Apache Corporate Organization Chart

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The ASF is a 501C3 non-profit corporation in the US - and there's a lot going on the corporate side of the ASF, to keep the corporate records and infrastructure that the many Apache projects you use working.

Below is a listing of the officers and people who make the corporate side of the ASF work. Here are a few more links that explain how corporate governance works at the ASF, which is separate from how Apache PMCs work.

Board - Shane Curcuru

Chairperson of this committee Shane Curcuru
Who this role reports to (the board, another officer, etc.) Apache Membership
Board resolution originally creating or updating role http://www.apache.org/foundation/bylaws#directors
Public website for more information https://www.apache.org/foundation/board/
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  • The Bylaws specify 9 directors to be elected annually to the board; Members are each entitled one vote in board elections. The ASF uses STV to apportion votes for the board at Annual Member’s Meetings.

    The Bylaws also specify a number of basic duties for each of the executive officer positions, which are appointed by the board.

    The bylaws define basic duties for various executive officers to performing, or on overseeing that they are performed in the case where duties are explicitly delegated to a volunteer or contractor.
    However we do have some more detailed descriptions from recent officers.
    To simplify selecting new sets of executive officers, and indeed to better enable new organizational volunteers to step up, a more detailed outline of officer duties is useful, such as in these personnel-duties files.

    • A detailed description of day-to-day activities of the board and the ways they work is included in the Apache Governance pages.

    • Note that along with the specific internal duties of these positions, there are some external expectations of some positions, especially the Board Chair and President. Often members of the media, analysts, and other external parties express a desire to speak directly to these people, because of what a “Board Chair” or “President” position means in other corporations.

    • The Bylaws specify some duties of these officer roles:

    • Board Chair
    • Vice Chair
    • President
    • Vice President and Executive Vice President
    • Secretary and Assistant Secretary
    • Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer
    • (non-executive) Vice President and Board Chair of PMCs
    • (non-executive) other Vice Presidents (not of PMCs)