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18 May 2022

SeaTunnel is a very easy-to-use ultra-high-performance distributed data
integration platform that supports real-time synchronization of massive

SeaTunnel has been incubating since 2021-12-09.

### Three most important unfinished issues to address before graduating:
 1.Keep Apache versions released regularly and ensure the quality of
 all releases.

 2.Attract more active contributors and committers to build a diverse

 3.Improve features and documentation.

### Are there any issues that the IPMC or ASF Board need to be aware of?

### How has the community developed since the last report?
 The community ushers in 10 new contributors, bringing the total number to

 60+ pull requests have been merged since SeaTunnel entered the last report.

 We will be hosting a meetup with InLong (Incubating) on 5.14 2022, in which
 the community contributors and users will share their stories about
 application practices or open-source contributions.

### How has the project developed since the last report?
 The community contributors are continuously working on 2.0 features,
 devoting themselves to new architecture design.

### How would you assess the podling's maturity?
 Please feel free to add your own commentary.

 - [ ] Initial setup
 - [ ] Working towards first release
 - [X] Community building
 - [ ] Nearing graduation
 - [ ] Other:

### Date of last release:
 27th Apr 2022

### When were the last committers or PPMC members elected?
 Shiming Zhang as a committer on Mar 21, 2022.

### Have your mentors been helpful and responsive?
 Yes, always responsive and helpful.
 They gave a lot of advice on building the first version.

### Is the PPMC managing the podling's brand / trademarks?
 No known issues, but further investigation is still required by the
 SeaTunnel community.

### Signed-off-by:

 - [X] (seatunnel) Zhenxu Ke
 - [X] (seatunnel)  William-GuoWei
 - [X] (seatunnel) Lidong Dai
 - [X] (seatunnel) Ted Liu
 - [ ] (seatunnel) Kevin Ratnasekera
 - [X] (seatunnel) JB Onofré
 - [ ] (seatunnel) Willem Jiang

    ### IPMC/Shepherd notes: