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15 Jan 2020

Teaclave is a universal secure computing platform.

Teaclave has been incubating since 2019-08-20.

### Three most important unfinished issues to address before graduating:

 1. Improving project structure and documentation
 2. Grow the community (committers, contributors, users)
 3. Publish Apache release

### Are there any issues that the IPMC or ASF Board need to be aware of?


### How has the community developed since the last report?

 - Since last report, we planned to schedule an online meetup recently.
 - We have also received contributions of two new contributors.
 - We draft a roadmap RFC for discussion.
 - We use GitHub issues to track bugs, features, enhancements. Issues
 labeled with "good first issues" is more approachable for newcomers.

### How has the project developed since the last report?

 - Resolve all renaming issues of INFRA (INFRA-19532)
 - Refactor four core components
 - Rewrite README.md to clearly explain the project's highlights in
 security, functionality, and usability.
 - Start to use protobuf for RPC definition
 - SGX SDK starts to use Intel SGX SDK v2.7.1

### How would you assess the podling's maturity?

 - [ ] Initial setup
 - [x] Working towards first release
 - [ ] Community building
 - [ ] Nearing graduation
 - [ ] Other:

### Date of last release:


### When were the last committers or PPMC members elected?

 We haven't started new committers or PPMC members elections yet.
 Currently, our work focus on improving the design and documents to
 make the project more approachable for newcomers.

### Have your mentors been helpful and responsive?

 Yes. Last month, we changed name from MesaTEE to Teaclave. There are a
 lot of changes need to be done. The mentors and infra teams help us a
 lot on the transfer.

### Is the PPMC managing the podling's brand / trademarks?

 We don't find any 3rd parties incorrectly using the podling's name and
 brand. The VP, Brand has approve the project name.

### Signed-off-by:

 - [ ] (teaclave) Felix Cheung
 - [X] (teaclave) Furkan Kamaci
 - [ ] (teaclave) Jianyong Dai
 - [X] (teaclave) Luciano Resende
 - [X] (teaclave) Matt Sicker
    Comments:  Thanks to some mailing list configuration updates,
               communication is happening more often on-list.
 - [ ] (teaclave) Zhijie Shen

### IPMC/Shepherd notes: