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18 Feb 2004

Separate PHP from the Apache Software Foundation

  WHEREAS, the Board of Directors considers the Apache PHP
  Project to have built a successful community for the
  development, maintenance, and support of and for the PHP
  software and environment; and

  WHEREAS, the Apache Software Foundation would need to make
  changes within the PHP codebases, licensing, and community to
  bring it into alignment with the other Foundation projects and
  to bring it within the legal umbrella of the Foundation; and

  WHEREAS, the Board of Directors considers this would be harmful
  to the Apache PHP Project and its community and providing few

  NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Apache PHP Project PMC
  is hereby terminated; and be it further

  RESOLVED, that the Foundation will work with the PHP Group to
  grant all rights and responsibilities of the Foundation
  pertaining to the PHP codebases to the PHP Group.

 Via Unanimous Vote, the above resolution to seperate PHP
 from the ASF, was approved.

17 Sep 2003 [Rasmus Lerdorf]

[ no attachment ]

No report received.

25 Jun 2003

PHP usage keeps growing both in absolute numbers and in terms of
the percentage of servers with it installed.


Roughly 31% of all domains have PHP installed and detectable by
Netcraft.  SecuritySpace reports 51% of all Apache servers have
PHP enabled.

The current version is 4.3.2 with 4.3.3 scheduled soon.  PHP 5.0
is also approaching beta with the major change being more advanced
OO capabilities.

Due to MySQL AB changing the license of the mysqlclient library
from LGPL to GPL for 4.x versions we will no longer bundle the
library and have to be careful to write our MySQL extension such
that it can be linked against the older non-GPL version of the
client libraries.  There will most likely be an exception for
OSI-approved licensed projects that will alleviate this problem a
bit, but we will still unbundle the library.  This does put some
pressure on us to use an OSI-approved license and as you know the
new ASL is not OSI-approved (yet).

There has also been discussion around whether we should make an
effort to try to drink more of the ASF Koolaid or not.  We still
don't have a clear picture of what the impact on the project would
be.  We don't know if we have to go back and get CLA's from the 450
people who have contributed something to the project over the past
10 years and what the changes to our day to day way of doing things
would be.  Statements from Greg and others that include "for now"
or "initially" really haven't helped this in any way.

We understand that copyright needs to be assigned to the ASF and
that the ASF then would put it under the new ASL license.

We understand that we would need to separate our CVS into two
repositories most likely.  One that contains only ASF licensed
code and one that has everything else.  How much stuff we can
leave in the "everything else" repository is still unclear.  We
bundle a number of things that PHP simply wouldn't work without
including Zend and PCRE and less critically GD, sqlite, libxml
and a few others.  And we understand that there would be some
oversight in some form of the ASF repository.

We are looking for a statement from the board which does not
contain the phrases "for now" nor "initially" and clearly lays
out the board position for what will be required for the ASF
to have proper oversight over the PHP project.  Especially
if there are things beyond the above issues such as specifying
how many feathers our web site should have, how we should run our
PMC, how we handle granting new CVS accounts and what sort of
oversight would be required on the 6 dedicated servers that run
the infrastructure.

19 Mar 2003 [Rasmus Lerdorf]

The PHP project is still going strong.  Since the Sept02 report
approximately 1.5 million new PHP domains appeared which comprises just
under 30% of all the domains Netcraft queries every month.  That is up
from 26% in Sept02.  According to PHP is enabled on
51.24% of all Apache servers.

There is also a healthy interest in contributing to the project.  In
Sept02 we had 651 people with CVS accounts.  Today we just passed 800.
Well over half of these work exclusively on the docmentation.

Since the Sept. report we have released version 4.3.0 and followed that up
with a small security fix in 4.3.1.  We are currently have the first
release candidate of 4.3.2 out and the QA process is making slow and
steady progress on it.  I expect to see 4.3.2 before the end of the month.
The big change with respect to Apache is that we dumped the rather
unstable apache2filter sapi module replacing it with an apache2handler one
mostly written by Ian Holsman and Justin Erenkrantz.  We'll see if this
proves to be more useful.  If you want to have a look at the current code
for this new handler, see:

Another big push since the last report has been the pear/pecl sub-project.
Here we are trying to create a useful repository of PHP code and
applications easily installable via an apt-like command-line tool.  Some
notables from that project is the apd profiler and the new apc2 opcode
cache.  Having free open source profilers and opcode caches is important
to the project.  More info can be found at

The smarty sub-project is also rolling along gaining popularity.  See for more info.

A lot of work is currently going into version 5.0 with most of the changes
being to the object model.  Looking for a release sometime towards the end
of the year, perhaps sooner.

The number of PHP-specific conferences have been increasing steadily.
Here is the upcoming schedule of PHP-related conferences:

Mar 20-21 Montreal  - PHP Quebec 2003
Mar 29    Budapest  - First Hungarian PHP Conference
Apr 10-12 San Jose  - MySQL Conf and Expo (not PHP, but large presence)
Apr 23-25 New York  - PHPCon East 2003
May 8-9   Amsterdam - 2003 International PHP conference
Jul 10-13 Karlsruhe - Linuxtag 2003 (not PHP, but large PHP presence)

On the user group front we have a number of extremely active groups.  A
shortened list of some of the more active ones:

South-Eastern Michigan User Group, Stuttgart, Chicago, Frankfurt, Twin
Cities, San Diego, Koeln/Bonn, Hannover, New York, Phoenix, Seattle,
Vancouver, Hamburg, Kansas City, Munich, Calgary, and Long Island.

All in all there are about 220 groups in 56 countries that we know about,
but it is hard to keep track of which ones are active.

. By general consent, this report was recorded as entered and approved.

18 Sep 2002


   The [1]PHP project is alive and well. As with any large and popular
   project there is plenty drama on a day-to-day basis, but in the end
   we are building a useful tool used by a lot of people.

   Roughly  9  million  or  26% (up from 24% in May) of all public web
   domains found by [2]Netcraft last month have PHP installed on them.
   This  of  course includes many domains that may not use PHP, but it
   doesn't  include  any non-Apache module PHP installations, of which
   there are plenty.

   According  to [3] about 38% (down from 45% in May)
   of all Apache servers have the PHP module activated.

   The  PHP  PMC,  better known as the PHP Group consists of: Thies C.
   Arntzen,  Stig Bakken, Shane Caraveo, Andi Gutmans, Rasmus Lerdorf,
   Sam  Ruby,  Sascha Schumann, Zeev Suraski, Jim Winstead, and Andrei


   The  current  stable  released  version is 4.2.3 with hopefully the
   next release being 4.3 in the next 6-8 weeks and a PHP 5.0 sometime
   in  mid  2003.  Since the previous report in May versions 4.2.2 and
   4.2.3 were released on July 22 and September 6 respectively.


   Within the PHP project there are a number of sub-projects.
   * PHP
   * PHP Documentation
   * PHP Quality Assurance
   * PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository
   * Smarty - Templating system
   * PHP-GTK


   There  are  651 People with CVS accounts on [4] Because
   of  the  large  number  we do not give out real system accounts but
   instead rely on pserver and CVS access control.

Rough CVS Access Breakdown

    10 users have access to everything.
    97 have access to all PHP source and Documentation.
   372 people only have access to the Documentation.
    90 people have access to PEAR and the PEAR Documentation.
    35 people have access to the PHP website files.
     3 people have access to PHP-GTK sub-project source+docs.
    12 people have access to PHP-GTK sub-project docs.
     2 people have access to the Smarty sub-project code+docs.
     4 people have access to the Smarty sub-project docs.

Mailing Lists

   PHP  has  quite  a few mailing lists, both run by us at and
   many  others  elsewhere. These are available via both http and nntp
   from and we have found more and more people use these
   alternative  means  to participate due to the ever-growing traffic.
   The subscriber breakdown is:

   php-announce    4832
   php-general     1701
   php-dev         622
   phpdoc          248
   php-qa          150
   pear-general    513
   pear-dev        303
   smarty-general  440
   smarty-dev      94
   php-gtk-general 276
   php-gtk-dev     97


   The  main  PHP  web site gets hit pretty hard. 2-3 million hits per
   day   from  between  70  and  80  thousand  unique  visitors.  This
   translates  to  somewhere  between  6 to 8 Mbps sustained bandwidth
   usage.  We have had to move the main site lately and it is now on a
   machine  hosted  and  donated by RackShack. We are trying to entice
   more  people  into  using some of the 94 mirrors we have around the
   world.  The  machines  that make up the main infrastructure
   *  hosted by RackShack (p3/1GHz, 1GB RAM 40GB HD, redhat
     7.2) handles main site
   *  hosted  by  VA Software (dual p3/650, 1 GB RAM, 130GB
     HD, debian-stable) handles and
   *  hosted by Rackspace (dual p3/650, 1GB RAM, 33GB HD,
     redhat  7.3)  handles  mx  duties,,, and
   *  hosted  by  Pair Networks (dual p3/1000 xeon, 512MB
     RAM,  27GB  HD,  freebsd 4.6) handles mailing lists, cvs, nntp and
   * hosted by Pair Networks (p3/566, 128MB RAM, 27GB HD,
     freebsd 4.6) is a luke-warm-swap backup for pair1


