Apache Podling Website Checks

Checking Podling Websites For required content

NOTE: most podlings may not pass these checks yet during incubation - but they are expected to pass them before graduation.

This script periodically crawls all Apache project and podling websites to check them for a few specific links or text blocks that all projects are expected to have. The checks include verifying that all required links appear on a project homepage, along with an "image" check if project logo files are in apache.org/img

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Last crawl time: Wed, 06 Dec 2023 23:59:12 GMT over 26 websites.

Site Check Of Type - Image

Check Results URL expected to match regular expression: .
Projects SHOULD add a copy of their logo to https://www.apache.org/logos/ to be included in ASF homepage.
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  • Podling Check Results
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    Annotator annotator-green.svg
    Answer answer.svg
    Celeborn celeborn-1.svg
    DevLake devlake-1.svg
    HugeGraph hugegraph.svg
    Livy livy.svg
    Milagro milagro.svg
    Nemo nemo.svg
    NLPCraft nlpcraft.svg
    OpenDAL opendal.svg
    Paimon paimon.svg
    Pegasus pegasus.svg
    Pekko pekko.svg
    Pony Mail ponymail-1.svg
    SDAP sdap-1.ai
    Teaclave teaclave.svg
    Toree toree.svg
    Training training.svg
    Wayang wayang-1.svg