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19 Aug 2009

The XAP project has been retired.

20 May 2009

Advice of the Mentors is that there is no activity, and it should likely be

18 Feb 2009

The project reports no activity.

19 Nov 2008

XAP appears to have become essentially dead back in March or April.  The
Incubator PMC will investigate dormant status for it.

20 Aug 2008

XAP has been almost entirely inactive for at least the last 4 months. A
discussion about its status was attempted, and did not elicit much of a
response. The Incubator PMC will look to vote it into a dormant status.

21 May 2008

Failed to report.

20 Feb 2008

XAP is an XML-based declarative framework for creating Ajax applications.


* There was some movement to make a few more people committers who have
been filing numerous bugs and bug fixes, we need to follow up on that.
* Lack of activity on the mailing lists is a problem; we will have to do
better there.


* I (James M) was onsite at a real customer creating a production
deployment. Ran into some bugs and performance issues, especially in IE6,
which have been fixed and rolled into the XAP codebase. In particular data
centric widgets like tables and comboBoxes should perform better,
application startup time is greatly reduced and some stability issues with
table were addressed. (No more crashing)
* We are starting the process of doing another release that incorporates
these changes.

Issues before graduation

* Aforementioned community issues as well as community diversity.

14 Nov 2007

No report.  Part of the "Projects in Trouble" e-mail to discuss future

29 Aug 2007

Description - XAP is a client side declarative Ajax framework for building
and deploying rich internet applications

Date of entry - June, 2006

The top three items to resolve in last report have seen very good progress:

Dojo 0.9 migration - XAP is currently using Dojo 0.4 as the default Ajax
toolkit. Dojo 0.9 is a complete rewriet of Dojo. Though it is not compatible
with Dojo 0.4, Dojo 0.9 seems to have fixed many problems of Dojo and is
likely to become a solid foundation for future Ajax development. XAP
developers are investigating whether/when/how to migrate to Dojo 0.9.

Release - XAP has made one release within the community so far (XAP 0.3
release on March 2007);

Growth of community - XAP community is growing, we see more and more
contributions in many forms from people other than the initial committers:
feedback on the mailing lists, documentation and code patches... The
commuity has voted to add a new committer.

Community aspects:

Contributions from various non-committers continued in areas such as bug
reports, code patches, and discussions;

Vote of a new committer passed

Coach Wei gave a talk on Apache XAP and Declarative Ajax at AjaxWorld
Conference in march 2007 at NYC;

We have reviewed the web site tracking and added mechanism to collect XAP
download statistics.

jQuery integration is done. XAP customers can leverage jQuery as well -
plugin available both from jQuery website and XAP website(

Code aspects:

Significant work went into xModify - now we have a 3KB engine (leverages
jQuery) for declaratively "ajaxify" HTML web applications. Customers can get
"Ajax" result without writing a single line of Javascript, by using the 3KB
"xModify with jQuery" module.

Web site has been updated


16 May 2007

XAP is an XML-based Ajax application framework that supports application
development via declaritive XML pages backed by Javascript event handlers.

Incubating since: Summer 2006

Code/Release Status:
 *The first release was performed shortly after the last board report.

Recent Actvity:
 *Dojo widget libray upgraded to 0.4
 *Changed the way certain layout managers function to work better together
and cover more cases.
 *Various window behavior improvements and bug fixes, better styling of
titlebar, icons, etc.
 *Better support for imbedding HTML in XML and vice-versa.
 *Various misc. widget improvments - more control over table styling,
support for low-level mouse events (mouse move, mouse over, etc), cursor
support, background image support, etc.

To Resolve Before Graduation:
 *More diverse community.
 *More community discussion on various development issues.
 *More complex use cases / sample applications

Community Issues:
 *Recently voted to add 2 new committers. (Vote results not yet tallied)

21 Feb 2007

iPMC Reviewers: jerenkrantz, yoavs, jukka, twl, noel

Since our last report a number of people have begun contributing bug reports
and fixes through JIRA, including some huge improvements to the widget tests
that are now very robust. (Thank you Trevor) Hopefully some of these
contributors will be converted to committers in short order.

XAP is in the midst of getting out a first release - most issues have been
resolved (file headers, etc), still working through a couple things like
NOTICE file contents.

The Wiki has been updated with more information for both developers and
users. (But probably needs updating again)

Technical changes include many bug fixes to individual widgets, replacement
of the logging mechanism with a log4j-based approach (feedback on how close
this is to log4j would be appreciated, the code is in xap/log/Logger.js), a
cleaned up launch mechanism, conversion of config file from XML to JSON
format, some performance improvements, etc.

Future plans: More bug fixes, better samples and examples, constant code
cleanup and maintenance, performance improvements. (Initial loading, memory
use) Beyond that need to discuss as release winds down.

iPMC Comments:
* noel: As Justin has repeatedly told a number of projects, please follow
 the report template, e.g., "What is XAP?"


15 Nov 2006

XAP is a declarative framework for building, deploying and maintaining
Ajax-based rich internet applications with the goal of dramatically
simplifying Ajax application development. XAP entered incubation in
May 2006.

Top three items to resolve before graduation:

  * Bring the codebase to a level that contributors can make
    contributions without significant pain;
  * Create a XAP incubating release with proper packaging and quality
  * Engage a higher level of community activity and contribution

  * Various discussions on the XAP dev list on technical issues such
    as application initialization and DOM model;
  * Attended ApacheCon and gave a lightening talk on XAP
  * A session called "Introduction to XAP" was presented at AjaxWorld
    Conference and Ajax Experience conference at Boston
  * Various third party expressed interest in learning more about XAP,
    but complained that not easy to get infomation and not easy to
    figure out what XAP code does.

 * Achieved milestone 3: added more widgets and streamlined
 * Various bug submission and JS unit tests submitted by Trevor Oldak
 * Update demo applications with improved performance
 * Working towards the next milestone: more widgets and some appealing
   demos to attract more developers

19 Jul 2006

XAP made good progress since June 2006 status report. The main activities
and results are:

 * Discussed and gathered community feedback from both XAP dev list as well
as general incubator dev list about IRC meetings. As a result, decided not
to pursue general IRC activites unless specific requirements are met (The
content of IRC is to be limited to educational purpose only; some committers
are willing to volunteer to provide education and orientation and Q&A);
 * Continues to update the project with bug fixes, samples, web site fixes,
 * Discussed at the XAP dev email list and made decisions to focus more on
the Dojo toolkit;
 * Discussed at XAP dev email list and made decision about Javascript
namespace and scoping, etc.