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This was extracted (@ 2024-05-15 21:10) from a list of minutes which have been approved by the Board.
Please Note The Board typically approves the minutes of the previous meeting at the beginning of every Board meeting; therefore, the list below does not normally contain details from the minutes of the most recent Board meeting.

WARNING: these pages may omit some original contents of the minutes.
This is due to changes in the layout of the source minutes over the years. Fixes are being worked on.

Meeting times vary, the exact schedule is available to ASF Members and Officers, search for "calendar" in the Foundation's private index page (svn:foundation/private-index.html).


17 Apr 2024 [Matt Sicker]

 In March, the Secretary received 51 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, 5 software grants,
 59 membership applications, and 19 CoI affirmations. The Secretary
 worked with the new Board Chair to go over board meetings and how we
 coordinate them with the Chair.

20 Mar 2024 [Matt Sicker]

 In February, the secretary received 50 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, 4 software
 grants, and one membership emeritus request.

21 Feb 2024 [Matt Sicker]

 In January, the secretary received 77 ICLAs and two software grants.
 At the end of December and beginning of January, we worked with the
 Whimsy PMC to recreate our Whimsy server to address a security

17 Jan 2024 [Matt Sicker]

 In December, we received 36 ICLAs, 5 CCLAs, and 8 software grants. At
 the end of December, a security issue was reported to the Whimsy PMC
 where the Whimsy server was taken offline and patched before bringing
 up a new server instance. A big thanks to the Whimsy PMC members who
 addressed this issue!

20 Dec 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 In November, the secretary received 77 ICLAs and one CCLA.

15 Nov 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 In October, the secretary received 46 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, and 2 software

18 Oct 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 In September, the secretary received 40 ICLAs, one CCLA, and one CoI

20 Sep 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 In July, the secretary team received 49 ICLAs, 2 CCLAs, 1 software
 grant, and 3 CoI affirmations.

 In August, the secretary team received 59 ICLAs, 1 CCLA, and 4 CoI

 The secretary would like to clarify that when individuals file an
 ICLA, they may use a pen name as their public name if desired. Pen
 names are subject to secretarial discretion; we will not accept
 offensive names, impersonations, or names that cannot be written or
 pronounced. The secretary will confirm with individuals filing under a
 pen name that it is indeed their intention to do so as most times when
 we receive ICLAs with what appear to be a pen name, this was done by
 accident by confusing the public name field with a username field.

16 Aug 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 No report was submitted.

19 Jul 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 In June, the secretary office filed 47 ICLAs, 1 software grants, and
 19 CoI affirmations. We are still waiting for some CoI affirmations
 for this board term.

21 Jun 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 In May, the secretary received 39 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, and 1 CoI

17 May 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 In April, the secretary received 34 ICLAs, 1 software grant, and 2
 membership applications.

19 Apr 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 In March, the secretary received 53 ICLAs, 4 CCLAs, 44 membership
 applications, and 1 membership emeritus request.

22 Mar 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 In February, the secretary received 55 ICLAs and 3 membership emeritus

15 Feb 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 During January, the secretary team received 81 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, and one
 membership emeritus request.

18 Jan 2023 [Matt Sicker]

 In January, the secretary received 51 ICLAs and 2 CCLAs. We're working
 with Infra and Whimsy to update our use of LDAP with their updated
 authentication requirements.

21 Dec 2022 [Matt Sicker]

 In November, the secretary received 76 ICLAs, one CCLA, and two
 software grants.

 Secretary has been working with Infra to define a policy around how to
 handle multi-factor authentication resets. The pilot MFA program has
 been halted pending a more thorough policy and implementation.

16 Nov 2022 [Matt Sicker]

 In October, the secretary team received 76 ICLAs, 7 CCLAs, 2 software
 grants, and 1 membership emeritus request.

 The team is working with Infrastructure on a policy around how to
 handle 2FA resets.

19 Oct 2022 [Matt Sicker]

 In August, the team received 46 ICLAs, 2 CCLAs, one software grant,
 and one membership emeritus request. In September, we received 77
 ICLAs and 3 CCLAs.

21 Sep 2022 [Matt Sicker]

 No report was submitted.

17 Aug 2022 [Matt Sicker]

 In June, the secretary team received 39 ICLAs, 1 CCLA, and 3 software
 grants. Ongoing discussions with the Infra team around how to handle
 MFA resets.

20 Jul 2022 [Matt Sicker]

 In June, the secretary received 62 ICLAs and 2 membership emeritus

15 Jun 2022 [Matt Sicker]

 In March, the secretary received 71 ICLAs, 2 CCLAs, 1 software grant,
 51 membership applications, 19 CoI affirmations, and 6 membership
 emeritus requests.

 In April, the secretary received 55 ICLAs, 2 software grants, 1
 membership application, 2 CoI affirmations, and 52 membership
 emeritus requests. The jump in membership emeritus requests is due to
 the upcoming second members meeting in June to address quorum issues
 from inactive members.

 In May, the secretary received 71 ICLAs, 2 CCLAs, 1 software grant, 6
 CoI affirmations, and 19 membership emeritus requests. These emeritus
 requests are related to the upcoming members meeting in June.

 A glitch in publishing the monthly board meeting minutes was fixed,
 and missing minutes have all been added to our site. Secretary minutes
 were missing in the April and May board reports which are included in
 this month's board report instead.

18 May 2022 [Matt Sicker]

 No report was submitted.

20 Apr 2022 [Matt Sicker]

 No report was submitted.

16 Mar 2022 [Matt Sicker]

 In February, the secretary received 44 ICLAs and 1 CCLA.

16 Feb 2022 [Matt]

 In January, the secretary received 43 ICLAs and 2 CCLAs.

19 Jan 2022 [Matt]

 In December, the secretary received 73 ICLAs, 4 CCLAs, and 2
 software grants.

15 Dec 2021 [Matt]

 In November, the secretary received 60 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, and 1 software

17 Nov 2021 [Matt]

 In October, the secretary team received 32 ICLAs and 1 software grant.

20 Oct 2021 [Matt]

 In September, the secretary received 50 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, and 4 software

 Secretary is working with VP, Data Privacy, to ensure an updated
 process for membership withdrawal requests is consistent with our
 privacy policies.

15 Sep 2021 [Matt]

 In August, the secretary team received 46 ICLAs, 2 CCLAs, and 2
 software grants.

18 Aug 2021 [Matt]

 In July, the secretary received 58 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, and 3 software
 grants. We made a minor update to the ICLA form.

21 Jul 2021 [Matt]

 In June 2021, the secretary team received and filed 34 ICLAs, 2
 software grants, and 2 CoI affirmations. Continued work on updating
 the ICLA form for better record keeping.

16 Jun 2021 [Matt]

 In May, the secretary received 107 ICLAs, 6 CCLAs, and 1 software
 grant. The team is working on improving our handling of personally
 identifying information and the instructions for people to file forms
 without inadvertently disclosing PII. Some mismatched data between
 LDAP versus iclas.txt is being worked out as well.

19 May 2021 [Matt]

 In April, the secretary received 53 ICLAs, 2 CCLAs, 4 software grants,
 5 membership applications, and 15 CoI affirmations. We made a small
 adjustment to our ICLA form to specify an optional GitHub id for help
 with communities who tend to refer to each other by those usernames in
 vote threads.

21 Apr 2021 [Matt]

 In March, the secretary received 69 ICLAs, 2 software grants, 36
 membership applications, and 10 CoI affirmations.

17 Mar 2021 [Matt]

 In February, the secretary received 56 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, and 3 software
 grants. We continue working with VP, Privacy, to plan out privacy
 policies related to document handling.

17 Feb 2021 [Matt]

 In January, the secretary received 50 ICLAs and one CCLA.

20 Jan 2021 [Matt]

 In December, the secretary team filed 48 ICLAs and four software

16 Dec 2020 [Matt]

 In November, the secretary received 101 ICLAs, 10 software grants, and
 2 CoI affirmations. The secretary team is currently working with VP,
 Data Privacy, to revise policy related to access controls over ICLAs
 and other PII.

18 Nov 2020 [Matt]

 In October, the secretary received 49 ICLAs, 4 CCLAs, 2 software
 grants, and 1 CoI affirmation.

21 Oct 2020 [Matt]

 In September, the secretary received 53 ICLAs, 2 CCLAs, and 2 CoI

16 Sep 2020 [Matt]

 In August 2020, the secretary received 40 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, 3 software
 grants, and 2 CoI affirmations. We have a small number of outstanding
 conflict of interest forms remaining to collect for 2020.

19 Aug 2020 [Matt]

 In July 2020, the secretary received 43 ICLAs, 8 CCLAs, 5 software
 grants, and 18 CoI affirmations. The secretary would like to thank
 Craig Russell and the Whimsy PMC for making the CoI affirmation
 process super easy and efficient.

15 Jul 2020 [Matt]

 In June, the secretary received 61 ICLAs, 6 CCLAs, and 2 CoI
 affirmations. We added a conflict of interest affirmation form which
 was initially tested by the secretary team. We expect to receive most
 of the remaining CoI affirmations next month.

17 Jun 2020 [Matt]

 In the month of May, the secretary received 59 ICLAs, one software
 grant, and two membership emeritus requests. We have begun work on the
 conflict of interest policy and tooling around it over at the Whimsy

20 May 2020 [Matt]

 In April 2020, the secretary received 51 ICLAs, 1 CCLAs, 34 membership
 applications, and 9 membership emeritus requests.

 During April, the secretary worked with the Whimsy PMC to develop a
 feature in the secretary workbench for processing membership emeritus
 requests. This has helped during the yearly members meeting where an
 increase in paperwork typically happens. Future enhancements to Whimsy
 as well as experiments with using DocuSign along with self-serve forms
 for certain scenarios are all being executed on in one form or another
 to further modernize some of the secretary processes.

15 Apr 2020 [Matt]

 In March 2020, the secretary received 40 ICLAs and 3 CCLAs.

18 Mar 2020 [Matt]

 In February, the secretary received 74 ICLAs, 2 CCLAs, 4 SGAs, and 3
 emeritus requests. Note that these emeritus requests are from the past
 three months are were not all sent in February; they were officially
 filed in February.

19 Feb 2020 [Matt]

 In January, the secretary received 67 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, and 4 software

15 Jan 2020 [Matt]

 In the month of December, the secretary received 70 ICLAs, 1 CCLA, and
 two software grants.

18 Dec 2019 [Matt]

 In November, the Secretary received 50 ICLAs, two CCLAs, and two
 software grants.

20 Nov 2019 [Matt]

 In October, we received 64 ICLAs, 5 CCLAs, and 6 software grants.

16 Oct 2019 [Matt]

 In the month of September, the Secretary received 67 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs,
 and 8 software grants.

 Beginning in October, the Secretary will be hosting the monthly board
 meeting via Zoom. The board agenda was updated to reflect the new dial
 in info.

18 Sep 2019 [Matt]

 In the month of August, we received 75 ICLAs, two CCLAs, one software
 grant. GPG key verification using the recent Whimsy updates continues
 to work rather reliably.

21 Aug 2019 [Matt]

 In July, there were 68 ICLAs, two CCLAs, five software grants, and one
 member emeritus request received.

 The tooling issue around GPG signature verification has since been
 fixed by the Whimsy PMC. Documentation on around submitting
 digitally signed documents was updated to reflect our current accepted
 methods and in particular, it points to instead of
 keyservers we had previous problems with.

17 Jul 2019 [Matt]

 In June, we received 45 ICLAs, four CCLAs, three software grants, and
 one emeritus request.

 Just before the end of the month, there was a DDoS vulnerability
 announced for PGP key servers and clients. We mitigated this by
 temporarily switching to a more secure keyserver instance for
 verifying keys in the Secretary Workbench that limits the signature
 data returned on keys to mitigate this problem. This has caused some
 interruptions to key verification on documents received by the
 Secretary, though work is ongoing to fully return the service to full
 reliability once we can upgrade to the latest release of GnuPG which
 has its own mitigations in place for any keyserver and not just We have been working closely with the Whimsy PMC and
 Infra to continue improving the tooling in this area.

19 Jun 2019 [Matt]

 In May, there were 75 ICLAs, 5 CCLAs, and 6 grants were filed.

15 May 2019 [Matt]

 This is the first month that Matt has been Secretary while Craig has
 continued knowledge transfer and guidance on the position. The office
 of Secretary continues to run well with continued improvements in
 Whimsy tooling.

 In April, 77 ICLAs, two CCLAs, two software grants, three emeritus
 requests, and ten membership applications were filed.

17 Apr 2019 [Craig]

 In March, a system reconfiguration of the whimsy vm resulted in a
 several-day delay in acknowledging receipt of documents.

 The public key repository hosted at MIT that is used by secretary
 workbench has become unreliable and the technical solutions attempted
 to date are not adequate to the task. We will need to investigate
 hosting our own public key repository if the situation continues.

 As of today, all but one membership invitations from the March 2019
 members meeting have been accepted.

 In March, 55 ICLAs, one grant, 23 membership applications, and
 two emeritus requests were received and filed.

20 Mar 2019 [Craig]

 Internal procedures were updated for emeritus members who wish to
 be reinstated. External documentation of the process is pending.

 Several discrepancies in the records have been fixed (missing and
 duplicate ICLAs).

 In February, 56 ICLAs, three CCLAs, and one grant were received and

20 Feb 2019 [Craig]

 Processing of submitted documents with digital signatures was
 deteriorating due to dependence on an oft-overloaded public key
 repository. After this issue was reported, the Whimsy team stepped up
 and within a few days, Sebb had committed a change that significantly
 improved the reliability of the tool.

