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15 Nov 2006

Solr is a Lucene based search server supporting XML/HTTP APIs, faceted
search, highlighting, caching and replication.  Solr entered
incubation in January 2006.

Top items to resolve before graduation:
 * Go through the process of making a release
 * Continue building a diverse community

 * Solr continues to see increased adoption and very positive feedback
   and contributions from a growing community: 195 solr-user
   subscribers and 95 solr-dev.
 * Patches from 10 different non-CNET contributors have been committed.
 * ApacheCon US 2006: "Faceted Searching with Apache Solr" session,
   Solr incubator talk, Lucene BOF
 * Other Presentations like "Subversion and Solr - Your Next Content
   Repository?" and "Solr and Faceted Search"
 * Integration packages (such as acts_as_solr maintained by others at

 * New built-in simple faceted search capabilities without the need
   for custom code.
 * Output XML via XSL transformer, compressed fields, improved
   parameter handling, more querying options and performance optimizations.

16 Aug 2006

The Incubation [http://incubator.apache.org/projects/solr.html STATUS]
file is up-to-date, with all items in the project setup category long
since completed.

Technical: Solr is both maturing and gaining new capabilities, such as
highlighted context snippets, and JSON output support.  See

Community: Solr is seeing good growth in the number of users and
contributors, and we are in the process of voting in a new committer.
Other community building efforts include Yonik Seeley's talk at
ApacheCon EU, Chris Hostetter's scheduled talk at ApacheCon US, and
articles written by other Solr contributors such as
ml on XML.com