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This was extracted (@ 2024-03-20 21:10) from a list of minutes which have been approved by the Board.
Please Note The Board typically approves the minutes of the previous meeting at the beginning of every Board meeting; therefore, the list below does not normally contain details from the minutes of the most recent Board meeting.

WARNING: these pages may omit some original contents of the minutes.
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21 Feb 2024 [David Nalley]

 I had the pleasure of attending FOSDEM and had with it a number of
 interesting conversations about open source, and the Foundation.

 As called out in more detail in the Public Affairs report, I spent
 time with Dirk-Willem and folks from Eclipse focused on how we might
 use our existing processes to become de facto or actual standards that
 the CRA holds us to.

 I am tracking a code of conduct complaint.

 Mark Thomas and I are planning to attend the US Cybersecurity and
 Infrastructure Security Agency's Open Source Security Summit on behalf
 of the foundation. I am appearing on a panel related to security
 threats facing open source.

 I am planning on holding a learning session on the 26th with legal
 counsel to advise prospective directors and officers about the
 responsibility, authority and liability of holding positions at the
 ASF. It will be recorded for later sharing.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

17 Jan 2024 [David Nalley]

 Given the holidays, I don't have anything material to report, though
 many of the Ops teams did important work.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

20 Dec 2023 [David Nalley]

 Following the resignation of Rich Bowen as VP, Conferences, I've
 appointed Brian Proffitt to the position. While it's less than ideal
 to have Brian serving in two operational officer roles at once, the
 different workstreams are well aligned, and Brian is confident about
 being able to scale and execute in the various roles.

 I'd like to thank Rich for his long and storied history of running
 first ApacheCon and then Community Over Code.

 Mark Cox and I have been invited to the US Cybersecurity and
 Infrastructure Security Agency's Open Source Security Summit in March
 2024. Based on what we know now, the agency is trying to invite key
 open source organizations for participation at the conference.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

15 Nov 2023 [David Nalley]

 $dayjob and personal life have kept me relatively busy this month.

 Kudos to Ruth Suehle, Mark Cox, Arnout Engelen, Henri Yandell and Dirk
 Willem van Gulik for driving to conclusion a response to the ONCD RFI
 on open source software security and memory safety.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

18 Oct 2023 [David Nalley]

 This month has been a busy one from a personal perspective, and I
 don't have much to report.

 I unfortunately was unable to attend Community Over Code, but am happy
 with reports that I heard out of the event.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

20 Sep 2023 [David Nalley]

 I received confirmation of D&O Insurance Renewal

 On a personal note, I am traveling intensely for the next ~6 weeks.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

16 Aug 2023 [David Nalley]

 I attended Open Source Congress on behalf of the ASF. I walked away
 from the event thinking that regulation of open source is inevitable.
 Specifically, another open source organization highlighted that that
 every time they talked to regulators and emphasized how important we
 were to innovation and critical to so much infrastructure and that
 hampering that innovation would be detrimental; that the regulators
 instead heard that open source was too important to not be regulated.
 In speaking with a participant from a NGO; they concurred with this
 assessment; and indicated that open source has had such an impact and
 is so critical that government entities will feel an obligation to

 While in Geneva, Roman and I met with the Chairman and others from the
 OpenAtom Foundation. We learned that despite the language difference,
 the Apache License is the most chosen open source license in China.
 The OpenAtom Foundation asked about the potential for translating the
 license to aid understanding by legal professionals. Roman is
 following up with those folks

 Separately, Roman and I have been working on demarcation of legal

 I've also been working on D&O insurance renewal.

 Finally, as discussed at the offsite, I've added incremental budget
 requests for a number of things.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

19 Jul 2023 [David Nalley]

 I've been working with Dirk and others on issues surrounding CRA, and
 our participation at Open Source Congress.

 Roman and I've been sorting out different legal use cases, and think
 we have that more easily defined now, and should soon have a
 member-facing documentation to outline all of this.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

21 Jun 2023 [David Nalley]

 I worked with Dirk on figuring out our priorities around CRA and PLD

 I also prepared for and attended the board face-to-face meeting.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

17 May 2023 [David Nalley]

 There's been a flurry of activity around the CRA in Europe. Thanks to
 Dirk-Willem van Gulik for engaging on the ground and helping with

 Separately from that, Ruth Suehle and I have been invited to represent
 the ASF at Open Source Congress in Geneva.

 I successfully received and deposited funds from Citizens into our TD
 Bank account. Huge thanks to Myrle for spending months driving this to

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

19 Apr 2023 [David Nalley]

 I've been working with a number of other folks around our potential
 response to the EU's Cyber Resiliency Act.

 Budget is coming along nicely, thanks to Ruth for driving much of it.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

22 Mar 2023 [David Nalley]

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

15 Feb 2023 [David Nalley]

 Europe has turned into a public policy focus of late. This month the
 focus has been around the Cyber Resiliency Act (CRA).

 Work has started on figuring out overall budget. While we are later in
 the calendar than what I'd prefer, we should have an initial budget
 roughed out by next month's meeting.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

18 Jan 2023 [David Nalley]

 If not obvious elsewhere, there was a public post regarding our name.
 I received a number of requests from reporters to engage on the
 subject, but referred them all.

 Joe, Brian, Ruth, and the folks from Constantia drafted a message for
 us to use in immediate response.

 Finally, after a request from Joe to step down as VP, Marketing &
 Publicity, I've appointed Brian Proffitt to the role.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

21 Dec 2022 [David Nalley]

 As we're drawing to the end of the year I find myself looking back in
 awe at the accomplishments of the Foundation, and thankful for the
 amazing work done by volunteers and staff. This also has me looking
 forward at 2023. This is the traditional point where I've start
 working on the next fiscal years budget. This year, particularly
 following a lot of conversations at ApacheCon and with various members
 over the course of the year, I am trying to form opinions on what we
 should be doing going forward over the next several years. Expect a
 proposal or two to pop up in the not too distant future.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

16 Nov 2022 [David Nalley]

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

19 Oct 2022 [David Nalley]

 I attended ApacheCon North America, and was thrilled with both the
 turnout and the conference itself. Rich Bowen, Ruth Suehle and Brian
 Proffitt and all of the other volunteers did a great job producing and
 delivering the conference. The most valuable thing for me was being
 able to talk and interact with folks. I spent a good deal of time
 asking them questions about the operations side of the Foundation and
 took over 30 pages of notes from those conversation. I still have a
 good deal of consideration to make in terms of turning that feedback
 into something actionable.

 I also was able to give the State of the Feather address, and focused
 on the Foundation's responsibility to the public as a steward of open
 source projects, and specifically that one of the most valuable things
 that we do is push projects that are no longer being cared for into
 the Attic, and signal that they aren't being cared for any longer.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

21 Sep 2022 [David Nalley]

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

17 Aug 2022 [David Nalley]

 It's been a relatively slow month.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

20 Jul 2022 [David Nalley]

 It's been a largely quiet month from my perspective. There's been a
 lot of activity in operations. Specifically, Infrastructure finished a
 years-long deprecation around emails.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

15 Jun 2022 [David Nalley]

 While many of the ops departments have been busy, this has been a
 quiet month for me.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

18 May 2022 [David Nalley]

 It's been a relatively quiet month.

 We received an invite to participate in the followup meeting with the
 White House regarding open source supply chain security. We ultimately
 declined, due to scheduling and time constraints.

 Additionally, I received an invite to testify before the US House of
 Representatives Committee on Science, Space, & Technology about open
 source supply chain. Again, timing, schedule constraints, and the fact
 that Brian Behlendorf was already planning to testify, I ultimately
 declined the invitation.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

20 Apr 2022 [David Nalley]

 It's been a personally hectic month.

 The budget is something that largely Ruth has been driving, but there
 are a number of things that I'd like to point out as we start to dig
 into numbers this month. Because of the change in accounting methods,
 our records will show a larger than anticipated loss. We also have
 what feels like a large amount of accounts receivable for the year.
 While our budget isn't balanced, I'd point out that we generally
 dramatically underspend our budget - and because we aren't in a 'use
 it or lose it' mentality, we often find ourselves budgeting for worst
 case, which rarely turns out to be the case. That said, as Ruth noted
 in her report, we are going to have to refocus our attention on
 fundraising. The overwhelming majority of the current budget is spent
 on core services that I suspect that we would be unwilling to cut. As
 the foundation continues to grow, so will our budget needs.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

16 Mar 2022 [David Nalley]

 It's been a very busy and hectic month.

 Mark Cox and I appeared at the inaugural meeting of the US Cyber
 Safety Review Board to discuss Log4shell and more broadly open source
 supply chain security. Following that meeting we've been asked to
 appear again before a committee of the CSRB.

 Meetings with the House Energy and Commerce and Homeland Security
 staff have happened with the aid of our consultant, though it seems
 interest seems to ebb and flow with interest being drawn to other
 geopolitical topics.

 Ruth has been extraordinarily helpful driving the budget process.
 While we aren't yet ready to submit a finalized draft in resolution
 form, I do want to make a RO copy of the spreadsheet that we're
 hacking on available for the board to peruse and think about:

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

 @David: follow up on this question re: brand management

16 Feb 2022 [David]

 This has been an extraordinarily busy month.

 Mark Cox, Mark Thomas, Joe Brockmeier, and Sam Ruby followed on last
 months White House meeting around software supply chain and then
 worked to help respond to the Log4j inquiry from the US Senate's
 Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

 There was an impressive amount of time invested by those folks in
 helping craft our message for both the audience and understanding
 level. In particular, Sam Ruby invested massive amounts of time, and
 helped meet with Senate staffers on a number of occasions. The hearing
 ran approximately 90 minutes, but the prep, and pre-hearing briefings
 ran into the scores of hours.

 The video of the hearing can be found here:

 Ruth has also helped tremendously by picking up all of the "normal"
 operations work so that I could focus on the public response to Log4j.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

19 Jan 2022 [David]

 It's been a busy month.

 Following the log4j CVEs, I've met with the Director of US
 CyberSecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Jen Easterly. I and
 a number of others (Roy Fielding, Mark Cox, Sam Ruby, and Mark Thomas)
 have spent a good deal of time prepping for the meeting with the
 Deputy National Security Advisor for Cybersecurity & Emerging Threats,
 Anne Neuberger to discuss open source security.

 Mark Thomas and I also helped manage a response to the FBI regarding
 the log4j issue.

 I've also had a Senate committee staffer reach out to the Logging PMC.
 I responded to the request and have learned that they are planning on
 holding a hearing about log4j. Because this is more directly focused
 on Apache, and specifically around log4j, how the ASF manages open
 source, handles security responses, etc. I am building a team of folks
 to help support this effort, much like the WH effort. That will
 include folks both inside the ASF as well experts who are used to
 handling matters before Congress. I'll keep the board apprised of
 material updates as this moves forward.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

15 Dec 2021 [David]

 From an operations perspective, it's been a relatively quite month as
 we approach the holiday season and end of the calendar year. Though
 obviously Infrastructure and M&P have been dealing with their
 respective facets of security response.

 I spent some time speaking with our Chairman about supporting the
 Board Agenda Tool.

 Following some of the discussion around CVE-2021-44228 I've had a
 brief conversation with VP, Security around the potential for us
 adding some paid support staff to help handle the administrivia
 associated with security processes. It's nothing past some very
 initial conversations that we've agreed to pick back up after the
 massive amounts of work subside and folks get to rest a bit. I mention
 it now to highlight one potential issue which is that Security isn't
 part of operations, but since volunteer leadership is likely to remain
 in place, I don't suspect that this is a blocker.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

17 Nov 2021 [David]

 Most of my month related to Apache has been spent with administrivia;
 and most of it focused on employment matters supporting Greg.

 Nothing I am aware of needing board attention.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

20 Oct 2021 [David]

 It's been a busy month.

 I received a resignation from VP, Fundraising Daniel Ruggeri. I
 subsequently appointed Bob Paulin as a new VP Fundraising. I want to
 pause and thank Daniel for serving in one of the most important, and
 most unsung roles in Foundation operations. He's done an incredible
 job of executing and making sure that we have the revenue necessary to

 ApacheCon@Home was held, and I had the privilege of giving one of the
 keynotes. During my research for the keynote with help from Daniel
 Gruno, I came upon an interesting set of statistics. While these
 didn't make it into my keynote, I think it's worth highlighting. We
 were garnering statistics around historical activity, and one showing
 email, issues filed, and commits showed a generally increasing trend.
 Except for email authors - while every other measure has increased,
 that hasn't. In fact, there are now more issue filers than email
 authors. At first blush, this suggests that people, both developers
 and users are having conversations about our projects in places that
 are not mailing lists. Some of this can be explained by communication
 in GitHub issues and pull requests, but I suspect that a sizable
 number of conversations are being held in places like StackOverflow
 and Discourse that would have previously occurred on our mailing
 lists. There needs to be more exploration of the numbers, but one
 potential outcome might be learning that we need to provide a
 different forum for projects in addition to mailing lists.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

 @Roman: reach out to ComDev about alternative communication
 channels for communities

15 Sep 2021 [David]

 It's been a relatively uneventful month.

 I've begun to do some work with Mark Thomas on Brand Protection, and
 working with Katia Rojas on looming D&I deadlines.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

18 Aug 2021 [David]

 The month has progressed somewhat as expected, though with more
 administrivia than normal.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

21 Jul 2021 [David]

 It's been a relatively quiet month in operations, though there's quite
 a bit going on.

 I renewed the ASF's D&O Insurance this month with no change in

 Folks here know that Sally Khudairi has, for many years, served
 as the VP of Marketing and Publicity. In addition, she’s the Principal
 of HALO Worldwide, the ASF’s contract PR firm.

 Nearly a month ago, I split those roles up a bit, and appointed Joe
 Brockmeier as the VP of M&P. Sally will continue executing on her
 contract to provide PR services for the ASF. In practical terms, you
 probably won’t notice a change. People will still liaise with Sally
 for both inbound and outbound marketing support. However, the ASF has
 a reputation for being volunteer-led, and I think that this helps
 continue that tradition, while at the same time removing what appears
 to be a potential conflict of interest between the Foundation and the
 Foundation’s largest contractor.

 I and the Foundation owe Sally many thanks for her years in this role.
 Joe has transitioned into place and seems to be onboarding to the task

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

16 Jun 2021 [David]

 After receiving notice that Virtual will no longer forward our mail,
 I’ve setup 18 months of mail forwarding via USPS.

 As part of that work, I’ve been tracking down the folks who continue
 to send us mail, most importantly physical checks, to the Wakefield
 address. One of those, Frontstream, who manages payroll donation
 services for a number of companies, I created an account with, added a
 number of ASF offcers to the account, and changed our information as
 well as configured it for EFT.

 I've been working with our insurance broker regarding the renewal of
 our D&O coverage. I hope to have that done shortly.

 Ruth and I met with Katia and Gris to work more on the handover.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

19 May 2021 [David]

 It's been a relatively quiet month.

 The only material item of note is that I received a CoC complaint;
 though it seems the project is resolving the issue on their own.

 I continue to be happy with the work from the Treasurer's Office to
 provide us with a greater measure of controls while dramatically
 increasing visibility and flexibility. The latest addition of Ramp
 provides even greater insight to what each card is spending as well as
 making it a lot easier for virtual or physical cards to be issued.

 Update from verbal report during the board meeting:

 Gris Cuevas has resigned as VP D&I. After two years, Gris has done a
 ton of work to help us better understand the scope of diversity issues
 at the ASF, and I appreciate all the work and believe she has left us
 in a better place due to that work.

 I’ve appointed Katia Rojas as VP, Diversity & Inclusion. Katia has
 been involved in a lot of the D&I work and is picking up additional
 responsibilities as part of this transition. Expect more in next
 month’s board report.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

21 Apr 2021 [David]

 It's been a busy month for me from a non-ASF perspective. However the
 bulk of my month's ASF activity was budget-related.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

17 Mar 2021 [David]

 Most of my work this month has been spent with the budget. While it's
 not 100% final, it's in relatively good shape and hence I've added a
 discussion item to the agenda.

 I've received and dealt with some regulatory matters for the state of
 Tennessee and the City of Wilmington.

 In addition, I've spent some time with Ruth Suehle around division of
 our labor and strategic items we want to tackle for the coming fiscal

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

17 Feb 2021 [David]

 I continued to spend time working on a single incident that generated
 multiple code of conduct complaints.

 I am behind on overall budget work, but most of the officers
 representing the bulk of the budget have pushed their draft requests
 forward. I had hoped to have a first pass ready for this board meeting
 but failed to meet that. Expect to see more on operations@ this week.

 Otherwise, things look to be running relatively well.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

20 Jan 2021 [David]

 As we close out CY2020 and open CY2021 the Fundraising folks pulled
 together an impressive month taking advantage of the end of fiscal
 year for a number of our sponsors.

 I've spent some time this past month working with the Treasurer on the
 initiation of our TD Bank account and services.

 We have an ongoing Code of Conduct issue that's being worked and a
 fresh complaint that arrived shortly before drafting this report.

 We've filed the 2021 Annual Report with the state of Delaware as
 required to keep our corporation status active.

 I'm just starting work on the budget, and more coming on that as we
 enter February.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

16 Dec 2020 [David]

 This month has been busy.

 We successfully moved all of our employees to a new Professional
 Employer Organization (PEO) thanks to the ongoing work of Greg Stein.
 By the time of the Board meeting we should have completed the first
 pay cycle with the new PEO.

 We've additionally submitted our business license request to the city
 of Wilmington, DE and that has been approved.

 I've been working to help the Treasurer mitigate a single point of
 failure risk for banking by working on opening a  backup account at
 another institution. The minimum paperwork is in place, but we are
 waiting for​ some options to mirror our service offering from

 Tom Pappas has tendered his resignation as VP Finance. At present, I
 don't have plans to make an immediate replacement.

 I've also, with the help of several others, been dealing with a code
 of conduct complaint.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

18 Nov 2020 [David]

 From an administrative perspective the past month has been busy.

 Headquarters location has been settled. This took longer than expected
 due to exploring the potential for our HQ location to be in another
 state. The statutory requirements varied from state to state on
 whether we'd have to register as a foreign corp in that state, the
 rules around charities soliciting funds, and municipal business
 license requirements. Ultimately, the path of least resistance was for
 us to use a Headquarters service located in Delaware. Because we are a
 Delaware corp, no foreign entity registration is required. Our
 reporting and licensing requirements stay the same and we add a zero
 cost municipal business license filing to the mix.

 Our new corporate address is:

 The Apache Software Foundation
 1000 N West Street, Suite 1200
 Wilmington, DE  19801

 Our new phone number is: +1.302.295.4884

 I've tasked our attorney to handle the business license registration
 and the upcoming (March) Delaware Annual Report.

 Tom helped us swap out our point person for our registered agent
 service. There are now three points of contact at the ASF who have
 accounts in Incorp's system for reporting deadlines and service of
 process. We also swapped out payment methods from a Virtual corporate
 card to one of the ASF's credit cards.

 I've also been working with Greg on PEO switch - primarily focused on
 benefits for our employees, though Greg is doing the bulk of the heavy
 lifting in collecting information and agreements and attending the
 majority of the vendor meetings. This remains the highest priority
 task as it effects our employees.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

21 Oct 2020 [David]

 I attended ApacheCon@Home and gave a keynote presentation.

 It's been and remains a busy month.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

16 Sep 2020 [David]

 This month was relatively quiet.

 I received and handled one code of conduct complaint.

 I intend, shortly after this report is submitted, to appoint Christian
 Grobmeier as VP, Data Privacy.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

19 Aug 2020 [David]

 This month has been relatively busy with a lot of administrative

 The Fedora project approached us with a need for a venue for their
 virtual conference which they weren't going to be able to acquire on
 schedule on their own. Their primary fiscal sponsor, Red Hat, agreed
 to compensate us for our cost if we could make our recently contracted
 platform available. Due to Rich having a conflict of interest, he
 brought the matter to me. I consulted the contract, Myrle Krantz as
 Treasurer and Tom Pappas in his role at Virtual were brought into the
 conversation and Tom sought additional guidance from our CPA. After
 clearing those hurdles I approved the request as a zero-cost way to
 help another open source community.

 This month we also spoke with a number of attorneys and engaged one
 boutique firm who can be on call for administrative matters similar to
 that of a in-house general counsel. (The attorney we used in the
 ApacheCon matter specialized in real estate and hospitality matters
 which was especially needful in that case, but that area isn't our
 primary need.) Since then we've initiated one contract review matter.
 This is following on the need Operations has for basic attorney
 functions and direction we received from VP Legal to source this
 function on our own.

 Thanks to help from Tom, we solicited and executed on renewals for D&O
 insurance and have received our confirmation of insurance.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

15 Jul 2020 [David]

 I received 4 code of conduct complaints this month.

 Conflict of Interest Impact
 The conflict of interest process continues
 to generate work. While I am sure that we'll end up being faster and
 more aware of processes the next go around, I still suspect that it
 will take us 3+ months to be able to properly execute, at least for
 volunteers, who can't devote their full-time energy to this. The
 upside is that there are very few officers who have conflicts that
 will require us to move through the process. Still outstanding on
 the process front is the canonical way to report conflicts and for
 conflicts to be reviewed.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

17 Jun 2020 [David]

 Overall things appear to be running relatively smoothly given the
 disruption past months have provided.

 Conferences has finished canceling all of the in-person events.

 We've run into a situation where we had an unpaid invoice from our
 legal vendor from last FY. We've now paid that, but it's highlighted
 that while we've had litigation expenses in the past, we've typically
 charged them against the Brand Management budget. Thus we have some
 unplanned litigation expenses that are for non-trivial amounts. The
 fact that it isn't budgeted is my fault. I've asked Myrle and Virtual
 to ensure that we have a litigation expenses GL account going forward
 and we'll try and track backwards historically and figure out what we
 should budget going forward, though I'll note that the cost is likely
 to be highly variable as it is dependent on the actions of outside

 We've also begun sending contracts out for legal review before

 As a user, I've been thrilled with the work on our new AP system.
 It's made it much more transparent and obvious what is outstanding,
 who is approving, etc. It also appears, from my vantage point, to be
 better for our vendors as well. They have a dedicated email address
 to send invoices to, and rather than pay them once per month, they
 can be actioned faster.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

20 May 2020 [David]

 This month has largely been spent focusing on rebuilding the budget to
 deal with the impact of the pandemic.

 This month has uncovered some contract issues that have led me to
 believe we should be getting a bit more review of contracts that have
 a material impact on us. I broached this subject at the Ops meeting on
 the 13th. Ruth is going to end up leading the charge on this and we're
 working with Roman as VP Legal to understand how we might streamline
 this function. Expect more details on this in the coming month on the
 operations list.

 I've also spent a small bit of time working to get Ruth up to speed as
 EVP. She's settling into the work well and picking up plenty of

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

15 Apr 2020 [Sam]

 At this point, David is effectively (in both senses of the word)
 operating as President.

 I am ready to step down as President as soon as the board is ready to
 name my replacement.  It is my recommendation that the board does so
 at the time of the April board meeting, and it is my further
 recommendation that David be named as my replacement.

 If the board chooses not to do this at this time, I am willing to
 continue for a short while, and will continue to defer to David to the
 extent possible.

 It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as ASF President these
 past three plus years.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

18 Mar 2020 [Sam]

 As a reminder, I would like David Nalley to be considered the acting
 President at this time.

 I've forwarded on the rare emails I have received as President to
 David, and have not noted any problems that have occurred due to my
 deferring to David.  To the contrary, I've been very pleased with the
 changes he has already instituted, in particular the monthly
 operations calls and the more rigorous checking that expenses that are
 incurred are actually charged against the right line items in the

 At the present time, I'm assuming that the official changes in
 positions will be done by the new board.  I don't foresee that being a

 I contributed to the COI policy that is being drafted and am
 supportive of its adoption.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

19 Feb 2020 [Sam]

 We continue to be on track to be on budget, modulo some timing issues
 of sponsor payments.  No officers in operations are reporting issues
 requiring board attention. I'm continuing to transition
 responsibilities to the EVP in preparation for my stepping down.

 I'm open to discussion as to when it would be best to step down -
 should it be the current board or the next board that names my
 replacement?  My recommendation for my replacement continues to be
 David Nalley.  Should the current board wish to defer this transition
 to the next board, my plans are to have David effectively acting as
 the President by the next board meeting, with me supporting him.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

 @David: determine top ten CI issues affecting projects

15 Jan 2020 [Sam]

 Finances again seem to be on track, with expenditures overall under
 budget and income now back on track and converging on plan.
 Conferences is the lone area that is exceeding budget, but that was a
 known risk, shared with the board before it occurred, and amply
 covered by other underspending.

 All areas operating normally.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 9.

18 Dec 2019 [Sam]

 Financially, expenses are more comfortably under-running budget than
 they were last month; but income continues to under-run.  It looks
 like it will work out, but perhaps we should plan differently next

 Highlights for areas that I cover (David covers infra and TAC), where
 highlights are things that are notably different than last month:

 - Central services is working on a new landing page and on a number of
   updates to existing pages.
 - now shows an impressive line up of 2020
 - Diversity survey launched and has received over 500 results to date
 - Our first Outreachy intern has been selected

 In the new year, I'll be looking to re-balance work with David.  One
 thing we have tentative agreement on is his taking the lead on the
 FY21 budget.  Additionally, I expect that David will take the lead in
 the oversight of the Data Privacy role, should that resolution be passed
 in its current form.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

 @Gavin: document results of fundraising/TAC call

20 Nov 2019 [Sam]

 Regarding finances, "we are on pace to meet our budget".  This is a
 quite notable change from previous months.  Not a cause for concern,
 but definitely something to watch.

 Highlights from various areas:
 * Brand management is essentially treating direct to TLP projects the
   same as podlings for the purposes of name searches at this point.
 * Fundraising has modified its link policy to include rel="sponsored"
   on all links going forward.
 * Marketing and Publicity helped drive the Petri faq.
 * M&P published the Q1 report for FY2020
 * ApacheCon NA 2020 is tentatively the last week in September in New
   Orleans.  Four (and possibly more) roadshows are in various stages
   of planning.
 * Conferences has also assumed responsibility for small event
 * A new site is live.
 * New Expected time for a full report on Equity, Diversity, and
   Inclusion analysis is May. Comms plan for D&I committee is on hold
   due to bandwidth to work on it and the survey. Focusing on the
   survey first.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

16 Oct 2019 [Sam]

 Quiet month.  Which is a good thing.

 Financially, we continue to be we ahead of plan, though timing
 considerations may reduce this.  I don't see anything to be concerned
 about, though we continue to monitor this.  See also: EVP report.

 No issues for the board in Brand Management, Fundraising, Marketing
 and Publicity, Travel Assistance, or Finance.  Highlights:

 * Consolidation of an ASF and Targeted Platinum sponsorship has been
 * A targeted sponsorship for D&I was received and processed
 * We continue to build our Central Services support team.
 * ApacheCon Europe will be held in Berlin next week.  Sponsorship
   sales remain an issue.
 * There is one roadshow (Seattle) in planning.
 * ACNA 19 Insurance Completed and filed Sales tax exemption.

 No report received from D&I (Gris is offline for two weeks), but as
 Craig noted, a contract was signed with Bitergia.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

18 Sep 2019 [Sam]

 Financially we are ahead on revenue and behind on expenses.  Timing
 considerations may moderate this a bit, but we are doing well.

 The most notable activity this month was ACNA which involved the
 coordination of a number of operational areas.  Otherwise a mostly
 quiet month, where quiet is good.

 No significant issues in Brand Management, Marketing and Publicity,
 Finance, and Diversity and Inclusion.

 Fundraising is exploring changing no-follow policy for bronze sponsors
 in response to a blog entry describing the ASF as selling links for
 SEO purposes.

 Conferences is exploring ways to manage costs for the ACEU.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

 @Roman: Update docs around legal FAQ

21 Aug 2019 [Sam]

 Financially, we are doing very well even after taking into
 consideration timing considerations, which generally are breaking in
 our favor at this time making the picture look even better.

 Brand management responded to four queries, processed four
 registrations, and resolved one infringement.

 Fundraising is operating smoothly, and focusing on restructuring and
 conference sponsors.

 Marketing and publicity focused on cross-committee, graphics, and
 events liaisons, while also producing an annual report as well as
 handling a number of informal announcements and one analyst query.

 ACNA is coming together, with strong sponsorship, though possibly
 falling a bit short on attendees.  ACEU is tying up loose ends.

 Finance renewed D&O and is working closely with conferences and

 Diversity and Inclusion made progress on each of its three
 initiatives, outlined a moderation policy, and added one new committee

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

17 Jul 2019 [Sam]

 Financially, we are starting off as we have now for years, ahead on
 income and behind on spending.  As always, the caveat this early in
 the year is that timing of payments affects these results.

 Quiet month for Brand Management

 Fundraising has secured additional sponsors and is pursuing process

 In addition to keeping on top of things and having a pipeline of
 future announcements, Marketing and Publicity has begun on the new
 tasks recently approved in the FY20 budget.

 Finance, Conferences, and Marketing & Publicity continue to work
 closely together.

 Diversity and Inclusion has begun reporting on each of the three
 initiatives identified in the budget request.

 Conferences is wrapping up last minute details for ACNA.  Sponsorship
 levels for ACEU to date is a concern.


 Meta-governance discussions

 Despite the resolution to establish the position of VP, Diversity and
 Inclusion being rescinded and replaced, confusion continues.  This is
 impacting the ability of the committee that Gris established to get on
 with their important work.

 As I did last month, I will once again state that unless and until I
 hear otherwise, I will assume that the board agrees to the following:

 * VP's reporting to the President can add or remove members of any
   committees that they oversee, and can even create and disband entire
   committees, all without prior board approval.

 * VP's reporting to the President (or anybody they delegate to do so)
   can place any individual on moderation if they feel that they need
   to do so to improve the tone and effectiveness of their lists.
   Similarly, the President and EVP can do that for lists like

 * VP's reporting to the President, as well as the President and EVP,
   can talk to third parties using media such as telephones and
   videoconferences without being required to invite or even provide
   prior notification to others.

 If I'm incorrect in any of these assumptions, I ask the board to speak
 up now.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

 @Roman: Discuss metagovernance of VPs

19 Jun 2019 [Sam]

 Much of this past month has been spent on cat herding related to the
 budget; syncing with our new EVP; clarifying leadership expectations
 for any potential Africa events in 2020-21; diversity and inclusion;
 and meta governance discussions.



 Biggest change is the more accurate picture for conferences in terms
 of both income and expenses.  This shows a net investment (i.e.
 expense) of 160K mostly for big conferences with some additional
 roadshows and small events.  Net risk may be a small multiple of this
 number, but I believe it is containable.

 Next biggest change is Marketing and Publicity which kept their base
 services to the same level as last year, but added anniversary
 promotions and central services.

 Next comes infrastructure where the biggest change is staffing, and
 the biggest factor in this was the decision to fill open head count
 with more senior people.

 Then comes Travel Assistance with a proposal to support committers

 A fifth major change is the introduction of Diversity and Inclusion
 expenses, which is partially offset by a targeted donation which
 Daniel and Gris are working through.  This consists of roughly equal
 budgets for Survey Design, Contributor Experience Research, and
 Outreachy funding.  As it is an entirely new budget item, I encourage
 the board to consider the request carefully.

 Overall, this is a lot of change with respect to the FY24 projections,
 but represents a prudent response to the results of those projections:
 we projected a surplus and decided that we should instead be working
 to spend down our ample cash reserves, a direction that was validated
 at our recent F2F board meeting.

 This does total a whopping $520K projected deficit with potential more
 risk from conferences.


 President/EVP split

 I met several times with David.  We continue to have a similar outlook
 and approach.  As opposed to the relatively static split of
 responsibilities I had with Ross, the division will be more dynamic
 between David and I.  At the moment, I'm focusing on finances and D&I,
 he's covering infrastructure and TAC, and everything else will be done
 on a case by case basis.

 Over time we expect this to be a sliding scale, with David taking
 primary role over more over time.  By early next year I expect David
 will be primary on most things, and by mid next year I expect to be
 formally stepping down.  I want to emphasize that none of these dates
 are cast in stone, but if they move, at most I expect they will move
 by a handful of months at most.  Nor does this represent any
 dissatisfaction I have in the role, it just represents my belief that
 rotation is good both for the individual and the foundation.


 Potential Africa events

 There has been confusion about the level of official approval,
 appointment of leadership, and state of progress towards potential ASF
 hosted or sponsored events in Africa in 2021.  The current state is
 that all that has occurred is explorations, nothing has been approved,
 and no leaders have been appointed.  Despite this, we continue to hope
 that we can work towards having one or more Africa events in the
 upcoming years.


 Diversity and Inclusion

 The first month has focused mostly on infrastructure setup and the
 like.  There has been some minor growing pains in the committee, which
 is totally expected.  This is a group of people, many of which hadn't
 previously worked with each other, some of which had only seen one way
 of doing things and not realizing that there is much variety in how
 things are done.

 Despite short deadlines and other commitments, both a board report and
 a budget request were posted.  In both cases, the first time is the
 hardest, it should get easier as time progresses and process
 improvements are incorporated.



 The Apache bylaws state "The officers of the corporation and the
 members of each existing Project Management Committee shall be
 appointed by the Board of Directors or appointed by an officer
 empowered by the Board to make such appointment" yet there has been
 continuing confusion as to whether the board has, in fact, empowered
 anybody else to make such appointments, and even whether the board can
 do so.

 Unless and until I hear otherwise, I will assume that the board has
 not delegated the creation or removal of VP roles outside of the
 narrow exception created for naming VP, Sponsor Relations following
 the process defined for the creation of that role.  I will, however,
 assume that any and all roles that have been identified as serving at
 the direction of the President serve at the pleasure of the person
 currently occupying the role of President.  I will further assume that
 creation, maintenance, and even destruction of any committees by
 officers reporting into the President do not require prior approval by
 the board.

 If I'm incorrect in any of these assumptions, I ask the board to speak
 up now.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 8.

15 May 2019 [Sam]

 I've posted a draft budget as a discussion item.  I don't think it is
 fair or appropriate to ask for it to be approved at this time.

 My ideal is that we should do the budget in two passes: one a rough
 cut where we identify priorities, and then a second pass where we
 commit to expenses.  That is the basis for the 5 year projection and 1
 year budget rhythm.  This failed for a number of reasons, all of which
 point back to me needing to make the process more clear.

 The key failure was where in previous years we had projected
 significant deficits and that suggested fiscal conservationism in what
 we attempted to do, this time we projected basically a balanced budget
 and large bank balance.  So I requested that people come forward with
 their wish lists, which took longer than expected.  Unfortunately,
 once it arrived the 1 year projection did not line up with the 5 year
 plan: it once again showed a significant deficit.

 Another complicating factor is that my instructions were unclear. Some
 broke out wish list items.  Others included them in their FY20 budget
 requests.  This needs to be sorted out.

 The good news is that we continue to be acting fiscally responsibly,
 and we continue to have a substantial bank balance.  There is no need
 to rush a budget.

  - - -

 Brand management is seeking review of a downstream distribution

 Sponsor Ambassadors are current in Fundraising; working with Virtual
 on business development/growth

 As always, Marketing and Publicity is not only chugging along, but
 providing invaluable assistance in fundraising and conferences

 No issues in infrastructure

 Conferences are doing well

 Travel Assistance has gotten to a late start, but I've chatted with
 Gavin and there should be progress by the board meeting.

  - - -

 Much of the effort this month has surrounded supporting the proposal
 for a Diversity and Inclusion President's committee.  I'm sad to see
 that this contributed to Ross's need to step down.  I'm recommending
 David Nalley as his replacement.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

17 Apr 2019 [Sam]

 Despite 4 of the 7 operations reports not being posted at the time of
 this writing, I believe all areas are operating normally and without
 any items requiring board attention.

 Despite a late start, quite a number of good ideas have been posted
 for potential FY20 budget items, enough so that I believe that the
 board will need to prioritize the list.  A budget proposal will be
 submitted at the May board meeting.

 A proposal for a Diversity and Inclusion President's committee is
 being drafted, again targeting the May board meeting.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

20 Mar 2019 [Sam]

 Items requiring board attention

 Marketing & Publicity has a two proposals for substantial, one time
 investments in recognition of the ASF's 20th anniversary.  If there
 aren't objections, these items will be included in the upcoming FY20
 budget where they will receive final approval at that time.


 Overall, we are continuing our pattern of under-running expenses and
 over-producing on income.  The under-running will slow down a bit with
 the hiring of new system administrators.  Our finances are in such
 good shape that I approved of the pulling forward of 75% down payment
 on ACEU19 (which was approved by the board last month) into this
 fiscal year.  The net effect of this will be to reduce the amount by
 which we overachieved this year in terms of budget and will reduce the
 amount requested in the FY20 budget.


 All areas operating normally.

 * Brand management responding to queries, working with council on
   registration and privately with third parties on infringements.

 * Fundraising have established a division of labor for working with
   existing sponsors, outreach, and events.  This is resulting in
   timely renewals, invoicing, and sponsor contacts.  Notably, there
   are two new sponsors.

 * Marketing and Publicity in addition to the normal media contacts,
   M&P is completing development of promotional materials, and working
   closely with event planners.  As mentioned previously, there is a
   proposal for the board to evaluate.

 * Infrastructure completed hiring of two new system administrators.
   Otherwise operating normally with the exception of a bit of downtime
   on our TLP servers which has been resolved.

 * Conferences now has 4 events in flight; each with a dedicated
   volunteer event chair overseeing the report.

 * Travel assistance no report posted as of yet; I've sent an email
   reminding Gavin of this responsibility, and will follow up before
   the next meeting.

 * Finance there was an uptick of activity with respect to filings,
   fundraising, events, and meeting with banks.  Most notably, there
   was a conversation with a possible wealth management firm.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

20 Feb 2019 [Sam]

 Items Requiring Board Attention

 ApacheCon EU 2019 proposal (agenda item 8A)


 Finances continue to be in an excellent position, with income
 exceeding both budget and previous year, and expenditures under budget
 and previous year.  Notable changes from last month (all positive): we
 now have the number and ApacheCon US made a modest profit; per the
 advice of the firm preparing our tax returns, the Pineapple fund
 donation is treated as ordinary income and included in cash on hand;
 and at this late point in the fiscal year, a number of areas (most
 notably infrastructure) are running far enough behind that they can't
 reasonably catch up in expenditures.

 I'm not sure how to proceed in the five year projections.  The only
 sized estimate that was produced in this past month was the estimate
 for ApacheCon EU 2019.  There clearly is value in having such an
 event; we could conceivably again make a modest profit on the event,
 but that's not the point of the event; the remaining question is one
 of risk.  There is a small chance that we could lose a relatively
 large sum of money, but even worst case, that amount is bounded and
 one that we could absorb.  My input is that it is worth the risk.

 Brand Management

 Operating normally, providing guidance, registering marks, and
 resolving potential infringements.  No items requiring board


 Actively reorganizing; transferring that previously was done by Kevin
 to a mixture of paid staff and volunteers.  Thanks go out to Kevin: we
 are in a much better place than we were two years ago, and wouldn't be
 where we are today without his hard work.

 The transition itself is going to take months to work out.  While
 things look promising, there may be occasional bumps that are
 encountered along the way.  My request is that we give the team the
 space to work things out, keeping intervention to a minimum.


 Again a month of research and review. I expect Finance to take a
 larger review in the FY20 budget.  Generally, the categories we have
 date back to Justin's original budget.  Tom is already working with
 groups proposing different categories to align with accounting

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

 Shane notes that it is difficult for projects to initiate
 cross-project proposals.

 Sam suggests that if there are proposals that might benefit
 just one project, then the projects could bring them forward.
 And then other projects might see how it might benefit them.

16 Jan 2019 [Sam]

 Issues for the board:

  * FY24 projections are posted as a discussion item.  At this point,
    the perfect is the enemy of the good, and I feel that we have
    enough data to make a decision.  More later in this report.
  * Last month, Rich asked for a Fundraising plan to be posted
    (possibly privately) by the previous board meeting.  At the time, I
    said the timing wouldn't work out, and ultimately the plan was
    posted shortly after the meeting.  Details are included in the
    fundraising report (some of them are indeed marked as private), and
    a link to the December discussion is present in the report.  I
    believe that this satisfies the request.
  * Finance continues to be quiet.  Unless I hear otherwise, I am going
    to assume that the board is OK with this.  If anybody is concerned
    about something not happening on a schedule, please speak up.


 Brand Management and Finance continue to operate smoothly.
 Fundraising continue to be ahead of plan in terms of revenue, and has
 posted a new long range approach to how work will be divided between
 volunteers and paid staff.

 I typically summarize the treasurer's report, but this time I will
 lift a direct quote: "At this point in the FY we are doing very well,
 ahead in Revenue and well under budget in Expenses, even taking timing
 variances into account."

 This brings us to the FY24 outlook.  It shows a plan which includes a
 modest surplus.  I am going to say that that presents a significant
 problem - in a good way.  Given a track record of under-running
 expenses and producing more income than projected (as an example, the
 projection for the operating cash at the end of the fiscal year
 increased by $80K since last month), coupled with a healthy reserve,
 these numbers should be treated as highly conservative.

 In prior discussions, it was observed that (and I'm paraphrasing
 here): we don't solicit money for the purpose of sitting on it.  This
 implies that now would be a good time to brainstorm on ideas for
 additional things that we should be investing in.  This could be
 large, one time, expenses.  Or smaller, ongoing expenses.  I suggest
 that the board come up with (or collect and cull) ideas, and I'll see
 to it that operations help size the costs for these ideas.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

19 Dec 2018 [Sam]

 Overall, we continue to be significantly under budget in expenditures,
 and ahead of plan in terms of income.

 Brand Management is operating normally, and Finance has been quiet.

 While I expect most areas input to to the upcoming five year plan to
 be incremental changes, this will not be the case for Fundraising
 where the team has been building an entirely new plan.  Expect a draft
 of that plan to be posted to board@, most likely by the end of the

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

21 Nov 2018 [Sam]

 Financially, we continue to significantly exceed income (by more
 than we did last year), and significantly under-run expense (by less
 than we did last year).  I neglected to kick off a bottoms up effort
 to collect input for a five year plan, which I will do by the end
 of the week.

 Other areas:

 Brand Management has a private matter seeking feedback from the board.

 Fundraising is operating smoothly and is exceeding targets.

 Low to average month in terms of activity for Marketing and Publicity,
 which generally is a good thing :-).

 Infrastructure is operating as expected, one notable item: the team
 will be moving from HipChat to Slack.

 Conferences has chosen a date for ApacheCon NA in Las Vegas, September
 9th through 12th, 2019.  DC road show has been postponed.  Other
 events are still in the planning stages.

 No Travel Assistance activity this month as we are between conferences.

 Finance continues to work on an Endowment proposal.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

17 Oct 2018 [Sam]

 As we are moving into the year and past the point where timing
 considerations dominate, an all too common picture is emerging:
 fundraising exceeding targets, and spending below authorized levels.
 This argues for either a change in the way we do planning, or (and
 probably more likely) an increased tolerance for risk as we approve
 plans, particularly given our large buffer.

 Brand Management operating normally, tracking 26 issues.

 Marketing is also operating normally, and providing considerable extra
 value through cross-committee liaisons.

 ApacheCon was a success, four events are "in flight".

 TAC provided assistance to 10 individuals and the dinner was notable.

 Finance remains a quiet area.

 As of this posting, infrastructure hasn't posted.

 The fundraising report merits special attention (and in a good way)
 and the "Endowment Preliminary Research Report" part merits brief
 board meeting time this month.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

19 Sep 2018 [Sam]

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

15 Aug 2018 [Sam]

 Issues for the board: none

 There are a number of meta-issues that the board should be aware of /
 overseeing and that every ASF Member is welcome to chime in on.  The
 common theme is documenting policy/procedure.  Areas include credit
 cards, GDPR, expense guidelines, endorsement policy, and use of tools
 such as G Suite.  There is continuing tweaks being made to the
 targeted sponsorship program.  All are making progress, and I will
 continue to monitor each and prod as necessary should any one of them

 Also coming up next month is a number of things: first
 results/recommendations on an Endowment, early input to a six month
 review of hiring of a Fundraiser, and input to the five year plan.

 Financial summary: income is on budget, expenses are under budget.
 Some of the under-budget expenses are due to timing considerations
 (TAC, Conferences) meaning that the money will be spent, just not yet.
 The other major expense under-run is infrastructure which is looking
 to hire.

 Brand Management is operating normally.

 Fundraising is on track.  Event revenue as reported in the Treasurer's
 report is just over $70K, and in the Fundraising report is reported as
 about $174K.  The difference is Accounts Receivable.  Rich and Ruth
 are scrambling, but we need to do a better job in future events to
 make sure that potential revenue doesn't fall through the cracks.

 Finance is continuing to make slow but steady progress.  I'll touch
 bases with Tom to ensure that we have what we need for next month.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

18 Jul 2018 [Sam]

 Overall, expenditures are under budget, and income is too.  The latter
 is attributable to timing issues, which by now we are good at
 identifying with precision.  Still makes me nervous :-), but all signs
 are that we are still good.

 Brand Management remains under control with no board issues.

 Fundraising remains busy, again no board issues.

 Finance is off to a slow and deliberate start, with a meeting planned on
 Monday.  Given the miscommunication last month, I asked that no
 endowment discussions with potential sponsors be held until this board
 meeting.  Just so it is crystal clear: after today, I will be giving the
 green light to Daniel and Tom to have or approve discussions with
 potential sponsors with the explicit understanding that such discussions
 are limited in scope to refining and validating the content of a
 potential future proposal for the board review, currently targeted for
 September.  This approval specifically EXCLUDES solicitation of funds.