 In January, 54 ICLAs, four CCLA, and four grants were received and

16 Jan 2019 [Craig]

 The office of Secretary is running well.

 The Secretary represented The ASF at the Flink Forward conference in
 Beijing, China in December and delivered the keynote speech.

 In December, 69 ICLAs, one CCLA, and three grants were received and

19 Dec 2018 [Craig]

 In November, 101 ICLAs and three grants were received and filed.

21 Nov 2018 [Craig]

 The office of Secretary is operating well with plenty of support from
 whimsy and the Assistant Secretary.

 In October, 62 ICLAs, two CCLAs, and four grants were received and

17 Oct 2018 [Craig]

 In September, 62 ICLAs, three CCLAs, and one emeritus request were
 received and filed.

19 Sep 2018 [Craig]

 The office of Secretary is running smoothly.

 In August, 73 ICLAs, five  CCLAs, and one grant were received and

15 Aug 2018 [Craig]

 After discussions with infra and legal, changes have been made to the
 release distribution policy to remove SHA-1 and replace it with
 SHA-512 or SHA-256 for new releases.

 In July, 47 ICLAs, four CCLAs, and three grants were received and

18 Jul 2018 [Craig]

 In June, 60 ICLAs, two CCLAs, and two grants were received and filed.

20 Jun 2018 [Craig]

 In May, 54 ICLAs, four CCLAs, and two grants were received and filed.

16 May 2018 [Craig]

 The secretary office continues to run smoothly with active help from the
 Assistant Secretary.

 In April 52 ICLAs, three CCLAs, five member applications, and two grants
 were received and filed.

18 Apr 2018 [Craig]

 In March, 62 ICLAs, five CCLAs, 39 member applications, two proxies,
 two emeritus requests, and four grants were received and filed.

21 Mar 2018 [Craig]

 Matt Sicker has volunteered to help secretary, and has already been
 responsible for filing two dozen incoming documents. Please see
 Discussion item 8B to discuss appointing Matt to Assistant Secretary.

 In February 73  ICLAS, three CCLAs, and two grants were received and

21 Feb 2018 [Craig]

 Progress on the new discuss/vote/invite/file tool continues.

 In January 64 ICLAS, two CCLAs, and one grant were received and filed.

17 Jan 2018 [Craig]

 Work continues on the new whimsy application for inviting contributors
 to file an ICLA. For a demo please visit

 In December 170 ICLAs, four CCLAs, and three grants were received and

20 Dec 2017 [Craig]

 The project to invite submission of ICLAs has expanded in scope to now
 include the discuss and vote phases of invitation to submit an ICLA.

 In November, 52 iclas, four cclas, and two grants were received and

15 Nov 2017 [Craig]

 Work is continuing on a streamlined approach to inviting new
 contributors, committers, and project management committee members to
 submit ICLAs. For a demo, please visit

 The day-to-day workload on secretary remains well within bounds.

 In October, 86 iclas, three cclas, and one grant were received and

18 Oct 2017 [Craig]

 In September, 71 iclas, two cclas, and two grants were received and

20 Sep 2017 [Craig]

 To help resolve questions about IP Clearance I updated the Licenses
 page to include discussion about Provenance and the requirements on
 projects and incubator podlings for IP Clearance. This should help
 projects clarify when a separate IP Clearance process is needed.

 In August, 77 iclas, five cclas, and two grants were received and

16 Aug 2017 [Craig]

 I am looking to improve the IP Clearance process documentation which
 has raised a few questions recently.

 In July, 84 iclas and one grant were received and filed.

19 Jul 2017 [Craig]

 In June 88 iclas, six cclas, and three grants were received and filed.

21 Jun 2017 [Craig]

 Secretary has completed the process of identifying committers with no
 ICLA on file and requesting infra to disable these accounts.

 In May, 67 iclas, five cclas, and one grant were received and filed.
 One member requested to transition to Emeritus status.

17 May 2017 [Craig]

 Based on whimsy tooling, Secretary has begun to annotate accounts
 where the ICLA has gone missing and requesting infra to disable the
 accounts. If and when a replacement ICLA is filed, the account will be

 Secretary updated the Apache logo on the ICLA form with the new logo.
 Additionally, the options to fax or send physical mail have been
 removed from the form. These options are part of history but no longer
 have relevance.

 Secretary updated the CCLA form to remove fax and physical mail
 options, and to create a pdf form. The pdf form should be easier for
 the licensor to use than the txt document and easier for secretary to

 In April, 48 iclas, two cclas, and 64 membership applications were
 received and filed.

19 Apr 2017 [Craig]

 When the membership applications started to come in following the
 election of new members in March, we realized that the tooling was not
 in place to handle them. But thanks to heroic efforts on the part of
 Sam Ruby, the necessary tooling was put into place to handle the
 deluge of applications.

 Based on Whimsy tooling, there are a number of committers where the
 icla has gone missing. After discussion with infra, we have decided
 that accounts for committers without an icla on file will be disabled
 until such time as a new icla is submitted. The accounts will then be

 In March, 81 iclas, one ccla, and one grant  were received and filed.

15 Mar 2017 [Craig]

 Secretary continues to run smoothly thanks to excellent Whimsy tooling.

 In February, 94 ICLAs, one CCLA, and two grants were received and filed.

27 Feb 2017 [Craig]

 Secretary continues to run smoothly. In January, 81 iclas, four cclas,
 and two grants were received and filed.

18 Jan 2017 [Craig]

 December was an average month of document filing for Secretary.

 In December, 77 iclas, two cclas, and two grants were received and

21 Dec 2016 [Craig]

 Secretary continues to run smoothly.

 In November, 68 iclas, 4 cclas, and 9 grants were received and filed.

16 Nov 2016 [Craig]

 The new Whimsy Secretary Mail tool is working well even in light of
 the record number of documents received in a single month.

 In October, 137 iclas, 10 cclas, and one grant were received and

19 Oct 2016 [Craig]

 This month, Secretary transitioned from using Whimsy Secretary
 Workbench to Whimsy Secretary Mail. There were no significant changes
 to workflow and documents have been filed timely.

 In September, 72 iclas, three cclas, and five grants were received and

21 Sep 2016 [Craig]

 Work continues on cleaning up the records to make sure that all
 committers have ICLAs on file and that records match.

 Work continues under the auspices of the Whimsy project on the new
 tool to process incoming documents.

 In August, 72 iclas, four cclas, and one grant were received and

17 Aug 2016 [Craig]

 In July, 66 iclas, two cclas, and two grants were received and filed.

20 Jul 2016 [Craig]

 In June, 109 iclas, five cclas, and two grants were received and

 I’d like to remind all PMC chairs that to help secretary help you to
 file requests for new committer ids, votes should be summarized with a
 [RESULT] [VOTE] message.

15 Jun 2016 [Craig]

 In May, 71 iclas, four cclas, and three grants were received and

18 May 2016 [Craig]

 The project to replace missing ICLAs is progressing. No additional
 responses to the request to file replacement ICLAs for existing
 committers have been received. We are now working on tooling to make
 it easier to revoke credentials for committers without proper ICLAs.

 In April, 69 iclas, three cclas, five grants, and 13 membership
 applications were received and filed.

20 Apr 2016 [Craig]

 The project to replace missing ICLAs is progressing. 27 entries in
 iclas.txt with no active account and no ICLA on file were removed.
 There were two responses to the request to file replacement ICLAs for
 existing committers, included in the numbers below.

 In March, 84 iclas, five cclas, 4 grants, and 40 membership
 applications were received and filed. As of April 20, all invited
 members from the March member meeting have been accepted as new

16 Mar 2016 [Craig]

 The project to replace missing ICLAs is coming to an end. There are
 now 66 entries in iclas.txt with no ICLA recorded. Half of these have
 no valid forwarding address on file. The next step is for Secretary to
 remove LDAP entries for the committers with no ICLA; and remove
 notinavail entries with no iclas on file. It will be straightforward
 to reinstate privileges for committers who subsequently file ICLAs.

 In February, 90 iclas, two cclas, and one grant were received and
 filed. Two of these were in response to my request to file a missing

17 Feb 2016 [Craig]

 Continuing the process of making sure that all committers have ICLAs
 on file, the number of discrepancies in the records is dropping but
 many still remain. Of the 64 requests sent out to the email address on
 file, 34 were undeliverable. Seven committers submitted new or found
 ICLAs (included in the totals below). We have begun the process of
 removing access for accounts that have no ICLA on file.

 In January, 91 iclas, three cclas, and two grants were received and

20 Jan 2016 [Craig]

 A second round of requests for committers whose ICLA has gone missing
 has been sent out. This is based on recent whimsy tooling.

 In December, 87 iclas, five cclas, and two grants were received and

16 Dec 2015 [Craig]

 The tool to detect discrepancies in the contributor license agreements
 has been useful to help ameliorate the problem. Notices were sent to
 all people whose ICLA was unaccounted for. Thirteen of the missing
 ICLAs have been resubmitted.

 In November, 69 iclas, seven cclas, and two grants were received and

18 Nov 2015 [Craig]

 A number of discrepancies (around 100) have been found in the
 contributor license records of the foundation, thanks to some new
 tooling in the whimsy project.

 These discrepancies are being addressed. Cases of non-committers
 without iclas on file will be contacted to request new iclas, and if
 not received, the records will be removed. Cases of committers without
 iclas on file will be contacted to request new iclas, and if not
 received their accounts will be disabled.

 In October, 105 iclas, four cclas, and two grants were received and

21 Oct 2015 [Craig]

 Most of the cleanup of icla.txt public names versus ldap full names
 has been completed. There is more work to do to clean up all of the
 missing/unsigned iclas.

 In September, 91 iclas, five cclas, and two grants were received and

16 Sep 2015 [Craig]

 Thanks to some new tooling in Whimsy created by Sam, Secretary is
 reviewing and synchronizing icla.txt Public Names and LDAP Full Names.
 Most of the several dozen mismatches have been resolved. Once the
 remaining issues are taken care of, we will work on a process for
 people to request a change in their Public Name and LDAP Full Name.

 During the process of synchronizing these names, a number of anomalies
 in the records were discovered, such as missing ICLAs, non-standard
 file names for signatures, and wrong names in iclas.txt.  Sebb has
 contributed a number of improvements in this area. Others are also
 being worked on.

 In August, 84 iclas, five cclas, and four grants were received and

19 Aug 2015 [Craig]

 July was another reasonably busy month, with two documents per day to
 record. In July, 62 iclas, five cclas, and two grants were received
 and filed.

 Still no progress on filing ICLAs via email/web. Secretary
 will make more of an effort to get this back on track.

15 Jul 2015 [Craig]

 Secretary continues to be busy, although not at the earlier pace. In
 June, 66 iclas, five cclas, and three grants were received and filed.

 A few PMCs have inquired about the Web ICLA process. They have
 requested to prioritize this activity.

17 Jun 2015 [Craig]

 May was a busy month for secretary. In May 140 iclas, four
 cclas, and four grants were received and filed.

20 May 2015 [Craig]

 Secretary is running a bit behind at the moment with some issues with
 the board agenda tool. Many documents have been received in April: 66
 iclas, two cclas, 12 grants, and 32 membership applications were
 received and filed.

 The prototype automated icla-by-mail has received several comments and
 secretary hopes to resolve issues with VP Legal to move this process

 The Assistant Secretary has resigned and Secretary is looking for a

22 Apr 2015 [Craig]

 Secretary is running smoothly, with the Assistant Secretary picking up
 much of the workload. In March, a new record was set for activity,
 with 92 iclas, five cclas, 74 membership applications, four emeritus
 requests, and three grants received and filed.

18 Mar 2015 [Craig]

 The work of secretary continues apace. All proxies for the March
 members' meeting received as of March 18 have been filed. A total of
 20 proxies are now filed.

 In February, 66 iclas, seven cclas, and three grants were received and

18 Feb 2015 [Craig]

 Secretary continues to operate smoothly. In January, 65 iclas, three cclas,
 and five grants were received and filed.

21 Jan 2015 [Craig]

 Secretary is running well. An issue with submissions of modified license
 agreements was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, with no changes to license
 agreements necessary.

 In December, 57 iclas, eight cclas, and one nda were received and filed.

17 Dec 2014 [Craig]

 The errors in the computer program that prepares incoming documents for
 processing by the secretary continued to impact timely receipt and
 acknowledgement of documents. The problem appears to have been resolved.

 In November, 85 iclas, 11 cclas, and four grants were received and

19 Nov 2014 [Craig]

 A malfunction in the computer program that prepares incoming documents for
 processing by the secretary has contributed to delays in handling ICLAs,
 CCLAs, and grants. Apologies to everyone whose documents have been delayed.
 The problem may have been resolved. Secretary is working through the backlog
 of approximately 55 documents.

 In October, 60 iclas, one ccla, and two grants were received and processed.

15 Oct 2014 [Craig]

 The office of secretary is running smoothly. In September 53 iclas, six cclas,
 and two grants were received and filed.

17 Sep 2014 [Craig]

 Secretary is running well. During the dog days of August, 97 iclas,
 four cclas, and two grants were received and filed.

 There still is some confusion regarding under what circumstances
 a CCLA is required.

20 Aug 2014 [Craig]

 July was a busy month for secretary. 58 iclas, five cclas,
 and three grants were received and filed.

