Apache Corporate Organization Chart

About This Script

The ASF is a 501C3 non-profit corporation in the US - and there's a lot going on the corporate side of the ASF, to keep the corporate records and infrastructure that the many Apache projects you use working.

Below is a listing of the officers and people who make the corporate side of the ASF work. Here are a few more links that explain how corporate governance works at the ASF, which is separate from how Apache PMCs work.

Secretary - Matt Sicker

Individual(s) holding this role Matt Sicker
Who this role reports to (the board, another officer, etc.) board
Board resolution originally creating or updating role http://www.apache.org/foundation/bylaws#officers
  • Formal duties

  • Shall keep accurate records of the acts and proceedings of all meetings of the members and directors.

  • Goals

  • Maintain corporate records: CCLA, ICLA, meeting minutes, etc..

  • Tasks

    • Take minutes at board meetings, and revise as directed by the board when approving them (typically, at the next meeting)
    • Record and track ICLAs, CCLAs, membership/emeritus applications, and other required records of the foundation (Sam/Craig have a semi- automated workflow that does much of this)
    • Ensure official records are kept updated (committee-info.txt, stuff in foundation/officers and the like)
    • Track incoming bills/purchase orders/any other random correspondence and ensure they get routed to the appropriate officers
  • Detailed duties

    • Attend board meetings:
      • https://whimsy.apache.org/board/agenda
      • take roll call at beginning of meeting
      • take roll call vote on all special orders on agenda
      • track action items raised during meeting
    • Create board minutes after meeting concludes:
      • agenda tool mostly automates this part
      • svn up board_agenda
      • svn cp board_agenda board_minutes
      • update minutes with results of meeting
      • svn commit board_minutes
    • Revise minutes as directed by board

    • Attend members’ meetings
      • file proxies for members’ meetings
      • after meetings, update foundation/Meetings/YYYYMMDD/memapp-received.txt
        • find the template in foundation/Meetings/memapp-received-template.txt
        • add all newly-elected members (check spelling)
        • remove trailing blanks from member names
      • for new members without apache ids
        • make account request (no specific project needed) at https://whimsy.apache.org/officers/acreq
        • request and file ICLA
    • Copy approved minutes to public records after board approval
      • use board agenda tool https://whimsy.apache.org/board/agenda/
        • select meeting of approved minutes
        • select
      • if tool is not available:
      • use CMS to create board_minutes in records/
      • use CMS to update records with new board minutes
      • svn rm board_minutes
      • svn cp board_agenda archived_agendas
    • Update foundation records regarding PMC chairs after board resolution
      • use board agenda tool
      • find new chair apache ids
        • get names from resolution
        • find new-chair ids via names in committer ids file
      • update LDAP with new chair
        • login to minotaur.apache.org
        • modify_pmcchairs.pl –add=new-chair,new-chair
      • send mail to new PMC chairs [1]
      • update LDAP with old chair modify_pmcchairs.pl –rm=old-chair
        • only if old chair is no longer a PMC chair
        • do this a few weeks after the new-chair is updated
        • cross reference using board subscriptions tool
      • request infra create new TLP: https://infra.apache.org/officers/tlpreq
    • As needed, update foundation web pages
      • navigate to the page needing an update
      • in the url window enter javascript:void(location.href=’https://cms.apache.org/redirect?uri=’+escape(location.href))
      • select the ‘Update’ function to be sure you have the latest version
      • select the ‘Edit’ function and commit results
    • Record and track ICLAs, CCLAs, membership applications, grants, NDAs, and other required records of the foundation
      • use the tool at foundation/officers/workbench to facilitate this
    • If new account request is filed in error (e.g. incorrect email address or account id)
      • https://svn.apache.org/repos/infra/infrastructure/trunk/acreq/new-account-reqs.txt
      • update it via svn
    • Process emeritus requests from members
      • incoming requests are filed under documents/emeritus-requests-received
      • after 10 days:
        • move requests to documents/emeritus
        • delete requests in workbench
        • update foundation/members.txt
          • move members to emeritus section
          • update number of members
        • unsubscribe emeritus member from members@
          • send mail to members-unsubscribe-=apache.org@apache.org
        • update members page via CMS:
          • http://www.apache.org/foundation/members.html
      • NOTE: LDAP groups are NOT affected by emeritus status
    • Process reinstatement requests from emeritus members
      • if a Member Meeting has been scheduled, and member nominations are open:
        • add the emeritus member to nominated-members.txt with the notation “ volunteered to go Emeritus in . <he/she> has requested to be reinstated as a Member."
      • if outside the above time window, update foundation/potential-member-watch-list.txt
        • use the above notation
        • once the meeting has been scheduled, move the emeritus member to nominated-members.txt
    • Track incoming bills/purchase orders and other random correspondence and ensure they get routed to the appropriate officers
      • non-secretary correspondence should be moved to received/to_operations
    • Update LDAP group membership as necessary to maintain foundation/officers/iclas.txt add and remove entries in LDAP: log in to minotaur.apache.org (ssh credentials required) modify_unix_group.pl member –rm= modify_unix_group.pl member --add=

    • Monitor messages to secretary@ and make sure they are being received into documents/received
      • if suspicious, look at http://minotaur.apache.org/~apmail/secmail.txt
      • the latest received document is shown
      • if documents are not being received, request infra to investigate
      • refer to file https://svn.apache.org/repos/infra/infrastructure/trunk/docs/services/secmail.txt which contains all information about the receive tool
    • Process name change requests from committers/members
      • committer requests public name change
      • committer submits new ICLA with new name
      • secretary processes “additional ICLA” which results in iclas/old-name.pdf becoming iclas/old-name/icla.pdf and iclas/old-name/icla2.pdf
      • secretary changes iclas/old-name to iclas/new-name via svn
      • secretary updates officers/iclas.txt to change name ane relocate entry to alphabetic order
      • secretary updates foundation/members.txt to change name and relocate entry to alphabetic order
      • secretary updates LDAP via https://whimsy.apache.org/secretary/public-names
      • member updates web pages using CMS tool
    • Update legal forms as required:
      • make changes to forms via svn apache/site/trunk/content/licenses
      • commit changes to svn
      • set environment variable USER to login on minotaur.apache.org
      • publish changes via bash: ssh -t $USER@minotaur.apache.org publish.pl ${SITE:=www} $USER

    [1] Sample message to new PMC chairs subject: Congratulations on your new role at Apache cc: board@apache.org

    Dear new PMC chairs,

    Congratulations on your new role at Apache. I’ve changed your LDAP privileges to reflect your new status.

    Please read this and update the foundation records: https://svn.apache.org/repos/private/foundation/officers/advice-for-new-pmc-chairs.txt

    Warm regards,