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Please Note : This is extracted from a list of minutes which have been approved by the Board. The Board typically approves the previous meeting's minutes at the beginning of every Board meeting; therefore, this list below may not contain the minutes of the most recent Board meeting.

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W3C Relations

15 Jul 2015 [Andy Seaborne / Jim]

ASF has joined the "Data on the Web Best Practices" and "Spatial Data on
the Web" working groups.  ASF is represented by Lewis John McGibbney
(lewismc@) on both WGs.  Lewis was already active previously representing
NASA but NASA are withdrawing from W3C Membership.

17 Jun 2015 [Andy Seaborne / Bertrand]

W3C has adopted a new Software and Document License.  This updates the
the W3C Software License to cover documentation. This new License
can be used for material produced by W3C groups, including community
groups, and also for relicensing of unfinished specs.

This is not the license for published specifications.

20 May 2015 [Andy Seaborne / Greg]

Matt Franklin (mfranklin@) has joined the Social Web Working Group.
The Foundation is already represented by Henry Story.

Henry Story (bblfish@) has joined the Social Interest Group, with the
Foundation signing up to the Interest Group as this is the first

Sergio Fernández (wikier@) has joined the Schema.org Community Group,
with the Foundation signing up to the Interest Group as this is the first

22 Apr 2015 [Andy Seaborne / Bertrand]

Nothing to report this month.

18 Mar 2015 [Andy Seaborne / Sam]

Nothing to report.

18 Feb 2015 [Andy Seaborne / Ross]

Nothing to report.

21 Jan 2015 [Andy Seaborne / Ross]

Joined Antonio Perez Morales (adperezmorales@, a committer on Apache
Stanbol) to RDF Data Shapes Working Group.  This is the first Apache rep on
the WG.

17 Dec 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Chris]

There is an election for participation (by individuals) in the W3C
Technical Architecture Group.  Voting closes end 2015-01-08.

19 Nov 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Bertrand]

HTML5 has been published as a REC.

Nothing to report this month that is directly relevant to the Foundation.

15 Oct 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Sam]

W3C continues to discuss a "webizen" programme to allow individuals
to have a formal stake in W3C.  There is a general sense that
"something" would be a good idea, there are different, changing details.

It does not affect the Foundation directly. It might be interesting to some
committers eventually.

17 Sep 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Ross]

ASF voting in the W3C TAG election caused a discussion about what
membership of W3C brings, and whether to the foundation and/or an
individual committer.  W3C members are organisations, not individuals, and
some roles at W3C are explicitly for organisation representation.

20 Aug 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Brett]

Henry Story (bblfish@) nominated to Social Web Working Group.
Sam Ruby has been nominated by IBM for the upcoming TAG election.

16 Jul 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Brett]

W3C is discussing the idea of extending the participation roles to include
"Webizen". A "Webizen" would be an individual (or group); they would not
have the full rights of W3C membership.  Discussions are at a very early

For ASF, nothing proposed so far would affect ASF current membership of

18 Jun 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Chris]

Nothing to report this month.

21 May 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Shane]

Nothing to report this month.

16 Apr 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Jim]

Nothing to report this month.

19 Mar 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Doug]

Nothing to report.

19 Feb 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Chris]

Nothing to report this month.

15 Jan 2014 [Andy Seaborne / Jim]

Andy Seaborne has joined the "CSV on the Web Working Group".

Currently, there are 13 ASF members with W3C accounts.

18 Dec 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Sam]

Nothing to report this month.

20 Nov 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Roy]

ASF is no longer represented on:

* Patents and Standards Interest Group
* Push API Patent Advisory Group

(ASF was also represented on the Widgets Patent Advisory Group - this PAG
is now closed.)

16 Oct 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Sam]

Henry Story has joined the RDF JavaScript Libraries Community Group.
Andy Seaborne has joined the Property Graphs Model and API Community Group.

18 Sep 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Chris]

Rob Vesse and Stephan Allen have joined the RDF Stream Processing CG.

21 Aug 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Roy]

W3C are discussing a proposal to make clear the licensing to permit
non-specification derivative works from content in W3C recommendations.