   There  are  2  major  PHP events coming up. First, [5]PHPCON2002 in
   Millbrae   (Near   San   Jose)   on  Oct.  24,25  and  then  [6]The
   International  PHP  Conference Nov. 3-6 in Frankfurt. PHP will also
   have a small presence at Apachecon in Las Vegas in November.

Apache 2.0 Support/Issues (hasn't really changed from the May report)

   Aaron Bannert and Justin Erenkrantz have worked hard in the past on
   improving  Apache 2.0 support. It sort of works in 4.2.x but should
   be  better  in 4.3. We still have a huge problem with thread safety
   issues  in  3rd-party  libraries.  PHP  itself  is  threadsafe  and
   re-entrant,  but  a number of 3rd party libraries that are commonly
   linked into PHP are not and many more we simply don't know how well
   they  will  work  in  a  threaded  environment.  This will slow the
   adoption  of  Apache  2.0 combined with PHP significantly. There is
   also  a  certain  lack  of  motivation  when it comes to Apache 2.0
   because the perception is that the improvements vs. headaches ratio
   is not very good. If the perchild mpm ever became useful, you would
   see  a  big push from the PHP community towards Apache 2, but right
   now there is a bit of a ho-hum attitude.

Trademark Issues

   Like  the  Apache  project,  we  occasionally have some issues with
   commercial entities using "PHP" in their name and other than asking
   them  nicely  to  not do that, we aren't sure how to handle it. For
   some reason, hundreds of non-commercial projects use "PHP" in their
   project  name as well which we have been trying hard to discourage.
   To  that  end  we have tried to clarify this somewhat in the [7]PHP
   license.  Not  sure  what  the  status  of the new project-agnostic
   Apache  license  is, but we would likely move to that if it fits us
   and addresses this point in a clear manner.



24 Jul 2000

Establishment of an Apache PHP Committee

 There was some discussion regarding the nature of the relationship
 and licensing issues between the ASF and the PHP Association, but it
 was generally felt that we should recognize the people who we believe
 should be responsible for defining that relationship.

 The following resolution was approved by vote of the directors
 present, with six yea votes (Brian, Ken, Roy, Rasmus, Doug, Dirk),
 no nay votes, and one abstention (Ben).  Ben wished it to be recorded
 that the reason for his abstention is that he didn't feel the
 question of licensing had bottomed out.

    WHEREAS, the Board of Directors deems it to be in the best interests
    of the Foundation and consistent with the Foundation's purpose to
    establish a Project Management Committee charged with the creation
    and maintenance of open-source software related to the PHP software
    product for distribution at no charge to the public.

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a Project Management
    Committee, to be known as the "Apache PHP Committee", be and hereby
    is established pursuant to Bylaws of the Foundation; and be it further

    RESOLVED, that the Apache PHP Committee be and hereby is responsible
    for the creation and maintenance of software related to the PHP
    software product based on software licensed to the Foundation;
    and be it further

    RESOLVED, that the office of "Vice President, Apache PHP" be and
    hereby is created, the person holding such office to serve at the
    direction of the Board of Directors as the chairman of the Apache PHP
    Committee, and to have primary responsibility for management of the
    projects within the scope of responsibility of the Apache PHP
    Committee; and be it further

    RESOLVED, that the persons listed immediately below be and hereby are
    appointed to serve as the initial members of the Apache PHP Committee.

       Thies C. Arntzen       Stig Bakken           Shane Caraveo
       Andi Gutmans           Rasmus Lerdorf        Sam Ruby
       Sascha Schumann        Zeev Suraski          Jim Winstead
       Andrei Zmievski

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Rasmus Lerdorf be and
    hereby is appointed to the office of Vice President, Apache PHP,
    to serve in accordance with and subject to the direction of the
    Board of Directors and the Bylaws of the Foundation until death,
    resignation, retirement, removal or disqualification, or until a
    successor is appointed; and be it further

    RESOLVED, that the initial Apache PHP Committee be and hereby is
    tasked with the creation of a set of bylaws intended to encourage
    open development and increased participation in the PHP Project.