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20 Dec 2006

mod_ftp is an FTP protocol module for Apache 2.0 and 2.2.

Incubating since: 2005-08-06
Mentor: Jim Jagielski

Additions to the PPMC: None
Additions to the committer roster: None

Recent activity has been around tying up the loose ends for graduation.
Also significant work has been done in porting to the latest rev of APR,
to allow for building against 2.2. More work is required on this front,
but this should not affect graduation.

Documentation has undergone serious improvement, both in the form of
normal httpd server docs as well as traditional README-type docs.

25 Oct 2006

Work is progressing on updating the build system so that it is
possible to have it folded right into the 2.2.x or trunk version of
httpd. The httpd PMC is being contacted to determine where the module
should go, since there is currently discussion and debate on the
concept of module "sub-projects" with httpd.

We have an offer from Noirin Plunkett to convert the current docs to
the current httpd format. This is also something that should be done
before graduation.

In hindsite, the mod_ftp podling should have been in place just to do
the IP vetting, in which case it would have graduated long ago (this
is how it would have been done if submitted today). Lesson learned.

18 Jan 2006

Work is progressing on folding the mod_ftp build system into the normal,
generic Apache 2 build environment. Additional logging and debugging were
added to the present codebase. Creation of the test suite is also

26 Oct 2005

The infrastructure work has been completed: mailing lists and SVN repos have
been requested and created.

The IP clearances for the module codebase have been received and filed, and
the source code has been imported into the mod_ftp SVN repo. Work has
started on changing the build environment to a more "normal" ASF module