 Other things to be aware of: the team is working with legal affairs to
 determine how GDPR will be implemented by the ASF.  More details on this
 can be found in the Legal Affairs report.  Separately, a discussion is
 underway on operations@ on a proposed set of ASF wide expense
 guidelines.  A concrete proposal has been made, and there are a number
 of "red lines" on the document.  This work will continue, with no
 concrete target date yet for completion.  All ASF members and officers
 are welcome to participate.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

20 Jun 2018 [Sam]

 Issues for the Board

 See VP, Finance resolution.


 Income running under plan.  Expenses running slightly under plan.
 Neither are a concern.  Expenses are easier to plan for and we
 consistently under-run the plan.  Income is notoriously difficult to
 determine when individual donations will be received, so it will
 require a quarter or two before we can determine any real trends.

 Brand Management

 There are currently 36 tasks being tracked/monitored by the brand
 management team.

 Mostly "business as usual".

 Most notable: Registrations have been submitted in the US for APACHE.


 Significant cycles spent on endowment.  Details in the report.  Quick
 overall summary: based on a suggestion from Phil, this will be split
 out into a separate role and generalized to overall financial
 planning.  Tom has been nominated to lead this, with work to be done
 or brought back to a new finance@ mailing list.  Everyone that has
 contributed to the endowment discussion is welcome to participate.

 No increase of expenditures to Virtual are being asked for at this
 time.  Some of the expenses budgeted for Bronze Sponsor relations that
 have not yet been started may be redirected to expenses related to the
 development of an endowment proposal (e.g., third party review of

 Informal target for bringing a completed proposal for ratification by
 the board is the September board meeting.  No funds will be solicited
 until we have a board approved plan.  Meanwhile, I plan to operate
 under the assumption that I (The President) can approve or delegate
 the approval of reasonable expenditures and discussions with third
 parties (specifically items like a review of proposal seeking input,
 and specifically EXCLUDING actual solicitation).

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

16 May 2018 [Sam]

 No issues for the board.

 Good fiscal year overall.  Every expense line item was essentially at
 or below budget.  Fundraising was significantly over budget, and that
 is without counting the Pineapple Fund donation.

 Thanks to the board for approving the FY19 budget.  My personal vision
 is that we complete the next five year plan by the end of this
 calendar year, and that five year plan be where we focus on strategy
 and the one year budget be where we focus on tactics that implement
 that strategy.

 Every area is operating smoothly.

  - - -

 Selected Highlights:

 Brand Management:
 * There are currently 24 open issues across 14 PMCs

 * Executed PCCC PSA for paid VP Fundraising
 * Amended process for nominating VP Sponsor relations
 * Working to increase targeted sponsorship
 * Working to gel the Sponsor+ program
 * Ready to launch ASF endowment program

 Marketing and Publicity:
 * New "VP Sponsor Relations" title
 * Promoting ApacheCon and two Apache Roadshow events
 * Worked with vendor to correct their promotional practices
 * 9 blog entries, 30 tweets, 9 LinkedIn posts, 5 media queries

 * Status moved to / NodePing
 * mail-search has been replaced and will ultimately be retired
 * new TLP server under Azure
 * Jenkins server difficulties hope to be resolved with new server

 * Current focus is on Apache RoadShow Europe in June
 * ApacheCon North America schedule has been posted
 * Proposals and venues are being evaluated for conferences in 2019

 Travel Assistance:
 * 28 completed applications were received and scored

  - - -

 After talking to Kevin, Tom, and Daniel, the costs for converting
 Fundraising from a contract to a PEO are likely to be in the $15K
 range annually.  Our joint recommendation at this point is to NOT
 proceed with this.  If the board sees this differently, give me action
 item and I will continue to pursue it.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

18 Apr 2018 [Sam]

 Items requiring Board attention:

 Two resolutions: budget, and sponsor relations.

 - - -

 Overall, we continue to be in a good position financially, running a
 surplus where we had budgeted for a deficit.

 The FY19 budget discussions appear to all have run their course, and
 it is time for a decision and to move on.  Should the budget be
 approved as is, I will request the Fundraising team to develop and
 post a full review by the September board meeting so that the board
 can decide whether to terminate or proceed the SOW at the six month
 mark (which would be the October meeting).

 Also, if the budget is approved, I will be naming Daniel Ruggeri as
 (a?) VP, Fundraising.  As a part of that discussion, we can decide
 what title, if any, Kevin will be retaining/assuming.

 The proposal is to develop a team of individuals doing fundraising,
 and to have each member of that team empowered to "close the deal"
 with sponsors.

 Our project websites are a underutilized resource for bringing
 awareness to visitors of matters such as upcoming ApacheCons, and we
 continue to look to ways to reduce the effort required to add images
 and links across our site.  This hasn't been discussed recently, and
 merits revisiting.  See discussion item 8B.

 Brand Management is operating smoothly.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

21 Mar 2018 [Sam]

 Issues for the board:

   None this month.  Next month there will be a FY19 budget to be
   approved, and I will highlight the need to come to a decision on
   how to proceed with Fundraising.


   Yet another month where income exceeds targets, and expenses are
   under budget.  And that is not including the Pineapple BTC donation.

   No major issues to report across operations.  Sally and Mark are
   actively working on issues related to companies not working with
   our trademark policy.  I'm confident that they both have matters
   under control and/or will ask for help if/when they need to do so.


   The key line in the fundraising report is: "the ability for me to
   volunteer as VP Fundraising comes to an end".  Next month, I intend
   to recommend that the board fund this position for up to two years.
   I encourage any returning or new directors who may be inclined to
   reach a different conclusion to reach out directly to Tom, Sally,
   and Kevin for their perspective; either 1-on-1 or collectively as
   each of you see best.

   Sponsorship thanks page now includes targeted sponsors:

   Kevin attended events at GMU NSF / Smartcities, OSLS & Google UC
   Berkeley Tech Talk, and ISSA-NoVA.  Expenses and results are detailed
   in the Fundraising report.

 Brand Management

   The transition from Shane to Mark has gone smoothly, as expected.
   Mark has established a new issue tracking process and reviewed
   emails dating back to June 2017.  Currently there are 25 issues,
   and all are awaiting action from (P)PMC, external parties etc. to
   progress them.

   Mark is requesting input on the content and level of detail provided
   in his report.  I'm very happy with the report.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

21 Feb 2018 [Sam]

 A very busy month in terms of both budget and personnel activities.

 Issues requiring attention of the board

 FY23 budget.  My plans are to collect a FY19 budget in March for
 approval by the board in April, so that we have a budget at the
 start of the fiscal year.


 We continue to exceed income targets and keep under the allowable
 expense targets.  Net income for this month is an additional $222K over

 The FY23 projections have been revised as follows: the expected cash on
 hand at the end of FY18 has been revised upwards based on Virtual's
 current projections and assuming that we are able to convert the recent
 Pineapple Fund BTC donation to $600K USD; and the "G&A" expenses have
 been corrected to reflect that the EA position has been eliminated
 rather than a linear ramping down of this expense.

 Note that everything about this plan is conservative.  The projection
 of cash on hand at the end of the year is conservative.  Neither the
 FY18 numbers nor the FY23 numbers have been adjusted based on actuals
 observed this year.  We should be able to convert the BTC donation to
 more than $600K.

 Presuming that we stay vigilant, this should reduce our need to
 aggressively look for areas to cut.

 Areas of note in the proposed budget:

  * Both Fundraising and Brand Management have brought forward requests
    to expand professional support for these areas within the next five
    years.  I'll note that approval of this plan is no more and no less
    than a green light to create concrete proposals for consideration in
    future 1 year budgets.

  * The proposal was to drop TAC budget in FY23.  That proposal was made
    at a time when the frequency and style of future conferences was in
    question.  It is not necessary to revisit that now, we can revisit
    as a part of the one year FY19 and five year FY24 budget processes.
    At a minimum, the expectation is that the board will approve the
    expenses for ACNA in Montreal for FY19.


 Lots of great progress with respect to Conferences: signed contract,
 updated web site, new roadshow events.  This led to a request to
 reactivate the TAC committee.

 After verifying that Melissa understandably doesn't have time to
 continue the role of VP, TAC; I accepted Gavin's offer to reprise
 his role.  For the past few weeks he has been acting VP, TAC; and
 as of today, I'm making that official.  He's certainly hit the job

 Brand Management

 I spent considerable time with Chris and Shane (and to a lesser extent
 with Mark and Sally) to see if we could come up with an approach that
 everybody could agree on.  At times it appeared within grasp.  At times
 it appeared elusive.  At a minimum, I believe that we made substantial

 I'm going to optimistically claim that we have rough consensus on the
 following two points:

   * There is value in educating PMCs on their need to police brands
     that are associated with their projects.

   * There is value in registering marks on behalf of PMCs that have
     demonstrated that they are willing and able to defend their brand.

 Neither of these are absolute.  For example, it makes sense to limit
 the set of geographic regions in which we register a mark.  While in
 theory there may be disagreements about what the limits are, in
 practice there has been no issues with how any of the recent actual
 requests by PMCs have been handled.

 Of those willing to volunteer for this effort, there is a general
 sentiment that the amount of work required exceeds the amount that can
 be expected from volunteers.  Assuming something resembling the FY23
 budget proposal is accepted by the board, be on the lookout for a
 proposal along the lines that Sally has been patiently shepherding to
 appear alongside the FY19 budget requests.


 A change in his employment situation has raised the question as to
 whether Kevin can continue to devote the amount of time and attention
 that he has to date on Fundraising.  This effort already is being
 supported by HALO Worldwide and Virtual, Inc.  Just a heads up: we may
 need to rely more heavily on one or both of these (or perhaps somebody
 else entirely) in the future.  Again, at the moment this is only a
 heads up with respect to the possibility of a proposal to be considered
 as a part of the FY19 budget process.


 The infrastructure team has identified a general issue with
 projects whose demand for infrastructure services go well
 beyond what other projects need, and one concrete case for
 specific consideration.  Input on how to handle these needs
 would be appreciated.


 An individual raised what they consider to be a CoC violation with
 respect to one of the infrastructure team's bots that update JIRA when
 a pull request comes in on one of our repositories.  I consulted with
 Legal Affairs early in this process and now (with Chris's concurrence)
 have referred the matter to them.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 Effective immediately, Mark Thomas was appointed chair of the
 Brand Management PMC. Thanks to Shane Curcuru for his service.

17 Jan 2018 [Sam]

 Items requiring board attention:

   * Budget (can be deferred to discussion items)

   * Three minor questions in Fundraising Report
     * First has been discussed on board@
     * I recommend the second be delegated to Legal Affairs
     * Third is not ready for this month

 ### Executive Assistant

 Despite the best efforts of myself, Ross and members of the board, the
 ASF has come to the conclusion that it no longer has a need for an
 Executive Assistant. This position has now been eliminated, and
 Melissa has been laid off.

 I've enjoyed working with Melissa, and will enthusiastically give her
 a reference.  If anybody knows of a good match for her ample talents,
 I encourage them to act quickly!

 I have no immediate plans to replace Melissa as VP, TAC. This will be
 revisited once we have a large scale conference again.

 ### Finances and Budget

 I agree with the Treasurer's report that income is exceeding targets
 and expenses are under control, with the possibility that this year we
 will show a modest surplus.  The only caution is that $171K of this is
 due to income that was not received last year, attributed at the time
 to timing issues.  If that is removed, we will see a deficit; but even
 so a much smaller one than budgeted.

 The impact of the laying off of the EA will be a modest increase in
 expenses in January (to be reported in the February meeting), a modest
 decrease in expenses for FY18, and a significant reduction ($100K,
 which not only covers salary, but benefits, employer taxes, PEO
 management overhead, etc.) in General & Administrative expenses in
 subsequent years.

 I encourage the board to complete their efforts on the 5 year plan by
 the February meeting as that input is needed in the preparation of the
 FY2019 budget.  Delaying the FY2019 budget past the beginning of the
 fiscal year will inevitably result in Tom and I having a shadow budget
 that is unapproved by the board.  Let's not do that.

 My observation remains that both Brand Management and Fundraising
 activities are beyond what can reasonably be expected to be sustained
 by volunteers; with Brand Management being the more urgent of the two.
 Ross has additional input on this matter.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

20 Dec 2017 [Sam]

 Items requiring board attention:

 * Budget

 Most of the areas not covered by the EVP report are covered by the
 budget.  I particularly encourage careful reading of the Brand
 Management and Fundraising reports (the later having a discussion item
 that can be deferred to the mailing list in my opinion).

 On the topic of the budget, first some overall thoughts:

 1) The five year budget is a plan, not a commitment.  As such, it
    should be based on reasonable assumptions, such as the recent
    conference investment decision won't fail spectacularly, and that
    there will be continued need to hire in areas where volunteers prove
    to be insufficient.

 2) A five year plan is where the board SHOULD in my opinion explore
    potentially radical ideas; even if those ideas had been explored
    years ago with a different conclusion.  My one caveat is that the
    expectation should be that those ideas would be executed over the
    course of five years; and this exercise SHOULD NOT be the vehicle
    for driving sudden and rapid change.

 Next for some specific thoughts:

 1) Infrastructure remains the biggest ticket item.  Given that the
    largest costs within that item are people costs, this expense is
    thought to be largely independent (at least within the five year
    horizon) of either the rate of growth of the foundation or increasing
    dependency on services hosted elsewhere.

 2) The next biggest items is labeled Marketing and Publicity.  I say
    labeled as this item really encompasses so much more - pretty much
    every operational area (with the possible exception of infrastructure)
    is directly affected by this area; as are many PMCs.  Satisfaction
    with the work done is also quite high.

 3) The next biggest area is Fundraising.  The level of incomes specified
    in the plan are thought to be achievable, but not without some risk.
    Nothing is certain, so the risk is never 0% or 100%; but it is
    thought to be highly unlikely that those numbers will be reached
    without hiring a fundraiser (probably initially part time, then
    ultimately full time) during the next 5 years.  Doing so doesn't make
    the risk 0%, but makes the income numbers comfortable in my
    estimation.  What level of risk the board is willing to undertake is
    an open question.

 4) After that comes Brand Management.  The proposal we have is based on
    what was the board majority (but not consensus) opinion at the time
    that encouraging PMCs to register their trademarks early was prudent
    and cost effective in the long run.  Since that time, costs have gone
    up, and questions have grown as to whether that approach is
    sustainable with volunteers.  It is time for the board to revisit
    this question, and either reaffirm the previous direction or start
    the planning process for a new direction.

 5) The fifth biggest item is General and Administration.  The amount
    chosen there reflects us NOT pursuing a paid position for President /
    COO / ED; but continuing to have an EA.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

15 Nov 2017 [Sam]

 Items requiring board attention:

 * Fundraising VP resolution.  I believe that the bylaws question has
   been resolved.  I believe that need for a VP title has been
   established.  I see that there has been some calls for additional
   process; I don't see the need for such, but if the board chooses
   to table this resolution again, I ask that clear guidance be

 * Conferences discussion item.  I suggest that this not merely be
   discussed as if it were a one time expense, but as input to
   the five year plan.

 * In order to reach they goal of having a top-down five year plan by
   year end, there really should have been some draft numbers produced
   by now.  Certainly no later than by the end of this month so that they
   can be approved in the next board meeting.

 Overall, expenses remain under control.  Working with Virtual,
 it was determined that Infrastructure incorrectly forecasted FY18
 costs.  This should be covered this year, but may result in the
 need to revise upwards future budgets.

 Income appears to be on track, with the normal comment about sponsor
 timing considerations make this difficult to be sure.

 Ross and I talked about what can be done to ensure that the EA is
 fully utilized, and we are exploring a number of options.

 Brand Management continues to work to produce a proposal for board
 consideration.  Ideally, this would also be included in the five
 year plan discussion.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

18 Oct 2017 [Sam]

 Items requiring board attention:

   * See resolution to establish the position of VP, Sponsor

 Overall, expenses remain under control.  Infrastructure remains an
 anomaly (slightly running over despite being under headcount), and
 Tom and Greg are working to resolve this.

 Income remains difficult to project given that it tends to come in large
 chunks, and with timings that are impossible to pin down.  I continue to
 be mindful of the fact that we we were under revenue in FY17 by $171.2K,
 which we attributed to timing issues.  We are currently over budget by
 $244.6K, which would be excellent, but it has positively benefited from
 timing issues (in both directions).

 Phil and I had a conversation regarding revisiting our five year outlook
 by year end, a conversation that has been brought back to the members@

 Conferences and TAC remain dormant.  Other areas are running normally.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

 Mark asks has there been progress with making effective use of
 the EA. Sam responds that that is still on the todo list.

 Ross asks about infra being over budget. Mark/Tom clarified
 that this is a YTD. Tom and Greg have a meeting tomorrow to
 get to the bottom of this. Greg's initial conclusions is that
 this is a matter of front loading costs.

20 Sep 2017 [Sam]

 My current priorities: EA/TAC/Conferences, Brand Management

 Items requiring board attention:

 * Brand Management continues to face scalability issues.  See Brand
   Management reports for details.  No immediate action required,
   options and alternatives will be brought back to the board in
   upcoming months.

 * Unless directed otherwise, the ASF infrastructure leadership team
   will continue to work with the ASF Treasury team in setting up a
   location to secure and track personnel related documents, balancing
   oversight and privacy.  See January minutes for context.

 * We are still relatively early in the fiscal year, so projections will
   vary widely month to month, but for the first time this year we are
   not projected to make up for last year's underrun; which was
   attributed to timing of sponsor payments.  No cause for concern about
   this year, but does suggest that we should revisit our five year
   forecast this fall.  Input on whether this should be done bottoms up
   again, or should be done top down would be appreciated.

 * Fundraising Would like to give Fundraising Ambassadors VP Titles.
   Possible idea: VP Sponsor Relations.  This is yet another example
   of a common theme where ASF titles are important externally.

 While amply reported elsewhere, I would like to also commend the
 organization's coordinated and professional response to the Equifax
 breach.  Early reports from others on the cause of the breach were
 incorrect, and our initial response stated the known facts and
 enumerated the possibilities.  As additional facts became known, we
 provided updates.

 As others have reported, this was a total team effort, with Sally as
 usual shouldering the bulk of the load.   Not called out by others but
 Mark Cox played a crucial role in framing the initial message.

 While I have stayed on top of mailing list traffic, much of my time
 this month has been spent on converting various Whimsy tools from
 React.js to Vue.js.  Three of the four tools have been converted, and
 work has begun on the remaining tool: the board agenda.  I'll post on
 board@ with the implications of these change before they are deployed.
 Meanwhile, I will note that this would be an ideal time to look at any
 additional requirements (e.g., automating chair activities?) that
 people may have for this tool.

 Seeing if we can utilize our EA better remains on my todo list.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

16 Aug 2017 [Sam]

 My current priorities: EA/TAC/Conferences

 Items requiring board attention:

   Fundraising is planning to revisit the idea of Directed Sponsorships.
   Perhaps we can have a brief discussion on the topic at the board
   meeting, take the discussion to the fundraising mailing list, and
   return back to the board at a later date with a complete proposal?

 - - -

 Financially, we continue to be on track.  FY18 looks great, but again I
 remind everybody that the amount we are projecting to be over almost
 exactly matches the amount that we missed in FY17 due to timing issues.
 It has taken a lot of work to get us here (and both Sally and Virtual
 have been instrumental).  We continue to find low hanging fruit in terms
 of unbilled sponsors; but at some point further growth in revenue is
 going to depend on the harder (and longer lead time) problem of
 attracting new sponsors.

 Quiet (in terms of questions) but busy (in terms of renewals, etc.)
 month for Brand Management.  Lack of volunteers is an ongoing issue.

 Seeing if we can utilize our EA better remains on my todo list.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

19 Jul 2017 [Sam]

 My current priorities: EA/TAC/Conferences

 Items requiring board attention:


 - - -

 Financially, we continue to be on track.  Timing considerations make
 us look like we are ahead on fundraising, but this is primarily due
 to a number of large FY17 sponsorship payments hitting the books
 this calendar year.  We currently project to be $185K over budget vs
 being $171K under last year.  Similarly, we are $11K over budget for
 infrastructure, again this primarily timing considerations.

 Marketing an Publicity collected and published the FY2017 annual

 The infrastructure team continues to migrate machines to the cloud.
 The team is also working with the Whimsy community to automate
 worklfows.  It is also looking to fill one open headcount.

 Conferences is awaiting a bit for ApacheCon 2018, and is exploring a
 greater presence at other conferences.

 Things seem to be settling down in both Fundraising and Brand
 Management.  In the upcoming months, my focus will turn to seeing if we
 can utilize our EA better, which will involve discussions with each
 officer in operations, starting with Conferences.  If people have any
 ideas along these lines, please let me know or reach out to Melissa

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

21 Jun 2017 [Sam]

 My current priorities: Fundraising, EA/TAC, then Brand Management.

 Items requiring board attention:


 - - -

 Financially, we started off the FY strong.  I caution everybody that
 much of this is due to revenue that we should have received last year
 hitting the books this year.  And we have a one time revenue windfall
 due to converting bitcoins to cash.  That being said, all things
 considered, in one month we made up for the larger than expected full
 year deficit in FY17 and then some by over $20K.

 The Fundraising president's committee has updated its roster and divided
 up the list of sponsors and is making great progress in re-establishing
 connections.  In particular, Sally has stepped up and is leading this

 Virtual's role in fundraising has been expanded, and the additional
 expense should be containable in the current budget.

 Fundraising has a new nofollow policy, rewarding Bronze level sponsors
 who have a sustained committment.

 An audit of ASF sites shows that many foundation requirements for links
 to such things as sponsorship and conferences are being ignored.  Each of
 the operations areas are going to work together to determine a way to
 resolve this in a centralzed way.  See

 Brand Management continues normally, including working through legal
 issues related to registrations for two projects.

 EA's focus has remained primarily on conferences.  In the upcoming
 months, I plan to get with Rich, Melissa, and others to revisit this.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

17 May 2017 [Sam]


 My current priorities: Fundraising, EA/TAC, then Brand Management.

 During the process of converting the FY18 budget into monthly
 allotments, Virtual identified a number of small discrepancies.
 Nothing to be concerned about, in fact the net was a small positive.

 As predicted, timining issues of payments led to a missing FY17 budget
 targets overall.  This does not seem to be a problem, but is something
 we will need to recognize and account for when accessing budget vs
 actuals for FY18.  Exceeding targets by FY18 anything less than
 fundraising shortfall should not be considered a "win".

 I plan to get with Rich and Ross to determine if conferences is
 something that I should add to my priority list and help with.


 Virtual's increased role in terms of invoicing continues to show
 results.  The bigger problems previously identified are all either
 resolved or are well on their way to being resolved.  Virtual is
 continuing to look at the entire set of sponsors to see if there are
 any other problems that need to be addressed.

 Hadrian has resigned as VP, Fundraising.  I'm naming Kevin as his
 replacement.  I wish to take this opportunity to thank Hadrian for his
 contributions which helped keep the foundation afloat all of these
 years!  And look for Hadrian's continued help.

 I'm pleased to see Kevin hit the ground running and not waiting until
 he has been officially named into this new role.  In particular, I've
 been pleasantly surprised to see Kevin revisiting two previously "third
 rail" topics, namely nofollow and certification.

 We intend to take the opportunity to meet with a number of Sponsors
 here at ApacheCon.


 While I haven't seen a final report yet for this month, I am unaware of
 any issues.

 Brand Management

 A quiet month, and no issues for the board.

 Thanks go out to Mark Thomas for setting up a BRAND JIRA instance.

 New members have joined trademarks@ which is good.  There has been
 little feedback on policy, which is both good and bad.

 Trademarks is continuing to look at which registrations are cost
 effective to renew.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

19 Apr 2017 [Sam]


 My current priorities: budget, fundraising, EA/TAC, then Brand

 We have a distressing number of instances where invoices and checks
 have not been forwarded and lost; accordingly we are seeking to update
 all of our records in places that are sources for each to be Virtual's

 A number of income and expense items are not aligned with our fiscal
 year and (both in the present and in the past) have not been paid on a
 consistent schedule.  My guidance on each is to ignore for the moment
 the arbitrary FY17/FY18 boundary and focus on getting items paid and
 received.  As we have ample reserves, don't pay taxes, and interest
 rates are low, there is no long term impact to the foundation.  In the
 short term (both this past FY and the upcoming one) this will make
 comparing budget to actuals a bit more difficult, but I believe that
 this is manageable.  Let me know if the board sees this differently.

 My thanks to the outgoing board for providing unanimous closure on
 Brand Management Policy.  My request to the incoming board is to
 continue to focus on providing clear, stable, long term guidance.


 A draft FY18 budget has been posted for approval.  I believe it to be
 consistent with the guidance the board provided for the five year

 As with last year, I encourage the board to not table this as this will
 effectively result in Virtual, Inc. and the President operating with a
 shadow budget.  Tweak it as required, but I request that larger
 questions as to priorities be deferred until the point where we revisit
 the five year outlook.


 A face to face meeting was held last month.  Thanks to Capital One for
 graciously providing facilities, and to Jim for hosting.  A number of
 TODOs were created, and a number of immediate actions were taken.

 We had a soft relaunch of the Individual Giving program with a new site, using Hopsie as our outreach platform.
 We announced our 18th anniversary and linked to the donate page from a
 number site wide and PMC specific web pages.  This was done on short
 order, but I don't believe it quite met the expectations of an annual
 fundraising drive.  We will need to evaluate the results and make
 changes.  One option to be explored: having a few individual giving
 programs throughout the year vs. an annual drive.

 we have identified and resolved a number of invoicing issues.  Tom can
 talk to both the short term actions and long term plans to prevent
 reoccurance of these problems.

 Both Virtual and HALO are making changes to provide additional
 professional support for Fundraising.  We are working to re-establish
 Fundraising as a formal committee.  Additional organization changes are
 in the works, and should be ready to announce by the next board

 Letters have been sent out to the contacts we have for all Platinum,
 Gold, and Silver level sponsors asking them if there is anybody that
 they would like to meet up with at the ApacheCon and Big Data
 conferences in Miami, and taking the opportunity to once again thank
 them for their sponsorship.


 Judges made their calls, and acceptance letters were sent out.

 Brand Management

 I've asked Brand Management to take re-engaging with the PMCs that
 haven't been following the Brand Management policy slowly.  I welcome
 input from the board on my prioritization of this item.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

15 Mar 2017 [Sam]


  My current priorities remain: budget, fundraising, EA/TAC, then Brand


  Thanks for the input last month on the FY22 budget projections.  Based
  on that input, I am going to presume that the board is OK with
  expenditures as they are, specifically that infrastructure staffing
  levels remaining where they are, for TAC to continue for the next few
  years, that the choice of trademark attorney are all OK.

  Please let me know ASAP if any of these assumptions are incorrect.

  Otherwise, I look forward to presenting a FY18 budget in the next
  board meeting that should hopefully be uncontroversial.


  We continue to be under forecast for revenues; this is now a growing

  There also doesn't seem to be a common understanding of what an
  appropriate "SLA" would be for responding for sponsor requests.  As an
  example, one sponsor provided early input into what information they
  would like to see the next time their sponsorship was up for renewal,
  that input was ACKed, and the plans were to comply with that request
  when it was time for renewal - which is not for several months.
  Apparently, this was not well communicated as a number of people were
  unhappy that a response was not sent out promptly.

  I'll work with Hadrian and others involved with fundraising to make
  this process more transparent and predictable.  The target is to make
  progress on this by the meeting in Miami in May.

  We have a F2F planned for the 23rd of March in Virginia; graciously
  hosted by Capital One.  Agenda will be to build a plan to get us to
  the fundraising targets provided by the board last month, and any
  remaining time left in that meeting will be devoted to process.


  EA continues to work on TAC and dealing with things that might
  otherwise fall through the cracks like CSC renewal.

  Last call for ApacheCon NA 2017 closed on March 8th.

  Brand Management

  Per my direction, Brand Management is continuing to defer working
  with PMCs that either don't recognize or aren't following the
  documented policy.

  I could understand if the board felt they needed to step in and
  ratify and/or give a stamp of approval if there was a history of
  Brand Management destroying communities or not accepting feedback,
  and if the President wasn't resolving this situation; but to preemptively
  require prior approval without that history doesn't make any sense to me;
  particularly coming literally one day after the board came to consensus
  that the Brand Management policy is indeed ASF wide policy.

  Now an additional two months have gone by.  There has only been cosmetic
  feedback on the policy; and a good faith effort has been made to address
  this feedback.  What does it take to get this to closure?

  In addition to being a significant impact on morale, having policy
  that only applies to some but not all PMCs is not a sane strategy.

  My recommendation remains that the board reaffirm the position made two
  board meetings ago, and go further: namely to clearly delegate the
  setting of Brand Management policy with the understanding that (a) all
  members are welcome to contribute to the development of the policy, (b)
  early warning is provided to the board on all significant changes
  and/or potential issues, and (c) the board reserves the right to step
  in should Brand Management and the President prove to be unwilling or
  unable to successfully resolve issues with PMCs on their own.

  Unless the board comes to consensus on how to proceed in the next few
  months, I believe that it would be better for all concerned if we were
  to begin the process of shuttering Brand Management and archiving the
  current policy.  What would remain is the interface to counsel to handle
  such matters as trademark registrations; perhaps this could be folded
  into Legal Affairs?

  The consequences of such an approach would be an increase in PMCs
  inadequately enforcing their trademarks, the potential for third
  parties to be presented with different requirements from different
  PMCs, and PMCs following the lead of PMCs that chose to unfairly apply
  different policies to different third parties.

  What the board needs to balance is the demoralizing consequences of the
  delegation of responsibility without the associated authority; the
  theoretical but to date unrealized potential for an entire Brand
  Management committee composed of trusted ASF members destroying a
  community; and the consequences of letting each PMC decide how to
  approach Brand Management.


  Adding in Bertrand's comment, Rich's ping this morning on fundraising,
  and a recent board-private thread that I won't share specifics on; and
  Chris's comment last month, there is a common theme.  But first, a

  When Geir was treasurer, he would generally make payments within a
  month of the approval.  This caused much anxiety as people would often
  worry about when a payment would go out.  When I became treasurer,
  payments would generally go out within 72 hours of approval.  To my
  surprise, the anxiety didn't go away.  On my way out, I stated to bring
  Virtual into this, and this was completed when Chris was treasurer.  One
  of the first changes made was that payments only went out at the end of
  the month unless prior arrangements were made.  For two months, there
  was confusion and anxiety... and then... calm.

  From time to time we have had individual Directors wade into
  infrastructure, TAC, fundraising, brand management, or where-ever and
  make demands.  Often times they were intended as requests, but were
  perceived as demands; and the next result was the same: context switches
  thrashes, confusion, and reduced productivity.

  Earlier this month, a single Director made a request to me, copying
  board private.  I indicated that I would evaluate the request and
  report back in May.  A number of Directors supported the original
  request, and the original individual reminded me that when the board
  asked me to do something, I had a duty to comply.  At this point, Brett
  weighed in, and stated that the board as a whole had not asked me to do
  something, and while the board could operate in that way, it should not.
  A number of Directors agreed with Brett on this, as do I.

  And I'd like to extend that response to include Bertrand's comment; yes
  the board's input was non-binding and the board can (but shouldn't!)
  change its mind at any moment.  My problem with emphasizing the CAN
  without balancing that with SHOULDN'T is that doing so has the effect
  of rendering the whole five year planning exercise as useless.  Let's
  not do that.

  I understand based on Chris's comment that he hopes that the next board
  radically changes Infrastructure's budget targets next month.  Let's not
  do that either.

  Next week, I'm bringing together some of the best talent within the ASF
  to focus on fundraising.  I will insist that the plans that they come up
  with will be published and that the board and membership in general will
  have an opportunity to comment on those plans.  I will also request
  (hopefully not futilely) that the board give this fundraising team
  something that it has to date denied of Brand Management - the
  assumption that they can operate via lazy consensus - i.e. unless their
  is a specific objection they are free to take action.

  As to how I would like to see board members operate:

    1) with respect to budget, I would prefer to only see major changes of
       direction be proposed when we discuss five year plans, and not
       out of cycle or when we review individual years budgets.

    2) we have a number of Directors productively contributing as members
       of various committees - this is welcome and encouraged.

    3) for everything else, I would prefer that the board provide its
       input during board meetings and assign and track actions to

 Of course, if there is a true emergency or significant new information
 that comes in between board meetings or the times that we revisit the
 five year plans, I will work with the board and the relevant officers to
 address the issue.  But just like with Virtual and out of cycle payments;
 this should be the exception rather than the norm.

  Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

27 Feb 2017 [Sam]


 My current priorities: budget, fundraising, EA/TAC, then Brand
 Management.  Input from the board on budget will likely affect my
 priorities going forward.


 A draft FY22 budget has been posted as a discussion item.  It contains
 the approved FY17 budget, and three projections for FY22.

 Feel free to challenge assumptions, pick from the available options, or
 even come up with an entirely new target.  If the board can provide
 quick feedback on these numbers, we may have time for a total of three
 iterations; otherwise the next numbers the board will see posted is a
 FY18 budget for approval.

 I encourage the board to come up with targets for a balanced FY22
 budget.  Clearly the intervening years won't be balanced, but with both
 a target and enough time, we can define a path to get there with
 minimum disruption.

 The biggest single lever under the board's control that would affect
 multiple expense categories is to find a way to significantly limit the
 rate of growth of the foundation; more specifically to throttle the
 arrival rate of accepted podlings by the incubator.

 On the expense side, I'm most concerned about infrastructure as this
 one item is simultaneously (1) the largest expense, (2) the least
 discretionary, and (3) the item with the most inertia in that it will
 take the most time to make a change without substantial disruption.
 For this reason, I request that the board make a priority of setting a
 FY22 target for this item.  Once this target is set, I will ask David
 and Greg to prioritize building a plan to get us there.  This plan may
 include a temporary increase followed by a drop off - which would be OK
 as we have the funds.

 On the income side, I don't see any magic bullets that we can rely on
 to provide us with significant year over year compound growth UNLESS we
 manage to identify something of significantly more direct value to our
 sponsors than what we have offered to date.  A part of this may be a
 willingness on our side to be more accommodating when a sponsor makes
 requests (e.g., for a Privacy Shield amendment) that would make selling
 the sponsorship easier by those within the potential sponsor.


 Input has been provided into the budget process, and work is being done
 to identify the list of sponsors that we need to follow up on in order
 to meet our FY17 targets.


 EA has resumed work on TAC preparations for Miami.  Nick Burch has been
 most helpful.

 Brand Management

 Brand Management is continuing to work with the Podlings and PMCs that
 are willing to work within the constraints of the published ASF
 Trademark Policy, and per my direction is deferring activity related to
 the remainder of the projects.

 Less than a day after I thought I had closure from the board on whether
 or not the published Trademark Policy was a policy or set of best
 practices, multiple board members indicated that this Policy needed to
 be ratified and/or given a stamp of approval from the board.  So, for
 now, I've moved on.  I've not added any discussion items or resolutions
 related to this matter to this month's agenda.  While I will continue
 to ask for actionable feedback to be sent to trademarks@, I am no
 longer optimistic.

 So, to be clear, we currently have a policy that applies to most.  At
 this time, all it takes for a PMC or PPMC to be excluded is to simply
 state that this policy doesn't apply to them.  That will mean that PMCs
 are free to continue to come up with their own criteria and apply it
 unfairly to one third party but not another.  Or for one PMC to apply a
 different policy than other PMC does, perhaps even to the same third

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

 @Brett: pursue resolution of Brand Management Policy issue

18 Jan 2017 [Sam]


 My current priorities: brand, fundraising, EA/TAC, then FY18 budget.
 Depending on timing, FY18 budget will likely rise in priority.

 Thanks go out to the board for approving the FY17 budget.  As mentioned
 in the last board meeting, I'd like to discourage the board from
 deferring the FY18 budget to the next board as revisiting the budget
 mid-year is always a possibility.  See the budget item below for more

 Discussions have resurfaced concerning the equity of last calendar
 year's compensation.  As a part of this, I'm working with Greg and
 David to revisit whether FY17's budget needs to be tweaked and to see
 if there are better ways to plan for FY18.  Operations is also working
 closely with the Treasurer and Virtual to revise how compensation
 related disbursements are approved and tracked in order to maintain

 Other discussions have made it clear that there is a need to
 reestablish and maintain a safe working environment for officers.  To
 help address the specific and immediate problem, I've added a
 resolution that gives the board an opportunity to reaffirm that Brand
 Management has been operating in the best interests of the foundation.

 More generally, the scope of Brand Management is not the last of the
 contentious issues that I will need guidance from the board on.  We
 need to work together to ensure that there is an environment where the
 relevant officers can not only participate but even are free to take
 uncomfortable or unpopular positions, and not allow those with
 differing opinions to seek to question their integrity.

 Finally, I'd like to once again apologize for the frequency which with
 I contributed to the discussion.  I should have allowed a greater
 opportunity for others to speak and instead focused on re-teeing up the
 discussion items for this month's board meeting as well as preparing
 one or more resolutions.

 Brand Management

 Brand Management is continuing to work with the Podlings and PMCs that
 are willing to work within the constraints of the published ASF
 Trademark Policy, and per my direction is deferring activity related to
 the remainder of the projects.

 A summary of those policies has been published at:

 I continue to seek clarification and guidance from the board on this
 matter.  And have added a discussion item again this month to cover
 this topic.  Additional background can be found in the Brand Management

 Meanwhile, Mark is making progress on producing a private JIRA instance
 for tracking trademark (as well as security) issues, and will be
 starting with some pilot projects.


 In conjunction with the Assistant Treasurer and VP of Marketing of
 Publicity, the possibility of making use of the facilities provided by
 Hopsie ( are being explored.   Benefits include an
 (as of yet unknown) increase in funds raised (largely by providing
 gentle reminders to repeat donors), and to improve on our ability to
 send out thanks.  The plan is to proceed with the free trial period and
 if the expectation is that this will pay for itself in increased
 donations, to select one of the paid plans going forward.


 As we are in the lull between conferences, not much activity to report
 this month.  The EA also took some much needed time off.

 Melissa did add three new members to TAC.  It turns out that two of
 these individuals are not ASF members, and this was done without
 consulting with the existing TAC members.  This is being revisited.


 The first thing to be aware of is that the FY17 is that it doesn't
 include substantial strategic investment beyond the normal (and
 continual) focus on retiring technical debt and aging hardware.  In
 other words, it is the new normal.  In fact, the infrastructure costs
 for FY18 are likely to go up as the plan will be to be fully staffed
 for the full year, and little (if any) savings resulting from the
 investigations into reducing the infrastructure cost per project will
 be realized in this timeframe.

 On the plus side, we have more than adequate cash reserves, so none of
 this is an immediate problem that needs to be addressed.  But back of
 the envelope calculations indicate that we will run out of money in
 four to six years.

 So in addition to a year+1 (i.e. FY18) budget, I plan to start
 exploring what a year+5 (i.e., FY22) budget outline would look like.
 The hope is that this will give us an opportunity to discuss topics
 like whether or not we need TAC or need an ED five years from now, and
 to work backwards to determine what steps we should be taking along the
 way to make that happen.

 My ideal would be that the board has complete say over the five year
 plan and individual officers have complete say over the one year plan
 subject only to the constraint that their plan conforms to the five
 year plan.  I recognize that this ideal isn't practical as officers
 will need to have some say in what is possible, and the board isn't a
 mere rubber stamp for the one year plan.

 I'd like to discourage the board, however, from selecting individual
 contractors (DLAPiper was discussed in board meetings a few months
 ago), and making use of a line item veto.  A few illustrative examples
 as to why that might be: Fundraising's input may be that given one
 level of investment we can expect a given level of income; with
 additional investment we can expect more.  Selecting a lower level of
 investment and a higher level of return isn't an option.  More
 subtlely, there are some variables, like the rate at which new projects
 are accepted, that affect multiple line items.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

21 Dec 2016 [Sam]


 My priorities remain: budget, brand, fundraising, then EA/TAC.  EVP will
 be reporting on other areas.

 Virtual has changed from outsourcing Professional Employer Organization
 (PEO) services to a third party to bringing this in house.  The only
 immediate change that contactors will see is a modest reduction in the
 number of days they have to select a health care provider should they be
 interested in taking advantage of this benefit.  The end date remains
 the same, it is only the start date that is slightly delayed.  There is
 a possibility that there may be some cost reductions that Virtual can
 pass on to us down the road, but that has yet to be seen.

 I'm working with the Treasurer to review a policy for ASF issued credit
 cards which was prepared by Virtual.


 We now have a draft FY17 budget for review and approval.  It's not
 perfect, but I encourage the board to approve it as is and to provide
 feedback on what changes should be made for the FY18 budget.

 The budget reflects direct input from the following officers: Brand
 Management, Fundraising, Infrastructure Administrator, and Marketing and
 Publicity.  In all other areas, I'm carrying forward the data provided
 by Virtual as these areas are low risk and are likely to come in on

 This budget includes a modest amount of funding for Fundraising
 activities.  I see this as experimental: we are going to try things to
 see what works and what does not.  Monthly fundraising reports will
 identify specifics as to how the money is spent and attempt to relate
 those expenditures with potential future sponsorships.

 In my opinion there has been an unwarranted amount of attention on Brand
 Management budget.  While it is true that for the first time Brand
 Management expenses are expected to exceed TAC, it still remains under
 both EA and Marketing and Publicity expenses.  If funding were tight --
 which it most definitely is not -- I personally would recommend looking
 elsewhere for savings first.

 To be fair, the pushback to date hasn't been so much on the amount but
 whether or not alternatives have been explored to see if lower cost
 options might be viable.  I'll merely observe that similar questions
 could productively be asked of each budget area, and that Brand
 Management isn't in my opinion a priority in either likelihood of
 finding savings or in the amount of savings.  My top priority for that
 remains infrastructure; not because I feel that it is poorly run (it is
 not), but due to the size of that budget item even a small change could
 produce a substantial savings.

 Brand Management

 Prior direction to this area was to decentralize where possible.  I'm
 now seeing signs that this approach will need to be modified.  More data
 is needed, and -- heads up! -- some board guidance and perhaps
 intervention may be required.  I've added a discussion item to the
 agenda for this purpose.

 Overall, my feeling is that having EITHER Brand Management OR the PMCs
 be responsible for marks (as an either/or) is problematic.  As PMCs will
 rarely need to worry about marks, this responsibility can be quickly
 forgotten.  What we need is:

 1) a way to track issues (which Mark and Shane are working on), and for
 both Brand Management and PMCs be jointly responsible for identifying
 and opening issues.  Brand Management's searches will need to be
 prioritized, and Shane has taken a first pass at doing exactly that.

 I'd like to see Mark's work to create a private JIRA instance to be in a
 position where it is ready to be used by the start of the next (January)
 board meeting, and am willing to task infrastructure with helping make
 this happen if that is needed.

 2) for the expectation to be set that PMCs to be the first line of
 defense, in terms of contacting outside parties using the documented
 process; and for there to be some consequences spelled out for PMCs that
 don't meet these expectations.

 3) for Brand Management (and/or the President) being the last line of
 defence after PMCs have taken every reasonable step to resolve the

 This does not need to be resolved this month.  It may be prudent to wait
 until the effort to better track issues provides more data.


 Not quite yet fully on my radar, and continues to be well on track to
 support our increased FY17 expenditures, but preliminary discussions
 have occurred with a focus on making sure that we plan for a future that
 may rely more heavily on paid support.

 The primary idea is to expand beyond the tech focused companies that
 dominate our platinum sponsors.  An example of a company that we want to
 attract is Capital One.  Longer lead times and lower individual company
 contributions than Platinum sponsors, but the thought is that once we
 get a toehold in an industry we can get others to follow.

 This will require more careful tracking and physically being at places
 where we don't normally show up, so some expenditures for support from
 Virtual and a travel budget to places like conferences is included in
 the draft budget.


 As this month's report again shows, much of the EA's time is still going
 to TAC related activities.  A fundamental rethinking of the role of the
 EA is overdue.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

16 Nov 2016 [Sam]


 We don't have an approved budget; we haven't been routinely reviewing
 budget vs actuals, expenses (and possibly income) is running ahead of
 plan, and we have at least two areas where an increase in budget may be

 I've been working with the Treasurer and Virtual to improve reporting
 on actuals.  I seek guidance from the board on the overall shape of
 what the FY 2017 budget should look like; I will then work with owners
 of individual line items to produce an updated draft budget for the
 board to approve.

 I've met (via phone, Skype, and Google Talk) with each of the people
 who own monthly reports (though not individually with Rich who
 understandably is busy at this moment); based on these discussions my
 initial priorities are: budget, brand, fundraising, then EA/TAC.

 I have a request for the board: my preference is that the primary
 vehicle for board feedback on operations be via the monthly
 teleconferences and review of progress on action items.  When things
 come up at other times, I'd prefer that such items be added to the
 agenda for the next board meeting unless there is a specific reason why
 it needs to be resolved urgently before that time.

 For personal reasons, I am not able to travel to Seville this month.  I
 thank Ross for preparing draft slides and Jim for giving the
 presentation in my absence.

 I'm maintaining a file for tracking purposes:

 Executive Assistant

 This role was originally envisioned to be responsible for a number of
 different foundation tasks; at the present time TAC is taking up a
 large portion of time.  I'm not interceding at the current time, but I
 do plan to revisit what the ideal allocation of time to each task
 should be with Melissa in the quiet time between conferences.

 Brand Management

 This area is considerably running over both the draft budget and last
 years actuals.  I urgently seek guidance from the board as to whether
 the budget should be revised or brand management should change how it
 is currently operating.  Please see the brand management report for
 additional information on where money has been sent and on the outlook.

 Less urgently, but something I would like feedback on in the upcoming
 months: what is the role the board would like to see brand management
 perform for the foundation?  We clearly have comprehensive brand
 management procedures.  While we have some PMCs that are following
 these procedures, we have other PMCs that are behaving as if they are
 unaware of those procedures.  We even have PMCs that are clearly aware
 of the procedures, have provided no actionable feedback on those
 procedures, but aren't closely following them.

 A concrete example: this month you proposed that PMCs SHALL restrict
 their discussions of trademark enforcement actions to private mailing

 Is this destined to be another requirement that many PMCs will continue
 to be unaware of and others will chose not to follow?  If so, does it
 make sense to continue to produce such requirements?

 A second concrete example: Brand Management and PMCs are grappling with
 what would be a reasonable division of labor with respect to trademark
 enforcement.  This thread with Hadoop is illustrative:

 Accordingly, Shane an Mark have begun exploring how to better track
 resolutions of potential infringements; being better organized should
 enable us to move from anecdotal discussions which may ultimately
 reduced down to internal miscommunication issues to actual data on what
 steps were or were not taken and how long it takes to resolve an issue.

 Perhaps the big picture that will emerge is that the Brand Management
 team will periodically do a scan for egregious violations and hand them
 off (via JIRA) to the PMCs to resolve by making use of the software
 wizard/assistants that we produce for this purpose, augmented by Brand
 Management as a resource to provide advice and as an interface to
 resources like DLAPiper.


 While income isn't received on any sort of predictable schedule, we
 seem to be running well above last years income received by this time,
 and I believe that we have enough months data for that to be

 As we expect expenditures to continue to grow over the upcoming years,
 it is prudent to plan for changes that could be made that wouldn't
 compromise who we are as a foundation.  As an example, increased
 recognition may be possible, but anything that involves control or
 setting of direction is off the table.

 This likely will result in Fundraising having a line item in the
 budget, whether it be for ASF travel to current or potential sponsors
 (or alternatively to conferences where such are present) or for staff.
 A concrete example of the latter has been posted to operations@:

 There also is an expectation that charitable foundations that receive
 donations acknowledge receipt for tax purposes.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Sally and her team handle an amazing amount of absurdity on a
 continuing basis.  This team is also vital to both Brand Management and
 Fundraising.  Despite this, flow of information regarding sponsor
 changes, incubator activities, branding challenges, and executive
 officer changes is haphazard.  An example of something that should be
 automatic and routine:  This needs to be

 One item of expense that has come up that is not covered by the current
 budget: Snoot development costs from Quenda in producing graphics
 included in our annual report.  I intend to include that expense in
 upcoming draft budget and the board can decide whether or not that is
 something that the ASF should cover.  Meanwhile, Sally has approved one
 month as a part of the M&P budget.

 It is coming up on the time to start preparation for the next annual


 David indicated that he would like to continue, and in response I
 indicated that I have no plans to replace him.  As I am aware that he
 is not fully in control of his availability, and in particular may be
 unavailable for days without prior notice, I've asked Greg to draft a
 resolution converting his position to an officer's position so that we
 have continuous coverage.  I trust that Greg and David can work
 together and adjust dynamically to changes in availability without my
 involvement.  This is also not intended as a net increase in demand on
 Greg's time.

 The good news is that the hiring to backfill contractors that were
 hired away is complete.  The bad news is that Infrastructure is another
 area that is likely to go over budget for FY 2017.  It is my
 recommendation that it be allowed to do so.

 I've asked the infrastructure team to include two items in their
 monthly reports: progress on "GitHub as master" until that item reaches
 conclusion one way or another, and items that will lead to a reduction
 in the average cost per project over time.  The latter is intended to
 be an ongoing effort, and likely will start with a focus on
 measurement, proceed to the development of plans, and ultimately a
 report on progress.  This replaces and subsumes a prior direction to
 focus on "self service", which may turn out to be one of several
 approaches used to reduce costs.

 Travel Assistance Committee

 At this time, I am changing Melissa's role from acting TAC chair to
 being the TAC chair.

 Melissa is transitioning to her new role.  At the moment, she is mostly
 following in the footsteps of her predecessor; the hope is that for
 Miami she adjusts things to suit what works best for her.  As an
 example, it might be better to move from a UK based travel agent to
 either a US based travel agent or directly booking flights.

 The application TAC uses for applications is undocumented and
 unmaintained; this needs to be corrected.

 Conference Committee

 I've only touched bases briefly with Rich on this item; he is
 understandably focused on Seville at the moment.  I plan to delve more
 deeply into this in the time between conferences.

 Rich is developing a playbook for ApacheCon:

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 7.

 DLA Piper is no longer supplying legal resources pro bono,
 which came as a surprise to some directors. We use them for
 occasional legal advice and managing our trademark registrations
 and docket. They charge a discounted hourly rate capped at
 $5K per month exclusive of trademark registration fees. Other
 firms would probably charge more. The board is comfortable
 with continuing to pay DLA Piper for their services at the
 current rate.

19 Oct 2016 [Ross]

 On 28 September 2016 I notified the board of my resignation, full
 resignation email posted at the end of this report. The summary is
 that it's time for a change, we need new energy and new ideas on the
 operations side of the house and I need to go back to the community
 side of the house.

 While I gave the board 3 months to find my replacement this may well
 be my last report and therefore I want to take this opportunity to
 thank the current and previous boards for the opportunity to serve as
 the foundations President. It has been an honor and a privilege to
 serve the foundation, its members and its projects. The ASF stands
 proud among open source foundations and, I am sure, will continue to
 do so for many years to come. While I'm stepping down as President I
 have no intention of moving too far from the foundation.

 And so, to my report...

 Executive Assistant

 Mostly "business as usual". One item of note: TAC process is
 progressing well. 14 applications were approved from the 27 received.

 Brand Management

 No report at the time of writing. I'm not aware of any major issues.
 There has been a steady flow of requests, but for the most part they
 are being handled in the normal process. There are a couple of more
 complex potential breaches being explored, in at least one case the
 PMC is seeking guidance from VP Brand Management.


 There was a discussion on a Google SEO forum that highlighted the
 ability to "buy" a link from for the price of a Bronze
 Sponsorship. This thread has since been deleted but there is
 discussion on at least one other SEO focused site. This prompted
 further discussion around the current no-follow policy for Bronze
 sponsors. As a result VP Fundraising has indicated that he will
 reverse the decision to provide follow links to Bronze level sponsors.

 Marketing and Publicity

 With some significant effort to obtain content from all parties Sally
 has published our Q1 FY2017 report. Thanks to everyone involved.

 Sally continues to work with VP Fundraising to help with

 Snoot analytics is now available to all PMCs.

 Sally is proactively engaging with new podlings to help with early
 community building efforts through.

 Media trainings will be available at ApacheCon EU.


 A second round of interviews was carried out with the assistance of EA
 and Infra Admin. Consequently a hire decision was made and an offer
 has been extended. A second hire is being explored.

 Travel Assistance Committee

 No report submitted. See EA report for details
 (EA remains acting VP given the ongoing absence of the current VP TAC)

 My resignation email

 (posted to on Sept 28 2016)

 I have decided that it is time for me to step down as President of the
 foundation. I notified the board of my intention a few days ago and
 with this email I make it official. I will remain in service for up to
 three months while a replacement is found and we work to ensure a
 smooth transition. That said, I encourage the board to appoint my
 replacement as soon as possible.

 There are many reasons behind this very difficult decision. I will
 enumerate the key points here for the record. I am happy to expand on
 these points, but encourage discussion of my opinions and reasoning to
 be restricted to separate threads covering individual topics. This
 thread should stay focused on my resignation and the process of
 replacing me.

 At a high level my reasons for resigning are:

 1)	Personal: my day job role has changed in recent times. I am more
 directly engaged with engineers than I have been for years. Since I
 started my IT career as an engineer I am truly enjoying this change,
 even more so since many of the projects I work with are here at
 Apache. I want to return to my roots and become active in the Apache
 projects that are important to the engineering side of my life.
 Resigning as President gives me more time to do that. This is not to
 say that I will be moving away from the operational aspects of the
 foundation completely, more on this below.

 2)	Workload: the role of the president is to ensure the smooth running
 of the Foundation from an operations perspective. The role is ably
 supported by a number of VPs and other volunteers. Most of those
 individuals do as much as they can, but most are volunteers and as
 such cannot be available at all times. Unlike our code projects the
 majority of things on the operations side are time dependent.
 Furthermore, the timing is largely dictated by our code projects, not
 by the operations teams themselves. For example,  a project needs an
 infra change before it can proceed with its work. A reporter needs a
 response before they can publish. A company needs a trademark approval
 before they can launch. A sponsor needs a PO before they can raise an
 invoice and pay. Contracts with event producers need to be signed
 before the venue booking expires. Travel for TAC needs to be booked
 before flights become prohibitively expensive. Project materials need
 to be shipped before an event starts Etc. Etc. Wherever possible we
 delegate this work to the PMCs, however, not all aspects can be
 delegated and not all PMCs are equipped to make progress. Generally
 our operations teams run quite well, but when they don’t the buck
 stops with the President, who is also a volunteer. Once things
 escalate to the President there is usually significant history to wade
 through before one can make progress. Even then there is likely to be
 conflict which needs to be resolved. I find I no longer have that time
 and/or energy to address these items as they escalate (see above).
 This is not good for the foundation. As the foundation continues to
 grow we will see this problem becoming more acute while we rely on
 volunteers at every level, which brings me to the next point.

 3)	Frustration: I have long felt that the foundation needs to plan for
 growth. I’ve stood for and been elected to the board on this point.
 When I was invited to become President I did not stand for board the
 following year. I felt it was important to separate community focused
 activities of the board from Presidential duties overseeing the
 management and growth of oyr operations. This was a natural next step
 in moving operations activities under the President as originally
 actioned by Jim as the President prior to myself. For the most part
 this been successful. However, I now feel it is time for the next step
 on this evolutionary path. We need to have a paid individual
 responsible for ensuring routine activities are adequately covered.
 This would free our volunteers to focus on escalations and growth
 planning. This discussion and the effort to find a solution that both
 alleviates the operational burden on our volunteers and preserves the
 Apache Way has proven to be unexpectedly frustrating (which has
 undoubtedly contributed to point 1). I feel that the current (and
 previous) board are paralyzed by the complexities of this issue. This
 is a symptom of being driven by consensus and having 9 board members,
 it is not a symptom of ineffective directors. This is a deliberate
 design of the foundation – a design that prevents undue influence from
 a single source. I do not propose changing this design, which has
 served us very well for many years. However, we can't continue without
 managed and controlled change in the way we handle operations within
 the foundation. I reject the assertion that paid operational support
 will lead to an undermining of the Apache Way, but have so far been
 unable to deliver a proposal that satisfies even a majority of the
 board, let alone reached consensus. This is the root of my
 frustration. In a private mail to the directors on this topic (most of
 which appears in my August board report) I said something to the
 effect of “don’t insult me by asking me, again, to throw more
 volunteers at this problem” (where the problem is identified is
 excessive workload, point 2 above). Unfortunately, this is exactly
 what the board have been forced to ask me to do since we do not have
 consensus on an alternative that adequately addresses the
 cross-foundation workload.

 4)	Need for change: It is clear to me that my style within the
 Presidents role has reached its limit. I can choose to change my
 style, or I can choose to step aside. I have considered both
 approaches and have concluded that a change in President is better for
 me personally and likely better for the foundation as a whole.

 I am very proud of what we, as a Foundation, have done to build out
 our operations capacity as we have grown. Just a few examples of this
 include: We have audited our finances for the first time (long
 overdue). We have moved our staff and contractors to a formal
 engagement through a Professional Employment Organization. We have
 successfully outsourced our conferences, resulting in multiple
 successful conferences across our many projects. We have modernized
 our infrastructure thus improving service uptime. Many of our
 trademarks are now protectable. We’ve made significant strides in
 improving our sponsor relations. And much more. Each of these sound
 trivial when written as a single sentence, but I can assure everyone
 that many, many hours from multiple volunteers have gone into, and
 continue to go into, each of these items.

 The foundation is in very good shape. We have finances to last many
 years, even at the deficit we are currently running. Our communities
 continue to grow. Our projects continue to drive IT innovation. For
 the most part our operations continue to function well. I am very
 happy to be handing the foundation over to a new President with new
 ideas, new energy and a new approach to building capacity for many
 years to come.

 I want to close by thanking all operations volunteers within the ASF.
 Their work is usually only in focus when someone is not happy. Few of
 our Members, most of our committers and probably none of our
 contributors and users are aware of the hard work our operations teams
 do. Operations work does not produce code, yet without it the
 foundation would not exist. I am proud of my part in this work, but as
 I write this email I find myself looking forward to more time to spend
 on code projects. I only hope that this does not mean that I start to
 be underappreciate the operations teams when something is blocking me.
 I encourage people to quote this paragraph back to me when I am guilty
 of such misconduct.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

21 Sep 2016 [Ross]

 Travel Assistance Committee

 Our VP TAC has been fully absent throughout the whole application
 period and for most of the period prior to this. I've appointed
 Melissa Warnkin as interim VP while we establish the reason for the
 current VPs absence (he has been seen in other areas, but is
 unresponsive on all TAC related issues). Gavin, our previous VP has
 assisted where he can in his capacity as an infra team member, but we
 should not be taxing the infra team with maintenance of the TAC webapp
 (unless we agree to make it a core service, which is not something I
 am proposing). Melissa has driven the process forward, with a largely
 new team, and although it is very tight, expects to complete
 preparations on time. In order to do this she has moved to a manual

 The number of applications is reasonably high in comparison to
 previous years. Given the circumstances the team, and Melissa in
 particular, have done an excellent job.


 No report is available ahead of the meeting, so these are the items I
 am aware of.

 The team have interviewed a significant number of people for the infra
 team. I believe that we will have made offers to at least one, though
 do not have confirmation of that at this time.

 I've confirmed with David that he would like to complete his
 resignation once infra staff are appointed. A replacement for VP Infra
 has not yet been confirmed but candidates have made themselves known,
 with concerns about the workload. Now we have moved on the Infra
 Administrator position (below) I will work on making a VP Infra

 We have had long and varied discussions about the need to increase
 paid support for operational aspects of the foundation. We have not
 yet reached a consensus position on the spectrum between “throw more
 volunteers at it” to “move it all under paid staff”. However, there is
 growing consensus that the growth of the foundation must be correctly
 managed. While the community aspects of our projects remain healthy
 and volunteers are perfectly capable of ensuring our projects continue
 to operate under The Apache Way, the story is different for operations
 aspects of the organization.

 To this end I will appoint Greg Stein as a part-time, paid,
 Infrastructure Administrator. This will move many of the operational
 responsibilities of the VP Infra role to paid staff.

 The high level responsibilities of for this role are:

 - high-level direction/priorities (including being the point of
 contact for the broader ASF community with respect to self-serve)
 - budgeting and contract management
 - a single point of contact for our hired professional staff
 - assist Foundation exec officers with defining strategy/policy
 - executing against such policies
 - other responsibilities as required

 You will note a conspicuous absence of hands on infra work in this
 list of responsibilities. This role is designed to empower our
 existing staff through career development opportunities. This role is
 explicitly designed to remove the overhead of staff management from a
 volunteer VP. We will still have a VP of Infra, who will be a
 volunteer and will be responsible to the President and thus the board
 for the health of our infrastructure, Our VP will cover both core and
 non-core services. Our paid staff/contractors will focus entirely on
 core services and thus it is expected that day to day management of
 the core services will be fully delegated to the infra administrator
 and the existing infra contractors. This enables the VP to focus on
 the self-help aspects of the role. The Infra Administrator will act as
 the communications channel between community and staff.

 Brand Management
 VP Brand reports an ever growing and complex workload. Attempts to
 recruit volunteer help have been minimally successful and our legal
 support is limited on existing budgets.

 I request that the board consider reporting mechanisms that will
 assist in raising awareness of the branding policies and the self-help
 approach we are trying to take with brand management. I am not
 suggesting requiring a formal report with respect to branding issues,
 but unfortunately I have not been able to come up with a suitable
 proposal approach. Suggestions welcome.

 The team still have the option of reverting to the original "no follow" rules for Bronze sponsors and have begun vetting sponsors more closely. This months report presents some interesting reading on why our current VP feels it is important to provide equality in our treatment of bronze
 sponsors when compared to higher level sponsors. I think the reasoning
 is solid and fully support this position. The short version is that we
 are here for the public good and should seek to have equality in all
 aspects of the foundation regardless of size and budget available.

 VP Brand and VP Marketing have been collaborating on a number of
 initiatives to assist with fundraising efforts. See the full report
 for details of these early stage activities.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 Clarification: The old "no follow" rules (denying a clickable
 link to Bronze sponsors) have not been put into place. The
 Fundraising team are looking at how to avoid the appearance of
 "SEO for Sale" for sponsors.

17 Aug 2016 [Ross]

 For personal reasons I have mostly been absent from my role for a few
 months now. As a result I have asked the board to consider whether it
 is the best thing for the ASF to have me continue as President. I have
 reassured the board that I am ramping back up, and indeed during the
 last couple of weeks I feel I have almost fully returned, however, my
 absence has led me to consider the role in some detail. Below is the
 edited text of a couple of emails I sent privately to the board a week
 before this meeting. It prompted some discussion and has resulted in a
 discussion item on this months agenda.

 I have had to take personal time recently. I’ve found it
 impossible to get motivated to come back until now. During my personal
 time I’ve done a great deal of thinking and I’ve come to the
 conclusion that things here need to change. Either me or the

 The foundation is growing faster than our operations abilities to
 manage the foundation.

 I’ve proposed many different models to address this and taken many
 positive steps towards  fixing individual pieces (as have many VPs
 that have come and gone over the years). My focus, as a fully
 committed ASF Member, has always been to preserve the independence of
 the foundation. Unfortunately, I have been knocked back at every step.
 Sometimes because the proposal is seen as too broad (i.e. hire
 someone), sometimes because volunteers are burned out by the overhead
 of change management.

 The argument against radical change is usually that we will not crash
 and burn if things just tick along with the occasional blip. This is
 true, but it is a very short sighted view.

 What will happen is that we will slowly rot if we don’t address these
 things. Volunteers will continue to burn out. The foundation will
 continue to grow. We will become increasingly unbalanced and our
 ability to manage the operations of the foundation will eventually be

 I’ve failed to come up with an acceptable solution for the board,
 therefore the board, with me, needs to come up with an alternative.

 I realize that the best alternative may be a new Prez. Perhaps my lack
 of motivation is now part of the problem (this is certainly true for
 the last few months). I want to be clear that I am happy to tender my
 resignation at an agreed time, I'm also happy to stay on, but with the
 understanding that radical change, in some form, is needed. I’m not
 laying down an ultimatum, nor am I threatening. I want to work with
 the board to ensure the ASF remains healthy in the long term.

 My recommendation remains that we must hire someone, or some org, to
 take responsibility for the operations of the foundation, under the
 leadership of volunteer VPs and a Prez. That being said, I know there
 is no consensus around this. I know there is significant objection.
 But when we try to discuss this it focuses more about "the title" than
 "the role and responsibilities", or more about "what might happen if
 we do" than "what might happen if we don't". That is discussion often
 feels more about restating history than looking at the future.

 I'm not saying I'm right. I'm saying I don't feel the open discussion
 has been had. This report is intended to provoke that discussion.

 I stand by those words and now make them public. I undertake to work
 with the current directors to find the best solution. This is not an
 easy thing to do. If there were a quick fix we would have implemented
 it already. Fortunately, the foundation is in good shape and my
 concern is about ensuring the foundation can maintain this good shape
 for many years to come. At this time our financial situation is
 extremely solid. Our communities grow yearly. Our operations are,
 though creaking, mostly effective. However, whilst well managed our
 budget deficit is growing year on year and, unless we see significant
 increases in income, that deficit will continue to grow - especially
 as we look to further invest in infrastructure.

 There is no need for alarm. We have many years of reserve, but we
 cannot operate long term on a plan that depends on a reserve. As the
 current President I feel we need to take the long view and we are now
 at a point where my long term recommendations may not be sufficiently
 aligned with that of the board.

 == EA has recently, at my request, taken over full responsibility for
 the coordination of the TAC process for ApacheCon. This is because our
 VP TAC appears to be otherwise engaged. The good news is that since
 taking on this responsibility TAC has mostly come back on track with
 plenty of ne volunteers. One area of difficulty is in updating the
 website and questions app. Melissa has reached out to Infra for help
 on this. Though with the arrival of new volunteer it is hoped that
 someone will take on this responsibility.

 Melissa is working with Sharan to organize our ApacheCon EU booth
 activities. Sharan covered for Melissa in NA last time around and has
 since stepped up to help more broadly. As a resident of the EU this
 reduces travel time and expense.

 Brand Management

 A busy time recently. VP Brand Management is struggling to stay on
 top, though the decentralization of brand management to PMCs continues
 to pay dividends.

 I will observe, however, that this decentralization, can only be
 harmed when community concerns are brought to the trademark list (an
 element of operations) and used to influence a trademark registration
 request, coupled with voluntary donations to cover costs. These two
 things should be kept separate. Having trademarks assigned to the ASF
 gives the foundation more influence over community players who are not
 yet managing trademarks as effectively as we would like. VP Brands
 report contains similar comments.


 Thanks to Jim who has resigned as one of our two VPs. At this time I
 do not intend to replace Jim, but again invite all directors to help
 with both finding new sponsors and engaging with existing sponsors

 The usual activity around fundraising with the difficulty in
 contacting one sponsor due for renewal clearly illustrating the need
 for an ongoing engagement with our sponsors.

 VP Fundraising again raises concerns about the potential for sponsors
 at the Bronze level seeing sponsorship as "buying a link" rather than
 sponsoring the foundation. On this occasion a new sponsor raised some
 concerns. I continue to defer to VP Fundraising to set policy, but I
 have enquired as to what needs to happen before this is considered a
 problem. My concern is that one sponsor expressing a concern may be
 many more not taking the time to make the observation.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Business as usual with the normal press and analyst engagements.

 Sally has also been working with Melissa and Sharan to explore
 community partnerships at ApacheCon.


 We are finally moving on our search for infrastructure team members.
 Our continued "in the loop" search continued to only attract
 applicants that were outside of our price range. However, with a new
 and very broad outreach we are now being "flooded" with applications.
 My thanks go to David who is working with the Infra team to work
 through these proposals.

 The team have hit a major milestone with the puppetization of the
 Jenkins and BuildBot services. The next major project is to migrate
 Jira from aging hardware.

 The Git experiment has little to report, which is a "good thing" as it
 means it is working reasonably well. The team continue to expand the
 work. This is an item I want to push forward once our team is fully
 resourced. As previously asserted I believe allowing projects to use
 the GitHub as a canonical repository (with appropriate safeguards as
 discussed) is an important part of the reduction of operations


 Around 10 months ago we discussed reviewing the TAC questions to
 ensure they met the goals of the foundation with respect to community
 development. While there have been some tweaks to the questions this
 work has not yet been carried out. Mostly due to a lack of volunteer
 energy to drive this difficult task.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 There will be a discussion on many of these points in the
 Discussion section of the board meeting.

20 Jul 2016 [Ross]

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 The infrastructure report raises concerns. What is being done
 to address the staff shortage?

 David: We seem to be unable to attract staff that we can

 Tom Pappas: Virtual will undertake a job search for the

15 Jun 2016 [Ross]

 Once again I must apologize for the very late posting of this
 report. I will provide a full verbal report as it is unlikely
 all Directors will have had the time to absorb the contents
 here. The good news is that the personal issues keeping me from
 work like this are very definitely subsiding. Expect me back up
 to speed in the coming weeks.

 Executive Assistance

 Business as usual. No unexpected activities.

 Brand Management

 VP Brand reports an increase in the number of PMC members
 actively monitoring trademark usage. This has resulted in an
 increase in the number of concerns raised, in most cases only
 when they are significant issues rather than early diversions
 from policy. This highlights what is needed next in terms of
 the education of our PMCs in managing brand: "Since branding
 issues are not as clear cut as compiler errors, this often
 results in an imprecise call to action that is sometimes taken
 in the wrong spirit by the receiving PMC, resulting in a lot of
 unfortunate noise and anger." This months report from VP Brand
 contains a number of specific recommendations for our
 communities. I encourage everyone to read them and communicate
 them within their projects.


 Hadrian has raised some concerns about a small increase in the
 number of Bronze sponsors that he is uncomfortable with, he is
 of the opinion that they are seeking advertising rather than
 supporting the foundation. He attributes this to a relaxing of
 the "no-follow" policy. This was relaxed some time ago but only
 recently documented on the fundraising website
 website. The timing makes it unclear if the removal of
 no-follow is related to these two new sponsors and since both
 sponsors likely depend on ASF technologies and are (it appears)
 legitimate businesses I am taking no position on this other
 than to remind VPs Fundraising that they are free to define
 policy as they see fit.

 Another area that needs clarification is "in-kind" donations,
 in particular for infra. This conversation is on-going.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Our annual report was published on time. A big thank you to
 Sally for coordinating and to all contributors. I am pleased to
 say I only wrote one report this time around (my own) and thus
 the whole process was much more enjoyable for myself. I have
 reminded VPs Fundraising to ensure that this needs to be sent
 out to sponsors, but I can report my own employer was pleased
 to see the details laid out clearly. I am confident that this
 will make renewal conversations easier over the coming year.

 Sally's report contains the usual "business as usual" facts and
 figures about our ongoing M&P work.


 The search continues to find new staff. Unfortunately the only
 candidates found so far are cost prohibitive (that I know of
 wither David or I have spoken to 7 potential candidates). Infra
 continue to raise concerns, with justification. We are
 broadening the search through broader job advertising sites and
 would welcome any referrals from the broader community. I can
 provide a job description on request.

 There is also a concern about the growth of the foundation and
 what it means to infra resourcing. For example: "Given our
 current rate of growth, addressing tickets alone will require
 5.5 full time staff members by years end, and if we continue at
 our current pace we'll need to add 1 to 1.5 staff members every
 2 years just to deal with continued growth." This does not
 include "big ticket items" such as Git support. The infra
 report includes more details and data.

 This issue will have my full attention over the coming year. We
 are not at risk today, but financial this model breaks in 4-5
 years if we do not either increase fundraising or decrease
 demands on infra. The solution is to do both increase
 fundraising and reduce demand (both through removal of
 unnecessary work and enabling more self-service).

 There have been some outages around Nexus. There is a medium
 term plan to move this to a more reliable and maintainable
 infrastructure. In the meantime the team continue to use sticky
 plasters where necessary.

 David has started renegotiating contracts with existing
 employees/contractors as per my 1:1 with each at ApacheCon.

 As a result of understaffing we did not meet this months SLA
 for repository.a.o (see above). Overall we met SLA on the three
 categories of critical, core and standard services. Given the
 staffing circumstances this is understandable and I support the
 teams prioritization efforts.

 Travel Assistance Committee

 No report submitted at the time of writing. However, EA has
 reported that the TAC recipient surveys are complete with
 responses being prepared for publication. We are close to
 closing out the budget for TAC this time around. With the
 recent announcement of the opening of EU CFP TAC are now
 planning their timetable to support that event.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 @Ross: Post the infra job description for members to review

18 May 2016 [Ross]

 Apologies for the late report, some personal issues getting in the way
 this month.

 Since we have a new board and you have had time to settle in, it's
 time for some big discussion items. I raise them here and will discuss
 on the board@ list following the meeting.

 1) Budget: While we have plenty of money in the bank we need to think
 hard about the direction the budget is heading. We are potentially
 looking at a large deficit if we hire into an infra lead role as
 planned. We have plenty of money in the bank and this is not a
 short-term concern, however, we need a strategy for bringing us back
 into line within 3 years (we have longer than that in the bank, but I
 like to be cautious). I have indicated some possibilities for
 addressing this below.

 2) Infra lead: due to budgeting concerns I have not yet moved on the
 infra lead hiring. I have discussed with the infra team and they are
 in agreement with buying more time to ensure our path is a sound one.

 3) Hiring a "general manager" - we've discussed this a number of times
 over the years. Recently I stated I did not think now was the time and
 that in fact an infra lead was more important. Upon deeper examination
 I have changed my opinion. I believe we may be better hiring a general
 manager rather than an infra lead. This individual would take on the
 coordination responsibilities of the President and VP Infra as well as
 being responsible for managing a fundraising campaign along with VP
 Fundraising, VP TAC and VP Infra. I have not fully defined this role
 and will work with the board@ list to do so as it clearly has the
 potential to change the culture of the foundation and therefore must
 not be rushed into.

 4) GitHub integration is a waste of resources. I asked each of the
 Infra team how much of our staff time is spent on Git integration. The
 estimates varied from 10-25%, with the average being around 17%. The
 team did not feel this will go down with the completion of the
 MATT/GitHub project, each of them gave examples of further work that
 would be needed before projects were satisfied. My strong
 recommendation is that we remove the blocks preventing our projects
 from self managing GitHub projects as the canonical source control. We
 will mirror on our own servers. The infra team would build an exit
 plan and we would ensure budget was available for that plan. At
 ApacheCon I gave VP Legal a heads up that this would be my
 recommendation to the board and I request that he, along with the
 Directors, give approval for infra to make this happen. In the
 meantime the MATT/GitHub experiment continues, in fact infra a ready
 to expand it if the board would prefer this route.

 Executive Assistant

 Unfortunately Melissa was unable to attend ApacheCon for personal
 reasons. However, she did a great job of coordinating cover for
 herself - big thanks to Sharan Foga for stepping up to do the majority
 of the onsite coordination and booth work. Thanks also to the many
 members and committers who helped at ApacheCon.


 We saw a large bill come in from our legal firm which went
 significantly over the agreed monthly cap. VP Trademarks has resolved
 the issue.

 VP Trademarks has been working to highlight specific issues within a
 couple of prominent PMCs. One of which is seeing a competing
 registration attempt, which we are objecting to. The outcome of our
 objection here will be an interesting test of our policies and

 With respect to Budget VP Fundraising is indicating, once again, that
 next years spend will be considerably higher than last years. This is
 supported by the large invoice presented in the last month. As with
 other years only budget for US registrations is being requested, but
 VP Fundraising believes a further request will be needed later in this
 year. I note that this is the same situation as last year, yet we were
 still significantly under budget last year.

 VP Trademarks expresses concern that PMCs are not policing their marks
 sufficiently. In the past there has never been consensus among the
 board with respect to how much we should expect project communities to
 pro-actively (vs. re-actively) enforce trademark policies. Now we have
 a new board this is worth re-visiting. My position remains constant,
 we cannot scale trademark protection through VP Trademarks and so this
 remains the responsibility of the PMC. Unfortunately, in a few cases
 this model is not working.


 I met with both VPs Fundraising at ApacheCon (Jim only briefly). With
 Hadrian there were two main points of discussion:

 A) Scaling fundraising efforts. I suggested three possible routes 1)
 Empowering Infrastructure to seek its own sponsorship 2) Empowering
 TAC to seek its own sponsorship 3) Bringing in a "General Manager" to
 assist with both Infra and Fundraising. For 1) and 2) we agreed that
 given the right people in those committees there is no reason why they
 could not put together sponsorship opportunities that were independent
 of individual projects.

 B) Hadrian's role as VP Fundraising and how to ensure others are able
 to step up and help in the fundraising activities.


 Annual report is coming up in May. Those responsible for sections
 please liaise with Sally.


 I have still not moved on hiring an infra lead (more on this below).
 However, David and I, with the help of the infra team, have
 interviewed to back-fill the infra team. An informal offer has been

 At ApacheCon I met with all infra staff and VP Infra to discuss
 staffing. All agreed that holding off on hiring an infra lead was
 acceptable as long as we back-filled the team (this is already in
 progress). I also indicated my intention to create a bonus scheme for
 infra team members and to address the fact that many of the team have
 not had a raise for some time. I will revisit this once we have
 discussed the general manager role on board@.

 Code signing will not be discontinued as a result of a renegotiation
 of fees.

 An attack on JIRA resulted in some service limitations for
 non-committers. was launched. The old mail search and archives will
 be retired as a result (existing links will continue to work).

 Performance against our SLAs is down this month due to being
 understaffed, though we are mostly meeting requirements. My thanks go
 to the infra team for working through this.


 Nick and I met at ApacheCon to discuss the goal of TAC and how we
 might improve the selection process to meet that goal. TAC will review
 our discussion and act upon it in the coming months. The short version
 is that I believe there is an opportunity for TAC to seek its own
 funding and that it should come up with a model for doing so. Nick
 agreed to work with this and see where we can go. Our initial thinking
 is that we focus on the "public good" aspect of mentoring people into
 the Apache Way through conference activities. However, concrete ideas
 are only just starting to emerge.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 Chris expressed support for the GitHub recommendation.

 Ross to provide updated budget numbers after the meeting.

20 Apr 2016 [Ross]

 Executive Assistant continues to keep critical activities moving in
 support of our volunteers. Primary focus in the last month has been
 TAC and ApacheCon.

 Trademarks has seen a few complex issues in the last month. Shane is
 working on documentation to assist PMCs seeking to "self-serve". See and Shane is explicitly
 calling for member feedback, in addition to assistance on clarifying
 key point sin the existing policy docs (specifically domain name and
 event branding policies).

 Fundraising, for the last few months we've been reporting that
 fundraising was lagging behind budget, but that this was a result of
 last years budget being averaged across the year, rather than showing
 actual renewal dates. This month we are ahead of budget since a number
 of renewals have now been completed. Moving into next year the budget
 reflects renewal dates rather than an averaged income. The fundraising
 team will be meeting at ApacheCon to discuss additional improvements
 to the overall fundraising activities.

 Marketing and Publicity: Contract renewed with Halo (no increase in

 Infrastructure: We remain understaffed and it seems that the search
 committee has made insufficient progress on advertising for a new lead
 role. I submitted an outline proposal for discussion on 4/1. This
 involves a significant spend on a lead role for infrastructure. One
 member of the committee supported the idea in principle (the current
 VP Infra), one opposed it for lack of detail. Others did not comment,
 awaiting more detail. This was provided on 4/3, resulting in one more
 member of the committee explicitly supporting the proposal. We do not
 yet have consensus and therefore further discussion is required.

 There are two candidates for backfilling the existing team. I've
 reached out to David to ask if we ought to seek to back-fill while we
 look to a longer term plan as a search committee.

 The board approved the inclusion of 2 new projects in the GitHub
 enablement experiment. This work is ongoing with Sam Ruby stepping up
 to help ensure self-service is addressed within the project. Traffic
 Server has been onboarded and, at the time of writing, no incidents
 have been raised.

 Budget: Budget is behind schedule. First lets roll up the previous
 budget, the forecasted net loss for 2016 was $-160K, with March
 numbers in the estimated deficit is now  $-1.1K.

 For the forthcoming year I provided proposed budget to all VPs on 4/1
 and have received feedback from Marketing, Brand Management,
 Infrastructure and TAC. There are some outstanding items I need to
 address, but we are in good shape except that I've been holding off on
 the final budget while the Infra Lead search committee discuss the
 proposed budget for this role. However, as noted above this is not
 moving as quickly as I would like. Therefore, I have submitted a
 proposed budget without the infrastructure staffing changes included.
 I ask that the board consider this and approve it
 (with necessary modifications), by email, ahead of the next board
 meeting. I will answer questions both in the meeting and by email.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 Marvin: Are we up against a deadline for replacing VP Infra?

 Ross: No concerns presently.

16 Mar 2016 [Ross]


 Infrastructure has consumed most of my time over the last month.

 Tony Stevenson has left our infrastructure ranks as a paid contractor
 but remains as a volunteer. We wish him well in his new role.

 This departure was not unexpected and David had previously
 over-staffed in preparation. However, the team is now understaffed.
 I've commenced an informal search and have a candidate to consider
 (though this candidate did not come from my own search). I'll sync
 with David on how to coordinate filling this role once we have decided
 on the longer term strategy (see below).

 Two projects (that I know of) have requested to join the Git
 experiment. The infrastructure team are not yet confident enough to
 extend this experiment, though good progress is being made. It would
 be useful to have feedback from the board as to whether they see this
 as a priority given the potential community impact.

 The team have defined a JIRA SLA, the (tentative goal) is to have 90%
 of new tickets resolved within the time specified in, current performance
 metrics can be found at

 Work has progressed well with respect to restructuring the VP Infra
 role. As discussed last month the current plan is to create a new
 Infrastructure Lead role who will be responsible for the day to day
 operations of the infrastructure team, as discussed on the board@ list
 this month I have added the responsibility to ensure infrastructure
 is, wherever reasonable, responsive to and inclusive of community
 self-serve activities. As a reminder, responsibilities are split as
 follows (delegation is encouraged, this is just where the buck

 President with vendor or staff support
 * Manage infra staff with respect to performance and work environment
 * Negotiate contract renewals with infra contractors/staff
 * Recruit infra staff as needed

 VP Infra with vendor and staff support
 * Approve infra purchasing decisions, including contract negotiation and
   renewal with suppliers
 * Ratify medium- to long-term strategy, along with SLA metrics, for ASF Infra
   services in response to community demands (Critical, Core and Standard
 * Identify and prioritize community engagement with infrastructure services
   through a clearly defined and document self-service program
 * Set or advise on appropriate ASF policy as requested
 * Enforce ASF Policies
 * Be the voice of the infra team for the ASF President and thus the Board and
   our Members (e.g. board reports)

 Infra Lead (paid, also assists with all items under staff below)
 * Set and manage annual infra budgets
 * Identify suppliers, contract negotiation and renewal
 * Coordinate staff and community input to medium- to long-term strategy, along
   with SLA metrics, for ASF Infra services in response to community demands
   (Critical, Core and Standard services)
 * Identify and prioritize community engagement with infrastructure services
   through a clearly defined and document self-service program
 * Encourage collaboration between projects who are self-managing the
   same/similar services

 Staff/Contractors (including Lead)
 * Implement the defined strategy for ASF Infra (Critical, Core and Standard
 * Track against SLA targets and report at
 * Allocate resources (people's time) to ensure tickets are dealt with in a
   timely way in addition to completing assigned project word
 * Balance job assignments and project schedules to ensure the necessary work
   is completed while fun new stuff is progressed
 * Ensure projects are either provided with everything they need as a service,
   or (wherever possible) are provided compute resources to self-host
 * Support community self-service efforts wherever Infra Lead or VP Infra agree
   there is sufficient benefit in doing so
 * Monitor project adherence to appropriate ASF policies (e.g. release
   management, version control, service use), addressing issues of concern and
   escalating to the appropriate officer wherever necessary

 Given the increasing formality and emphasis on performance I recommend
 we create an annual merit reward system and bonus scheme for all infra
 staff and contractors. At present there is little motivation for
 individual contractors to perform "above and beyond" and while I don't
 mean to imply any of our contractors are not performing well I would
 like to reflect our increasing emphasis on SLAs and customer
 satisfaction with a means to reward those who choose to go beyond what
 they are required to do.

 I've spoken with a number of organizations that can assist with the
 items assigned to President. My recommendation is to either 1) extend
 our relationship with Virtual, or 2) hire a lead who is also capable
 of taking on this role. Finding a person suitably qualified for 2) is
 a difficult ask, but it will be a cheaper option.

 Using virtual will increase our costs by a maximum of $15k per year
 (including recruitment fees, assuming new/replacement one hire per
 year). This would mean that President (potentially delegated to VP
 Infra) will remain responsible for final decisions relating to
 staff/contractors, but the day to day activities informing these
 decisions will be carried out by Virtual under contract.

 We can also use Virtual to assist with contract negotiation (assigned
 to lead) since such skills are not common in people with an operations
 expertise. This would cost around $1,500 per contract negotiation
 should we choose to use these services.

 I have not added a discussion item for this topic, I intend to ask the
 board for approval to take the actions described below. If there is a
 need to discuss these actions I will request that we add a discussion
 item to the agenda during the meeting.

 Recommended actions:

 1) Form a search committee for the Infra lead role
 2) Spend one month conducting a search and interviewing candidates
 3) If a candidate capable of taking on the HR role as well as
 operations role is found hire them and delegate all items listed as
 President to that individual, If no such candidate is found but an
 operations lead is found then hire them and extend our agreement with
 4) Hire appropriate contractors or staff to fill remaining gaps in the infra

 Note this will increase infra staffing budgets, possibly by a full
 employee plus management fees, since the lead role may become a full
 time role while demands on the existing infra contractors remain at
 the same levels.

 Executive Assistant

 EA continues to aid VPs wherever she can. Primary focus this month has
 been TAC with some trademarks and fundraising issues along with the
 regular monthly activities.

 Brand Management

 The continued push to have PMCs take ownership of their trademark
 management is going well, though this month an over zealous PMC took
 action without consulting with Trademarks. No harm done, just a little
 wasted time for all involved.


 A quiet month for fundraising this month.

 We've identified a number of gaps in our records relating to
 sponsorship renewals. Melissa is working with Virtual to help close
 these gaps.


 Thank you to everyone providing content for the quarterly report in
 the last month. This was the first month a potential sponsor asked me
 for the latest report ahead of it being published. They informed me
 that they've been monitoring this for three quarters and find the
 information useful.

 All other marketing and publicity activities are "business as usual"

 Travel Assistance

 We have a record number of applications this time - 48. This is a
 result of a number of initiatives to raise awareness of our TAC work.
 One such initiative is TAC stories from past recipients:

 As a consequence the team would like to request additional budget to
 cover additional attendees. Since ApacheCon is in 2016 we will have an
 underspend of circa $15k in 2015, therefore this request is actually
 for the 2016 budget.

 I've worked with Nick as VP TAC to ensure that any additional TAC
 recipients are selected on a slightly modified criteria. We are still
 using the existing criteria, but selecting others based on how much
 impact the individuals and open source in general are likely to
 benefit from their attendance at ApacheCon. The additional request, in
 addition to the $15k available in 2015, is for a maximum of $15k
 (though the final budget is expected to be closer to $10k). This will
 increase the number of attendees from the currently accepted 9 (using
 available budget) to 15. It is worth noting that if we were to use the
 historic cut-off point in the evaluation we would be accepting 24
 people, in other words, we believe the final selection of recipients
 will see a greater impact on their own engagement in open source and
 thus the open source ecosystem will benefit even more.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

17 Feb 2016 [Ross]

 Made good progress on planning for the loss of VP Infra. See
 discussion item for details.

 Executive Assistant

 Most "non-routine" activity this month has been around TAC and
 ApacheCon, with a special focus on raising awareness of the CFP close.
 There was a reasonable amount of trademark follow ups this month.

 Brand Management

 Quite a busy month. A number of event requests and a few trademark
 infringements to deal with. Nothing too significant and good progress
 being made in all cases.


 Some process improvements now in place. All invoices are up-to-date,
 although it turns out that Virtual were still under the impression
 that one of our previous sponsors who have indicated they are unable
 to renew was still invoiced. I'm not sure how this happened or at what
 point in the process the sponsor was invoiced. Hopefully the process
 improvements will minimize such errors in the future.

 We are currently $64k behind sponsorship income projections for 2016
 (though our overall budget remains in good shape since we have spent
 less than projected as well as received less than projected - current
 "worst case" puts us at -$138k by financial year end against a
 budgeted $161k).

 Marketing and Publicity

 It's time for the November 2015-January 2016 quarterly report. All
 those officers who have not yet submitted their report for Sally
 should do so in the next couple of days (it's quick and simple, just
 review your board reports for this period, select the key pieces and
 send to Sally who can add any necessary colour).

 New visual identity is live - I am still shocked at how "easy" this was
 from my perspective, and that of our members. A testament to the
 sensitive handling of a potentially sensitive topic. I believe our
 Membership felt fully involved and as a result is almost unanimous in
 their approval of the new design. Well done Sally (and thanks to
 LucidWorks and HotWax Systems for donating creative services).

 Sally has confirmed a return of her media/analyst trainings at
 ApacheCon. I've already signed up for my much needed update and I
 recommend everyone who is at all interest in such things to sign up
 when Sally announces them within the community
 (two beginner sessions, one for podlings one for TLPs and an advanced
 session will be offered).


 During the last month I've met 1:1 with all but one of the infra team
 as well as spending time with most of the team as a group. My goal was
 to listen to their recommendations on how to address the replacement
 of David as VP Infra. I've also spoken with a number of potential
 outsource organizations to understand what they can offer. Finally,
 I've reviewed a reasonably complete proposal secured by David.

 The output of all these activities is covered in a discussion item,
 with a more complete proposal to be presented to the board and
 discussed between now and the next board meeting on board@.

 In the interim, David has agreed to stay on for at least another month
 as VP Infra. I have offered to help out where I can (see discussion
 item) and the Infra contractors have all shown willing to continue in
 a (mostly) self-managing way.

 There has been good progress on a number of infra items. Most notably
 projects may now publish apps in the iTunes store. Huge thanks to Mark
 Thomas who has been working on this for multiple years and seen it to
 conclusion. In addition Appveyor CI is now available for projects
 using the GitHub mirror:

 There are a few issues with uptime for core services (critical
 services remain close to 100%). Issues vary from technical debt to
 abuse. Remediation is being planned in all relevant cases.

 Travel Assistance Committee

 Not report submitted at the time of writing. Melissa has been updating
 me on status. We are at low levels of applications at present, though
 it is still early in the process. Melissa is working with the TAC team
 to ensure we conduct more outreach.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

20 Jan 2016 [Ross]

 It's been a quiet month with the holiday period. Though the new year
 has certainly been a busy one.

 There is no significant news from EA, Brand Management, Fundraising,
 Marketing or TAC, all of which are "business as usual" - given the
 quiet period of the last month that means very little to report.

 While most of us can take it easy during the holiday period this is
 not the case for our infra team. Service uptime for monitored services
 was over the "three nines" for the first time and work progresses on
 core infrastructure improvements, including GitHub integration. The
 Whimsy experiment is progressing nicely with infra reporting solid
 progress. Further details are provided in the Whimsy report.