16 Jul 2014 [Craig]

 Secretary is running well with no issues. In June, 73 iclas,
 6 cclas, 25 member applications, and three grants were received
 and filed.

18 Jun 2014 [Craig]

 The office of secretary continues to run well. A couple of cases
 of missed documents were related to tooling issues and the mail server
 outage but were resolved once the issues were brought up.

 Tooling for the secretary continues to improve, making the tasks
 of secretary possible with minimum effort. Many thanks to Sam Ruby
 for continuing to make significant changes to these tools.

 A new workflow for member emeritus status was proposed and implemented.

 In May, 59 iclas, 14 member applications, and two grants were
 received and filed.

21 May 2014 [Craig]

 Secretary is running well and the volume of documents has picked up.
 In April, 77 iclas, two cclas, and two grants were received and filed.

16 Apr 2014 [Craig]

 The office of secretary continues to run smoothly.
 March was another slow month for documents.   45 iclas, five cclas,
 and one grant were received and filed.

19 Mar 2014 [Craig]

 February was a short and relatively light month for incoming
 documents. 42 iclas, two cclas, and four grants were received
 and filed.

19 Feb 2014 [Craig]

 January was an average month after the December doldrums.  There
 were 60 iclas and three cclas received and filed.

 The board subscription list received some overdue maintenance.
 LDAP subscriptions to pmc-chairs have been synchronized with PMC
 chairs in committee-info.txt. All but three PMC chairs are
 subscribed to board.

15 Jan 2014 [Craig]

 December was a relatively light month for secretary, with 46 iclas,
 six cclas, and two grants received and filed.

18 Dec 2013 [Craig]

 November was a modest month by recent standards. There were 44 iclas,
 two cclas, one nda, and three grants received and filed.

 I'd like to thank sebb for noticing and bringing to the attention of
 PMC chairs that many PMC membership changes have not been properly
 handled with regard to notice to the board and updating

20 Nov 2013 [Craig]

 October was another busy month for Secretary.  There were 76 iclas, nine cclas, and four
 grants received and filed.

16 Oct 2013 [Craig]

 The office of secretary is running well. September was a relatively
 light month with 47 iclas, three cclas, one grant, and one trademark
 assignment received and filed.

18 Sep 2013 [Craig]

 August was another busy month with over 80 documents received:
 72 iclas, nine cclas, and three grants were received and filed.

 A small number of documents, six percent or so, need special handling:
 non-standard form, duplicate of a previous document, missing digital
 signature, illegible name or email, etc. These issues are usually
 resolved within a few days.

21 Aug 2013 [Craig]

 Secretary continues to run without issues. July was a busy month, with
 69 iclas and three cclas received and filed. Most documents are filed
 within a day or two of receipt.

17 Jul 2013 [Craig]

 Secretary continues to run smoothly. Our newly-appointed Assistant
 Secretary James Carman has assumed responsibility for filing
 incoming documents. June was a busy month, with 92 iclas, 2 cclas,
 7 member applications, and four grants received and filed.

19 Jun 2013 [Craig]

 The office of secretary is running well with no major issues. May was a
 banner month, with 59 iclas, six cclas, four grants, one nda, and
 30 membership applications received and filed.

15 May 2013 [Craig]

 The office of secretary is running smoothly. In April,
 53 iclas, two cclas, one grant, and two ndas were received
 and filed.

 Thanks to Sam for filling in for this board meeting.

17 Apr 2013 [Craig]

 March was a busy month for document recording, with 69 ICLAs, four CCLAs,
 and four grants received and filed. There are still people who believe
 that they can write additional terms on Schedule A or Schedule B of CCLAs
 and these need special handling.

20 Mar 2013 [Craig]

 The office of secretary is running smoothly.

 Last month was an average month for incoming documents, with 48 ICLAs,
 three CCLAs, one grant, and one NDA received and filed.

20 Feb 2013 [Craig]

 Modulo a few hiccoughs due to changing the format of podling email
 lists, secretary is running smoothly.

 January was an average month for document filing. 54 iclas, five
 cclas, three ndas, and one grant were received and filed.

 James Carman continues to assist in the operation of the office
 of the secretary.

16 Jan 2013 [Craig]

 December was a slow month for document filing, with 36 ICLAs,
 one CCLA, and three grants received and filed. The secretary
 tools continue to make light work of the load.

 Secretary took a week off and James Carman filled in to file
 documents and Sam Ruby to take minutes at the board meeting.

 Thanks to both substitutes.

19 Dec 2012 [Craig]

 Document filing at Apache continues apace. In November 47
 ICLAs, four CCLAs, and five SGAs were received and
 filed. During processing of incoming ICLAs, five account
 requests were made. A few companies requested changes to the
 standard contract and their requests were declined.

 During my vacation later this month, James Carman, a volunteer
 secretary-assistant-in-training has volunteered to fill in for me.

 Comment: Good job in recruiting another volunteer!

21 Nov 2012 [Craig]

 October was an average month for document filing.  51 ICLAs, four CCLAs,
 and three grants were received and filed. There were a few cases where
 the automated document receiving script failed to properly identify an
 email and these had to be handled manually. But largely, the tools are
 working well.

 I've had some renewed interest from volunteer secretary assistants.
 Hopefully this interest will translate into additional folks being able
 to assist in the operation of the foundation.

17 Oct 2012 [Craig]

 September was another uneventful month for secretary@.
 56 ICLAs, four grants, and one CCLA were received and filed.
 As part of the process, 11 account requests were filed.

19 Sep 2012 [Craig]

 August, a traditionally slow vacation month, saw substantial activity
 at secretary@. 82 ICLAs, five grants, and six CCLAs were received and
 recorded. As part of the filing process 14 new account requests were

15 Aug 2012 [Craig]

 In July, 53 ICLAs, three CCLAs, and three grants were received and filed.
 During processing of ICLAs, 20 new account requests were made.

25 Jul 2012 [Craig]

 June was a relatively light month for Secretary. 42 ICLAs, seven CCLAs,
 two grants, and seven membership applications were received and filed.
 During processing of ICLAs, ten requests were made for new accounts.

20 Jun 2012 [Craig]

 May 2012 was a busy month with recording all of the new members.
 Secretary received and filed 76 ICLAs, three CCLAs, one grant, and
 40 membership applications. During processing, 15 new account requests
 were made.

16 May 2012 [Craig]

 April was a normal month for secretary, with 58 ICLAs, one NDA, four CCLAS,
 and one grant filed. Eight account requests were made during the processing
 of incoming ICLAs.

18 Apr 2012 [Craig]

 March was a relatively light month for secretary. 37 ICLAs and one
 grant were received and filed. Six accounts were requested at the time
 of filing the ICLAs.

21 Mar 2012 [Craig]

 February was a busy month in secretary land. 60 ICLAs, three CCLAs,
 and three grants were received and recorded. If there is enough
 information regarding a new committer, in either the ICLA form
 itself, or in the email to which the ICLA is attached, then the
 new account request will be created upon filing of the ICLA.
 In February, six accounts were requested to be created as part of
 the ICLA filing process.

15 Feb 2012 [Craig]

 January was business as usual at secretary@, with 85 ICLAs,
 four CCLAs, one grant, and one updated CCLA schedule A received
 and filed. 27 new account requests were filed based on ICLAs
 with completed account and project information.

24 Jan 2012 [Craig]

 The office of secretary@ continues to run smoothly with help from official
 and unofficial volunteers.

 In December, 60 ICLAs and five CCLAs were received and filed.

21 Dec 2011 [Craig]

 This is the last board meeting of 2011 and I'd like to report that
 secretary@ is working well, with volunteers continuing to make process
 improvements and generally helping out. I'm especially happy to report
 that new committers generally get their credentials within a small
 number of days after submitting their ICLAs.

 In November, 48 ICLAs, four CCLAs and one grant were received and filed.

16 Nov 2011 [Craig]

 Filing of incoming agreements continues apace. In October, 61 ICLAs,
 seven CCLAs, and five grants were received and filed.

 We still receive corporate license agreements on individual license
 agreement forms, missing or blank pages, and mystery faxes. We still
 receive ICLAs that do not request to notify a project.
 But by and large, newly minted committers are getting quick service
 for their Apache ids.

 Based on a script crafted by Sam Ruby, we now have a cross check
 on subscribers to the board@ alias. There are two subscribers who
 are not members who are former PMC chairs; two PMC chairs who are
 subscribed using email addresses not registered in members.txt;
 and three PMC chairs who are not subscribed at all. These anomalies
 are being addressed via private emails.

26 Oct 2011 [Craig]

 Record-keeping continues to run smoothly, with many eyes and hands
 helping. Secretary is now responsible for updating the ldap permissions
 for retiring PMC chairs and new PMC chairs. In September, 58 ICLAs,
 eight CCLAs, three grants, and one NDA were received and filed.

21 Sep 2011 [Craig]

 The recording of documents received by secretary@ continues to be
 timely and smooth, with two eyes on the incoming mail basket.
 In August, 51 ICLAs, two CCLAs, nine grants, and one membership
 application were received and filed.

 The new ICLA form and process for requesting accounts are working well.
 At times only a few minutes elapse between receipt of an ICLA and the
 creation of an account for a new committer.

17 Aug 2011 [Craig]

 The process of filing documentation is running smoothly. In July,
 34 ICLAs, two grants, 11 CCLAs, two NDAs, and 20 membership applications
 were received and processed.

 In August several changes were made to the process in order to expedite
 the creation of new committer accounts. The ICLA forms were updated to
 include preferred Apache id and requesting PMC. A new tool was put into
 service that allows the secretary to request root to create new accounts.
 Finally, more root members of infra were encouraged to create accounts.

 Results of these changes are already visible. A new record for account
 creation was set: just over 9 hours elapsed between receipt of an ICLA
 and the creation of the account for the new committer.

20 Jul 2011 [Craig]

 June was a record busy month in secretary-land due to the
 admission of OOo into the incubator. 112 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs and one
 grant were recorded.

 We occasionally receive a few documents that are incomplete,
 unsigned, or that use the wrong form, but nothing of concern.

 A discussion regarding privacy and duplication is leading to a
 privacy policy for members' personal information.

15 Jun 2011 [Craig]

 Business as usual. In May 2011, 44 ICLAs, three grants, and four
 CCLAs were received and recorded.

19 May 2011 [Craig]

 Good news: not much news.

 In April, 29 ICLAs, one grant, five CCLAs, and one NDA were
 received and filed.

20 Apr 2011 [Craig]

 Agreements are now mostly being received by email, which makes filing
 very straightforward. In March, 25 ICLAs, five CCLAs, and two grants
 were filed.

16 Mar 2011 [Craig]

 Documents continue to be filed timely, thanks to the continuous
 improvement of the Secretary Assistant Tool and both sets of
 eyes on the incoming documents. In February, 39 ICLAs, three
 CCLAs, three Grants, three Membership Applications, and one
 Nondisclosure were filed. One Mystery fax containing an
 unrecognizable ICLA was received.

16 Feb 2011 [Craig]

 Processing of documents continues to be smooth. Documents arrive
 on a regular basis and are dispatched generally within a day of
 arrival. January saw 44 ICLAs, 2 CCLAs, one NDA, and a raft of
 membership applications.

 Shane noted that all elected members have responded to their
 invitations. Is an announcement planned?

 Action item: Jim arrange for a public announcement.

19 Jan 2011 [Craig]

 License agreements filed in December include 46 iclas, 7 cclas, and 2

 The Delaware Annual Report was filed via the Corporation Service
 Company's filing service.

15 Dec 2010 [Craig]

 November saw 48 ICLAs, 3 CCLAs, 7 NDAs, and 3 SGAs received.

 Spammers have discovered the secretary@apache email address. It's
 not a huge problem (yet) so no action is being taken at the moment.

17 Nov 2010 [Craig]

 October was a busy month for grants and contributor agreements.
 Kinosearch (Apache Lucy) provided nineteen grants; 3 for Gora; 2 others.
 23 iclas were recorded along with 2 cclas.

 One member went emeritus.

20 Oct 2010 [Craig]

 Contributor license agreements and grants continue to be processed
 timely: one grant; 25 iclas; and two cclas were processed in September.

22 Sep 2010 [Craig]

 Filing of grants and contributor license agreements is running smoothly.
 40 ICLAs; one CCLA; and two software grants were received in August.

18 Aug 2010 [Sam]

 Despite the fact that some of the invites were caught by spam filters
 and other confusion, all membership applications were received on time.
 The number of active members is now 330.  This number is now being
 maintained in the members.txt file itself.

 Minutes and document filings are running smoothly.

 Craig and I are beginning planning of our transition of roles.

 Approved by general consent.

21 Jul 2010 [Sam]

 Posting and drafting of minutes are both up to date.

 There is one document in Bills/received that need to be approved
 or otherwise disposed of relating to marketing and publicity.

 Some OSCON Marketing and Publicity expenses will be charged to the
 secretary's credit card (i.e., mine).  This is likely to be a one-time
 occurrence; in the future this will likely be once again handled by
 the president.

 I've automated the processing of scanned/faxed/emailed member
 applications, and this is already showing improved productivity.
 Verification of PGP signatures is still a labor intensive effort.

 I've had the first occurrence in a long time of an ICLA not being
 promptly filed, the culprit was a snail mail pair of documents that I
 had placed in the wrong pile; a quick set of emails and this was
 promptly resolved.  In all, things have been going very smoothly, due
 the combination of Craig's help and the investments in automation.

