Public Datafiles And Dependencies

About This Script

Whimsy tools consume and produce a variety of data files about PMCs and the ASF as a whole. This non-comprehensive page explains which tools generate what intermediate data, and where the canonical underlying data sources are (many of which are privately stored). .json files generated in /public are consumed by many other websites.

Whimsy has a number of cron jobs - typically hourly - that periodically regenerate the /public directory, but only when the underlying data source has changed. See the server setup docs for more info. You can see the code for this script , the underlying data file , the key to this data , and many of the public JSON data files.

REMINDER: These datafiles are not original sources of truth, and merely make data from other canonical systems available in a more easily digested format on a periodic basis. Data here may be outdated depending on when updates were last made. See notifications@whimsical for updates

The /x1/srv/whimsy/www/test/dataflow.json file is currently a manually maintained file where the hash key identifies a file:

  • Starting with 'http' means it's at a public URL
  • Starting with '/' means it's a path within whimsy repo
  • All other paths means it's an SVN/Git reference from repository.yml
  • Maintainers starting with '/' are a path to a script
  • All other maintainers are a role or PMC