 It is worth drawing attention to VP Marketing's proposal to reinstate
 media/analyst training at ApacheCon this year. This would be a very
 welcome return of a program run a number of years ago. We now have many
 new projects and as such it is not uncommon to have PMCs with nobody
 able to respond appropriately to media enquiries. I welcome the
 proposal to offer the sessions again and will support the initiative
 in any way I can.

 I've started the process for the 2016/17 budget. Virtual have raised a
 few questions regarding budgeted vs actual expenditure, in particular
 with respect to brand management ($4.8K of the $39K budget) and legal
 ($562 out of the $22K budget). With just four months left in this
 financial year we feel this indicates a need to reduce these budget
 items next year. I will work with the appropriate VPs and, if
 appropriate, will take the appropriate action.

 Unfortunately the time has come for us to look for a new VP Infra as
 David is looking to step down. I would like to thank David for his
 exceptional work in this role. I think we can all agree our infra
 support has improved considerably under his guidance and the hard work
 of our contractors. We all knew that one day David would wish to step
 down. I have been dreading the day as he is a very hard man to
 replace. On behalf of the Board, our Membership and most importantly
 our Communities I would like to thank David for his work.

 I've known about this or a couple of weeks and have been considering
 our options. As David himself has warned, the role of VP Infra is
 pretty much a full time role now. During the last couple of years we
 have considered many options to bring stability and scalability to our
 infra team and the VP infra role. We've never been entirely happy with
 the options available to us and have yet to come to find a solution
 that is full satisfactory. I am reviewing the options available and
 have added a discussion item to this months agenda with the view to
 reminding all directors of those options and to make a preliminary
 recommendation to the board for consideration over the following
 month. David continues to assist with these investigations but expects
 to step down within the next month. If necessary I will step in to
 bridge the gap. However, I must emphasize that we need to take action
 quickly in order to minimize disruption for our contractors and our

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

16 Dec 2015 [Ross]

 Lots of housekeeping work this month, but nothing warranting board

 I am meeting with an existing sponsor later this week to discuss the
 directed sponsorship model. The sponsor in question is not
 dissatisfied with the existing model but is keen to understand what
 options are available to them as they have an interest in helping the
 PMC fund and organize community events. I will work with VP
 Fundraising if there is interest in moving forwards with an

 Executive Assistant

 A fairly normal month for our EA. Lots of  "eyes and ears" activities.
 Plenty of hands on work with TAC.

 Melissa is trying to use the experimental application built by Ross
 and Rich (within the ComDev project) to pull Apache related meetups
 from and publish them to the website. There are some
 technical difficulties to be resolved in the process but with some
 manual intervention from Rich we now have a regularly updated meetups
 calendar at (actually this
 has been live for some time, and Sally has beein including the info in
 her weekly roundups since June, e.g., but I don't think
 it has been reported before).

 Brand Management

 Further evidence of success in the ongoing decentralization efforts
 are seen within the Hadoop PMC who are called out as having
 successfully managed some recent trademark issues. The IPMC is also
 complimented on efficient handling of trademark searches.

 Interestingly another foundation is drawing on our VP Brand
 Managements experience as they further refine their own trademark
 policies. A testament to the work done here in the ASF by both the VP
 Brand Management and the foundation as a whole.


 Two sponsors have decided not to renew in the last month. Neither
 cited any dissatisfaction with the foundation. A third sponsor has
 been identified as "at risk". VP Fundraising reports that this should
 not have a significant impact on the budget and the financial models
 provided by Virtual seem to confirm this. However, I have requested an
 analysis of the impact and will add it here, or report verbally, if it
 comes in time for this months meeting. Otherwise I will address this
 next month.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Mostly business as usual, although there is an issue with
 "non-media-related phone calls with customer (usually end-user) issues
 with certain Apache projects/products, the majority related to of the
 presence of Apache-powered products on mobile devices/apps, with a
 high number of calls received at non-business hours."

 I am trying to understand the scale of this problem and discussing
 solutions with Sally.

 Sally has submitted two alternative logo designs resulting from
 feedback collated from the initial designs shared earlier. Generally
 speaking both designs have been received well. The next stage will be
 to incorporate them into the recently completed site redesign. This
 includes rolling out a visual system, which will translate our new
 across all ASF assets, from the Website to "powered by" graphics to
 annual report, as well as provide the feather glyph for projects
 wishing to
 update their own logos. As always Sally will be progressing at a
 manageable pace and seeking input from the Membership at appropriate


 The "Merge all the Things" experiment with the Whimsy project is
 causing some churn in the GitHub integration tooling. However, it is
 progressing well (see Whimsy report for more information).

 The board previously undertook an action to provide more clarity on
 expected git usage patterns, this action has been completed.

 After a "disappointing" report last month in that critical services
 fell below the SLA for the first time we see it rebound this month to
 a fantastic 99.98%. Other services remain above SLA and continue to
 improve with the "all services" uptime being an excellent 99.93% (SLA
 is 98%).

 Work on the new mail infrastructure is progressing well, with a
 changeover planned in the next few months.

 Travel Assistance Committee

 No report submitted at the time of writing.

 Christofer Dutz has joined TAC. Chris is a recent TAC recipient and
 brings new ideas and energy to the committee.

 TAC applications for Apache NA is now open. The committee is focusing
 on expanding beyond the existing ASF community in an attempt to
 attract people genuinely new to the ASF. However no revisisions to the
 application process have been made at this time, the intent is not to
 change to many things at once.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

18 Nov 2015 [Ross]

 First I would like to observe there have been a few significant
 activities relating to China. This is, in part, a result of my trip
 there last year in which I was invited to speak at a number of
 conferences and to meet with a number of business leaders in the
 country. We have seen out first two major contributions from Chinese
 companies (not counting the ill-fated academic initiative of a number
 of years ago). We have a new Silver sponsor with Chinese headquarters,
 and we had our first Apache Roadshow for a great many years (1,400
 attendees with a further 3,370 watching the live stream, full report at
 There are a great many people involved with these successes, my
 own part was only to raise our feather. Thank you to everyone
 involved, it is fantastic to see the Apache Way benefiting from these
 new contributions. I'm aware of a number of other activities on the
 horizon too.

 Financials are looking good. Last month we reported a significant
 variance in budget vs actual. We also reported that this was likely
 due to our lack of accurate timing information for sponsorship income.
 This appears to be the case as this month actuals are coming more into
 line with budgets. I remain satisfied that we are in good shape. Full
 reports are provided monthly to the treasurer and presidents office
 and can be viewed in SVN.

 Executive Assistant

 Two main activities in addition to the usual work:

 1) Working with a proof of concept events app built by Rich and
 myself. This app pulls event details from Melissa is
 working with VP Marketing to work out how best to use this data and
 enter it into our events calendar (currently the meetups events appear

 2) Working with Linux Foundation and TAC to remove applicant confusion
 of sources of travel assistance

 Brand Management

 VP Brand indicates the "complexity of issues being brought up
 continues to grow" while the number of enquiries is decreasing. This
 was the intended result of pushing brand management to PMCs. Issues
 reaching brand management are being dealt with in reasonable


 A busy month: 3 new sponsors (1 platinum, 2 silver) and others in the

 Last month I sought input on some feedback we've had from existing and
 potential sponsors. Much of the discussion focused on one specific
 aspect (GitHub and infrastructure) of the feedback rather than the
 broader desire to better message what we do with sponsors money. There
 were, however, some very useful observations made, that will no doubt
 strengthen our messaging to sponsors.

 Some issues with the CRM system have been identified and VP
 Fundraising has indicated the need for support from the operations
 team to resolve. We will work on this and report back next month.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Work progresses without incident or special highlight this month. We
 remain in good stead with prompt and appropriate response to all media
 relations work.

 ========== is going to be retired. There will be a new web only
 service on Committers will have three months to move
 content to the new service. Shell access will not be provided. PMC
 chairs will be provided with a VM for managing records etc.

 I feel I should stop reporting on the "yay, look at the results of the
 config management work", but then who would say thank you ;-) This
 month the team needed to replace the unified logging system as it was
 not coping with volume. The replacement was a 5 node cluster which
 took less than 24 hours to configure and bring online as a result of a
 high level of reuse in the config scripts. Great work!

 Unfortunately the long run of improvements in meeting SLAs is over.
 This month an LDAP outage resulted in critical service SLA not being
 met (99.39% against a target of 99.5%). The team seek to ensure this
 particular failure is better addressed in the future.

 Uptime data:

 Travel Assistance

 TAC is reviewing the questions for ApacheCon NA. It is not expected
 that there will be significant revamp this time around due to changes
 in the team the desire to think carefully before taking action.
 However, a number of improvements are being considered.

 The team are focusing on casting the net further afield and thus
 increasing the quality of candidates (though quality of selected
 candidates has always been high). There is some thought of expanding
 the TAC budget, but this will not be requested until a clear plan and
 justification has been drawn up. Early comments are welcome.

 The team worked with the Linux Foundation to better align the
 foundations assistance for attendees. It was decided that LF would not
 invite applicants during the registration and CFP processes.  Instead
 they will direct applicants to the ASF who will evaluate and share
 details of any candidates we feel are strong but cannot fund do to
 resource limitations. LF will then evaluate independently and
 potentially offer assistance.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

21 Oct 2015 [Ross]

 Thank you to Brett Porter and David Nalley who will be covering for me
 in Korea (David) and China (Brett and David) this month as I still
 struggle with resolving the issues that prevent me from travelling at

 Most of our EA time was taken up with TAC and ApacheCon this month. No
 significant actions to report.


 Fundraising continues to improve processes in response to issues
 identified. New sponsors are in the pipeline. One platinum sponsor has
 chosen not to renew.

 Separately from VP Fundraising activities I have had the opportunity
 to speak directly to three separate current and potential sponsors in
 the last couple of weeks. All three have the same feedback, it can
 essentially be boiled down to two things: 1) why should we sponsor,
 there is no measurable benefit to us beyond code and we get that
 anyway and 2) why are you spending so much money on infrastructure
 when perfectly good options, such as GitHub. Item 1) is a difficult
 one to answer since we don't give anything in return for sponsorship
 (and we are in agreement this should not change). Item 2 seems easy,
 but in 2 of the three cases when I responded with our usual "we need
 to self host for X, Y, Z reasons" they responded to the effect of "but
 we use GitHub for our canonical repositories, we don't have those same

 I will explore these issues in the coming months with the appropriate
 VPs and, if appropriate, bring proposals back the Membership and/or
 board as appropriate.


 The usual tick-tock from marketing plus the rather surprising (almost)
 universal acceptance of the proposed logo redesign.

 My thanks go to Sally for working on this redesign. I look forward to
 the minor refinements that are likely to emerge based on the Members

 Brand Management

 Thank you to the Directors who have reviewed the proposal to register
 Tomcat in additional geographies. I see there are enough approvals at
 the time of writing. Assuming no concerns are raised during the prior
 to or during the meeting VP Brand Management will proceed with the
 requested registrations.

 Thank you to the Tomcat PMC, VP Brand Management and, in particular,
 Mark Thomas for drawing up a clear justification for their request in
 response to my "devils advocate" attempts to channel any potential
 Directors concerns. Mark was very professional and patient in his
 responses and I believe the experience has helped clarify the criteria
 under which non-US registrations should be considered.

 Documentation and guidance for brand management. Resources are indexed


 Welcome to Daniel Takamori,  a new part-time infra team member
 (filling an open position). For more see

 Infra budget needs some adjustment, some lines are over budget
 (specifically replacing hardware, cloud infrastructure, and build farm
 costs). Overall the predicted spend is within approved budget. David
 is working with Virtual to ensure there is no impact on our overall
 impact on our annual budget. In addition there is the possibility of
 in-0kind donations covering the increased spend in these lines.

 With this focus on retiring/replacing old machines a significant
 amount of technical debt has been paid back.

 All services met the SLA despite some failures that needed to be
 managed this month -

 Travel Assistance Committee

 At the time of writing there is no TAC report.

 Thank you to Gavin McDonald who has stepped down from the chair role
 in TAC after seven years. Gavin did a fantastic job of getting TAC off
 the ground, something I myself attempted (but failed) prior to his
 engagement. Gavin felt that some new blood would be beneficial to TAC,
 in this context I'm pleased to report that Nick Burch has returned to
 the committee after a few years break. Nick brings lots of historical
 knowledge but also a renewed energy.

 Nick and the team will be exploring ideas for increasing the impact of
 TAC. The first task is to understand how our own assistance and that
 of the Linux Foundation can be better aligned.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

16 Sep 2015 [Ross]

 First of all, my apologies for the late submission of my report this
 month. It's been a busy time.

 My Travel

 Due to changes in my Visa arrangements I am currently unable to travel
 freely. This is a short term issue but as I regularly travel and
 always seek to represent the ASF wherever I go it is causing some
 issues that I need to address.

 Firstly, I may not be able to attend ApacheCon EU. Shane will be
 present for Big Data and will present State of the Feather if I am not
 present. Bertrand will be at Core and will be able to present it

 I am due to provide a keynote address as ASF Prez in Korea in October.
 I need a replacement. I am also due to meet a potential sponsor on
 this trip, this could be delayed but if someone can replace me that
 would be great. Expenses for this are covered.

 I am due to provide a keynote at an Apache Roadshow event in China,
 also in October, though I am still awaiting final confirmation of this
 event. At the time of writing I have not arranged any sponsor meetings
 but there are two potential sponsors that we should line up if someone
 is able to replace me. Expenses for this are covered.

 Note, the Korea and China events are back to back if someone fancies a
 little Asian tour. But two separate speakers is also fine.

 Finally I have been invited to keynote at a high level China event in
 November. I have not yet accepted this invitation.

 Anyone interested should contact me to discuss.

 Executive Assistant

 Melissa has been focusing on TAC this month. Everything is ready to go
 despite the very tight timeframes. Other activities have included the
 usual support of various VPs though there has been minimal time for
 proactive help this month.

 A laptop, keyboard, mouse and monitor was purchased from the Prez
 discretionary budget. The total package came in well under the budget
 cap I set last month.

 Brand Management

 Three projects (Mesos, Tomcat and Spark) have all requested
 registrations that are not covered in the boards approved budget (i.e.
 they include non-US registrations). I've asked Shane to provide
 concrete argument to support these specific requests, and Shane is
 working with the appropriate PMCs. Once I have received that argument
 I will submit each to the board alongside my recommendation and any
 adjustment to budget that this might require,

 Shane is also addressing a new policy question that has emerged
 relating to downstream redistribution of our project code. He is also
 handling the usual requests as per policy.


 Prompted by last months report from Virtual that fundraising was
 significantly behind budget predictions I asked Virtual to provide an
 accurate record of when sponsorships were paid and when they are due
 for renewal. This will allow next years budget to be based on actual
 numbers rather than an averaged income across 12 months as has been
 the case in previous years. This will make it much easier to evaluate
 actual vs budgeted income. Melissa and Hadrian are now working from
 this data and ensuring that their CMS records align with the financial
 data. Furthermore Hadrian has been working with Virtual to ensure that
 they assist in identifying any late renewals.

 It seems that each month Fundraising announces a new sponsor and this
 month is no exception - welcome to PrivateInternetAccess as a new
 Silver sponsor.

 A renewing sponsor asked if their sponsorship could be directed to a
 specific project. Hadrian interpreted the email in the same way that I
 did, it was a question not a request. Hadrian indicated that we do not
 currently accept directed sponsorships but has offered to discuss this
 further if the sponsor requires. Hadrian and I reviewed the directed
 sponsorship terms at LinuxCon recently and I believe he and I are
 roughly on the same page with respect to what is/is not possible.

 Finally, Hadrian has indicated that in he plans to indicate which
 sponsors have renewed and are due to renew in future board reports. I
 agree this is useful but I have requested that the information be
 marked private so that sponsor names will not appear in the published
 minutes in case any sponsors choose not to renew.

 Marketing and Publicity

 Sally continues to work on proposals for a logo redesign and was
 scheduled to review proposals on Sept 14th (too late for this report
 despite being before the meeting itself).

 An item arose in the last couple of days and is thus not included
 Sally's report but I want to raise it for visibility. An analyst firm
 has published a report that claims a well known company had discussion
 with the ASF about IP management. At the time of writing I have not
 read the article and it may be harmless. However, based on comments
 sent to press@ it appears that they may have some inaccurate
 information that may or may not be problematic. Greg has offered to
 work with the author and Jim, as VP Legal, is aware of the discussion.
 I have been given a trial subscription so that I can retrieve and
 share a copy.


 HEADLINE: Infrastructure Investments in architecture and configuration
 management pay off

 A loss of an LDAP server this month resulted in a number of services
 being useless. Monitoring and alerting worked as expected. Thanks to
 robust configuration management for LDAP a new host was provisioned
 and configured within 12 minutes. Astounding!

 To quote David as VP Infrastructure "A 12 minute Mean-Time-to-Recovery
 is a stunning statistic."

 Round of applause for the Infra team please....

 We had what the team believe to be a DDoS attack against our download
 CGI scripts this month. It took around 12 hours to fully address.
 Thank you to the team for their hard work on this.

 New work this month has focused on monitoring. The centralized logging
 facility is now in production, bringing lots of visibility into what
 is really going on. An immediate result of this is the identification
 of abuse of our systems and a resulting "blocky" service which
 automatically blocks abusive IP numbers identified in the centralized
 logs. Results have been immediate and significant, for example a 30%
 reduction in one servers bandwidth.

 The Mail (Phase 2) project hit a snag. In short the PoC looked
 promising but it became clear it would not scale to our mail load. The
 infra team have a plan, but it does present some risk. This is likely
 to delay progress but it is better to see and address such problems
 during the PoC stage.

 Finally all SLAs were met this month and the graphs continue to show

 Travel Assistance Committee

 Once again there is no report from TAC. I have spoken with Gavin as VP
 TAC and we have a plan to resolve this situation after ApacheCon. As
 usual I do have good insight into what is happening on TAC thanks to
 Melissa's oversight.

 An applicant raised a concern about being expected to perform certain
 actions (such as introducing speakers) at the event. This requirement
 was indicated in the original materials sent to potential applicants,
 however it seems that this was not clear enough. In this case the
 concern expressed related to a justifiable worry about not being able
 to perform the actions in a satisfactory way due to circumstances
 beyond the individuals control. The applicant offered to withdraw
 their application. However, I reassured the individual that we will
 make appropriate arrangements should problems arise and that they
 should still accept TAC assistance.

 Daniel Gruno will be present in Budapest to help Gavin organize TAC
 recipients at the event, as will the ever present Melissa.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

19 Aug 2015 [Ross]

 Nothing particular important to report this month. Mostly the
 operations side of the foundation is flowing smoothly.

 * On behalf of the ASF Membership and the broader open source
 community I would like to extend our sympathies to the family and
 friends of Nóirín Plunkett who passed away on July 29th 2015.
 * Proposal to purchase a laptop for our EA (from Presidents
 * OSCON booth was successfully executed but of questionable value
 * D&O Insurance has been renewed with no break in coverage
 * A large (potential) infrastructure sponsor is causing the
 fundraising team to evaluate our current policies for sponsor
 * Uptime statistics for core services are now available at - I recommend taking a look standard,
 core and critical services have all met their SLA in the last 5
 reporting periods
 * TAC has been brought in on time despite the late start to the


 Our booth at OSCON was well staffed by volunteers ably coordinated by
 Geoff Corey who stepped in to replace Melissa who was unable to
 travel. In recent years we have debated whether having a formal
 presence at the OSCON provided significant benefit to the foundation.
 I've been somewhat split on this. I am no longer split (though have
 not consulted everyone involved at this point). The "not-for-profit"
 pavilion this year was an afterthought for the event as a whole. It
 was physically separated from the main expo floor and not signposted.
 I found many people who simply didn't know it was there. This had the
 result that the majority of foot traffic were people who actively
 sought out the pavilion. Consequently, in my stints on the booth I did
 not have a single conversation with people not already connected with
 one or more of our projects.

 Executive Assistant

 Melissa has been very busy this month with TAC arrangements (see
 below) in addition to her usual duties. I would like to thank Melissa
 for going above and beyond for the foundation despite having to attend
 to some personal issues as well.

 For some time Melissa has been struggling with an old and failing
 laptop. EVP and I are in agreement that we need to purchase a laptop
 for the foundation, to be used by Melissa for foundation activities.
 We currently do not have a budget for this and thus I propose to pay
 for it from the Presidents discretionary budget ($500-$1000 price). We
 will then budget for this to be replaced every two years with the
 outgoing laptop becoming part of the "event in a box".

 Brand Management

 As previously reported we no longer receive pro-bono support for
 trademark registrations. VP Brand Management has entered into an
 agreement which involves a capped spend to ensure we remain in budget.


 In the monthly budget report Virtual indicated that Fundraising was
 significantly behind schedule. However, the budget is calculated based
 on averages over the year, rather than actual expected income dates.
 VP Fundraising reports that this has indeed been a slow quarter but
 that it does not reflect an expected drop in annualized revenue.
 Starting in the next budget cycle we should seek to provide a finer
 grained budget (which, with our improved record keeping, should be a
 relatively simple affair).

 As we become more pro-active in our outreach to sponsors we are
 increasingly seeing feedback that they want "more" in return for their
 sponsorship. I remain firm in my opinion that we will not provide
 anything that risks upsetting the neutrality of the foundation and its
 projects. Hadrian as one VP Fundraising is exploring options that we
 might be able to entertain. Hadrian and I met at LinuxCon to discuss
 the issue. It is my opinion that the requests are coming in because
 first contact with new sponsors is often with marketing rather than
 engineering contacts within companies. This is something that Hadrian
 and I will explore further in order to validate or invalidate as

 That being said, we continue to report new sponsors on an almost
 monthly basis, including this month. All in all Fundraising is in good


 "Business as usual."


 Some problems with mail archives have been uncovered. There is no lost
 data, but archives are not correctly being built. Investigations are

 Monitoring of services is now provided by an external service,
 resulting in an increased level of visibility into our services.

 Uptime statistics, previously manually created and reported most
 months, have now been fully automated. Results can be viewed at

 Travel Assistance Committee

 No report has been submitted. However, the EA report includes details
 and since I volunteered to help for ApacheCon EU I have higher
 visibility than in previous cycles.

 I want to explicitly thank our EA for her tireless work ensuring that
 the very late start in the process did not result in us failing to
 deliver assistance where needed. As a result we have TACers attending
 our event from Korea, France, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Australia,
 Netherlands, India, Denmark, China, Toronto and France. The amount of
 work in processing the paperwork for TAC recipients should not be
 underestimated. We tend to assume the work is in the evaluation of
 proposals, but this is a tiny fraction of the work involved (though,
 naturally we are grateful to the team for their work here too).

 It should also be noted that our Virtual have also been very flexible
 in ensuring payments were made out of cycle for flights and hotel

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 No objections from any board member to use President's
 discretionary funds to purchase new laptop for EA.

15 Jul 2015 [Ross]

 It's summer and it seems there are a number of missing reports this
 month. In addition I'm somewhat distracted by a changing day job role
 at present. So a shorter report this month…

 Budget: Virtual have uncovered an error in the budget spreadsheet that
 resulted in one of the Infrastructure expenses not being included in
 the total. They are verifying the remaining formula and will provide
 an updated document as soon as possible. The expected discrepancy is
 $10,000. I will submit a revised budget to the board next month if

 Executive Assistant: OSCON is progressing almost as planned.
 Unfortunately for health reason Melissa will not be able to attend.
 She is seeking to ensure the booth has adequate coverage. I want to
 thank Melissa for looking after the ASF at this time but have
 reassured her that we expect her to put her health first.

 Brand Management: No report at time of writing. Shane had previously
 indicated that this would be a slow month for personal reasons. I am
 unaware of any immediate issue requiring attention.

 Fundraising: No report at time of writing. I am aware of one new
 sponsor approaching the team as a result of my recent trip to China.
 To my knowledge the annual report has not, at this time, been sent out
 to sponsors. This is something I hope to work with VPs fundraising to
 resolve in the coming weeks
 (OSCON being the ideal opportunity to discuss issues arising from the
 report with sponsors). I've offered to send it out myself if

 Marketing and Publicity: Having completed the site refresh Sally has
 begun work on updating the ASF logo and identity system. She expects
 to deliver 2-3 distinct visual systems for review by the end of the
 summer. Naturally I expect this to cause quite some discussion, those
 wishing to have input prior to this first milestone should contact
 press@ though I feel that letting Sally work on a proposal and then
 incorporating broad feedback after review was productive with the site

 Infrastructure: Buildbot showed some suspicious network traffic and as
 a result the infra team took the service offline as a precaution. A
 full post-mortem is still to be conducted but there is no expectation
 of damage. A new buildbot is now active on new hardware. Continued
 progress towards improve configuration management for services. Our
 GeoDNS service is currently down prompting a plan to replace with an
 externally managed service in the future.

 Travel Assistance: No report has been submitted. Earlier this month it
 was brought to my attention that the Linux Foundation were concerned
 that TAC applications for ApacheConEU had not been opened. With the
 help of TAC volunteers and Melissa's guiding hand we have opened
 applications with a very tight schedule. I have stepped up to assist
 with the process under Melissa's guidance.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

17 Jun 2015 [Ross]

 We have confirmed a booth at OSCON and a number of folks have stepped
 forward to help staff the booth (Thanks Dennis Hamilton, Shane Curcuru
 and Roman Shaposhnik).

 There is (at the time of writing) no report from Brand Management.
 However, Shane has informed me verbally of an organization that has
 indicated a concern about our trademark registration policy as it
 directly affects their business. In short this company has been asked
 to stop using its usual marketing materials in a geographic region as
 the associated Apache mark is not currently registered in that region.
 Given time during the discussion items I would like to discuss this in
 order to get guidance from the board.

 Marketing have published our first Annual report, something we have
 talked about producing for a number of years. In recent years a number
 of sponsors have asked for this information. It is fantastic to see
 this actually completed and I look forward to our VPs Fundraising
 providing feedback on its effectiveness.

 This was an effort that involved coordinating across many offices. My
 thanks go to Sally for this work, as well as to all who contributed
 (Ross Gardler, Chris Mattmann, Rich Bowen, Jim Jagielski, Hadrian
 Zbarcea, David Nalley, and Shane Curcuru, as well as Daniel Gruno and
 Tony Stevenson of the ASF Infrastructure team, and Tom Pappas of

 At the time of writing no report from Fundraising has been received.
 In this months financial package from Virtual a question was raised
 about invoices from May 2014 (totaling $200k) that remain unpaid
 despite (in two cases) the sponsors name still being present on our
 thanks page. I've asked VP's Fundraising to look into this.

 Infrastructure hit some problems with an SVN migration which resulted
 in some down time. The service was rolled back to allow for a proper
 diagnostic. Our two US based contractors have been moved to Virtual as
 a PEO.

 At the time of writing no report has been submitted by the Travel
 Assistance committee. With ApacheCon EU ramping up I expect to have
 reports in the coming months. Melissa reports the process has not yet

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

20 May 2015 [Ross]

 As of May 1st Melissa is an employee of Virtual Inc. David is in the
 process of moving appropriate infrastructure contractors over to
 Virtual Inc. (target date June 1st)

 My thanks go to Melissa for coordinating many of the moving parts in
 the foundation for ApacheCon (as well as looking after out booth) and
 to Rich for his shepherding of the content and the volunteers who
 assisted with it. 6 TACers attended, all of whom were very helpful at
 the event. Of note is that one of these attendees came to us through
 the Linux Foundation website rather than the usual ASF channels.

 Branding has seen some more movement with Melissa taking ownership of
 the Branding "runbook". We are actively working towards streamlining
 the "simple" cases by empowering Melissa to coordinate between the
 requestor and the appropriate PMC. This should help ensure that we
 stay on top of the ever-increasing number of requests we receive.

 Melissa, Sally and I have started looking at how we might have a
 greater foundation presence at open source events. We are not
 proposing having a booth at multiple events, rather tracking events at
 which Apache projects and representatives are present so that we can
 provide swag and other supporting materials. Please share any
 recommended event details with Melissa.

 Fundraising continues to run smoothly. The excellent work process
 improvement work led by Upayavira, the accounting of Virtual, the
 transition to our two new VPs (Jim and Hadrian) alongside the
 increased engagement of our EA (Melissa) can now be considered
 complete, it's looks like a well oiled machine at this point. In fact
 items that have been at the bottom of the todo list for a number of
 years are now complete. As a result, fundraising is ahead of the
 projected FY15 budget by $82.2k.

 The infrastructure team have rolled out git based websites (a commonly
 requested feature) and there has been significant progress towards
 improvements in our mail systems (special thanks to Kevin McGrail and
 the SpamAssassin community). Our mail infrastructure is now able to
 scale horizontally in order to support significant additional loads.
 However, David reports this is just a completion of phase 1 - more
 improvements to come.

 Discussions about code of conduct on the members@ list have led to an
 observation that using president@ for reporting of Code of Conduct
 breaches may be inadequate. As a result I am seeking advice from DLA
 Piper on how to craft an appropriate policy for such escalations.
 Unfortunately, in the last month there has been a serious issue on one
 of our mailing lists which resulting in a police report being filed.
 This issue is not yet resolved and I am working with DLA Piper in
 order to ensure our actions, if any, are appropriate. I will use this
 as guidance for a policy for handling such reports in the future.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

22 Apr 2015 [Ross]

 Welcome to the new board!

 This month has been a mixed month. On the one hand it has been
 relatively quiet since the members meeting and ApacheCon have sucked
 up most of our time and energy. On the other hand it has been very
 busy because the members meeting ad ApacheCon has sucked up most of
 our time.

 The most important item is the Budget. The proposed budget has been
 available for the previous board and the new board to consider for
 some weeks I trust that all Directors are familiar with it. However, I
 have made some significant last minute change requests to cover
 increased expenses for moving three contractors to Virtual as a PEO. I
 managed to speak with most directors in person about this (at
 ApacheCon) and have notified the others by email. In order to ensure a
 budget is passed I have called out the additional expenses so that the
 budget can be approved without these expenses if the board feel this
 is necessary.

 I request the board approve the budget as provided in Special Order G.

 From a financial position the foundation remains in good standing with
 a significantly higher cash surplus than the industry benchmark (as
 reported by Virtual). We have a surplus of 20.8 months at the FY15
 spend rate, the benchmark is 6 months. This means the increased
 deficit is not problematic from a financial planning perspective.
 Though we should recognize that this increased cost is a recurring
 cost. I have started working on a 5 year budget estimate to ensure we
 monitor this situation.

 Brand management
 The currently brand budget covers US registrations only. VP Brand
 Management has received a request from a PMC to register in EU/CTM,
 India, and China in addition and, as a result has requested an
 increased budget of $2,425. I have denied this request indicating that
 it request should be repeated if the budgeted amount for the year falls

 Shane continues to work on a risk assessment indicates he will be
 ready to report next month.

 Migration to using ZoHo is well underway. Renewals are being processed.
 All is good.

 Marketing and Publicity
 In addition to the "business as usual" items Sally reports the end of
 year report is in preparation. The refresh/redesign of the
 homepage has been completed with thanks to extensive work donated by
 HotWax Systems. Sally was also successful in securing a Proclamation
 from the City of Austin for the foundations 15 year anniversary.

 A request for feedback on a proposal to deprecate the CMS caused some
 "interesting" reactions. Amongst the unnecessary noise there was a
 great deal of valuable feedback. The infra team are now formulating a
 plan for the CMS and will report to the community soon.

 Travel Assistance
 6 successful applicants attended ApacheCon NA. Thanks to the team for
 their diligence and hard work that make this possible.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

18 Mar 2015 [Ross]

 Exec assistant contract and financial package with Virtual as a PEO
 has hit a snag, we will likely not hit April 1st.

 I have added a proposed budget a discussion item and ask the board to
 evaluate this and provide feedback for the incoming board to consider
 next month.

 Melissa has been very busy with ApacheCon preparations this month. She
 has also received detailed information from VP Brand Management that
 allows her to assist with processing requests.

 Fundraising has progressed with selecting a CRM solution. They have
 opted to use the free services of Zoho. This will be used for managing
 sponsor relations and will replace the spreadsheet previously
 maintained by Melissa. In addition sponsorship years will be aligned
 to our financial year in the future. This will simplify the account
 management process. An update of the "thanks" page is also underway.

 Marketing proceeds as usual with no specific items of note.

 Infrastructure hit a few issues this month resulting in two services
 falling below the SLA ( with 98.83% and the moin moin
 wiki, with 93.31%). There has been some concern over the handling of
 outages of the download service. The root cause was undocumented
 manual steps in the configuration of these services, this has now been
 rectified. The current hot topic is the proposal to retire the CMS
 service, our projects have been asked to provide feedback, after which
 infra will decide how to proceed.

 VP Brand Management has enlisted the support of our EA to help clear a
 backlog of trademark requests from our projects. This has resulted in
 an increase in activity relating to US registrations. A risk analysis
 is underway, as is the creation of a list of marks the foundation has.
 This list will eventually be used to provide a prioritized list based
 on the risk analysis document.

 VP Brand reached out to one PMC indicating this would cause a problem
 as their requirements would require significant budget. I have
 communicated to the PMC in question that this is not necessarily the
 case since this is a proposed budget requiring feedback from VP Brand.
 Furthermore, I asserted that the President and the Board will welcome
 requests for additional funding if it is necessary.

 VP Brand has reached out to all PMCs outlining the importance of brand
 management. he has also asked Melissa to follow up with all PMCs who
 have previously expressed an interest in registering their brand. As a
 result a few PMCs have begun the process of registering their marks.

 No TAC report was submitted this month. This is a regular occurrence.
 Melissa reports everything is on track thanks to the work of the
 committee in particular Jan Iverson who is working hard to coordinate
 the committee volunteers. Once again Nick Birch has stepped in to
 address a financial mis-step in paying for reserved flights. Melissa
 is monitoring the situation and ensuring Nick is reimbursed ASAP.

 This year the TAC committee spotted an applicant who provided
 incorrect information in their application. The committee, with full
 support of the VP, decided to withdraw their application as a result.
 My thanks go to the TAC team for their vigilance.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

18 Feb 2015 [Ross]

 Branding: Shane has requested that Mark Radcliffe join the board meeting
 during the discussion items to help us understand the role of trademarks
 within the ASF. He will join at 11AM PT. I hope that we can make time for

 EA: Usual support work. Shane has requested that our EA help more with
 branding items. This is something we have been offering for a long
 time. We are working on identifying concrete ways in which we can
 empower Melissa to take action. I intend to move Melissa too a PEO
 organization (Virtual) assuming no surprises in the cost of doing so or
 objections from Melissa (we do not expect it to increase ASF costs
 significantly, if at al). This may be a temporary measure but as
 previously reported we need to take action and this point a PEO is the
 only viable option. See the vice Chairman report for more detail.

 Branding: VP Brand Management expresses concern about management of our
 brands in projects where the brand is highly valuable. Our policies
 appear to be working to date. Delegating to the PMCs has spread the
 workload sufficiently that increased vigilance on complex cases is not
 posing a significant problem.  However, Shane warns that the recent
 interest in external related foundations will only serve to increase
 the brand management workload. Shane has invited Mark Radcliffe of
 DLAPiper to speak to the board today, though this is not related to the
 concerns raised. The discussion item is the importance of brand
 management tot he ASF in preparation for budget planning.

 Fundraising: We continue to iron out wrinkles in the Fundraising
 process. Each month it seems to be running more smoothly. Processes are
 sufficiently well defined for Hadrian to participate in the exploration
 of a CRM for managing sponsor relations (something Melissa had
 previously been driving in her own time), No decision has been made at
 this point.

 Marketing and Publicity: Sally produced our first quarterly report.
 This is a good start though not quite what I had envisioned. We will
 continue to work on and improve this in the coming quarters. Sally
 helped with the CRM discussions and provided feedback to Hadrian. It is
 not felt that VP Marketing requires a CRM, however, if possible I would
 like to see us doing a better job of capturing knowledge from this
 office. That being said, fundraising support remains the priority.
 Sally has revisited the home page (not site) redesign discussions based
 on extensive feedback from the membership.

 Infrastructure: An excellent, productive month for Infra - well done
 team!  Hardware budget is expected to be reduced thanks to a
 combination of credit with multiple cloud providers. My thanks go to VP
 Infra for making this happen. Whimsy was identified as a critical
 service that infra need to manage.  This resulted in some discussion
 about how best to manage the service. Sam Ruby has been working with
 the infra team on this topic. There has been excellent progress on
 automating machine builds and retiring old machines. In the case of
 LDAP this introduced a few problems which are being addressed in order
 of priority. We had some initial discussion about the CMS used by many
 Apache projects. This system is very much hacked together and is
 largely unmaintainable without significant expense. No decisions has
 been made on how to proceed, future reports will update. Some project
 specific services  (Maven and Cassandra) are progressing nicely.

 No report from Travel Assistance. Plans for ApacheCon NA are in progress.

 Budget: Budget planning is a little behind schedule but I do have
 complete numbers from Virtual now. We are progressing with one office
 having submitted their budget numbers already. Expect an early draft
 within the week.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

21 Jan 2015 [Ross]

 It's budget planning season. All officers should send their request to me
 ASAP. The current timeline is:

   - Jan: Deliver a draft budget based on 2014 budget actuals (Virtual)
   - Feb: Deliver a draft budget adjusted based on Officer input
   - March: Deliver a draft budget for comment by the outgoing board
   - April: Deliver final budget for approval by the incoming
       board (President)

 In the March and April deliverables I plan to also provide a 5 year budget
 proposal. This will be used for planning purposes only and will not be voted
 on by the board (though comments will be incorporated wherever appropriate).

 EA contract has been renewed. This again brought the issue of contractor vs
 employee to the fore. From a management perspective we are in good shape
 (though I'm working with Virtual to change the contract to reflect this).
 However, since Melissa is working 40 hours per week and has no other job it is
 hard to argue that, under IRS rules, she would be considered a contractor.

 My previous recommendation was to use Virtual services to resolve this issue.
 This was not supported by the board, however the problem still exists today.
 Furthermore, VP Infrastructure has a couple of similar contracts due for
 renewal. Greg is looking at a proposal to address this and will hopefully be
 able to provide an update today. In the interim I again recommend that we use
 virtual to resolve this problem, even is this is a short term solution while a
 long term one is identified and implemented.

 Brand manage report is missing at the time of writing. I am not aware of any
 significant issues. The move to allowing PMCs to manage requests clearly
 within the policies identified by VP Brand Management seems to be taking
 effect, with less trivial requests reaching the brand mailing list and thus a
 seemingly more rapid response to more complex issues.

 The fundraising report is missing at the time of writing. The new VPs are
 getting up to speed and communications with sponsors are being managed well.
 With Hadrian's engagement our EA is pushing forward to formalize a proposal
 for an OfBiz based CRM solution for the fundraising team. At the same time a
 member of the OfBiz community has expressed interest on the ComDev list in
 helping the foundation. I've made everyone aware of the interest and
 encouraged discussion on the fundraising lists. in the meantime we are
 continuing to spec and cost a service.

 Sally (VP Marketing) has provided some mock-ups for an alternative to the
 "fork me on GitHub" banners in response to discussions on the board@ list.
 These are intended to progress the discussion and will be shared with the
 Wicket PMC for feedback first. Sally is also finalizing the first draft of the
 quarterly report. This is due for publication before the next board meeting.
 Other Marketing items are "business as usual".

 Infrastructure report is missing at the time of writing. There are two items
 I'm aware of, the first is the contract status for renewals (discussed above),
 the second is the budgeting process. David (VP Infrastructure) and I are
 working on classifying services and budgeting according to their importance
 and the expected growth of the foundation.

 Travel Assistance Committee report is missing at the time of writing. EA
 reports that TAC applications are underway for ApacheCon NA (close Feb 6th)

 Directed Sponsorship

 As discussed on the board@ list I would like to proceed with a limited
 experiment allowing directed sponsorship, that is sponsorship that is only
 used to support a specific project.  My motivation is that a PMC has claimed
 they were unaware of the willingness of the board to entertain the concept of
 directed sponsorships. This has, arguably, resulted in a lost opportunity to
 empower a PMC through directed sponsorships. My goal here is to remove all
 doubt about the willingness of the ASF Board to conduct a controlled
 experiment in order to inform a future policy for all PMCs. I do not intend
 for this experiment to set a precedent, only to provide valuable data. Note,
 there is currently no PMC in a position to take advantage of this. If this
 remains the case that will be valuable data in itself.

 I have consulted with Virtual and have been informed that there are no
 concerns relating to our 501c(3) status (although we would still need to
 ensure a projects use of directed sponsorship is appropriate). Virtual have
 also confirmed that they can support this proposed experiment with no
 additional cost.

 One important item to note is that this proposal does not enable a PMC to have
 a "donate" button for small contributions. The overhead in dealing with small
 donations is too high.


 - The ASF will continue to provide essential services for core funding using
 the existing sponsorship model, this proposal does not change that arrangement

 - During this experiment a maximum of two PMCs will be given permission to
 solicit directed sponsorships with a minimum donation level of $50,000.

 - Projects are free to use directed funds to deliver additional services
 not provided from core ASF funds if, and only if, VPs Fundraising have
 approved this use

 - Any directed sponsorships will have a total of 15% contributed to ASF
 central funds to pay for essential maintenance of core services

 - Where the sponsor is already a foundation sponsor the 15% core
 contribution will be reduced by the total of the existing sponsorship amount

 - Existing sponsorship of the foundation cannot be reclassified as a
 directed sponsorship

 - Directed sponsorships will (optionally) receive credit on the “thanks” page
 at the level of their 15% core donation with a note that they are also a
 project sponsor

 - Receiving projects may choose to manage their own thanks page under
 guidelines drawn up by VP Fundraising and VP Brand Management

 - Sponsorships will be assumed to be for 12 months, any unspent funds at the
 end of 12 months will become ASF foundation funds if the ASF chooses. Sponsors
 will agree to this in writing.

 - Sponsorships are not refundable if the project leaves the ASF, retires
 to the Attic or fails to use the funds. All unspent funds will be transferred
 to core ASF funds.

 - Sponsors can dictate which PMC the money is directed towards but not what
 the money is to be used for, it is the PMC that decide what it is used for.

 - Any requested use by the PMC must be in conformance with the policies and
 practices of the ASF, where policy is not clearly defined VPs Fundraising
 approval will be required (for example, directed sponsorships cannot be used
 to develop code).

 - The President, VPs Fundraising and PMC Chair will work directly with
 potential sponsors to ensure they are fully aware of what is and is not
 possible with their donated funds (for example, code development is explicitly
 prohibited )

 - Any service that adds to the workload of the ASF contractors or VPs will
 require an appropriate contribution to ASF funds to cover these costs

 - No use of the funds that would put the ASF 501c(3) status at risk will be

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

17 Dec 2014 [Ross]

 A very busy month, on many fronts. Apologies for the late filing. I'm trying
 to catch up. Here's the High and Low lights.

 EA has been chugging along ensuring we keep things moving. In her report
 Melissa indicates getting the Credit Cards has proven problematic. This
 morning I have had notification from her that Tom (Virtual) has indicated we
 should expect the cards in 7-10 days.

 TAC is wrapping up the EU activities and ramping up on the US activities. All
 is well.

 Trademarks has been busy evaluating the need to protect the ApacheCon
 conference from conflicting events organized by third parties. After some long
 (and often repetitive) debates an agreeable solution was found. Shane has now
 encoded the details in our event policy. However, I note the whole exercise
 will be have been pointless if we don't actually enforce it Relating to this
 the lack of any clarity around what a "blackout date" period is could cause
 problems should we ever wish to enforce those blackouts. While there is a
 little more clarity the current policy and MOU is still unclear.

 The trademark report also indicates there is a new trademark request relating
 to a training certification program. I am unaware of the details but note that
 Shane invites input on the trademarks list (and draw attention to the phrase
 "charging fees" in this context).

 Upayavira has finally hung up his hat over at Fundraising (though he's still
 helping with the transition). Jim and Hadrian have been in office for a month
 and the renewed (and doubled) energy is bearing fruit. See below for a little
 more on fundraising.

 Marketing has completed the usual activities (see report). In addition Sally
 is putting together the initial quarterly report. The first version of which
 will be retroactive in nature, but see below for further discussion. Sally is
 also working with Hadrian to send out "thank you" messages during the holiday
 season. Finally, I have asked Sally to work with me in crafting media campaign
 focusing on the ASF as a place for "Innovation and Collaboration" this will
 run prior to ApacheCon US and will be crafted to focus on a track I am
 chairing at the event. Note, this will not be an ApacheCon marketing campaign,
 it is an Apache Software Foundation campaign but will be designed to both
 ride-on and add-to the ApacheCon wave. It is early days (with only a handful
 of email exchanges at this point) so early feedback is on the high level
 messaging is welcome.

 Infrastructure, oh Infrastructure. Last month I took great pleasure in
 reporting that the team had had lots of opportunity to pay off significant
 technical debt. Not so this month (although progress is still being made).

 I want to recognize that the infrastructure team responded extremely well to
 three significant outages. Whilst it would be good to have no outages (see
 technical debt) it is pleasing to see the team increasingly working as a team
 in the face of these outages. Full details of the outages are in the infra
 report all that we need here is for me to thank the team for "going the extra
 mile" to minimize impact on our projects.

 Greg has made some progress on the "contractors vs employees" solution, though
 as I understand it he has nothing significant to report at this point. I'll
 leave any fuller report to Greg.

 Lastly, as previously reported, VP Infra is keen to have a longer term view of
 where the ASF is heading so that he can make appropriate planning decisions.
 EVP arranged a two hour meeting involving VP Infra, VPs Fundraising, EVP,
 myself and the Chair in order to have an initial discussion about this. This
 was largely a brainstorming meeting. We focused mostly on how to properly plan
 for the consistent growth the ASF has been seen for a number of years (1.5 new
 projects per month with increasingly varied infra requirements) and how to
 ensure fundraising can provide income to support those plans. There were also
 some discussions about how to manage community growth and health across ASF
 projects, however given that those in the meeting were wearing their
 Presidents Committee hats these topics were not discussed in detail.

 Extensive notes were taken and will be shared in the raw form upon request.
 However, I would suggest that what is really important at this point is the
 immediate action items. The most important at this time (from a board
 perspective) is a suggestion to implement the budget planning adjustment
 suggested by some directors last year. That is to move out the budget planning
 so that our budget cycle falls six months after the board elections.

 If the board are agreeable this will mean that the next budget for approval
 (May 1st) will be for eighteen months with the incoming board reviewing and
 potentially revising after the first six months. Subsequent budget cycles will
 be 12 months and will be set in the middle of the board term. I invite early
 feedback on this suggestion.

 If implemented this means the budget planning cycle will be:

 - Jan 2015 - Categorization of Infra services according to level of importance
 to our projects
 - Feb 2015 - Call to all committees for budget requests
 - March 2015 - Draft budget for board feedback
 - April 2015 - Approval of budget by the board
 - September 2015 - Revision of budget if necessary

 In parallel to this I propose to deliver, in partnership with VP Infra and VPs
 Fundraising a longer term (5 years), though less detailed, plan. The goal here
 will be to provide VP Infra with enough clarity to prioritize effectively
 whilst also giving the board an opportunity to review regularly. I propose
 that this longer term plan be approved alongside the budget as outlined above.

 I invite the board to provide initial feedback during the meeting but intend
 to raise this on the board@ mailing list shortly after the meeting.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 Shane: We need the concept of "blackout dates" in the
 contracts even without being explicit. Still in process.

19 Nov 2014 [Ross]

 Fundraising is our biggest concern this month. Nobody over there is picking up
 the dropped balls. Melissa is doing her best to keep things moving (and is
 doing a fantastic job). However, we need people to take ownership of
 relationships with individual sponsors. Especially our top level sponsors.

 Because of this lack of ownership in the last month it was unfortunate that a
 small number of invoices were sent out for renewals without anyone having
 contact the sponsor in advance. As can be expected this was not received well.
 I have reached out to the sponsors in question and apologized. I do not
 believe there is any harm done. However, as with (almost) every month I need
 to request that Directors volunteer to manage our relationship with one or
 more key sponsor if they are able to do so.

 In order to make this relationship management easier VP Marketing will be
 producing an annual report with quarterly updates. Over the last year we have
 been changing our processes to ensure that data for such a report is easily
 accessible. At this point we believe that a report containing timely and
 detailed information from all presidents committees, plus the treasurers
 office will be relatively easy to create.

 There is no report from Fundraising this month. Other than the above I believe
 the renewal of $75k of sponsorship (3 sponsors) is the key item to report
 (thanks to Melissa for ensuring this keeps moving).

 I intend to appoint, immediately after this board meeting (assuming no
 objections), both Jim Jagielski and Hadrian Zbarcea as VP of Fundraising. The
 goal here is to enable Jim and Hadrian to act in tandem. Upayavira
 reports that titles to the sponsors are important, which is why I'm taking the
 unusual step of creating two positions rather than just expanding the
 committee. I feel that we really need the experience of Jim in budget planning
 and strategizing, but we also need the additional time and energy of Hadrian.
 Whilst I could, and until now have, taken on this role I want to move my focus
 away from Fundraising and towards other aspects that require attention
 (specifically focusing on the medium to long term plans rather than the short
 term implementation – as per my report last month). This setup is designed to
 allow me to do that.

 Brand Management is moving in the direction desired by the board (with my
 support). That is it is decentralizing in order to ensure a faster decision
 making process and also to enable VP Brand Management to focus more on broader
 policy issues (such as improving event branding policy which is underway) and
 edge cases. In this month’s report VP Brand management says:

 "Counsel confirms that we can legally delegate ability to provide project
 brand use permissions to PMCs and their VPs directly; however they also
 note that this may have risks - depending on how well PMCs manage this
  - with our long-term ability to defend our brands."

 I look to VP Brand Management to try to ensure that our policies are clear
 enough to ensure that we are able to defend our brands appropriately and offer
 my support in doing so.

 Marketing and Publicity continues to proceed. The Powered By Apache logo's
 have been well received, a couple of projects that were missing in the initial
 round have been added. A series of three posts describing how the foundation
 works have been published (from the Chairman, President and EVP).

 Three designs proposals for a new home page (not a new site) were submitted
 for comment. Predictably there were many conflicting opinions, but all valid
 and helpful. Sally has collated this feedback and is working to include it in
 an updated design. I want to thank Sally for managing a very inclusive process
 in what could so easily have become a fruitless bike-shedding exercise.
 However, given the extent and range of feedback it is possible this work will
 not be completed until January.

 Infrastructure has had a less eventful month and thus VP Infra reports "This
 month saw us paying back large portions of technical debt." Last month both I
 and the Chair reported that VP Infra was asking for a longer term view on
 where the foundation is heading with respect to budget management and
 infrastructure expenditure specifically. As can be seen above in my discussion
 re fundraising my hope is to be able to turn my attention to this planning in
 the coming months as I start to ramp up on budget planning for the next FY.

 No report from the Travel Assistance Committee was submitted. However the EA
 report indicates everything is in order for ApacheCon EU.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 @Jim: discuss reporting responsibilities for VP Fundraising

 @Hadrian: discuss reporting responsibilities for VP

15 Oct 2014 [Ross]

 Melissa, as EA, continues to ensure the foundation continues to tick over from
 day to day. Notable items this month are the completion of all TAC
 arrangements for ApacheConEU. Melissa explicitly calls out Jan Iversen and
 thanks him for his contributions to the process.

 EVP, myself and Melissa have explored a number of CRM options to replace the
 many calendars and spreadsheets spread across the foundation that Melissa
 works with. It is felt that a full blown CRM is overkill for our needs,
 however Melissa is exploring a custom option with the Apache OfBiz project.
 Melissa is driving this exploration at her own pace in response to her own
 level of frustration in each area. Her first area of focus is therefore
 Fundraising which works to a specific timeline and requires good records of
 past communications.

 Brand Management reports a quieter month which has allowed public policy
 documents to be updated to ensure PMCs are given the ability to approve
 non-controversial trademark use. I've not had the time to review these updates
 yet, but will do so in the coming month. Feedback from interested Directors is
 welcome. I have, however, observed at least three cases in the last month in
 which a faster resolution of a request was possible by referring the enquiry
 to the appropriate PMC.

 At the time of writing there is no Fundraising report. Our EA continues to
 ensure fundraising actions are completed, some details are in the EA report.
 Upayavira has asked for volunteers to take on the role of VP Fundraising, to
 date we have two strong candidates.  I would like to thank Upayavira for
 staying on for nearly a year when I requested that he document the processes
 and ensure Melissa is up to speed before stepping down. Fundraising is now in
 a good shape as a result.

 Marketing and Publicity has conducted more of the "usual" activities, but
 there are a few items of note. Firstly the Powered By Apache logo's are now
 available ( All PMCs are encouraged
 to use these logo's. Enquiries should be sent to Secondly,
 Sally is working with a number of people across the foundation to bring
 together a series of blog posts to showcase ASF operations/achievements as
 part of its 15th anniversary. Finally, a new homepage for the foundation site
 is in progress - no firm date for a draft is available at this time.

 Infrastructure has launched a code signing service in trial mode. Two projects
 having successfully shipped signed artifacts. Two more projects are in the
 process of entering the trial. The long term work on improving monitoring of
 our services continues as does the process of automating our infrastructure.
 There have been many reactive demands on the infra team this month with
 significant problems with a services and many security alerts. As always -
 thanks to David and the team for keeping the foundation servers alive.

 The Travel Assistance report is missing at this time. However, see above
 comments from EA report.

 VP Infrastructure, our chairman and I met over coffee recently. The main topic
 of conversation was the need for us to get a handle on how to manage and scale
 our infrastructure as the foundation continues to grow. There are many aspects
 to this, some of which have been discussed before. However, the core
 discussion point was having the board set expectations for Infrastructure from
 a strategic planning perspective. David feels that he is making decisions
 today that will affect the foundation for three years plus and he does not, at
 this time, feel he has sufficient information to make such decisions.

 We also met with the ToDo group. No immediate action is expected on the part
 of the ASF. All three of us are on their announcement list and connected to
 key folks should anything come up for us.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

17 Sep 2014 [Ross]

 I'm still struggling under the fallout from my recent personal trials
 but things are slowly coming back together. Essential items are being
 addressed but some key activities are falling behind. I thank the
 board for their patience.

 TAC: All arrangements have been made for ApacheCon with logistics
 being handled by Melissa.

 Trademarks: Lots of discussions about how best to scale the trademark
 activities. VP Trademarks has agreed to focus on updating policies to
 ensure that it is clear that PMCs can manage their project marks.
 Sally has done a fantastic job on the Powered By logos, these (along
 with usage guidelines) are now staged on the foundation's website and
 will go live very soon.

 Press: Sally has completed a period of work with CloudStack but I am
 behind on following up on this and ensuring the project is able to
 move forward.  This is a very high priority item for me moving
 forward. Plans are underway for our 15 year anniversary at ApacheCon

 Sally is keen to update the website for the 15th anniversary. However,
 given the current status of the budget it is felt that hiring a web
 design company is out of the question while recent interest from a
 group of volunteers has died down. Sally is looking at revamping the
 home page with a view to requesting budget in the next fiscal year for
 a full site redesign.

 Fundraising: Upayavira has restated his intention to step down as VP
 Fundraising. This was first discussed almost a year ago. I wish to
 express my thanks to Upayavira who agreed to stay on in the role while
 we focused on documenting the process and ensuring our EA was able to
 assist. Upayavira now feels this work is complete and has asked that
 we find a replacement. No date has been set for the changeover.
 Expressions of interest into the role are welcome. In the meantime I
 again ask for Directors and other interested parties to volunteer to
 assist Melissa in contacting existing sponsors periodically.
 Volunteers to the fundraising@ list please.

 We have two new sponsors (Bluehost and Samsung) coming onboard this
 month - both at Bronze level. We thank them for their support.

 Infrastructure: We have further discussed the status of contractors
 and are exploring options. At present we have not identified an
 acceptable approach beyond the previous recommendation to use Virtual
 Inc. services as the employer. However, we have not yet exhausted all
 possibilities. At present our two new contractors (US based) are under
 contract and being managed accordingly.

 Good progress is being made in infrastructure services but a high rate
 of failures again this month has detracted from this progress to a
 certain extent. Nevertheless, all targets for uptime have been met.

 Work is underway to move apache-extras services that have been lost to

 TODO Group: Some organizations have created an organization for
 "companies committed to open source". I had an early morning call with
 a representative of that group this morning and possible the engagement
 of the ASF was discussed. At this time the group is discussing what the
 groups mission and scope will be. I hope to attend an event in SF next
 week to find out more. See and

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

20 Aug 2014 [Ross]

 I'd like to thank the board for their understanding during the last
 month as I dealt with personal issues at the expense of Foundation
 issues. I'm still somewhat behind but catching up.

 OSCON has been and gone. Unfortunately I was not able to attend as
 previously planned, however, there seems to have been no shortage of
 folks to step in and do the work necessary. A big thank you to all
 those who helped with the Booth (Shane Curcuru, Upayavira, Roman
 Shaposhnik, Justin Erenkrantz, J. Aaron Farr, Louis Suarez-Potts,
 David Nalley). Melissa makes a special mention of Dennis Hamilton
 who went above and beyond to help with the booth.

 Our D&O insurance has been renewed, with some difficulty completing
 the appropriate financial information (thanks to Sam who helped out

 EA contract has been renewed for another six months. No change to
 the terms.

 There was a significant effort from the Fundraising team,
 coordinated by Upayavira at OSCON. A full report has been submitted
 and while we need more time to see if we can deliver significant
 results from these efforts it is with great pleasure that I can
 report that we believe that a new sponsor will be reported next month
 as a result of their meeting with the team at OSCON. I believe
 fundraising is in a far better position today than it has been for
 some time. My thanks go to Upayavira for driving this. Please see
 the full report for details of the interactions at OSCON (a special
 thank you to Rich Bowen and David Nalley who supported many of these

 One of the areas that I have fallen behind on during my recent
 personal issues is the directed sponsorship policy requested by the
 CloudStack PMC. This is something I intend to address ASAP. However,
 VP Trademarks has agreed that the PMC should be allowed to manage
 its own marks in accordance with the trademark policies and VP
 Marketing has provided a marketing/promotional strategy to the
 PMC. Furthermore, I have agreed with Virtual that they will be able
 to track such directed sponsorships. It is my belief that the
 barriers CloudStack felt were present have been removed. All that
 remains is for the PMC to take advantage of this (admittedly,
 without a policy the PMC may be wary of making a proposal).

 Trademarks still continues to be a problematic area where our
 existing policies are limiting the effectiveness of our brand
 volunteers and PMCs. It is my belief that since Fundraising is now on
 track and will soon be delivering results from its restructuring and
 effective delegation model, I now hope to work closely with VP Brand
 Management in the coming months so that we can improve projects
 ability to manage their own brands in the same way that multiple
 people are helping on fundraising.

 Marketing, in conjunction with Brand Management and Fundraising has
 created a "Powered by Apache" mark. This will be a part of a broader
 attempt to raise awareness of the inclusion of our software in other
 software out there.

 Infrastructure continues to benefit from the energy of a new
 VP. David is building on the foundations laid by Sam and is
 delivering results. However, the greater level of direction provided
 to our infrastructure team has brought into question our ability to
 use contractors based in the US, it is believed that the IRS might
 classify them as employees. David continues to explore this since
 whilst we do not currently have any US based infra contractors we
 may be bringing some on-board soon. We are working with Virtual
 Inc. to evaluate the problem and identify a solution.

 There is no report from TAC at the time of writing. Melissa,
 however, reports that she has been assisting with preparations for
 ApacheCon EU. There have been some complications but she believes
 all blocks will be removed soon.

 Virtual have indicated that the Audit is currently at a standstill
 because of the limited amount of data available to the
 auditors. Setting up a call between myself, Chris and Sam to try and
 unblock this in September then a quarterly call after that.

 Finally please see Special Order B for the FY14-15 budget. I request
 that the board approve this budget which incorporates the three
 month interim budget approved in May.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

16 Jul 2014 [Ross]

 Ross is absent due to family matters, and Rich is reporting in
 his absence.

 Upayavira, Melissa, and others have been preparing for meetings
 at OSCON next week, with existing and potential sponsors. Details
 of this are on the Fundraising@ mailing list. Officers who will
 be at the conference are encouraged to make themselves available
 for those meetings if they haven't already done so. VP Fundraising
 has prepared a 'pitch deck' for potential sponsors at ApacheCon,
 which you may wish to review if you want to participate in that

 The conversation with the CloudStack PMC continues, and the PMC
 has now made a formal, detailed request to Infrastructure for
 additional hardware. As this just happened yesterday, there hasn't
 been time for a decision on this proposal yet.

 The Travel Assistance Committee has received some requests for
 assistance for ApacheCon Europe, but that process is still open
 for a few more days. The process between TAC and LF is improved
 over ApacheCon North America, and so should go more smoothly. Two
 new members of the committee have joined to assist in these

 The Executive Assistant has been primarily focused on
 preparations around OSCON, both Fundraising related and
 logistical arrangements regarding our booth presence. Other work
 is detailed in her report.

 VP Brand Management reports a busy month with a heavy load of
 project requests and conversations.

 VP Infrastructure reports progress on a signed binaries solution,
 and a build server. The Infrastructure team is holding a F2F
 meeting this week for team building and working through issues
 that are made difficult by remote communication. The
 Infrastructure report discusses the activities of the team in
 great detail, as requested in last month's meeting.

 In Ross's absence, the proposed budget has not been completed,
 and we request the Board's indulgence to let this slip another
 month, while Ross takes care of personal matters.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

18 Jun 2014 [Ross]

 Melissa has been doing a great job grabbing loose ends around
 the foundation, especially in fundraising and ApacheCon EU. I
 encourage other VPs to request her help wherever appropriate.

 There is plenty of activity for fundraising. Plans are being
 made to meet with existing sponsors at OSCON in order to
 provide them with feedback about what the ASF has been doing
 with their money and also to understand what level of
 engagement from the ASF they would like to see moving forwards.
 Chip Childers is driving forwards an effort to build out a
 pitch deck for potential new sponsors (with input from a
 number of other participants).

 Upayavira has set objectives for fundraising over the coming
 year and I have identified lines in the full budget that
 can be cut should this become necessary.

 It's "business as usual" for brand management, including the
 continued increase in the number and complexity of requests,
 Including trademark registration requests. CloudStack PMC has
 requested a trademark license be granted to an undefined third
 party to assist in the marketing of the CloudStack project.
 This proposal is insufficiently detailed to be seriously
 considered at this point (it does not define who the third
 party is or what the terms of the license would be). This is
 a follow on from conversations at ApacheConNA and subsequent
 engagement with VP Marketing. Whilst neither I nor VP
 Brand Management are against this idea in principle we need
 to work more on the details. This is something that
 VP Marketing is looking into.

 VP Marketing notes in her report that she intends to focus
 exclusively on marketing in this fiscal year and is working
 with VP Fundraising to ensure her role supporting top-tier
 sponsors is filled. This is a part of the work we have been
 doing on Fundraising for the last year. We will be looking
 to Directors to help fill this role with specific directors
 who are willing to do so taking on relationship management
 with key sponsors (and potential sponsors).

 The travel assistance committee have not reported at the
 time of writing, but have provided a brief status update to
 me. Applications for Europe TAC funding are open and will
 close on 20th of July (shortly after speaker selection). Two
 new TAC members (Jan and Daniel) are helping significantly
 by providing fresh eyes on TAC materials and processes.

 We have some good news on the Infrastructure front, but also
 bad news. The infra team are somewhat stretched with hardware
 failures and security work. Nevertheless work is progressing
 on immediate areas of improvement (e.g. monitoring). A big
 thank you to some of our volunteers who have stepped in to
 relieve the pressure (especially Jake Farrell who single
 handedly closed more than 1/3rd of this months closed
 tickets). This kind of support work is vital to the
 effectiveness of our infra team.

 Now for the good news. During an audit of available hardware
 five relatively new but undocumented machines were discovered.
 Three have spare capacity. It is expected that this will reduce
 the infra budget request for this year. In addition to this I
 have asked VP Infrastructure to provide a more detailed report
 with respect to where contractors time is being spent in order
 to assist with future budget planning with respect to how we
 provide contractor support for our volunteers as well as to
 explore the potential for short term investments in automation
 so as to free contractor and volunteer time for other activities.

 On the subject of budget I have identified potential cuts should
 the board be uncomfortable with the deficit proposed. However,
 given that infrastructure will be reducing their budget request
 and fundraising is gearing up to attract new sponsors I will be
 recommending the board approve the full budget (with infra
 reductions). Once I have a revised budget from VP Infra I will
 circulate the budget, fundraising targets and potential areas
 for cuts for discussion prior to next month's board meeting.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

21 May 2014 [Ross]

 It's a big report this month, so here's a bullet summary of the
 key items (not exhaustive, see below for completeness):

 - Proposed interim 3-month budget (Special Order G) which shows
   a surplus. Full year budget (available in SVN) shows a deficit.
 - Working with VP Fundraising to address the budget deficit moving
 - Infrastructure requires immediate action (and budget) to minimize
   the likelihood of further outages (included in budget)
 - VP Marketing working with CloudStack PMC to develop a long-term
   outreach strategy that can be used by all TLPs
 - Working with VP Marketing and VP Fundraising to develop better
   materials on "what we do"

 And here's the details...


 The most important item this month is the approval of a 2014/15
 budget. I am, however, requesting that the board approve a
 3-month interim budget (May - July) rather than a full 12 month
 budget. There are a number of reasons for this:

 1) proximity to the election of the next board
 2) significant exceptional infrastructure costs
 3) a need to examine directed funding and additional marketing

 Given point 2) and the uncertainty of point 3) I think it is
 prudent for the current board, which is meeting this month for the
 last time, to only pass an interim budget. Please see Special Order
 G. This interim budget shows a surplus based on a majority of sponsors
 being due for renewal in this period, but the FY budget shows a
 significant deficit.

 I've worked with all officers to create an appropriate budget and
 believe both the three month interim and proposed 12 month budget
 reflect a balance between immediate needs and prudent budget controls.


 It should be noted that the proposed FY budget shows a significant
 deficit. This is well within the foundations cash reserves and provides
 an immediate cash injection to address some of the issues reported by
 VP Infrastructure (see Attachment 5). We have also seen a significant
 increase in administration costs relating to the scaling of the
 foundation. These include an increase in the treasury budget
 (appointment of Virtual) and our Administration budget (as approved
 in Jan 2014).

 In order to address this deficit myself, VP Infrastructure and VP
 Fundraising have been discussing options. One such option (in kind
 donations of equipment for infrastructure) is outlined in VP
 Fundraising's report (Attachment 3). Another option that has been
 discussed previously is targeted donations (although these would
 not address immediate and pressing infrastructure needs). Beyond
 discussion we are actively working to ensure that there is an
 increased visibility into where sponsorship money goes and what our
 projects produce as a result of the foundations existence. This will
 enable us to build a strong outreach for existing sponsors as well as
 providing valuable materials when seeking new sponsors.


 Our new VP Infrastructure has had a difficult month. There are
 extensive details in the Infrastructure report (Attachment 5). I will
 observe that it seems we have been running our infrastructure on much
 too tight a budget. This has resulted in a number of outages. I fully
 support the proposed remedial action which includes a) replacement
 of existing hardware b) appropriate maintenance and monitoring and c)
 increased automation and related skills development. I urge both the
 current and future board to support the significant budget increase
 requested by VP Infrastructure.

 Targeted donations

 In recent months there have been many discussions about targeted
 donations for project specific infrastructure requirements and project
 marketing efforts. It seems that project specific infrastructure is
 likely to be on hold until current remediation activities are
 complete. With respect to project specific marketing VP Marketing has
 been working with, and continues to work with, the CloudStack PMC with
 a view to developing a long-term outreach strategy that can be used by
 all TLPs in choosing a tactical plan that best suits their specific
 marketing/visibility needs. It is expected that this strategy will
 highlight any necessity for project specific marketing funds and I
 propose to revisit this topic once the strategy is delivered.

 Foundation Marketing

 The community have also discussed the need for ASF wide marketing
 activities. This has been further discussed between VP Marketing,
 VP Fundraising and myself. It is my belief that the initial focus needs
 to be on a) providing valuable information to our existing sponsors
 about what we do, how we operate and spend their money and b)
 enabling our PMCs to drive appropriate marketing campaigns. Whilst there
 is value in marketing the ASF itself I feel that a focus on ensuring
 that we support our projects first is the appropriate action. Once
 infrastructure is stable and provides the services our existing projects
 require, PMCs are equipped to develop and recognize marketing potential
 within our existing structure and fundraising is firing on all cylinders
 such that we are not showing a budget deficit then I would like to
 revisit this topic, but for now my personal focus remains on
 infrastructure, PMC marketing capabilities and fundraising.


 This month has been a relatively quiet month for our EA in the absence
 of a conference to organize. Melissa has used this time to further improve
 the fundraising processes and to follow up with a number of sponsors
 due for renewal (supported by VP Marketing).

 Brand Management

 Brand Management has been a "normal" month. Again our VP is indicating
 that a number of routine questions are incoming and that these can
 be addressed with clearer documentation and policy. I have encouraged
 the VP to work with our EA to take some of this load.


 TAC provides a useful summary of their work for ACNA and some increased
 effort to raise awareness of the TAC process. This awareness raising is
 a useful part of the discussion around marketing the ASF and making
 sponsors aware of the value they bring to the foundation.

 With respect to budget TAC had requested an increase to allow them to
 cover two smaller events in addition to the two ApacheCon events. However,
 I declined to include the budget for the smaller events, just as I
 declined to include my own Event-in-a-Box proposal to ComDev. My intention
 is to secure at least one additional sponsor highlighting these items as
 additions that their sponsorship will help fund (not necessarily as
 directed sponsorship, although that is a possibility as we progress with
 discussions around that topic).

 And Finally...

 Finally, I would like to thank the outgoing board for their service
 to the foundation. I'm sure many will be back again next month, and
 even those who don't have a seat are likely to still be watching over
 the shoulders of those who do.

 Thank you for last year, lets look forward to many more.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

16 Apr 2014 [Ross]

 An eventful month...

 ApacheCon was a big success. I spoke to a number of conference
 sponsors all were satisfied many were very happy. I spoke to many
 attendees, some new, some old. The new faces were content, the old
 were pleased to see an ApacheCon with no burned out volunteers
 tearing their hair out. Please see the EVP report for full details
 and join me in thanking Rich Bowen and his supporting team for a
 job well done.

 Upayavira and I met with the only ASF sponsor present at
 ApacheCon and discussed how we might better engage them. There were
 a number of suggestions but they mostly hinged around visibility into
 the foundations activities so that there is concrete information to
 communicate internally to those signing off on the sponsorship budget,
 Upayavira has undertaken to hold quarterly conference calls with gold
 and platinum sponsors during which he will present some basic metrics
 on how the foundation is doing, raise any highlights, and invite
 questions. I will work with Upayavira, Melissa and appropriate VPs to
 gather this data (e.g. incubating projects, accounts, committers). It
 is intended that the data will be compiled into an annual report for
 broader circulation in one years time (to coincide with the 2015
 members meeting). It is my belief that at least one director should
 be present at each of these calls along with either myself or the

 A second sponsor request was to have more visibility at open source
 events for the ASF. Both in the form of booth presence (Melissa is
 willing and able to assist with this) and in the form of speakers
 representing the ASF. At this time I have no plan to deliver on this
 request. In the past the board (and I) have questioned the value of
 this work. This is an item that will be discussed with other sponsors
 in the coming months.

 There has been an important step in the audit process with agreement
 to request a contract from Virtual to manage the process. This is good
 to see. Thanks to the audit team for unblocking this.

 The EVP and two directors (Shane and Jim) met with representatives of
 the CloudStack PMC to discuss specific infrastructure, marketing and
 sponsorship needs that the PMC feels are not currently addressed by the
 ASF. At this time the requests are quite general in nature and thus we
 spent some time explaining why it is important for the PMC need to raise
 specific concerns with the appropriate Committees and Officers. To date
 the PMC has reached out formally to infrastructure and marketing and
 informally (at ApacheCon) to fundraising. It is my belief that the PMC
 is approaching these issues in an extremely constructive way and I
 commend them for their efforts. I also wish to note that, at least in the
 general sense, these concerns are not unique to CloudStack. It is my
 belief that the CloudStack PMC genuinely wants to find a solution that
 preserves the Apache Way and I encourage the board to work with the PMC
 to find appropriate solutions as specific issues are identified.

 Melissa spent much of this month coordinating the last aspects of
 ApacheCon and TAC, including staffing the booth at the event itself.
 There has been the usual work on the fundraising support activities.
 Now that ApacheCon is over and there is a lull before the real work
 for ApacheCon EU begins I am hoping that Melissa will be able to turn
 her attention to assisting the treasurer with the contract negotiations
 with Virtual and with documenting the existing practices. I plan to
 discuss new priorities with her and Rich (as EVP) in our regular meeting
 on Thur 17th April.

 We do not have a TAC report this month. However, I can report that I met
 a number of the TAC recipients at ApacheCon. They were all very grateful
 for the opportunity presented by the programme and extended their thanks
 to the foundation and TAC members specifically.

 Infrastructure was represented at ApacheCon by Joe and Daniel, with Sam
 being present for the first day. This, coupled with the fact that our
 two other contractors were otherwise engaged for the same period,
 resulted in a potentially incomplete coverage of our infrastructure
 needs. This was an unusual set of circumstances that all collided on a
 specific time period. This situation is unlikely to occur again.
 However, we should perhaps consider simple measures to flag such
 situations in the future.

 Shane was very active in ApacheCon discussions relating to directed
 sponsorships and their potential impact on our brand management. Shane
 continues to be engaged in those discussions on various mailing lists.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

19 Mar 2014 [Ross]

 ApacheCon is progressing well, see EVP report for details. Given
 the extremely short timeline on this event
 I think we can consider this a success. It looks to me like
 we will have an event that is at least as good as, if not better,
 than most previous events. When we add to this the lack of drama
 created by the producer I would like to think this is the start
 of a healthy relationship that will, over time, develop a
 valuable conference model that brings value to all parties.

 Our EA has been (mostly) consumed by ApacheCon items this month.
 We did discuss a difficulty Melissa has with respect to visibility
 into sponsor payments. It is difficult for Melissa to establish
 whether a payment has been made or not and thus to establish
 whether she ought to send a nag mail. On occasion this has been
 held up when our volunteers with access to this information are
 otherwise engaged. With the excellent work VP Fundraising and
 Melissa have put into creating a process for managing sponsorships
 this is now the most common bottleneck. I believe our treasurer is
 looking into options with respect to providing Melissa with timely
 access without adding additional overhead to the role of Treasurer.
 I look forward to a solution in the future.

 The Audit has not progressed significantly. As this was (once again)
 a priority for this year I'm disappointed with the progress since
 I personally undertook to see this through. I intend to explore
 the blocker over the next month since I have
 finally landed in my own home now, so no more moves for many
 years (I hope).

 Trademarks continues to increase its demands on Shane whist
 Shane continues to look for ways to streamline the process.
 Our EA has indicated that she is keen to help out with the
 process but still feels a little unclear as to where the
 boundaries lie around what she can safely do to help. I
 hope to discuss this with Shane at ApacheCon in April. From
 my perspective if we can free up even an hour a month of
 Shane's time this will be productive as Shane is doing such
 a superb job of refining out policies and practices in the
 little time available.

 There is no report from VP Fundraising at the time of writing.
 However Upayavira and I did touch base earlier this month and
 discussed the state of Fundraising. Whilst Upayavira himself is
 mostly engaged elsewhere it seems all sponsorship renewals are
 under control thanks to the support of (mostly) Melissa and
 Sally. Upayavira's role seems to be one of oversight at present.

 Infra report no significant surprises this month but note that
 the new Git features have been well received. 28 projects have
 adopted them in the first month, which has resulted in a tenfold
 increase in git related traffic on various email
 lists. As we enter budget planning season I have specifically
 asked infra to consider whether they ought to make a one-off
 investment in some specialist support that will allow them to
 better scale resources as the foundation continues to grow. This
 suggestion was well received as some members of the infra team
 feel there is an element of fire-fighting that can sometimes
 slow longer term projects.

 TAC reports 26 applications, of which 15 were funded at an
 estimated cost of $32k. This is both more applications and
 approvals in the past. The process was quicker than in the past
 though not without it's hiccups. Especially with respect to
 paying for flights. Thanks to Nick Burch who stepped in to
 solve the problem by offering his personal card (which was the
 reported fall-back position last month). I can confirm that
 Nick was promptly reimbursed for this expense. Melissa reports
 that she will seek to make recommendations for streamlining the
 process for future events now that she has been a core part of
 the TAC team.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

19 Feb 2014 [Ross]

 An extremely busy month for me personally which has kept me away from
 many of my ASF duties.

 The EA contract was renewed as previously agreed. A new renewal date has
 been entered into the calendar. With Melissa's help we are in the
 processes of updating our Director records with CSC. Please note that
 Melissa is now providing an approximate breakdown of her time. As is
 appropriate Melissa is in full control of her time allocation, this new
 reporting is intended only to inform the board for budget monitoring as

 ApacheCon proceeds thanks to continuing significant effort from Rich.
 Due to my personal issues this month I have not been as helpful as I had
 hoped but it seems Rich has, as always, taken it in his stride. See the
 EVP report for more detail.

 I am yet to make significant progress on reporting budget vs actuals.
 The treasurer has provided some initial data exports but I have been
 unable to find the time to process it. Since I need to create a new
 budget for the following year I propose to build this reporting into a
 new spreadsheet that I develop during the preparation of this budget.

 Trademarks remains very busy and Shane has indicated that he is falling
 behind a little. I have encouraged Shane to continue to work with
 Melissa to identify areas in which she can help. I also note that an
 Member has also offered to help.

 Fundraising is also progressing well though it is notable that this is
 taking up a reasonable chunk of both Sally's and Melissa's time. Like
 trademarks we need to acknowledge this role is not one that a volunteer
 can be expected to fill. Unlike Trademarks though VP Fundraising appears
 to have been able to find sufficient tasks that can be handled by
 contractors. I believe this is mainly due to the less legally sensitive
 domain. However, I grow increasingly concerned that more support from
 Officers in managing key sponsor relations is necessary.

 Marketing progresses with its usual rhythm. No exceptional items to

 Infra also reports nothing exceptional this month. I do note the ongoing
 improvement of GitHub integration at the specific request of committers.

 I engaged with the Cordova PMC with respect to their release process.
 Initially this engagement was only as a member attempting to help them
 understand the lay of the land. However at the request of a number of
 Directors and Infra I subsequently made a formal request (cc board@ and
 infra-private@) to ensure releases after 2.8.1 are formally voted upon.
 Joe has been working with the PMC to define a suitable process which
 does not introduce unnecessary work. I will conduct any necessary sanity
 checks with the board to ensure the final solution is acceptable. For
 now the PMC has acknowledged the need to address this issue (see Cordova
 report) and Joe reports that he is satisfied with progress to date.

 TAC has, once again, failed to submit a report (and due to my own
 lateness they have not had a prompt from me). However, Melissa reports
 progress has been made towards planning for ApacheCon.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

15 Jan 2014 [Ross]

 Happy new year to all.

 It's been a predictably quiet month with the holidays. At least until
 early January.

 A recent situation with respect to how documents sent to CSC are
 are passed on to us. In short it appears there is only a single
 contact point for us. Worse, this is an individuals email address.
 This does not scale. In the light of a recent missed communication
 the contact address has been updated to my own address.
 This can only be a temporary measure. I welcome input from the
 board on which address to use, perhaps board-private?

 EVP signed the contract for ApacheCon and planning is underway. Rich
 will provide an update. The Event in a Box has been costed. Originally
 I had planned to ask ComDev to own this and submit a budget request
 this month. However, given the need for two budget updates already this
 month I have chosen to delay this while we evaluate our current budget

 At the time of writing no fundraising report has been submitted. Our EA
 informs me that that there are no significant issues.

 At the time of writing no Brand Management report has been submitted. As
 per discussion on the board@ mailing list I submit a budget request from
 VP Brand Management as Special Order A.

 Infrastructure and Marketing are both progressing as usual. It is worth
 noting a significant number of hardware and software upgrades during the
 last month. As far as I am aware these upgrades were mostly uneventful
 from the perspective of our committers. My thanks go to the
 infrastructure team.

 At the time of writing no report has been submitted by the Travel
 Assistance Committee. As previously reported the committee is concerned
 that there is minimal time for coordinating TAC support for ApacheCon.
 I have asked our EA to provide whatever support she can.

 As previously discussed on board-private and in the last board meeting I
 submit a request for an increased Executive Assistant budget as Special
 Order B.

 It is worth noting that the two increased budget requests will take our
 FY13 budget over the expected sponsorship income for this year. We have
 plenty of cash available to absorb this deficit. However, as the
 foundation continues to grow so do our expenses. I have asked the
 treasurer if he can provide a quarterly report of budget vs. actuals. I
 will use these reports to inform the board of our status.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 The board requested that the CSC contact should be

18 Dec 2013 [Ross]

 A much quieter month for me. Things are progressing nicely on the
 ApacheCon front, huge thanks to Rich for ensuring this moves forwards.
 VP Brand Management is now engaged working on the correct trademarks
 agreements. Next stage will be for VP Legal Affairs to review the final
 contract (note, a first draft was shared on the board@ list on 12/16/13,
 we encourage Directors to provide feedback but Rich and I will
 coordinate with VP Legal Affairs, VP Brand Management and VP Marketing
 as appropriate.

 With respect to smaller event support Melissa is closing in on providing
 budget estimates for the "event in a box" concept. Next stage will be to
 work with the ComDev PMC to see if we feel the investment will be
 worthwhile and, if so, to start work on the supporting documentation
 while some old hands at ASF related events make use of the new
 supporting materials. I'm hoping to kick this off with a small community
 event here in Seattle in late Q1 (easily reachable from Portland and

 The Brazilian payment for trademark registration continues to elude us.
 I'm attempting to resolve this matter. The Audit list has been set up
 but there has been little progress to report at this point. Melissa
 stands ready to assist and I've asked her to attempt to pro-actively
 insert herself in the process once she spots things that she can help

 As discussed in the last months board meeting I would like to submit a
 revised budget request to cover an increase in Melissa's responsibilities.
 Please see Attachment BE for details, here is a summary of changes:

 Increase Executive Assistant budget for FY ending Apr 30 2014 by
 $15,500. This increases the deficit for this Financial Year to

 This deficit is clearly a concern and needs to be addressed but in the
 short term I believe we have the resources to address this deficit for
 many years to come. I intend to work with Fundraising to address this,
 especially in light of VP Branding Management desire for an increased
 budget (see below for both items).

 Special Order 7C calls for formal approval of the budget.

 VP Trademarks has begun to revisit our trademark processes and as a
 result is expected to make a revised budget request. In parallel I have
 been contacted privately by two individual ASF Members expressing
 concern about flaws in our existing policy. In both cases I referred
 these members to the discussion Shane had already begun on the
 appropriate mailing list. I have heard nothing more and assume Shane's
 work has satisfied the concerns expressed. I am in full support of the
 recommendations from VP Brand Management and have requested that our EA
 support the effort in any way possible.

 We received a late report from fundraising with no issues requiring
 board attention at this time. Now that the fundraising playbook has been
 completed and our EA is providing support to VP Fundraising with respect
 to day-to-day activities I intend to look at whether there is a need for
 more assistance in managing relationships with our higher level sponsors.

 Our Infrastructure report is much more detailed than in recent months.
 This is largely the result of a more collaborative approach to it's
 creation. Furthermore it has been provided in a much more timely
 manner. I'm pleased to see some metrics in the report which help us
 understand the backlog that currently exists. My thanks to the infra
 team for this effort.

 No report from TAC at the time of writing. As per last months report TAC
 are expecting to have to ramp up quickly for ApacheCon if it goes ahead
 in April. I will be asking Melissa to use her increased hours to ensure
 the volunteers on that committee are able to cope.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

20 Nov 2013 [Ross]

 A whirlwind month for me personally, but good progress is being made
 across the foundation.

 EVP has made some good progress on ApacheCon negotiations, although LF
 are now asking for a long running contract. This is understandable since
 we are not taking any financial responsibility for the event. However,
 we need to discuss the implications of this. Rich intends to raise this
 during the board meeting.

 Martin van den Bemt has uploaded the videos from the previous two Apache
 Cons to YouTube. He was assisted by many people but the vast majority
 of the work was done by Martin. This was no easy task for a number of
 technical reasons along with a significant time investment. Thank you

 EA and VP Fundraising have successfully cleared the fundraising backlog
 (with help from others). Thank you to Upayavira for firstly reaching out
 for help when it was needed and secondly helping Melissa be productive in
 this role. Focus is now turning to making it easier for additional
 volunteers to take on specific fundraising activities. This is
 centering around adding further detail to the process documents drawn
 up by Upayavira and Melissa.

 VP Fundraising is considering some new fundraising activities (see
 Attachment 3). I have asked Upayavira to provide an outline of his
 proposal and will provide some initial feedback before bringing it to
 the board for consideration. As ever early feedback is welcome.

 Thanks also go out to Chris and Upayavira for finally resolving the
 PayPal issues. We also have (thanks to Phil Steitz) an alternative
 payment method through Amazon.

 EA has also made good progress merging her observations with respect
 to trademark handling with the documentation VP Brand Management has
 been creating. The next step is to ensure there are clear boundaries
 between "first level support", i.e. activities that anyone can
 undertake and more sensitive issues that require careful handling.
 This will reduce some workload but as Shane observes the bigger
 problem is "the growth and popularity of our 130+ projects". I intend
 to work with Shane and Melissa to address this growing problem in the
 coming months.

 Jim has stepped up to lead the Audit process with EA and Treasurer
 available to assist. As far as I am aware work has not yet commenced
 but I will be asking Melissa for a weekly update so that I can assist
 in any way appropriate.

 I have sent a proposal to the board (privately) to change Melissa's
 contract to increase her hours to accommodate the
 increasing workload she is taking on. I encourage the board to consider
 this in light of Melissa's critical role in reducing the fundraising
 backlog and ongoing efforts to identify additional supporting roles for
 our volunteers. I welcome suggestions from the board about how best to
 use this time and will continue to report plans as appropriate. The
 initial use of this time will be to accelerate the Event in a Box work
 and to ensure sufficient time is available to assist with the Audit.

 I signed an NDA with Symantec with respect to infra's code signing work.

 I'm aware that my reports have been at the last minute (including this
 one). I've agreed with our Chair that my reports will be submitted the
 weekend before the board meeting in future.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

16 Oct 2013 [Ross]

 It's been a busy month.

 Thanks to Melissa for moving forwards on providing hands on support
 for our VPs, most significantly VP Fundraising. As a result of her
 excellent work Upayavira reports that his backlog is reducing. Melissa
 has been working with VP Branding and the treasurer to identify first
 level support activities there. Furthermore Melissa has been working
 on an "Event in a Box" via the ComDev PMC to help support small event
 production within our projects. Finally, Melissa has been working with
 EVP on ApacheCon.

 Melissa, EVP and myself meet weekly to discuss progress on these items.
 Starting this week I will circulate notes from these meetings to board@
 for increased visibility. There is no need for the board to review these
 notes, but we will be happy to address any concerns that are raised as a

 The EVP report contains more information about the ApacheCon status. I
 want to raise one concern I have with progress to date. In the initial
 discussions I was told that the proposed producer would underwrite the
 event. However, as we have progressed it has become apparent that this is
 not the case. To my mind this changes the relationship significantly. I've
 asked Rich to expand on this in his verbal report in order to get early
 feedback from the Directors.

 A director asked for an update on the status of our Audit. In response I
 reached out to Hadrian and am working with both Hadrian and Treasurer to
 come up with a plan for delivering on the report. The problem seems to
 be one of "ownership" since Hadrian's recommendations include
 recommendations for process change which affect both fundraising and
 treasurer. I've asked Hadrian to own this and drive it forward with my
 full support. At the time of writing I'm awaiting a response.

 We are still working on getting our bank to own the problem with missing
 payments to a Brazilian company.

 I'm speaking twice with an ASF hat, once today in London at Subversion &
 Git live (standing in or Greg) and one next week at All Things Open (this
 is mostly ASF and partly day job).

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

18 Sep 2013 [Ross]

 EVP, EA and myself have started having short weekly meetings to
 coordinate our activities.

 Melissa has reminded me that I have failed to renew her contract.
 This is unacceptable and will be addressed within the week.

 Melissa, as EA, has started to work with VP Fundraising to identify
 activities the EA can undertake to support the VP. Melissa will
 document these activities as they are defined.


 After various discussions between myself EA and EVP
 together with consultations with a number of event producers we
 propose to invite the Linux Foundation to make a formal
 proposal to run (and underwrite) the next ApacheCon (an informal
 proposal has already been provided). The estimated timescale is
 as follows:

   - End of Week 1 Oct - feedback on intiial proposal
   - End of Oct - revised proposal from Linux Foundation
   - End of Nov - contracts signed

 Event in a Box

 This is an old ConCom idea that we are revisiting. The intention
 is to provide a lightweight process to support community members
 who wish to organise comunity focussed Apache related events.
 There are few details and no timescale as yet.


 Shane has added Christian Grobmeier and David Nalley to the Trademarks
 Committee in recognition of their helpful and thoughtful trademarks@


 There continues to be a problem with submitting an Invoice to Microsoft
 for their sponsorship. I am looking into this in my day job role,
 although the problem appears to be one of lost credentials on the part
 of VP Fundraising.


 A contentious issue relating to a data removal request has
 resulted in the Infrastructure team considering a change to
 existing policy. Current thinking is that the policy should not
 be changed significantly, but a clarification of when
 exceptions will be granted. A full report is available in
 Attachement 5.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

21 Aug 2013 [Ross]


 - OSCON booth well staffed, benefits not clear

 - EA being encouraged to provide more proactive support to VPs
   - starting with those reporting to President

 - ApacheCon not awarded to previous producer. A new RFP will be

 - Revisiting the Event in a Box concept to provide support for
   project specific and small community events

 - D&O insurance renewed

 - Presenting at All Things Open in Raleigh, NC on Oct 23-24


 OSCON booth was a success. Thanks to Melissa for her hard work.
 Thanks also to Justin Erenkrantz, Martin van den Bemt, and Florian
 Mueller for their help staffing the Booth. I'm not overly convinced
 of the value of this booth (see EA report, Attachment 1). Raising
 awareness of the ASF is important, but ensuring good representation
 at the conference is probably more effective. We tend to get that
 representation through our volunteers speaking in various capacities.
 Personally, I feel the budget would be better spent in other ways
 (e.g. Event in a Box, see below)

 I met with Melissa to discuss her responsibilities (see
 Jim as previous president had agreed an increase in both salary
 and hours with the intention of expanding the EA role. Melissa
 and I agreed a number of areas that she can help. In summary, all
 ASF positions that report directly to the President will be
 encouraged to use time from the EA. Top priorities at this time
 are Fundraising and Trademarks. Both of these require timely
 responses and therefore EA support would seem to be top priority.
 Over the next month we will work with the relevant VPs to identify
 concrete actions that can be undertaken by the EA.

 EA, EVP and myself met at OSCON to discuss the future of ApacheCon.
 We were in unanimous agreement that we needed to take some time to
 figure out the correct way forward. Specifically, we felt it
 necessary to refine the models Nick defined for our events.
 I have therefore informed The Open Bastion that we will issue a new
 RFP sometime in the future. Melissa is discussing with various event
 producers to understand the different models they recommend. I will
 submit a project timeline in the next board report.