 When it becomes time to name officers for the next calendar year, it is
 my wish that Craig and I swap the secretary/assistance secretary roles.
 Craig supports this suggestion.

16 Jun 2010 [Sam]

 [verbal report]

 No issues for the board.  ICLAs/CCLAs/Grants continue to be processed
 in a timely manner by Craig Russell.  Thanks go out to Jim and the
 infrastructure team for resurrecting the automation of the updates to
 the committers.html file, as many PMCs rely on this.

19 May 2010 [Sam]

 verbal report

 Not much to report. Craig has been shouldering much of the
 workload. I'll talk to Craig offline as to whether or not he
 is interested in swapping positions the next time this comes

21 Apr 2010 [Sam]

 Verbal report.

 Processing of membership applications has not gone as smoothly as I
 would have liked.  Issues include: PGP signatures are more common on
 membership applications than on CLAs and take more time to verify; my
 availability; confusion over roles between secretary/asst sec/infra.

 CSC indicates that the ASF Corporate Status is up to date.  While I
 went through and updated the form (mostly providing current addresses
 for Directors, based on members.txt), and authorized payment, this was
 rejected as already paid.  Apparently this was all cleared up
 automatically when the Delaware taxes were filed.

17 Mar 2010 [Sam]

 Minutes continue to be produced, documents filed, and acknowledgements
 sent.  The software-grants.txt file was updated to include an email
 address to facilitate acknowledgements.

 In the past, the primary responsibility (or more appropriately:
 privilege) for sending out both the initial invitation and the final
 welcoming to the ASF fell on the person who nominated the individual in
 question.  (I always double checked, but never found it necessary to
 intervene).  It would be trivial to adjust the secretary workflow to
 send out the final acknowledgements, complete with pointers to
 documents as new-member-resources.txt.  We should discuss whether or
 not this would be a good thing.

 As to the DE annual report story: I ran into a brick wall: our
 accountant and the state of Delaware don't seem to agree on whether or
 not our obligations to file a 2008 tax return have been filed.  That's
 still being sorted out.

 Board agreed that to have the secretary send out membership confirmation

17 Feb 2010 [Sam]

 Automation of the sending of confirmation emails is now complete.
 Updates to the Software Grant document to include an email address are
 being contemplated.

 Once the LDAP migration was complete, I found myself in a position
 where I did not have access to the secretary mail archives.  Apparently
 "officers" archives are only available to board members, not all
 officers.  As a stop gap measure, I requested that the secretary mail
 archives be made available to all ASF members, and I have no problem
 with that being the long term resolution to that specific problem.
 That being said, there is a larger problem where, for example, the
 Treasurer's assistant does not have access to the Treasurer's mail

 I will remind everybody that there are:

   23 documents in the "documents/received/to_geir" folder
    6 documents in the "documents/received/to_jim" folder
    1 document  in the "documents/received/to_sam" folder

 These documents need to be attended to.

 Minutes were provided late this month, and for that I apologize.

 Sam to open up a JIRAs on these two issues.

20 Jan 2010 [Sam]

 Minutes drafted, minutes posted for review, and minutes posted to the

 35 ICLAs, 5 CCLAs, and 1 Grant processed this month, mostly via
 eFax, then by email, with a few postal mail.  Craig continues to handle
 the bulk of these, and one working day turnaround is generally the
 norm.  Some further investment in automation has resulted in additional

 We are looking at revising the ICLA form itself to indicate that
 direct email is an acceptable alternative (in fact, it is the preferred
 alternative).  We have had people send in, and we accept, pictures
 of signed documents, which we convert to a PDF for archiving.  (Both
 svn and the mail archives show the full trace of all transformations)

 Finally, some time this month we plan to experiment with sending back
 email confirmations at the time a document is committed.  This email
 will be sent to the email address in the document itself, and will copy
 the person who sent in the document, if the document was sent by email
 and the address is different.

16 Dec 2009 [Sam]

 Minutes drafted, minutes posted.  Craig is shouldering most of the
 burden of keeping up with the various documents that are coming in, with
 occasional documents filed by me (including the ones that come in via
 the postal system).  Sebb continues to audit.

 As a result of some discussion regarding names containing non-ASCII
 characters, Jim's committers.html page has been converted to utf-8
 (Thanks, Jim!).  Due to differences in how Macs and other operating
 systems handle Unicode characters in file names (svn bug 2464), we are
 restricting file names to ASCII characters at this time.

18 Nov 2009 [Sam]

 Minutes for both of the previous board meetings are available for review.

 A burst of faxes have come in recently (many due to the impending
 incubation of Subversion), and Craig has been doing an excellent job of
 keeping up with the deluge.  Sebb has continued with his tireless job
 of auditing and cleanup.

 Joe Schaefer's auto-renewing Consultant Services Agreement was signed,
 scanned, and stored in subversion, as well as the three month
 Consulting Services Agreement for Gavin McDonald.

 A credit card for Philip M. Gollucci was received, and I will arrange
 for this to be forwarded to him.

21 Oct 2009 [Sam]

 Faxes and minutes continue to be filed in timely fashion.  Nothing
 extraordinary to note.  Should there be a desire to formalize Craig
 Russell's role as Assistant Secretary, I am fine with that.

 No action taken on formalization of Craig's role at this time.

23 Sep 2009 [Sam]

 Craig Russell continues to be an invaluable help, and processing
 time on inbound faxes continue to be consistently a matter of
 either same-day processing or at most a few days, through a
 combination of automation and distributing the workload.

 We have one inquiry as to a missing CCLA, and I have requested
 more information.

 Draft minutes are current and all approved minutes are posted.

 I want to remind people that a number of executive officers and
 additional officers have "to_<name>" folders in the documents
 received folder in SVN that need to be attended to.

 I am willing to either continue as Secretary for another term or
 transition the role.

19 Aug 2009 [Sam]

 An initial pass of scanning all the archived documents has been
 completed, as well as a match of archived ICLAs to iclas.txt.  95 other
 documents (non-ICLAs) were also scanned and need to be sorted, and
 then an audit (searching for archives for missing ICLAs) needs to be

 Craig Russell and Tim Ellison have both been assisting with the ongoing
 processing of incoming faxes.  Often times this means that same-day
 response is now becoming the norm.  Sebb, as always, continues to be

 Board minutes through July have been posted and are available for

15 Jul 2009 [Sam]

 Two thirds (literally: 14/21) of the membership applications have been
 received and processed.  I've verified that everyone voted in has been
 contacted and will follow up closer to the deadline if there are any
 remaining stragglers.

 I had a number of people indicate that they wished to go emeritus,
 but only received two forms.  Those have been processed.

 While my evil plan to get motivated officers to process CLAs and
 grants in accordance with their best interests hasn't attracted
 many volunteers, "where's my fax?" questions have all but disappeared.
 I guess that's an acceptable outcome.  Given the investment in
 automation, and without the time pressure, the actual time it takes to
 read and enter one name and one email address per form isn't all that
 much of a burden.

 Once minutes are approved, they will be posted.

 And just so it is totally clear, and despite my previous indications
 that I intended to step down, I've agreed to stay on through September
 as Secretary, if that is the wish of the board.

17 Jun 2009 [Sam]

 No report submitted.

20 May 2009 [Sam]

 The experiment to provide the opportunity for Officers to process
 incoming faxes has had, at best, mixed results.  Only two such
 officers, Jukka and Upayavira, participated (note: Sebb continues
 to be invaluable).  On the other hand, providing the opportunity to
 participate removes the pressure to provide timely turnaround.  That,
 coupled with all investment in automation, has reduced the task to
 a few hours a week.

 The Secretarial Assistant contract expires at the end of this month.
 The plan is to have all of the remaining backlog of ICLAs, CCLAs, and
 grants scanned to svn (but perhaps not sorted) by that time.

 The suggestion is to not scan the box of financial records,
 but shred the contents after seven years. Henning and Aaron
 agreed, Justin disagreed. Bill suggested that I check with legal.

15 Apr 2009 [Sam]

 No report.

18 Mar 2009 [Sam]

 5 grants, 74 iclas, 2 cclas were processed.  This was a mix of
 arriving and archived documents.  Curiously, quite a few documents
 in the archived box were encountered that were scanned prior to
 being shipped to Raleigh.  Of course that wasn't noticed until after
 a large batch was rescanned...

 The Secretary Assistant purchased a new scanner with a document feeder.
 The scan quality also is improved.

 Small adjustments were made to the Workbench script in an attempt
 to reduce the error rate and to deal better with rescans.

 I can confirm the receipt of the bridging SA contract.  Unless there
 has been activity that I'm unaware of, I'm extremely skeptical that
 a new EA will be selected, on board, and in a position to make a
 recommendation at the 2.5 months remaining.  That being said, it
 should there be a need to create another extension for even as
 small as one month, that should not pose a problem.

 After a long period of appearing like clockwork, the SA did not
 receive payment for the month of February.  The treasurer has been

 We've recently had several cases where people have sent faxes and
 the've never been received.  I've done some "dumpster diving" through
 the archives and not found them.  Not sure what's going on.  If
 anybody wants to participate, the apmail private-arch officers
 secretary archives are available.  What would be helpful in such
 inquiries would be for people to provide approximate dates as to when
 the fax was originally was sent.

18 Feb 2009 [Sam]

 4 grants, 132 iclas, 4 cclas, and again this includes some more
 scanning of the archives.  The final membership application that was in
 transit at the time of the last board report was received and filed.

 Bills/received remains empty.  Bills/approved now addressed.

 The current contract for the SA expires at the end of this month.  I've
 requested that this be discussion item.

21 Jan 2009 [Sam]

  2 grant, 93 iclas, and 2 cclas have been processed since the last
  report, this includes some scanning of the archives.  Additionally,
  16 membership applications, and two emeritus applications have
  been processed.  One more membership application is reportedly in

  I'm pleased to report that as of this morning, the Bills/received
  directory is empty!

  We now have two ICLAs that are PGP signed.  Despite coming to apparent
  agreement in last months board meeting, feedback from one current and
  one previous Director came in after the meeting.  Let's discuss.

  We got in an offer from our insurer to provide a quote for insurance
  for the servers as well as Public Liability, Automobile Liability,
  Media Liability, Errors & Omissions coverage and Security Liability.
  I'm comfortable either being self-insured on the servers, or handing
  this off to the Infrastructure VP.  Details are in

 We reaffirmed that we are comfortable with PGP/GPG for ICLAs.

 People who are interested in pursuing insurance are encouraged
 to review the document in subversion.

17 Dec 2008 [Sam]

 1 grant, 34 iclas, and 3 cclas have been processed since the last
 report, as well as 14 member proxies.

 Minutes continue to be posted in a timely fashion.

 Two items remain in Bills/received, one dated 20 Oct, the other dated
 13 Nov.  If these could be attended to, I would feel confident in
 delegating this task to the secretary assistant.

 We have received on ICLA that was PGP signed.  While we haven't
 previously endorsed that practice, I have no issue with the idea.
 Feedback welcome.

 There has been some grousing (<grin>) on the list about the
 combination providing the alternatives of IRC and fax and scanned
 signatures and PGP/GPG not being accessible enough for our members
 to participate.  While I'm not entirely sympathetic to that argument,
 I would be open to the idea of allowing members SVN write r/w to the
 proxies-received directory, and to allow individuals to commit their
 own (not otherwise signed) proxy requests there.

 Jim agreed to process the two items that are currently in the Bills
 received directory.

 We agreed in the meeting to accept ICLAs that were PGP signed.
 [note: subsequent discussion on the mailing list indicated that not
 everybody thought this was a good idea, I plan to bring this up
 again in the next meeting to reconfirm]

19 Nov 2008 [Sam]

 6 grants, 60 iclas, and 4 cclas were processed since the last board
 report.  Minutes continue to be made available in a timely manner
 and published once approved.

 Use of financials/Bills/received in svn as a process still is not as
 smooth as I would like, but I remain optimistic that this will
 eventually work itself out.  At the moment, I believe that there are
 a number of items in "received" and "approved" directories that I
 believe are paid.  I'd like to ask the Treasurer to review these
 items and move the documents as appropriate.

 Justin should have his physical credit card -- I mailed it to him
 in New Orleans.  I've gotten a fax indicating that Wells Fargo needs
 verbal authorization to mail an additional card to an alternate
 address.  I'll follow up today.

 Renewed Joe's contract for another six months.

15 Oct 2008 [Sam]

 2 grants, 61 iclas, 3 cclas processed since the last board report.
 This includes the first attempts by this secretarial assistant to
 address the backlog of unscanned documents.

 financials/Bills/received emails are now sent to the board; some
 progress has been made in getting these approved.  One recent PR
 request and a number of infrastructure requests have yet to be be

 The current plan is to hand Justin's physical credit card to him at

17 Sep 2008 [Sam]

 2 grants, 32 iclas, and 2 cclas were processed since the last report.

 Jim approved the updated minutes for July, and the minutes for August
 are now available.

 Craig Russell commented on the rate of typos in data entry.  The
 specific document he chose to highlight was processed by the previous
 secretary assistant, but the issue exists equally with the current
 secretary assistant.  It has not proven to be a problem with the
 infrastructure team, Sebb continues to his audit both of historical and
 realtime documents, and when people note typos, they are promptly
 fixed.  While I'm continuing to monitor this, I'm not treating it as an
 problem at this time.

 The Secretary Assistant has been proceeding on the assumption that her
 contract was renewed, despite it expiring at the end of last month.
 She's on break from school Sept 27 through Oct 12, and while she will
 will focus on the backlog of scanning archived documents at that time,
 if there is other work that needs to be done, she has more free cycles
 during that period.

