX started incubation with an established community,
  and a good amount of the ramp-up effort has been spent on understanding
  the Apache environment and principles, moving the code base, and adapting
  or replacing existing processes. I’m happy with the community progress so
  far, and have no specific concern.