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Rename pmc lists to private

28 Jul 2005

 WHEREAS, Project Management Committees (PMCs) within
 The Apache Software Foundation are required to conduct their
 normal business on public mailing lists for their project; and

 WHEREAS, the Foundation provides each PMC with a private list
 called "pmc" for sensitive discussions for which a public
 discussion is prevented by statute or contractual restraints
 on the Foundation; and

 WHEREAS, mailing list names are standardized to make it easier
 for project oversight and administration; and

 WHEREAS, volunteers on Foundation projects frequently make the
 mistake of misdirecting public discussion to the "pmc" lists
 because the name implies a group of people rather than a type
 of discussion.

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Infrastructure
 Committee be and hereby is directed to rename all "pmc" lists
 to private@project and to use the name "private" for all such
 future lists; and let it further be

 RESOLVED, that all Project Management Committees within The
 Apache Software Foundation shall restrict their communication
 on private mailing lists to issues that cannot be discussed in
 public, such as discussion of pre-disclosure security problems,
 pre-agreement discussions with third parties that require
 confidentiality, discussion of nominees for project or
 Foundation membership, and personal conflicts among project

 Special Order 6B, Rename pmc lists to private, was
 Approved by Unanimous Consent.