 While it was my intention to delegate bills received to the secretary
 assistant once the process was running smoothly, invoices continue to
 pile up in the svn:financials/Bills/received directory.

 I have yet to forward Justin's actual credit card to him.  He has
 access to the numbers and security codes.  If it isn't urgent, I'll
 take care of this at ApacheCon.  Otherwise, I'll mail it now.  I have
 not received any additional credit cards (Paul, Sander).

 Filed a form 8868 income tax extension.

 Sam to mail credit card to Justin.

 Sam to redirect commit messages for the bills directory to

20 Aug 2008 [Sam]

 0 grants, 50 iclas, and 6 cclas were processed since the last report.

 The draft minutes for the last minute provoked a discussion as to
 what should be minuted.  I look forward to the agenda item below
 where this is to be discussed further.

 Four invoices are in svn:financials/Bills/received directory.
 As this process becomes more routine, it is my intention to delegate
 it to the Secretary Assistant (presuming that we have one).

 A modest request: if people have documents (such as invoices) that
 they want to be processed, please copy the secretary@ alias.  I'm
 not suggesting that this is a hard requirement, just that it will
 hopefully reduce the number of documents that fall through the cracks.

 The lack of direct access to an ASF credit card increases the
 possibility of human error, and in the case of ordering hard drives
 from Sun, apparently mine.  Aaron has already indicated that he
 will seek such a credit card.  If I can do anything to help correct
 this issue, let me know.

 The mail forwarding issues will Wells Fargo seem to be (largely)
 corrected.  Still a stray mail or two to address.  Will work with

 I have received a new credit card for Justin to replace his current
 (expiring) one.  I've updated the (encrypted) financials/Accounts
 file with the new information, and will be making arrangements to
 forward on the actual credit card to Justin.

16 Jul 2008 [Sam]

 1 grant, 43 iclas, 2 cclas

 Membership applications were received for all duly elected members
 and recorded.

 Minutes were published in a timely fashion.

 Assisted with the purchase of equipment for infrastructure.  I support
 the request that the VP of Infrastructure be issued a credit card.

 Awaiting confirmation from Jason van Zyl on the transfer of the domain name.  I don't sense that access to the credit
 card is the gating issue.

 Despite an initial personal visit and two subsequent follow ups
 via phone, inexplicably the updating of forwarding address for the
 lockbox has not been completed.  This is impacting the processing
 of ICLAs.  If not addressed by end of month, I will adjust the
 mailing address on the xCLA forms to my address until the point
 where I can verify that the issue has been adequately resolved.

 My perception is that the tighter tracking of action items that
 we have been doing lately is reducing the number of "dropped
 balls".  General request to no-one in particular: if you find
 yourself in a position where you don't have the cycles to
 push an item forward during the course of the month, see if there
 is someone who will volunteer to take over the action item.

25 Jun 2008 [Sam]

 8 grants, 58 iclas, and 6 cclas have been processed since the last board

 16 new members were elected.  To date, 14 have accepted.  Forms
 are due by 05 July 2008.  Reminders have been sent to the two
 remaining member-elects.

 3 members went emeritus.  It is my hope that we can eventually
 revise the process to make it easier for emeritus members who
 did so voluntarily (which I believe means all of them to date) can be
 easily and quickly reinstated.

 Of the 24 proxy requests received, 12 were via fax, and 12 were
 electronically signed.

 New credit cards were issued for Sam and Aaron.  Current plan is for
 Sam to give Aaron his card at OSCON.

 New forwarding address established for the Wells Fargo lock box.
 The various licensing agreement documents were updated to indicate
 that they should be sent to the Wells Fargo address where they
 will be forwarded.  While I have received mail from Wells Fargo,
 I have yet to receive forwarded mail, but this information was
 only advertised fairly recently.

 Sebastian Bazley has been effectively providing auditing services
 for the records; both realtime (as they are being captured) and
 historical.  This is very much appreciated.

 The officers/iclas.txt and officers/cclas.txt both contain an
 indication that "It is always best to try and handle the CLAs entirely
 through the Secretary" -- something that various directors have
 chosen to interpret differently.  To make things more consistent
 I would like to open things up so that any officer may update
 these files (as well as grants.txt) PROVIDED that they also
 place a scanned image of the documents in question into the
 private/documents repository at the same time.

 A records-discuss mailing list has been established to cover topics
 relating to record keeping in general at the ASF.  This is intentionally
 broader than what the secretary is responsible for.

 Board minutes were made available for review promptly after the
 meeting.  I've written an application to assist with the capture
 and publishing (both for internal review and to the external
 website) of minutes.  Additionally, the board calendar now lists
 the special orders considered in each meeting.  This has already
 proven to be handy.

 No change to the officers recording policy will be made at
 this time.

 Justin notes that as of a week ago, he was still getting mail
 which was sent to the lockbox. We will continue to monitor it.

21 May 2008 [Sam]

 3 grants, 79 iclas, 10 cclas were recorded this month.  Minutes
 are up to date and available.

 A growing number of people have emerged with an interest in correcting
 typos, auditing, and suggesting improvements to the way records are
 being captured and recorded.  As everything is completely under version
 control I see no issue with this, and am, in fact, thrilled it is
 happening.  I plan to further enable this activity by asking that a
 secretary-discuss, or perhaps a records-discuss, mailing list be set up.

 There has been some confusion amongst directors as to who can edit
 iclas.txt.  Since long before I was Secretary, it has been the policy
 that officers can make edits to it during periods when the secretary
 is unavailable.  In most cases, the simplest thing to do when an officer
 gets a document that needs to be recorded is to fax it to the ASF fax
 number, as Jim has recently done.  But directly recording it is OK, as
 long as it is followed up by either a fax or snail mail.  At the present
 time there is document which was received by a director, and an availid
 issued, for a document which has not been either forwarded to the
 secretary or committed to the documents/icla folder.   I requested that
 it be faxed, emailed, or committed 11 days ago, and followed up two
 days ago.

 While I had previously agreed to keep the mailing list address mentioned
 in the ICLA and CCLA documents, I now believe that doing such only adds
 confusion, delays, and additional possibility of transmission errors.  I
 plan no action at this time, but unless Jim discovers an appropriate
 mechanism for a virtual physical address, I plan to recommend (or
 implement) to the incoming (or returning) secretary that these addresses
 be updated to reflect either the address of the current secretary-assist
 or the secretary (if that secretary intends to directly handle the
 relatively few documents that arrive via snail mail).

 It turns out that the ASF debit card that I was issued by Wells Fargo
 is effectively useless as we have imposed a standing requirement that
 any withdrawls require two signatures.  To address an outstanding and
 overdue PRNewswire balance, I used a personal credit card and have
 been reimbursed by the ASF for the full amount.  I have been told that
 correcting the signature requirement would require somebody to show
 up to Wells Fargo in person.  I will be in the bay area next week and
 can take care of it then if it hasn't already been corrected.

 In the past 30 days, three paychecks have been issued to the secretary

   * Justin and Sam to pursue Wells Fargo as iCLA, cCLA address
   * Greg to mail iCLA to secretary assist

16 Apr 2008 [Sam]

 0 grants, 42 iclas, and 1 ccla have been processed since the
 last board report.  Board meeting minutes are up to date and
 posted.  I've received my Wells Fargo check cashing card and
 PIN number.

19 Mar 2008 [Sam]

 2 grants, 59 iclas, and 5 cclas have been processed since
 2008-03-01.  No issues with eFax have been identified in the process.
 Training of the new secretary assistant is nearly complete.  Outside
 of arranging for transportation of unscanned historical faxes, at this
 point the executive assistant's transitional duties are complete.

 I've developed a icla-check program that reports on common
 issues in that file.  In the process I corrected a number of
 minor issues that had built up over time.  Sebastian Bazley
 has been most helpful in this process.

 I've also developed a small web application to assist with the
 majority of common activities, hopefully reducing the error
 rates in the process.  Updates outside of these common
 activities will still require direct editing of files and
 issuing of subversion commands.

20 Feb 2008 [Sam]

 Worked with Justin in drafting a revised set of responsibilities
 for the secretary-assist position.

 Investigated efax options.  Some offerings are free for a low
 number of FAXes.  What we want is something we can depend on,
 so a one line, for fee service seems appropriate.  The cost
 works out to be about ten US cents per page, with a monthly
 minimum of 200 pages (i.e. $20).  We perhaps could do better,
 but at these rates, we aren't cost sensitive.

 The plans are to start this concurrent with the renewal of
 the secretary assistant contract, with a new non-toll-free
 phone number.

 I still do not have access to the Wells Fargo account.  Still
 no urgency to the issue at the moment, but at some point it
 needs to be resolved.

 We agreed to proceed with eFax using Justin's credit card.

16 Jan 2008 [Sam]

 Approved board minutes were posted to the website, and new board
 minutes were generated in ample time for review for this meeting.
 The above shouldn't have been noteworthy, but sadly, it is.

 Reverified expectations with the Secretary assistant.  In summary,
 FAXes should typically be handled within a week, and questions and
 issues addressed to secretary@ should be addressed within a week.
 In the event that the latter does not happen, I will get involved
 and the expectation is that once that occurs all such issues will
 get resolved within a week.  In the event that issues arrise that
 would prevent any of the above from occuring (example: vacation),
 it is the responsibility of the assistant to bring such things
 to my attention, preferably in advance.

 I've heard no word on my access to the foundation's funds, or on
 the credit card.  Last I recall it was Aaron's todo?  This is not
 an issue at this time, the concern is that down the road should
 it ever become an issue, it may very well be an urgent one.  Is
 this something I should follow up on?

19 Dec 2007 [Sam]

 No report submitted.

14 Nov 2007 [Sam]

 Confusion between new secretary and contractor seems to be behind
 us.  We discussed who should have access to the secretary mailing
 list.  Justin took an action item to make it open to all members.

17 Oct 2007 [Sam]

 The minutes backlog has been addressed.  I'll try to do better.

 The secretary transition issue that Jim alludes to above does
 seem to both have come to a head, and being rapidly resolved.
 I do have one minor suggestion that may help a lot: convert from a mail alias to a true mailing list,
 archived and everything.  If there ever are any concerns, we
 could have a secretary-private, but I doubt it would be

 A signed renewal contract was sent to Joe Schaefer, and he
 has indicated that he signed it and returned it, but that
 FAX has yet to be processed.

 It was agreed that a true mailing list was not necessary for
 secretary@, an archive would be sufficient for these purposes.
 Justin to pursue making that happen.

 Additionally, Bill Rowe is planning to contact each project
 chair re: export requirements and should be able to report
 on the results of this in the next meeting.

19 Sep 2007 [Sam]

 I've heard nothing back from Wells Fargo.  How should I follow up?
 This isn't urgent at the moment, but when it does become needed,
 it likely will be urgent at that time.

 I am in possession of a signed Consultant Services Agreement which
 extends Jon Jagielski's contract to March 1, 2008 and expands the
 scope include to "or other documents" received by FAX.

 I've seen two requests for information concerning a CLA that
 Gerolf Seitz allegedly faxed, but no response from the contractor.

 I appologize for the backlog of minutes, this will be corrected by
 week's end.

 Sam was directed to being the process for renewing Joe's contract.

29 Aug 2007 [Sam]

 As Jim indicated, the D&O insurance has been renewed.  The invoicing
 issue was not the only issue however, obtaining the policy also
 involved addressing a number of workflow issues.  I'm also seeing
 a number of other workflow issues elsewhere, and have been trying
 to figure out how I can help, but instead came to a low-tech

     Let's create a calendar section in board/STATUS which lists
     important upcoming dates which will require an officer of
     the foundation's attention.  Everything from D&O to 990 to
     members meetings can be put in there.

 Which reminds me, it is time to renew the contract with Jon
 Jagielski, and unless there are any objections, I plan to just
 do it, under exactly the same terms and duration as the last

 Other than that, I see no other issues requiring board attention.

01 Aug 2007 [Sam]

 Tabled until next regular meeting

18 Jul 2007 [Sam]

 The most important task of the secretary is keeper of records.  I'm in
 the rather uncomfortable position of not being either in possession of,
 or even in the work-flow (past or present tense) of these records.  That
 being said, I had a phone discussion with Jim, and we agreed that the
 contract with Jon was working well and we would not be well served by
 disrupting it.  Longer term (possibly over the course of years) we
 would like to move to everything being electronic, but over the short
 term we will only make changes should an issue arise; and in such
 circumstances, we will do so either in the direction the long term goal
 or towards me taking over that task, based on the urgency of the issue.

 I'm also concerned that we have never taken a careful enumeration of
 all the tasks that Jim has simply taken care of for the foundation, nor
 have we identified which of those tasks Jim operated as secretary or
 as a volunteer director.  In any case, it is my intent to offload the
 new chairman of the board as much as it makes sense.  As a concrete
 example, Jim is handing off to me the handling of the renewal of the
 D&O policy.

 I did take roll call and minutes at my first board meeting as
 secretary.  Over time, I'm confident that that will become smoother.

 Over time, I also will make this role my own.  A first example is
 increased tracking of, and focus on, action items.

 We have received no correspondence that requires board attention.

