Apache TLP Website Checks

Checking TLP Websites For required content

This script periodically crawls all Apache project websites to check them for a few specific links or text blocks that all projects are expected to have. The checks (currently in beta) include verifying that all required links appear on a project homepage, along with an "image" check if project logo files are in apache.org/img

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Last crawl time: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 21:55:58 GMT over 202 websites.

Site Check For Project - Marmotta

Results for project: Marmotta Check Results column is the actual text found on the project homepage for this check (when applicable).
Check Type Check Results Check Description
Uri http://marmotta.apache.org/
Events http://www.apache.org/events/current-event-125x125.png
Foundation The Apache Software Foundation
Image marmotta.jpg
Security http://marmotta.apache.org/platform/security-module.html Expected to match regular expression: ^https?://.*apache.org/[Ss]ecurity "Security" should link to either to a project-specific page [...], or to the main http://www.apache.org/security/ page
Thanks http://www.apache.org/foundation/thanks.html
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