 It is worth noting that since ConCom was disbanded project specific
 events have been progressing at roughly the same pace. Together with
 EVP and EA, I intend to pursue the Event in a Box idea I originally
 raised as part of ConCom some years ago. We do not imagine that
 small events will require significant support beyond that provided
 in the Event in a Box structure.

 D&O insurance has been renewed. We ran right up to the wire as
 the basic profit and loss report financial submitted was not
 accepted as it has been in previous years. A full balance sheet is
 what is requested and this year was insisted upon. EA has updated
 the calendar entry for next year to ensure we have more lead time
 to prepare the various reports. However, it may be wise to consider
 giving access to the reporting tools.

 D&O Broker suggested we consider the following insurances in addition to
 D&O. I assume previous boards evaluated the need for these. I see no
 reason to alter previous policies but include the list here for clarity.
   * physical assets
   * public liability
   * non-owned Automobile Liability
   * workers compensation
   * Media Liability (i.e. copyright infringement)
   * Privacy and Network Security Liability

 I'll be presenting at the All Things Open conference in Raleigh, NC
 on Oct 23-24. The session will focus on the ASF and how it
 facilitates collaboration between otherwise competing organisations.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

17 Jul 2013 [Ross]

 As expected I've been mostly offline this month, dealing with essential
 items only as I relocated to the US. That task is now complete. Normal
 service can be expected next month.

 The EA contract is due for renewal - this matter is now urgent and
 will be dealt with ASAP.

 Our Directors and Officers Liability insurance is due for renewal.

 Melissa is still working to clarify the accounts for ACNA13. The lack of
 clarity around this issue, coupled with a number of other issues that
 have arisen have prompted us to reconsider the plans for ApacheCon.
 Melissa, Rich and myself will be meeting to discuss plans at OSCON in
 July. Once a date and time is set we will extend an invite to board
 members interested in attending.

 I have reached out to VP of Fundraising in order to offer the assistance
 of both the EA and the President during busy times (see Attachment 3).

 At the suggestion of VP Infra and with input from myself and EVP the
 Infrastructure contractors have drawn up a brief mission statement which
 is designed to provide a "code of conduct" under which we expect all
 contractors and volunteers to operate.

 No TAC report has been submitted at the time of writing, Gavin sends his
 apologies. There are currently no events planned that TAC are
 assisting with.

 VP Marketing and Publicity is unable to attend OSCON this
 year. Sally is liaising with Melissa to ensure she has everything
 she needs.

 I will be at OSCON and will assist with the ASF booth whenever possible.
 I'll be meeting with Rich as EVP in order to outline the best way for us
 to work together in our new roles. More importantly I look forward to
 meeting many ASF Members at the event.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

19 Jun 2013 [Jim]

 This has been an extremely busy month, but kudos to all VPs for
 handling the load with skill. I have not, at this time, rec'd
 a report from VP Infra, but I know the actual Infra team has been
 extremely busy with the upgrades and so their availability for
 providing feedback and comments may have been limited. In addition
 to the extensive upgrades, of particular note re: infra is that
 Daniel Gruno has joined as a part-time SA.

 As we kick off the new fiscal year, I have 2 contracts to renew.
 The 1st is for HALO and we will renew at the same rate and level of
 service. It is an annual contract but we will review at the 6 month
 mark to see if any changes are required. The second renewal is for
 our EA. This contract will be revised to reflect the increase in
 hours and duties. I'll work with Chris to make sure the increased
 payments are setup. As a reminder, this contract is based on a
 6-month term.

 I will be speaking next week at the Open Source Summit
 ( regarding Communities.

 Operationally, the foundation is running well and the transition
 started a few months ago from Board Cmmts to President Cmmts,
 and a more "managing" President, is gaining traction and benefits.

 My report from the annual meeting follows.


 The ASF is fast approaching our 15 year anniversary, not even
 including the several years when we were "just" The Apache Group.
 During all this time, we have seen the impact of the foundation, but
 most importantly, the projects increase significantly. Each year has
 been an upwards flight from the previous one, and this year was no

 Over the last 12 months we have added just about 30 new top level
 projects. It is unfair to single out just a handful of projects, but
 to get a feel for the range of TLPs added the last year, we go from
 Cloud (CloudStack) to Desktop (OpenOffice) to Mobile (Cordova). New
 incubating projects are also coming into the ASF, allured by the
 Apache brand and the proven mechanisms in the "Apache Way" (I doubt
 if we will ever be able to really drop that phrase); the ASF is
 known as *the* place for open, collaborative development, if the
 goal is to create a neutral yet healthy and sustainable community
 around a project. We should be proud of this reputation, and
 continue to foster and promote it.

 Also over the last year, a number of Board Committees were re-
 structured as President's Committees. These include:

   o Infrastructure  (VP: Sam Ruby)
   o Trademarks and Branding (VP: Shane Curcuru)
   o Marketing and PR (VP: Sally Khudairi)
   o Fundraising (VP: Upayavira)
   o Concom/Events (VP: Nick Burch)
   o Travel Assistance. (VP: Gavin McDonald)

 These cmmt's and their VPs make my job easier, by being proactive,
 professional and on-top of all issues. My thanks go to all VPs,
 our SysAdmins and all volunteers. Just some highlights for each

   o Infrastructure: Substantial upgrades and updates; more hired
   o Trademarks: Handling of various TM registrations
   o Marketing: Incredible outreach and promotion
   o Fundraising: A suite of new sponsors, including Citrix as
   o Concom: 2 very successful ApacheCons: ApacheCon EU 2012 in
     Sinsheim and ApacheCon NA 2013 in Portland, OR.
   o TAC: Coordinating of several attendees for the above 'Cons.

 Due to all these cmmt's now being under the President's
 "responsibilities", we have increased the duties assigned to our EA.
 She has been a significant help to many committees and her contract
 has been renewed and updated, so if there are issues or tasks that
 she can help with, don't hesitate to ping me or Ross (our EVP).

 The board approved our FY2013-2014 budget; We are still below the $1
 million (US) mark, as far as yearly expenses are concerned, and have
 a bit of growth before we push through it. Also regarding our
 financials, in cooperation with our Treasurer, we are starting the
 process of a "preview audit" on our books.

 As before, if your PMC desires specific computing resources (ie
 build farm, test machines, etc.), please get in touch with the
 infrastructure group.  Well-reasoned and detailed proposals are
 always welcomed.  However, we are often limited by human resources,
 so volunteers to help execute these plans are strongly encouraged.

 I am happy to report, as alluded to above, that the ASF continues to
 be an extremely noteworthy and respected entity in the FOSS space,
 and I (and others) are frequently asked to speak at conferences,
 user-groups, etc regarding the foundation, the so-called "Apache
 Way" and Open Source in general. In addition, the foundation itself
 is running extremely well, on "greased grooves" one might even say.
 Kudos to all.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

15 May 2013 [Jim]

 A relatively normal month since the last meeting. No problems or
 problematic issues require board attention.

 The first item of note is the (re)proposed 2013-2014 budget. The
 revised budget contains the following changes from the previous

  a. President's discretionary fund returned to $5k.
  b. Updated Infra budget for increased staffing

 Special Order 7C calls for formal approval of the budget.

 As requested, our EA is now submitting monthly reports for inclusion
 in the board agenda/minutes. Feedback and comments are welcomed. As
 will be noted below, I expect that the workflow associated with the
 EA to increase to do ApacheCon conf procedural changes and an
 increased workload, as reflected in the budget.

 Trademarks, Fundraising and M&P are all progressing well. Infra
 reported extremely late but, except for the lateness of the report,
 there are no issues to concern the board. As of the date of this
 writing, I did not receive anything from TAC or Concom; Concom
 is an item of discussion however, so having no report isn't that
 much of a concern at this point. TAC seems simply in idle-mode.

 As noted in the EVP report, Concom is restructuring, based on a
 better and more realistic review of available resources and capa-
 bilities. Both the EVP and I feel that this will be the "secret
 sauce" and solution looked for by the board.

 Sam, Chris, Hadrian and I had discussions regarding the status
 and movement of the audit effort. The general consensus was that
 Chris would be working with Hadrian to get our books into
 "acceptable" shape enough to allow us to, in the very near term,
 get an accountant to review our books and methods and give us
 a good, solid "gut-check" on where we are, regarding our finances.

 On a personal matter, I will be unable to attend the 1st half of
 next week's member's meeting. I can still setup and "run" the
 elections if required/desired; I'll need to know ASAP however,
 to ensure that I do the prep-work to allow anyone to "kick-off"
 the polls, if I am late in returning from the hospital.

 Finally, I wish to thank all Directors and members for the
 opportunity to have served as Director again; it's been an honor
 and privilege.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 0 through 6.

17 Apr 2013 [Jim]

 I presented a Keynote at POSSCON 2013 regarding "Licensing, Governance,
 Community and more". Copies of the slides can be found at:

 At present there are no issues with the running of the foundation.
 All presidents' committees are working well, with the normal expected
 delays due to volunteer cycles. To alleviate this I plan on ramping
 up the involvement of our EA to better track and assist these cmmts.

 I will work with Upayavira and Chris to ensure that Upayavira has
 the view into payment's rec'd to support his fundraising activities
 (as requested by Upayavira).

 The proposed ASF 2013-2014 budget is ready for discussion and
 approval. The board will note that our overall expenses are slightly
 down from last year.

 Branding is quite busy but handling the load well. Fundraising has
 an issue which I'll be tracking, and it's referred to above.
 Concom is taking the number of suggestions and comments provided
 by the board and the President/EVP into consideration, and are
 making the required changes to implement those, including a "refocus"
 of the cmmt and a clean-up of the mailing lists. I anticipate
 some discussion of all this at the board meeting. There are no
 issues with TAC. I received no report from Infra. This follows
 a somewhat disappointing reaction to the budget call. As per
 the agreed upon work-flow, I ask the VP of Infra to see where
 the problems are and to address the problems.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

20 Mar 2013 [Jim]

 The call for the 2013-2014 budget went out a few weeks ago. I will
 send a reminder this week. The due date for the budget requests is
 the end of the month. This should provide sufficient time for
 scrubbing the numbers, getting clarification and verification,
 etc... before the budget is set for approval at next month's board

 I've asked Chris and Melissa to work with CSC regarding our corporate
 status renewals and ensure that our status remains active and in
 good standing.

 Brand Management is working a name-conflict issue and has pulled in
 Legal for assistance, otherwise things are going well, if busy.

 Both Fundraising and M&P are doing fine. No issues with TAC although
 I am awaiting the final accounting of money used. No issues with

 Concom is working some smaller events but the big news was, as
 expected, ApacheCon NA 2013. The con was "generally held to be
 a success", a statement with which I agree, and it was clear
 that the volunteers in Concom were not as stressed or over-worked
 at this event as compared to others. A post-conf meeting was held
 and I am awaiting the notes and recommendations from Concom
 regarding future ApacheCons.

 Last month I presented the ASF State of the Feather at ACNA2013,
 a copy of which is on Slideshare. I'll be presenting at POSSCON next
 week about FOSS licensing and governance issues.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

20 Feb 2013 [Jim]

 All President's cmmts reported and in general all is well. There
 are no issues with branding or marketing; fundraising has been
 active with renewals and this has created a delay in sending out
 the 'Thank You' letters. I am working with Fundraising to address
 their questions.

 ApacheCon NA 2013 is next week; I will be doing the standard 'State
 of the Feather' talk. Concom will be doing a post-con assessment.
 There will likely be an event in Bangalore in late March in which
 Concom is involved with.

 Both Infra and TAC are also progressing well.

 There were delays in getting reports this month; I will look
 into extending Marvin to better remind my cmmts to report earlier.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

16 Jan 2013 [Jim]

 Trademarks, Concom and Marketing/PR are all fine.

 TAC requests verification regarding payment of expenditures. My
 initial desire was to see all TAC expenditures and approve them,
 even though TAC has a pre-approved budget. The sole reason was to
 be able to follow the money stream in TAC, and not to create a
 bottleneck. For TAC, this may not be feasible, due to the way
 expenses are done (lots of little bills). Assuming the board
 is OK with this, I will inform TAC that they can self-approve
 bills received.

 Sally is helping w/ Fundraising. If anyone on the board can help
 as well, please let Upayavira or myself know; things always go
 easier when "titles" are used.

 We are still working out delegation "kinks" within Infra. Even
 so, Infra is doing well. I would encourage the board to review
 the thread and web-page referring to the "relaxed" SVN ACLs (aka
 "UCB") and provide some guidance.

 I will representing the ASF at a panel discussion at the NSF SI2
 meeting in Arlington, VA tomorrow (Jan 17th). This event came
 through via Ross, who was unable to attend.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

 Comment: Regarding TAC, expenses for TAC members (not TAC
 beneficiaries) should be approved by Jim.

19 Dec 2012 [Jim]

 I was invited to keynote at the CloudStack Collaboration
 Conference in Las Vegas at the turn of the month. The topic was
 "Code, Community and Open Source" (The Apache Way), and the
 slides are available via slideshare (
 The conf itself was noteworthy for a few reasons:

  1. The energy and enthusiasm of the CloudStack community was self-
  2. It was also obvious that Citrix had and has a great desire to
     be a good FOSS and ASF citizen.
  3. The conf was organized by The Open Bastion, and I was impressed
     with how well it was run (as were Citrix,

 Melissa's EA contract was renewed for another 6 months. And speaking
 of renewals, Sam and I discussed salary considerations for our
 sys-admin contractors and have an agreed-upon plan. Sam is in
 the process of updating the sys-admin renewals to comply.

 There was some discussion regarding the status of git; better
 documentation and a more public plan is being worked.

 We may have an issue with a podling's CLI name; VP of Branding is
 working the (potential) issue. He is also working a trademark
 transfer issue for the same podling. No other board level brand
 issues at this time.

 We have a large number of sponsor renewals coming up. I intend
 to help, and offer the EA's assistance, as needed. If Greg can also
 help, that would be great.

 Marketing and PR are pushing on; on immediate tap is ACNA13 and

 And speaking of ACNA13, speaker notifications and announcements
 have gone out. TAC is working with Concom. TAC expects to spend
 around $25k for ACNA13, compared to $20k they spent on ACEU12.
 At present, I see no real concerns with either TAC or Concom.

 All in all, 2012 has been a very good year for the ASF.

 Additionally, please see Attachments 1 through 6.

21 Nov 2012 [Jim]

 At last month's meeting, as discussed and agreed upon at
 the face-to-face, the VPs of Brand Management, Fundraising,
 Marketing and Publicity, Conference Planning and Travel
 Assistance were "re-appointed" as serving under the direction
 of the president. As such, I will start the transition to the
 board reporting structure also discussed at the f2f: all
 reports from those entities will be sent to the President
 and the President's report will consist of summaries of those
 reports. The actual reports will be included as addenda
 to the agenda but the board will not be required to read and
 approve as has been the case up to now. In support of this,
 Greg had agreed to update the agenda template. I will confirm
 with Greg. I will also update Marvin as well. I expect the new
 system to be finalize and in place at next month's meeting.

 I am pleased with the good reports regarding ACEU 2012. Having
 a successful event certainly helps making all the efforts and
 pre-con concerns somewhat easier to take. It also sounds as
 though the new direction for ApacheCon, starting with the US
 show, will be a major help.

 I was invited to speak at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference
 later this month, which I accepted. The topic of my talk will
 be The ASF and Open Source, a la "The Apache Way", a term I
 think that despite our efforts, simply won't go away.

 I've re-informed OSI that we wish them great success with their
 Affiliate Program (as well as their membership and corporate
 affiliate programs) but that the board has decided, upon
 receipt of the Affiliate Agreement, not to sign and nor join the

 The foundation is running well.

17 Oct 2012 [Jim]

 No report was submitted.

19 Sep 2012 [Jim]

 Thanks again to the board with entrusting me with the duties
 of President. We are starting to make the transitions from
 many of the committees reporting directly to the board to
 instead reporting to the President. The 'operations@' mailing
 list discussed at the f2f has been setup but not yet formally

 Our EA is working almost exclusively on ACEU duties and has
 been invaluable in the ongoing progress associated with Concom.

15 Aug 2012 [Jim]

 The Concom status, especially ACEU 2012, as noted by Doug, continues
 to be an issue. I have asked Concom to present weekly reports
 and have shared these (and will continue to do so) with the board.
 My own personal fear is that ACEU 2012 will burn out whatever
 support and volunteer energy we have, putting ACNA 2013 in
 significant risk; If I had to choose, I'd say sacrifice ACEU
 in favor of ACNA, where we have more runway to "do things right."

 I also have given Hadrian express permission to work the audit
 situation. Again, IMO, this needs to be a priority for the

 We received 3 notices from the IRS regarding our non-submission of
 Form 941 for 3 quarters. We are not required to submit these forms,
 so these notices are somewhat of a mystery. I follow-through on
 replying to the notices.

 Our D&O Insurance was renewed with no significant change in rate.
 I will add the invoice and notice to SVN.

 I am becoming concerned at the "lateness" of some reports, esp
 from non-PMC entities.

25 Jul 2012 [Jim]

 Welcome to the following new members, elected in at May's annual

   Andrew Hart             Andy Seaborne            Arvind Prabhakar
   Ashutosh Chauhan        Bert Huijben             Billie Rinaldi
   Brian Foster            Cameron Goodale          Chris Bowditch
   Daniel (Jianyong) Dai   David Fisher             Devaraj Das
   Eric Charles            Francesco Chicchiriccò   Jakob Homan
   Jan Lehnardt            Jochen Wiedmann          Johan Corveleyn
   Karl Wright             Kristian Rosenvold       Kristian Waagan
   Lewis John McGibbney    Lukasz Lenart            Mahadev Konar
   Malcolm Edgar           Marshall Schor           Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov
   Massimo Manghi          Matt Franklin            Maurice (Mike) L. Kienenberger
   Michael Dürig           Noah Slater              Ron Grabowski
   Sandro Martini          Scott Carey              Sean R. Owen
   Sebastian Schelter      Stefan Fritsch           Stefan Fuhrmann
   Stephen Connolly        Suresh Marru             Thomas Müller
   Todd Lipcon             Tom Hobbs                Tomaž Muraus
   Torsten Förtsch

 From what I was able to see, the ASF booth at OSCON had a great deal
 of traffic and activity. Special thanks goes to Sally and Melissa
 for doing a great job in coordinating the booth and in manning it.
 Also thanks to all ASF members and committers who helped man the
 booth, especially Justin who was there *a lot*.

 Although I still have some concerns about Concom, and especially
 about ApacheCon EU 2012, I am happy to see renewed efforts and
 energy in the cmmt. Even though I have asked to be voted in as
 a Concom developer, I will likely also request weekly reports from
 Concom, as we get closer and closer to the event.

 I am working on the D&O renewal. I've been informed that this year's
 rate will likely be more expensive than the previous years (by
 potentially as much as 50%). Our agent is looking into other
 policies but in any case, we will be easily under budget on this
 line item.

20 Jun 2012 [Jim]

 Logistically the annual ASF members meeting went off w/o a hitch.
 Thanks again for all people who helped make it happen, including the
 Infra team for keeping the web-based voter tool running.

 I am renewing the contract for our EA for another 6 months.

 I will be presenting at the NASA Open Source Summit this month
 (June 19-20) regarding "Community" and the ASF will, of course,
 be especially noted in my talk. I will also be presenting at OSCON
 and will perform "booth duty" as my time and schedule allows.

 I am also cutting/pasting my report from the member meeting:
 The previous year has been an active one for the foundation. There
 has been a large number of significant codebases entering the
 Incubator, the latest being CloudStack. In my mind this once again
 reinforces the fact that the ASF is known as *the* place for open,
 collaborative development, if the goal is to create a neutral yet
 healthy and sustainable community around a project. We should be
 proud of this reputation, and continue to foster and promote it.

 We've also over the previous year have seen a large number of TLP
 graduations, which is a change from last year where it seemed some-
 what sluggish. Overall, all the projects, including the "new" ones
 are operating well, each as their own.

 I continue to be well-pleased by the work done by our EA. She has
 been a significant help to many committees. Her contract has been
 renewed, so if there are issues or tasks that she can help with,
 don't hesitate to ping me.

 Our infrastructure team continues to actively and pro-actively keep
 on top of our resources and services. My thanks go to our SysAdmins,
 all infra volunteers and our VP of Infra. One item in particular to
 note is that increased efforts by Infra regarding in-house use and
 support of git, a request frequently made by members and projects.

 Finally, as before, if your PMC desires specific computing resources
 (ie build farm, test machines, etc.), please get in touch with the
 infrastructure group.  Well-reasoned and detailed proposals are
 always welcomed.  However, we are often limited by human resources,
 so volunteers to help execute these plans are strongly encouraged.

 The board approved our FY2012-2013 budget; We operated as expected
 and on target under our 2011-2012 budget. We continue to be cash-flow
 positive, with funds in the bank for unforeseen expenses.

 We are *finally* pushing thru an action to have an official audit of
 our books. The next board (and President) should ensure this happens.
 It's long overdue.

 Relatedly, with the appointment of a new treasurer, we are back on
 track regarding our books and handling of invoices and payments.
 I am also happy to report that Fundraising has renewed energy and
 we have seen a nice increase in sponsors and their sponsorship levels.

 I wish to thank the board and the membership for their trust and
 support. I also wish to thank all Sponsors of the ASF.

 Finally, I am happy to report that the ASF continues to be an
 extremely noteworthy and respected entity in the FOSS space, and I
 (and others) are frequently asked to speak at conferences,
 user-groups, etc regarding the foundation, the so-called "Apache Way"
 and Open Source in general. In addition, the foundation itself
 is running extremely well, on "greased grooves" one might even say.
 Kudos to all.

16 May 2012 [Jim]

 Happy to report that the budget is ready for approval; all issues and
 questions have been addressed in this latest revision.

 I have been asked to attend a full-day meeting in Rockville, MD at the
 National Cancer Institute (NCI) regarding their Cancer Biomedical
 Informatics GridR (caBIGR) Open Development Initiative (ODI). This
 opportunity was the result of my talks at POSSCON. I've also accepted
 a request to speak at the NASA Open Source Summit.

 I have been re-appointed to a 2year term as director of OuterCurve.
 This coincides with my re-appointment at OSI. I anticipate, as before,
 no conflicts.

 I have provided a number of quotes for ASF PRs, most regarding Apache
 OpenOffice. I've also been in contact with SourceForge, thanking them
 for their help with the AOOo distribution as well as other potential
 areas of cooperation.

 My thanks go to this current board. The foundation is running well.

18 Apr 2012 [Jim]

 I spoke regarding open source licenses and communities at POSSCON
 last month, down in SC. The slides are available under my account.

 The proposed 2012-2013 budget has been rec'd, scrubbed and now
 proposed for approval. Thanks goes to all those who made this

 As mentioned last month, I was re-appointed for another 2 year
 term as director of OSI; I still foresee no conflicts. I also
 accepted a role as Advisor to the MARSEC-XL Foundation council,
 arising from my keynote at IOOS 2011 last year.

 The foundation continues to run smoothly, and I am pleased by the
 number and quality of the projects eager to join our happy home,
 as well as the number and quality of projects which make it, and
 become TLPs.

 Our annual members meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 22, 2012,
 and I will be helping Doug with the backend voter-tool work.

21 Mar 2012 [Jim]

 There are has been quite a bit of active and tense communication on
 many of the public ASF mailing lists. Kudos to those who have
 tried to defuse these threads before they become too damaging.

 I am very pleased to see that we appear to be on an even keel again
 regarding our books and treasury duties. I am also happy to report
 that our EA continues to be utilized and valued.

 I will send a "final" reminder to PMCs and cmmt's today regarding
 the budget calls. All budget updates are due by the end of this
 month in expectation of a submittal to, and approval of, the board
 next month.

 I have somewhat of a concern over the response of the fundraising
 team. Some emails and queries sent to fundraising (both internal
 as well as external) have been ignored or un-seen, and the fact that,
 as of this writing, we still have not rec'd a report does not give me
 a warm and fuzzy feeling.

 On a similar note, I am quite interested in seeing Concom's
 report since I know there has been quite a bit of activity within
 the last few weeks.

 In general, foundation-wise, we are operating well.

15 Feb 2012 [Jim]

 Quite an "verbose" month on Incubator mailing list, as evidenced in
 Incubator report. There was some "leakage" of the discussion to
 the members list, but the main discussion was held within the
 Incubator, where it belonged. It was refreshing to see that.

 The Annual report was filed; Thanks to Craig for submitting it
 and Melissa for the follow-up. Speaking of Melissa, the calendar
 system seems to be working quite well and I believe all who
 require access to it, have it.

 The budget call went out. Will continue to follow and push. I have
 asked Noirin to help with this.

 I grow increasingly concerned about our lack of an active and
 available treasurer and suggested switching the current
 treasurer and ass't treasurer parties. I've been unable to
 get ahold of Geir to discuss this, but have chatted with

 Other than the treasurer issue, the foundation is running well.

24 Jan 2012 [Jim]

 Thanks to our EA, the foundation calendar is a reality. If you need
 access, just contact myself or Melissa.

 Thanks also to Joe and Sam for cleaning up the main ASF page; when
 pulling in content from the blog and/or mailing lists, some invalid
 characters would leak out causing the site to look really, really bad.
 Filtering was added to the CMS system to address this.

 I will be starting the formal budgeting process this month.

 The mailing lists have been relatively quiet; the foundation is
 running on greased grooves.

21 Dec 2011 [Jim]

 Apologies for not being able to attend this meeting.

 The last month has seen its share of sometimes-useful and sometimes
 not-so-much discussions on the 2 main ASF mailing lists. I want to
 ensure the membership that the ASF is running quite well; sure there
 are some issues that could be addressed in a more timely manner,
 but all-in-all, we have a lot to be proud of.

 The unfortunately named external blog post entitled "Apache Considered
 Harmful" succeeded in its goal of, as with most posts so named,
 grandstanding with a small smattering of useful data. Myself and
 others tried to clear the air and address some of the most blatant
 "inaccuracies" within that post and were quite happy to see the
 large and almost universal support of Apache and Foundations from
 the people who really know and understand such things.

 I'm quite happy with the continued work being done by #infra re.
 the evaluation and "testing" of git within the ASF, and want to
 also thank those projects offering to help as "test cases."

 I renewed our EA's contract for another 6 months. At present, her
 prime task is the finalization of the ASF wide calendar and she has
 contacted stakeholders in that effort. I am also aware of other tasks
 that other officers and Directors have in place and in vision for her.

 Sally is working on the Annual Report. There has also been some prelim
 budget discussions regarding infra and PR, and budgeting will start in
 earnest the start of the year. I also plan to start making more use
 of the EVP position to further optimize operations.

 2011 ends with the ASF in, imo, capable hands and doing quite well,
 thank you.

16 Nov 2011 [Jim]

 During the f2f board meeting, we decided to appoint Sam Ruby as VP
 of Infra and maintain, for the time being, that position as an
 independent task. Thanks goes to Microsoft and Gianugo Rabellino for
 providing the meeting space for the meeting.

 I presented the State Of The Feather at ApacheCon NA 2011, a copy
 of which can be found at:

 I believe many of the directors, and indeed members, who attended
 ACNA11 met Melissa, our EA, who performed "booth duty" (as well as
 other tasks, of course) at the Con. Next on her agenda is finalization
 of the ASF Calendar and working on the Annual Report with Sally.

 Thank you to the board for "re-appointing" me as Prez.

 Fine-tuning of the running of the organization is still required and
 I plan on focusing on that in the upcoming month.

26 Oct 2011 [Jim]

 Apologies again for missing last month's meeting and thank you all
 again for your thoughts and support the last several weeks.

 The big news has been the increasing issues related to infra, and the
 amount of oversight requested and required. I've asked Noirin, as EVP,
 to take over the tasks associated with the VP of Infra position with
 the intent of phasing out that role. Although this is not intended to
 be the last change to take place, it will serve as a reasonable
 stop-gap until the f2f meeting at ApacheCon, where this topic will
 be more fully addressed.

 Also related to infra was the discussion regarding CouchDB's
 offer and request to be a testbed regarding the ASF's use of git
 as a VCS. This is no way changes policy, nor does it imply any
 such change.

 At Sally's request, I'll be meeting with some existing and potential
 sponsors at ApacheCon.

 There has also been quite a bit of rigamarole regarding Open Office,
 and I helped out a bit in speaking w/ reporters and other interested
 parties in an attempt to clear up the FUD.

 I spoke at the IOOS2011 Conference in Malta related to FOSS and how
 the ASF tries to create community (the so-called "Apache Way" talk).
 It was very well received will likely result in similar talks with
 the EU and the Maltese government.

21 Sep 2011 [Jim]

A report was expected, but not received

17 Aug 2011 [Jim]

 Actually quite a busy month since the last board meeting.

 First of all, there was some concern regarding the speed and
 "failover" of some infra tasks (mostly related to account creation).
 Thanks goes to Sam, Craig and infra for the effort around the account
 creation tool, which has substantially improved the situation. I
 don't think that this alleviates all the concerns, but this will give
 us some "breathing room" until the planned infra meeting during the
 Surge conference in Baltimore.

 2 renewals were done since the last meeting: we renewed our D&O
 Insurance and I renewed our subcontract with our EA. Our EA continues
 to be a valuable resource for those who use her; I again encourage
 officers and directors to leverage her availability; TAC and Concom
 have, most notably, been advantageous users, as have myself. We
 should be receiving the invoice for the D&O Insurance renewal within
 a week or so.

 We now have a UPS account in conjuction with our FedEx account. Thx
 again to our EA for handling that.

 I am on task to send to Sam 2 copies of acceptable ID in order to
 get my Wells Fargo credit card. I did receive my WF RSA keyfob to
 access to the web portal.

 I will be speaking at the Transfer Summit 2011 in Oxford next month.

20 Jul 2011 [Jim]

 Less than a week ago we finished our annual ASF members meeting. The
 meeting ran well, but this was the 1st year in which I was honestly
 worried that we may not hit quorum. We did manage to hit it, with
 about 20-30 or so members to spare, but I wonder if it's time to
 once again ping the "inactive" members and ask if they wish to
 go emeritus.

 On behalf of the foundation, welcome to the new board! In particular,
 welcome back to Brett, after a brief (but I'm sure refreshing) hiatus,
 and to Larry, our noob. And a vote of thanks and gratitude goes out
 to Geir and Noirin as outgoing directors (but still active exec.

 I received a few more invitations for later on this year to speak
 regarding the ASF; I am checking my schedule for availability. I did
 accept the offer to speak at the Transfer Summit, in GB.

 For the record, I am adding in my report from the members meeting:

 The foundation is running smoothly but has seen quite a bit of
 activity, both internally and well as externally related. Externally,
 the item most of note is likely the donation of the
 code and trademark from Oracle to us, and the subsequent creation of
 the Apache OpenOffice Incubator podling. Admittedly, not all of the
 "press" related to this was positive, with some people and reporters
 even going so far as to imply that the ASF was in kahoots with Oracle
 and IBM to "destroy" LibreOffice (which of course, is FUD of the nth

 Another semi-major issue that occurred over the last 6 months has
 been that Oracle subpoenaed us regarding information related to
 Harmony, its licensing and attempts to get a TCK, in support of
 Oracle's suit against Google. Kudos to all involved for helping out
 with this, but special attention to Sam for leading the effort.

 Internally, I would say that the efforts regarding our trademarks and
 the *protection* of our trademarks, and the discussion that arose on
 the members@ and incubator@ lists regarding OOo have been 2 of the
 most substantial ones.

 Speaking of the Incubator, as the below stats show, there are quite a
 number of Incubator podlings in existence, and a non-insignificant
 number of those have been in the Incubator for a number of years.
 Something for the new board and the Incubator to consider is actively
 prodding these podlings to either graduation or retire.

 Our Executive Assistant has been extremely helpful in a number of
 areas, especially with Concom and TAC. I expect to renew her contract
 this month.

 Our infrastructure team continues to actively and pro-actively keep
 on top of our resources and services; in particular, we just hired a
 part-time sys-admin (pctony) and servers are being replaced *before*
 they die.

 Finally, as before, if your PMC desires specific computing resources
 (ie build farm, test machines, etc.), please get in touch with the
 infrastructure group.  Well-reasoned and detailed proposals are
 always welcomed.  However, we are often limited by human resources,
 so volunteers to help execute these plans are strongly encouraged.

 The board approved our FY2011-2012 budget, and, although admittedly
 early in our fiscal year, we are operating on projections.

 Finally, I am happy to report that the ASF continues to be an
 extremely noteworthy and respected entity in the FOSS space, and I
 (and others) are frequently asked to speak at conferences,
 user-groups, etc regarding the foundation, the so-called "Apache Way"
 and Open Source in general.

 Stats (please feel free to share!):
   Committers: 2663
   Members (active): 370
   iCLAs on file: 4158
   Projects: 94
   Incubating: 57(!!)
   Labs: 32
   Attic: 16
   SVN Revisions: r1144357+
 Web stats:
 Mailing lists and SVN commits graph:

 General agreement on reviewing/pinging inactive membership for
 status and moving to emeritus.

 Greg suggests that we also should stress proxies.

 Larry asks if we could change our quorum requirements; Greg
 indicates that this would require a change to bylaws (Section
 3.9), and should be something that is done as a last resort
 (and probably only after we fail hold a members meeting due to
 quorum requirements).

 Jim notes that the quorum requirements is required to start
 the meeting, votes afterwards are counted as attending but too
 late to be helpful; again we need to stress proxies.

15 Jun 2011 [Jim]

 The big news the last month has been the code and
 trademark donation from Oracle in anticipation of the
 podling. This created quite a bit of discussion and debate, both
 within and without the foundation, with quite a bit of FUD being
 slung externally.

 I keynoted at the Open Repositories 2011 conference in Austin, TX.
 The topic was "Open Source: It's not just for IT anymore" and the
 focus was regarding the "Apache Way" and how we build communities.

 Doug announced the ASF member's meeting for 12 July, 2010, at
 17:00 UTC ( I will be helping Doug setup
 and coordinate the meeting. Doug has already sent out the Call For
 Nominations for both new members as well as the board.

 There are no issues from a foundation perspective.

19 May 2011 [Jim]

 The big news this month is that the ASF was served, and I signed for,
 a subpoena from Oracle related to their suit against Google. This was
 copied to the VP Legal who has further information on this in his

 The foundation now has an additional (part-time) SysAdmin, to
 help our 2 full-timers as well as the roster of volunteers.

 Our EA has been busy helping coordinating both the Retreat/BarCamp
 and the ApacheCon events.

 I attended OSBC earlier this week (again, thanks to the board for
 pushing this board meeting out a day so I could attend). One of
 my panel discussions was regarding the ASF and our IP governance
 process (also on the panel were representatives from Eclipse,
 OuterCurve and the Linux Foundation). Despite being the last
 session on the last day, it was extremely well attended.

 I am tentatively scheduled to attend a series of focus groups
 in DC regarding how to leverage some of the methods used within
 the ASF (the so-called "Apache Way") to build communities around
 some government open-sourcing efforts. I will also be presenting
 at the Open Repositories conference in Austin next month on a
 similar topic.

 From a top-level, foundation-wide view, the ASF is running smoothly.

20 Apr 2011 [Jim]

 The budgeting process this year, though started a little bit later
 than I would have liked (my fault, however), went very smoothly.
 Thanks to all committees for their quick and efficient handling
 of the whole budgeting process.

 The board will note that the proposed budget is a balanced one,
 with the deltas from last year's budget noted. The additional
 Platinum sponsor (my thanks go out to Fundraising and Marketing/PR,
 and, of course, all of our sponsors), allows for some timely and
 most needed additional expenditures.

 Since there has been no feedback from the board concerning the
 proposed budget, I expect that we will be able to approve it
 at today's meeting (see 7C).

 Last month I spoke at POSSCON 2011; in addition to a technical talk
 (a preview of Apache httpd 2.4), I also was on a panel discussion
 with Bob Sutor (VP, Open Source & Linux, IBM), Iain
 Sanderson (CMIO, Center for Health Quality) and Bryant Patten
 (Executive Director, National Center for Open Source in Education)
 regarding the "Future of Open Source", as well as doing a keynote
 entitled "Open Source: Not Just for IT Anymore" where I discussed
 the ASF methodology. Next month I will be at the Red Hat Summit
 and OSBC.

 The biggest "issue" the last month has been regarding infra-
 structure; we are having growing pains (no surprise) and trying
 to again juggle the availability of volunteer efforts within the
 demands of a full-time, 24x7 environment. As such, at my urging,
 infra has taken on the task of redefining the role of the VP Infra
 position, with the goal of reducing the load on that position and
 allowing the sub-contracted sys admins more autonomy. We have 2
 excellent full-time sysadmins and requiring the VP Infra to, for
 example, coordinate with vendors for pricing, etc, no longer is
 viable or even needed. The VP Infra will still be the "final" say,
 and will be the one to "do" the actual purchasing, but having them
 be the middle-man makes no sense. This type of streamlining will
 result in a more efficient (and cost-effective) process, as well
 and better managing the load on the whole infra team.

 I was appointed to the Board of the Open Source Initiative (OSI),
 effective April 1, 2011. I do not foresee any conflict of interest
 nor any problems with my accepting this position; rather, I see
 it as an advantage for both the ASF and OSI.

 I am still willing to chat (and lunch) with Wayne from Sonatype
 but as of this writing, I have yet to hear any requests to do so
 from Wayne.

16 Mar 2011 [Jim]

 The formal budget call was sent out a few weeks ago, after having
 pinged each associated committee "one-on-one." The deadline for
 people to submit their budgets for 2011-2012 is March 21. My plan
 is to scrub the numbers with the cmmts, give the board a "head's
 up" assessment via email and have a proposal for board approval by
 next meeting.

 I will be presenting at POSSCON 2011 next week; in addition to a
 technical talk, I will be on a panel discussion with Bob Sutor,
 Iain Sanderson and Walter Bender regarding the "future" of Open
 Source as well as a keynote regarding "lessons learned" in Open

 I am very happy that the CFP for ApacheCon NA 2011 went out almost
 on time. Thx to all, especially to Sally for pushing this along.

 Our EA has been helping with TAC, Concom and PR. We are planning
 a f2f meeting for later on this month with Sally; expected date is
 the 29th. I also have Melissa working on a foundation-wide calendar
 (hardcopy at present) and hope to work with Geir in getting her
 access to our accounts.

 Welcome to our newly elected members from January's members meeting:

   Greg Brown            Michael Busch          Jack Cai
   Adriano Crestani      Paul Joseph Davis      Jean-Sebastien Delfino
   Ted Dunning           Mohammad Nour El-Din   Julian Foad
   Igor Galic            Alan Gates             Oliver Heger
   Colm O Heigeartaigh   Arnaud Heritier        Jeremy Hughes
   Patrick Hunt          Nandika Jayawardana    Willem Ning Jiang
   Supun Kamburugamuva   Yegor Kozlov           Ken Krugler
   Damitha Kumarage      Olivier Lamy           Paul Lindner
   Ruwan Linton          Jimmy Lv               Rick McGuire
   Mark Miller           Julien Nioche          Johan Oskarsson
   Gerhard Petracek      Jörg Schaible          Theo Schlossnagle
   Zoe Slattery          Stefan Sperling        Ulrich Stärk
   Amila Suriarachchi    Tommaso Teofili        Tammo van Lessen
   Gert Vanthienen       Igor Vaynberg          Kanchana Welagedara

 A relatively quiet and smoothly running month.

16 Feb 2011 [Jim]

 Foundation-wise a relatively quiet month. For some reason, it seems
 that our annual CSC bill got lost and we rec'd a bill from a
 collection agency which was quickly paid. I'll take the initiative
 to have our EA create a foundation calendar.

 Speaking of our EA, I've been working hard to get Melissa in touch
 and working with various ASF "consumers". Currently, the main focus
 has been in working with Sally regarding such issues as the ASF
 Annual Report, coordinating Concom marketing/PR with Charel, etc...
 My intent is to push more work in helping Geir and TAC.

 Despite good work being done regarding trademarks, I do have some
 personal concerns regarding how this will play out. In particular, I
 tend to gauge how closely PMCs feel "connected" to the ASF by how
 much they worry about protecting Apache marks. In other words, if the
 PMCs feel that it is important to make sure that external agencies
 know that those projects are *ASF* projects, I feel that they value
 their association with the ASF. Maybe that is an unfair
 characterization, but there it is.

 The scheduled lunch with Wayne from Sonatype was postponed due to an
 appointment conflict. We will reschedule asap. Hopefully, the Maven
 trademark issue is making some headway; from what I can see, Brett is
 doing an excellent job distilling main ideas and concepts down to
 poll-able and vote-able topics.

 I talked w/ Sally regarding renewal of the HALO contract. We agreed
 that an extension to the existing contract to bring us to the end of
 the fiscal year was the way to go. A new contract will be negotiated
 at that point.

 I am gearing up for our budgeting process.

19 Jan 2011 [Jim]

 For general information, please see the President's Report for the
 Member's Meeting. Supplmental info as follows:

 Melissa Warnkin is fully on-board as our EA. She has all required
 accounts, access to JIRA and subversion, an EA-specific JIRA task
 list and an archived Email alias. Next step will be in coordinating
 tasks with the various PMCs and VPs. Formal announcement to them will
 be made this week.

 Other than that, a slow month, business-wise but there was some
 spirited discussion on members@ regarding membership and trademark

15 Dec 2010 [Jim]

 The last month has been quite a busy one for the foundation. The
 biggest news, of course, has been our resignation from the JCP EC
 and the effort required both pre and post announcement. Kudos to
 all involved; as noted in an email to board@, I am also quite pleased
 that the board is getting less and less "hesitant" about making
 direct and quick decisive action.

 Sally and I attended SC10 in New Orleans and represented the ASF
 at a table which was shared with the Linux Fund. Sally will be,
 as noted in her report, submitting a full report to Concom, but in
 the meantime I'll state that the show was extremely well attended
 and the ASF table received quite a bit of walk-by traffic, mostly
 "We love Apache" and "So glad you guys are here."

 I've been asked to keynote at POSSCON 2011 and Open Repositories
 2011; I have accepted both invitations.

 I'd like to welcome Melissa Warnkin onboard as our new ASF Executive
 Assistant. In the coming week I will be working with Melissa to
 introduce her to the various committees and VPs who will be using
 her time and talents and coordinating the work process.

 Larry, Shane and I had a concall with Sonatype on December 9th.

 There was some delay and issue regarding obtaining the VSphere
 license from VMware but this was quickly resolved. I received via
 Email the Order, Licensing and Subscription information and
 forwarded it to infra. Thanks again to Bruce Snyder and VMware.

 I've pinged the various committees with budget line-items and
 will be working with them for a mid-year budget review.

17 Nov 2010 [Jim]

 The 2 main events from the last month have been ApacheCon NA 2010
 and the growing interest, publicity and notice regarding our thoughts
 regarding the JCP, the EC and our continued involvement therein.

 Regarding the former: From what I heard and experienced, most of the
 attendees were quite happy with ACNA2010. Trainings seemed somewhat
 less well attended than previous years, but the sessions themselves
 seemed quite crowded. Also, the general agreement was that the content
 was some of our best. While at ACNA2010, I talked with many reporters
 and analysts regarding event #2 (the JCP). As expected, some of the
 details got lost or misrepresented, especially regarding some of the
 finer points of the issue, but these were quickly corrected. It will,
 of course, be interesting to see how all this pans out.

 I have contacted Karen Sandler regarding drafting a consultant
 agreement for our EA. The first draft was delivered on the 12th and I
 am working some final details on that draft to return to Karen.
 Basically, it's in clearly specifying that the EA will be a
 contractor and not a part-time employee.

 While at ACNA2010, I was asked to speak at Georgia Tech regarding Open
 Source and "The Apache Way". The presentation was during a computer
 engineering class and was quite well received. It was also good since
 it reinforced the fact that the whole concept of "open source" still
 needs external advocacy. Most of the students simply knew about the
 GPL and associated the ASF with the web server only; that is, only
 a very surface understanding of FLOSS!

 This week I will be attending the SC10 Conference in NOLA. The ASF is
 sharing a booth with The Linux Fund. Sally will also be at the ASF
 booth with me.

 I attended the #infra working lunch-and-meeting at ACNA2010. Topics
 included the support for git (as mentioned in the infra report) as well
 as preliminary budgeting for next year.

20 Oct 2010 [Jim]

 Runtime-wise, the foundation is operating smoothly.

 We received quite a number of applications for the EA task, and
 we are now at a point to budget for the position. My expectation
 is that after today's meeting I will be able to offer the
 position to the current front-runner and hopes that he/she would
 be able to attend ApacheCon.

 There has been major discussions within the foundation (and
 external, of course) regarding the "fallout" after IBM announced
 that there were dropping support for Harmony and instead focusing
 on OpenJDK. I did speak with Gavin Clarke of The Register about
 this but basically said that ASF is built around the concepts that
 developers come-and-go and so we hope that the Harmony community
 "recovers" swiftly. I also noted that the decision does not bode
 well for Oracle ever abiding to the JSPA agreement with the ASF
 and allowing for TCK access minus the FOU, but time will tell for
 sure. More detail can be found in the VP of JCP and the Harmony

 I provided a blog post for GigaOM entitled "The Cloud is Open
 Source" available at:

22 Sep 2010 [Jim]

 Since the appointment, Justin and I have been coordinating the
 transition. At this stage, it is mostly moving stuff (contacts,
 emails, queries) from Justin's plate onto mine; since Justin knew
 he would be stepping down, he wisely chose to hold off on some
 issues until his replacement was on board. Signatory and credit
 card transitions are being handled by Craig, Sam and Geir.