17 Jul 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Jim]

W3C are revising their membership fees. Thanks to Larry Rosen, W3C have
confirmed that the current arrangement for the foundations membership
remains unchanged.

19 Jun 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Doug]

Lawrence Rosen has joined the Push API Patent Advisory Group.

The W3C election for the Advisory Board was contested - 12 candidates
for 4 places.  This also highlighted some work going to streamline W3C
standard process in the later stages.

One area that is currently a center for debate is the experiment in
licensing for use with HTML5 extensions.  The experiment is to use
a W3C Open Document License (c.f. CC-BY) which allows derived works.

15 May 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Bertrand]

The W3C Advisory Board election process has started.  There are 12
candidates for 4 places.

Nothing to report this month on ASF related activity.

17 Apr 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Jim]

The SPARQL Working Group, in which ASF participated, has closed.
The implementation reports included a report from Apache Jena.

20 Mar 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Doug]

Nothing to report this month.

20 Feb 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Sam]

ASF has made the W3C community group commitments on IP and copyright
so that Sergio Fernández can join the Open Data Spain Community Group.

16 Jan 2013 [Andy Seaborne / Rich]

Sergio Fernández is a committer on Incubator project Marmotta.
He is not employed by a W3C member company.
He has joined the Linked Data Platform (LDP-WG) and rejoined
the ReadWriteWeb (RWW) and WebId community groups under
ASF affiliation.

19 Dec 2012 [Andy Seaborne / Roy]

4 seats on the Technical Architecture Group are up for election; I am
not intending to express an opinion.

No changes in W3C participation this month.

21 Nov 2012 [Andy Seaborne / Doug]

Nothing to report this month.

17 Oct 2012 [Andy Seaborne / Brett]

Henry Story has joined the
"Federated Social Web Community Group".

Andy Seaborne has resigned from the
"Networked Data Community Group".

19 Sep 2012 [Andy Seaborne / Jim]

With the successful publication of reports, Lawrence Rosen has left

XML Security PAG
Touch Events PAG

15 Aug 2012 [Andy Seaborne / Rich]

Nothing to report this month.

25 Jul 2012 [Andy Seaborne / Brett]

Andy Seaborne took over from Sam Ruby as VP of W3C Relations.

Henry Story joined the Linked Data Platform Working Group.

20 Jun 2012

Change the Apache Vice President of W3C Relations

 WHEREAS, the Board of Directors heretofore appointed Sam Ruby to the
 office of Vice President of W3C Relations, and

 WHEREAS, the Board of Directors is in receipt of the resignation of Sam
 Ruby from the office of Vice President, W3C Relations, and

 WHEREAS, Sam Ruby has recommended Andy Seaborne as the successor to
 the post;

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Andy Seaborne be and hereby is
 appointed to the office of Vice President, W3C Relations, to serve in
 accordance with and subject to the direction of the Board of Directors
 and the Bylaws of the Foundation until death, resignation, retirement,
 removal or disqualification, or until a successor is appointed.

 Special Order 7G, Change the Apache Vice President of W3C
 Relations, was approved by Unanimous Vote of the directors

20 Jun 2012 [Sam Ruby]

Andy Seaborne and Henry Story joined the Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working

There is a resolution later in the agenda to change the VP of W3C Relations
from Sam Ruby to Andy Seaborne.

16 May 2012 [Sam Ruby]

Nothing to report this month (in particular, nobody joined or left a Working
or Community group on behalf of the ASF).

18 Apr 2012 [Sam Ruby]

Henry Story has joined the Philosophy of the Web Community Group
Larry Rosen has left the Web Applications Working Group
Jeremias Märki has joined the Print and Page Layout Community Group

21 Mar 2012 [Sam Ruby]

Jeremias Märki joined the Print and Page Layout Community Group.
Larry Rosen left the HTML5 working group (he still participates in the PSIG).

15 Feb 2012 [Sam Ruby]

Henry Story has joined the WebID and Unhosted Web Community Groups
Larry Rosen has joined the Touch Events Patent Advisory Group

24 Jan 2012 [Sam Ruby]

No changes this month.

