Apache Corporate Organization Chart

About This Script

The ASF is a 501C3 non-profit corporation in the US - and there's a lot going on the corporate side of the ASF, to keep the corporate records and infrastructure that the many Apache projects you use working.

Below is a listing of the officers and people who make the corporate side of the ASF work. Here are a few more links that explain how corporate governance works at the ASF, which is separate from how Apache PMCs work.

V.P., Sponsor Relations - Sally Khudairi

Individual(s) holding this role Sally Khudairi
Who this role reports to (the board, another officer, etc.) vp-fundraising
Board resolution originally creating or updating role https://www.apache.org/foundation/records/minutes/2018/board_minutes_2018_04_18.txt
Public website for more information https://fundraising.apache.org/
  • Formal duties

  • The primary point of contact driving sponsor relationships in support of fundraising goals. Identifies and manages sponsors through the full lifecycle of their involvement with the ASF. Maintains a professional external presence aligned with Marketing and Publicity’s expectations.

  • Goals

    • Perform all tasks in accordance with the Apache Way regarding documentation and transparency
    • Expand/grow our pool of sponsors
    • Ensure our sponsors are delighted to do business with us
  • Tasks

    • Support the goals and tasks of V.P., Fundraising
    • Perform timely communication with new and existing sponsors from initial contact, thank you’s, renewal reminders and periodic check-ins through off-boarding and exit interviews.
    • Maintain the sponsor database including sponsor contact information and their key dates.
    • Maintain the “Thanks page” identifying sponsors and their sponsorship level.
    • Ensure renewals (with accountant) and sponsor relations are handled.
    • Perform periodic records review including yearly audit and monthly accounts receivable reconciliation.