 The issue of ASF support for git (actually more than just "support"
 for git, which we do now in some fashion anyway) was brought up
 again. One result of the thread however is that Nick Burch,
 Tony Stevenson, Philip Gollucci are planning a small get-together
 at Atlanta to more fully discuss git, focusing on what it would take,
 infra-wise, to more fully support git (if possible).

 I've been in contact with Ebon Worland, our Account Manager at
 Corporation Service Company (CSC) regarding the officer transition.

 Sam and I had a concall meeting with Karen Sandler from SFLC,
 mostly to start the transition process from Justin. Both Sam and
 I agreed that SFLC had done more work for us than we had been
 previously aware of, and that we will work to ensure that better
 "transparency" of SFLC's efforts will be recorded and reported.

 While at the f2f, I renewed HALO's 6-month extension. The invoice/
 bill has been recorded and approved.

 The RFP for the ASF's Exec. Assistant was released on Sept. 8th.
 So far we have received some very good candidates. I have followed
 up with each submitter and hope to have a final candidate by the
 next board meeting.

18 Aug 2010 [Justin]

 Things are largely running in cruise-control right now as we
 await the naming of my replacement, but that doesn't mean I've
 been idle!

 I attended OSCON and gave my talk on open-source infrastructure
 on a shoestring along with representatives from and
 OSUOSL.  We had lots of great questions from the audience about
 what lessons we've learned over the years - I hope it was a
 good experience for those who attended!

 After our talk, we had a get-together lunch with infrastructure
 people from other OSS orgs (Perl, KDE,, OSUOSL among
 others from the oss-infra mailing list).  We traded a lot of
 stories and advice.  Thanks to Google's Shawn Pearce for picking
 up our lunch tab at Red Robin!

 Along with Sally and others, I also manned our OSCON booth and
 got to talk to a lot of people about the ASF.  I find it's always
 fun to talk to people and learn how they are using our software and
 help broaden their understanding of what we're doing.  Our booth
 also serves as a great meeting point for our contributors - so there
 were always people milling around in front of booth.

 Other obligations forced me to cancel my trip to Shanghai to
 keynote the Roadshow, but Aaron Farr was able to step in and
 deliver an "Apache Way"-style keynote at the event.  Aaron has
 posted some pictures from the event on Flickr:

 As mentioned in a previous report, we provided support for
 Bill Stoddard to attend the 2010 Open Source China Open Source
 World Summit.  His writeup is now available at:

 Sander and I are coordinating with the infrastructure team to
 order replacement hardware for our EU facility at SARA.

 I plan to join the Board face-to-face meeting next month in
 Boston.  See ya'll then!

 Approved by general consent.

21 Jul 2010 [Justin]

 Verbal report: nothing to report since the members meeting
 last week; Justin is at OSCON this week coordinating with
 Sandy. Greg is meeting with the Register tomorrow (backfilling for

16 Jun 2010 [Justin]

 I exchanged some emails with Gavin Clarke from The Register
 concerning Apache Harmony and potential fragmentation within the
 Java ecosystem.  A writeup from that is available at:

 I will be speaking at the TransferSummit in Oxford next week:

 Next month, I will be presenting at OSCON:

 And, I plan to give a keynote at the Apache Asia Roadshow in
 Shanghai in August.  I was also invited to an NSF workshop in
 Washington D.C. at the end of August, but I have put the
 organizers in touch with Jim as he's more "local" than I am.

 As mentioned previously, Bill Stoddard will be representing us at
 China Open Source World in Beijing at the end of this month
 thanks to our support.

 Also, I am providing financial support for one of the speakers at
 TransferSummit (David Woollard) out of my discretionary funds as
 his employer does not currently have the budget to support him to
 attend and I believe the topic and his perspective is especially
 appropriate for this event:

 In this last month, I have handled a number of items from our
 sponsors ranging from requests for quotes to feedback about their
 open-source programs to finding open-source developers interested
 in working on specific projects.  Where appropriate, I have
 looped in specific projects and VPs.

 Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone in the ASF for the opportunity to
 serve as a Director and Executive Officer for the last five years.
 However, as all good things must, my time now draws to a close.
 I will not run in the upcoming Board elections and I will ask the
 new Board to seek and appoint a new President.  I, of course, will
 do my best to assist in the transition to my appointed successor.

19 May 2010 [Justin]

 I spent the majority of the last month on vacation traipsing
 around the globe.  Kudos to Sander for keeping an eye on things
 while I was gone.  Thanks to Brett and Ari for showing me around

 Along with Hyrum K. Wright (a committer to Subversion), I co-chaired
 a workshop on Emerging Trends in FLOSS Research and Development
 at an ACM SIGSOFT conference in Cape Town, South Africa.  For more,

 Also in Cape Town, a case study on Apache HTTP Server co-written
 by Roy back in 2000 received a prestigious "most influential paper"
 award from the main ACM SIGSOFT event.  The original paper is:

 In Cape Town, I lost my wallet which had my ASF credit card.
 Wells Fargo was called immediately afterwards and a replacement
 card should have arrived at our Secretary's address, but I have
 not yet received an acknowledgement that it has arrived.

 I received an invitation to keynote a conference in China -
 Bill Stoddard will be giving a keynote as I will not be able to
 attend.  We will provide financial support for Bill to attend
 out of my discretionary funds.  I will be talking at the
 TransferSummit in Oxford next month.

 Geir requested that when people lose credit cards they notify
 the treasurer.

 Sam indicated that has received the credit card, and will
 forward it shortly.

21 Apr 2010 [Justin]

 Since we have not received any feedback to the budget by this point,
 I am optimistic that the Board is satisfied with it and we can
 approve it during this meeting.

 Kudos to Joe, Gav, Philip and the rest of the infra team for their
 swift reaction on the recent security incident.  In the spirit of
 full disclosure and lessons learned, there is a good blog post
 from the infra team:

 My belief is that these things happen - the more telling thing is
 how you respond and learn from it.  I believe the infra team
 handled it exceptionally well.  Thanks!

 In March, I talked at OSBC and EclipseCon.  Both were interesting:
 OSBC for the audience mix, and EclipseCon for how they structure
 their show.  OSBC is a small-ish event with about 200-300 people:
 as Henri Yandell commented, more "How to use open source in your
 business" rather than "How to build an open source business."  I
 gave my ASF intro talk and was well received even though it was the
 last talk on the last day.  In comparison, the EclipseCon panel on
 the future of open source was essentially standing-room only - but
 that was more due to my esteemed panel mates (and not for me!):
 Mårten Mickos, Stephen O'Grady, and Jason van Zyl with Mike
 Milinkovich as moderator.  We had some different viewpoints
 represented, so I felt it was a good experience.

 Apropos to our continuing internal discussions about ConCom,
 Eclipse continues to house their conference themselves.  I had
 a chance to meet with their conference team, but their producer
 operates on a flat-rate basis with the Eclipse Foundation bearing
 the risk (and getting the profits).  We discussed the razor's
 edge that is being walked when taking the risk for a large event:
 a proposed European carrier strike if it had happened would have
 caused significant losses to the event if a sizable number of
 attendees could not make it to Santa Clara.  Fortunately, the
 strike was postponed and the attendees on that carrier made it,
 but this is just how these things go!

 While I was at EclipseCon, I went to an "Ask the Oracle Execs"
 sessions - Gavin Clarke from The Register had a story about that
 session at:

 I also attended the Apache Retreat in Ireland - Sander has aptly
 covered the experience in his report.  Many thanks to Noirin for
 organizing the event; and thanks to everyone who attended!  It was
 a lot of fun.

 Of note, I'll be on vacation with no email access from April 24th
 until May 4th.  During my absence, Sander will be assuming my

17 Mar 2010 [Justin]

 Many thanks to all of the committees for submitting their budget
 requests and justifications for FY'10-11 in a timely manner!

 I have asked the Fundraising committee to submit revised donor and
 sponsorship projections for the new year.  At this time, I do not
 expect any serious fluctuations in the projections (that is, most
 of our platinum, gold, and silver sponsors should renew and we
 may be able to add some additional sponsors).

 The draft budget is available for review at:


 I would like to ask all of the directors to review the budget
 prior to the April meeting.  Ideally, any concerns over specific
 items should be raised prior the meeting to ensure a smooth
 April meeting.  I welcome any suggestions as to how we can have
 a smooth review process as possible.

 I gave a keynote at JASIG in San Diego on March 9th.  They are a
 higher-ed focused OSS group (celebrating their 10th anniv.
 this year) and have reached a point where they are trying to
 determine what's next and how JASIG can remain relevant over
 the next decade.  In addition to my keynote, I also talked
 at length with members from the JASIG board and tried to
 convey some of our experiences and lessons learned from Apache.
 They have encountered many of the same dilemmas we have faced
 over the years - in addition to some that we may face ourselves
 in the future.  I hope that our experiences are helpful and that
 they continue to find success along their path!

 I have a talk at OSBC in SF on March 17th and a panel session at
 EclipseCon in Santa Clara on March 24th.

 Justin notes that the 2010-budget.txt does not include any
 ApacheCon income, as that income can't be relied on, we treat
 any income that we do get as found money.

17 Feb 2010 [Justin]

 Things chug along.  I'm spending a lot of time at events - last
 week, I was at FOSS 2010 in Irvine - a three-day academic/industry
 workshop attended by about 40 people - Stormy Peters from GNOME
 and I tried to place our foundations in the appropriate context
 between academia and industry.  There was a fair bit of Twitter
 conversations (see #foss2010) during the event.  This weekend, I'll
 be talking at SCaLE 8x in LA.  Next month, I'll be talking at Jasig
 (San Diego) and OSBC (SF).  And, I've also been invited to a panel
 at EclipseCon towards the end of March.  Happily, all of these
 events are on the US West Coast, so it's not too onerous.

 I have asked all of the committees to submit their budget requests
 by March 1st.  Most committees have started their internal discussions
 before turning in their submissions.  I still expect we are on track
 to have a first draft for the Board prior to the March 17th meeting.

 I have also been approached by a number of our sponsors asking for
 informal advice about a variety of things related to their ASF
 involvement (but not related to $$).  At this time, there is
 nothing requiring Board-level attention; if there is, I will bring
 the Board (and, if necessary, Fundraising VP or other officers) in
 the loop.

20 Jan 2010 [Justin]

 This last month has been quiet as expected.  By the end of this
 month, I will begin asking all of our committees to start
 formulating their 2010-2011FY budgets.  I do ask that the
 Treasurer/Asst. Treasurer help in this process by providing the
 historical YTD expenses to our committees.  I continue to expect
 that we should have a draft budget before the Board in time for
 the March 17th meeting.

 Unless there are any objections, I will take the point on the
 contract negotiations with HALO for their services.  (The current
 contract expires on March 1.)

 As mentioned previously, I have a number of speaking engagements
 in February and March representing the ASF - all within California.

 Jim volunteered to help with HALO's negotiation, Jim and
 Justin will work out offline the division of labor.

 Shane requested that Jim/Justin give the board a heads up
 should there be any significant changes in scope or budget.
 Justin indicated that he did not expect any significant

16 Dec 2009 [Justin]

 This month has been relatively quiet for everyone else as most
 people were either recovering from ApacheCon US or settling into
 their new officer roles as Infra and the PRC breakup has created
 a lot of turnover.

 While most was quiet in the US and Europe, Greg and I recently
 returned from Apache Asia Roadshow 2009 in Beijing and Colombo.
 It was fantastic and we got to meet a number of developers and
 spread the Apache love.  We had about 40 attendees in Beijing and
 over 250 people in Colombo attended our free events.  (Per Great
 Circle Mapper, I flew just under 20,000 miles and Greg flew over
 23,000 miles!  I was very happy to get home.)  Some pictures I
 took on our trip are at:

 These events would not have happened without the terrific local
 support we received.  In Beijing, kudos to Xiao-Feng, Peter, Robert
 and to Intel for providing us with the space.  For Colombo, many
 thanks to so many folks including Chamindra, Kanchana, Karthiga,
 Sagara, Sanjiva, and Suchetha with help from the Lanka Software
 Foundation, Virtusa, and WSO2.  I look forward to trying to
 support more events in Asia in 2010!

 My recent keynote given at SAP in November is now online:

 I have accepted invitations to speak about the ASF at Jasig Spring
 2010 (San Diego) and OSBC 2010 (San Francisco).  I've submitted
 an Apache talk at SCALE 8x (Los Angeles).  I am hopeful that all of
 these talks will further encourage participation in our existing
 projects or perhaps bring new projects to Apache!

 Organizationally, as the page turns to January soon, I will ask
 all of our committees to start considering their budget proposals
 for FY2010-2011 with submissions due in March.  (Our fiscal year
 begins May 1.)

18 Nov 2009 [Justin]

 We recently had our ApacheCon US 2009 in Oakland and we had
 about 500 attendees to celebrate our 10th anniversary for
 those who couldn't make Amsterdam earlier this year.  Much
 kudos to the US planning team and the rest of ConCom for
 pulling off the show!  As Jim mentioned in his report, we also
 had the opportunity to touch base face-to-face with a number of
 our sponsors to get their feedback.  I also had numerous discussions
 with members of the press about Apache and our activities - most
 of those are detailed further in the PRC report.  Many many thanks
 to Sally for shepherding us all through this event!

 After ApacheCon, I traveled to Europe to talk at an internal
 SAP open-source event.  SAP is still determining how to get
 more involved with open-source.  They are already a member of
 the Eclipse Foundation and a member of the JCP, and are starting
 to contribute to some Apache projects (mostly still in the
 Incubator).  I also talked to some SAP developers who are
 interested in submitting some more projects to the Incubator.
 Matt Asay, from Alfresco and CNet, was also in attendance and
 blogged about my talk:

 I will be giving a variation of this talk in Beijing and
 Colombo in the next few weeks at Apache Asia Roadshow 2009.

21 Oct 2009 [Justin]

 Most of the focus over the last month has been on supporting the
 upcoming ApacheCon in Oakland and drumming up awareness of the
 event through a number of interviews and story submissions.  I
 expect that the next few weeks will be extremely busy as we
 provide support for the upcoming event.

 Kudos to Jim for picking up the issue with the Delaware corporate
 status.  I'll also note that the TAC had a number of issues and
 confusion in trying to procure payments for flights for
 recipients.  I believe that continuing to focus on improving our
 back-end services is necessary.

 The contracts for our full-time system administrator and our
 PR company have or will expire soon.  I will be assisting in
 the negotiations of the new contracts as needed.

 We have received a proposal from Michael Wechner to continue
 in Oakland the Filmworks filming that he did in Amsterdam.
 The current proposal to finish the project is approximately
 $17,000 and we would receive all rights to redistribution.
 Michael has discussed this project with OSCOM (a separate
 non-profit).  OSCOM is currently looking to dissolve and needs
 to disburse their current funds (about $18,000) to another
 non-profit.  Their Board is supportive of dissolving the entity
 and disbursing the funds to the ASF.  While it is not a formal
 request, they would like us to strongly consider funding the
 completion of the Filmworks project.

 Justin indicated that this would be funded initially out of
 outreach/publicity, but eventually should be a wash. Justin
 will see to it that an invoice is produced, and Geir will
 process it via a wire.

23 Sep 2009 [Justin]

 I am now getting back up to speed after completing my PhD.

 In the absence of a PRC VP, I've tried to help keep the PRC going
 by organizing a weekly phone call and suggesting a reorganization.
 I believe the weekly phone call has helped a little bit; minutes are
 posted to the PRC list after the call for those who can not attend.
 The discussions for reorganization of the PRC continue, but a
 clear consensus may not emerge in a timely manner.  As requested
 in the PRC report, if the Board has any thoughts about how they
 would like to see the PRC structured, this information would be a
 useful addition to the discussions the PRC is having now.

 I have continued talking to reporters about our 10th anniversary
 and a number of articles (generally positive) have now been published.
 The PRC continues to line up press contacts for me (and others) to
 help spread the word.  I also expect that there should be a press
 presence at ApacheCon in early November, so I expect a repeat of
 the chaos that was OSCON for Sander and myself.  If some Directors
 are willing to share the press load (and be subject to scheduling
 by PRC and PageOne teams), please let the PRC know.

 I have accepted an invitation to talk at an internal SAP event in
 November.  SAP is starting to contribute to some Apache projects
 and would like to have me come out and brief them on our ecosystem
 of projects.

 As part of my ConCom activities, I'm helping to coordinate an event
 in Asia for Nov/Dec - more info is in the ConCom report.  Besides
 helping our Asian committers meet and interact with other locals,
 I hope that this event will continue to set an example as to how we
 can run smaller events in the future.

 I look forward to Jim rebooting the EA discussions.  My position
 remains unchanged - I believe we do need some more resources to
 help run the 'back-end' of the organization more effectively.

19 Aug 2009 [Justin]

 I am currently preparing for my final defense of my dissertation
 on September 3rd.  So...yah.  Please refer to the EVP report.

 Numerous directors wished Justin good luck!

15 Jul 2009 [Justin]

 Sander and I along with some other volunteers will be manning an ASF
 booth at OSCON next week in San Jose.  We should have postcards to
 hand out to people who stop by our booth.  The annual catching up and
 exchange of war stories between foundation folks will be happening on
 Sunday and Monday.  If possible, we will try to also touch base with
 any sponsors (including potentials!) who are at OSCON.

 SCP has approached Noirin and I about how we wish to proceed
 with AC contract discussions.  It would be nice to get some feedback
 from the new Board about what they wish to see as the outcome.  If
 no feedback is forthcoming, then Noirin and I will proceed as
 we see fit.

 I largely expect that this summer should be relatively quiet as
 the new Board gets its bearings and decide what it wants to see
 accomplished (and, perhaps, more importantly, what it doesn't want
 to accomplish).

   Jim: should Concom prepare something for the board to
   consider, or should the board take the initiative?

   Justin: it would be useful for the board to take a position
   given that a number of directors took a position.

   Jim: how hard would it be for concom to come up with a

   Justin: it would be helpful if the board decided major things
   like whether we want ApacheCon at all, cut it, continue it,

   Jim: lets take this to the board mailing list.

   Aaron: suggests concom@

   Jim: If the intent is to collect the board's input, lets start
   it on board@.

17 Jun 2009 [Justin]

 This last month has been largely spent recuperating from the
 budget process.  I feel that there are some clear lessons
 to be learned from the budget process and hope that we can
 improve the experience going forward.  Two suggestions
 that I think should be noted for posterity:

  - Require each committee to have a formal vote on their request
  - Require each committee to submit a justification

 It is my hope that such actions greatly smooth the budget
 process in future years.

 I have talked with Noirin (via concom@ list) about the
 contract situation with SCP and ApacheCon.  We feel
 that it is best to pause the contract negotiations
 until the September timeframe.  This will give Noirin
 time to get acclimated to her new role as ConCom VP and
 allow for some more discussion (within concom and a new
 Board) about what we hope to achieve with a new event

 I look forward to the upcoming Board elections as I
 think the discussions around nominations are bringing
 up some good ideas and perhaps some fresh perspectives.

 See above for lessons learned.

 I now consider the Budget Committee as having concluded its
 appointed task and have disbanded it.

 Thanks to Jim and Bill for serving on the committee!

 With the budget being passed it should have been a lot easier
 to move forward with the tasks for the committee.  With
 the current different views and opinions on the future
 direction of the ASF, I think the foundation is best
 served with putting its task on hold until after the
 elections.  As such, there is currently no update.

20 May 2009 [Justin]

 Justin is currently in a conference in Vancouver.

 Budget and lack of closure is a big issue.

 ApacheCon talks have basically come to a halt as a direct
 result of the board's lack of closure. ConCom has expressed
 what they wish.

 Bill questions whether ConCom come to a conclusion. Justin
 disagrees. Bill notes that no formal resolution has been
 presented to the board.

 Justin believes that ConCom has asked for the ASF to step up
 and take on responsibility for the conference. Separate
 sponsorship programs continues to be a big issue. Aaron notes
 that the issue is not Page One, but of taking on ownership of
 the operating of the conference. Bill notes that two phases of
 fundraising is required given the amounts in question. Geir
 notes that bringing it in house can't be done in two or more
 years given existing contracts. Aaron indicated that we have
 some room to maneuver in that we can negotiate a new contract.

 Justin believes that it is pointless for him and Lars to
 continue discussions with Cheryl about a new contract until
 this is resolved. Aaron requested that ConCom present concrete
 proposals and plans for the board to vote on.

 Sam echoed statements by Bill and Aaron that concrete
 proposals would be helpful at this time. Justin believes that
 this was covered by his president's proposal, and believes
 that if he produces such concrete proposal, all he will get
 back is a set of vague criticisms.

 Jim suggests that those who have concerns join ConCom; ConCom
 is then to produce a concrete set of recommendations. This met
 with general agreement. Jim suggests that ConCom come up with
 such a plan by the next board meeting. This also met with
 general agreement.

15 Apr 2009 [Justin]

 Obviously, last month was ApacheCon Europe 2009 in Amsterdam.
 A lot of activity happened there.  Jim, Sander, and I met with
 a number of reporters and external folks.  Kudos to HALO for
 smoothly coordinating our individual schedules during this
 hectic event!  To add to Jim's comments, I was definitely
 encouraged by the success of the MeetUps.  Overall, I think the
 conference reached its objectives.  However, there have been
 many conversations (both in person in Amsterdam and on-list)
 about the future of our events.  I believe that ConCom has
 taken the feedback and is trying some new ideas content-wise
 for Oakland.

 The situation regarding contract with the current event
 producer has not substantively changed over the last month. I
 would like to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the event
 producer before the next Board meeting to go over the finances
 in detail as well as to brainstorm some structural and
 organizational proposals to bring back to ConCom and to the
 Board.  I have reached out to Lars to see if he would be
 available, but if he's not available, I'd like to request
 someone else join me in these face-to-face discussions.

 Finally, I'm discouraged by the comments of a Director that I
 am not "properly functioning".  As always, I hope that I am open
 to constructive feedback, so I would like to open the
 conversation to see if this perception represents the consensus
 of the Board and receive feedback as to how I can fulfill my
 duties better.


 A face-to-face meeting in Amsterdam was held by the budget
 committee and several others also attended.  Revisions were
 made to the budget (all checked into Subversion so others not
 present could review), so I believe this is an acceptable
 budget and should be approved. We may need to come back and do
 some amendments on the budget if we miss things, but I
 recommend that we proceed with calling this latest draft our
 FY'09-'10 budget.  I think we have reached the point of
 diminishing returns on our time investment into the budget.

 However, there are no items regarding events in this budget.
 Of note, the PRC has received a proposal for doing AC US '09
 publicity, but it's not incorporated into the latest budget
 because there isn't a lot of clarity as to how events should be
 handled.  Guidance as to how to proceed in the interim regarding
 events would be appreciated.

 A few highlights in the budget:
   - Full-time executive assistant position added
   - Part-time sysadmin position added
   - Sponsorship director position added (commission-basis)

 If the budget is approved, then I will dissolve this committee
 as it has concluded its principal task.


 An ad-hoc face-to-face meeting in Amsterdam was held by the committee.
 The thoughts on the position were aligned between the committee members,
 and seem in general alignment with Directors giving input.

 A start was made on a draft RFT, based on all input so far.

 Justin took the action item to submit the current budget as the official
 draft budget.  For the purpose of trying to get directors to vote on
 it on list before May 1st.

18 Mar 2009 [Justin]

 This month has largely been focused on preparations for the
 upcoming ApacheCon in Amsterdam next week.  Like Jim, I will be
 at ACEU09 in Amsterdam next week and I will also be relying upon
 Sally to help coordinate my schedule for the duration of the event.

 Conversations regarding ApacheCon continue with VP, ConCom and
 the producer.  Late last month, we had a conversation with
 Karen Sandler from the SFLC and the producers.  This was a very
 beneficial call as Karen helped to clarify the rules regarding
 sponsorships.  There were also several calls related to the
 budget - largely focused on the upcoming event.  As of now, AC
 EU is projecting to be at or near the break even point
 financially.  Discussions about how to appropriately scope AC US
 to minimize financial risks in this economic climate will be
 had as part of the AC US planning meeting immediately after the
 conclusion of AC EU.  I expect substantial progress to be made
 over the next month.

 I also helped Geir get set up with the associated Wells Fargo
 MyCEO access - he now has a 'dongle' and online access.  Sam
 should be coordinating signer access for Geir.

 A preliminary budget is in Subversion.  Both PRC and
 Infrastructure have discussed and submitted their requested

 Due to scheduling conflicts, the Budget Committee has not yet
 had a chance to review the total numbers yet, but since all
 members of the committee will be in Amsterdam next week, I am
 hopeful that we should be able to carve out some time to go
 over the numbers and come to a consensus within the committee.

 I still believe we are on track to have a budget to approve for
 April's meeting (next month).  If any one has any comments
 on the budget, I would encourage that they share them sooner
 rather than later!


 Sander (via email): "I've been working on a draft rfp, but
 disappointingly didn't come up with something presentable yet.  I
 should have flagged that I had an issue with the round tuit supply
 chain the last weeks.  That said, I think that next week f2f we can
 hash something out relatively quickly."

 Jim volunteered to help

18 Feb 2009 [Justin]

 The biggest news in the last month is the progress of the two
 President's committees formed last month.  Mini-reports from
 both committees are included at the end of this report.

 Conversations regarding ApacheCon continue with VP, ConCom and
 the producer.  As ApacheCon EU is approaching, all parties'
 immediate focus is shifting toward execution of the conference
 next month.  Therefore, progress may be a bit slow until after
 the conference is wrapped up.  That said, we currently have two
 calls to schedule - one to review the legal parameters of any
 proposed arrangement and another call to review the budgets in
 greater detail.  As both calls require coordination with some
 external parties, specific times have not yet been confirmed.
 It is expected that both calls will occur before the March
 Board meeting.  As before, there is still no actionable
 proposal to be discussed at this time.

 Earlier this month, I visited the SFLC offices and met
 primarily with Karen Sandler as well as other counsel at SFLC.
 I gave her a review of our current status as well as brought
 her up to speed on the ApacheCon arrangements.  Per above,
 Karen has agreed to sit in on a call with the ApacheCon
 producers and help us walk through what is permissible for us
 to do as a 501(c)3 public charity and what limitations we may
 encounter.  Also, as noted elsewhere, Karen informed us that we
 can file for another extension with the IRS.

 I also had a good conversation with Eben Moglen about how
 Apache could position itself in the future.  To be honest, it
 did raise a number of very good thoughts, but I believe it'll
 take a while for me to fully digest the takeaways from it - but
 there's nothing concrete or actionable now.  If we have a 'town
 hall' during ApacheCon EU next month, it might be useful to
 throw some of the ideas out and see what folks think.

 A preliminary budget is in Subversion, but several committees
 are still discussing the scope of their requested allocations.
 The Budget Committee will continue to take their input until
 the end of February.  Then, the committee will meet and go
 over the projected numbers to derive a complete draft budget.

 Due to the ongoing conversations about ApacheCon, the budget
 will specifically exclude any numbers for ApacheCon.  When there
 are specific funding requests for ApacheCon, the Board can
 consider them separately.  However, at this time, there is no
 concrete proposal ready for review in respect to ApacheCon.

 I expect that the committee will have a 'final draft' budget
 for the Board's review in time for the next Board meeting in
 March.  Due to our fiscal year, the budget needs to be approved
 prior to May 1 - I do not expect this to be a difficulty at
 this time.

 An inventory of task descriptions sits in Subversion; this can be
 a starting point for creating an actual function description.  By
 next Board meeting, in March, we expect to have a full function
 description.  After that point the committee will move from the
 definition phase to the actual searching for candidates phase.

21 Jan 2009 [Justin]

 The biggest item over the last month has been coordinating with
 VP, ConCom (Lars) on discussions with our conference producer
 about the optimum structure of the ApacheCon series of events.
 While we are still only in the preliminary stages of the
 conversation, both sides are so far working together to come
 to a solution that benefits everyone involved.  More detail
 is available in the ConCom report.  The producer has
 submitted a rough overview of past income and expenses - time
 permitting, I ask that we spent a few minutes towards the
 end of this meeting to help bootstrap a discussion of what
 the submitted numbers mean.

 To help kickstart the overall budget process, I have asked
 infrastructure to start drafting a budget request for FY'09-10
 and sketched out a draft budget on the PRC list.  It is my
 expectation that both committees will discuss this topic
 over the next month.  Per Special Order 7.D, I support the
 creation of an explicit committee to oversee the overall
 Budget process.

 In light of the increased demands on volunteers, I support
 Special Order 7.E to create a search committee to seriously
 explore how additional staff could be used.  In contrast
 to the prior Executive Assistant role, I believe that the
 formation of a specific committee to help with the job
 definition will go a long way to ensuring the success of
 any new positions.  We (read I) did not put appropriate
 foresight into the addition of staff.  I'm hopeful that
 an objective committee can attempt to rectify this

 As mentioned in the PRC report, I signed a non-binding (i.e.
 no fiscal impact) letter of support for a UK government
 grant proposal from OSS Watch.  If the proposal is funded,
 we will need to look for a delegate to serve on the grant's
 advisory council.

 An interview I conducted with OSS Watch last year should be
 published soon.  I also have served as a member of the
 Program Committee for the OSS2009 conference; schedule
 and funding permitting, I plan to attend the conference
 in June.  (Sander attended a workshop at last year's
 iteration in Milan.)

17 Dec 2008 [Justin]

 Repeating what was submitted at the Members Meeting on
 December 16th.

 As discussed at the last members meeting, some restructuring
 and delegation of the responsibilities of the President have
 occurred.  Most signficiantly, we welcomed Paul Querna as Vice
 President of Infrastructure - in this newly created position,
 Paul is now responsible for leading the volunteers and paid
 resources within the infrastructure team.  Additionally, we
 welcomed Sander Striker as the new Executive Vice President -
 among other things, Sander is helping out with our presence
 within the European area.  With their additional help, we have
 decided that the separate Executive Assistant role is no longer
 required at this time.  We wish to extend our thanks to our
 departing Executive Assistant, Jonathan Jagielski, and wish him
 well in his continuing studies.

 An issue of note is that ConCom is currently discussing how we
 can better organize and structure our official events
 (including ApacheCon).  Among other concerns, one goal is to be
 able to provide more targetted and smaller officially
 sanctioned events.  If your PMC wishes to organize an event,
 please let us know!  To have your voice heard in how we plan
 and organize future events, please feel free to join ConCom and
 subscribe to concom@ for more information.

 Finally, as before, if your PMC desires specific computing
 resources (ie build farm, test machines, etc.), please get in
 touch with the infrastructure group. Well-reasoned and detailed
 proposals are welcomed. However, we are often limited by human
 resources, so volunteers to help execute these plans are
 strongly encouraged.

   Committers: 1915
   Projects: 70
   SVN Revisions: r727041
 Web stats:
   Nov '08 average requests/day: 1,242,159  ;  62,221 1,756,371  ;  81,965
     issues:   510,487
   Nov '08 average data transfer/day:   3.50 TB  ; 620.03 GB  17.62 GB  ; 473.38 MB
     issues:  10.17 GB
 Mail stats:
   Connections (Dec 15, 2008):
     nike: (maintenance: N/A); athena: 263,360 (81% rej.)
   Most useful plugins:
     dnsbl (61%), check_goodrcptto (14%)
 Mailing lists and SVN commits graph:

19 Nov 2008 [Justin]

 ApacheCon US was in New Orleans earlier this month and, while
 keeping me extremely busy, I felt it was a success.  Given the
 current economic climate, a stable attendance from years past
 should be considered extremely positive.  There was a lot of
 energy around OFBiz and Hadoop - which both had special
 'co-located events' as part of ApacheCon.  I hope to see more
 of these smaller 'co-located events' in the future!

 As noted above by the Chairman, we met with most of our
 sponsors face-to-face in New Orleans and the feedback was
 generally positive.  As also noted, we did receive some
 consistent feedback along a few areas about how we can improve
 from discussions with our sponsors.  Most importantly, I look
 forward to keeping the lines of communication open with our
 sponsors as we move forward.

 One of my attention areas during the conference was organizing
 our voluntourism event after the conference.  We had over 20
 people come out and help build a fence around a restored home
 devastated by Katrina in coordination with a local charity,
 Beacon of Hope.  Many thanks to all of those who came out!
 Some folks have posted pictures of the restored fence on

 The debacle with credit cards and Wells Fargo continue.  Since
 Sam was not able to attend ApacheCon, my new card was FedEx'd
 to me and was finally received.  Many kudos to Sam for getting
 off his sick bed and sending me the card.  Also, we got two
 Directors (Bertrand and Bill - thanks!) to sign the credit
 authorization form for Paul and Sander's credit cards. At last
 I have heard from Wells Fargo, the new credit cards should be
 en route to Sam.  If they have not arrived by the end of this
 week, we should follow up again with Wells Fargo.

15 Oct 2008 [Justin]

 First off, good news - Microsoft has now given the green light
 to some of their employees to contribute to an Apache
 project[1]. This is an excellent continuation of the good vibes
 from Microsoft regarding open source.  The employees were part
 of their recent Powerset acquisition and work on the Hadoop
 HBase project.  Microsoft has requested some additional PR from
 us in support of this announcement - I will continue
 coordinating with HALO and the PRC regarding this.  Also, we
 have secured Sam Ramji as a keynote speaker at ApacheCon in New
 Orleans next month.

 Along with HALO and the PRC, we are coordinating continued
 discussions and dialogue with all of our sponsors.  HALO has
 introduced themselves to the sponsors.  There will likely be
 some informal face-to-face meetings with our sponsors at the
 upcoming ApacheCon US in New Orleans next month.  I look
 forward to receiving feedback from our sponsors regarding
 our future plans for the foundation.

 Discussions with SCP and ConCom continue regarding a small free
 informal event in Asia in December.  Due to an overlapping
 holiday in the region, I plan on attending.  More details
 surrounding this event should be available by the next Board

 Logisitcally, there are still a number of purchases that I'm
 being asked to coordinate.  I booked travel for HALO, as
 approved by the PRC, and for one of the Travel Assistance
 recipients. Also, infrastructure expenses still often require
 my involvement. One of our vendors, CDW, has 'suspended' our
 account and our 'lead' account representative has not responded
 to calls or emails.  (Other CDW account reps have been contacted,
 but to resolve the issue, only the 'lead' contact can clear the
 'suspension'.)  Our previous purchase of this equipment through
 the Sun Store was botched (likely due to an error in Sun's
 site; let alone the fact that Sun refuses to assign us a sales
 representative), and CDW is one of the few Sun resellers who
 has the equipment at a reasonable price.  I'll also note that
 Sander does not yet have a credit card, so his expenses incurred on
 behalf of the ASF are requiring him to bear the costs, and
 reimbursement/approval procedures are still not clear.  Please
 remember that reimbursing expenses requires additional
 paperwork for IRS purposes.


 Aaron to email requests for credit cards for Paul and Sander
 to Justin.

17 Sep 2008 [Justin]

 Most of my time over the last month has been dealing with a variety
 of sponsor-facing issues.  I believe that this is an inevitable
 outcome of the growth of our sponsorship program.  In coordination
 with the PRC (see their report this month), to help out with these
 tasks, sponsor relations should become a more active priority for
 HALO.  However, due to the nature of the responsibilities of the
 office, I believe it is crucial that those of us with "titles"
 remain actively engaged with the sponsors so that they continue
 to feel that we, as a Foundation, are engaged with our sponsors
 at the utmost level.

 I will reiterate that Paul and Sander have been valuable additions
 to easing the burdens of this office.  Paul has continued his
 very good job leading the infrastructure team.  Sander, as
 detailed in his report, has continued to be of assistance in
 attending some events in Europe where my appearence was initially
 requested.  I continue to thank them for their service!

 As discussed in earlier reports, the OSU OSL advisory group has
 begun in earnest and the members have begun providing their
 feedback and direction in regards to the direction of OSU OSL.
 A press release should be issued in the next month that will
 announce the formation of the group and will likely include
 a quote from me.

 I apologize, but I have not yet had the cycles to send out the
 contracts for renewal.  I hope to do soon, but delegating this
 to someone else may be better.  I do admit that such activities
 are highly prone to getting dropped by me and that's largely
 unacceptable.  Finding a way to automatically delegate some of
 these "back-office" tasks would be appreciated.

 I will also note that I received many calls over the Labor Day
 weekend regarding our 'past due' invoice from Dell.  These calls
 were not appreciated, and I would like to discuss how we are
 going to prevent similar recurrences in the future.

 I do continue to receive a few scattered pieces of mail from WF.
 Any correspondance has either been forwarded to the Secretary
 or a synopsis sent to the board mailing list.

 Our Sunstarsys and HALO contracts are up for renewal at the end
 of this month as well.  It is my recommendation that both
 contracts be renewed.

 [bdelacretaz says: do we have a budget for reimbursing expenses
    for people (Justin and Sander for example) who represent
    the ASF at various events?]

 Action items:
   Jim to renew contract with Sec Assistant
   Sam to renew contract with Sunstarsys
   Justin to renegotiate contract with the Exec Assistant

20 Aug 2008 [Justin]

 The big event over the last month was OSCON.  A number of member
 and committers were present, so it was good to see so many ASF
 folks!  Obviously, Sam Ramji's keynote announcement (of which I
 got up on stage for) of Microsoft becoming our third (and final
 for now) Platinum sponsor was the biggest visible news from the
 event.  I am delighted to welcome Microsoft as sponsors and see
 the continued filling-out of our sponsorship program.  Over a
 number of fronts, we continue to talk with Microsoft about how
 they can further increase their participation with the ASF.

 Paul Querna and I had conversations with Amazon regarding
 extending EC2 credit to ASF projects.  Amazon indicated that they
 only have an interest in supporting novel uses of EC2 and are not
 interested in supporting mundane tasks on EC2 (such as build farms).
 We will be collecting 'pilot' projects which meet this 'novel'
 criteria and passing them along to Amazon for approval.

 As mentioned last month, I have been invited to the OSL Advisory
 Board.  Roy Fielding and I drove down to Corvallis after OSCON and
 did a meet-and-greet with their director and Roy's wife took some
 pictures for the infrastructure team to use.  Initial tasks for
 the advisory board include advising OSL on their fundraising
 strategies.  Since OSL is not directly supported by OSU and the
 majority of our infrastructure is hosted there, I believe it is
 in our best interest to provide some logistical assistance to OSL.

 During OSCON, a number of folks expressed an interest in seeing
 the ASF step up our involvement and visibility with OSCON.  In
 coordination with Sally and the PRC, I will discuss with Allison
 Randal how we could be more visible in future iterations of OSCON.

 As also noted in the Secretary's report, our address with Wells
 Fargo has largely been transitioned over to the Secretary.  After
 our last meeting, I sent all of my Treasurer materials to the
 Secretarial Assistant for processing and safekeeping.  This month,
 I have just received one stray "Client Analysis Statement" from
 Wells Fargo, which will be sent off shortly.

 Finally, I will note that we seem to have continued problems
 paying our invoices and such on-time.  Besides missing payments for
 our new Florida ISP, I believe we are currently past due on the
 invoice from Dell for the Geronimo machines.  This may have an
 impact on our future dealings with Dell as they may require full
 payment upfront due to our delinquent payment history - this will
 needlessly increase the complications in the ordering process.

 Bill suggests that Justin mention OSCON visibility on the
 travel-assistance mailing list. Bertrand and Ross are on the
 PRC with focus on out-reach. At least two members of the ASF
 are on the OSCON Conference Committee. Sam confirmed that
 Allison was the one that Justin should be working with. Jim
 requests that the PRC be copied on such discussions.

16 Jul 2008 [Justin]

 Pursuant to the last Board meeting, Paul Querna has now taken
 over primary responsibility for Infrastructure.  This
 transition has gone well so far, however the largest obstacle
 is that Paul can not purchase items or initiate payments for
 services or parts himself.  Therefore, I recommend that we
 ask WF to issue a corporate credit card to Paul to streamline
 the purchasing process.

 Along with several other Apache members, I attended a workshop
 earlier this month at OSS Watch in Oxford concerning how to
 mentor open source projects within the academic community.
 While I was there, I was also interviewed by a local reporter
 and the interview should be published later this year.

 I have been approached by OSUOSL to be on their advisory
 council to help them focus their efforts to support the open
 source community.  Since we have a sizable presence at their
 facility, I have accepted the invitation. The first meeting
 will be at OSCON next week, so I expect more details to emerge
 then.  Roy Fielding and I also plan to head to Corvallis next
 week to visit the OSUOSL facility and discuss our long-term
 expansion plans concerning OSUOSL.

 Our contact with Yahoo! for the sponsorship program has changed,
 and I have reached out to the new contacts.  I hope to meet up
 with them during OSCON next week for drinks or dinner similar
 to last year.  If anyone at OSCON is interested in tagging
 along, please let me know and I will include you in any
 planning communication.

 As usual, I also expect to do some external outreach with other
 OSS organizations and potential sponsors at next week's OSCON.
 In particular, Eclipse is apparently restructuring their
 membership program, so I'd like to track down some Eclipse
 folks and learn what they are up to.  Danese Cooper and Henri
 Yandell will both be at the FLOSS foundations meetup this
 weekend before OSCON, so I plan to follow up with them to see
 if there's anything of interest to the ASF that is discussed.

 Pursuant to the request from the last Board meeting, I have
 reached out to Amazon concerning EC2 availability for our projects.
 As mentioned in the Hadoop project report, the Hadoop PMC has
 reached an agreement with Amazon for interested committers to receive
 chunks of ~$100 credit towards EC2.  I will note that to service
 Geronimo's request, it'd be about $800 to $1200/mo at the published
 rates.  The feedback from folks that have been using EC2 is that the
 cost quickly escalates to where using EC2 as a continuous test
 platform does not make economic sense - and that other OSS
 projects only use their EC2 platform very infrequently to save
 money.  As far as I can gather, Hadoop only plans on using EC2
 infrequently rather than as a continuous test platform.  I will
 continue to explore our options with Amazon.

 Other folks have volunteered to task the Exec. Asst. with
 items, so I have, for the moment, relinquished that oversight
 responsibility.  The contracts for Exec. Asst. and Secy. Asst
 expire in September, so, by next month's meeting, we need to
 agree upon a plan for using our resources.  Since I believe a
 number of ASF folks will be at OSCON, it may be useful to have
 an informal face-to-face get-together or BOF to kick-start a
 discussion about our options.

 Finally, I have begun discussing with Sander on how to further
 off-load some items from my plate.  Going forward, if there are
 any European events that we feel are worthy of having an ASF
 presence, Sander will try to attend.  Additionally, we have
 discussed transitioning some of my 'backup' roles in other
 areas to Sander.

25 Jun 2008 [Justin]

 One of my key objectives for the upcoming year is to try to actively
 delegate key items off of my immediate sphere of responsibilities.
 In informal discussions, it seems that the Board is receptive to
 such delegation.

 In light of that, I asked for a volunteer to be primarily
 responsible for our infrastructure.  Paul Querna has stepped
 up, hence I am transitioning the oversight of infrastructure to
 Paul going forward with all deliberate speed.

 I also welcome the nomination of Sander Striker as Executive
 Vice President.  If we are both confirmed, he and I will
 discuss how to further off-load some of my responsibilities.
 It may end up being formalized (with certain areas assigned to
 one individual) or it may be a more 'just-in-time' fluid
 delegation based on available time.

 The Geronimo PMC has approached the infrastructure team
 requesting some machines for testing[1].  After discussions
 with the Geronimo PMC, the approximate cost of the requested
 machines is around $10,000 ($9,970.69 or $9,648.73 depending
 upon memory configuration).  This would be a special allocation
 above and beyond the previously discussed machine plan.  Given
 the power constraints at OSU OSL (not forseen to be eased until
 next year), we would likely have to build out a new data center
 to support this.  One possible option is a data center in
 Florida (near our contract sysadmin) that will run about
 $500/month. There will also be some setup costs to build out a
 new data center (switches, cables, etc, etc.).


 Some expressed a concern about precedent that supporting
 project specific machines without a clear set of pre-defined
 criteria, and how this will impact our ability to create a

 A suggestion was made to explore EC2. Paul to go back to
 Geronimo PMC to ask them to explore this. Henri will explore
 if there is any possibility of Amazon providing special rates.

 Additionally, the board pre-authorizes $10K for one time
 hardware costs and $500 per month for hosting or EC2.

21 May 2008 [Justin]

 As denoted in the infra report, it's been a hectic month keeping
 critical services afloat.  Things are slowly returning to normal,
 but this outage blew up the short-term schedules so some PMCs
 are complaining about lack of responsiveness to lower-priority

 The role of Executive Assistant hasn't, so far, worked out yet -
 this is due to a number of communication snafus and conflicting
 schedules.  I take the responsibility for this failure as I simply
 haven't had enough cycles to power this through and bring the
 position up to speed as I had anticipated.

 In light of this, I have been contemplating new organizational
 structures that could be implemented in the new year to alleviate
 some of the disfunction that seems to always surround us.  Since this
 is the last Board meeting for this Board and I do not have anything
 concrete yet, I'll continue to ponder in the hopes of having something
 to present to the new Board before its inaugural meeting for their

16 Apr 2008 [Justin]

 In good news, since our last meeting, we have finally purchased
 a support contract from Sun for our OSU OSL-located Sun
 hardware.  On the European front, we are still attempting to
 cut through bureaucratic red tape for purchasing a Sun support
 contract for our Netherlands-located Sun equipment.

 We held a virtual infrastructure meeting last week during
 ApacheCon in Amsterdam.  Generally, we are continuing our
 planned machine upgrade - our backup server is now coming
 online, our new SVN EU mirror is currently entering the first
 testing phases, the next set of new machines in the shopping
 list will be ordered soon, and we are finalizing the
 requirements for the next set of machines.  Due to some
 donations and a change of suppliers, we expect to come under
 the expected machine budget.  Many thanks to Gavin McDonald,
 Norman Maurer, and Tony Stevenson for joining the
 infrastructure team!