21 Dec 2011 [Sam Ruby]

Andy Seaborne joined the Networked Data Community Group.
Ross Gardler joined the Native Web Apps Community Group.

16 Nov 2011 [Sam Ruby]

W3C TPAC F2F meeting was in Santa Clara the week before ApacheCon.
I attended the HTML WG portions.  Otherwise not much to report.

Larry mentioned upcoming work on the WARP PAG. Sam encouraged this to be brought up on the relevant Apache mailing list.

26 Oct 2011 [Sam Ruby]

Henry Story joined the Uncertainty, Trust and the Semantic Web
Community Group on behalf of the ASF.

21 Sep 2011 [Sam Ruby]

Henry Story joined the Read Write Web and Web Crypto API Community Groups.

Andy Seaborne rejoined the SPARQL-WG as the WG was rechartered.

17 Aug 2011 [Sam Ruby]

The SPARQL Working Group has rechartered, and I've rejoined the ASF as a
member of the Working Group and reconfirmed Andy Seaborne as our

TPAC this year is 31 October to 4 November in Santa Clara, and includes a PSIG
face to face on Monday and Tuesday:


There is a registration fee of 50 USD per day to defray a portion of the
meeting costs.  Registration will increase to 150 USD per day after 14 October
2011.  The ASF traditionally does not cover such costs.

Larry will attend the face-to-face at TPAC in Santa Clara if ASF pays the registration fees. Sam noted that this is not "traditionally" done since "traditionally" this implies a "pay to play" which Apache is fundamentally opposed to. In this case, it's $50 to cover lunch and a conference room, and Sam will authorize payment as a Legal Affairs expense.

20 Jul 2011 [Sam Ruby]

The ASF has joined the WebApps WG in order to enable Larry Rosen to
participate in the Widgets Patent Advisory Group.  See the Legal Affairs
status report for more background.

15 Jun 2011 [Sam Ruby]

Last call for HTML5 is proceeding, and the results of the Advisory Council
license survey have not been published.  Nothing major to report on any of the
other ASF activities at the W3C.

19 May 2011 [Sam Ruby]

[verbal report]

I attended the Advisory Council meeting, where the license for HTML5
was a hot issue.  This has yet to be resolved, and there is a survey
of AC members proceeding.

Additionally, we expect HTML5 to proceed to last call later this month.

20 Apr 2011 [Sam Ruby]

HTML WG continues to make progress towards Last Call.  Current


The PSIG has made public the licenses that they have been discussing:


Mozilla has proposed an additional license option for consideration:


There will be an W3C Advisory Council meeting May 15-17th.  I'll be
representing the ASF there.

16 Mar 2011 [Sam Ruby]

Henry Story joined the Federated Social Web Incubator Group in support of
Apache Incubator Clerezza.

The W3C Patents and Standards Interest Group (PSIG) has yet to come to
consensus on a single replacement license.  Discussing such openly and with
the HTML WG prior to proceeding to an Advisory Council (AC) survey and then to
a Director's decision was at one time controversial, but this appears to be on
its way to being resolved.  A key part of resolving this was Larry's
willingness to join the HTML WG where he presented his preferred choice (known
as option 3).  Two other options have yet to be so presented.

16 Feb 2011 [Sam Ruby]

Henry Story is now participating on behalf of the ASF on the WebID Incubator
Group.  Henry is the Chair of this W3C incubator group.  Apache Incubator
Clerezza implements WebID.

Andy Seaborne is now participating on behalf of the ASF on the RDF and SPARQL
Working Groups.  Andy is an editor of SPARQL.  Apache Incubator Jena
implements both specifications.

19 Jan 2011 [Sam Ruby]

The ASF has joined as an Initiating member the WebID Incubator.  Henry Story
is representing the ASF, and has been named as (one of) the initial chair(s).


Apache Incubator Clerezza is an implementation of WebID.

The PSIG continues to deliberate privately on the topic of the HTML5 spec
license.  Saturday is the deadline for escalating bugs for Last Call
consideration, with the plan being to get HTML5 to Last Call in May.