09 Jul 2007 [Sam]

 Tabled until next regular meeting

20 Jun 2007 [Jim]

 The big news, of course, is that the annual ASF Members Meeting
 was held, via IRC, on June 5th through the 7th. Elections
 were held for new members and a new board, with the following

  New Board:

    Justin Erenkrantz, J Aaron Farr, Jim Jagielski
    Geir Magnusson Jr, William A Rowe Jr, Sam Ruby
    Henning Schmiedehausen, Greg Stein, Henri Yandell

  New Members:

    Curt Arnold, David Blevins, Nathan Bubna
    Danese Cooper, Ate Douma, Graham Dumpleton
    Ant Elder, Ruchith Fernando, Rony Flatscher
    Jeff Genender, Ralph Goers, Richard Hall
    Niclas Hedhman, Matt Hogstrom, Chris Hostetter
    Deepal Jayasinghe, Simon Kitching, Emmanuel Lecharney
    Trustin Lee, Noirin Plunkett, Craig Russell
    Andrew Savory, Yonik Seeley, Mark Thomas

 It should be noted that we have not yet received
 acceptance from all new members, so the above list
 is still ASF private.

 The meeting went well, with over half of the membership attending
 (including proxies) and about half voting. A slight change to
 the voter tool was implemented to make the 'vote' line a
 single line rather than 2 lines, to make it easier for script
 junkies to "automate" their voting.

 We have received no correspondence that requires board attention.

 Jim mentioned that a summer project will be to replace the
 current FAX machine with a FAX-Email gateway, likely by
 using an old iMac he has available.

16 May 2007 [Jim]

 The big news is that the ASF Members Meeting was announced for
 June 5, 2007 @ 16:00 UTC, to be held via IRC. An Email
 call for new member nominations  as well as new board
 member nominations was sent out. We are seeing a steady
 incoming list of nominees for both. The membership was
 reminded about the importance of keeping members.txt
 up-to-date since the Emails used for the ssh-based voter
 tool uses those Emails to send out ballots. I will be
 sending a "test issue" out later this week to hopefully
 see how well Emails are synced (and to allow people to adjust
 their SPAM filters, etc).

 We have received no correspondence that requires board attention.

25 Apr 2007 [Jim]

 A quiet but steady month. It looks like June 5 - 7, 2007 for the next
 members meeting is the best fit, so I will be looking for final
 verification from the rest of the board before I make it official and
 start planning/organizing the meeting.

 We have received no correspondence that requires board attention.

28 Mar 2007 [Jim]

 Things have been relatively quiet and consistent the last
 month. We are in receipt of the signed contract extensions for
 the sysadm and secretarial assistant. We have received one
 check from Car Program, LLC, which was forwarded to the
 ASF lockbox on the 26th. We have also received some faxes
 concerning the Paypal phishing scam Justin notes in his
 report. This have also been responded to via Email using
 the form letter that Joshua crafted.

 Email was sent to the membership to get some initial feedback
 on 4 potential dates for the annual members meeting. It is
 still too early to gleam any real info, but it is looking as
 though a mid-late May date will be the most viable.

 We have received no correspondence that requires board attention.

21 Feb 2007 [Jim]

 No real updates to report since last month. Scanning of
 docs proceeding, with all incoming FAXes being immediately
 scanned and filed, and the backlog being done as available.
 We finally (!) received the full, original copy of our D&O
 Insurance policy with the Carolina Casualty Insurance Company.
 This is being scanned and will be filed as well.

 We are due for a members meeting around May/June of this
 year. Candidate dates will be proposed and floated by the

 All received donation checks have been forwarded to the
 ASF lockbox. We've received none since last month.

 Paypal issues have been resolved by "working" with Paypal.
 Justin and myself are now considered official contacts
 for the ASF by Paypal.

 We have received no correspondence requiring board attention.

17 Jan 2007 [Jim]

 Scanning of doc's is progressing on schedule. Will reorganize
 the 'iclas' directory soon, to avoid having it become a huge size
 (as in number of individual files in one directory). Will likely
 organize by last name. As Justin indicated, the 'ASF Donation
 Acknowledgements' have been sent out (15 via Postal Mail and 7 via
 Emailed PDFs). We have received 2 donation checks: One from Brewster
 Kahle/Mary Austin in the amount of $500 and the other from the
 American Express Giving Express ( program, in the amount
 of $124.14. The former was dated December 31, 2006 so we will likely
 need to send them an "Donation Ack" as well. Checks on are route to
 the drop box; the cover letters will be sent to Justin.

 We have received no correspondence requiring board attention.

20 Dec 2006 [Jim]

 Good progress is being made in scanning and archiving all ASF
 documentation.  As a reminder, newly received iCLAs, CCLAs
 and grants get immediately recorded and scanned/archived.  Older
 documents are being scanned in semi-priority order,  with
 important ASF docs (like incorporation papers, etc), followed
 by grants, CCLAs and iCLAs.

 We are anticipating receiving the list of Donation Acknowledgement
 recipients from Justin.  These are the "thank you" letters that
 we are required to send out to those who have donated above
 a certain level.

 This week we received a check from Car Program LLC and a bill
 from CSC.  The check is being forwarded to the lockbox and
 the bill was paid using the ASF credit card.

 We have received no correspondance that requires board
 attention... Things have been slow, but steady.

15 Nov 2006 [Jim]

 Working in continuing on scanning all of our documents. All
 incoming iCLAs, CCLAs and grants get immediately recorded and
 scanned, with previously recorded documents getting scanned
 in a priority order. At present, all ASF membership applications
 have been scanned and are ready to be committed. I have
 created an Infra request to create a new 'documents' directory
 under the private repo, which will be used to locate all scanned

 The secretarial assistant reported entering and scanning thirty-three
 new ICLAs, three CCLAs, one consultant services agreement, and four
 license agreements. The remainder of the membership application
 were completed in October, and several previously entered license
 grants were scanned. The ASF incorporation documents are also
 in process. The October Board Minutes were written based on
 our conversation and my notes.

 All approved minutes have been moved to the records section
 of the site repository.

 A proposal to hold an irc-based members meeting was floated
 to the membership. Out of a membership base of ~200 people,
 there was very little feedback. Because of what appears
 to be a lack of desire or need to have one, plus the
 proximity to the holiday season as well as work schedules,
 we will postpone the meeting and see if the start of 2007
 looks any better.

 We have recieved no correspondence requiring board attention.

25 Oct 2006 [Jim]

 The previous month was spent mostly bringing the new secretarial
 assistant up to speed, and making the transition for him to
 do most of the iCLA logging and scanning. His report is added below.
 We did receive 2 checks, one from the Car Program service and
 the other from Google for the GSoC effort. These have been
 forwarded to the lockbox address.

 The D&O Insurance policy was scanned and added to the
 foundation SVN repo, under legal.

 The ASF Sponsorship program was announced at ApacheCon US 2006.
 2 companies have already signed up as sponsors: Google at
 the Platinum level and Covalent at the Silver level (minimal).

 We should plan on having a members meeting, held via irc,
 sometime late November or early December, to allow for
 voting in new members, as well as keeping the members up
 to date.

 Secretarial Assistant Report:
   The first part of the month of September was spent setting
   up my system with the various accoutrements necessary for the work,
   e.g. Tortoise SVN and my ASF system accounts. After my system was
   sufficiently prepared most of my time was spent adding ICLAs. For
   September I added and scanned thirty-eight ICLAs. I also scanned six
   CCLAs. A lot of time was spent scanning old membership applications, I
   scanned 139 applications. The remainder will be scanned in
   October. The scanned documents are stored on my computer and
   will be added to the SVN location when complete. The scanned
   documents are in PDF format. This resulted in scans that were
   somewhat small in size but of good readable quality.

20 Sep 2006 [Jim]

 A request was placed to the infrastructure team to create the
 required SVN account and Email accounts for the secretarial
 support position. This was completed, and we have made the
 transition to Jon doing the incoming iCLAs. All incoming
 iCLAs are also being scanned to PDF format, although not
 yet being committed to any ASF repos. Other ASF documents are
 also scheduled to be scanned, and a priority list is being
 crafted for this task. The complete list of member applications
 is likely to be first on the list.

 We have received from Nicola Ken Barozzi to have his ASF
 membership moved to Emeritus status. A signed FAX with that
 specific request was received on September 14th. The members
 list will be updated to reflect this change.

 3 checks from the Car Program ($480.90, $ 522.20 and $921.90)
 are on-route to the lock box.

 Cliff asked if just the iCLAs were being scanned as they
 were being received and logged. Jim reported that all
 incoming documents are now being scanned, including CCLAs
 and grants.

 Jim was asked the status of the increased D&O request. Jim
 reported that we did get quotes for additional coverage,
 and this was relayed to the board via the mailing list. There
 was discussion on how much D&O is "enough." Jim took the action
 item to see how much other similar-type foundations (eg: Mozilla,
 EFF) have.

16 Aug 2006 [Jim]

 Office-wise, this has been a slow month. For some reason, the
 checks from Car Program were not being sent to the lockbox
 address, and were instead being returned to the Car
 Program offices. I've contacted them and they have started
 delivering them again to the Munsey Drive address. I will
 simply continue sending them to the lockbox myself, and
 not tempt fate in trying to get Car Program to update the
 delivery address again.

 I have an update on the insurance issue, which will be
 provided at the meeting.

 I've contacted a few local secretarial services to help
 offload some of the more mundane tasks. Our situation is
 unique enough (and "techie" enough) that they kind of glaze
 over when I describe the tasks. No doubt we need some sort
 of web interface/automation if we want to be able to widen
 the pool of potential service providers in this area. We
 currently have 2 proposals.

 Jim reported to the board that the ASF has a new Director's
 and Officer's (D&O) insurance policy. Justin should be
 expecting the invoice in a day or so. Jim will scan and
 commit the D&O paperwork.

19 Jul 2006 [Jim]

 We have received signed member applications from just about
 everyone that was nominated and elected in last month's
 member meeting, with 2 noted exceptions: Simon Kitching
 had originally declined membership, due to current time
 constraints and his concern that he would not have enough
 free time in the short term to be very "active." On July 16th,
 he Emailed myself and Phil Steitz (who nominated Simon) and
 said that he had reconsidered and would be happy to accept.
 This means, of course, that we had not received a signed
 member application by the required 30days. I am willing to
 make an exception in this case if the board concurs.

 Secondly, despite several attempts, no one has heard back from
 Bill Barker regarding his acceptance of membership. Since we
 are past the 30 days, this means that Bill is not a member.

 Jim has an update on the open Insurance questions for the

 Discussion has been ongoing concerning secretarial support
 services for the Secretary and Treasurer; there are 2
 proposals currently before the board.

 Other than the normal influx of iCLAs, CCLAs and grants,
 the ASF office has received no correspondence which requires
 board attention.

27 Jun 2006 [Jim]

 Jim reported that the Annual ASF Members Meeting was held
 last month and was pretty successful. A large number of new
 members were added and the new board was elected. Logistically,
 the meeting went off well with no real problems or hiccups.
 With each meeting, it goes more and more smoothly.

 It was asked if all newly elected members had been
 contacted by those who had nominated them, and were
 therefore responsible for informing them of their
 elected status. Jim took the Action Item to check into

24 May 2006 [Jim]

 The big news is that the ASF Members Meeting has been set for
 June 13, 2006 16:00 UTC, via Email notice to all members
 (Message-ID: <>
 on May 8, 2006). A call for new member nominations and board
 nominations also went out, and we are seeing some trickles
 of nominations coming in.

 I am in the process of obtaining D&O Insurance info
 from AON Consulting, as well as still working the
 St. Paul/Travelers option.

 I sent a draft "proposal" to the board list regarding a
 new policy regarding the acceptance of *CLAs and software
 grants, after discussion with Cliff and our legal advisors.
 This new policy will allow for scanned images of signed
 documents in addition to postal-mailed originals and
 FAXed documents. The scanned image Emails will need to
 be sent to the secretary@ and legal-archive@ Email
 addresses. The draft policy was sent on May 18, 2006
 (Message-ID: <>).
 Some further clarification was requested, and the policy statement
 will be refined to add such clarification.

 As always, there has been the steady receipt of iCLAs, CCLAs
 and grants. We have received no correspondance requiring
 board attention.

26 Apr 2006 [Jim]

 The membership was queried regarding the date and format
 of the annual ASF members meeting. The main discussion topics
 were whether it should be in May and completely virtual,
 or whether we should hold off until June (to match up with
 AC Europe) and have some sort of hybrid meeting. There was
 very little response, but the majority of those who did
 respond indicated that they would prefer it NOT be a
 hybrid. In any case, we will definitely need to use the
 voter tool, and not use paper ballots at all (even for
 the new member elections). Jim will be offline June 18-24th
 and would prefer it not be scheduled during that time. One
 possibility would be to start the meeting, virtually, on
 June 16th and recess the meeting until some time during
 AC Europe, where the meeting could continue and end via
 a hybrid setup (in-person and IRC).

 So far, 2 of the sent-out "Thank You For Your Donation"
 letters have been returned as undeliverable: Front Gate
 Tickets and Jason S. Friedman. I am holding onto these
 and will forward to Justin.

 No updates yet on the D&O Insurance, so I am looking at
 other brokers. Other than the normal *CLA/Grants/etc
 paperwork, we've received no correspondence requiring
 board attention.

15 Mar 2006 [Jim]

 Checks from the Car Donation service are still being received
 at the ASF office, instead of being sent directly to the
 lockbox address. I have resent to them a Change of
 Address request. The checks that we have received will be sent
 to the lockbox later this week.

 The donor letters, referred to above, had been sent out via US
 Postal mail on March 3, 2006.