 Finally, we have not yet been able to task the Exec. Ass't with
 any tasks since the books are not up-to-date.  It is hoped that
 this should be resolved soon.  As soon as the books are up to date,
 drafting a foundation-wide budget will become a priority.

 In the discussion, Aaron indicated that he plans to have the books
 ready by Monday.

19 Mar 2008 [Justin]

 Last month, at Microsoft's invitation, I and several other
 representatives from various ASF projects visited Microsoft's
 Compatibility Labs.  It was a generally positive experience
 for our projects to learn about new features in Windows that
 they can take advantage of in future releases.  Additionally,
 it also presented an opportunity to discuss directly with
 Microsoft representatives about their licensing strategies
 with respect to open source.

 Our issues surrounding acquiring a Sun support contract still
 remain - though, within the last few days, I've been sufficiently
 swamped that I haven't been able to as proactive as I would like.
 The last sales contact we had has left the reseller, the new
 person has given me their wrong phone number, and we don't yet
 have a contact for the Netherlands.  I hope to break through
 the deadlock next week.

 I've discussed the system administration position with Joe and
 we've decided to shift more of the day-to-day management duties
 to Joe going forward.  We also agreed upon a new set of
 responsibilities and contract rate going forward.  As part of
 these new duties, Joe will be responsible for drafting the
 report and, as such, I've requested that the infrastructure
 report now be separated from my President's report.

 One of the initial tasks for Jon was to help draft a budget for
 the next fiscal year, but we are awaiting the books to be brought
 up to date to start this process.  Also, I need to have a
 conversation with Jon and Joe regarding how we will handle
 procurement issues going forward.  After some delays, the ball
 is now in my court as to setting the date for this conversation.

 During the discussion, it was noted that there is a new section
 added to the agenda for infrastructure.  Justin will retain
 responsibility for this section.

 A request was made to add list of official attendees to the MSFT
 meeting to the minutes; but as it was noted that this information
 is already available at committers/hackathons/port25-08 in svn.

20 Feb 2008 [Justin]

 First off, thanks to the Board for approving the purchase of
 the backup equipment off-cycle of a meeting.  All of the
 equipment should be delivered soon and we hope to bring
 the system online before ApacheCon EU in early April.

 The first new machine in our ASF-wide machine update plan is
 now nearing roll-out.  JIRA and Confluence have already been
 migrated to the new machine, and our Bugzilla instance is
 scheduled to complete its migration by the end of this week.
 Many kudos to those involved in helping with the migration!
 Once this is complete, we'll start on the next machine in
 the plan.

 As you may know, over the past few years, the infrastructure
 team has been relying upon Sun equipment obtained through our
 own funds or donated from Sun.  However, problems internal to
 Sun have arisen that make it impossible for us to obtain
 service or support for any of these machines.  Progress has
 been repeatedly promised by Sun and their resellers, but as of
 this date, no substantive resolution has been accomplished.  We
 currently have machines that have their 'trouble' light on and
 for which we can't obtain service.  The infrastructure team has
 come to the conclusion that we should switch to another vendor,
 but the issue remains how to secure support for the equipment
 we currently have.

 Earlier this month, I attended an NSF Workshop on Free/Open
 Source Software Repositories and Research Infrastructures. As
 the title suggests, out of this came good discussions with
 researchers on how to best make Apache's data available to
 researchers.  After discussing with a number of corporations
 and research institutions, we decided to provide our data to a
 team of researchers led by Kevin Crowston from Syracuse
 University. We will make our raw data available to them, and
 future requests for our data will be handled through them
 rather than going through us.  We're currently setting up the
 process on how to efficiently transfer our data to them.

 On a positive note, we have seen some new volunteers step up
 and contribute to our infrastructure.  We've tried to utilize
 this new blood in an effective manner that keeps them engaged
 and interested.  So far, a few folks have seemed to 'stick' and
 we're hopeful they continue to contribute in the months ahead.
 On a slightly more sour note, we have seen some people who have
 concerns about our infrastructure and choose not to bring these
 issues directly to the team.  Instead, these concerns have been
 brought up on a number of other lists besides the ones used by
 infrastructure.  Replies that these concerns should be brought
 up on the appropriate list have so far been rebuffed.  I'd
 greatly appreciate feedback on how to handle this situation.

 Finally, as an outcome of discussions from our last meeting,
 there is a resolution in this meeting for the creation of an
 Executive Assistant position.  A job description was posted for
 review.  This initial contract will run for six months after
 which we can examine the effectiveness of the position.

16 Jan 2008 [Justin]

 It's now been about six months since I took over the position
 of President.  In this time, I've tried to familiarize myself
 with all of our operational aspects across the foundation.

 One observation is that I feel we're not doing as good a job as we
 should in following through with all the balls that are in the air.
 This observation is not necessarily restricted to any one area,
 but seems to be a cross-cutting concern across the entire foundation.
 It is not necessarily for a lack of direction (or knowing what to
 do), but a lack of resources to help execute the ideas.

 I'd like to begin discussions on how to resolve this and be able
 to help provide execution resources where needed.  Therefore,
 I'd like to start from the top down and start with seeking
 an Executive Assistant to directly help me execute my tasks.
 Such a resource would be tasked as I deem appropriate to help
 execute our mission across all areas of the foundation.

 Our infrastructure continues to grow.  We are currently dealing
 with a rash of hardware failures.  Issues with vendors has
 created difficulties in acquiring replacement parts and service.
 A number of folks (including Directors) have complained about the
 poor turnaround time for infrastructure requests - this has
 prompted a number of internal discussions within infrastructure
 as how to proceed.  But, we do not have a lot of resources to
 spare for hands-on infrastructure, so we'll need to be prepared
 to augment our infrastructure resources if the Board considers
 that a priority.

 During the discussion, it was agreed that this was a good
 compromise, it was requested that Justin produce a written
 job description, as as the person that Justin had in mind was
 the current secretary assistant, first a three way call with
 the current secretary, the secretary assistant and the president
 was in order, and a search for a new secretary assistant needs
 to be initiated.

19 Dec 2007 [Justin]

 As mentioned in the last report, the infrastructure team has met
 and discussed a variety of items over the past month.  For the
 time being, we continue to stay afloat through the work of our
 contracted sysadmin augmented by many volunteers.  In the past
 few weeks, a number of folks (some who have helped out in the
 past) have expressed a desire to help with some tasks and access
 has been granted accordingly.  I'm hopeful that we continue to
 see volunteers bridge the gap between our available resources and
 our needs.

 Longer-term, the infrastructure team has devised an acquisition
 strategy for the next eighteen months that will oversee the
 replacement of critical servers (including Subversion, mailing
 lists, and issue trackers) and expanding the range of services we
 can provide to our projects (build farms, staging servers, etc.).
 The plan, submitted as Attachment 8, calls for staggered hardware
 expenditure totalling almost $60,000 for the next eighteen

 Please note that these costs may get offset as or when vendors
 offer to donate equivalent hardware.  We have had discussions
 with some sponsors about donations - we expect some but not all
 of these plans to come to fruition.  Therefore, we expect to
 cover the balance of the plan through our own funds.  So,
 consider the $60,000 as the high-end if no donations come

 Also note that other expenditures may come up for maintenance
 of existing machines - this plan only covers upgrading existing
 machines but not maintenance.

   Committers: 1625
   Projects: 57
   SVN Revisions: r603264
 Web stats:
   Nov '07 Avg. requests/day:
     www: 3,747,600 ; svn: 918,588 ; issues: 457,004
   Nov '07 Avg. data transfer/day:
     www: 1.02 TB ; svn: 10.41 GB ; issues: 7.72 GB
 Mail stats:
   Connections (Dec. 7, 2007):
     nike: 1,441,060 (99.29% rej.) ; athena: 1,358,704 (99.34% rej.)
   Most useful plugins:
     check_goodrcptto (57%), dnsbl (29%)

   * a question was asked about the hardware and our colo requirements.
     Justin responded that this was all covered by the plan.
   * a second question was asked about whether the existing sysadmin
     support was sufficient, or would additional hiring be required?
     Justin indicated that he thought we were OK for now, but this
     would likely need revisiting in 18 months.

 None of the directors were opposed to the proposal.

14 Nov 2007 [Justin]

 Earlier this week, we had a "virtual" infrastructure meeting
 with some participants being here in Atlanta for ApacheCon US.
 Due to time constraints, we had to table some agenda items and
 will reconvene later this week.  A complete report will be
 included in next month's report.  The agenda items were:

          - Review of current status
          - Atlassian support
          - JIRA: consolidating and migrating
          - Yahoo! machines
          - Build farms
          - Large-scale project artifact storage
          - Java services (blogs, etc.)
          - Subversion setup
          - Short/medium-term tasks [TABLED]
          - Acquisition strategy for next 18 months [TABLED]

 Other than these items, we are dealing with the 'normal' outages,
 replacements, and upgrades.  We are also looking into
 retrofitting some of our machines; but we are first examining
 whether we can secure the necessary vendor parts.

17 Oct 2007 [Justin]

 There have been a lot of requests for project-specific support
 infrastructure in the last month.  At this time, we can't service
 all of them with our available resources; but we're going to take
 these requests under consideration as we draft up the "next
 generation" machine plan.  As we add more computational
 resources, we'll try to service these requests as best as we can.
 At the face-to-face infra meeting scheduled for Atlanta, the
 focus will be on devising this new plan which should guide the
 eighteen month's hardware acquisition strategies.

 Joe completed the transition to a replacement people.a.o machine
 with minimal downtime and knowledge to external parties.  The TCL
 PMC has been operating on a custom website (at their request), so
 there has been downtime for their site as they install and
 configure the required software on the new machine.  It is
 infrastructure's position to strongly discourage such custom
 sites as we can not provide support for these sites and will
 occassionally be unreachable.  For certain higher-traffic TLPs,
 we would probably forbid such custom sites outright due to
 computational constraints and the need to keep the majority of
 sites operational at all times.

 We currently have two incoming machines from Sun which required
 us to purchase extra equipment to outfit the machines (hard
 drives and rails - about $2000 of extra equipment).  These
 machines will be initially purposed to provide a better Solaris
 development platform for some of our projects that have outgrown
 our current zone support.  We also have preliminarily discussed
 other donations with Sun that may be realized towards the end of
 the year if a budget can be acquired within Sun.

 Besides the Platinum sponsorship, Yahoo! has also agreed to host
 at their data centers a small number of machines that can be
 purposed for project testing.  We're waiting on final
 instructions from them to obtain access to the machines.  It is
 hoped that we can secure volunteers from projects to help
 maintain these machines rather than relying on staff.

 We purchased a license for VMWare Workstation 6 and that has
 improved the stability of the VMs that are provided to some of
 our PMCs.

 Per Karen from SFLC, we are not legally required to perform an
 audit.  Also, at Brian's introduction, I had discussions with
 Mollie Marshall from Hood & Strong, the auditors for Mozilla. She
 concurred with Karen's opinion that an audit was not required.
 ($2 million/year is the trigger point for California non-profits.)
 After discussing our situation for a while, Mollie and I agreed
 that an audit would likely be overkill at this time with little
 tangible benefit to the ASF.  Keeping up on an informal audit
 process was recommended.  (Some factors in the decision include:
 what we already publicly disclose, our relatively low income
 flow, accessibility of Karen for advice, no sponsors have yet
 requested an audit as a condition of donation, and the absence
 of restricted donations.)

 I had discussions with Larry Rosen and Lars about resolving the
 ApacheCon and OS Summit Asia contracts.  For more information,
 please refer to Lars's report.

 Sam Ruby is now added as an authorized signer to our Wells Fargo
 accounts.  Now that the signers are up-to-date, over the next few
 months (low priority), I'll investigate switching the address
 that Wells Fargo sends notices and statements to be our permanent
 address as long as it doesn't necessarily complicate matters.

   Committers: 1595
   Sep '07 Avg. requests/day:
     www: 5,385,654 ; svn: 1,262,232 ; issues: 546,327
   Sep '07 Avg. data transfer/day (in GB):
     www: 993.37 ; svn: 10.41 ; issues: 5.72

 A question was asked as to the 'trigger point' for an audit in
 Delaware.  Apparently, there is none.

19 Sep 2007 [Justin]

 Due to the short interval from the last meeting, there is not
 much to report.

 Work continues in infrastructure - dealing with failed hard drives,
 wiki spam attacks, improving virtualization settings, keeping
 machines up-to-date, and bringing replacement machines online.
 With the current resources available, we're able to keep the major
 services online, but we don't have the resources to be proactive as
 I'd like.  We have had some downtime of JIRA - our Atlassian contact
 is on vacation and no one on our side is capable of maintaining it,
 so we're reduced to blindly restarting JIRA when it fails without
 any insight as to what is wrong or how to fix it.  Any discussion
 of moving away from JIRA would very likely cause immense negative
 feedback (as many folks like its user interface), so we continue
 to be stuck in a bad position with respect to JIRA.

 I have been in discussions with Charel Morris from SCP regarding
 the OS Summit Asia contract.  It is hoped to transfer this task
 to the new ConCom VP as soon as feasible.

29 Aug 2007 [Justin]

 The four new machines referred to in the last report are all
 now operational.  We now have a new VMWare server, a new
 mail server at OSU OSL, and redundant mail servers and web
 servers functional in our Netherlands co-lo.

 With an operational backup data center now provisioned, we hope
 to be able to handle lengthy outages or disaster recovery with
 minimal user-facing downtime.  However, we do not yet have
 developer-facing redundancy - that is, we do not have hot
 standbys for Subversion, issue tracking, or core mailing lists
 in separate co-los.  However, we are planning to prepare one
 machine as a 'cold' standby for these services at OSU OSL.  In
 my opinion, this would be the next set of machines to procure -
 but we can queue incoming email and serve the public websites
 from our backup co-lo.

 We are currently in process of preparing the replacement for  This machine was donated by Covalent, as
 part of their sponsorship, which caused some interesting
 procurement difficulties as there was a lot of confusion about
 what to order.   Some essential parts were not ordered with the
 machine, so it has taken longer than expected to be able to
 bring this machine up.

 Earlier this month, our account at our registrar (Dotster) was
 hacked into.  For a brief period, was pointing to
 the wrong name servers.  This caused a few day outage for
 folks.  We had several discussions, including several email
 exchanges and phone calls, with Dotster who refused to provide
 us with any substantive details about the breakin.  We
 immediately changed the password and are investigating
 alternative registrars with better security policies.

 We have received an substantial offer for equipping an off-site
 build farm from a relatively large company friendly to the ASF.
 The infrastructure team is currently discussing whether we
 should pursue this and how we'd manage it.

 Finally, I spent a decent chunk of this month coordinating with
 Aaron on the Treasurer transition.  As planned, I was
 responsible for preparing our 990s.  These should undergo final
 review today and will be submitted to the IRS as soon as

01 Aug 2007 [Justin]

 Tabled until next regular meeting

18 Jul 2007 [Justin]

 Most of the last month has been focused on bringing our recent
 hardware acquisitions up.  Currently, we are integrating four
 new machines into our service cluster.  At this time, only one
 is operational (odin - running VMWare Server); but the machine
 it is intended to replace has not yet been decomissioned. The
 machines in the Netherlands are still not operational due to a
 cascade of software faults - but the machines are racked and

 We are currently dealing with substantial downtimes of our server and are implementing plans to acquire
 a replacement as quickly as possible.  This machine was already
 scheduled for replacement, but it decided to escalate matters
 on its own.

 I have had some informal discussions with external
 organizations about open-sourcing their code and possibly
 bringing it to the ASF via the Incubator.

09 Jul 2007 [Justin]

 Tabled until next regular meeting

20 Jun 2007 [Sander]

 The reseller we ordered our Sun hardware with went out of
 business.  As a result we have been dealing directly with
 Sun.  Sun did come through; at the day of the members meeting,
 the hardware showed up unannounced.

 Tomorrow Colm and I will visit the colo, and will try to get
 as far as possible with the setup.  If tomorrow is not sufficient
 to finish up, next Tuesday will be another oportunity for myself.

 Furthermore discussion around build systems has picked up a bit
 again on infrastructure@.  It would be advisable to have someone
 with cycles to investigate what we can do there.  We've talked
 about facilitating projects more by providing build infrastructure,
 but we never really got beyond that point.

16 May 2007 [Sander]

 ApacheCon EU Amsterdam was a good event, a bit exhausting with
 'Koninginnedag' right before.  The first day of the conference
 I was amazed at how many turned up for the opening planery at
 9:00AM.  Attendance was reasonable, with a good number of people
 walking in, and signing up for the final day of the conference.
 The Fast Feather track was interesting to get to know about
 incubating projects.

 Delivery of the Sun hardware was committed to today, but nothing
 arrived.  Tomorrow is a national holiday in .nl, will follow up
 with the supplier on Friday.
 As we missed the window in which Justin was in .nl to do the set
 up we are looking into alternatives (other volunteers) to help
 out with the setup, as to ensure we will get the hardware in
 production as soon as possible after arrival.

25 Apr 2007 [Sander]

 Sander reported that the Dell box has been acquired and the
 order for the Sun box has been closed. Costs will be inline
 with what was originally projected: around $40k (US).

28 Mar 2007 [Sander]

 The Infrastructure hardware list[1] has been the same for quite a while.
 Actually the list has grown a bit, but has not been updated yet.  For
 instance, good old minotaur is more than ready for retirement.
 It has become clear that seeking out sponsors for the hardware proofs
 harder than expected.  More of a problem is that as soon as the
 needed hardware is on the list, we actually have a use for it straight
 away.  The wait of X months only causes initial planning, and motivation
 to execute on the planning to disappear.

 The way forward is to procure the hardware on the list for which the
 donation timeframe is clearly past.  There was a plan to shuffle
 machines around, given that all machines hosted in the Netherlands are
 in need of retirement.  It seems to be more efficient to procure locally
 than to ship machines.
 The cost for the new hardware is likely to be a significant amount;
 $40k ballpark.

 No progress has been made on the Contegix proposal.

 Sander will be presenting the "State of the Feather" at ApacheCon EU
 in Amsterdam early May.  He will sent a copy for review before the
 program goes to print, to ensure no significant events were left out.


 General consensus was that spending $40k US for hardware
 was no problem at all and that Sander and the Infra team
 should continue with detailed costing.

21 Feb 2007 [Sander]

 Sander reported that our sysadmin's contract is up for
 renewal (end of March) and that he will negotiate a 6 month

17 Jan 2007 [Sander]

 Reiterating what was in a Happy New Year email sent
 to the committership.  And one correction that was pointed
 out on the number of promotions to TLP this year.  We have
 had a year full of interesting events and amazing accomplishments.

 Over 2006, nine projects became Top Level Projects (TLP):
 Apache Cayenne, Apache Harmony, Apache Hivemind, Apache MINA,
 Apache Open For Business, Apache Tapestry, Apache Velocity,
 Apache Shale and Apache Tiles.  This brings the grand total to

 Eighteen projects entered the Incubator, four projects
 graduated from the Incubator, and two projects were retired.
 People definitely view the ASF as an attractive place to mature
 open source software projects.

 Apache DS was certified as LDAP Certified v2 by The Open Group.
 Only three other implementations have received this certification;
 by CA, IBM and Novell.

 We had three ApacheCon conferences this year; in Dublin, Ireland,
 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and in Austin, Texas, USA.

 The sponsorship program was announced at ApacheCon US, with
 two sponsors already signed up: Google and Covalent.

 David Reid and Rich Bowen launched the Feathercast, "an unoffical
 podcast from the world of the Apache Software Foundation".  It
 gives another insight in what your fellow ASFers are doing.

 I'm positive that 2007 will be great year as well.

 For Infrastructure a list of task for 2007 was proposed.  The
 thread needs to be followed up upon.  It was definitely useful
 for an inventory of things needing attention.

 Ajax has been prepared for retirement.

 A switch has a broken port.  Investigation in progress.

 Several harddrives broke down.  Replacements and spares have
 been ordered and taken into production.

 Currently under discussion at Infrastructure is the proposal
 that Jason presented, regarding consideration of Contegix being
 officially part of ASF infrastructure.

 Henri proposed weekly JIRA triaging meetings, with positive

20 Dec 2006 [Sander]

 No report.

15 Nov 2006 [Sander]

 Infrastructure is back to business 'as usual'.  Services
 were restored.  Final accounting was done on the colo move.
 Justin has the expenses incurred.

25 Oct 2006 [Sander]

 At ApacheCon presented 'State of the feather'; I was
 personally impressed with the sheer number of things
 that have been going on since last December from a birds
 eye point of view alone.

 At ApacheCon the Infrastructure Team sat down and discussed
 status quo, past mistakes, and future planning.

 A non-trivial portion of the ASF infrastructure has been
 moved from the UnitedLayer colo in San Francisco, CA to the
 OSU OSL colo in Corvallis, OR, over the weekend of the 20th
 and Monday.

 Minotaur was a known to be in risk of failure and it has indeed
 not survived the move.  It is in the process of being (temporarily)
 replaced by another machine.  Due to this Justin and Joe have
 been staying longer in Corvallis than originally planned. Two
 machines are down, fireswamp, which hosts, and
 loki, which runs gump on vmware. Final cost involved with the move
 (flights, car rental, hotel) will be in next report.

 The board expressed its appreciation to the Infrastructure team,
 especially Justin and Joe, for their efforts during this
 move. Greg indicated that he would be at OSU OSL on Friday (on
 non-ASF business) but could help with some remaining move

20 Sep 2006 [Sander]

A report was expected, but not received

16 Aug 2006 [Sander]

 Closure on OSU OSL in sight.  Expect to be concluded by next board
 meeting latest.

 Work on Infrastructure progressing slowly.  There has been more
 focus on day to day maintenance than anything else.  A start has
 been made at seperating 'websites' and 'people'.  Planning on
 repurposing machines and moving services has stalled a bit.  In
 part by the lack of clarity on moving or not.

19 Jul 2006 [Sander]

 Sander provided an update regarding our current infrastructure
 as well as our infrastructure providers.  Contractual updates
 will be provided over the next few meetings.

27 Jun 2006 [Sander]

 Work on Infrastructure is progressing.  We've had yet another
 month of troubleshooting failing hardware, next to the regular
 activities of blocking abusers, handling account requests, etc.
 A get together is planned for the people on site at ApacheCon EU
 to discuss the direction over the remainder of the year.
 Moving mail to Ecelarity is on the agenda for this month.  As
 well as inspecting the OSU OSL facilities, and possibilities.
 The contract negotiations with OSU OSL are still in progress.

 An offer has come back from a secretary service, for transcribing
 board meetings, sending out thank you notes for donations, and
 handling incoming fax traffic.

24 May 2006 [Sander]

 Contracts.  The SFLC has been helpful with reviewing and commenting
 on the contract with OSU OSL.  A few requests for change have been
 done, and currently the contract is under review of the lawyer at
 Furthermore a consulting contract with Joe Schaeffer has been
 written.  It has been mailed to Joe, but has not arrived as of

 Infrastructure.  The infrastructure is running smoother now we
 have full time staff available to take care of our systems.  Do
 note that it has been very busy due to several (hardware) failures.

 Donations.  Sun donated a T2000, which has been shipped to OSU OSL.
 A support contract is close to being finalized, which would finally
 give us access to the patches needed for our v40z. has kindly
 donated 2 Dell PowerVaults with 14x146GB of storage.  This donation
 has also been shipped to OSU OSL.

 Furthermore, additional hardware has been bought to refit the
 IBM x345 servers.  In total $3600 was spent.

26 Apr 2006 [Sander]

 Status on OSU OSL and contracting Joe Schaeffer.  Contract
 details with OSU OSL are being finalized today.  Contract for
 Joe will be available tomorrow.  Joe has already started.
 Secretarial service is still pending.

15 Mar 2006 [Sander]

 Overall there is being made progress on the Infrastructural front.
 Ajax has finally been upgraded.  It's been doing better since the
 upgrade, load and I/O wise.

 Several harddrives have failed and have been replaced, courtesy of

 We've also experienced harddrive failure on helios, and have an
 offer pending on a hardware service contract from Sun.  If this
 doesn't come through by next Tuesday, a service contract will be
 obtained by the ASF directly.

 OmniTI has set up Ecelerity on our Xserves.  The mail setup can be
 finalized once the current mail administrators are available to
 coordinate with OmniTI.  Contract still needs to be finalized.

 I haven't had feedback on the contract from OSU/OSL.  I'm aiming
 for them to start no later than April 1st 2006.

 All pending paperwork should be resolved by next friday.

 There was discussion regarding the issue of a Exec Director
 for the ASF, and whether that has dropped in priority. The
 general consensus of the board was that a SysAdmin should
 be the first priority for the foundation followed by some
 sort of secretarial support for the Secretary and Treasurer.

15 Feb 2006 [Sander]

 Progress is being made on the OSUOSL front.  I have received
 a concept contract, and have sent an NDA for them to sign.

 The final Xserve was brought into the SURFnet colo facility.
 Due to a miscommunication it doesn't have any connectivity
 yet.  This will be resolved next week.

 There was hardware purchased (a network switch, network
 cables, and an external storage unit), totalling at roughly

 Another drive has failed in minotaurs RAID array.  We are
 looking into purchasing a couple of replacement drives, to
 guarantee the safety of our data, and the continueity of
 operation of our Subversion installation.

 Our JIRA installation (one of our issue trackers), is continueing
 to give grief to the maintainers.  Atlassian is looking into
 sponsoring either new parts or a new machine, to move it to a
 dedicated issue tracker machine.

 Ajax, our Itanium machine in Amsterdam, is going to be upgraded
 to a different OS.  A test was performed whether the hardware
 would be recognized correctly.  As soon as the external storage
 unit is in place, the upgrade can be performed.  This will be
 done remotely.  It is expected that all I/O problems that we
 have been experiencing will be solved afterwards.

 Helios, hosting our so-called zones, is being used quite a lot.
 Most projects have requested their own zone and are putting it
 to use.  At some point limits will have to put on the amount of
 resources a zone can use.  This is currently not a concern.
 The fact that the zones are being used as a production service
 is of some concern, given that it is still an experimental service.
 No backups are currently being performed, nor is uptime guaranteed.

 The Security Team has sent in a report noting that it is close to
 impossible for volunteers to pick up reported security issues, file
 them, and dispatch them to the correct party, and also checking if
 the issue is actually being resolved.
 In the Public Relations committee I hear a similar message, but
 regarding PR issues.

18 Jan 2006 [Sander]

 Infrastructure is in the same shape as it was a while back.  It
 is isn't in any worse or better shape in my opinion.  The same
 complaint here and there.  A couple of people have stepped back,
 while others are doing more.  The concerning bit is that there
 are cases where Justin and others have to jump back in.

 The Infrastructure Search Committee has recommended we hire
 OSU OSL per notes of their final meeting:

 "We will recommend to the board to investigate entering into a
  relationship with OSUOSL for infrastructure outsourcing.  The
  starting point for such further investigation will be the RFP
  that we sent out and the proposal that OSUOSL sent us in response.

  We recommend the board considers contracting OSUOSL for a
  three-month period with the possibility of a one-month extension.
  The eyeball figure of $5000 per month that OSUOSL mentioned
  sounds to us like it could potentially be a very reasonable rate,
  depending on how much work they are planning to do."

 Sander was questioned why the committee chose OSUOSL. He
 mentioned that the main reasons where that they use pro-
 fessional sysadmins, and since we have non-standard infra-
 structure setups, they would be able to more easily align with
 our methods than others, who would likely require us to
 align with methods they are comfortable with.

 With that the Committees task is done, with exception to some
 administrivia.  The Committee will be dissolved as soon as these
 are taken care of.

 We are going to receive help in the email department from OmniTI.
 This has been blocking on me.  An appointment with SURFnet has
 been scheduled to set up the remaining Apple X-Serve including
 out of band access.

 Jim mentioned that OmniTI is physically close to where
 he is (about 45 minutes away) so if things pop up that require
 one of the board to be present at OmniTI, he could be

21 Dec 2005 [Sander]

 No report.

16 Nov 2005 [Sander]

 No report.

26 Oct 2005 [Sander]

 An observation this month is that the ASF is not using the potential
 it has for exposure optimally.  At several conferences multiple
 ASF members are present and it would be not too hard to have
 flyers present at conferences.  An option could be to pre-distribute
 flyers to known frequent conference go-ers.

 Infrastructure is still operational.  It is clear that the
 knowledge of the infrastructure of a whole is not centrally
 available.  It is hard to create a job description that includes
 all the ins and outs of managing our infrastructure.  Due to
 this fact, the Infrastructure Search Committee is now focussing
 on first making a decent inventory of what we do and how we do
 it.  This by defining an RFP to have an external party do the
 inventory, documentation and possible automation over a period
 of 3 months time.  The RFP is still a work in progress.

 David Reid has excused himself from the Infrastructure Search

 Theo Schlossnagle has reiterated that OmniTI is offering their
 software to run the mailservers of the ASF.  Apple has donated
 two machines for the purpose of running our mail.  Once both
 machines are hooked up, we can pursue this offer.

21 Sep 2005 [Sander]

 Infrastructure is taking longer times to handle requests, because
 the people that are mainly taking care of the infrastructure are
 unable to dedicate the same time as before.

 The need for hired help becomes more pressing, yet there has been
 little progress made in the Search Committee.  Leo Simons has made
 himself available to also sit on the committee, with the intent to
 get the ball moving.

17 Aug 2005 [Sander]

A report was expected, but not received

28 Jul 2005 [Sander]

 Notable news is that the original directive on software patents was
 rejected by the EU Parliament on July 6th.  Given the turmoil around
 software patents, and the many questions that trickle in, I'd like
 to get a FAQ on the ASF's position on the website.

 ApacheCon EU has come and gone; the V.P. Conference Planning
 will have more on that in the committee report.

 I'll be prioritizing internal affairs and external affairs in
 that order, during my term, trying to find a good balance
 between raising awareness of the ASF and internal issues like

 i. Infrastructure [Sander]

    During ApacheCon Martin Kraemer and David Reid have made significant
    progress on the ASF Certificate Authority.  There are high hopes to
    have the full system (including authentication for version control,
    mailing list archives, etc), before next ApacheCon.

    A call for volunteers for the Search Committee for an external sys
    admin was issued.  The search committee is to be responsible for:

     - finding/soliciting candidates, by whatever means;
     - selecting candidates;
     - reporting progress of the search to the Boad;
     - and finally, recommending candidates to the Board

   The search will go on until the search committee is satisfied it has
   seen enough viable candidates.
   Responses to the call for volunteers have been sparse, but there
   are four volunteers to serve on the committee:

     Erik Abele
     David Reid
     Scott Sanders
     Sander Temme

   Justin Erenkrantz has stepped back from Infrastructure, due
   to time constraints.  Given the amount of energy he has put
   into Infrastructure over time, I at least owe him a thank you

   Before ApacheCon EU, during a mini-Infrathon, and during ApacheCon EU
   the Infrastructure team has addressed the situation which caused the
   version control tool to wedge.  It is therefor believed the final
   argument against migrating to Subversion has been overcome.

   For the rest of the news from Infrastructure I am going to refer to
   a mail sent out by Leo Simons to all committers.
   Message-ID: <>

22 Jun 2005 [Dirk]

  Annual members meeting, sharp increase in press requests,
  BXA/CCN number assignment still not solved. Need to ask
  Ken about procedure Hardship cases.

  Request for exec session.

 i. Infrastructure [Sander]

    See Attachment L

18 May 2005 [Dirk]

 Mainly been tracing CCN/ECN etc numbers - turns out
 to be a much thornier issue than expected and one which
 we may need to address in earnest. Also preparing for
 the budget discussions - finding out about admin rates.

 There was discussion regarding determination of which
 s/w products may require some level of export control.
 Dirk noted that in most cases, it is sufficient that
 the interested gov't entities be informed of the
 location of the source code repositories in order to
 be compliant.

27 Apr 2005 [Dirk]

 Dirk reported that he is following AxKit and how it
 is playing out (has never yet had a release under the
 ASF "banner," and currently extensively uses non-ASF
 infrastructure). Dirk indicated that he would also
 like to discuss some CLA-like mechanism for ASF
 officers who are not members.

30 Mar 2005 [Dirk]

 No report.

23 Feb 2005 [Dirk]

 Dirk had nothing to report, but did request that Oasis
 be added to the 'New Business' agenda item.

19 Jan 2005 [Dirk]

 No significant activity beyond items not already found on
 the agenda below.

15 Dec 2004 [Dirk]

 No report.

14 Nov 2004 [Dirk]

 Dirk reported that he was keeping track on the
 efforts and discussions underway within the European
 Union (EU) regarding software patents.  According to
 Dirk, of particular interest was the fact that German
 political parties united in their support against
 patents, which is in conflict with the German EU
 Council vote.  Poland has also withdrawn support.

20 Oct 2004 [Dirk]

 Dirk reported that the ASF also appears to be moving
 along quite well.  Infrastructure support still can
 be a bottleneck, but issues are being resolved.

22 Sep 2004 [Dirk]

 Without echoing Greg his words above - I'd like to add that we
 also need to think to what extend executive committee's which
 IMHO have considerable more leway on operational issues that
 normal PMC's can and should be expected to set rather than only
 follow policy.

18 Aug 2004 [Dirk]

 No Report.

21 Jul 2004 [Dirk]

 Dirk reported nothing specific as new.  From last meeting, there
 were issues with the CLA and AL, and which document governs
 contributions.  Dirk believes that all concerns have been cleared
 up, although there may be a few more formal letters asking for

 Jim offered to assist Dirk in a formal position letter pertaining
 to this subject.

23 Jun 2004 [Dirk]

 Dirk reported that he's seeing a slight increase in questions, both
 public and private, pertaining to interpretation of contention
 between the CLA and the Apache License 2.0 when there is a corporate
 entity employing the contributor.

 The issue is that clarification is needed around the interpretation
 that the concept of 'entity' in AL2 includes a employing corporation
 of a contributor.

 The proposed solution is a clarifying statement from the ASF that
 indicates that the CLA is the governing agreement wrt the concerns
 about the AL2.0 'entity' language.

 Geir asked if the statement resolved the issue if there really is one,
 and Dirk confirmed that it wouldn't, but rather establish our intent.
 Sam inquired about the need for further action, and Dirk suggested
 that he didn't believe it necessary at this time, but wanted to report
 the increasing frequency of concern to make the board aware.  We may
 wish to have a resolution for next board meeting on the subject of
 a declaration or patch.

 There were no further questions for Dirk.

26 May 2004 [Dirk]

 Dirk had no real news to report other than an update on the
 infrastructure, which was reported by Sander Striker:

 Infrastructure [Sander]

   Infrastructure is confronted with lack of people able to help
   out.  Last month most regular roots were unable to contribute
   anything with respect to day-to-day work as account creation,
   etc.  Noel has been very good in filling the gap, but that
   is far from ideal.  The root rotation file, where people with
   root access commit themselves for a week of duty, has gone
   Furthermore Infrastructure has been battling email issues
   related to spam.  Also the entire mail system has been migrated
   off of daedalus onto a new machine, hermes.  This is where
   other root resources went.
   An email was sent out to members@ asking for help in various
   areas, among which software development to automate/ease the
   tasks of the operators, and to smoothen the process of
   account/karma request handling.  To date there has been little

 Sander's report generated discussion on the best way to delegate
 power and responsibility to reduce the workload on the
 actual infrastructure team for such actions as creating
 accounts, PMC specifics (eg: mailing lists) and the like.
 Sam noted that the Email Sander referred to had a "generic"
 subject line and was therefore not likely read by most members
 since it didn't indicate the severity of the request.

21 Apr 2004 [Dirk]

 Postponed as Dirk was not present.

17 Mar 2004 [Dirk]


 Two new root people have signed up to help out: Noel Bergman and
 Erik Abele.  This lightens the load on the current roots and
 the rotation.  More efforts are ongoing to automate root tasks.
 Part of the new hardware as arrived at Sam's.  The new HP server
 has seen final approval and should be arriving in the Netherlands
 somewhere in the upcoming weeks.  A three CPU Xeon machine is sitting
 at Brians waiting to be moved to the colo.  There is still no
 news from APC with respect to the UPS.  Given the power incidents
 over past period, action on this issue is suggested for consideration.
 Subversion was upgraded to 1.0.1.  Forrest has moved to SVN, its
 CVS history converted.  More projects are expected to move over.
 Projects already using SVN are happy with it.
 Steadily more projects are using the new wiki installation.  The
 UseMod wiki is still not frozen and the migration from there
 is not definitive yet due to time constraints of contributors
 (Leo Simons, who is handling most of the wiki related things,
 in particular).   The Cocoon wiki and the SpamAssassin wiki are
 in the process of migration.  A few instances of 'Wiki spamming'
 have occurred, and were dealt with in under 24h.  Furthermore
 the configuration was updated to be more restrictive in what is
 published (like usage statistics).

 The obtainment of insurance for the European colo was
 discussed.  The general consent was that the insurance
 provided no protection to the ASF and therefore should not
 be purchased.

18 Feb 2004 [Dirk]

 NAI: All but trademark sorted. Sander Striker, now on
 the board has effectively taken this over.

 Infrastructure: Sander and I had a chat with Surfnet;
 gigabit bandwidth there to be had for free at the major
 exchange location. Size and power not an issue. Within
 30 minutes from 3+ people willing to do admin work. HP
 hardware in the process of being donated. CLA and
 account adding protocol better/functional; but both
 word and workflow need to be more in front of PMCs.
 UL colo power issues continue. Mail worms keep coming,
 JIRA adoption is going well; 5 more codebases were

21 Jan 2004 [Dirk]

 No report.

17 Dec 2003 [Dirk]

 Dirk reported on the oversight issues faced by the PMCs of
 projects that had large committer bodies.  Projects should look
 to Jakarta as an example of how to scale rather than moving to
 more top level projects.

 Dirk mentioned that the inclusion of Spam Assassin was slightly
 behind schedule.

 Dirk talked about the ongoing work on the Infrastructure,
 especially with new machines being donated.  He pointed to the
 URL for more
 information.  There is talk of having a Certificate Authority
 box, perhaps hosted with Ben Laurie, for the purposes of
 managing SSL client certificates.

 Dirk mentioned that there has been some feedback about the
 security of the current installation of Subversion which was
 being adressed.

 Dirk reported that the "root" rotation still seems to work
 well.  Account creation requests, pending CLA receipt, are
 still a pain to keep track of, but there is an effort to
 resolve this through a web-app.  Some dicussion was had at
 ApacheCon to partially solve some of this through the means of

 Leo Simons has been putting a lot of energy in a wiki
 management tool, which is being used to created per-PMC

16 Nov 2003 [Dirk]

 Defaulted to presentation given at the Members' meeting earlier
 that night.

22 Oct 2003 [Dirk]

 Dirk reported that he would respond to the
 request from Tetsuya Kitahata (Terra-International, Inc.)
 regarding an ASF Authorized Certification Program with
 the response that this is not something the ASF does.
 Although they are welcome and encourage to provide
 training, etc... the ASF cannot "certify" or "authorize"
 those programs.

 Dirk also mentioned some concern over whether the
 infrastructure team was setting or dictating aspects
 of ASF policy that it should not. He mentioned that
 he would encourage that "user interface" issues
 and discussions be moved to the community at large,
 rather than solely within infrastucture.

 Dirk mentioned that the inclusion of Spam Assassin
 was progressing.

17 Sep 2003 [Dirk]

  No news on the spam assassin contribution; most remaining
  issues where clarified in a telecon with NAI - and the
  'corperate' CLA - as created for BEA is likely to help here.

  This month saw an unusually high number of PR questions related
  to (mostly) the SCO issue - though most journalists seemed
  almost disappointed by the presense of our committer/cla process
  and the absense of any worries/interest in linux/sco and the gpl.

 Infrastructure (report per Sander Striker):

  We have 3 new root users on minotaur and daedalus: Justin, Cliff
  and Thom.

  We are rotating root duty per week now, as of last week.

  Account requests are not being honoured without signed CLAs

  We've been offline for almost a full day when UL lost power.

  There is an effort for a unified wiki underway.

  A percentage of users has cleaned out their home directory on
  daedalus, but we need to push for more people to do this.
  The only people who require an account there are the ones
  helping out with mail.

  All PMC chairs were given CVSROOT access.  The rationale is
  that PMC chairs should be trusted and that it lowers the burden
  on root.

20 Aug 2003 [Dirk]

 No report.

16 Jul 2003 [Dirk]

 Dirk had nothing to report.  During the President's report, however,
 the status of the new machine, Minotaur, was discussed.  It was
 noted that it should be online is very short order; final details
 regarding physical access and the like were being completed.

25 Jun 2003 [Dirk]

 Dirk had nothing new to report, but noted that the ASF is
 nearly in a position where it owns all its own infrastructure.

21 May 2003 [Dirk]

 No report.

16 Apr 2003 [Dirk]

 No report.

19 Mar 2003 [Dirk]

 No report.

19 Feb 2003 [Dirk]

 Dirk has been working an issue with a number of books using Apache text
 without copyrights.  This appears to have been an oversight, and is
 rapidly being addressed.

 Dirk has been working with the CEBIT show.

 Regarding the question of whether outside scope of Apache:
 discussion deferred to 6.2 on the agenda.

 There has been an upsurge in interest in Wikis lately.  The plan is to
 associate every Apache resource with a responsible PMC.

22 Jan 2003 [Dirk]

 No report.

18 Dec 2002 [Dirk]

 No report since Dirk was not present.

18 Nov 2002 [Dirk]

 Dirk reported that his efforts have been mostly based on the License
 issues.  Dirk noted that, in general, there is a true lack of case
 law regarding the issues we are trying to address.  He also noted
 that the License is mostly American in nature, and not European and
 that, as such, interpretations can vary state by state.  In particular,
 our license is unique such that we are trying to make things public
 and not private, which is the normal mode.

18 Sep 2002 [Dirk]

 Dirk had nothing of detail to report.  There was discussion regarding
 APR and the issues regarding El-Kabong (the HTML parser) that was
 donated to the ASF.  There was also discussion regarding how much of
 the President's duties were infrastructure in nature.

21 Aug 2002 [Brian]

 Brian reported that he is investigating options to reduce the
 bandwidth requirements of the ASF web sites.  At present, we are
 reaching around 4 million hits per day.  Brian is also concerned about
 and working the disk storage issues mentioned at the last board
 meeting.  Brian noted that mirroring would be a help to alleviate
 some of the problems, but not all of them.

17 Jul 2002 [Brian]

 Brian reported on the move of the ASF servers between AboveNet
 Data Centers.  The move was quite smooth, with minimal downtime
 and impact (other than IP address changes).  Brian reported that
 disk storage capacity was starting to be an initial concern, and
 that he was investigating storage options.

20 Mar 2002 [Brian]

 Brian reported that the ASF infrastructure was operating in a "steady"
 fashion. Spam is a never-end problem and that a lot of work is
 being done to reduce its level.

27 Feb 2002 [Brian]

 Brian reported (via e-mail) that the infrastructure is holding steady
 at just under 4 million raw hits per day on most days.  40 new developer
 accounts have been created so far in 2002,  with approximately 460 total
 committers overall.

16 Jan 2002 [Brian]

 Brian had no news to report.

28 Nov 2001 [Brian]

 Brian reported that the infrastructure is performing well, and that
 the move of the Jakarta project's email to their own server has
 resulted in better performance overall.

17 Oct 2001 [Brian]

 Brian reported that the infrastructure transitions have been going
 smoothly, although email is a bit slower than other services. Brian
 also reported on the move of the servers from Exodus to AboveNet in
 San Francisco. Additional connectivity is being implemented via
 InterNap, although it is not yet completed. Some routing problems
 have been encountered while the InterNap link is being added.

 Brian also reported on the ASF Membership in Project Liberty,
 but that there was no additional status over and above the
 membership announcement. Brian also reported that there was no
 further status on the "no pay" W3C membership item.

15 Aug 2001 [Brian]

 Brian reported that, operationally, things seem to be much smoother now
 that CVS has been moved to a dedicated box.  He plans to move mail to a
 dedicated box in the future, though will probably wait until after
 moving both boxes to a new colo facility, abovenet in SF,
 where we will be (not immediately, but before Oct 1st) multihomed with

 Brian still has on his "to do list" the item of restarting communication
 with Richard Stallman w/r/t GPL/ASL compatibility.  He has also received
 a couple queries now about whether the ASF wants to be involved in a
 .Net and Hailstorm-competitive effort.

18 Jul 2001 [Brian]

 Brian reported on the changeover of CVS to the new server and the
 performance increases due to the change. Some discussion was held
 on other possible infrastructure improvements, such as possibly
 putting email on it's own dedicated server.

18 Apr 2001 [Brian]

 Brian was not available and so the President report was tabled.

21 Mar 2001 [Brian]

 Brian reported on his continued efforts in supporting the
 ASF infrastructure. This includes the '.org' web site, members
 email and user/contributor accounts. On a personal note, Brian
 informed the board of his continued discussions with Richard
 Stallman regarding the Apache License and the GPL.

22 Oct 2000 [Brian]

 Brian reported that he was working on various Licensing
 issues, including a "write-up" of sorts describing the
 Apache License and how it compares with other Licenses.
 This is in response to discussions on various mailing

24 Jul 2000 [Brian]

 Brian reported that not much has changed in the ASF operations since
 the last meeting, aside from the hardware problems on locus seeming
 to be fixed by the latest replacement.  He has been looking for ways
 to increase his own free time to spend on Apache, mostly by delegating
 more of his other work at Collab.Net.  He continues to speak on behalf
 of Apache at various conferences, but is mostly focused on improving
 our server and network infrastructure.

28 Feb 2000 [Brian]

 Brian reported on the move of ASF projects and resources to the
 new '' server.  He also reported that he was working
 his keynote speech for ApacheCon.