15 Dec 2010 [Sam Ruby]

The ASF joined the WebID Incubator Group at the W3C.  WebID is related to the
Apache Clerezza incubator project: http://incubator.apache.org/clerezza/

The HTML5 licensing issues remain unresolved.  Progress is being made to taking
the spec to last call, with a target of May 22nd.

17 Nov 2010 [Sam Ruby]

No issues requiring board attention.

TPAC in Lyon, France came and went without any change in status of the
proposal to offer the HTML5 specification under a more liberal license.

HTML5 continues to progress towards a Last Call in May of 2011.

20 Oct 2010 [Sam Ruby]

No board level issues.  In fact, no change from last month's report.

Concurrent with ApacheCon will be the W3C TPAC conference.  My plans are
to attend ApacheCon.

22 Sep 2010 [Sam Ruby]

No board level issues.

The W3C is still contemplating the next steps on the proposed new
W3C license.

The HTML WG has proposed a schedule for getting to an (initial) last call:


18 Aug 2010 [Sam Ruby]

No board level issues.

The FSF has rejected the proposed W3C license for HTML as not being GPL

The HTML5 WG is building a backlog of bug reports, issues.

Approved by general consent.

21 Jul 2010 [Sam Ruby]

Not much to report.  The differences between the WHATWG and W3C drafts
continue to grow, but to date none of the differences that relate to HTML5 are
normative or substantive.  The WHATWG draft does contain content that is not
present in the W3C draft - some of it is content that may be considered in
future versions of HTML, others of which have been rejected by the W3C WG.
There is no clear marking as to which is which.

The W3C still has not settled on a license for the HTML5 specification.  The
current holdup is awaiting confirmation from the FSF that the license selected
is GPL compatible.

Of course, there are other working groups in the W3C, just none that I am
aware of people participating in an ASF capacity.

16 Jun 2010 [Sam Ruby]

Verbal report: no board level issues. The W3C continues to labor towards producing a new license for HTML5.

19 May 2010 [Sam Ruby]

Work is ongoing to come up with a HTML specification license to permit reuse
of the spec text in both proprietary and open source code bases.  The W3C is
actively trying to prevent fragmentation of the standard.  Not clear if the
ASF should be taking a larger position.  My take: these changes are not
addressing any real need; those that have indicated a desire to reuse the
spec text are the ones whose needs are satisfied by the WHATWG copy of the
spec.  The real issue, namely the WHATWG/W3C split is not being addressed.

21 Apr 2010 [Sam Ruby]

Verbal report.

AC meeting was held this month in Boston. Only item of interest to the ASF is work ongoing to produced a HTML spec license that permits reuse of spec text inside of software.

17 Mar 2010 [Sam Ruby]

Voted YES on a poll to allow the HTML5 specification to be released by the W3C
under a more liberal license.  There are two parts to this: the basic belief
that execution and community, not licensing, should motivate contributions;
and the fact that there are two copies of substantially the same spec (the
other published by the WHATWG), and only affect that restricting licensing on
one of those copies would be to make that copy less useful.

Additionally, the Apache License, Version 2.0 is among the licenses being
considered, and I indicated that the ASF would be in support of such a plan.

The AC meeting is on the 29th and 30th.  I plan to attend and represent the
ASF.  The HTML5 license issue is likely to be a hot topic.

General discussion on licensing, and the relative roles of the WHATWG and the W3C.

17 Feb 2010 [Sam Ruby]

The W3C is soliciting input on allowing more permissive licenses for specs
such as HTML, and I would be interested in people's opinion on the subject.
Larry has been participating in this discussion and has recommended two
licenses for consideration, including the Apache License, Version 2.0.

The next AC meeting is in Cambridge during the fourth week of March.  I plan
to be in attendance.

20 Jan 2010 [Sam Ruby]

Larry is now a member of the W3C Patents and Standards Interest Group, and
has participated in calls.  Among the current topics being discussed is the
request by the HTML WG for a more liberal license for HTML5 standard (i.e.,
the document itself).  This will likely result in the W3C soliciting opinions
from the Advisory Council representatives.