 Our agent at St. Paul/Travelers has requested additional financial
 information regarding our D&O Insurance quote. I obtained the
 info from SVN and provided it to them last week.

 The next ASF Annual Members Meeting should be scheduled for
 this May. I will propose several dates on the members@ list
 and organize the meeting.

 We have not received at the ASF offices any items or correspondance
 requiring board attention.

15 Feb 2006 [Jim]

 As of today's date, I have not heard back from St. Pauls/
 Travelers regarding our D&O Insurance policy application.
 I contacted them at the top of the month, and the application
 is still being worked on in underwriting; the delay has
 no negative or postive connotation.

 The Email list for the "Bylaws Recommendation" group was
 created, and discussions have commenced. It is hoped that
 a report can be made at the next board meeting.

 Other than the traditional influx of iCLAs, CCLAs and software
 grants, no items or notices have been received at the ASF office
 requiring board attention.

18 Jan 2006 [Jim]

 All newly elected ASF Members, from the December 2005 Members
 Meeting, have returned their signed member applications in time
 for them to be officially entered in as members.

 A D&O Insurnace application was sent to St. Pauls/Travelers for
 quotes but as of this date we have not yet received a response,
 due to the time it takes for them to generate one.

 A mailing list to support the Bylaws Recommendation "committee" was
 requested via the JIRA interface to infrastructure.

 We received our longest FAX ever: a 40 page monster from BEA which
 listed each and every file in their Tuscany codebase donation.

 Other than the traditional influx of iCLAs, CCLAs and software
 grants, no items or notices have been received at the ASF office
 requiring board attention.

 Jim additionally reported that the ASF received our annual
 invoice from CSC, which was forwarded to Justin for payment.
 Justin reported that the invoice had been paid.

21 Dec 2005 [Jim]

 On December 11, 2005, we had a special ASF Member's Meeting
 in San Diego, coinciding with ApacheCon US 2005. 87 (out of
 151) members were in attendence (in person and proxy). During
 the meeting, 33 new members were elected to the ranks of the ASF.
 They are noted below. Those marked with a '*' have, as of this
 date, accepted membership:

  Jean Anderson*       Stephane Bailliez*   Donald J. Brown*
  Stephen Colebourne   Bruno Dumon*         Scott Eade*
  Antonio Gallardo*    Ross Gardler         Christian Geisert*
  Philip M. Gollucci   Henri Gomez*         Adam Jack
  Tom Jordahl*         Hiroaki Kawai        Antoine Levy-Lambert
  Nick Kew*            Costin Manolache     Brian McCallister*
  David Nuescheler     Eddie O'Neil         Srinath Perera*
  Joerg Pietschmann*   Reinhard Poetz       Eric Pugh
  Paul Querna*         Jeremy Quinn         Garrett Rooney*
  Gregor J. Rothfuss   Alek Slominski*      Phil Steitz*
  Mladen Turk*         Jeff Turner*         Michael Wechner*

 There was some discussion regarding getting outsourced
 help in scanning all ASF documents (membership applications,
 iCLAs, CCLAs, etc...) so that they can be committed to SVN
 and thus be available to all officers as needed. A budget is
 being worked on for this effort.

 The signed D&O Insurance Application has been received
 from Greg. Jim will fill the rest of it out and send
 in to obtain a quote. There was some discussion on, due the
 the number of officers we have, if it made sense to look
 into "just" Director's Insurance. Jim would as about this,
 to see what the price difference would be; but the current
 baseline is to proceed with full D&O.

 As usual, the steady stream of iCLAs, with the occasional CCLA
 and/or License Grant, are being received and filed. No items
 requiring board attention have been received within the
 last month.

16 Nov 2005 [Jim]

 The date and time for the ASF (Special) Members Meeting has
 been set for December 11, 2005, 4:30 local time, at the
 Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, San Diego, which is the
 location of this year's ApacheCon US show.  The 'foundation'
 repo has been loaded with the required Meetings/20051211 files,
 including the draft agenda and new member nominations.  As of
 this date we have 29 new members proposed.

 The scheduling of the members meeting has rebooted the
 discussion on what to do about "inactive" members, and
 how we actually define inactive members. Scheduling an
 agenda item or BOF session regarding this topic might
 be a good idea.

 As usual, there has been a steady stream of incoming iCLAs,
 with the occasional CCLA and/or software grant. The SDTimes
 award for the Web Server was delivered and received last
 week. No other items or notices requiring board attention
 have been received.

26 Oct 2005 [Jim]

 Jim would like to schedule the annual ASF Member's Meeting
 to coincide with ApacheCon, as we have done in the past.
 Once a date is approved, Jim will start the normal process
 for the meeting (eg: notices to members, request for new
 member nominations, etc...).

 There has been no letters or deliveries sent to the ASF
 office requiring board attention.

21 Sep 2005 [Jim]

 I have received the ASF Credit Card, and am in the process of creating
 an ASF FedEx account. After discussions with the 2 insurance brokers,
 they have agreed to at least start the preliminaries regarding D&O
 insurance using the last 3 months worth of bank statements. They
 will still require full financials before the policy can be
 written, but at least this will allow us to compare policies.
 Other than the steady input of iCLAs (and the occasional CCLA
 and Software Grant), we have received no mailings requiring
 board attention.

17 Aug 2005 [Jim]

 The last month has been relatively quiet, ASF-office-wise.
 I've received hardcopies of some previously received
 FAXed documentation, as well including the agreement
 signed by Sander regarding our SURFnet colo, and the
 Spamhaus DNSBL Data Feed Subscription/Agreement signed
 by Justin.

 D&O investigation on hold, while we get the ASF financials
 in usable format. Full status in STATUS.

28 Jul 2005 [Jim]

 Other than the normal submission of CLAs and the occasional software
 grant, we have not received any correspondence which requires board

 I have been looking into D&O Insurance for the ASF, with the possible
 "bundling" of more traditional property replacement insurance. Both
 brokers initially contacted (The Weiner Company and CCBsure) require
 a copy of our financials before they can work out quotes for us.
 Justin is working on obtaining these for me. There was also
 some interest in the ASF obtaining its own overnight delivery
 accounts (eg: FedEx). FedEx, UPS and DHL all require a credit
 card (at least) to open a corporate account. Justin indicated
 that we may be able to obtain one with our Wells Fargo account,
 although it would likely be one of those debit-credit cards.
 In the meantime, we can continue to use my FedEx account.

22 Jun 2005 [Jim]

 Jim reported that that big event in the last month was the
 annual ASF Members Meeting, which was held via IRC on
 May 24th. There was a good turnout and, in general, there
 were less complaints about advance notice or scheduling
 issues than in previous years.

 The ASF Voter Tool was used, with the additional result of
 renewed interest in updating and improving the tool, to
 be easier to use and possibly more self-contained. The
 'voter-dev' mailing list was created to coordinate the

 We have received almost all the required member applications
 from the new members, and we are, as usual, receiving a steady
 input of iCLAs, with the occasional CCLA. No mailing has
 been received which requires board attention or action.

18 May 2005 [Jim]

 On the mailing list, we approved the scheduling of the annual
 ASF Members Meeting for May 24, 2005 16:00 UTC. Email was
 sent to the member's list announcing the meeting,
 reminding members about proxies and member/board

 A SVN directory was created for the event:

 The attendance list for all previous ASF member meetings
 on which we have records was updated and added to SVN
 (svn:foundation/Meetings/attendance.txt). From that list, I
 created a short-list of members with the following

   a: Did not attend the last 3 meetings
       - or -
   b: Of the last 4+ meetings, attended less than 50%
      - or -
   c: Has not attended a meeting since election to the ASF

 All members on that list were contacted via Email alerting
 them to the fact, and asking whether they wished to request
 Emeritus status or if they wished to remain active members.
 Those who did not respond will be contacted via the phone to
 follow up.

 Jim agreed to look into whether we need some sort of
 official Emeritus policy, and whether it makes sense
 to add that to the member's meeting agenda.

 Jim has the Action Item to "come up" with an
 Emeritus Policy.

27 Apr 2005 [Jim]

 Other than the steady trickle of incoming iCLAs and CCLAs,
 there is nothing to report.

 Jim reminded the board that we are due for the annual
 ASF Member Meeting and the election of a new board.
 Jim was to handle the coordination and scheduling of
 the meeting on the members@ list.

30 Mar 2005 [Jim]

 We are seeing the steady drip of incoming iCLAs and the
 occasional CCLA; these are being logged. The office
 received a few checks from Car Program LLC, as well
 as an invoice from CSC, which have been forwarded
 to Chuck, who has noted his receipt of them.

23 Feb 2005 [Jim]

 Nothing really to report. The ASF office has not received any
 paperwork or notices requiring the board's attention.  CLAs
 are being received and filed.

19 Jan 2005 [Jim]

 As per board discussion and direction at the Nov. 2004 meeting,
 the list of signed iCLAs has been made "public." Basically, the
 committers page at has been
 adjusted to also list those with signed CLAs who do not have
 CVS/SVN ids (ie: lack commit access). When requested, pseudonyms
 are printed instead of their "real" names.

 As such, the clas.txt file, located in the foundation SVN tree,
 had been removed in favor of 2 distinct files: iclas.txt and
 cclas.txt, where the former lists signed iCLAs and the
 latter lists signed Corporate CLAs.

 The committers and project pages are now updated every

 2 checks from "Car Program LLC" have been received; one
 for $368.90 and another for $1,362.90. These are being
 forwarded to Chuck.

 Eric Cholet has officially requested Emeritus Status.
 His request was signed and FAXed, and he has been so

15 Dec 2004 [Jim]

 Except for the trickle of CLAs (both corporate
 and individual) and the occasional software grant,
 the ASF office has received no notice that requires
 board attention.  Due to the Thanksgiving holiday and
 the general crazyness of this timeframe, Jim was
 unable to draft the ASF Board and Member Meetings
 minutes;  these will be submitted asap.

14 Nov 2004 [Jim]

 Jim's report centered around what ASF information should
 be deemed "public" versus "private." In particular, should
 the list of all received CLAs be made public or not.  The
 debate within the board was twofold.  The first issue was
 the reason and rationale for making the information public.
 One reason mentioned was that it allowed 3rd parties to
 verify that they could use ASF software by checking code
 with the CLAs.  Some within the board thought that this
 was not a compelling reason; instead, 3rd parties should
 simply trust that the ASF was doing its job and obtaining
 the required "approvals" for folding in patches and code
 from contributors;  if the 3rd parties did not trust
 that, then they were under no obligation to use ASF code.
 These 2 points of view were never resolved.

 The second issue was whether there was any expectation
 of "privacy" regarding CLAs; in other words, did the
 simple act of signing and submitting a CLA to the ASF,
 knowing what the ASF is, imply that the information could
 be open and public, as is the code itself.

 During the 2nd session it was generally agreed that it was
 in the best interest of the ASF, and the community especially,
 if the list of CLAs were made public, but with special consideration
 made for those who did not want their "legal" names made public
 (and they would therefore be noted by their pseudonym).  This
 information was to be made public by January 1, 2005.  Dirk
 and Jim were to inform the community of this in sufficient time
 for people to provide pseudonyms if required.  The format would
 like follow the semi-public Projects and Committers pages
 Jim has under

20 Oct 2004 [Jim]

 We continue to get a few CLAs occasionally. Sometimes
 we receive unreadable ones, which is a pain.

 We received a letter from "Car Program, LLC," the company
 handling car donations for the ASF.  We have met the
 requirements for the "optional listing" on their
 website, and should be active
 November 2004.  If we decide we do not want to be listed
 on the site, we need to let them know.  I will forward
 this info to the Fund Raising Committee.

22 Sep 2004 [Jim]

 There has been a steady influx of CLAs (both Corp. and
 Individual) over the last month.  The ASF office received a
 letter from Penelope S. Wilson, Intellectual Property
 Counsel for EMC Corporation which can be summarized
 as an "anti-CLA:" "EMC hereby disclaims any and all intent
 to make contributions to Apache, as defined in the Apache
 2.0 license terms, unless EMC formally identifies its intention
 to do so..." The letter was scanned and placed in the
 foundation CVS under the Records directory as
 'EMC-notcontribution.pdf.' Receipt of the letter
 was noted and discussed on the ASF board and member
 mailing lists.

 After Jim's report there was an extended discussion expanding
 on Greg's point that "we" tend to be focusing on issues that
 we really shouldn't be concentrating on.  "We" seem to be
 bothering with details that we shouldn't concern ourselves
 with as well as, more importantly, treating any and all
 legal considerations as having the same weight. As a result,
 we seem to be almost "gun shy" in making some decisions and
 reacting in a "knee jerk" behavior with others.  The general
 agreement was that we should trust our instincts and our
 experience, and allow others to do the same.

18 Aug 2004 [Jim]

 The ASF office has been receiving and recording the
 steady stream of incoming CLAs.  At present, the ASF
 office is sharing the same phone number as Jim's home
 office.  The number of calls to that line for ASF-
 related business is starting to increase (the vast
 majority of the calls are completely worthless, of
 course).  To avoid confusion Jim is looking into obtaining
 another phone number exclusively for the ASF.

21 Jul 2004 [Jim]

 Jim reported CLA registration were up to date as of previous
 Saturday, with a steady-state stream of 3-5 a week.  There are
 no big problems with current process, although noted that the
 process isn't currently scalable.

 Questions and discussions revolved around what small things can
 be done to improve process and help scale.  The biggest problem
 according to Jim had to do with handwritten faxes, and Dirk offered
 to take up investigation on how a form-based PDF can help
 alleviate the problem.

