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Review Apache Project Branding Guidelines

19 May 2010


 Doug: I applaud your efforts. I think the draft looks good. As far
 as enforcing and rollout: perhaps we can ask each project to report
 (as a part of their normal reporting cycle) as to whether or not
 they are conforming to the policy.

 Brett: I expect the most controversial part is the TM on the logos.

 Shane: If we take our trademarks seriously, we should have a TM on
 the logo.

 Shane: we are also revising the feather to include various formats
 and sizes, and will be requesting that each project migrate to any
 updated version as time permits in the future.

 Jim: my takeaway is that the board is behind the direction: continue

 Roy: we have traditionally avoided lawsuits, and TM's make us look
 corporate. Overall, I'm not thrilled, but am willing to go along.

 Doug: the lack of TM's has caused confusion in the past, and a TM's
 will help us socialize this

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