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Last run: 2018-12-09 22:10. The data is extracted from a list of minutes which have been approved by the Board.
Please Note The Board typically approves the minutes of the previous meeting at the beginning of every Board meeting; therefore, the list below does not normally contain details from the minutes of the most recent Board meeting.

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Executive Officer Reports

Additional Officer Reports

Committee Reports

Abdera CloudStack Guacamole Lucene.Net Polygene Tapestry
Accumulo Cocoon Gump Lucy Portable Runtime (APR) Tcl
ACE Commons Hadoop MADlib Portals Tez
ActiveMQ Community Development Hama Mahout PredictionIO Thrift
Airavata Continuum Harmony ManifoldCF Public Relations Tika
Allura Cordova HAWQ Marmotta Pulsar Tiles
Ambari CouchDB HBase Maven Qpid TinkerPop
Ant Creadur Helix Mesos Quetzalcoatl Tomcat
Any23 Crunch Hive MetaModel Ranger TomEE
Apex cTAKES HiveMind Metro Rave Traffic Control
Archiva Curator HTTP Server Metron REEF Traffic Server
Aries CXF HttpComponents MINA River Trafodion
Arrow DataFu iBATIS Mnemonic RocketMQ Turbine
AsterixDB DB Ignite MRUnit Roller Tuscany
Atlas Deltacloud Impala MyFaces Royale Twill
Attic DeltaSpike Incubator Mynewt Samza UIMA
Aurora DeviceMap Isis NiFi Santuario Usergrid
Avalon DirectMemory Jackrabbit Nutch Sentry VCL
Avro Directory Jakarta ODE Serf Velocity
Axis DRAT JAMES OFBiz ServiceComb VXQuery
Bahir Drill jclouds Olingo ServiceMix Web Services
Beam Eagle Jena Oltu Shale Whimsy
Beehive Empire-db JMeter Onami Shindig Whirr
Bigtop ESME Johnzon OODT Shiro Wicket
Bloodhound Etch Joshua Oozie SIS Wink
BookKeeper Excalibur JSPWiki Open Climate Workbench Sling Wookie
Brooklyn Falcon jUDDI OpenJPA SpamAssassin Xalan
Buildr Felix Juneau OpenMeetings Spark Xerces
BVal Fineract Kafka OpenNLP Sqoop XML
C++ Standard Library Flex Karaf OpenOffice Stanbol XML Graphics
Calcite Flink Kibble OpenWebBeans STeVe XMLBeans
Camel Flume Knox ORC Storm Yetus
CarbonData Fluo Kudu Parquet Stratos Zeppelin
Cassandra Forrest Kylin PDFBox Streams Zest
Cayenne FreeMarker Labs Perl Struts ZooKeeper
Celix Geode Lens Phoenix Subversion
Chemistry Geronimo Lenya PHP Synapse
Chukwa Giraph Libcloud Pig Syncope
Clerezza Gora Logging Services Pivot SystemML
Click Groovy Lucene POI Tajo

Podling Reports

Agila Derby Hivemall MRQL Quickstep Tashi
Airflow DistributedLog HORN Muse RAT Taverna
ALOIS DLab HTrace MXNet Ratis Tephra
AltRMI Doris HTTPD-CLI Myriad RCF Tobago
Amaterasu Droids Imperius Nemo Ripple Toree
Annotator Druid iota NetBeans Rya TripleSoup
Apollo Dubbo Ivy NMaven S2Graph TSIK
AriaTosca EasyAnt JDO NPanday S4 Unomi
Axion Edgent Kabuki ODF Toolkit Sanselan Warble
BatchEE FtpServer Kalumet OGNL SDAP Wave
BlueSky Gearpump Kato Olio SensSoft Weex
Blur Gobblin Kitty Omid SINGA Woden
Climate Model Diagnostic Analyzer Gossip Livy OpenAz Sirona WS sponsored
CommonsRDF Graffito log4cxx2 OpenWhisk SkyWalking WSRP4J
Composer Griffin log4net PageSpeed Slider XAP
Concerted Hadoop Development Tools Log4php PhotArk SocialSite Yoko
Corinthia HCatalog Lokahi Pinot Solr Zeta Components
Cotton Heraldry Lucene4c Pirk Spot Zipkin
Crail Hermes Marvin-AI PLC4X Stonehenge
Daffodil Heron Milagro Pony Mail Superset
Depot HISE mod_ftp Provisionr Tamaya

Repeating Special Orders

Other Attachments, Special Orders, and Discussions

Other Agenda Items