 Jim also noted that he's starting to get more phone calls asking
 to speak w/ individuals - he advises them to send email.
 Discussion centered around adding a new phone line to add an
 answering machine - Jim will look into it.

23 Jun 2004 [Jim]


26 May 2004 [Jim]

   Not much to report this month.  We have received some CLAs
   from present and potential committers and infrastructure has
   been creating the accounts as required.  Now that we have
   elected 7 new members, I will be keeping an eye out on the
   (required) signed member applications.

   We did receive a "signed" CLA from the University of
   Memphis (Canty Robbins, Dir. of Purchasing) however with
   an amendment statement that requires our approval.  A scanned
   copy of the 2 page amendment was provided to the board.

 Greg reported that the above amended CLA was not yet
 discussed or reviewed with Robyn, due to the board
 election and the potential change of the board. Greg
 said that he would now restart the discussions with Robyn
 on the outstanding legal issues.

 There was some discussion over the efficiency in which the
 board is propagating information to the members.  It was
 noted, however, that the board mailing list is open to members
 and that it is a very good way for members who are so inclined
 to follow along with topics being considered and discussed
 by the board. It was also noted that Greg sends out (unofficial)
 board summary reports to the members mailing list as well. The
 use of actual board minutes were also discussed, but it
 was noted that the minutes aren't official until approved by
 the board, thus creating at least a one month delay. Jim noted
 that he could commit the draft minutes earlier and that the
 board could vote and and approve them on the mailing list,
 to reduce this delay.

21 Apr 2004 [Jim]

 Jim was not present.  Prior to the meeting Jim had
 submitted the following report:

 "Notice was sent out to members regarding the scheduled
 ASF Members' Meeting (to be held May 18th).  We still
 need to nail down some aspects of the meeting, such

     o Exact time
     o Will we be using Roy's voting tool?
     o Usage of proxies
     o Members of record (this is on my plate)

 On the office front, no ASF board related letters have
 been received, although we are getting FAXed and posted
 CLAs, which are being logged in, on average, once
 a week.  Covalent has a new Raindance account, so we'll
 start using that (assuming I'm still on the board after
 the next board election)."

 The board discussed various timezone issues associated with the
 meeting and agreed that the scheduled ASF members meeting would
 take place at 12 (noon) Pacific time.  The board agreed the
 the voting tool would be used.

17 Mar 2004 [Jim]

 After almost daily updates to the CLA listing,  due to
 the March 1 deadline before accounts were closed,  we are
 back to weekly updates.  Our annual CSC renewal was
 received and fowarded to Chuck for payment.  Jim is
 requesting a monthly office budget of $100 to cover
 such expenses as paper, postage and inkjet ink.

 Jim also noted that the ASF office received notice that,
 due to the Sun vs. Microsoft trial, that Microsoft has
 requested "confidential" documents which may exist between
 Sun and other entities, including the ASF.  The notice states
 that any documents provided will be marked as "highly
 confidential" and that serious restrains are placed on
 Microsoft over their allowed use of these documents.

18 Feb 2004 [Jim]

 Nothing special to report this month.  We are continuing to
 receive CLAs,  and the number of committers without signed
 CLAs is steadily decreasing.  Even so, it looks like there will
 be several accounts "closed" by the deadline.

 No status on obtaining a conferencing service specifically
 for the ASF.

 There was a question whether the current method of handling
 CLAs is placing an undue burden on the secretary.  Jim
 reported that once this "hump" is over, things should settle
 back down to reasonable levels.

21 Jan 2004 [Jim]

 We are seeing a steady flow of incoming CLAs. One
 "burst" was after v3 of the CLA (and the corresponding
 Corporate CLA) was approved for use, when a number
 of IBM committers sent in a signed CLA. I have also
 created a 'grants.txt' file in the foundation CVS which
 will list the Software/License Grants we have on
 file (ala 'clas.txt').

 I was investigating the idea of the ASF obtaining their
 own conferencing account. An offering from MCI/Worldcom
 actually looked promising, since it was a "pay as you go"
 system with good pricing. Upon further investigation,
 their support for "overseas" calls was not good: they did
 not have an Internation toll-free line, instead requiring
 the operator to "dial up" an Internation participant.
 We will continue to use the current scenario. PMCs that
 require conferencing capability should contact me.

 It was noted at this time that the present system does
 not provide International toll-free and that the MCI
 system may, in fact, be on-par with what we are
 currently using.  Because of this, Jim will "reboot"
 the process of investigating and obtaining this service.

17 Dec 2003 [Jim]

 No report due to Jim being absent.

16 Nov 2003 [Jim]

 A repeat of the report from the Member's Meeting:

 Jim reports that the ASF is receiving a steady stream
 of CLAs, thanks mostly to the Spam Assassin "donation" and
 the Geronimo development effort. The present method of
 handling CLAs is admittedly non-efficient. In many
 cases the FAXes are of poor quality and hard to read.
 Plus, it places a burden on infrastructure to know
 when to create accounts and on PMCs to know when
 someone can be given commit privs. There is a SOW,
 of sorts, in infrastructure to streamline this

 Occasionally, other items are received at the ASF "office,"
 such as legal letters (eg: the JBoss letter) or deliveries
 for members. Items pertaining to the ASF proper, especially
 legal issues, are brought to the full attention of the
 board, for discussion and consensus. Deliveries are
 returned to the sender, with notice of the member's
 shipping address (obtained from members.txt).

22 Oct 2003 [Jim]

 The ASF office has received over the last month several
 signed CLAs relating to the Spam Assassin project, which
 is being accepted into the ASF Incubator.  Other CLAs have
 also been received and logged.  The infrastructure team
 has suggested a web-based form to ease the workload on
 this administrative task, one which the Secretary
 whole-heartedly approves.

 We received notice from Dunn & Bradstreet that they could
 "not confirm" operation of the ASF. Basically, there was
 no phone number associated with the ASF, although they
 had on record the FAX and mail address.  To resolve this,
 I have given my home-office number (410-420-0140) as a
 "telephone number of record" to them.  We should simply
 have the 1901 Munsey Drive address and contact information
 as the address of record for the ASF.

 Notice was sent to the list regarding the
 Special ASF Members Meeting to be held November 16th and
 6pm (local time) at Alexis Park in Las Vegas during the
 ApacheCon event. A reminder, with actual room location will
 be sent out later this week. Included will be an attached
 Proxy form and a reminder of the duties required of an
 ASF member.

17 Sep 2003 [Jim]

 Jim reports that other than a slow but steady stream of
 incoming CLAs, there is little going on, ASF-office wise.
 In the past month we did receive 2 Software Grants:

    XMLBeans from BEA (William Klein)
    wsrp4j container/producer/pluto provider/JSR168 Jars
       from IBM (Dirk Wittuopp)

  The check for United Layer was co-signed and mailed
  on Sept 8, 2003.

20 Aug 2003 [Jim]

 Jim reported that he is digging out from vacation and
 bringing the status of signed CLAs up to date.  Jim
 noted that we were getting close to the time when the
 next payment to United Layer would be due and reminded
 the board that payment required him to co-sign the
 check, due to the amount of the check.  This sparked
 discussion regarding the best way to accomplish this,
 such as auto-deductions from the ASF account.  It was
 decided that raising the limit before co-signing was
 required was the way to go.  Jim was to contact Chuck
 regarding getting this implemented.

16 Jul 2003 [Jim]

 Jim reported that both the clas.txt and members.txt files
 under foundation CVS are being updated with the received signed
 CLAs and membership applications.  He also reported that checks to
 United Layer, for co-location fees, were signed and were going
 out via postal mail.  The checks were for half of July and for
 all of August (pre-pay).

25 Jun 2003 [Jim]

 Jim has received, as requested, the "tally sheets" for the board
 and new member elections to be filed. He has also started to
 receive the signed member applications. An email will go out
 later this week to all new members reminding them to (1) edit
 members.txt as required and (2) to send in their signed member

 Other than a few signed CLAs, the ASF office has received no
 other official items requiring board or officer action
 (eg: invoices, etc.)

 As of June 21, Jim has not rec'd copies of any correspondence,
 other than the original letter, regarding the TM issue. These
 really should be filed.

21 May 2003 [Jim]

 Jim reported that he has purchased a new FAX machine for the
 ASF. This is a "multipurpose" machine, that does printing,
 FAXing and scanning. Now that the new FAX machine is online,
 signed CLAs are, once again, being received and filed.

16 Apr 2003 [Jim]

 Jim reported that a steady stream of CLAs, via FAX and postal
 mail were being received. As such, his FAX machine has officially
 given up the ghost, prompting item 8-B under New Business.

19 Mar 2003 [Jim]

 Jim reported that his projects and committers pages
 ( have been updated to include
 information on the status of signed Contributor License
 Agreements for all ASF committers and members.  This data
 is available under the foundation CVS tree as clas.txt.
 Jim noted that even those members present when the ASF was
 "bootstrapped" should send in a new CLA, since what we
 signed back then was different enough to warrant the need
 for a CLA to be on file.

19 Feb 2003 [Jim]

 No report.

22 Jan 2003 [Jim]

 Jim reported that the ASF office had received some signed
 CLAs and License Assignments, mostly for the Jakarta
 subprojects.  These were noted to the subprojects as a matter
 of course.  Jim also reported that the POP3 Protocol module,
 which was developed by Ryan Bloom and a version of which is
 currently under CVS, is, in fact, covered under the Apache
 License.  There was some discussion of whether this was the

18 Dec 2002 [Jim]

 Jim reported that various invoices (sent to the ASF offices) had
 been sent to Chuck who reported receiving them. Jim also noted that
 CSC was informed of the board changes to the ASF but that, as of
 this date, the changes had not been implemented yet. There was some
 discussion on the '' domain name and how the DNS records
 should be changed to reflect current reality.

18 Nov 2002 [Jim]

 Jim noted that CSC has been notified of the change of Treasurer
 from Randy to Chuck.  This was in additional to the President and
 Chairman changes of 2 months ago.  The signed JSPA from Sun was
 received and is now on-file.

16 Oct 2002 [Jim]

 Jim had no news to report other than continued work in getting
 the ASF files in electronic format.  Greg suggested that the
 online committers list be updated to reflect if the ASF has a
 signed CLA on file for that committer.

18 Sep 2002 [Jim]

 Jim reported that he had contacted CSC regarding the required paperwork
 involved in changing the Officers On Record of the ASF.  CSC was to send
 such paperwork to Jim.  Jim also reported that he was in the process
 of scanning such public documents as agreements so that they could be
 posted in CVS and on site.

 Jim reported 2 software contributions received by the ASF: A HTML
 Parser ("El-Kabong") by Covalent Technologies and mod_python by
 Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy.

21 Aug 2002 [Jim]

 Jim reported that he has received via postal mail a personal
 donation check, which will be forwarded to Randy.  Jim also reported
 that as of the meeting, he had not received the signed JSP agreement
 from Jason Hunter.  Jim and Roy will follow-up with Jason.

17 Jul 2002 [Jim]

 Jim reported that he had received the annual invoice from CSC for
 the ASF corporate standing, which he was forwarding to Randy for
 payment.  Jim also reported that the voting procedure in use during
 the Annual Members Meeting worked very well and eased the record
 and voting keeping efforts.

20 Mar 2002 [Jim]

 Jim had no items to report.

27 Feb 2002 [Jim]

 Jim had no news to report

16 Jan 2002 [Jim]

 Jim reported that he was collecting the 2nd round of data from
 ASF committers and members, with the intent of populating a
 MySQL database with the info for our internal and public use.
 The data is required so that the ASF can have a complete and
 comprehensive list of all those working on the various projects.

28 Nov 2001 [Jim]

 Jim reported that after his email request for signed CLAs from
 all committers, he has been receiving a steady stream of them.
 Because of the volume, it is taking some time to coordinate
 and document the status. An additional email will be sent "shortly"
 with the current status of received CLAs.

 There was some discussion on using this opportunity to also create
 a comprehensive list of PGP keys for all committers.

17 Oct 2001 [Jim]

 Jim reported that, due to the amount of "strange" mail that
 the ASF receives, especially from non-US locations, he is
 taking normal precautions with mail. Jim reported that when
 a signed Contributor License Agreement is received, it is
 mentioned on the members mailing list, unless Jim was given a
 "head's up" to expect it from a PMC. It was also noted that
 up to now, the ASF has not been active in requiring signed
 CLAs from all committers. Jim will be sending email to all
 those with commit access reminding them that it is required.

18 Jul 2001 [Jim]

 Jim had nothing new to report.

18 Apr 2001 [Jim]

 Jim reported that work has been continuing on matching all
 ASF members with signed CLAs.

21 Mar 2001 [Jim]

 Jim reported that he has been matching the current list of ASF members
 with their signed ASF forms. In particular, the first priority is to
 ensure that all ASF members have a signed ASF Membership Application
 on file. The online 'members.txt' file will contain the list of forms
 onfile for each member.

 Jim reported that he has sent out to all ASF members (and will send
 an additional reminder) regarding the annual members meeting, and
 the 2 elections/votes being held at the meeting. He is reminding
 members that if they cannot attend, that they can, and should,
 select a proxy.

22 Oct 2000 [Jim]

 Jim had nothing to report.

24 Jul 2000 [Jim]

 Jim reported [via e-mail] that all was well with the office.
 He has accepted a new position as CTO of ZEND, which should not
 adversely impact his role in the ASF.

28 Feb 2000 [Jim]

 Jim had nothing to report.