Apache Podling Website Checks

Checking Podling Websites For required content

NOTE: most podlings may not pass these checks yet during incubation - but they are expected to pass them before graduation.

This script periodically crawls all Apache project and podling websites to check them for a few specific links or text blocks that all projects are expected to have. The checks include verifying that all required links appear on a project homepage, along with an "image" check if project logo files are in apache.org/img

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Last crawl time: Wed, 06 Dec 2023 23:59:12 GMT over 26 websites.

Site Check Of Type - Foundation

Check Results Text of a link expected to match regular expression: apache|asf|foundation
All projects must feature some prominent link back to the main ASF homepage at http://www.apache.org/
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  • Podling Check Results
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    Annotator About the ASF
    Answer Foundation
    Celeborn Apache Software Foundation
    DevLake Foundation
    HugeGraph Foundation
    Livy The Apache Software Foundation
    Nemo Apache Software Foundation
    NLPCraft https://nlpcraft.incubator.apache.org/images/asf_logo-h24.png
    OpenDAL https://opendal.apache.org/img/incubator.svg
    Pegasus The Apache Software Foundation
    Pekko link Apache Software Foundation
    Pony Mail About the ASF
    SDAP Apache Software Foundation
    StreamPark Foundation
    Teaclave ASF Homepage (opens new window)
    Toree The Apache Software Foundation
    Training The Apache Software Foundation
    Uniffle Foundation
    Wayang About ASF