Sam clarified that the current level of participation in the W3C consists of Sam in the AC and Larry in the PSIG. Sam also described the process by which the AC rep nominates participants to W3C activities.

16 Dec 2009

Appoint a Vice President of W3C Relations

 WHEREAS, the Board of Directors deems it to be in the best
 interests of the Foundation and consistent with the Foundation's
 purpose to appoint an officer responsible as the W3C Liaison,
 including but not limited to serving as the W3C Advisory
 Committee representative for the ASF.

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the office of "Vice President, W3C
 Relations" be and hereby created, the person holding such office to
 serve at the direction of the Board of Directors, and to have primary
 responsibility for interfacing with the W3C; and be it further

 RESOLVED, that Sam Ruby be and hereby is appointed to the office of
 Vice President, W3C Relations, to serve in accordance with and subject
 to the direction of the Board of Directors and the Bylaws of the
 Foundation until death, resignation, retirement, removal or
 disqualification, or until a successor is appointed.

 Special Order 7C, Appoint a Vice President of W3C Relations,
 was approved by Unanimous Vote of the directors present.

16 Dec 2009 [Jim Jagielski]

[Prepared by Sam Ruby]

Starting to organize a set of people interested in participating in W3C
activities on the ASF behalf; at the present time we have Larry Rosen, Glen
Daniels, Rahul Akolkar, and myself expressing interest.  I encourage others
who are interested to join the members-only w3c@apache.org mailing list.

As I am working closely with the W3C staff anyway, I am willing to step
forward and assume the role of VP, W3C for the ASF as well as W3C Advisory
Committee Representative for the ASF.  I don't see this as being a time
concern (activity is low, and this would enable me to work direct vs through
an intermediary).  I would also be quite willing to hand this off at any point
in the future if somebody else has the interest and cycles to pursue it.  A
board resolution has been created on this topic.

Only "real" business this month: forwarded a request for contacts regarding
developer outreach to the PRC list (as I didn't find a separate list for
Marketing and Publicity).

Roy suggested that the title be "VP, W3C Relations", which met with general approval.

18 Nov 2009 [Jim Jagielski]

[initial, draft, report provided by Sam Ruby]
Sam Ruby attended the W3C AC meeting in Santa Clara on the ASF's behalf.  Not
much discussed that can be publicly minuted or is of direct concern to the
ASF's business; in general much of the discussion dealt with attempting to
find ways for the W3C to improve the value it provides to members, and to make
people aware of things like the new look and feel to the W3C website.

A new (and member confidential) w3c@apache.org mailing list has been set
up with the ASF to allow members to coordinate ASF participation in the W3C.
W3C AC notifications are automatically being forwarded to this mailing list.

Larry Rosen has joined the W3C Patents and Standards Interest Group,
representing the ASF.  He's exploring the use of OWFa as a potential solution
to the use cases provided by the HTML WG:

Jim has indicated a desire to step down as the W3C AC representative for the
ASF, and discussion has begun on a replacement.

Roy would prefer that Larry discuss the OWFa license with the W3C on behalf of the OWF and not as the ASF rep. Otherwise, not an immediate concern for the ASF.

21 Oct 2009 [Jim Jagielski]

Nothing much to report. The W3C f2f is happening in parallel with
ACUS, and due to the conflict, I've asked Sam Ruby, who will be
attending, to represent the ASF for us; he's agreed.

W3C "members" mailings are forwarded to the ASF members@ list
(with the [W3C] Subj. prefix)... there was a suggestion to create
a mailing list for just these Emails, but I haven't done anything
with that yet.

23 Sep 2009 [Jim Jagielski]

The representative role is, as I see it, a fairly passive one. It is
to monitor what is going on within the W3C, as it would impact the
ASF, provide a single point of contact between the W3C and the ASF and
to provide some opportunities for the ASF and ASF members to coordinate
with W3C activities.

The link to the W3C public newsletter can be found here:


Regarding member activities, the current "main event" is the upcoming
"Advisory Committee and Technical Plenary" which conflicts with ApacheCon.
I am hoping to take a day and attend, but that is most questionable at
this time.

Sam and Jim to connect offline to coordinate Apache participation at TPac